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  Waterfield... English Springer Spaniel question...

JamesJM3105/30/2023 07:01PM

  Careful James Attachments

waterfield905/31/2023 07:59PM


JamesJM505/31/2023 10:40PM

  Re: Waterfield... English Springer Spaniel question... Attachments

waterfield805/31/2023 08:09PM

  My granddaughter...

JamesJM405/31/2023 10:49PM

  Yeah, the shoes are toast..

sstrams506/01/2023 05:09AM

  Who here is an HVAC guy? Attachments

sstrams2805/29/2023 06:02AM

  C'mon ya'll.. the Triumph TR7 board is blowing you guys away..

sstrams1305/29/2023 06:46AM

  Make sure you check the cross lateral transverse valve.

Ramgator1505/29/2023 07:12AM

  Well the cross lateral transverse valve.

sstrams1405/29/2023 10:53AM

  Re: Well the cross lateral transverse valve.

waterfield1305/29/2023 12:00PM

  I'm not sure where the elevating platform is..

sstrams705/29/2023 03:43PM

  "Inverse Phasing" You BETTER know where I got that from! lol nm

Ramgator805/29/2023 01:15PM

  Sounds like a Star Trek thing..

sstrams705/29/2023 03:44PM

  "Mr Scott......Try...inverse...phasing."

Ramgator705/30/2023 02:43AM

  Funny story with this..... About 4 years ago, we had a Crash Truck problem.

Ramgator705/30/2023 02:49AM


sstrams905/30/2023 03:56AM

  YEARS ago.....Probably around 1997 or so.. I used an Oddball (Kelly's Heroes) line.

Ramgator505/30/2023 01:26PM

  My father in law...

sstrams1005/30/2023 01:39PM

  I'm a weak to average stick driver but.....

Ramgator505/31/2023 02:15AM

  I love driving a stick..

sstrams605/31/2023 04:26AM

  I USED to giggle at the jokes and slams of people who cannot drive sticks at all.

Ramgator505/31/2023 06:23AM

  Well, its kind of surprising to me that..

sstrams605/31/2023 06:34AM

  Just saw this thread.... sticks...

JamesJM905/31/2023 07:51AM

  My first experience with a stick..

sstrams805/31/2023 08:50AM

  Last stick I owned was long ago....

JamesJM905/31/2023 10:55PM

  Re: Last stick I owned was long ago....

MamaRAMa606/01/2023 03:35AM

  I haven't owned many, either..

sstrams306/01/2023 04:51AM

  I'm not there just yet..

sstrams506/01/2023 03:36AM

  Anyone here from Los Palo Alto or

CROMWELL213105/29/2023 02:43PM

  do you mean Palo Alto?

21Dog1005/30/2023 04:33AM

  Re: do you mean Palo Alto?

CROMWELL21805/30/2023 06:47PM

  Redwood City

waterfield1205/30/2023 06:14AM

  They used to have an Ice Rink there...

JamesJM605/30/2023 08:41AM

  Re: They used to have an Ice Rink there...

CROMWELL21805/30/2023 06:50PM

  Re: Redwood City

CROMWELL21605/30/2023 06:49PM

  As cities go I think it's a nice area....

JamesJM705/30/2023 07:04PM

  Re: Redwood City

21Dog805/31/2023 04:09AM

  Re: Redwood City

CROMWELL21805/31/2023 07:27AM

  Re: Redwood City

21Dog605/31/2023 10:22AM

  Los Altos and Palo Alto is a super nice area

ferragamo79605/30/2023 06:47PM

  Home from Disneyland.... and a photo... Attachments

JamesJM3505/29/2023 06:57PM

  also traveled to Orange County over the weekend

21Dog1105/30/2023 04:32AM

  I should have taken 99....

JamesJM1205/30/2023 04:34AM

  Re: also traveled to Orange County over the weekend

waterfield1105/30/2023 06:31AM

  THAT is a great photo...

sstrams1105/30/2023 04:56AM

  Couple more photos... Attachments

JamesJM1705/30/2023 05:19AM

  Great looking family..

sstrams1005/30/2023 05:37AM

  We've got an entire collection of those type of photos...

JamesJM805/30/2023 08:34AM

  Probably the best ever coaster photos.....

sstrams605/30/2023 08:40AM

  If you need proof that I'm an idiot this should do it....

JamesJM805/30/2023 08:54AM

  Photo of Guardians.... Attachments

JamesJM1405/30/2023 09:41AM

  Nice.. Using the shoe "Get Smart" style..

sstrams1005/30/2023 09:45AM

  Re: Couple more photos...

