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  Killer whale hunts and eats great white shark

SeattleRam803/02/2024 12:16AM

  Orcas are the apex predators..

sstrams303/02/2024 09:24AM

  Star Trek / Clint Eastwood flicks connection..... Attachments

Ramgator1203/02/2024 03:52AM

  It's been kinda fun connecting the dots between

IowaRam503/02/2024 07:20AM

  Among the Lotus Eaters

IowaRam403/02/2024 07:34AM

  Strange New Worlds biggest risk Attachments

IowaRam603/02/2024 08:06AM

  I'll leave you with one last La'an bonus video

IowaRam203/02/2024 08:24AM

  Check this out. Cool stuff on the original Pike..

Ramgator103/02/2024 09:21AM

  High Plains Drifter - thoughts??

ferragamo792902/29/2024 02:25PM

  A Classic! But it has been a while for me.

Ramgator802/29/2024 03:33PM

  I watched on DVD

ferragamo79802/29/2024 04:09PM

  Re: I watched on DVD

SeattleRam1202/29/2024 06:48PM

  oh, yes I get it now

ferragamo79803/01/2024 06:39AM

  Speaking of Clint...Have we seen his last work?

Ramgator1202/29/2024 03:36PM

  Saw Cry Macho

ferragamo79702/29/2024 04:15PM

  I thought it was....ok

Ramgator303/01/2024 02:06AM

  In his later years, I almost like him better as Clint the Director.

Ramgator503/01/2024 02:10AM

  much preferred Outlaw Josey Wales nm

21Dog702/29/2024 04:26PM

  Yes I agree

ferragamo79802/29/2024 05:32PM

  LOLOL Funny related story with Jose Wales.

Ramgator403/01/2024 02:17AM

  dyin' ain't much of a livin' boy

21Dog1503/01/2024 04:48AM

  videos aren't appearing on the main board, either nm

21Dog603/01/2024 04:58AM

  "Unforgiven" has a line that always gets me and makes me think about mortality.

Ramgator603/01/2024 02:20AM

  The only Clint movie where he is 2nd , 3rd or even FOURTH fiddle in his own flick

Ramgator1003/01/2024 02:53PM

  second-highest-grossing film of 1978

SeattleRam903/01/2024 03:43PM

  Yeah. RIP Eddie. Really liked his Music. Had no idea it was THAT big at the Box Office. Gotta say..

Ramgator503/02/2024 03:40AM

  Re: Yeah. RIP Eddie. Really liked his Music. Had no idea it was THAT big at the Box Office. Gotta say..

SeattleRam603/02/2024 03:48AM

  I miss those times.....

Ramgator503/02/2024 03:54AM


ferragamo79703/01/2024 05:32PM

  My favorite Black Widow scene was from the sequel.. Any Which Way You Can...

Ramgator503/02/2024 03:43AM

  The Leader, Cholla, played by John Quade. Quade was actually quite a Brainiac in real life.

Ramgator303/02/2024 03:46AM

  Thank you all

ferragamo792303/01/2024 05:41PM

  Bless you too, '79..

sstrams903/01/2024 06:38PM

  Thank and God bless YOU!

Ramgator603/02/2024 03:36AM

  Watched the first two episodes of Shogun

IowaRam3102/28/2024 01:09PM

  Re: Watched the first two episodes of Shogun

MamaRAMa1702/28/2024 01:50PM

  Huge fan of the original

SeattleRam1502/28/2024 02:12PM

  Tough to find now days

IowaRam1102/29/2024 11:59AM


IowaRam1102/29/2024 11:55AM

  Clavell's book "Shogun"

waterfield1902/29/2024 08:14AM

  I hink Im gonna read

ferragamo791203/01/2024 05:34PM

  Re: I hink Im gonna read

waterfield503/01/2024 05:46PM

  Having connections...

JamesJM2302/29/2024 09:21PM

  No steak?

sstrams903/01/2024 03:01AM

  Re: Having connections...

