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Bucky's Pub

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  Spider-man : Far From Home trailer

IowaRam1705/06/2019 04:23AM

  IT : Chapter 2 trailer

IowaRam705/09/2019 10:29AM

  I get that the Pub gets few views BUT....

JamesJM3705/08/2019 08:52PM

  I USED to be.

Ramgator1505/09/2019 03:40AM

  That would be me

IowaRam1605/09/2019 06:58AM

  My favorite song my band is playing...

JamesJM2205/08/2019 10:03PM

  Hockey has the most consistently exciting endings in sports...

JamesJM3805/04/2019 07:39PM

  nothing like......

21Dog1105/05/2019 05:41AM

  Can the Rockets come back?

JamesJM1205/05/2019 06:17AM


21Dog1505/05/2019 06:29AM

  Did you see this last game? Curry's misses?

JamesJM1505/05/2019 11:14AM

  More basketball than I've seen since....

JamesJM1105/05/2019 03:10PM

  Bill Russell?

21Dog1405/05/2019 09:09PM

  Duel sport guy????????........lol....nm

Arkansas Ram705/07/2019 07:40AM

  i bought a dozen of his rookie cards when he became mgr

JoeMad505/08/2019 12:21PM

  Rockets even it up..

JamesJM1405/07/2019 10:33AM

  local TV sports schedule today .....

JoeMad805/08/2019 12:32PM

  TNT crew is great

21Dog305/08/2019 03:00PM

  Blues WIN...St. Louis fans can thanks Greg...

JamesJM1705/07/2019 07:02PM

  Re: Blues WIN...St. Louis fans can thanks Greg...

MamaRAMa905/08/2019 09:35AM

  They did it in dramatic fashion....

JamesJM1305/08/2019 11:17AM

  not only that, but......

21Dog605/08/2019 03:02PM

  Always like the Bruins...

JamesJM605/08/2019 05:50PM

  Oh crap. Sharks vs Avs is going to be a nail-biter. (Nm)

JamesJM505/08/2019 06:05PM

  More Grandpa bragging... Attachments

JamesJM1905/08/2019 12:21PM

  To all my St. Louis friend.. GO BLUES! (nm)

JamesJM1805/03/2019 04:48PM

  you jinxed them nm

21Dog1005/04/2019 06:21AM

  Maybe not. . .

RAMbeau1605/05/2019 04:17PM

  LOL...you'll notice...

JamesJM1305/05/2019 05:31PM

  Watched OKC and followed the Sharks....

JamesJM4004/23/2019 09:20PM

  two of Kroenke's teams are most likely next for each team.....

JoeMad2004/24/2019 08:41AM

  As I said, I was following the Sharks...

JamesJM1204/24/2019 10:47AM

  Re: As I said, I was following the Sharks...

JoeMad1104/24/2019 11:29AM

  penalty call was atrocious

21Dog1004/24/2019 12:45PM

  Re: penalty call might've been overstated......

JoeMad1904/24/2019 02:05PM

  Well, I didn't see it....

JamesJM1104/24/2019 02:14PM

  thanks for the response, Joe

21Dog1204/26/2019 06:59AM


BlueRidgeHorns1704/25/2019 02:43AM

  congrats to the Canes

21Dog1005/04/2019 06:23AM

  And the Sharks go up 1-0

JamesJM1304/26/2019 10:41PM

  The true sign of Spring

IowaRam3105/02/2019 01:36PM

  I'm ready for winter....

JamesJM1705/02/2019 02:39PM

  My prediction.

waterfield1205/02/2019 06:17PM

  We always have a very hot summer :)

JamesJM1105/02/2019 06:20PM

  Re: We always have a very hot summer :)

waterfield1505/02/2019 06:39PM

  I'm not sure if we've even made to 70 yet

IowaRam1505/02/2019 07:54PM

  Just a few days ago I checked Gunnison, Colorado

JamesJM1205/02/2019 07:59PM

  Next 10 days Attachments

IowaRam1605/02/2019 08:02PM

  Same here in NW Arkansas...funny but....

Arkansas Ram1405/03/2019 06:49AM

  We have been in Spring mode since about a week into January.

Ramgator1205/03/2019 10:23AM

  Grandson Football... can't say for SURE... but...

JamesJM4704/29/2019 04:36PM

  It's official.....I'm a Mountaineer Fan!

JamesJM2205/03/2019 07:49AM

  "Duke Caboom" TV Spot...............lol

IowaRam1505/02/2019 01:40PM

  The rubber duck race was postponed....

JamesJM2005/01/2019 02:40PM

  Postponed?. . .

RAMbeau1905/01/2019 05:08PM

  I DON'T KNOW....didn't even think of that...

JamesJM2305/01/2019 08:18PM

  kinda reminds me of the old Groucho quote

21Dog1505/02/2019 03:57AM

  LOL...yeah, I remember that... (nm)

JamesJM1505/02/2019 04:45AM

  KeeSean Johnson gets drafted, Greg... anyone else?

JamesJM2504/28/2019 04:33PM

  DID the WR from UC Davis go early

ferragamo791204/29/2019 08:53AM

  NO, if you're referring to Doss?

JamesJM1104/29/2019 10:26AM

  surprised Bell and Allison didn't get picked

21Dog1204/30/2019 05:34PM

  Woody Harrelson to play Archie Bunker

IowaRam5904/23/2019 04:22PM

  Very curious to see Woody as Adm. Nimitz in the new "Midway".