MamaRAMa1505/30/2023 06:05AM

  Thanks, Mama....

JamesJM1105/30/2023 09:02AM

  Re: Thanks, Mama....

MamaRAMa905/30/2023 09:24AM

  LOL, her and my daughter should meet....

JamesJM905/30/2023 09:48AM

  Used to be like that with Six Flags in Arlington..

sstrams905/30/2023 09:49AM

  Re: Used to be like that with Six Flags in Arlington..

MamaRAMa805/30/2023 10:14AM

  Yeah, its high dollar but they do..

sstrams905/30/2023 10:24AM

  Disney is doing the unthinkable...

JamesJM905/30/2023 11:14AM

  Yeah they do that at Six Flags..

sstrams705/30/2023 11:50AM

  Don't ask me why or how....

JamesJM905/30/2023 12:20PM

  We used to go to Walt Disney World a LOT and Six Flags in Atlanta a few times.

Ramgator605/31/2023 10:03AM

  What a crap day!

Ramgator3005/30/2023 01:30PM

  Some days it just pours..

sstrams605/30/2023 01:35PM

  Re: What a crap day!

MamaRAMa1605/30/2023 01:46PM

  He was 16.

Ramgator1605/30/2023 03:42PM

  Here's the story.

Ramgator1205/30/2023 03:44PM

  That's so unfortunate because rip currents are so easy..

sstrams1005/30/2023 04:40PM

  It should be taught in Schools. I got caught, BIG TIME, about 30 years ago.

Ramgator605/31/2023 02:09AM

  Yeah, definitely..

sstrams505/31/2023 04:29AM

  I think it's panic that kills people.

Ramgator505/31/2023 06:07AM

  There's also ZERO excuse for Parents NOT to teach their children how to swim.

Ramgator405/31/2023 06:16AM

  I'm always surprised to hear..

sstrams905/31/2023 06:38AM

  My Dad was a very poor swimmer and he grew up a half mile from the ocean...Myrtle Beach

Ramgator305/31/2023 09:54AM

  My Celtics are in deep doo doo....

JamesJM3105/20/2023 06:49AM

  Re: My Celtics are in deep doo doo....

waterfield1005/29/2023 12:22PM

  I think you're right.....

JamesJM805/29/2023 07:21PM

  Re: I think you're right.....

waterfield1005/30/2023 06:18AM

  Has anyone here bought a Car...New or used, recently??? SOMETHING is gonna have to give!

Ramgator9305/03/2023 06:28AM

  They're doing everything possible..

sstrams2405/03/2023 06:32AM

  This is NOT a recommendation.

JamesJM2305/03/2023 06:51AM

  Dealers and their "Service" Depts are nothing but Scammers. My last 3 cars...

Ramgator2105/03/2023 07:49AM

  Had to buy a used car a year ago

MamaRAMa2605/03/2023 07:40AM

  I remember the story about your son

canadaram805/27/2023 01:18PM

  A main reason for low numbers of used cars??? Cars are piles of sh** these days!

Ramgator2105/03/2023 07:59AM

  Re: A main reason for low numbers of used cars??? Cars are piles of sh** these days!

MamaRAMa3005/03/2023 08:40AM

  I got really lucky..

sstrams1905/03/2023 09:12AM

  Yup.... and extrapolating a bit...

JamesJM1805/03/2023 09:27AM

  Which is another reason...

sstrams1505/03/2023 09:45AM

  I don't know JACK about Mechanics but even I........

Ramgator1905/03/2023 10:56AM

  Yeah we used to have a shop like that on base here.........

sstrams1805/03/2023 12:35PM

  Steve... don't think I've ever asked you this...

JamesJM2105/03/2023 02:10PM

  Well, sort of..

sstrams2005/03/2023 03:20PM

  I was in 1986-90. What I recall is lightly cheaper prices but no taxes added.

Ramgator1805/03/2023 03:39PM

  I distinctly remember LPs being one dollar cheaper..

sstrams1405/03/2023 04:22PM

  That is one cool story (nm)

JamesJM1705/03/2023 05:47PM

  Would recommend Theft Recovery vehicles in this market.

IdahoRam1805/26/2023 06:29AM

  Re: Would recommend Theft Recovery vehicles in this market.

MamaRAMa1305/26/2023 07:25AM

  Re: Would recommend Theft Recovery vehicles in this market.

