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  If you listen to the news, it sounds like Florida is about to wash away from rain. WELL...

Ramgator5506/14/2024 09:55AM

  Remember that movie , Throw Mamma From The Train

IowaRam1806/18/2024 01:55PM

  Free on TY right now

SeattleRam1506/18/2024 05:12PM

  LOVE this movie!

Ramgator1306/19/2024 07:14AM

  4 inches on Friday morning , 5 inches this morning Attachments

IowaRam1506/22/2024 06:30AM

  And now , for your listening pleasure...........

IowaRam906/22/2024 06:33AM

  Pretty sure our yearly average is around 10"

JamesJM706/22/2024 09:40AM

  Electric , Natural Gas and Sewer have all been turned off Attachments

IowaRam1006/22/2024 04:17PM

  Both my supervisors have lost everything

IowaRam1006/23/2024 12:12PM

  GEESH! What a mess. Has the water started to receeed yet? nm

Ramgator006/24/2024 03:38AM

  Has anyone ever used PODS storage units?

Ramgator006/24/2024 03:35AM

  Jobs.... this had to have been the best one...

JamesJM1506/23/2024 11:21AM

  Canada, 21Dog.. Hockey...

JamesJM2906/18/2024 06:07PM

  Oilers are on a roll

21Dog1206/19/2024 05:24AM

  It's almost like the guy....

JamesJM1706/19/2024 06:11AM

  Good analysis..

canadaram1106/21/2024 10:54AM

  Fat lady hasn't sung yet...

JamesJM906/21/2024 10:50PM

  21dog... speaking of the City/County All Star Game....

JamesJM906/22/2024 09:48AM

  I think they still do......

21Dog506/23/2024 05:36AM

  Those 2 empty netters made it seem more dominant than it was.

canadaram706/22/2024 11:19AM

  Re: Those 2 empty netters made it seem more dominant than it was.

21Dog406/23/2024 05:34AM

  You may be right.....

JamesJM706/23/2024 07:39AM

  Kelly Stafford.......

NewMexicoRam4006/22/2024 04:24AM

  She is quite a Cutie but......

Ramgator906/22/2024 03:37PM

  She's a lot more than just a "cutie"..

waterfield1206/22/2024 09:51PM

  She is all of those but probably should keep some things in house. nm

Ramgator406/23/2024 03:32AM

  Crazy local news story

SeattleRam3406/20/2024 12:02PM

  When I was Divorced and in my apartment, about 17 years ago.....

Ramgator1706/20/2024 02:27PM

  Re: When I was Divorced and in my apartment, about 17 years ago.....

waterfield906/22/2024 09:55PM

  I don't know.

Ramgator406/23/2024 03:31AM

  Because of Donald Sutherland's passing, I have had the tune "Burning Bridges" stuck in my head.

Ramgator806/22/2024 03:39PM

  I'll never forget the ending of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

NewMexicoRam606/22/2024 03:45PM

  Watching "The Monkees" on Catchy Comedy. What a drag knowing....

Ramgator606/22/2024 03:35PM

  RIP Donald Sutherland. Passed away at 88. He will ALWAYS be Oddball from Kelly's Heroes to me.

Ramgator3206/20/2024 08:56AM

  Re: RIP Donald Sutherland. Passed away at 88. He will ALWAYS be Oddball from Kelly's Heroes to me.

SeattleRam1406/20/2024 09:08AM

  MASH for me...

JamesJM1606/20/2024 09:13AM

  Space Cowboys.........nm

Arkansas Ram1206/20/2024 11:58AM

  LOL Love it when he memorizes the eye test. nm

Ramgator1006/20/2024 02:22PM

  Fictional character but his role in Oliver Stone's "JFK" was VERY captivating.

Ramgator1306/20/2024 09:52AM

  I just ordered a Donald Sutherland t-shirt a couple days ago Attachments

IowaRam1806/20/2024 12:45PM

  LOVE IT!! I might have to get one! LOLOL About 25 years ago....

Ramgator1106/20/2024 02:21PM

  3 roles for me I remember

ferragamo792506/20/2024 05:10PM

  This will forever be my favourite Donald Sutherland clip

canadaram3406/21/2024 11:00AM


JamesJM1006/21/2024 02:46PM


canadaram906/21/2024 03:28PM


waterfield6006/13/2024 08:37PM

  They won the Yankees series and they are best team BB

ferragamo793006/14/2024 09:22AM

  Re: They won the Yankees series and they are best team BB

21Dog1906/19/2024 05:36AM

  Lux can play outfield

ferragamo791906/20/2024 05:13PM

  Re: Dodgers....First of all

Rams_784606/15/2024 12:53PM


waterfield1906/19/2024 07:46PM

  Has anyone seen the 2022 "All Quiet On The Western Front"?? GEESH!!