JoeMad1103/01/2024 07:21AM

  ciopinno is a rare treat indeed.....

JamesJM703/01/2024 01:28PM

  Greatest Downhill Race Ever

waterfield2602/29/2024 02:08PM

  Not how I would describe it....

JamesJM1102/29/2024 02:44PM

  Didn't even click the link, but has to be..

sstrams602/29/2024 05:07PM

  There are several...

JamesJM602/29/2024 09:24PM

  Same here..

sstrams403/01/2024 02:54AM

  How come you never hear about the Soap Box Derby??

Ramgator1502/29/2024 02:14PM

  Now kids like 4 - drive electric cars

ferragamo79702/29/2024 02:27PM

  Actually, yes....on the Scouts.

Ramgator1002/29/2024 02:44PM

  I blame the parents..................nm

IowaRam802/29/2024 03:33PM

  My kind of Aliens!! LOL

Ramgator2102/29/2024 03:30PM

  Anyone know the best thing for sick Azaleas??

Ramgator3102/28/2024 05:10AM

  Trim the unhealthy stuff then

LesBaker902/28/2024 03:53PM


Ramgator602/29/2024 04:22AM

  Go to a local non chain nursey

ferragamo79902/29/2024 02:29PM

  Golf is the hardest game in the world....

JamesJM2902/28/2024 08:44PM

  I'LL SAY!!!!!!

Ramgator1002/29/2024 04:08AM

  I'd take that challenge..

sstrams1002/29/2024 06:01AM

  No chance I can explain golf to you.....

JamesJM1102/29/2024 07:47AM

  Shoulders are one of the few..

sstrams1102/29/2024 08:51AM

  Best lesson in golf

waterfield1202/29/2024 08:06AM

  "Tonight two of my grandsons and I were in my garage hitting with my new golf simulator. "

LesBaker1102/29/2024 11:12AM

  My Chiropractor cannot get my neck to release. Becoming a PITA!

Ramgator3502/28/2024 02:48PM

  Neck problems are the worst..

sstrams1302/28/2024 03:58PM

  I'm trying to figure HOW it has locked up so much??

Ramgator902/29/2024 04:15AM

  Thats altogether possiboe..

sstrams1202/29/2024 05:46AM

  Can that even be fixed?

Ramgator902/29/2024 06:12AM

  Neck surgery is typically..

sstrams702/29/2024 06:54AM

  That Doctor. They said he worked VERY fast!

Ramgator1002/29/2024 09:21AM

  He's doing a life sentence now

sstrams902/29/2024 10:02AM

  We have a Hospital here in Jacksonville...St Vincents..

Ramgator702/29/2024 10:58AM

  My neck story....

JamesJM1702/28/2024 08:55PM

  Think you're talking about a TENS unit..

sstrams1302/29/2024 05:54AM

  You mind me laughing my ass off reading that?

JamesJM902/29/2024 07:39AM

  Yeah, I was giggling, myself lol

sstrams802/29/2024 09:14AM

  Just watched a few Youtube videos.

Ramgator1102/29/2024 06:27AM

  Trust me, I'll keep a close watch. Back issues literally killed my Mom.

Ramgator602/29/2024 06:30AM

  SST.... A Firefighting Bud was chatting about some massive fires in Texas.

Ramgator2102/29/2024 09:24AM

  Amarillo TX is 225 + miles away from Wichita Falls TX

txramfan902/29/2024 09:58AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams702/29/2024 10:03AM

  I don't think so..

sstrams1202/29/2024 10:00AM

  Re: I don't think so..

MamaRAMa1002/29/2024 10:13AM

  Last I heard, no..

sstrams1402/29/2024 10:27AM

  1998 was a BRUTAL Spring for Florida. Hundreds of fires all over the State!

Ramgator1002/29/2024 10:55AM

  Anyone losing their nearby Outback Steakhouse?

Ramgator4102/27/2024 05:00PM

  Don't have one, but

sstrams1602/27/2024 05:35PM

  Re: Anyone losing their nearby Outback Steakhouse?

