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  This week's movie: A Man Called Otto..

sstrams1002/04/2023 05:24PM

  Re: This week's movie: A Man Called Otto..

waterfield502/04/2023 09:25PM


waterfield1902/04/2023 08:25AM

  I'm confused....

JamesJM1002/04/2023 08:36AM

  Re: I'm confused....

waterfield1302/04/2023 11:40AM

  I skied there twice, 3 times?

JamesJM802/04/2023 12:10PM

  Re: I skied there twice, 3 times?

waterfield802/04/2023 12:56PM

  I grew up in Yosemite...

JamesJM802/04/2023 01:35PM

  I understand the kids

waterfield602/04/2023 04:48PM

  My steep and deep days are behind me as well...

JamesJM502/04/2023 05:56PM

  Re: My steep and deep days are behind me as well...

waterfield602/04/2023 09:13PM

  China Peak this afternoon...

JamesJM1102/04/2023 06:39PM

  Re: China Peak this afternoon...

waterfield402/04/2023 09:17PM

  I asked my grandson... he's working today....

JamesJM902/04/2023 08:47AM

  The Warriors (1979)

SeattleRam1602/03/2023 06:19PM

  Classic movie..

sstrams702/04/2023 04:22AM

  Warriors ..........Can You Dig It !!!!!!

IowaRam802/04/2023 10:17AM

  Re: Warriors ..........Can You Dig It !!!!!!

SeattleRam602/04/2023 11:41AM

  You can find the vests on ebay..

sstrams702/04/2023 11:48AM

  Re: You can find the vests on ebay..

SeattleRam702/04/2023 01:13PM

  They LOOK like plastic..

sstrams302/04/2023 05:22PM

  I remember the movie...

JamesJM702/04/2023 10:32AM

  We've discussed bed sheets, so now socks.....

Arkansas Ram1302/04/2023 03:05PM

  Hey, just got home from Walmart with some socks....

JamesJM902/04/2023 03:28PM

  I want to get some Bombas..

sstrams402/04/2023 05:21PM

  Had to share this, cracked me up....

SeattleRam2402/04/2023 07:07AM

  LOL..and it reminds me... any of you ever do this....

JamesJM802/04/2023 07:14AM

  I've had them delivered.. and ate out of them..

sstrams502/04/2023 07:29AM

  US shoots down spy balloon

IowaRam1302/04/2023 10:09AM

  I would say its a..

sstrams1102/04/2023 10:36AM

  I'm assuming they'll recover it pretty soon

IowaRam702/04/2023 10:44AM

  I say release a large balloon over China, shaped like a B-52

Ramgator602/04/2023 10:39AM

  Oh Great Attachments

IowaRam1302/04/2023 01:54PM


Arkansas Ram502/04/2023 03:11PM

  Godzilla, King of the Monsters is on Svengoolie tonight

IowaRam1901/28/2023 08:40AM

  I LOVE Svengoolie!! How bout them cheesy jokes??? LOL

Ramgator1501/28/2023 09:58AM

  Creature From The Black Lagoon is on Svengoolie tonight

IowaRam502/04/2023 12:25PM

  Cindy Williams dies at 75

IowaRam3701/30/2023 02:17PM

  Lisa Loring dies at 64

IowaRam1501/30/2023 02:23PM

  Man! I hate seeing my childhood fade! nm

Ramgator1201/30/2023 02:48PM

  Laverne AND Shirley gone...

JamesJM1601/30/2023 04:41PM

  And Squiggy passed away just over 2 years ago. Also..... I was watching "Emergency"..

Ramgator1101/31/2023 02:29AM

  William Shatner is still around

NewMexicoRam1001/31/2023 04:38AM

  Gonna be REALLY weird when they are all gone.

Ramgator901/31/2023 06:53AM

  The BIGGEST death will be..

sstrams1801/31/2023 07:49AM

  Re: Cindy Williams dies at 75

RAMbler1001/31/2023 10:41AM

  Ozzy Osbourne cancels all shows, says his touring career is over

IowaRam1602/01/2023 01:30PM

  I thought he did that a year or so ago??