MamaRAMa1605/26/2023 08:43AM

  We have auctions here..

sstrams1005/26/2023 09:13AM

  We have had to buy 2 in the last 10 months.

canadaram1605/27/2023 07:06AM

  I have a 2010 Frontier..

sstrams1005/27/2023 01:18PM

  That is good to hear.

canadaram805/27/2023 05:34PM

  Yeah, luckily we don't deal with that..

sstrams1205/28/2023 04:01AM

  Good work, MacGyver!

canadaram1005/29/2023 07:55AM

  The trick was taping it..

sstrams605/29/2023 10:52AM

  I am man enough to admit....spoiler alert Yellowstone S5E7...,,

Arkansas Ram1505/29/2023 03:58AM

  Desert Fox 1951. AWESOME flick!

Ramgator1005/28/2023 04:09PM

  SST and you Musical guys (My Kazoo skills don't count)...

Ramgator1205/28/2023 09:59AM

  Well, it depends..

sstrams1505/28/2023 11:22AM

  Mutt Lange

IowaRam1405/28/2023 01:01PM

  Yeah when you hired Mutt Lange..

sstrams1305/28/2023 01:15PM

  MUTT LANGE!!!!!! I blame HIM!!!

Ramgator1005/28/2023 02:24PM

  Reading all of this, I'm guessing......

Ramgator805/28/2023 02:26PM

  Well.. yeah..

sstrams1005/28/2023 02:49PM

  This will get technical….

JamesJM1405/28/2023 12:15PM

  I'll google that..

sstrams1005/28/2023 01:17PM

  SST... Current situation....

Ramgator2705/28/2023 09:34AM

  Yeah, I love Sweet...

sstrams1305/28/2023 10:55AM

  Chromecast... I bet we played 100 videos today!

Ramgator1305/28/2023 02:29PM

  Our big deal was..

sstrams1105/28/2023 02:43PM

  AWESOME 1984 memory.....THE Gameday Program...... Attachments

Ramgator1505/28/2023 02:38PM

  Mods...Can you please put this on the main Board too?? Thanks! nm

Ramgator605/28/2023 02:39PM

  The bottom of it says Bucs / Giants. But it was the same for the Rams game. nm

Ramgator305/28/2023 02:41PM

  Even The Professor kicked arse in WWII!! Attachments

Ramgator1805/26/2023 03:53PM

  Ugh! The whole story did not post with the photos BUT.......

Ramgator1605/26/2023 03:55PM

  Happy Birthday to my Girlfriend since 1977..... Attachments

Ramgator3105/26/2023 11:25AM

  Re: Happy Birthday to my Girlfriend since 1977.....

SeattleRam1905/26/2023 12:52PM

  Yeah...I have heard the same.

Ramgator1205/26/2023 02:43PM

  Just read that Tina Turner passed away at 83. RIP

Ramgator3405/24/2023 09:51AM


RAMbler1805/24/2023 11:03AM

  Most people don't know that Tina Turner..

sstrams2305/24/2023 12:26PM

  I never knew that

IowaRam1405/24/2023 12:53PM

  I either read it or saw it in a documentary..

sstrams1205/24/2023 01:20PM

  Re: Most people don't know that Tina Turner..

MamaRAMa2305/24/2023 01:24PM

  Yeah, Private Dancer sounds right..

sstrams1105/24/2023 04:09PM

  Re: Yeah, Private Dancer sounds right..

MamaRAMa1405/24/2023 05:43PM

  I've heard of that happening to guys..

sstrams1005/25/2023 02:26AM

  Girls these days call it dated but I'm still a sucker for the big hair look. Attachments

Ramgator1405/25/2023 03:25AM

  Yeah, same..

sstrams1105/25/2023 03:47AM

  One of the most energetic performers that ever lived....

JamesJM1305/24/2023 01:11PM

  Re: One of the most energetic performers that ever lived....

21Dog1105/25/2023 05:06AM

  Re: Just read that Tina Turner passed away at 83. RIP

SeattleRam905/24/2023 03:49PM

  This poor lady went through hell in her last years. I had NO idea she was so ill.

Ramgator1405/25/2023 03:35AM

  sstrams... remember me posting your worlds smallest skyscraper... Attachments

JamesJM3205/24/2023 01:10PM

  Yeah, I get that...

sstrams905/24/2023 01:22PM

  first question

IowaRam1605/24/2023 01:29PM

  What the hell?

JamesJM1405/24/2023 02:38PM

  That's an awesome story..

sstrams1205/24/2023 02:40PM

  I get asked about Cochise and Thunder to this day....

JamesJM1405/24/2023 02:55PM

  when you say Buffalos.

