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  Fellow musicians... don't cha love music stores?

JamesJM30812/24/2016 07:14AM

  I hate to say it..

sstrams14012/24/2016 07:53AM

  We decided to stay home today

IowaRam40112/17/2016 08:12AM

  Oh man

waterfield13812/17/2016 03:26PM

  Re: We decided to stay home today

73Ram14412/19/2016 12:20PM

  Scenes from the movie "Fargo"?

JamesJM14412/20/2016 03:04PM

  No , but we did break a new record

IowaRam14212/20/2016 03:24PM

  LOL The pictures make me think of Johnny Dangerously's Mom.

Ramgator13412/23/2016 09:46AM

  "It reeaallly socks!"

sstrams11912/23/2016 11:58AM

  Merry Christmas, to all...

JamesJM29612/21/2016 12:08AM

  Merry Christmas Jimmy..

sstrams17312/21/2016 05:05AM

  same to you and everyone else

21Dog13212/21/2016 06:01AM

  Been going through some tough times.....

roman1813912/22/2016 11:52AM

  Re: Been going through some tough times.....

73Ram14012/22/2016 12:30PM

  Re: Been going through some tough times.....

Shaky15112/23/2016 02:00AM

  here's to a better 2017 for you and yours nm

21Dog14912/23/2016 05:32AM


Ramgator13712/23/2016 09:45AM

  Zsa Zsa Gabor dies age 99

ferragamo7936712/18/2016 05:47PM

  TCM Remembers 2016

IowaRam24512/18/2016 06:16PM

  Very rough year for celebs..

Ramgator13312/19/2016 02:54AM

  Sigh. The older I get...

Atlantic Ram15512/19/2016 01:33PM

  I say over n over n over again....

Ramgator12712/23/2016 09:43AM


Blue and Gold40212/19/2016 09:50AM

  Twitter war over Salvation army leap Attachments

Blue and Gold44912/18/2016 06:05PM

  That leap was a gift...

jemach14912/19/2016 01:16AM

  Re: Twitter war over Salvation army leap

MamaRAMa13812/19/2016 03:44AM

  No fine

MamaRAMa12812/19/2016 04:17AM

  Former senator, astronaut John Glenn dies at 95

sstrams33612/08/2016 10:54AM

  Just saw this...

JamesJM18112/08/2016 11:01AM

  A true American Hero

IowaRam17412/08/2016 03:32PM

  Godspeed, John Glenn ...

The_Bad_Guy13512/18/2016 04:34AM

  Ted Williams and John Glenn

21Dog13612/18/2016 05:29AM

  Awesome tributes to Sager

LesBaker33412/16/2016 07:35PM

  Looking to aquire 2 tickets + a parking pass for Rams/Niners

RAMbler21912/16/2016 08:55AM

  A Valuable Lesson For A Happier Life

IowaRam52712/16/2016 06:52AM

  thanks for that

ferragamo7912812/16/2016 08:53AM


sanfRAM29612/14/2016 04:31PM

  Re: GENIUS...

sanfRAM13512/14/2016 04:32PM

  Re: GENIUS...

sanfRAM13112/14/2016 04:33PM

  did you notice the sign.......

21Dog12712/15/2016 06:12AM

  thought you might like this, too

21Dog14512/15/2016 06:14AM

  Re: GENIUS...

sanfRAM12012/14/2016 04:34PM


sanfRAM13612/14/2016 04:35PM

  Thanks sanfRAM...

sstrams13812/14/2016 06:25PM

  I will NEVER forget her...

sanfRAM13612/14/2016 07:40PM

  Forever in our hearts.. Attachments

sstrams14512/15/2016 03:55AM

  I must have missed it

IowaRam14012/15/2016 04:04AM

  Iowa.. Attachments

sstrams13912/15/2016 12:57PM

  Steve I'm so sorry

LesBaker15812/15/2016 03:07PM

  Thank you Les..

