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  My Harry's Shave Club 2 months in Review....

JamesJM47412/06/2016 07:22PM

  Re: My Harry's Shave Club 2 months in Review....

sstrams23312/07/2016 03:40AM

  Yup, pretty close to the same thing...

JamesJM24812/07/2016 10:22AM

  save money this way Jimmy

ferragamo7921412/07/2016 10:31AM

  That's a very good idea...

JamesJM23712/07/2016 10:33AM

  The best part about this surgery..

sstrams21312/07/2016 11:47AM

  I don't know why, Steve, but that didn't occur to me...

JamesJM25912/07/2016 12:09PM

  Well, most people..

sstrams21412/07/2016 01:07PM

  Backup video cams on new cars.....

JamesJM38112/06/2016 08:31PM

  Re: Backup video cams on new cars.....

sstrams17212/07/2016 03:46AM

  Hey Ramgator

IowaRam38112/04/2016 12:17PM

  GO HAWKEYES.........................

Ramgator23012/05/2016 04:08PM

  Thinking of my Dad. You remember the game / story

Ramgator26112/05/2016 04:18PM

  Do any STORES carry Star Trek TOS DVD...NON remastered??

Ramgator69511/29/2016 11:47AM

  I have this set blue ray

IowaRam29811/29/2016 12:30PM

  So it DOES have both versions?

Ramgator28512/02/2016 04:28AM


IowaRam31812/02/2016 06:55AM

  You guys know me.

Ramgator27412/02/2016 08:39AM

  I always thought.. Attachments

sstrams29212/03/2016 06:48AM

  LOLOL Funny you say that.

Ramgator24412/04/2016 03:01AM

  I have this one

ferragamo7931211/29/2016 06:06PM

  sorry forgot link

ferragamo7925612/01/2016 08:02PM

  That's what my Brother had. He had to return Season #2...

Ramgator23312/02/2016 04:30AM

  I have many on my computer....

JamesJM29611/29/2016 08:01PM

  Favorite TOS episodes??

Ramgator25912/02/2016 04:34AM

  Yeah, Doomsday Machine..

sstrams25412/02/2016 07:38AM

  40s Gangsters!! "Piece Of The Action" which also starred.....

Ramgator28312/02/2016 08:41AM

  Prettiest lady on Star Trek is:

JamesJM27612/02/2016 11:08AM

  She was my Brother's favorite.

Ramgator27812/02/2016 04:44PM

  Every so often...

JamesJM27112/03/2016 07:09AM

  I agree and will add these two classics

ferragamo7928412/02/2016 11:45AM

  Yeah Mirror Mirror is great..

sstrams27112/02/2016 01:47PM

  Corbonite Maneuver with a young Clint Howard (Ron's little Brother)

Ramgator34712/02/2016 04:49PM

  Here ya go, Gator...

sstrams25712/03/2016 05:49AM

  LOLOL That laugh with the head tilted back.

Ramgator25812/04/2016 03:08AM

  Thanks to the Doomsday Machine, I got busted for playing with matches! LOL

Ramgator25912/02/2016 08:49AM

  Star Trek TOS Remastered: "Remixed, Remastered, Re-energized

IowaRam25212/02/2016 07:38PM

  Famous last words....

JamesJM40412/02/2016 09:42PM

  heres my brother

Shaky55311/29/2016 10:43AM

  Pretty dang cool, Andy...

JamesJM25411/29/2016 11:18AM

  Cool! Never been snow skiing..

sstrams27111/29/2016 12:13PM

  I love snow skiing...

JamesJM28711/29/2016 12:35PM

  Only went snow skiing 2 times.....

roman1825011/29/2016 02:13PM

  Re: Only went snow skiing 2 times.....

Shaky28811/29/2016 02:16PM

  never even tried

21Dog27111/29/2016 02:31PM

  I'd absolutely try snow skiing.....

sstrams26611/29/2016 02:31PM

  Same here. Only twice. In the entire history of my life.

RAMbler27411/30/2016 10:38AM

  I skied the same resort....

JamesJM24411/30/2016 11:06AM


sstrams39212/01/2016 01:09PM

  Got to thinking about places I've skied...

