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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  They gotta pull Tutu...

sstrams9010/17/2021 10:51AM

  want to see him on the jet sweep

dodgerram1910/17/2021 10:53AM

  Re: Don't get me started...stuff a piece of pizza in your mouth nm

Rams_781710/17/2021 10:53AM

  There' none left lol

sstrams1810/17/2021 10:55AM

  Re: Figures I know how it goes nm

Rams_781610/17/2021 10:56AM

  And the Oscar goes to

chico n da rams7810/17/2021 10:54AM

  38-11 a scoragami?

L.A.Rams6810/17/2021 10:49AM


L.A.Rams2010/17/2021 10:51AM

  Wolfie coming in

chico n da rams11210/17/2021 10:31AM

  Thank goodness..

sstrams2010/17/2021 10:32AM

  Re: Great perfect time to get snaps in!! nm

Rams_781210/17/2021 10:33AM

  Re: Wolfie coming in

LoboRam1810/17/2021 10:33AM

  Re: Wolfie coming in

RamsAl481810/17/2021 10:35AM

  Re: Wolfie coming in

RamsAl481910/17/2021 10:36AM

  Re: Wolfie coming in

chico n da rams2010/17/2021 10:36AM

  Ok, get Wolf out.. lol

sstrams2110/17/2021 10:37AM

  Yep.. guys a Bum!

LoboRam1710/17/2021 10:39AM

  Re: Yep.. guys a Bum!

RamsAl481810/17/2021 10:42AM

  I'm thinking Perkins......lol......nm

Arkansas Ram1210/17/2021 10:37AM

  he has improved!

Axl2310/17/2021 10:47AM

  I feel pretty good about that..

sstrams1910/17/2021 10:47AM

  Re: I feel pretty good about that..

RamsAl481810/17/2021 10:49AM

  Knee was down before score!

JYB5110/17/2021 10:48AM

  Rochelle down (nm)

JYB3710/17/2021 10:40AM

  Re Back on the field (nm)

Rams_78910/17/2021 10:46AM

  C'mon lets get out of the Big Apple with a huge Win & NO INJURIES!! nm

Rams_781810/17/2021 10:45AM

  I had fear of a "Trap" game....

Guard6710/17/2021 09:32AM

  It started dicey..

sstrams1310/17/2021 09:36AM

  And.... I was right!

Guard1510/17/2021 10:44AM

  Lets see Funk...nm

LoboRam3010/17/2021 10:35AM

  Re: Lets see Funk...nm

chico n da rams1310/17/2021 10:36AM

  he came out in the first Half with hamstring injury

Axl810/17/2021 10:43AM

  Ramsey still in, is McVay asleep?

dodgerram3510/17/2021 10:39AM

  Horrible pass

dodgerram4310/17/2021 10:35AM

  Why is hendo o still in?

dodgerram2510/17/2021 10:34AM

  Time To Get The Backups Some Burn

ramBRO6010/17/2021 10:09AM

  Re: Yep nm

Rams_78610/17/2021 10:10AM

  Re: Time To Get The Backups Some Burn

CarolinaRam1210/17/2021 10:19AM

  Re: Time To Get The Backups Some Burn

3030910/17/2021 10:22AM

  Get AD And Ramsey OUT OF THE GAME...

ramBRO910/17/2021 10:30AM

  Gator must still be washing his house..

sstrams3410/17/2021 10:22AM

  Re: Gator must still be washing his house..

LoboRam1210/17/2021 10:28AM

  That's a honeydo list item..

sstrams1010/17/2021 10:29AM


sstrams2910/17/2021 10:25AM

  Re: yep I'm in a prevent D lol nm

Rams_78710/17/2021 10:26AM

  Yeah, you're at least a minute ahead of me..

sstrams910/17/2021 10:28AM

  Most All Starters Need to come out

azramfan2310/17/2021 10:27AM


sstrams810/17/2021 10:27AM

  Re: yep +++ nm

Rams_78510/17/2021 10:28AM

  Geez Send me over the cliff MS running the ball ugh nm

Rams_783810/17/2021 10:22AM

  Yeah, not digging that, myself..

sstrams1810/17/2021 10:23AM

  Re: Well he goes down with an injury How do you coach speak that away nm

Rams_781410/17/2021 10:25AM

  You don't.. all he could say would be..

sstrams1310/17/2021 10:26AM

  #70 in at LT....nm

Arkansas Ram3610/17/2021 10:24AM

  Is it Morris or the secondary?

stlrams135210/17/2021 10:15AM

  Re: Both imo but

Rams_781410/17/2021 10:19AM

  Rapp with his best game yet

dodgerram3910/17/2021 10:14AM

  D Jones is staring down receivers

azramfan1610/17/2021 10:19AM

  Ravens abusing the Chargers

JYB2610/17/2021 10:16AM

  Good to see LB T Lewis on the field maybe the injury bug is behind him nm

Rams_783110/17/2021 10:12AM

  Re: Good to see LB T Lewis on the field maybe the injury bug is behind him nm

stlrams131610/17/2021 10:14AM

  Re: Yeah he certainly appears to have excellent skills and oh my gosh @ a position of real need nm

Rams_781310/17/2021 10:15AM

  Good 2 see sacks

chico n da rams3210/17/2021 10:15AM

  I really want to see a deep shot

The_Zone2510/17/2021 10:14AM

  Wow -- what a HORRIBLE pass

JYB4410/17/2021 10:14AM

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