SeattleRam2102/27/2024 06:48PM

  What to blame for all the shut downs??

Ramgator2102/28/2024 05:07AM

  Re: What to blame for all the shut downs??

SeattleRam1602/28/2024 02:28PM

  Low quality for many years

LesBaker1502/28/2024 03:44PM

  We went about 12 years ago and it was REALLY good. Gotta say...

Ramgator702/29/2024 04:26AM

  Thanks to my Brother, I am almost always forgiving when it comes to a bad night at a Restaurant.

Ramgator902/29/2024 04:33AM

  NBA is FINALLY catching flak for such a crap product.

Ramgator1402/29/2024 04:18AM

  An adult question-male or female

waterfield8602/25/2024 04:10PM

  My two doors down divorced neighbor

LesBaker2902/25/2024 05:07PM

  Re: My two doors down divorced neighbor

waterfield2502/25/2024 05:32PM

  I was 15

LesBaker902/28/2024 03:50PM

  Sadly no

SeattleRam2202/25/2024 10:53PM

  Re: Sadly no

IowaRam2402/26/2024 01:55AM

  There was that one time back in 77, I was 10 and STEVIE NICKS....

Ramgator2302/26/2024 04:50AM

  I did get hit on by my next door neighbor.

Ramgator2402/26/2024 05:12AM

  I suspect

waterfield2702/26/2024 10:54AM

  Re: An adult question-male or female

txramfan2702/26/2024 04:54PM

  Dana Point Harbor

waterfield2602/26/2024 08:44PM

  Re: Dana Point Harbor

txramfan2202/27/2024 03:39AM

  Re: Dana Point Harbor

waterfield2102/27/2024 10:08AM

  Killer Dana

txramfan1202/28/2024 04:08PM

  Re: Killer Dana

waterfield1202/28/2024 06:07PM

  I wished I could say I have..

sstrams1502/27/2024 04:07AM

  Had a Teacher at my School too.

Ramgator2002/27/2024 01:53PM

  Geesh! Talk about brutal for the kids...

Ramgator2902/28/2024 04:34PM

  OMG Srat Trek for Iowa and Gator

ferragamo794802/24/2024 06:06PM

  I remember my Brother building a Phaser, communicator and Tricorder.

Ramgator1502/25/2024 03:58AM

  I did pick up a diecast of Strange New Worlds Enterprise

IowaRam2002/25/2024 06:44AM

  There is a 1/350 plastic model of TOS Enterprise that is unreal.

Ramgator1602/25/2024 07:48AM

  Here it is.

Ramgator1602/25/2024 07:49AM

  Yea , I've seen those

IowaRam1502/25/2024 09:01AM

  Star Trek rabbit hole Attachments

IowaRam1802/25/2024 06:29AM

  You HAVE to check out the " Star Trek, Red Shirt Diaries" on Youtube.

Ramgator1202/25/2024 09:59AM

  First look ever at a Romulan

IowaRam2202/25/2024 07:05AM

  TOS "Balance Of Terror" is my 2nd favorite episode....

Ramgator1602/25/2024 08:30AM

  This episode defiantly pay tribute to that episode

IowaRam1502/25/2024 08:47AM

  They dropped the ball by not doing a movie that centered around Sulu.

Ramgator2002/25/2024 10:01AM

  Star Trek TOS , Arena episode

IowaRam2302/26/2024 02:02PM

  Interesting concept to incorporate TOS stories in such a way. My Brother and I..

Ramgator1402/27/2024 01:57PM

  Star Trek did pretty good at the Saturn Awards Attachments

IowaRam1502/26/2024 02:20PM

  USS Enterprise CVN 80

IowaRam2302/26/2024 03:10PM

  From CV6 through CV 65, I wonder if the Enterprise has ever had a Captain Kirk??

Ramgator1502/27/2024 05:05PM

  Anyone have a HS team playing for a championship?

JamesJM4702/24/2024 06:39PM

  I quit following my old School years ago.