JamesJM25711/30/2016 04:21PM

  Iowa and Minnesota

IowaRam29411/30/2016 04:51PM

  I've skied a lot....first time was Angel Fire by Taos

ferragamo7923312/01/2016 08:00PM

  We used to go skiing quite a bit

IowaRam31411/29/2016 06:44PM

  The Elegance Of Speed

IowaRam36911/29/2016 07:02PM


21Dog41211/29/2016 07:11AM

  You're right, awesome...

JamesJM23311/29/2016 07:28AM

  Re: video

MamaRAMa26011/29/2016 09:38AM

  See any college knocking off Alabama?

JamesJM36511/28/2016 01:15PM


ferragamo7923411/28/2016 02:41PM

  not a chance

21Dog23611/28/2016 02:48PM

  I'll go with Ohio St

IowaRam21911/28/2016 05:49PM


Ramgator22011/29/2016 05:28AM

  My Gators are a CLONE of the Rams!

Ramgator21411/29/2016 05:31AM

  It's Youth Basketball Season...

JamesJM37211/28/2016 10:25AM

  My grandson is a STAR....

JamesJM18511/28/2016 08:16PM

  The Archies are coming back to TV

IowaRam37411/28/2016 05:52PM

  The 'sugar sugar' Archies?

JamesJM20611/28/2016 07:40PM

  Here's a story , of a lovely lady

IowaRam49211/26/2016 01:09PM

  Fidel Castro, dies at 90

IowaRam25411/26/2016 01:21PM

  Ron Glass , dead at 71

IowaRam22211/26/2016 01:25PM

  He was so good

LesBaker23111/27/2016 03:11PM

  Iowa - (or anyone else, really)

sanfRAM36911/26/2016 07:47PM

  Marvel definitely has a formula

IowaRam25611/27/2016 07:06AM

  Re: Marvel definitely has a formula

sanfRAM18611/27/2016 08:31AM

  High School Football , 1983 style !!!

IowaRam56111/25/2016 05:32PM

  Pretty cool, Iowa..

sstrams21411/26/2016 04:47AM

  that looks like HD....

21Dog26211/26/2016 06:01AM

  21Dog.. that Chowchilla vs Golden West game last night...

JamesJM22911/26/2016 08:56AM

  Los Angeles traffic

IowaRam49211/23/2016 07:13PM

  Carlos Rossi saw me coming....

JamesJM45011/23/2016 12:12PM

  my suggestion

21Dog27811/23/2016 02:11PM

  Its not a starter

Atlantic Ram25811/23/2016 04:58PM

  Trader Joes sell cheap wine

ferragamo7930111/23/2016 05:19PM

  Kinda sounded snobby, didn't I?

JamesJM29411/23/2016 05:28PM

  I need help finding

ferragamo7949711/21/2016 05:34PM

  Re: I need help finding Attachments

sstrams25711/22/2016 04:49AM

  that is it in ur sig

ferragamo7925911/22/2016 07:00PM

  I'll keep looking, but..

sstrams23811/23/2016 04:40AM

  thanks bro

ferragamo7922611/23/2016 11:32AM

  Share if you remember

IowaRam83610/28/2016 06:08PM


sstrams40810/29/2016 04:03AM

  Re: (sigh).....

Billy_T36611/03/2016 07:16AM

  Now adays those tires

ferragamo7944310/31/2016 11:11AM

  I wonder if that car....

RAM2349511/01/2016 07:08AM

  Re: I wonder if that car....

roman1838811/02/2016 05:54AM

  Re: I wonder if that car....

RAM2349311/02/2016 06:12AM

  My dad was a college professor(Business management).....

roman1836711/06/2016 02:57AM

  Well then you had.....

RAM2348311/06/2016 04:38AM

  You got that right.....

roman1836011/06/2016 05:30AM

  LOL about the bike in a bed thang and......

RAM2351911/06/2016 05:56AM

  Chevy Nova

IowaRam40811/02/2016 02:11PM

  I had a 1969 Chevy Nova also....

73Ram32711/21/2016 10:35AM

  I love breakfast... but not senior moments...