IowaRam1205/24/2023 03:02PM

  We have a lot of buffalo in our area..

sstrams1005/24/2023 03:10PM

  Heck yeah! Where I used to live with my ex, down in Middleburg..

Ramgator905/24/2023 03:17PM

  There's an old ICBM silo about 120 miles from here..

sstrams1505/24/2023 03:23PM

  Joy. I'm hearing Disney / Kathleen Kennedy have screwed up Indiana Jones also.

Ramgator4205/24/2023 04:05AM

  Have seen previews for it while at other movies..

sstrams1405/24/2023 05:19AM

  Movies are at a all-time low point

SeattleRam2005/24/2023 06:32AM

  Yeah, we've been hitting the theaters quite a bit..

sstrams1405/24/2023 07:20AM

  Re: Yeah, we've been hitting the theaters quite a bit..

MamaRAMa1405/24/2023 09:49AM

  There was another Chernobyl series..

sstrams1205/24/2023 09:55AM

  USED to be when you'd see a movie around Christmas time.....

Ramgator1005/24/2023 07:46AM

  Now movies HAVE to have a certain criteria to be considered for an Oscar.

Ramgator1905/24/2023 07:47AM

  The Critical Drinker

SeattleRam2005/24/2023 06:46AM

  Disney has been blowing their OWN feet off for 30 + years.

Ramgator1505/24/2023 08:11AM

  Hollywood , and especially have gone way to WOKE

IowaRam2005/24/2023 01:21PM

  there actually WAS a chick in Lost Boys..

sstrams1505/24/2023 01:27PM

  I was in the...........

IowaRam1005/24/2023 01:47PM

  There's a reason why I prefer old school movies and TV.

Ramgator1005/24/2023 03:23PM

  How Kathleen Kennedy still has a job

IowaRam1105/24/2023 01:09PM

  New Academy Awards rule

IowaRam1205/24/2023 01:38PM

  Star Trek , Strange New Worlds trailer

IowaRam1705/24/2023 01:48PM

  Seriously, what's wrong with me?

sstrams7305/21/2023 06:54AM

  Well, at least your choice is 'cool'.

JamesJM2305/21/2023 07:33AM

  Man, I'd bet that style was SUPER cool..

sstrams1505/21/2023 09:36AM

  I've always had a pair over overalls...

JamesJM1705/21/2023 09:45AM

  I have never owned a pair..

sstrams1605/21/2023 09:57AM

  me either

IowaRam1505/21/2023 10:01AM

  Here in farm country....

JamesJM1305/21/2023 10:08AM

  I don't remember that...

JamesJM2105/21/2023 10:04AM

  Here in Texas.. Attachments

sstrams2005/21/2023 10:14AM

  I remember they where pretty popular in the 80's

IowaRam1705/21/2023 10:32AM

  Lotta guys wore them here..

sstrams1305/21/2023 10:35AM

  Re: I've always had a pair over overalls...

MamaRAMa1305/21/2023 10:06AM

  With the pointy heels ?

IowaRam1305/21/2023 08:51AM

  Well, pointed toes.. Attachments

sstrams1705/21/2023 09:44AM

  You a boots guy in general ?

IowaRam1505/21/2023 10:17AM

  No, not really... Attachments

sstrams2605/21/2023 10:34AM

  Wow , those boots are really cool

IowaRam1405/21/2023 10:53AM

  Thanks man.. I designed them..

sstrams1005/21/2023 11:48AM

  Re: Wow , those boots are really cool

MamaRAMa905/21/2023 01:07PM

  Have never had a hat..

sstrams905/21/2023 01:20PM

  I have a Musketeer hat

IowaRam1005/21/2023 02:19PM

  Good to know..

sstrams1205/21/2023 03:12PM

  Yea , it hangs in the basement Attachments

IowaRam2005/21/2023 03:53PM

  Nice.. You look like..

sstrams1105/22/2023 02:40AM

  Here's a BAD pic of the Corral Bones boots.. Attachments

sstrams1605/21/2023 10:42AM

  I was... not so much now....

JamesJM1005/21/2023 10:47AM

  I could never wear steel toed shoes/boots..

sstrams1005/21/2023 10:50AM

  Luckily , I've never had a job that required boots

IowaRam905/21/2023 10:56AM

  I hate 'em..

sstrams1105/21/2023 11:49AM

  Steel toe Fire Boots. Gotta say...ONE time........

Ramgator1005/21/2023 03:06PM

  I had both....