Ramgator2002/25/2024 04:06AM

  My HS seldom wins anything...

JamesJM1902/25/2024 04:23AM

  Our Football team used to be AWESOME! Buuuuuuut...

Ramgator1602/25/2024 08:34AM

  The HS one of my grandsons attends is the #1 basketball team in TX

txramfan1902/25/2024 04:36AM

  Couple of soccer games coming up...

JamesJM2002/25/2024 05:22AM

  TxRamfan... spoiler here if you didn't watch.... don't read if so...

JamesJM1202/27/2024 03:11PM

  Neil DeGrasse Tyson.... this guy cracks me up...

JamesJM3502/27/2024 11:25AM

  Not a big fan

SeattleRam1902/27/2024 11:35AM

  My favorites....

JamesJM1002/27/2024 11:44AM

  Waterfield.... I have a Blue and Yellow tent.....

JamesJM3502/27/2024 08:56AM

  Re: Waterfield.... I have a Blue and Yellow tent.....

waterfield1302/27/2024 09:56AM

  We got a suite....

JamesJM2302/27/2024 10:21AM

  Re: We got a suite....

waterfield1202/27/2024 10:40AM

  Horizon:trailer .............a Kevin Costner Western Attachments

IowaRam3502/26/2024 01:16PM

  Shogun starts tomorrow

IowaRam1602/26/2024 01:39PM

  The first two episodes of Masters of the Air are now available on Apple TV +

IowaRam14401/25/2024 04:48PM

  This is a big event for my youngest grandson and I....

JamesJM3801/26/2024 07:32AM

  Shogun trailer

IowaRam2901/26/2024 04:14PM

  I enjoyed that Mini Series from the very early 80s. nm

Ramgator4101/27/2024 03:45AM

  as much as I want to see it........

21Dog3701/27/2024 05:49AM

  Thats what I tell most people

IowaRam3201/27/2024 09:20AM

  I get that.... but at the same time....

JamesJM3701/27/2024 09:29AM

  Re: The first two episodes of Masters of the Air are now available on Apple TV +

MamaRAMa4801/27/2024 06:17AM

  Same here.....

JamesJM3601/27/2024 08:38AM

  I agree.....

IowaRam3801/27/2024 09:12AM

  Good point, about their missions.....

JamesJM3101/27/2024 09:22AM

  I wasn't really talking about the air crewman them selves

IowaRam2701/27/2024 09:54AM

  I agree with you....

JamesJM3001/27/2024 09:59AM

  Re: I agree with you....

IowaRam3001/27/2024 10:46AM

  I haven't seen the 2nd episode as yet....

JamesJM2101/27/2024 10:48AM

  Me too. ......

Arkansas Ram1902/03/2024 05:59PM

  We weatched the first two episodes a second time

IowaRam24001/29/2024 12:59PM

  Surviving -50 below

IowaRam2701/29/2024 01:05PM

  Masters of the Air , episode 3

IowaRam3302/02/2024 04:56PM

  Re: Masters of the Air , episode 3

MamaRAMa2302/02/2024 05:42PM

  Re: Masters of the Air , episode 3

IowaRam2802/03/2024 08:48AM

  Just finished watching it....

JamesJM3402/02/2024 08:59PM

  Re: Just finished watching it....

IowaRam2302/03/2024 08:06AM

  Pretty much agree with all that....

JamesJM2202/03/2024 08:42AM

  I think my favorite part so far , and not really a spoiler

IowaRam2502/03/2024 08:56AM

  On my trips to England....

JamesJM2302/03/2024 09:24AM

  had to google

IowaRam1502/03/2024 10:24AM

  Just behind the house my son rented....

JamesJM2002/03/2024 10:56AM

  Semi-related... the devastation....