JamesJM41211/20/2016 08:58AM

  My senior moment...

sstrams24711/20/2016 09:27AM

  Lol... you win

JamesJM23211/20/2016 09:30AM

  Well, I had medicinal help...

sstrams24711/20/2016 10:14AM

  I am jealous...

JamesJM22211/20/2016 04:37PM

  They affect people differently..

sstrams24711/21/2016 05:06AM

  Surgery update..

sstrams67811/08/2016 01:58PM

  sorry buddy

ferragamo7932511/08/2016 02:47PM

  We're hoping, '79..

sstrams29611/08/2016 04:29PM

  Re: Surgery update..

IowaRam33611/08/2016 02:54PM

  Dunno Iowa...

sstrams35111/08/2016 04:31PM

  Re: Dunno Iowa...

IowaRam33511/08/2016 05:30PM

  Well, Dr Barnett told me..

sstrams35411/08/2016 05:42PM

  Re: Well, Dr Barnett told me..

zn32311/09/2016 06:30AM

  Thanks so much, zn..

sstrams29611/09/2016 10:14AM

  Re: Surgery update..

21Dog30411/08/2016 04:23PM

  Thanks 21...

sstrams31611/08/2016 04:33PM

  Re: Surgery update..

RAMbler30211/09/2016 10:50AM

  Thanks RAMbler..

sstrams35211/09/2016 11:04AM

  Quite an ordeal you've been through

Bud Frosty31811/09/2016 03:32PM

  I hope you start to feel better

Atlantic Ram35011/09/2016 03:34PM

  Get well

LesBaker33211/11/2016 03:58AM

  Thank you Les...

sstrams33111/11/2016 04:19AM

  Re: Surgery update..

Crazylegs34111/11/2016 04:44AM

  Thanks Crazylegs..

sstrams30411/11/2016 06:32AM

  Re: Surgery update..

~lyser29111/11/2016 05:02AM

  Thanks ~lyser...

sstrams32311/11/2016 06:34AM

  Re: Surgery update..

MamaRAMa26511/12/2016 08:06AM

  Thank you mama...

sstrams28911/12/2016 09:19AM

  Sounds like the collar of shame.....

73Ram33011/13/2016 05:29AM

  That's so cool, '73

sstrams32711/13/2016 08:01AM

  One word....REHAB!!!!!

Ramgator29511/14/2016 01:28PM

  Thanks 'Gator...

sstrams36411/14/2016 06:39PM

  For such and active guy that's a real bite....

roman1828511/15/2016 07:28AM

  Thanks roman.. Just got back from Dallas..

sstrams29111/15/2016 02:03PM

  Well if the Surgery doesn't work out

IowaRam36411/15/2016 03:51PM

  That' looks exactly like...

sstrams30711/16/2016 04:03AM

  Takes a little suffering

Drew283932511/19/2016 06:36AM

  Thanks Drew...

sstrams32111/19/2016 07:30AM

  HS football. Hard work pays off. Attachments

JamesJM43811/14/2016 06:12PM

  Congrats to Mason...

sstrams27511/15/2016 04:31AM

  Thanks, Steve... and now...

JamesJM28111/15/2016 10:00AM

  Lovin' every minute of it...

sstrams26011/16/2016 04:05AM

  Funny thing, Steve... (two topics)

JamesJM25311/17/2016 06:39PM

  Snare drum in the bedroom, huh?

sstrams24211/18/2016 05:24AM

  High School Football Playoffs in Iowa

IowaRam26811/17/2016 03:04PM

  I'm terrified about that...

JamesJM26011/17/2016 03:33PM

  Minot State University

IowaRam27011/17/2016 03:52PM

  It's probably one...

JamesJM25811/17/2016 04:11PM

  Well, I just found out why I didn't hear anything about Minot's visit..

JamesJM37911/17/2016 04:15PM

  Re: Well, I just found out why I didn't hear anything about Minot's visit..

IowaRam27711/17/2016 04:54PM


JamesJM25611/17/2016 05:14PM

  Cal Poly would be great

ferragamo7927211/18/2016 02:47PM

  DAVIS.. that's the one I left out...

