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They have one meeting a year, in April..

April 04, 2024 09:40AM
to discuss stuff and elect new members.. Out of 55 houses, usually 10-12 people are there.. Nobody goes to the meetings.. They discuss where the money went from the monthly dues, yard crew contracts. pool maintenance, and then who, of the people there, is interested in one of the board positions.. Whoever raises their hand immediately gets elected by the other 10-11 people, just so they don't get voluntold to do the position themselves..

At one point, we had a surplus of $25K in the account and discussed improvements we could make with the money.. I suggested turning one of the storage rooms by the pool into a bathroom, which everybody liked.. We "elected" a new president, who only served about 6 months.. Then he moved out of the neighborhood.. At the next board meeting they mentioned we actually had a shortage and needed to raise dues.. I asked where was the surplus and nobody had an answer, nor did they expend much energy into finding out.. everybody knows the president guy who moved took it.. Why they didn't go after him is a hotly debated subject..

Its kind of a joke, which is why nobody goes to them.. I've been to 4-5 over 28 years, but after the surplus went missing and nobody investigated, I stopped caring..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  I used to be totally against HOAs. These days, ALL for them!

Ramgator85April 02, 2024 04:53AM

  OH!! The "neighbors" with the cans in the yard...A week and a half ago..

Ramgator47April 02, 2024 04:59AM

  I have an HOA..

sstrams39April 02, 2024 05:28AM

  I have a good Buddy who has lived in the same house since early 2002. In fact..

Ramgator35April 02, 2024 05:35AM

  Must be nice.. my HOA fees are..

sstrams37April 02, 2024 06:43AM

  I have heard of INSANE HOA fees that are around $400-$500 / month here in Florida.

Ramgator33April 02, 2024 07:27AM

  They think money is no object here

sstrams42April 02, 2024 08:00AM

  I've had fun with HOAs.

waterfield41April 02, 2024 09:22PM

  Yeah, it's kinda funny..

sstrams47April 03, 2024 02:28AM

  Re: Yeah, it's kinda funny..

waterfield52April 03, 2024 07:50AM

  That's awesome..

sstrams37April 03, 2024 08:16AM

  Re: That's awesome..

waterfield23April 03, 2024 04:28PM

  Only agreement was a spoken agreement

sstrams44April 04, 2024 04:53AM

  How do they consider it to be a HOA?

waterfield25April 04, 2024 09:12AM

  They have one meeting a year, in April..

sstrams31April 04, 2024 09:40AM

  Re: They have one meeting a year, in April..

waterfield26April 04, 2024 10:43AM

  Re: I used to be totally against HOAs. These days, ALL for them!

Aries41April 03, 2024 02:58AM

  In modern cookie cutter neighborhoods, they are almost a must, IMO.

Ramgator22April 03, 2024 08:20AM

  Having Lived in Both HOA and Non-HOA Housing Tracts...

ramBRO41April 05, 2024 06:40AM

  I am REALLY holding my breath with my street. Reminds me of my old neighborhood.

Ramgator38April 05, 2024 10:41AM

  I can see the double edge sword of HOAs. On one hand.....

Ramgator45April 03, 2024 08:28AM