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  ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Dies at 72..

sstrams2207/28/2021 09:54AM

  UGH! Bummer!

Ramgator707/28/2021 10:45AM

  This week, even...

sstrams707/28/2021 10:56AM

  46 , I knew he couldn't have been very old

IowaRam407/28/2021 01:03PM

  I saw his first band after Slipknot..

sstrams307/28/2021 01:27PM

  Class Acts

IowaRam407/28/2021 01:05PM

  Re: ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Dies at 72..

roman18707/28/2021 11:48AM

  They used to play my hometown..

sstrams407/28/2021 01:29PM

  My first ZZTop concert....

JamesJM507/28/2021 04:44PM

  Watched USA / Iran Basketball. Was disappointed with NBC...

Ramgator907/28/2021 01:28PM

  LOLOL My Wife and I LOVE the AT&T Internet commercial...

Ramgator1607/27/2021 03:20PM

  Re: LOLOL My Wife and I LOVE the AT&T Internet commercial...

roman18807/28/2021 08:17AM

  We are VERY close to dropping Xfinity cable.

Ramgator707/28/2021 10:47AM

  Yeah cable and insurance..

sstrams507/28/2021 10:57AM

  Well insurance can pay off....

roman18707/28/2021 11:35AM

  Just finished a Star Trek / Khan double dip.

Ramgator507/28/2021 10:50AM

  Dune trailer

IowaRam3307/22/2021 08:21AM

  Re: Dune trailer

SeattleRam1507/22/2021 08:46PM

  Ghostbusters trailer

IowaRam707/27/2021 08:13AM

  Jaws Trailer..

sstrams1107/27/2021 08:25AM

  The big difference is ,with today's Actors.....

Ramgator807/27/2021 11:07AM

  No lie there..

sstrams407/27/2021 12:17PM

  Need to start calling you Moriarty..........................nm

IowaRam207/27/2021 12:45PM

  Hollyweird makes me have them negative waves!

Ramgator707/27/2021 03:15PM

  Re: Jaws Trailer..

IowaRam607/27/2021 12:43PM

  CHUCKY gets his own TV series

IowaRam1007/27/2021 05:47PM

  Re: CHUCKY gets his own TV series

MamaRAMa1107/27/2021 05:53PM

  Olympics, yesterday morning, did you happen to see...

JamesJM1807/27/2021 02:09PM

  my biggest disappoint in the Olympics so far...

JamesJM907/27/2021 02:30PM

  The BEST thing I've seen so far...

sstrams1207/27/2021 02:50PM

  Yup, that's the consensus opinion of my family....

JamesJM707/27/2021 02:54PM

  Plus the cocky..

sstrams907/27/2021 03:04PM

  Me too

waterfield807/27/2021 05:19PM

  Olympic fun for the whole family...

JamesJM1007/27/2021 04:38PM

  Re: Olympic fun for the whole family...

waterfield607/27/2021 05:13PM

  I've got 10 big ones...

JamesJM607/27/2021 05:17PM

  Olympic ratings fall to 33 year low

ferragamo791607/27/2021 12:13PM

  Lack of the Soviet Union ?

IowaRam807/27/2021 12:53PM

  What's up with the name ROC (Russia) in the 2020 Olympics?

MamaRAMa1107/27/2021 01:07PM

  Wonder where they'll be placed when it comes to the record books

IowaRam207/27/2021 01:24PM

  That's kinda goofy...

sstrams407/27/2021 01:31PM

  I don't get it either, but at the same time...

JamesJM407/27/2021 01:34PM

  That's true..

sstrams507/27/2021 01:41PM

  Re: That's kinda goofy...

MamaRAMa607/27/2021 01:37PM

  Do they carry a flag, at all?

sstrams407/27/2021 01:40PM

  The ROC flag and anthem

MamaRAMa807/27/2021 01:53PM

  That's a cool graphic..

sstrams507/27/2021 01:59PM

  Re: Do they carry a flag, at all?

IowaRam307/27/2021 01:57PM

  Is there a ratings for Summer Olympics vs Winter Olympics ?

IowaRam507/27/2021 01:03PM

  Lots of reasons.

Ramgator807/27/2021 03:11PM

  Simone Biles Pulls Out Of The Olympic Team Gymnastics Final

SeattleRam2707/27/2021 02:51AM

  Re: Simone Biles Pulls Out Of The Olympic Team Gymnastics Final

MamaRAMa1607/27/2021 03:54AM

  Re: Simone Biles Pulls Out Of The Olympic Team Gymnastics Final

JamesJM807/27/2021 04:11AM

  Re: Simone Biles Pulls Out Of The Olympic Team Gymnastics Final

MamaRAMa907/27/2021 04:15AM

  My daughter says a report is coming up soon...

JamesJM907/27/2021 04:20AM

  Does appear to be an injury....

JamesJM807/27/2021 04:34AM

  Re: Does appear to be an injury....