sstrams15412/15/2016 03:34PM

  Sad news

IowaRam12712/15/2016 03:11PM

  Thank you Iowa...

sstrams15212/15/2016 03:39PM

  what a sweetheart nm

21Dog13012/15/2016 06:11AM

  She was, 21...

sstrams15412/15/2016 01:00PM

  Very sorry

Atlantic Ram12012/15/2016 06:58PM

  Thanks Atlantic...

sstrams12012/16/2016 08:27AM

  You wanted the best.................You got the best

IowaRam29612/14/2016 04:36PM

  TALK TO ME...where does this come from, lol??

sanfRAM12312/14/2016 04:44PM

  Re: TALK TO ME...where does this come from, lol??

IowaRam13612/14/2016 04:53PM

  Oh MY...

sanfRAM12212/14/2016 05:29PM

  LOL who in the world would go to the concert

ferragamo7913212/15/2016 07:05PM

  Suggestions..old movies, your favorites?

JamesJM26812/11/2016 08:34PM

  A couple Eddie Bracken films

IowaRam11112/12/2016 06:05AM

  Re: Suggestions..old movies, your favorites?

sanfRAM14812/12/2016 06:22AM

  Yeah, the Thin Man series was fantastic.

JamesJM10812/12/2016 08:00AM


sanfRAM10212/12/2016 08:12AM

  I wish I knew...

JamesJM10912/12/2016 08:18AM

  William Powell and Myrna Loy

IowaRam19112/12/2016 06:39PM

  how old is old

ferragamo7914012/12/2016 07:51AM


zn11512/13/2016 05:04AM

  Fantastic list....

JamesJM13112/13/2016 06:29AM

  Re: Fantastic list....

zn12812/13/2016 08:28AM

  Van Johnson is very interesting for me....as an actor...

JamesJM12512/13/2016 10:25AM

  "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" is in my top 5 WWII flicks! VERY well done!

Ramgator10912/13/2016 11:14AM

  Re: Van Johnson is very interesting for me....as an actor...

zn12712/13/2016 11:51AM

  When's the last time...

sanfRAM11612/13/2016 12:22PM

  Matt Helm

IowaRam13012/14/2016 02:07PM

  4 for Texas

IowaRam14512/14/2016 02:50PM

  Merton of the Movies

IowaRam14512/14/2016 03:37PM

  Iowa Stubborn

IowaRam13112/14/2016 04:01PM

  Can always pick one of The 25 Films The National Film Registry Has Chosen To Preserve For 2016

IowaRam17912/15/2016 08:11AM

  just to reformat page

Blue and Gold13612/15/2016 09:54AM

  Actually several on that list I have not seen...

JamesJM13912/15/2016 11:25AM


sanfRAM24112/14/2016 04:45PM

  Re: EAT IT, IOWA!!!

IowaRam14012/14/2016 04:59PM

  I don't think the audience is even real in this video

IowaRam12612/14/2016 06:04PM

  You might be right!!! Take care, Iowa!

sanfRAM9912/14/2016 07:38PM

  Girls youth basketball, my suspicions are confirmed.

JamesJM25012/14/2016 08:50AM

  Was it T-ball where you dominated?

sanfRAM11012/14/2016 09:22AM

  No more coaching for me....

JamesJM11712/14/2016 09:26AM

  I have to ask this

waterfield9812/14/2016 12:15PM

  Tied Up...

JamesJM11612/14/2016 12:28PM

  Re: Tied Up...

sanfRAM9412/14/2016 04:28PM

  Looking for 4 tickets to the 49ers game.

tonyde21212/14/2016 03:28PM

  Original King Kong movie on tonight on TCM

IowaRam28312/10/2016 11:09AM

  When I went to N.Y.C. last month......

Ramgator13312/11/2016 09:01AM


sanfRAM18712/11/2016 11:01AM

  The Jeff Bridges/ Jessica Lange remake I liked a lot...

