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  See the moon and Mars shine close together tonight

SeattleRam811/25/2020 02:50PM

  Was looking at that tonight from my Fire Station.

Ramgator311/25/2020 05:52PM

  Well...... sigh....

sstrams5111/24/2020 12:42PM

  Look at it as progress in sight.

Ramgator611/24/2020 01:33PM

  Yeah, I'm just worried about..

sstrams911/24/2020 02:10PM


sstrams1411/25/2020 11:23AM

  I can't believe you can't find immediate help...

JamesJM811/25/2020 12:35PM

  Just talked with doc again..

sstrams1311/25/2020 12:50PM

  feel for you brother

21Dog911/25/2020 12:35PM

  Thanks 21...

sstrams411/25/2020 12:52PM

  GEESH MAN!!! I have had four kidney stones send me to the Hospital.

Ramgator311/25/2020 05:50PM

  Re: Well...... sigh....

zn611/25/2020 01:12PM

  Thanks zn...

sstrams711/25/2020 01:28PM

  Re: Well...... sigh....

AlbaNY_Ram611/25/2020 03:20PM

  Well it happened

BlueRidgeHorns2811/25/2020 02:41AM


SeattleRam911/25/2020 05:03AM

  As you know we went artificial this year, for the first time....

JamesJM811/25/2020 07:07AM

  Love it

waterfield511/25/2020 08:44AM

  Mischievous cats are bad enough, High IQ cats like yours are...

JamesJM511/25/2020 08:50AM

  Re: Mischievous cats are bad enough, High IQ cats like yours are...

waterfield511/25/2020 11:08AM

  Saw a refrigerator tweet today, truest tweet I've ever read...

JamesJM1511/25/2020 08:57AM


SeattleRam611/25/2020 09:15AM

  Re: Saw a refrigerator tweet today, truest tweet I've ever read...

MamaRAMa411/25/2020 10:09AM

  I didn't quote it...

JamesJM511/25/2020 10:32AM

  Re: I didn't quote it...

waterfield511/25/2020 11:06AM

  Christmas Comes To The JamesJM Household...

JamesJM3511/24/2020 12:38PM

  Dang.. its like the North Pole exploded...

sstrams711/24/2020 01:30PM

  No photo but you should see it now...

JamesJM1011/25/2020 02:05AM

  Two of our surprisingly behaved cats under the tree... Attachments

JamesJM1211/24/2020 07:31PM

  Decorating nears completion. I can walk down my hallway again...

JamesJM411/25/2020 08:24AM

  New Covid-19 Thread: Early Coronavirus Mutation

ramBRO1411/24/2020 06:33PM

  Statewide Mask Mandates Helps Businesses Stay Alive, Utah Study Finds

ramBRO711/24/2020 06:54PM

  Pfizer and Moderna both announce they have vaccines

zn3711/16/2020 06:43PM

  The race is on..

sstrams1211/17/2020 04:55AM

  I think they both get paid

zn1211/18/2020 03:30PM

  Re: Pfizer and Moderna both announce they have vaccines

waterfield1811/17/2020 08:55AM

  I've heard sooner..

sstrams1911/17/2020 09:25AM


Ramgator1611/17/2020 11:41AM

  Re: Pfizer and Moderna both announce they have vaccines

zn1511/18/2020 03:47PM

  I have heard people are not getting vaccines but....

Ramgator1811/17/2020 11:15AM

  Science Has Learned So Much About COVID

zn1711/20/2020 07:18PM

  What We Know About AstrZeneca's Head-Scratching Vaccine Results

ramBRO811/24/2020 06:18PM

  Amazing stuff-right here downtown L.A.-City Hall

waterfield2911/24/2020 02:58PM

  Re: Amazing stuff-right here downtown L.A.-City Hall

AlbaNY_Ram911/24/2020 04:51PM

  SST How are ya this morning?

Ramgator3511/23/2020 05:08AM

  Better Tuesday..

sstrams811/24/2020 11:59AM

  Can they scope your system to see what is up? nm

Ramgator411/24/2020 12:06PM

  I dunno man..

sstrams1111/24/2020 12:13PM

  Imagine, if you can...

