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Same boat for New Orleans as Florida.......Hurricanes

March 30, 2024 03:35AM
In Florida, it all started back in 2004, when we had three Hurricanes hit the state in just a couple of months. Right after, my Brother was told by State Farm...Sorry, but we are dropping you. And he never filed a claim. I see blame in both directions....Cost of materials and construction, hence the cost of Insurance.....I also blame people looking for brand new roofs after 2-3 shingles were damaged (THAT is rampant!)

  Ok, I paid my taxes.....

JamesJM60March 25, 2024 09:33AM

  Re: Ok, I paid my taxes.....

MamaRAMa30March 25, 2024 12:21PM

  I can't remember anything that's gone down...

JamesJM25March 25, 2024 12:31PM

  Only $200?

sstrams32March 25, 2024 01:34PM

  Re: Only $200?

MamaRAMa26March 25, 2024 02:32PM

  It REALLY sucks here in Florida.

Ramgator29March 25, 2024 05:19PM

  Something else I find annoying is the whole thing with Roofs!

Ramgator22March 25, 2024 05:25PM

  CNN: The Home Insurance Market is Crumbling

MamaRAMa30March 29, 2024 02:12PM

  Same boat for New Orleans as Florida.......Hurricanes

Ramgator22March 30, 2024 03:35AM

  It would suck not having insurance, but

sstrams27March 30, 2024 06:20PM

  Add the Automobile Industry for me.

Ramgator21March 31, 2024 08:44AM

  LOL I got a dirty look from a couple of guys at the Fire Station about 5 years ago.

Ramgator21March 31, 2024 08:50AM