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I don't think total darkness will happen...

March 28, 2024 05:21PM
I have never read that, anyway.

  Total Solar Eclipse 2024 - WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, HOW, & WHY

SeattleRam56March 28, 2024 11:07AM

  I hope to be back in Texas in time

txramfan25March 28, 2024 02:52PM

  I should have a pretty good view..

sstrams24March 28, 2024 05:07PM

  I don't think total darkness will happen...

JamesJM29March 28, 2024 05:21PM

  Had a sun beam go right across my chest the other day.

Ramgator23March 28, 2024 05:17PM

  I'm I the only one whose Parents encouraged me.....

Ramgator19March 28, 2024 05:20PM

  I shot some pics of the last one last year..

sstrams15March 29, 2024 05:49AM

  The very best one I ever saw was about 10 years ago at Jacksonville Beach.

Ramgator19March 29, 2024 11:40AM

  Astronomers gear up for the upcoming nova explosion

SeattleRam33March 28, 2024 07:44PM

  That's very interesting....

JamesJM23March 29, 2024 11:13AM