JamesJM26111/18/2016 07:44PM

  Minot is pretty well known in Wichita Falls...

sstrams27311/17/2016 05:39PM

  Ya know, I heard that....

JamesJM24011/17/2016 05:58PM

  Same here...

sstrams28311/18/2016 05:30AM

  wasn't me

21Dog23511/18/2016 11:25AM

  I have no idea why people wouldn't wanna live here

IowaRam24811/18/2016 07:29PM

  Grandsons football, but not about him... this is amazing....

JamesJM41311/17/2016 05:09PM

  FRIGGIN HECK YEAH!! Blue Angels just buzzed my house!

Ramgator47511/05/2016 10:22AM

  The ol'e A-4 Skyhawks

IowaRam26811/05/2016 07:29PM

  First time I saw the Angels in 1979.....

Ramgator28011/07/2016 05:53AM

  The Blue Angels have always been my favorites...

JamesJM26811/17/2016 01:27PM

  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Last Trailer

IowaRam56310/20/2016 08:54AM

  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Sneak Peek

IowaRam35510/20/2016 08:57AM

  Logan Trailer ( AKA Marvels Wolverine )

IowaRam30910/20/2016 09:03AM

  I can't wait

ferragamo7931710/20/2016 10:13AM


IowaRam31910/20/2016 02:32PM

  Wonder Woman Trailer

IowaRam26811/03/2016 09:03AM

  Lynda Carter

LesBaker28111/11/2016 04:05AM

  Lynda Carter is now on Supergirl

IowaRam28111/11/2016 03:03PM

  she and Jaclyn Smith

ferragamo7931311/11/2016 05:40PM


LesBaker25111/12/2016 04:34AM

  Arrival? Dr. Strange?

zn29111/09/2016 06:32AM

  First look at Kong

IowaRam30911/13/2016 03:44PM

  Beauty and the Beast

IowaRam28811/14/2016 06:48AM

  Kong : Skull Island

IowaRam30211/16/2016 07:13PM

  Ok I saw The Revenant

ferragamo7958109/28/2016 08:25AM

  I already gave my review....

JamesJM29709/28/2016 09:03AM

  You've got good taste in movies and actors

Drew283931309/29/2016 12:30PM

  Ooops, meant to reply to '79. nm

Drew283930409/29/2016 12:31PM

  I gotta see Django nm

ferragamo7929909/30/2016 12:41PM

  Good movie

IowaRam30009/28/2016 09:22AM

  I bought it..

sstrams30009/28/2016 09:43AM

  Bear scene is awesome

ferragamo7939609/28/2016 09:58AM

  Yeah, that's probably why..

sstrams40409/28/2016 11:15AM

  It's amazing...

JamesJM29809/28/2016 11:23AM

  Speaking of....did you see McFarland?

ferragamo7938309/28/2016 11:42AM

  Yeah, we played them as well... and still do occasionally...

JamesJM33009/28/2016 06:45PM

  I had to look up what Revenant meant

ferragamo7928009/28/2016 05:40PM

  Finally got around to watching it... good!

Atlantic Ram29811/12/2016 06:37AM

  I'm no macho guy

waterfield30511/14/2016 07:24PM

  did you think there came a time....

JamesJM29311/14/2016 09:04PM

  Re: did you think there came a time....

waterfield26711/15/2016 10:17AM

  Real, sure... but also excessive...

JamesJM25011/15/2016 11:07AM

  some of his best movies are not violent at all

ferragamo7927011/15/2016 10:31AM

  Yes, don't make the mistake...

JamesJM27211/15/2016 11:09AM

  in this case I thought it was the time period

Atlantic Ram28811/15/2016 02:59PM

  I STILL haven't watched it..

sstrams27711/15/2016 04:30AM

  anybody watch Westworld on HBO

ferragamo7954410/03/2016 05:47PM

  OK, so I just watched the first episode

Atlantic Ram34410/04/2016 07:14PM

  stopped watching...

Atlantic Ram26011/12/2016 06:22AM

  I'm on episode 6

ferragamo7925511/12/2016 06:46AM

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