JamesJM15212/11/2016 01:01PM


sanfRAM13612/11/2016 01:45PM

  I know exactly what you mean...in fact...

JamesJM12612/11/2016 01:56PM

  I actually switched over to watch the Bay City Rollers Live

IowaRam15712/11/2016 02:07PM

  HA HA!!!

sanfRAM15112/11/2016 02:36PM

  My sister had one of those K-Tel compilation albums

IowaRam13712/11/2016 02:54PM

  Re: My sister had one of those K-Tel compilation albums

sanfRAM14712/11/2016 03:16PM

  Re: My sister had one of those K-Tel compilation albums

IowaRam16112/11/2016 05:09PM


sanfRAM14812/13/2016 02:02PM

  I bought an album on iTunes that...

JamesJM14412/11/2016 03:31PM

  Re: The Jeff Bridges/ Jessica Lange remake I liked a lot...

ferragamo7914112/13/2016 01:53PM

  Re: The Jeff Bridges/ Jessica Lange remake I liked a lot...

sanfRAM13312/13/2016 01:57PM

  just turned 50 old timer

ferragamo7911512/13/2016 06:05PM

  Re: just turned 50 old timer

sanfRAM14012/13/2016 06:20PM

  Oh yeah Yancys

ferragamo7910212/14/2016 07:26AM

  I liked them both....

IowaRam15112/11/2016 03:11PM

  Greg Lake: King Crimson and ELP star dies aged 69

sstrams26912/08/2016 10:14AM

  ELP is my favorite band

LesBaker11012/13/2016 10:11AM

  2016 has been the single WORST...

sanfRAM16812/13/2016 12:48PM

  amen, brother. Nm

JamesJM9512/13/2016 12:56PM

  keeping with the death theme......

21Dog14512/13/2016 04:58PM

  Well, at least there's 1 thing LA fans love right now

Paydirt42312/10/2016 11:30PM

  Re: Well, at least there's 1 thing LA fans love right now

GreatRamNTheSky12112/11/2016 03:37AM

  I'm a bit bitter

NewMexicoRam15412/11/2016 03:38AM

  Who cares about UCLA...do they wear horns?

jemach12312/11/2016 03:48AM

  Re: Who cares about UCLA...do they wear horns?

waterfield11812/11/2016 07:15AM

  Re: Well, at least there's 1 thing LA fans love right now

waterfield12612/11/2016 07:17AM

  GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ferragamo7912112/12/2016 07:17PM

  happy 100 Kirk Douglas

21Dog40112/09/2016 05:39PM

  Good old Cactus Jack

IowaRam13212/10/2016 11:04AM

  TCM Tribute to Kirk Douglas

IowaRam11612/10/2016 11:20AM

  about .017 percent of the population

ferragamo7913712/10/2016 11:08AM

  LOVED "The Final Countdown" and...

Ramgator10812/11/2016 08:56AM

  Anyone ever catch his hidden gem..."The Villian"??

Ramgator12012/11/2016 08:59AM

  My very first ATM card.....

JamesJM48812/02/2016 08:38PM


sstrams15312/03/2016 04:32AM


JamesJM19212/03/2016 05:28AM

  Mine's activated..

sstrams17512/03/2016 05:45AM

  Question for you, since you're the expert...

JamesJM18712/03/2016 05:49AM

  As far as I know...

sstrams16012/03/2016 06:42AM

  understand completely

21Dog28412/03/2016 05:29AM

  Little like me....

JamesJM15212/03/2016 05:38AM

  Way ahead of me, 21..

sstrams27412/03/2016 05:43AM

  I cannot get by without a cell phone...

JamesJM18012/03/2016 05:56AM

  You're right..

sstrams17712/03/2016 06:45AM

  me and Joe Walsh.

21Dog16712/03/2016 06:51AM

  Not me ........

IowaRam17512/03/2016 07:47AM

  Its funny 21..

sstrams16412/03/2016 07:52AM

  If you're curious... because I was.....