Ramgator3406/20/2024 06:10AM

  Went to the Steve Miller Band show Sun.Nite.....

roman186306/18/2024 04:30AM

  That's one band....

SeattleRam2106/18/2024 09:47AM

  Saw them open for Fleetwood Mac

sstrams2406/18/2024 10:49AM

  Noooo. I think you are crossed up.

Ramgator1806/19/2024 07:08AM

  I vaguely remember that..

sstrams1906/19/2024 09:50AM


Ramgator1106/20/2024 06:09AM

  I always thought they were....

JamesJM2506/18/2024 09:55AM

  glad you had a great time nm

21Dog1606/19/2024 05:28AM

  What U watchin' now?

MamaRAMa9806/12/2024 07:21AM

  I'm on hold....

JamesJM2706/12/2024 07:30AM

  I'm in re-watch mode

SeattleRam3206/12/2024 09:16AM

  Frasier is my all-time favorite sitcom..

sstrams2606/12/2024 09:49AM


SeattleRam3106/12/2024 11:13AM

  I liked him in That 70's Show

sstrams2206/12/2024 12:46PM


JamesJM3706/12/2024 11:14AM

  Re: Frasier....

SeattleRam3306/12/2024 11:20AM

  Dunno if you remember me telling the story..

sstrams3106/12/2024 12:47PM

  Re: Frasier is my all-time favorite sitcom..

MamaRAMa3606/12/2024 12:51PM

  Frasier is like most sitcoms..

sstrams1206/12/2024 03:00PM


waterfield3206/15/2024 07:01AM

  Re: I'm in re-watch mode

MamaRAMa2106/12/2024 10:11AM

  Re: I'm in re-watch mode

SeattleRam2806/12/2024 11:15AM

  My Wife and I have seen them all. Howard's Mom was HILARIOUS!

Ramgator2206/12/2024 09:51AM

  House of Dragon season 2 starts Sunday

IowaRam2506/12/2024 01:39PM

  Star Wars Acolyte

IowaRam2506/13/2024 12:51PM

  I'd be lost without METV, COZI TV, Catchy Comedy etc

Ramgator2906/13/2024 01:45PM

  Re: What U watchin' now?

21Dog3106/15/2024 04:56AM

  Re: What U watchin' now?

MamaRAMa3406/15/2024 05:14AM

  Re: What U watchin' now?

SeattleRam3306/15/2024 10:48AM

  Re: What U watchin' now?

21Dog1406/19/2024 05:37AM

  No way The Say Hey Kid passes without mention....

JamesJM5306/18/2024 06:20PM

  best I ever saw and it's not close

21Dog1506/19/2024 05:26AM

  Lord Squidly will have to wait....

JamesJM4906/12/2024 01:35PM

  haven't flown a kite since I was a kid.

SeattleRam2906/12/2024 01:59PM

  Broke many a string in my day...

JamesJM2706/12/2024 02:06PM

  Not kite related, but 35 years ago..

sstrams2506/12/2024 03:03PM

  After many delays... we're an hour away....

JamesJM1506/18/2024 03:06PM

  I hate wind....

JamesJM1906/18/2024 04:22PM

  I hate wind, too..

sstrams1306/18/2024 04:57PM

  50 years ago today, my family went to Walt Disney World for the first time.

Ramgator3606/18/2024 01:46AM

  The Olympics... kind of think that my family...

JamesJM7506/16/2024 04:12PM

  I love the Olympics..

sstrams2606/16/2024 04:48PM

  Love em' both...

JamesJM2806/17/2024 10:31AM

  It'll NEVER replace..

sstrams2106/17/2024 10:49AM

  One memory I'll never forget

SeattleRam2906/17/2024 12:40PM

  It became a running joke....

JamesJM2606/17/2024 01:30PM

  I STILL call the USA win over USSR, in 1980, THE greatest Sporting Event I have ever seen.

Ramgator1606/17/2024 04:22PM

  Nothing else comes close.....

JamesJM1406/18/2024 01:37AM

  Re: The Olympics... kind of think that my family...

