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  SST in action!!!!! Attachments

Ramgator17109/21/2018 02:35PM

  VERY cool model. My Brother bought this.....

Ramgator11109/21/2018 02:36PM

  do they still sell models?

ferragamo799209/21/2018 03:05PM

  On line or the rare Hobby Shop. K Mart....

Ramgator7309/21/2018 03:52PM

  Yeah, Hobby Lobby has a bunch..

sstrams7709/21/2018 03:54PM

  Walmart has ZERO!

Ramgator13709/21/2018 03:56PM

  Interesting article on youth football and the struggles of parents

waterfield10309/21/2018 02:11PM

  If I only knew, personally, an NFL player...

JamesJM16909/20/2018 05:23AM

  I' ll go on and say Im Wes Welker

ferragamo7913309/21/2018 08:50AM

  Tell them I'm Deacon Jones

21Dog9209/21/2018 09:03AM

  Re: If I only knew, personally, an NFL player...

waterfield10209/21/2018 01:30PM

  Friday Night Lights... and as an aside.. Texas... so sstRams...

JamesJM12209/21/2018 10:17AM

  Yeah, I've read about that..

sstrams6909/21/2018 11:10AM

  Ain't that the truth.....

JamesJM9209/21/2018 11:33AM

  Total Hip Replacement

73Ram15809/20/2018 04:36AM

  No, but my bass player..

sstrams7009/20/2018 05:10AM

  Re: No, but my bass player..

73Ram6309/20/2018 05:16AM

  Yeah, just try not..

sstrams6709/20/2018 05:33AM

  Re: Yeah, just try not..

73Ram9609/20/2018 05:45AM

  The one thing I do remember..

sstrams9609/20/2018 06:19AM

  Re: The one thing I do remember..

73Ram6609/20/2018 07:39AM

  Only everyone I know... except me...

JamesJM7009/20/2018 05:25AM

  Re: Only everyone I know... except me...

73Ram8309/20/2018 05:48AM

  Had two hip replacements

waterfield7209/20/2018 07:12AM

  Re: Had two hip replacements

73Ram10009/20/2018 07:46AM

  Re: Had two hip replacements

waterfield6809/20/2018 08:18AM

  Re: Had two hip replacements

73Ram7409/20/2018 08:38AM

  One suggestion

waterfield6609/20/2018 08:58AM

  Walking through Target today I saw a lot of these

ferragamo7919109/18/2018 03:31PM

  Norm from Cheers ?

IowaRam24809/18/2018 05:42PM

  I had a Hulk... NM

Atlantic Ram10809/18/2018 06:45PM

  only one I had......

21Dog13709/18/2018 09:17PM

  Re: only one I had......

ferragamo799109/19/2018 01:09PM

  Re: only one I had......

21Dog7009/19/2018 01:17PM


ferragamo797309/19/2018 01:25PM

  Big series tonight Mama

ferragamo7922909/13/2018 11:39AM

  If my Cubs keep slipping....

Ramgator9209/13/2018 03:53PM

  Re: Big series tonight Mama

MamaRAMa14909/13/2018 04:11PM

  not so fast.....now 8-4 nm

21Dog9809/13/2018 04:19PM


ferragamo799009/13/2018 05:31PM

  9th inning was too much

21Dog9709/13/2018 05:55PM

  I think our buddy Waterfield

ferragamo7913809/13/2018 06:38PM

  still not ready to perform last rites on him yet

21Dog13309/13/2018 06:56PM

  Re: I think our buddy Waterfield

waterfield10109/19/2018 07:40AM

  Game Deux. . . .

RAMbeau14109/14/2018 03:15PM

  a couple of very talented young starting pitchers nm

21Dog9109/14/2018 03:49PM

  Game three

ferragamo7910509/15/2018 03:22PM

  Re: Game three

MamaRAMa8209/15/2018 06:00PM


WhiteHorns45609/18/2018 10:48AM

  Re: DirecTV

Ramsdude19409/18/2018 10:57AM

  Re: DirecTV

WhiteHorns17809/18/2018 11:10AM

  Re: DirecTV

Ramsdude14809/18/2018 11:35AM

  Re: DirecTV

Aries18109/18/2018 11:38AM

  Re: DirecTV

waterfield14909/18/2018 03:10PM

  Re: DirecTV

WhiteHorns15909/18/2018 03:34PM

  Re: DirecTV

waterfield14109/18/2018 04:21PM

  Well said. (nm)

JamesJM15209/18/2018 04:23PM

  Re: DirecTV

WhiteHorns13809/18/2018 05:18PM

  Re: DirecTV

waterfield13209/18/2018 10:09PM

  Re: DirecTV

WhiteHorns16409/19/2018 06:11AM

  Re: DirecTV

waterfield15309/19/2018 07:31AM

  Coen Brothers returning to the old west for Netflix

IowaRam54309/12/2018 02:36PM

  HaHaHa...looks like a good one....