Ramgator1202/01/2023 04:25PM

  I'm surprised he lasted this long..

sstrams702/04/2023 07:33AM

  Man...read his autobiography

ferragamo79702/04/2023 06:47AM

  I may have seen him in concert once....

JamesJM702/04/2023 07:43AM

  Well, you see Ozzy to see..

sstrams702/04/2023 07:48AM

  Do you know the story of how he died...really sad

ferragamo79902/04/2023 08:06AM

  Randy Rhoads?

sstrams902/04/2023 09:10AM

  Yes Rhoads wanted to leave

ferragamo79702/04/2023 10:33AM

  Yeah they were actually trying to buzz the bus..

sstrams602/04/2023 10:35AM

  Steve's 'Too late in life' thought....

JamesJM802/04/2023 06:49AM

  I dabble in 3 languages..

sstrams502/04/2023 07:41AM

  I think you're probably right about Babble....

JamesJM502/04/2023 07:48AM

  That's kind of what I was trying to do..

sstrams702/04/2023 07:52AM

  I might catch hell for this. Anyone else think Bruce Springsteen is NOT good?

Ramgator3702/01/2023 04:16PM

  I think he's good....

JamesJM1802/01/2023 05:45PM

  I don't understand the Bruce Springsteen idol worship..

sstrams1502/02/2023 03:58AM

  Re: I might catch hell for this. Anyone else think Bruce Springsteen is NOT good?

SeattleRam1302/02/2023 04:15AM

  Whenever "Blinded by the Light" is mentioned..

sstrams1902/02/2023 04:24AM

  I know ALL about it!

Ramgator1102/02/2023 12:07PM

  No, it s a typical Springsteen song..

sstrams1202/02/2023 12:20PM

  I've always liked Bruce Springsteen

IowaRam1502/02/2023 01:09PM

  There is talent, great talent, phenomenal talent... then there is this...

JamesJM1802/02/2023 02:31PM

  And then she plays this...

JamesJM902/02/2023 02:41PM

  Wow - is that like a wang bar?

sstrams1402/02/2023 03:13PM

  I love him

canadaram2102/02/2023 05:01PM

  Me too

waterfield1602/03/2023 03:51PM

  Re: Me too

canadaram1302/03/2023 04:39PM

  Re: Me too

waterfield1102/03/2023 08:37PM

  Nothing personal you guys..

sstrams1202/04/2023 04:23AM

  Pretty sure that goes without saying....

JamesJM702/04/2023 07:18AM

  I know - I just felt bad cuz I unloaded on Bruce..

sstrams602/04/2023 07:28AM

  Groups, vocalists, that I don't care for....

JamesJM602/04/2023 07:39AM

  Yeah, I'm pretty specific in my tastes, as well..

sstrams502/04/2023 07:43AM

  Not a huge fan.

Ridgewood Ram1402/03/2023 05:27PM

  Hated Born in USA album and that song - of course love the USA

ferragamo79702/04/2023 06:43AM

  Jimmy, I'm guessing its too late..

sstrams1102/04/2023 06:20AM

  Here's the job questionnaire you hafta fill out..

sstrams502/04/2023 06:26AM

  I'd say you have the right stuff, Steve....

JamesJM602/04/2023 06:29AM

  Well, not sure how long..

sstrams702/04/2023 06:32AM

  Pilots license...it's at your own pace...

JamesJM402/04/2023 07:11AM

  Sounds like a dive certification..

sstrams602/04/2023 07:31AM

  Especially proud of this award... Grandson... Attachments

JamesJM2602/02/2023 08:09PM


Ramgator702/03/2023 01:57AM

  that's great

21Dog1002/03/2023 04:48AM

  Re: Especially proud of this award... Grandson...

MamaRAMa802/03/2023 05:02AM

  Awards like that are "special"

waterfield902/03/2023 07:16AM

  so awesome G pa and he has

ferragamo79702/04/2023 06:44AM

  Thanks Todd, and everyone...

JamesJM702/04/2023 07:02AM

  Minnesota Governor threw some shade at Iowa Attachments

IowaRam2002/01/2023 12:54PM

  great reply from Iowa governor!

ferragamo79502/04/2023 06:48AM

  Speaking of Iowa....