JamesJM1205/21/2023 03:41PM

  The answer is simple, why you cannot let go.

Ramgator1405/21/2023 08:51AM

  Well-said, Gator..

sstrams1105/21/2023 09:45AM

  ..and they're here!

sstrams1105/24/2023 01:38PM

  This will be my new look....

JamesJM4905/23/2023 07:19AM

  You can easily maintain that look....

sstrams1605/23/2023 07:35AM

  I'm BEYOND Flowbee!!!

Ramgator1405/23/2023 09:11AM

  Totally understand that..

sstrams1205/23/2023 09:32AM

  Even my ex OLD SCHOOL Marine Dad asked me why I did not grow out my hair.

Ramgator1405/23/2023 09:41AM

  I tried to find a photo from around this time 1990...

Ramgator1405/23/2023 09:37AM

  I may never get to that point in life.....

sstrams1005/23/2023 09:47AM

  I'm just glad I still have all my hear

IowaRam1105/23/2023 01:15PM

  I get one cut a year, usually..

sstrams1305/23/2023 01:22PM

  the Moe flow.........love it

21Dog1305/23/2023 10:41AM

  Well, so much for that....

JamesJM1405/23/2023 01:49PM

  'Tis why I don't mess with it..

sstrams1005/23/2023 03:38PM

  go with a man bun nm

21Dog905/23/2023 05:09PM

  Oh gag! nm

sstrams905/23/2023 05:14PM

  Ray Stevenson Has Passed Away

IowaRam3605/22/2023 03:17PM

  Steve this quiz is specifically for you.....

JamesJM3005/21/2023 09:37AM

  That's where Marshall amps are made..

sstrams1905/21/2023 09:56AM

  Turn in your man card....

JamesJM1705/21/2023 10:05AM


sstrams1605/21/2023 10:10AM

  Your time had expired....

JamesJM2205/21/2023 10:11AM

  That's NOT what the..

sstrams1905/21/2023 10:15AM

  MacMillan & Wife. Forgot ALL about that show till now. Rosey Grier is on it.

Ramgator2105/20/2023 08:07AM

  remember these ? Attachments

IowaRam1905/20/2023 08:43AM

  NO!!!! And HOW did a show with J.Y. escape me??? nm

Ramgator1105/20/2023 08:48AM

  Rosey Grier's The Thing With Two Heads is on Svengoolie tonight

IowaRam1405/20/2023 11:34AM

  Was just thinking about Gilda Radner. Anyone else recall her SNL skit....

Ramgator2805/20/2023 08:47AM

  Home Security Systems... like yours?

JamesJM4305/18/2023 05:15PM

  Home Security System

SeattleRam2005/18/2023 06:17PM

  Speaking of dogs....

JamesJM1505/18/2023 06:49PM

  Blue Heeler

SeattleRam1305/19/2023 12:43AM

  So you want an English Springer Spaniel Attachments

waterfield1705/19/2023 07:31AM

  Beautiful dog...

sstrams1005/19/2023 08:17AM

  Only issue

waterfield1705/19/2023 08:48AM

  I actually feel your pain..

sstrams1405/19/2023 08:55AM

  Re: I actually feel your pain..

waterfield1505/19/2023 09:14AM

  The deepest is about 80 feet.. Attachments

sstrams1005/19/2023 11:08AM

  You might be interested in this

waterfield1605/19/2023 09:50AM

  I have heard answers to many of your questions..

sstrams805/19/2023 11:17AM

  Re: I have heard answers to many of your questions..

waterfield1405/19/2023 04:24PM

  I think that would be an awesome thing to have on the wall..

sstrams1005/19/2023 04:40PM

  My bad - its the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts nm

sstrams905/19/2023 11:19AM

  We have a sort of hodge podge security system..

sstrams1705/19/2023 04:38AM

  I forgot to mention..

sstrams805/19/2023 05:59AM

  I was a computer repairman in the Army....

JamesJM1105/19/2023 06:51AM

  Hmm.. That makes me wonder...

sstrams605/19/2023 08:19AM

  Personally, I think they are a waste of money. Maybe 30+ years ago...

Ramgator1905/19/2023 06:26AM

  This is true..

sstrams1305/19/2023 08:22AM

  Police response. As a former Firefighter, I know...

Ramgator1705/20/2023 03:36AM

  I've seen most of Casino..

sstrams1205/20/2023 04:20AM

  Agree, partially....

JamesJM1905/20/2023 06:13AM

  Yeah its nice to get a heads up..

sstrams1505/20/2023 07:30AM

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