MamaRAMa1107/27/2021 04:39AM

  Speculation is running wild...

JamesJM1207/27/2021 04:41AM

  I'm a slow learner, apparently, but better late than never...

JamesJM1307/27/2021 05:31AM

  Re: I'm a slow learner, apparently, but better late than never...

MamaRAMa1607/27/2021 05:36AM

  Re: I'm a slow learner, apparently, but better late than never...

JamesJM807/27/2021 08:22AM

  If so, just another total failure of the media..

sstrams907/27/2021 08:23AM

  Re: If so, just another total failure of the media..

waterfield707/27/2021 09:29AM

  But, that was my point..

sstrams407/27/2021 09:45AM

  @ Jimmy imagine athletes from small countries

ferragamo79407/27/2021 09:59AM

  I think that's a very good question...

JamesJM507/27/2021 10:12AM

  think about the pressure of England to win Eurocup

ferragamo79207/27/2021 11:57AM

  SI: Simone Biles Withdrew From Team Final Because She Wasn't in the Right Place Mentally

MamaRAMa1007/27/2021 09:43AM

  Wow...I can't get my head around that....

roman18807/27/2021 11:53AM

  I totally agree

ferragamo79307/27/2021 12:09PM

  Re: I totally agree

MamaRAMa1207/27/2021 12:41PM

  Not so sure about that myself....

JamesJM807/27/2021 12:31PM

  Well to me it's not really something you need to examine with a microscope...

roman18907/27/2021 01:08PM

  Don't think that's true at all...

JamesJM607/27/2021 01:25PM

  12-year-old in the Olympics?

SeattleRam2207/26/2021 07:40PM

  Re: 12-year-old in the Olympics?

MamaRAMa1007/26/2021 07:58PM

  Ping Pong

SeattleRam1307/26/2021 09:36PM

  Nadia Comăneci was 14 when the won gold

ferragamo79707/27/2021 10:02AM

  Water Polo Is Brutal Yo

ramBRO2207/26/2021 03:55PM

  You ain't lying...

JamesJM507/26/2021 04:23PM

  Underwater crime

waterfield607/26/2021 05:18PM

  OH C'MON! When I was a kid....

Ramgator507/27/2021 03:10AM

  I was the kid everybody dunked

ferragamo79607/27/2021 10:00AM

  Anybody dissatisfied with the weatherperson(s) on their local channels?

roman182607/26/2021 12:57PM

  O...M....G! We have a channel here in Jacksonville!!!

Ramgator1307/26/2021 01:46PM

  I kind of like drama queen weather men/women.

JamesJM907/26/2021 05:10PM

  You should see this clown when a Hurricane is approaching Florida!

Ramgator907/27/2021 03:16AM

  Re: Anybody dissatisfied with the weatherperson(s) on their local channels?

SeattleRam607/26/2021 05:07PM

  And event that REALLY REALLY should be added to the Olympics!

Ramgator1907/26/2021 03:51PM

  I have actually seen that

ferragamo79607/26/2021 04:45PM

  I seriously would have / COULD have when I was 10-11 years old.

Ramgator307/27/2021 03:14AM

  Not keen of this speculation regarding low viewership....

JamesJM4507/25/2021 11:08AM

  Sports across the board has been shooting its feet off.

Ramgator707/25/2021 11:25AM

  lots of reasons probably

IowaRam707/25/2021 11:42AM

  I'm in awe of their dedication....

JamesJM1007/25/2021 11:49AM

  I did not make the Weightlifting event because my shoulder hurts this year! nm

Ramgator707/25/2021 01:32PM

  I heard about that...

JamesJM507/25/2021 03:16PM

  My take as I have read viewership is way down

ferragamo791007/25/2021 07:16PM

  I think that's got some truth to it....

JamesJM607/25/2021 07:51PM

  Ping Pong

waterfield807/25/2021 08:36PM

  A silly JamesJM anecdote...

JamesJM1207/25/2021 09:50PM

  We’re still watching ..

canadaram807/26/2021 06:48AM

  I have this warm soft spot..

sstrams607/26/2021 06:55AM

  Re: I have this warm soft spot..

waterfield607/26/2021 07:25AM

  Women's soccer team..

sstrams907/26/2021 07:34AM

  Politics and the Olympics

MamaRAMa1407/26/2021 07:51AM

  Nicely said, Mama..

sstrams707/26/2021 08:06AM

  Re: Politics and the Olympics

waterfield1307/26/2021 10:07AM

  Re: We’re still watching ..

MamaRAMa1207/26/2021 07:15AM


JamesJM707/26/2021 07:30AM

  Re: ME TOO

MamaRAMa807/26/2021 07:33AM

  Re: We’re still watching ..

waterfield807/26/2021 07:32AM

  I know I'm not alone....

JamesJM907/26/2021 07:48AM

  The real beauty of the Olympics

waterfield907/26/2021 05:33PM

  Opinion of the IOC limiting Simone's difficulty...

