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Re: Ok, I paid my taxes.....

March 25, 2024 12:21PM
So, apparently, all you guys are getting your homes repainted, free health insurance for the next decade, season tickets to the Rams, DirecTV for life + Sunday Ticket, a new Tesla, access to my refrigerator, college tuition at Stanford for all your kids - grandkids - great-grandkids- great-great-grandkids. I hope you're happy. - JamesJM

Just got a notice today that my homeowner's insurance has gone up $200 from what I paid in 2023. I've used the same insurance company for 30 years. The $200 increase I just got hit with is the largest increase I've ever had for homeowner's insurance. The kicker to me is that I've only filed a claim against my homeowners insurance once.... it was about 25 years ago for a watch I had lost. So, I guess my increase is for me to pay for other people's homes that have been damaged or destroyed by natural disasters cause my premiums cause it sure ain't me doing it. Yeah, I know that's how insurance works, but it sucks.


  Ok, I paid my taxes.....

JamesJM60March 25, 2024 09:33AM

  Re: Ok, I paid my taxes.....

MamaRAMa30March 25, 2024 12:21PM

  I can't remember anything that's gone down...

JamesJM25March 25, 2024 12:31PM

  Only $200?

sstrams32March 25, 2024 01:34PM

  Re: Only $200?

MamaRAMa26March 25, 2024 02:32PM

  It REALLY sucks here in Florida.

Ramgator29March 25, 2024 05:19PM

  Something else I find annoying is the whole thing with Roofs!

Ramgator22March 25, 2024 05:25PM

  CNN: The Home Insurance Market is Crumbling

MamaRAMa31March 29, 2024 02:12PM

  Same boat for New Orleans as Florida.......Hurricanes

Ramgator23March 30, 2024 03:35AM

  It would suck not having insurance, but

sstrams27March 30, 2024 06:20PM

  Add the Automobile Industry for me.

Ramgator21March 31, 2024 08:44AM

  LOL I got a dirty look from a couple of guys at the Fire Station about 5 years ago.

Ramgator21March 31, 2024 08:50AM