JamesJM502/04/2023 06:56AM

  Mama...Wife and I just finished Season 4 of The Waltons. I warned her..

Ramgator14411/03/2022 04:04PM

  Re: Mama...Wife and I just finished Season 4 of The Waltons. I warned her..

MamaRAMa7811/03/2022 11:08PM

  My Wife was always more partial to LHOTP and even she said the same.

Ramgator8011/04/2022 08:55AM

  Re: Mama...Wife and I just finished Season 4 of The Waltons. I warned her..

MamaRAMa802/03/2023 10:49AM

  Like I said before....As a kid, I thought LHOP was for girls.....

Ramgator702/03/2023 10:58AM

  Also.....The Waltons and LHOTP. Is it just me or.....

Ramgator1102/03/2023 11:05AM

  Re: Also.....The Waltons and LHOTP. Is it just me or.....

MamaRAMa702/03/2023 11:52AM

  How bout the girl they adopted??

Ramgator802/03/2023 03:10PM

  Re: How bout the girl they adopted??

MamaRAMa802/03/2023 06:40PM

  LOLOL That was used around here!

Ramgator502/04/2023 04:04AM

  I'm a HUGE fan of WWII and WWII aircraft. Even the last Season of Black Sheep Squadron...

Ramgator6611/04/2022 02:49PM

  how many seasons did that run

ferragamo797111/07/2022 04:26PM

  About 30 years ago, I dated a girl who's Mom had a painting......

Ramgator5911/08/2022 02:57AM

  Oh! There were two seasons. I loved the show but....

Ramgator5511/08/2022 03:02AM

  Only two seasons, I think..

sstrams6911/08/2022 03:01AM

  My Wife bought me the DVD set about 6 years ago.

Ramgator5111/08/2022 03:04AM

  I haven't seen any of the episodes..

sstrams5311/08/2022 03:08AM

  Ralphie's Mom passed away! RIP Melinda Dillon.

Ramgator702/04/2023 04:01AM

  POLLEN!!! Already??

Ramgator2401/30/2023 09:51AM

  Its sleeting here..

sstrams1401/30/2023 09:56AM

  Not only pollen but we hit 84!!

Ramgator801/30/2023 11:56AM

  Re: Not only pollen but we hit 84!!

MamaRAMa1201/30/2023 01:29PM

  This made me think back to when I was in the USAF...

Ramgator1201/30/2023 02:53PM

  Re: Its sleeting here..

txramfan1301/30/2023 01:47PM

  Tough to tell.. I drove 287 today around noon..

sstrams1201/30/2023 03:26PM

  Re: Tough to tell.. I drove 287 today around noon..

txramfan1301/30/2023 04:02PM

  Holler at me tomorrow and I'll let ya know what its doing..

sstrams801/30/2023 04:49PM

  Re: Holler at me tomorrow and I'll let ya know what its doing..

txramfan1301/31/2023 04:54AM

  We did get a small direct hit this morning..

sstrams1301/31/2023 05:46AM

  Re: We did get a small direct hit this morning..

txramfan1001/31/2023 01:21PM

  We have 90% chance of precipitation tomorrow by noon..

sstrams801/31/2023 01:51PM

  Re: We have 90% chance of precipitation tomorrow by noon..

txramfan801/31/2023 02:42PM

  Ardmore has the coolest lake..

sstrams901/31/2023 03:10PM

  Was clear until about 3pm central..

sstrams1502/01/2023 12:00PM

  Re: Was clear until about 3pm central..

txramfan1002/02/2023 03:07AM

  Good deal.. Glad you got home safe..

sstrams602/02/2023 03:45AM

  We had winter games here this weekend

IowaRam2001/30/2023 02:11PM

  Re: POLLEN!!! Already??

Arkansas Ram1401/31/2023 10:29AM

  Texas drivers are FULL OF $&%# in icy weather..

sstrams1101/31/2023 01:59PM

  Geesh! Even as a NEWBY driving on ice / snow, while in the USAF...

Ramgator802/02/2023 12:02PM

  You know that saying , could be worse ?