JamesJM3911/20/2020 01:58PM

  Re: Imagine, if you can...

waterfield1511/20/2020 03:20PM


JamesJM1011/20/2020 03:32PM

  No, I'd never tell you to turn it down..

sstrams611/21/2020 10:18AM

  Oh yeah, I totally am digging that..

sstrams811/20/2020 03:24PM

  Hehe, just mentioned you...

JamesJM511/20/2020 03:36PM

  Re: Imagine, if you can...

SeattleRam1011/20/2020 10:26PM

  Re: Imagine, if you can...

ferragamo79911/21/2020 07:24AM

  I'm OK with loud. . . .

RAMbeau911/21/2020 08:51AM

  Yeah, I exaggerated just a teeny bit....

JamesJM811/21/2020 09:41AM

  I prefer low volume in the car..

sstrams1811/21/2020 10:54AM

  Me, too. . . .

RAMbeau811/21/2020 01:13PM

  Crashing is overrated..

sstrams811/21/2020 01:30PM

  They say crashes......

Ramgator311/24/2020 12:07PM

  Latest medical update..

sstrams10611/22/2020 08:45AM

  Good grief, Steve...

JamesJM2211/22/2020 09:25AM

  If it keeps up, get to an ER.

Ramgator1411/22/2020 09:49AM

  Re: Latest medical update..

21Dog1511/22/2020 10:15AM

  Re: Latest medical update..

waterfield1211/22/2020 11:54AM

  Re: Latest medical update..

AlbaNY_Ram911/22/2020 03:00PM

  man you are a warrior

ferragamo791011/22/2020 06:41PM

  Re: Latest medical update..

zn1011/22/2020 08:06PM

  Headed to ER in a bit..

sstrams1911/23/2020 04:09AM

  Best Wishes!

Aries611/23/2020 04:17AM

  Good call!

Ramgator911/23/2020 07:48AM

  UGH!!!! I dropped the ball! I was SUPPOSED to reply....

Ramgator911/23/2020 07:50AM

  Thank Gator....

sstrams1011/23/2020 09:49AM

  Wise move. . . .

RAMbeau511/23/2020 03:12PM

  Re: Latest medical update..

SeattleRam1211/23/2020 06:45AM

  The problem is..

sstrams1211/23/2020 09:52AM

  +1....my mom also....

Arkansas Ram1011/23/2020 07:08PM

  Re: Latest medical update..

RAMbler611/23/2020 12:55PM

  Tonight's game was a major challenge..

sstrams1311/23/2020 06:48PM

  Are ya gallbladerless ?

IowaRam511/23/2020 06:55PM

  No, not yet, Iowa..

sstrams611/24/2020 04:15AM

  Ok, this is most likely stupid... but my entire life I have heard...

JamesJM811/23/2020 06:57PM

  That figures lol

sstrams611/24/2020 04:16AM

  Re: That figures lol

21Dog811/24/2020 05:15AM

  I use that line a lot..

sstrams611/24/2020 06:50AM

  Any chess fans here ? The Queen's Gambit

waterfield2311/22/2020 09:03AM

  Thanks, gonna watch it...

JamesJM711/22/2020 09:23AM

  it's next on our "to watch" list

21Dog711/22/2020 10:18AM

  gonna check that out

ferragamo79811/22/2020 06:40PM

  Re: gonna check that out

waterfield811/22/2020 07:26PM

  Re: Any chess fans here ? The Queen's Gambit

SeattleRam711/23/2020 06:06PM

  Happy Birthday, JamesJM!!!

Aries2411/23/2020 02:48AM

  Happy Birthday Big Guy..

sstrams511/23/2020 04:08AM

  Happy Birthday, JamesJM and Aries!!!

MamaRAMa711/23/2020 04:40AM

  Happy Birthday Aries!

sstrams611/23/2020 05:03AM

  Back at ya, Randy...Happy Birthday...

JamesJM511/23/2020 05:07AM

  Have a STUPID joke free Happy Birthday!!!!! nm

Ramgator411/23/2020 05:07AM

  Re: Happy Birthday, JamesJM!!!

RAMbler511/23/2020 12:55PM

  Thanks to all....