JamesJM2202/03/2024 09:36AM

  I have a friend at work

IowaRam2002/03/2024 10:21AM

  Not sure this has been covered but

waterfield3002/03/2024 07:24PM

  Harry H Crosby

IowaRam2902/04/2024 03:49AM

  Part II , this might be considered spoiler territory

IowaRam3402/04/2024 04:03AM

  A formation of four B-17 fire power Attachments

IowaRam2502/05/2024 01:18PM

  Saw # 3 last night.

waterfield3402/06/2024 01:33PM

  The kid in the ball turret

IowaRam2502/07/2024 02:57PM

  Harry Crosby - "30 Missions Over Europe in B-17s interview

IowaRam1902/07/2024 02:59PM

  Met a B-17 Crewman who bailed out over Germany .

Ramgator2302/08/2024 02:15AM

  What rips my heart out.

Ramgator1902/08/2024 02:20AM

  My dad never carried his 1911 on missions

txramfan3102/08/2024 04:07AM

  Re: My dad never carried his 1911 on missions

21Dog2702/08/2024 05:18AM

  Episode 5 Attachments

IowaRam3202/18/2024 04:50AM

  Re: Episode 5

MamaRAMa3102/18/2024 05:19AM

  Re: I agree

waterfield2802/18/2024 06:48PM

  Re: I agree

Crazylegs2802/19/2024 10:07AM

  Some Photos From My Dad's Experience

Crazylegs3102/19/2024 10:19AM

  Those are great pix...very cool. (nm)

DaJudge1502/19/2024 11:33AM

  Forgive my change in direction here....

JamesJM2602/19/2024 12:53PM

  Re: Some Photos From My Dad's Experience

waterfield2202/19/2024 03:08PM

  love the pictures CL nm

21Dog1702/19/2024 03:19PM

  Amazing what one can find out about today

Crazylegs2002/24/2024 05:56AM

  I was commissioned by a private party to do this piece......

Crazylegs2202/26/2024 06:24AM

  Re: I was commissioned by a private party to do this piece......

waterfield1002/26/2024 10:55AM

  Up and down with me. Band Of Brothers was THE best....Pacific was not bad.

Ramgator1302/26/2024 06:37AM

  All the input from the ACTUAL fellas is why Band Of Brothers will NEVER be topped.

Ramgator1302/26/2024 06:39AM

  Re: All the input from the ACTUAL fellas is why Band Of Brothers will NEVER be topped. Attachments

MamaRAMa1902/26/2024 08:45AM

  That is awesome! Something Publishable??

Ramgator2002/26/2024 09:32AM

  Re: That is awesome! Something Publishable??

MamaRAMa1702/26/2024 09:46AM

  I'm very impressed. As most know....

Ramgator1102/26/2024 10:47AM

  Re: All the input from the ACTUAL fellas is why Band Of Brothers will NEVER be topped.

Crazylegs1502/26/2024 11:36AM

  One of the greatest modern music vocal performances

LesBaker8602/21/2024 03:41PM

  I saw ELP on the - I think- Works tour..

sstrams1902/21/2024 05:25PM

  I will never be able to know for sure.....

JamesJM1602/21/2024 09:13PM

  A true Rush fan would be able to comment on this..

sstrams2402/22/2024 02:14AM

  2112 was the BOMB....

roman181702/22/2024 09:59AM

  I don't remember them...

sstrams1402/22/2024 02:00PM

  The screen show.....

roman181502/23/2024 05:04AM

  Low fog hugging the stage..

sstrams1202/23/2024 05:28AM

  Sounds like standing next to a cool waterfall.....

roman181302/23/2024 05:33AM

  I believe that's an entirely different kind of smoke..

sstrams1302/23/2024 09:24AM

  Yes!!! Very crisp and refreshing

LesBaker1502/25/2024 05:03PM

  might have been while you were away........

21Dog1702/22/2024 04:31AM

  Haven't been to a concert in a very long time...

JamesJM1902/22/2024 07:13AM

  James Taylor

MamaRAMa1802/22/2024 07:37AM

  Saw him years ago......

roman182002/23/2024 05:38AM

  3 wide finish at Atlanta....

JamesJM3802/25/2024 02:06PM

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