JamesJM15012/03/2016 07:05AM

  I only write..

sstrams12712/03/2016 07:50AM

  Re: understand completely

waterfield16812/04/2016 02:29PM

  They charge to use an ATM card, no?

JamesJM17512/04/2016 06:07PM

  Re: They charge to use an ATM card, no?

waterfield16112/05/2016 06:56AM


Drew283914712/06/2016 08:44AM

  I have an iphone wallet case

ferragamo7918112/06/2016 09:04AM

  I need to do more investigating into those. nm

Drew283914712/06/2016 02:47PM

  here is the one I just got

ferragamo7915712/07/2016 09:25AM

  Thanks bro! Think I'm going with the otter box. nm

Drew283915812/07/2016 05:05PM

  No, no, no Drew..

sstrams18112/06/2016 09:54AM


Drew283916812/06/2016 02:46PM

  Mind if I complain about my wife?

JamesJM17412/06/2016 04:04PM

  welcome to my world

21Dog19712/06/2016 05:00PM

  LOL.. two quick tales for you...

JamesJM16512/06/2016 06:29PM

  my ex was 21....I'd like to have a contest

ferragamo7916612/07/2016 09:27AM

  Something even worse

LesBaker18112/08/2016 10:21AM

  Re: Mind if I complain about my wife?

sstrams14312/07/2016 03:55AM

  That reminds me of my parents when I take them out to eat

Drew283914912/07/2016 04:55PM

  You are correct....

JamesJM15412/06/2016 03:59PM

  What's wrong with you guys

waterfield16212/06/2016 06:29PM

  You can't understand....

JamesJM12812/06/2016 06:35PM

  Its not that I'm impatient, waterfield..

sstrams17012/07/2016 04:02AM

  I'm a wierdo-I admit it

waterfield24412/07/2016 07:07AM


sstrams22612/07/2016 08:03AM

  short story... you would have like her....

JamesJM14412/07/2016 12:04PM

  Re: short story... you would have like her....

waterfield15712/07/2016 02:57PM

  I am one of the most patient people you'll ever meet

Drew283917012/07/2016 05:00PM

  So when did this happen?

Atlantic Ram33912/06/2016 07:33PM

  Obviously can't be for real BUT...

JamesJM13812/06/2016 08:16PM

  It seems too inexplicable but its true, lol

Atlantic Ram15912/07/2016 08:02PM

  Just did my 7 December deed! Watched my "Tora Tora Tora" DVD

Ramgator20912/07/2016 09:50AM

  Don't yell at me for admitting this...

JamesJM12712/07/2016 12:15PM

  WHEW!!!!!! I was more afraid.....

Ramgator12712/07/2016 04:59PM

  "Pearl Harbor"...

sstrams16212/07/2016 05:27PM

  My Harry's Shave Club 2 months in Review....

JamesJM33412/06/2016 07:22PM

  Re: My Harry's Shave Club 2 months in Review....

sstrams13012/07/2016 03:40AM

  Yup, pretty close to the same thing...

JamesJM13412/07/2016 10:22AM

  save money this way Jimmy

ferragamo7912512/07/2016 10:31AM

  That's a very good idea...

JamesJM13112/07/2016 10:33AM

  The best part about this surgery..

sstrams11612/07/2016 11:47AM

  I don't know why, Steve, but that didn't occur to me...

JamesJM12412/07/2016 12:09PM

  Well, most people..

sstrams12812/07/2016 01:07PM

  Backup video cams on new cars.....

JamesJM31512/06/2016 08:31PM

  Re: Backup video cams on new cars.....

sstrams10112/07/2016 03:46AM

  This topic has been moved. Twitter war over Salvation army leap Attachments

Blue and Gold25312/19/2016 11:58AM

  This topic has been moved. Well, at least there's 1 thing LA fans love right now

Paydirt11112/11/2016 04:05AM

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