JamesJM511/23/2020 01:14PM

  late to the game (or the party), but.......

21Dog611/23/2020 02:02PM

  Fashionably late. . .

RAMbeau811/23/2020 03:09PM

  deleted. . . nm

RAMbeau611/23/2020 03:06PM

  I HATE new cars with all the $^%$% bells n whistles!!

Ramgator2311/23/2020 05:13AM

  I was cured of that long ago...

JamesJM1411/23/2020 02:35PM

  I drink one cup of coffee per day...

JamesJM3511/22/2020 09:21AM

  I can drink two a day....tops.

Ramgator911/22/2020 09:51AM

  you live in the country

21Dog1511/22/2020 10:22AM

  hehe, yup... very true....

JamesJM811/22/2020 10:57AM

  Re: I drink one cup of coffee per day...

RAMbeau811/22/2020 12:48PM

  They have that now?

JamesJM811/22/2020 01:23PM

  As a city boy. . . .

RAMbeau911/22/2020 04:39PM

  Re: As a city boy. . . .

21Dog611/22/2020 04:41PM

  Don't give up my day job, right? nm

RAMbeau511/22/2020 05:18PM

  you're no...........

21Dog611/22/2020 05:32PM

  6-8 for me

waterfield811/22/2020 12:59PM

  That's a lot.... is that real cups or # of mugs?

JamesJM611/22/2020 01:30PM

  Re: That's a lot.... is that real cups or # of mugs?

waterfield1011/22/2020 01:40PM

  Way back in the 70's, 80's...

JamesJM1111/22/2020 01:43PM

  the good old days of eating dirt

21Dog911/22/2020 02:18PM

  I LOVE my coffee!

BlueRidgeHorns811/23/2020 02:41AM

  DANG!!! My legally blind Cousin walked right into a well this morning.

Ramgator2811/22/2020 07:34AM

  Re: DANG!!! My legally blind Cousin walked right into a well this morning.

waterfield1211/22/2020 03:26PM

  Are Dine In Pizza Huts closing in your towns?

Ramgator1911/21/2020 08:53AM

  I would never set foot in a pizza hut.

PHDram1611/21/2020 09:37AM

  Re: Are Dine In Pizza Huts closing in your towns?

MamaRAMa1611/21/2020 09:45AM

  Same here, Mama..

sstrams1111/21/2020 10:11AM

  Even if people DID gather in Pizza Huts....

Ramgator1211/21/2020 11:32AM

  Re: Are Dine In Pizza Huts closing in your towns?

SeattleRam1211/22/2020 06:28AM

  We have one go to Pizza joint. Moon River Pizza.

Ramgator911/22/2020 07:32AM

  So Iowa.. what did you think of Season 2 Episode 1 The Mandalorian?

JamesJM4710/30/2020 10:57AM

  Best show ever !!!!

IowaRam1510/30/2020 02:27PM

  I was a little disappointed...

JamesJM1310/30/2020 03:01PM

  Re: I was a little disappointed...

IowaRam1110/30/2020 03:49PM

  Believe it or not I caught that one....

JamesJM1110/30/2020 03:52PM

  Don't know if you are interest or not

IowaRam1410/30/2020 03:59PM


JamesJM1310/30/2020 05:06PM

  It was kinda cool

IowaRam910/30/2020 05:26PM

  Not sure what you think I'm saying....

JamesJM1110/30/2020 05:31PM

  yep , thats basically all it was

IowaRam1010/30/2020 05:43PM


IowaRam910/30/2020 03:56PM

  Episode 5 of The Right Stuff came out today as well

IowaRam1410/30/2020 05:53PM

  Nope, probably great....

JamesJM1210/30/2020 06:00PM

  Boba Fett TV Spot

IowaRam1511/02/2020 09:59AM

  The Glory

IowaRam1011/02/2020 10:59AM

  Season 2 Episode 3

IowaRam1411/13/2020 03:07PM

  Hey James...........Easter Eggs

IowaRam1111/14/2020 09:52AM

  My biggest surprise(s)

JamesJM1211/14/2020 12:33PM

  Katee Sackhoff Attachments

IowaRam1011/14/2020 04:57PM

  It kinda dawned on me afterwards

IowaRam811/14/2020 06:26PM

  Not sure what you mean...

