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Not their best special effect.....

March 29, 2024 09:19PM
but overall Star Trek was ON their game. Truly incredible... especially considering it was TV and not a movie.

But I have to confess... most special effects from yesteryear impress me. To this day I can't even imagine how they created the special effects in the original King Kong. Today it's all CGI... which is amazing, for sure, but it's the computer's doing the work. The Skeleton fight in Jason and the Argonauts.... (actually all the special effects)... are mind-blowing.... made in 1963! - JamesJM

  SST Check this out. Very rare Star trek Production photo.... Attachments

Ramgator49March 29, 2024 11:44AM

  Looks like Bugles lol

sstrams23March 29, 2024 06:10PM

  Not their best special effect.....

JamesJM18March 29, 2024 09:19PM

  There have been a couple of remakes, using CGI. And just like 98% CGI....

Ramgator18March 30, 2024 03:30AM

  Top 5 Worst Star Trek The Original Series Episodes

IowaRam21March 30, 2024 08:42AM

  They left out my least favorite ..."The Empath"

Ramgator18March 30, 2024 09:37AM

  Roddenberry's hands were really tied as Star Trek moved forward..

Ramgator20March 30, 2024 09:39AM

  Ironically, "The Doomsday Machine", a fan favorite, was because of a tight budget.

Ramgator17March 30, 2024 09:42AM