Ramgator1904/25/2019 02:46PM

  And Marisa Tomei???

Ramgator1904/25/2019 02:47PM

  Re: Very curious to see Woody as Adm. Nimitz in the new "Midway".

waterfield1404/28/2019 03:20PM

  Re: Woody Harrelson to play Archie Bunker

MamaRAMa2604/25/2019 05:58PM

  I'm with you here...

JamesJM1604/28/2019 03:07PM

  Good luck to Marisa Tomei

IowaRam1504/28/2019 03:18PM

  loved George Jefferson

ferragamo791604/28/2019 04:44PM

  Re: Wow this will be interesting lol nm

Speed_Kills1104/29/2019 05:55PM

  My report from Colorado

JamesJM6403/29/2019 05:47PM

  Re: My report from Colorado

Shaky3203/29/2019 07:41PM

  Re: My report from Colorado

MamaRAMa3003/30/2019 07:17AM

  Re: My report from Colorado

Shaky3203/30/2019 10:16AM

  I have passed THIRTEEN of those monsters!

Ramgator2603/30/2019 10:46AM


Shaky2703/30/2019 03:13PM

  My last bad one radiated to the front.

Ramgator1903/31/2019 10:09AM

  Re: My report from Colorado

MamaRAMa2603/30/2019 01:24PM

  Re: My report from Colorado

Shaky2903/30/2019 02:48PM

  Wife had a 9 mm stone

waterfield2103/31/2019 09:51AM

  Re: Wife had a 9 mm stone

Shaky1104/28/2019 04:26PM

  Home from Colorado...

JamesJM2304/01/2019 06:48AM

  A video, should you wish to get an idea of Eagle Canyon...

JamesJM2004/01/2019 06:59AM

  That video reminds

waterfield1604/01/2019 08:18AM


JamesJM1804/01/2019 08:56AM

  DUNE...........what we know so far

IowaRam2304/28/2019 02:58PM

  I remember reading Dune....

JamesJM1104/28/2019 03:05PM

  Re: I remember reading Dune, too. . .

RAMbeau1004/28/2019 03:27PM

  Columbo..thanks to sstRams...

JamesJM3204/26/2019 09:59PM

  Anyone use WD 40 Attachments

waterfield5704/25/2019 01:33PM

  LMAO . . .

RAMbeau2304/25/2019 02:16PM

  Step Dad passed peacefully at 2:07 this morning.

Ramgator5004/23/2019 05:40AM

  Tough shot for sure....

roman181204/23/2019 09:57AM

  Never know how to reply to these posts...

JamesJM1304/23/2019 10:17AM

  Heck, I'm living it and do not know how to act! lol

Ramgator1004/23/2019 11:33AM

  Re: Step Dad passed peacefully at 2:07 this morning.

RAMbler1204/23/2019 11:27AM

  Thanks for the words guys. I know one way to honor him....

Ramgator1504/23/2019 11:35AM

  Re: Step Dad passed peacefully at 2:07 this morning.

zn1104/23/2019 03:51PM

  very sorry to hear that nm

21Dog1004/23/2019 08:33PM

  I'll be praying for you and your family. nm

BlueRidgeHorns1204/24/2019 02:36AM

  Re: Step Dad passed peacefully at 2:07 this morning.

JoeMad1104/24/2019 08:41AM

  Endgame : We Didnt Start The Fire

IowaRam3104/23/2019 04:24AM

  So my grandson, (oldest), tells me Game of Thrones...

JamesJM4504/22/2019 12:19PM

  Re: So my grandson, (oldest), tells me Game of Thrones...

CeeZar1404/22/2019 02:32PM

  Glad you reminded me....

JamesJM1504/22/2019 02:41PM

  Not sure I would have made the Harry Potter connection

IowaRam1104/22/2019 07:27PM

  Anyone ever read any of the Dragonlance books ?

IowaRam1004/22/2019 07:43PM

  Re: So my grandson, (oldest), tells me Game of Thrones...

zn1304/22/2019 10:37PM

  The Star Trek show CBS should have made

IowaRam1804/22/2019 07:56PM

  Perhaps you remember my friend in Sri Lanka...

JamesJM4704/21/2019 05:52AM

  Re: Perhaps you remember my friend in Sri Lanka...

21Dog2104/21/2019 06:08AM

  He sent me this photo Attachments

JamesJM3004/21/2019 06:13AM

  BEAUTIFUL day for the sunrise service this morning.

Ramgator3304/21/2019 04:21AM

  Re: BEAUTIFUL day for the sunrise service this morning.

Arkansas Ram1404/21/2019 04:37AM

  keeping good thoughts for you, Gator nm

21Dog1004/21/2019 06:06AM

  Here is why I can't sleep at night...

JamesJM4504/19/2019 11:54AM

  Re: Here is why I can't sleep at night...

roman181604/19/2019 12:43PM

  Re: Here is why I can't sleep at night...

zn2004/19/2019 02:29PM

  I tried to do the Math while watching Notre Dame burn

IowaRam1804/19/2019 03:24PM

  And imagine this...

JamesJM1604/20/2019 03:17PM

  I didn't even know this movie existed

IowaRam4204/19/2019 04:08PM

  I bet SST has seen it! nm

Ramgator904/19/2019 04:13PM

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