IowaRam902/03/2023 01:18PM


Ramgator902/03/2023 03:07PM

  How bout TV themes you love???

Ramgator2602/01/2023 04:23PM

  Re: How bout TV themes you love???

MamaRAMa1902/01/2023 06:56PM

  Re: How bout TV themes you love???

SeattleRam1202/02/2023 04:26AM

  I'll hafta think about that.. but true happiness..

sstrams1302/02/2023 04:55AM

  Worse = "Ma Numa Na Da Do Da Do Do" from Sesame Street! nm

Ramgator702/02/2023 10:10AM

  Hill Street Blues

21Dog1602/02/2023 05:07AM

  Re: Hill Street Blues

SeattleRam1502/02/2023 05:31AM

  Re: Hill Street Blues

waterfield1402/02/2023 07:32AM

  FYI its on Hulu (nm)

SeattleRam602/02/2023 07:53AM

  I gotta watch that....

JamesJM1202/02/2023 01:44PM

  Re: How bout TV themes you love???

Arkansas Ram1502/02/2023 12:14PM

  And "the Flintstones".......nm

Arkansas Ram802/02/2023 02:44PM

  How about....

BlueRidgeHorns1302/03/2023 11:56AM

  FINALLY getting some good rain!

Ramgator1702/03/2023 01:58AM

  Re: FINALLY getting some good rain!

SeattleRam702/03/2023 09:06AM

  So, lets discuss bed sheets..

sstrams1702/02/2023 09:55AM

  I had some delivered a few months ago.

Ramgator602/02/2023 09:58AM

  ..and it was at this exact moment..

sstrams902/02/2023 09:59AM

  Was it because you were drinking?? You know.....

Ramgator902/02/2023 10:01AM

  I think MEN get...

sstrams1102/02/2023 10:46AM

  It IS three, isn't it!

Ramgator702/02/2023 11:58AM

  Actually need to LIGHTEN up..

sstrams702/02/2023 12:21PM

  All kidding aside, I'm not picky at all about ours.

Ramgator1002/02/2023 10:02AM

  That would be much cheaper..

sstrams802/02/2023 10:46AM

  Flannel Sheets

SeattleRam1202/02/2023 11:46AM

  I'll need t look them up..

sstrams902/02/2023 12:22PM

  I'm a "human pin cushion"..

sstrams2302/02/2023 06:30AM

  Did you say 34?

JamesJM1402/02/2023 06:40AM

  Well, lets see..

sstrams902/02/2023 07:43AM

  By the way, I stole the "human pin cushion"..

sstrams902/02/2023 07:49AM

  Botox? My Wife's good friend gets those for Migranes.

Ramgator902/02/2023 09:59AM

  Yeah, it seemed to work better when I first started..

sstrams702/02/2023 10:43AM

  Damn. I'm a bit bummed. SO far, Metronidazole does not seem to work for my Ab aches.

Ramgator802/02/2023 10:08AM

  Hey Jimmy, Steve.......

Arkansas Ram3502/01/2023 01:16PM

  I got about 10 seconds into them...

JamesJM1602/01/2023 02:13PM

  So get this...

Arkansas Ram1302/01/2023 03:24PM

  Those guys are real musicians..

sstrams1302/01/2023 02:40PM

  Ok, I've been listening to them all evening....

JamesJM1102/01/2023 07:41PM

  TV themes and intros that make you gag

MamaRAMa2702/01/2023 02:53PM

  Lol... well....

JamesJM902/01/2023 03:05PM

  MASH was the one I really hated the intro song..

sstrams1602/01/2023 03:24PM

  I liked the movie version....

JamesJM1102/01/2023 03:47PM

  I believe it's actually called "Suicide Is Painless"

Ramgator702/01/2023 04:09PM

  Re: TV themes and intros that make you gag

SeattleRam802/01/2023 04:10PM

  Re: TV themes and intros that make you gag

SeattleRam902/01/2023 04:17PM

  I honestly cannot think of any! I WILL say.....

Ramgator802/01/2023 04:21PM

  Re: TV themes and intros that make you gag

MamaRAMa1602/01/2023 04:51PM

  Crossroads: What Ralph Macchio’s guitar solo actually sounded like....

sstrams4001/20/2023 01:00PM

  Speaking of guitars..

