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They left out my least favorite ..."The Empath"

March 30, 2024 09:37AM
The whole episode is in a dark studio with a mute lady. It is BORRRRRING! Plato's Stepchildren is boring too.

  SST Check this out. Very rare Star trek Production photo.... Attachments

Ramgator50March 29, 2024 11:44AM

  Looks like Bugles lol

sstrams23March 29, 2024 06:10PM

  Not their best special effect.....

JamesJM19March 29, 2024 09:19PM

  There have been a couple of remakes, using CGI. And just like 98% CGI....

Ramgator18March 30, 2024 03:30AM

  Top 5 Worst Star Trek The Original Series Episodes

IowaRam22March 30, 2024 08:42AM

  They left out my least favorite ..."The Empath"

Ramgator18March 30, 2024 09:37AM

  Roddenberry's hands were really tied as Star Trek moved forward..

Ramgator20March 30, 2024 09:39AM

  Ironically, "The Doomsday Machine", a fan favorite, was because of a tight budget.

Ramgator17March 30, 2024 09:42AM