JamesJM911/14/2020 06:34PM

  just not sure how many people caught it

IowaRam911/14/2020 06:48PM

  OH yes...

JamesJM1011/14/2020 08:07PM

  Up in the air Attachments

IowaRam1111/15/2020 07:01AM

  You impressed me...

JamesJM811/15/2020 07:40AM


IowaRam1411/15/2020 08:06AM

  Best Show Ever !!!!

IowaRam1611/21/2020 03:00PM

  325,000 American WWII Vets still living....

JamesJM1911/20/2020 08:06AM

  Living history

SeattleRam1111/20/2020 08:31AM

  Great reply...

JamesJM811/20/2020 08:40AM

  Your last sentence made me think of my Great Grandmother.

Ramgator811/21/2020 12:57PM

  Re: 325,000 American WWII Vets still living.... Attachments

waterfield911/20/2020 09:10AM

  When the last Vet or even citizen of the WWII Generation passes....

Ramgator911/20/2020 09:54AM

  All of them.. all Vets...

JamesJM811/20/2020 10:33AM

  Re: All of them.. all Vets...

waterfield911/20/2020 10:52AM

  And the sad thing for many of today's youth.......

Ramgator1011/21/2020 11:38AM

  My Wife got Kitten #2 today!

Ramgator1511/19/2020 04:07PM

  Full house...

sstrams1211/19/2020 04:16PM


Ramgator1311/19/2020 05:53PM

  One of the reasons..

sstrams711/20/2020 08:37AM

  Funny you say..

Ramgator411/20/2020 09:51AM

  Yeah, I call it the "thunderbolt"

sstrams411/20/2020 10:41AM

  Sounds exactly right.

Ramgator511/21/2020 11:35AM

  Are people SERIOUSLY hoarding paper products again?? I REALLY hope it was a fluke...

Ramgator3811/20/2020 09:56AM

  yep....shelves empty out here in Cali

ferragamo79911/20/2020 10:27AM

  Shelves empty in Texas,as well...

sstrams911/20/2020 10:39AM

  Here as well.. lucky to have a son-in-law..

JamesJM1111/20/2020 11:37AM

  during the last TP run......

21Dog1211/20/2020 12:30PM

  YOW.. I thought I knew suffering...

JamesJM1211/20/2020 12:39PM

  it was our cross to bear nm

21Dog911/20/2020 12:43PM

  Yes, we are that stupid as a society. (nm)

JamesJM611/20/2020 10:35AM

  Re: Yes, we are that stupid as a society. (nm)

Atlantic Ram1111/20/2020 01:47PM

  You were a devious child. :) (nm)

JamesJM711/20/2020 04:31PM

  To be fair....

DaJudge1811/20/2020 10:54AM


ferragamo791311/21/2020 07:26AM

  WHYYYYY????????????????? I do NOT get it!!!!!

Ramgator811/20/2020 04:29PM

  Walmart had a pretty good amount here in VA

BlueRidgeHorns711/20/2020 04:35PM

  My Wife found plenty at Walmart today.

Ramgator611/21/2020 11:33AM

  OK boys: Truth-anyone ever have a Summer of 42 ?

waterfield3211/20/2020 03:35PM

  That's like the best question EVER...

JamesJM1111/20/2020 03:39PM

  Re: That's like the best question EVER...

waterfield1011/20/2020 03:53PM

  Well, it's a lot about sex to me...

JamesJM911/20/2020 04:02PM

  Re: That's like the best question EVER...

waterfield911/20/2020 04:02PM

  OF COURSE!!!!!!

Ramgator1311/20/2020 04:24PM

  Liar. (nm)

JamesJM511/20/2020 04:25PM

  OK.... I CONFESS!!!!!

Ramgator1011/20/2020 04:30PM

  Re: OK boys: Truth-anyone ever have a Summer of 42 ?

