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He was in everything.....

March 29, 2024 06:54AM
He had to be one of the busiest actors in Hollywood history. I can remember thinking that if a movie I was watching didn't have Lou in it then something was missing. laughing smiley

He did it all - Movies, TV, Animation (voice). Sad news indeed.

  Bummer! Just found that Actor M Emmett Walsh passed away a week or so ago at 88.

Ramgator53March 28, 2024 01:05AM

  Yeah, I read that as well... very very sad....

JamesJM24March 28, 2024 05:39AM

  Character Actors. I think is supposed to be a lesser thing in the Acting World but..

Ramgator24March 28, 2024 08:57AM

  Lou Gossett passed away at age 87

MamaRAMa26March 29, 2024 06:27AM

  He was in everything.....

JamesJM28March 29, 2024 06:54AM

  He was great in "An Officer And A Gentleman".

Ramgator26March 29, 2024 10:09AM