Arkansas Ram12409/17/2018 06:43AM

  The Homesman

IowaRam12509/17/2018 01:31PM

  Re: The Homesman

Arkansas Ram10809/18/2018 09:12AM

  Captain Marvel teaser trailer

IowaRam17009/18/2018 04:23AM

  Stan and Ollie trailer

IowaRam14809/18/2018 05:25AM

  Mary Poppins Returns trailer

IowaRam10409/18/2018 05:27AM

  I don't know a thing about Capt. Marvel

Atlantic Ram11909/18/2018 06:27PM

  Re: I don't know a thing about Capt. Marvel

zn12509/18/2018 10:31PM

  You're probably a lot better off not knowing anything......

IowaRam24409/19/2018 06:49AM

  You really want to get confusing...........

IowaRam20409/19/2018 07:30AM

  Re: Captain Marvel teaser trailer

zn11209/18/2018 10:04PM

  Greg, beating UCLA....

JamesJM13709/16/2018 05:50PM

  after that heartbreaking at Minnesota last week.....

21Dog6309/17/2018 04:22AM

  I think they lost a lot of players to the NFL

ferragamo796809/18/2018 04:44PM

  Gordon to Pats

joram14009/18/2018 08:11AM

  With Rams win today.. just maybe my best football weekend ever...

JamesJM12309/16/2018 01:58PM

  Re: With Rams win today.. just maybe my best football weekend ever...

ferragamo797209/16/2018 03:26PM

  Thanks Todd.. very appreciated.. and a video

JamesJM8509/16/2018 03:49PM

  Looks like Marshall

Atlantic Ram6109/16/2018 10:40PM

  just like Grandpa used to do it nm

21Dog13509/17/2018 04:23AM

  he cuts on a dime

ferragamo796109/17/2018 08:55AM

  Wife and I saw "Unbroken, Path To Redemption" yesterday.

Ramgator14009/17/2018 05:05AM

  I wonder what she's working on now?

JamesJM7109/17/2018 06:24AM

  Probably wouldn't fly on the main board BUT... best names EVER in the NFL?

JamesJM29409/12/2018 03:54PM


ferragamo7919209/12/2018 05:30PM

  Fair Hooker

waterfield18609/12/2018 06:37PM

  Bubblegum Biletnikoff LOL nm

BlueRidgeHorns20209/14/2018 11:02AM

  Ivory Sully nm

21Dog19109/12/2018 08:23PM

  YOUNGBLOOD!!!!!!! nm

Ramgator18709/12/2018 08:36PM

  Hacksaw Reynolds nm

BlueRidgeHorns17909/14/2018 11:03AM

  MNF booth alum....

JoeMad18209/14/2018 11:05AM

  Jack Lambert

Atlantic Ram16009/14/2018 10:56PM

  Bern Brostek nm

six2stack16009/15/2018 06:45AM

  The Snake

IowaRam15309/15/2018 01:51PM

  He Hate Me?

sstrams19209/15/2018 03:13PM

  My favorite! LOL

Ramgator15909/17/2018 04:58AM

  Re: Probably wouldn't fly on the main board BUT... best names EVER in the NFL?

NorCalRamFan18009/15/2018 10:11PM

  Snacks Harrison, of course... nm

sstrams14409/17/2018 03:27AM

  Ever completely lose track of time? Freddie Mercury...

JamesJM29609/05/2018 02:24PM

  Yeah, that happens to me, as well..

sstrams18809/05/2018 03:04PM

  Unforgiven (Eastwood) came out in 1992

Atlantic Ram16609/05/2018 04:43PM

  Re: Unforgiven (Eastwood) came out in 1992

RAMbler15409/07/2018 01:48PM

  He died of AIDS

ferragamo7914909/05/2018 05:37PM

  Tempus Fugit. . .

RAMbeau19309/05/2018 05:44PM

  In Retrospect. . .

RAMbeau15309/06/2018 02:29PM

  Re: Tempus Fugit. . . YES

Atlantic Ram22409/10/2018 02:18PM

  From the "I could NOT care less" file

Atlantic Ram19809/11/2018 07:11PM

  Re: Ever completely lose track of time? Freddie Mercury...

waterfield26709/05/2018 07:35PM

  LOL... well...

JamesJM22509/05/2018 07:46PM

  I've always been fascinated..

sstrams15209/06/2018 02:59AM


waterfield15409/06/2018 07:39AM

  You got it backwards..

sstrams14509/06/2018 09:25AM

  I say it ALLLLLLLLL the time. Getting older does not bother me.

Ramgator15809/06/2018 09:30AM

  50 years ago tonight !!!!!

IowaRam19009/08/2018 09:57AM

  Re: 52 years ago tonight !!!!!

IowaRam20509/08/2018 11:56AM

  TV shows do that to me all the time

IowaRam18009/06/2018 03:01PM

  Oh Yeah. I remember ETSing out of the Army like it was yesterday.

RAMbler18509/07/2018 01:58PM

  40 years ago tonight

IowaRam19409/14/2018 05:26AM

  Well, 21Dog... Josh is at the plate....