JamesJM1207/26/2021 04:56PM

  Re: Opinion of the IOC limiting Simone's difficulty...

MamaRAMa1107/26/2021 04:59PM

  As far as I can tell, Mama, they've done it...

JamesJM707/26/2021 05:06PM

  Not sure what's happening here

waterfield807/26/2021 05:10PM

  As I understand it...

JamesJM607/26/2021 05:14PM

  Re: As I understand it...

waterfield707/26/2021 05:19PM

  Found an article that I believe...

JamesJM707/26/2021 05:31PM

  We are waiting for Decathalon. My Wife knows Garret Scantling.

Ramgator707/25/2021 01:51PM

  my old boss won silver medal discuss

ferragamo79507/26/2021 04:47PM

  The Big 12 , a thing of the past ?????

IowaRam1507/26/2021 01:37PM

  Following the money?

roman18907/26/2021 02:03PM

  As a SEC guy, I HATE this!

Ramgator507/26/2021 02:39PM

  I would try to add BYU and Boise St

ferragamo79407/26/2021 04:44PM

  Want to say thank you to Ramgator

ferragamo792007/26/2021 12:53PM

  Thank you so much.

Ramgator607/26/2021 02:48PM

  SST!!!! Animal Planet Channel Alert!!!!!!!

Ramgator1107/26/2021 02:35PM

  And that makes me wanna watch my "Battle Of The Bulge" DVD.

Ramgator407/26/2021 02:40PM

  Oh well.. I'll catch it 4-5 times later this week..

sstrams707/26/2021 02:44PM

  Youth and HS Football officially begins today!

JamesJM1207/26/2021 08:25AM

  I remember feeling like I was sooooooo cool..

sstrams1107/26/2021 09:05AM

  I can still remember the day

IowaRam507/26/2021 12:56PM

  DON'T TELL ME... this Ping Pong match

JamesJM1107/26/2021 10:42AM


JamesJM707/26/2021 11:24AM

  OK I love ping pong

ferragamo79507/26/2021 12:55PM

  My HAIR!! I have kept it at BUZZ CUT level for over 20 years.

Ramgator3207/22/2021 02:06PM

  You can do it......... Hippie!

sstrams807/22/2021 02:14PM

  Hope you're talking about your scalp....

roman18807/23/2021 03:42AM

  Re: My HAIR!! I have kept it at BUZZ CUT level for over 20 years.

Ramsdude1207/25/2021 08:45AM


sstrams1007/25/2021 09:45AM

  10 days and counting.

Ramgator1007/25/2021 11:28AM

  10 days is growing it out?

sstrams807/25/2021 02:11PM

  another month and he'll be Willie Nelson nm

21Dog407/25/2021 02:28PM

  Just ain't working. Probably gonna cut it tomorrow.

Ramgator907/26/2021 05:31AM

  Just keep in mind..

sstrams707/26/2021 06:24AM

  Eddie Munster score with the chicks??? APPARENTLY......

Ramgator307/26/2021 10:02AM

  NONE of the Gymnasts impress me!

Ramgator807/26/2021 05:26AM

  Re: NONE of the Gymnasts impress me!

MamaRAMa1407/26/2021 05:34AM

  My Wife and I watched. I have a feeling.....

Ramgator207/26/2021 09:59AM

  Is everyone really expecting that this virus can be totally eradicated with a vaccine?

roman187007/26/2021 07:12AM

  Smallpox eradication

waterfield3407/26/2021 07:20AM

  Again...I feel like people can't see the trees because of the forest....

roman182407/26/2021 07:46AM

  Does Smallpox have variants or DID it have variants back in the day?

Ramgator1207/26/2021 07:53AM

  Re: Is everyone really expecting that this virus can be totally eradicated with a vaccine?

GroundPounder1907/26/2021 07:50AM

  THAT is what I'd bet on. But in the meantime.....

Ramgator2007/26/2021 07:55AM

  Volleyball bikini bottoms

SeattleRam4607/25/2021 06:49PM

  Re: Volleyball bikini bottoms

ferragamo791107/25/2021 07:13PM


Arkansas Ram507/25/2021 07:48PM

  Re: Volleyball bikini bottoms

SeattleRam1107/25/2021 08:49PM

  Re: Volleyball bikini bottoms

ramBRO1207/25/2021 07:26PM

  ME.. I have complaints...

JamesJM1107/25/2021 07:45PM

  Very little coverage..

sstrams607/26/2021 03:28AM

  Me: Immediately does web search...

Atlantic Ram907/25/2021 08:03PM

  Why bikinis in the sand and not during 6 person in a gym?

waterfield907/25/2021 08:33PM

  Bikini Bottoms vs shorts

MamaRAMa1707/26/2021 02:57AM

  Re: Volleyball bikini bottoms

SeattleRam707/26/2021 03:48AM

  Germany's gymnasts wear body-covering unitards, rejecting 'sexualization' of sport

MamaRAMa1207/26/2021 07:30AM

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