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I had something similar happen at 4 different shows..

June 30, 2020 03:45PM
at the same venue - the Sheppard Air Force Base airman's Club in 1984 and 1985.. 2500 drunk screaming metalhead airmen worshiping every second we entertained them.. God bless 'em those were my favorite 4 shows of my life..

So, guys kept buying me drinks.. our PA cabinets were on each side: Couple of huge bottoms on each side, a smaller mid cabinet on top of those, and a smaller high end cab on top of that.. Since the mid cab was smaller than the bottoms, there was a ledge that went all the way around the bottoms - that ledge was at about four feet high to me..

So, I would take a sip from every drink and set the cup on the ledge.. before the first set was over, the entire ledge was full of cups of various alcohols from beer to shots.. Somewhere I have a pic of that.. if I find it, I'll post it..

Anyways, both weekends we played there, the same thing happened all 4 nights.. and on Sunday morning, when we went in to break down our equipment, both times the airmen had already broken everything down and had it waiting by the loading door.. just amazing.. If I could buy them all drinks now, I would..

I did come into contact with one of them a few years ago.. I was trying to get a Jackson guitar endorsement and the guy working there had been in the air force and remembered seeing me play.. bottom line I didn't get an endorsement! lol (because I didn't have a CD out to promote..)

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Steve, saw your Iron Maiden post....

JamesJM37June 30, 2020 02:19PM

  Booze on stage.....

JamesJM16June 30, 2020 02:30PM

  Jeff Golub did it right. . .

RAMbeau18June 30, 2020 03:21PM

  Worst post ever....

JamesJM15June 30, 2020 03:27PM

  Jeff Golub

MamaRAMa13June 30, 2020 03:44PM

  I remember the eyesight problem...

JamesJM7June 30, 2020 03:50PM

  BTW... used to practice drums to him all the time...

JamesJM11June 30, 2020 03:54PM

  Mama, can you remember...

JamesJM11June 30, 2020 05:35PM

  Re: Mama, can you remember...

MamaRAMa15June 30, 2020 06:14PM

  Re: Mama, can you remember...

waterfield11June 30, 2020 07:14PM


JamesJM14June 30, 2020 07:31PM

  Thank you James. . .

RAMbeau16July 01, 2020 02:51AM

  think I mentioned this before....

JamesJM16July 01, 2020 05:32AM

  Hanford....just don't drink the water

21Dog11July 01, 2020 03:25PM

  As you're a "straight up" jazz guy. . ...

RAMbeau13July 01, 2020 03:23AM

  Re: As you're a "straight up" jazz guy. . ...

waterfield17July 01, 2020 03:22PM


JamesJM12July 01, 2020 04:44PM

  I always listen to Norah Jones when I fly

ferragamo799July 01, 2020 06:24PM

  Re: I always listen to Norah Jones when I fly

MamaRAMa12July 01, 2020 07:08PM

  Re: I always listen to Norah Jones when I fly

waterfield9July 01, 2020 08:57PM

  I had something similar happen at 4 different shows..

sstrams11June 30, 2020 03:45PM

  Re: I had something similar happen at 4 different shows..

RAMbeau9July 01, 2020 03:25AM

  I will say this...

sstrams7July 01, 2020 05:02AM

  Thanks Jimmy... Attachments

sstrams22June 30, 2020 03:14PM

  Always thought Bruce was a great lead singer too

ferragamo799July 01, 2020 06:26PM