SeattleRam2906/16/2024 05:32PM


SeattleRam2806/17/2024 12:46PM

  Not much

IowaRam2906/17/2024 01:26PM

  Jimmy.....you know what special sporting event is on

ferragamo795706/17/2024 10:09AM

  Wow, you got me....

JamesJM2606/17/2024 10:46AM


ferragamo792306/17/2024 02:07PM

  Alien [1979] movie opening interview with moviegoers

IowaRam5706/16/2024 06:48AM

  Star Wars 1977 movie opening reactions and lines

IowaRam3206/16/2024 06:50AM

  I still remember the first time I ever saw Star Wars and the audience reaction from the very start..

Ramgator3306/16/2024 07:46AM

  Wow, that was freaky....

JamesJM3306/16/2024 08:25AM

  Re: Alien [1979] movie

SeattleRam2606/16/2024 09:23AM

  I always liked the sequel more, myself..

sstrams2806/16/2024 09:48AM

  He was great in that flick!

Ramgator3506/16/2024 04:04PM

  Yes, he was.. he was a..

sstrams2606/16/2024 04:46PM

  I was disappointed in the Alien

JamesJM3106/17/2024 07:41AM

  Re: Alien [1979] movie

MamaRAMa2906/17/2024 10:56AM

  Alien: Romulus | Official Trailer

IowaRam2306/17/2024 01:19PM

  Alien TV show

IowaRam2206/17/2024 01:23PM

  Two Ice Creams for 9 Pounds

IowaRam7006/16/2024 04:05AM


sstrams3206/16/2024 06:41AM

  Saw this a couple of weeks ago. Cracks me up! The girl raising hell.....

Ramgator3306/16/2024 07:49AM

  All of my elders...

JamesJM3006/16/2024 08:20AM

  Watching Rowan & Martin's Laugh In on Catchy Comedy.

Ramgator3806/16/2024 07:44AM

  Monkey Man

SeattleRam5306/15/2024 04:14PM

  Big fan of..

sstrams3206/16/2024 04:02AM

  Re: Big fan of..

SeattleRam2806/16/2024 05:16AM

  US Open - Pinehurst is TOO tough....

JamesJM4406/15/2024 11:51AM

  For some reason I thought this was about..

sstrams2506/16/2024 04:04AM

  June 6th D-day

SeattleRam14806/05/2024 03:36PM

  Re: June 6th D-day

JamesJM5906/05/2024 04:41PM

  Agree. Shows respect and most of all...

Ramgator8306/06/2024 04:00AM

  CNN: World War II veteran Robert Persichitti dies at 102 while traveling to France for D-Day’s 80th anniversary Attachments

MamaRAMa6006/06/2024 12:49PM

  well thats to bad

IowaRam6206/06/2024 01:12PM

  I like The Longest Day more than Saving Private Ryan.

Ramgator5406/06/2024 04:13PM

  Re: I like The Longest Day more than Saving Private Ryan.

SeattleRam2706/06/2024 04:31PM

  Re: I like The Longest Day more than Saving Private Ryan.

MamaRAMa6706/06/2024 05:48PM

  A TON of very big name Actors and they played their roles well.

Ramgator6706/07/2024 03:34AM

  As a film

IowaRam3706/07/2024 01:50PM

  Red Buttons...That very scene crossed my mind.....

Ramgator3206/07/2024 05:10PM

  and not a Lead amongst them

IowaRam3506/07/2024 01:37PM

  Eisenhower in The Longest Day

MamaRAMa3906/07/2024 02:02PM

  I can get that

IowaRam2706/08/2024 07:51AM

  My Eisenhower story Attachments

MamaRAMa4806/09/2024 06:13AM

  great story Mama!

ferragamo792406/09/2024 06:40AM

  That is so cool, Mama!

Ramgator3706/09/2024 09:57AM

  Fantastic story....

JamesJM2906/09/2024 09:58AM

  that was beautiful nm

Atlantic Ram2406/09/2024 01:34PM

  did you ever learn how many of those were handed out

IowaRam2806/13/2024 12:50PM

  Re: did you ever learn how many of those were handed out

MamaRAMa1406/13/2024 04:25PM

  love that story.....what a memory nm

21Dog2006/15/2024 04:53AM

  Just read a cool back story to a hard scene to watch in Platoon (1986)

Ramgator4106/14/2024 09:53AM

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