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Much closer

March 28, 2024 06:38PM
The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake is only about 50 miles away

the wife and I have been to the crash site once , many many years

but we've been to the Surf Ballroom a few times , we even went last year to see Rick Springfield , my wife has had a crush on him even before we were married

they still have several concerts there every year , big name performers , I imagine that it's on just about every musicians bucket list to play the Surf Ballroom , as it hasn't really changed since that night in 1959 , you walk in the front doors , it's like walking through a time machine , it's really pretty cool


  Hey Iowa! Close to you???

Ramgator51March 28, 2024 02:19PM


IowaRam28March 28, 2024 03:07PM

  What about the Buddy Holly crash site?

Ramgator21March 28, 2024 04:34PM

  Much closer

IowaRam32March 28, 2024 06:38PM

  That is VERY cool, Iowa....

JamesJM24March 28, 2024 07:29PM