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I have an HOA..

April 02, 2024 05:28AM
And I think they're a bunch of idiots.. what they do best us raise HOA monthly fees.. it's doubled since I bought the house.. every year they threaten to close the pool in order to raise fees.. most people bought in my neighborhood for the pool, so it gets a little old to constantly have that thrown in your face..

They change yard people frequently and don't enforce bad work.. I hafta leave the back gate unlocked every day cuz they never say then they're coming and the HOA doesn't require them to.. half the time I come home from work and the gate is closed and the yard unmowed.. I put a camera up and the yard people simply shut my gate, then claim I didn't open it for them, meaning I don't want them to mow..

I've taped notebook paper size notes to their windshield (while parked in front of my house while mowing) to mow my back yard and seen them rip it off and throw it out.. HOA does nothing.. but good lord make an outdoor improvement they haven't approved and they pitch a fit.. funny thing is they are not a legal HOA.. so, they do what they want and refuse to do anything they don't want by constantly playing that card..

Funny thing is every tear they want me to be HOA president lol.. no pay, no break on fees.. nothing.. no thanks..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..

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  I used to be totally against HOAs. These days, ALL for them!

Ramgator61April 02, 2024 04:53AM

  OH!! The "neighbors" with the cans in the yard...A week and a half ago..

Ramgator32April 02, 2024 04:59AM

  I have an HOA..

sstrams28April 02, 2024 05:28AM

  I have a good Buddy who has lived in the same house since early 2002. In fact..

Ramgator22April 02, 2024 05:35AM

  Must be nice.. my HOA fees are..

sstrams26April 02, 2024 06:43AM

  I have heard of INSANE HOA fees that are around $400-$500 / month here in Florida.

Ramgator24April 02, 2024 07:27AM

  They think money is no object here

sstrams24April 02, 2024 08:00AM

  I've had fun with HOAs.

waterfield27April 02, 2024 09:22PM

  Yeah, it's kinda funny..

sstrams22April 03, 2024 02:28AM

  Re: Yeah, it's kinda funny..

waterfield29April 03, 2024 07:50AM

  That's awesome..

sstrams21April 03, 2024 08:16AM

  Re: That's awesome..

waterfield12April 03, 2024 04:28PM

  Only agreement was a spoken agreement

sstrams28April 04, 2024 04:53AM

  How do they consider it to be a HOA?

waterfield15April 04, 2024 09:12AM

  They have one meeting a year, in April..

sstrams19April 04, 2024 09:40AM

  Re: They have one meeting a year, in April..

waterfield17April 04, 2024 10:43AM

  Re: I used to be totally against HOAs. These days, ALL for them!

Aries24April 03, 2024 02:58AM

  In modern cookie cutter neighborhoods, they are almost a must, IMO.

Ramgator11April 03, 2024 08:20AM

  Having Lived in Both HOA and Non-HOA Housing Tracts...

ramBRO26April 05, 2024 06:40AM

  I am REALLY holding my breath with my street. Reminds me of my old neighborhood.

Ramgator21April 05, 2024 10:41AM

  I can see the double edge sword of HOAs. On one hand.....

Ramgator20April 03, 2024 08:28AM