SeattleRam811/20/2020 10:14PM


JamesJM4211/20/2020 07:46AM

  Thought we were no longer doing political posts (nm)

waterfield511/20/2020 09:13AM

  Ya lost me. :)

JamesJM1211/20/2020 09:23AM

  I doubt it (nm)

waterfield611/20/2020 10:45AM

  I've never been so confused in my whole life...

JamesJM1211/20/2020 10:46AM

  Re: I've never been so confused in my whole life...

waterfield811/20/2020 10:53AM

  PM me...

JamesJM911/20/2020 10:52AM

  Re: PM me...

waterfield1111/20/2020 10:54AM

  Thanks. (nm)

JamesJM411/20/2020 11:25AM

  Re: Psychopaths....

Atlantic Ram1111/20/2020 01:37PM

  Re: Psychopaths....

waterfield1511/20/2020 01:48PM

  I really don't believe that...

JamesJM911/20/2020 01:59PM

  My mistake, misread you...

JamesJM911/20/2020 03:40PM

  Re: Psychopaths....

waterfield1111/20/2020 03:15PM

  (new thread) COVID-19 Hospitalizations Are Surging.

zn16211/10/2020 04:25PM

  Ain't no surprise here is it ?

waterfield2011/10/2020 04:56PM

  agreed (nm)

zn811/10/2020 06:39PM

  It's going to just have to take it's course

NewMexicoRam2311/11/2020 10:35AM

  Re: It's going to just have to take it's course

waterfield1911/11/2020 11:06AM

  I don't think that's what he meant at all....

JamesJM1911/11/2020 11:09AM

  Re: I don't think that's what he meant at all....

waterfield1811/11/2020 11:24AM

  The suicides aren't the virus

NewMexicoRam1911/11/2020 12:33PM

  Re: The suicides aren't the virus

waterfield1811/11/2020 02:46PM

  there is no evidence of some "suicide" binge

zn2111/11/2020 04:59PM

  no it's not, zn....

JamesJM2511/11/2020 05:15PM

  there are studies demonstrating no rise in suicides

zn2111/11/2020 08:06PM

  Yes, right, zn

NewMexicoRam1811/11/2020 06:28PM

  Re: Yes, right, zn

zn1211/11/2020 08:11PM

  I'm speaking about COVID cases and deaths

NewMexicoRam1111/12/2020 08:14AM

  Re: Yes, right, zn

waterfield1611/11/2020 08:14PM

  I ask the other side

NewMexicoRam1511/12/2020 03:00AM

  Re: I ask the other side

waterfield1411/12/2020 08:20AM

  Many suicides come from economic concerns

NewMexicoRam1411/12/2020 08:55AM

  This is almost impossible to discuss...

JamesJM1411/12/2020 09:02AM

  Re: This is almost impossible to discuss...

zn2211/12/2020 09:55AM

  Re: This is almost impossible to discuss...

JamesJM1611/12/2020 11:27AM

  Re: This is almost impossible to discuss...

zn1811/12/2020 11:54AM

  It ain't me...

JamesJM1411/12/2020 12:06PM

  Re: It ain't me...

ramBRO1411/12/2020 12:21PM

  Re: It ain't me...

JamesJM1011/12/2020 12:25PM

  Re: It ain't me...

ramBRO1511/12/2020 02:36PM

  Re: It ain't me...

zn1611/13/2020 04:55AM

  An interesting point here is...

JamesJM1411/12/2020 12:39PM

  Re: An interesting point here is...

zn1011/12/2020 12:59PM

  Correlation vs Causation vs Coincidence

waterfield2011/12/2020 02:42PM

  Good reply...

JamesJM1011/12/2020 02:57PM


zn1411/12/2020 01:08PM

  No, that's double speak....

JamesJM1311/12/2020 01:10PM

  Re: No, that's double speak....

zn1111/12/2020 01:26PM

  You're doing it every post you make...

JamesJM1011/12/2020 01:27PM

  Re: You're doing it every post you make...

zn1511/12/2020 01:33PM

  You're deluded. (nm)

JamesJM611/12/2020 01:34PM

  more of the same

zn1011/12/2020 01:41PM

  I could say the same...

JamesJM1111/12/2020 01:42PM

  Re: I could say the same...

zn1211/12/2020 01:48PM

  What?!?!?!? No one is arguing for lockdowns?!?!?!

