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How to use the IGNORE feature !

How to use the IGNORE feature !
February 18, 2014 11:29AM
It has come to our attention that many of our members are either unaware that our Forum Software has an "IGNORE" feature, or if they do know about it then are not sure how to use it.

When you open a post by a specific user you will see this at the top of their message: I'm using myself as an example:

Ignore Function by JamesJM, on Flickr

Clicking [hide msges from this user] hides ALL messages from this user. This can be undone anytime you wish. Once you hide a user the user's name will still be visible and only the content of the message will be hidden.... the [hide msges from this user] changes to show: [show msges from this user]... clicking this will unhide all the messages from the hidden user.

We'd like to think that any disagreements can be worked out in a civil and courteous manner, but occasionally we can probably all use a 'time out' from hot issues and other users. It's always better to simply 'ignore' than to exhibit our frustration on the boards.

- The Ram's Admin Team

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