JamesJM23009/13/2018 02:44AM

  not a good situation, Jimmy

21Dog13509/13/2018 04:53AM

  Don't like thinking this but...

JamesJM11609/13/2018 10:01AM

  agree nm

21Dog12409/13/2018 11:32AM

  Today's Apple Event...

JamesJM13709/12/2018 04:57PM


waterfield36809/10/2018 09:17PM

  I believe they'll right the ship

BlueRidgeHorns18109/11/2018 03:05AM

  Re: I believe they'll right the ship

21Dog16709/11/2018 04:11AM

  Re: I believe they'll right the ship

waterfield15109/11/2018 09:12AM

  Re: Dodgers

waterfield20409/11/2018 06:19PM

  his contract expires after the season

ferragamo7915709/12/2018 04:06PM

  Hottest football game EVER....

JamesJM15909/12/2018 05:25AM

  Re: Hottest football game EVER....

waterfield8109/12/2018 06:38AM

  Odd, the weather that is....

JamesJM11609/12/2018 07:24AM

  Re: Odd, the weather that is....

waterfield9809/12/2018 10:10AM

  the ice is melting

ferragamo7912809/12/2018 01:13PM

  waterfield I may have mentioned before..

sstrams9409/12/2018 02:40PM

  Praying for the folks in harm's way

BlueRidgeHorns29909/11/2018 03:07AM


Arkansas Ram14209/11/2018 08:53AM

  Absolutely... and a confession of ignorance....

JamesJM21309/12/2018 05:06AM

  a 20" year would be such a blessing.....

21Dog16309/12/2018 05:13AM

  That's for sure...

JamesJM14809/12/2018 05:14AM

  Re: That's for sure...

21Dog14709/12/2018 06:14AM

  yes SPACED out

ferragamo7913609/12/2018 01:15PM

  wELL, last night I had to go old school....

Arkansas Ram17509/11/2018 09:03AM

  Re: wELL, last night I had to go old school....

waterfield7609/11/2018 09:14AM

  You're not crazy....

JamesJM10209/11/2018 09:27AM


Ramgator16709/09/2018 05:54AM

  Re: My Gators.....UUUUUUUUUUUUGGHHHH!!!!!

MamaRAMa11209/09/2018 07:37AM

  I saw most of that game.

Ramgator11609/09/2018 12:26PM

  Speaking of college football...

JamesJM7509/09/2018 09:55PM

  Re: Speaking of college football...

MamaRAMa9609/10/2018 04:07AM

  Yup, I avoid those games as well....

JamesJM12409/10/2018 07:41AM

  CBS Sports: Herm Edwards Is Making Us All Look Like Idiots

MamaRAMa8509/10/2018 09:56AM

  Anybody have this

ferragamo7926509/04/2018 03:50PM

  or these

ferragamo7910609/04/2018 03:53PM

  Saturday morning in the 70s

ferragamo7910509/04/2018 04:01PM

  Re: Saturday morning in the 70s

IowaRam15309/04/2018 07:23PM

  Re: My Saturday mornings in the 70s

RAMbeau18309/09/2018 10:54AM

  The 50's...

JamesJM12709/09/2018 11:24AM

  Re: My Saturday mornings in the 70s

21Dog9509/09/2018 11:41AM

  Heck yeah!

sstrams9909/05/2018 02:55AM

  I had the Star Trek gun too

ferragamo7911909/08/2018 06:29PM

  Was I the only kid who..

sstrams23609/09/2018 07:50AM

  Most disappointing toy

IowaRam12609/09/2018 03:03PM

  Kinda like the canyon jump..

sstrams15309/09/2018 03:12PM

  They should have put that on the side of the box

IowaRam10409/09/2018 04:09PM

  Yes, I wanted the cyle so bad

ferragamo7917409/09/2018 04:55PM

  Shoot man...

sstrams11209/09/2018 05:30PM

  Vintage Power Wheels Attachments

MamaRAMa14409/08/2018 08:57AM

  Thats super cool

IowaRam13609/08/2018 09:49AM

  great pics and great memories nm

21Dog9509/09/2018 03:16PM

  My next door neighbor did..

Ramgator10209/09/2018 12:25PM

  yep I thought you would like it

ferragamo7910709/09/2018 02:42PM

  the ups and downs of football, 21Dog....

JamesJM16809/08/2018 09:10PM

  full weekend for you

21Dog11709/09/2018 04:58AM

  The fickle finger of football....

JamesJM11309/09/2018 05:16AM

  High School Football........................Photography

IowaRam20809/09/2018 06:41AM

  Yup, thought about that myself...then went into video... Attachments

JamesJM8709/09/2018 07:39AM

  Halloween trailer

IowaRam14109/05/2018 06:47AM

  International Halloween trailer

IowaRam5709/05/2018 08:12AM

  Inside look

IowaRam8109/06/2018 04:46PM

  Reviews are coming in from the Toronto Film Festival

IowaRam8909/09/2018 07:01AM

  This topic has been moved. DirecTV

WhiteHorns4509/18/2018 11:23AM

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