NewMexicoRam1411/12/2020 01:40PM

  gee I posted that 4 or 5 times and you just now caught it

zn1711/12/2020 01:52PM

  Wow, zn

NewMexicoRam1611/12/2020 03:14PM

  Re: Wow, zn

zn1711/12/2020 07:59PM

  Re: Yes, right, zn

zn1111/12/2020 03:31AM

  Let me give you another statistic

NewMexicoRam1611/12/2020 04:30AM

  Re: Let me give you another statistic

zn1011/12/2020 09:47AM

  C'mon, zn

NewMexicoRam1011/12/2020 11:05AM

  Re: C'mon, zn

zn1011/12/2020 11:10AM

  Zn, your last statement isn't even medically scientific

NewMexicoRam1411/12/2020 01:03PM


zn811/12/2020 01:40PM

  Read more of JAMA

NewMexicoRam1111/12/2020 01:42PM

  not some articles you agree with out of tons, consensus

zn1111/12/2020 01:51PM

  So you have read ALL the JAMA articles on covid

PHDram1211/12/2020 06:58PM

  what is the international scientific consensus

zn1011/12/2020 07:57PM

  Working for the Fire Dept, I know there is collateral damage.

Ramgator1411/12/2020 05:48AM

  I'm with you

NewMexicoRam1011/12/2020 06:24AM

  I DO understand that it IS a concern.

Ramgator1011/12/2020 06:59AM

  Of course.

NewMexicoRam1311/12/2020 08:08AM

  and what you have there

zn1411/12/2020 10:03AM

  Sorry but the media has done a CRAPPY job of toning down the hysteria.

Ramgator911/12/2020 10:39AM

  who is talking about "the media"

zn1311/12/2020 11:17AM

  Re: who is talking about "the media"

ramBRO1511/12/2020 11:59AM


Ramgator1011/12/2020 01:58PM

  wait sorry

zn1211/12/2020 02:16PM

  My reply was not about YOU!

Ramgator1011/12/2020 02:04PM

  Re: My reply was not about YOU!

zn811/12/2020 02:21PM

  It has been up and down all year.

Ramgator511/12/2020 02:59PM

  Re: It has been up and down all year.

zn711/12/2020 03:02PM

  Problem with Florida is it is LOADED with people! Orlando...

Ramgator1011/12/2020 03:08PM

  And ZN and Rambro....

Ramgator1111/12/2020 03:13PM

  Re: And ZN and Rambro....

ramBRO1311/12/2020 05:15PM

  Re: And ZN and Rambro....

zn1011/13/2020 04:59AM

  that doesn;t matter

zn1311/12/2020 08:10PM

  Re: that doesn;t matter

zn1811/12/2020 08:22PM

  Masks, shutdowns, isolation... oh my...

Atlantic Ram1911/11/2020 04:20PM

  Re: Masks, shutdowns, isolation... oh my...

zn1711/11/2020 04:55PM

  No, it wouldn't

NewMexicoRam1711/11/2020 06:25PM

  Good news on the subject

waterfield2011/11/2020 03:03PM

  Re: Good news on the subject

zn1811/11/2020 05:00PM

  pro/con lockdown talk in the news

zn1811/13/2020 05:54AM

  ""no appetite" "

waterfield1911/13/2020 07:04AM

  hard to say

zn1411/13/2020 08:12AM

  I'm sure we all have differing opinions on that..

sstrams1111/13/2020 09:52AM

  Re: I'm sure we all have differing opinions on that..

waterfield1511/13/2020 10:53AM

  a sports writer on getting the virus

zn1211/13/2020 04:37PM

  health workers getting dangerously overworked in the new virus surge

zn1811/13/2020 06:41PM

  Re: (new thread) COVID-19 Hospitalizations Are Surging.

canadaram2211/20/2020 12:01PM

  what I heard about Canada

zn1111/20/2020 12:11PM

  Re: what I heard about Canada

canadaram911/20/2020 01:51PM

  EPIC Kitten brawl in the Den this morning. LOLOL And in my head, all I hear..

Ramgator1911/20/2020 03:47AM

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