Ridgewood Ram2401/20/2023 06:44PM

  That's amazing..

sstrams1601/21/2023 06:17AM

  Re: That's amazing..

Ridgewood Ram1801/21/2023 07:51PM

  Yeah, dry winters would suck..

sstrams1701/22/2023 04:46AM

  I can beat that story....!

Aries2701/24/2023 07:24AM

  That's awesome, Aries..

sstrams1001/24/2023 07:44AM

  Re: That's awesome, Aries..

Aries1301/24/2023 09:50AM

  Yes you did..

sstrams1601/24/2023 09:57AM

  Aries here a few I own that I rarely talk about.. Attachments

sstrams2201/25/2023 01:51PM

  A drummer crashes your guitar party....

JamesJM1601/25/2023 03:18PM

  That's like Guitar Center to me..

sstrams1101/26/2023 02:19AM

  crashing our party

Aries1101/30/2023 07:06AM

  Is it considered "crashing" when..

sstrams701/30/2023 07:10AM

  Touche' (nm)

Aries801/30/2023 07:10AM

  The oddest post ever made on this board....

JamesJM1501/30/2023 07:41AM

  You'd have a blast here today..

sstrams801/30/2023 08:20AM

  Re: Aries here a few I own that I rarely talk about..

Aries901/30/2023 07:10AM

  The strat body guitars..

sstrams701/30/2023 08:17AM

  Here's a few more from the "rarely come out of the case" series.. Attachments

sstrams1301/31/2023 07:20AM

  Re: Here's a few more from the "rarely come out of the case" series..

Aries902/01/2023 02:38AM

  Yeah, man, it was SO weird..

sstrams902/01/2023 04:18AM

  Re: Yeah, man, it was SO weird..

Aries902/01/2023 07:14AM

  I didn't think of that..

sstrams902/01/2023 08:26AM

  Re: I didn't think of that..

Aries1102/01/2023 12:21PM

  I'll let ya know..

sstrams902/01/2023 02:35PM

  That didn't occur to me either....

JamesJM902/01/2023 08:54AM

  Yeah, it was somewhat shocking..

sstrams902/01/2023 09:00AM

  Somewhat related...

JamesJM1302/01/2023 09:19AM

  Maybe she DID associate drums with him and..

sstrams802/01/2023 09:23AM

  It went very smoothly....

JamesJM1002/01/2023 09:29AM

  Yeah, it would take a certain type person..

sstrams802/01/2023 11:14AM

  Jack Ryan season 3........spoiler alert.....

Arkansas Ram1701/31/2023 10:44AM

  Re: Jack Ryan season 3........spoiler alert.....

MamaRAMa1002/01/2023 12:49PM

  anyone watching Mayor of Kingstown?

21Dog702/01/2023 02:26PM

  Grandson time Attachments

waterfield4602/01/2023 07:27AM

  Great sport that......

roman181402/01/2023 07:43AM

  Re: Great sport that......

waterfield1202/01/2023 08:45AM

  Not to be a Debbie Downer, but..

sstrams1502/01/2023 08:52AM

  Since my grandsons started working at a ski resort....

JamesJM1102/01/2023 09:02AM

  Scot, my friend, was what we called a..

sstrams1102/01/2023 09:27AM

  Re: Scot, my friend, was what we called a..

waterfield1002/01/2023 09:32AM

  Local (Sierra at Tahoe) skier killed a few days ago

waterfield1202/01/2023 09:08AM

  Yes, I did read about that....

JamesJM902/01/2023 09:15AM

  Love the photo....

JamesJM1002/01/2023 08:52AM

  Re: Love the photo....

waterfield902/01/2023 08:58AM

  Lasting friendships....

JamesJM702/01/2023 09:05AM

  Re: Lasting friendships....

waterfield1002/01/2023 09:13AM

  I don't have a bucket list.....................but

IowaRam1202/01/2023 12:40PM

  great photo

21Dog1202/01/2023 02:08PM

  I did it....

JamesJM1102/01/2023 02:15PM

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