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  Ok, I've calmed down.. USC vs my Bulldogs...

JamesJM2809/04/2019 03:59PM

  re. the local guys

21Dog1309/06/2019 05:55PM

  JamesJM I have your solution..

sstrams3809/02/2019 06:59AM


JamesJM1609/02/2019 07:41AM

  I think you misread..

sstrams1509/02/2019 07:53AM

  I'm fickle when it comes to drumsticks...

JamesJM1409/02/2019 08:09AM

  I'm fickle with guitar strings and picks.. Attachments

sstrams2209/02/2019 08:31AM

  Passing yds way down this week... 53...

JamesJM3708/30/2019 09:25PM

  And Ashton... QB for the JV's

JamesJM1408/30/2019 09:46PM

  perusing the line scores in the local paper over the weekend....

21Dog1009/02/2019 03:45AM

  First game I didn't film...

JamesJM909/02/2019 04:06AM

  Artificial Turf was invented by the devil.

JamesJM3209/01/2019 08:40AM

  What's the deal with the rubber pellets?

sstrams1109/01/2019 11:23AM

  Did you know they use coconut?

JamesJM1709/01/2019 11:31AM

  I heard that!

sstrams1409/01/2019 01:36PM

  Yikes, a Sunday at HOME?

JamesJM3209/01/2019 08:22AM

  Another video for my entertainment...

JamesJM809/01/2019 11:24AM

  The eye of the hurricane

IowaRam3308/31/2019 02:27PM

  I've flown over one..

sstrams1708/31/2019 03:03PM

  Valerie Harper has passed away

IowaRam2708/30/2019 05:12PM

  AMC TV alert for SST!!!!

Ramgator4308/29/2019 10:20AM


sstrams1408/29/2019 10:41AM

  So!!! You missed.....

Ramgator1108/30/2019 02:51PM

  Pretty much..

sstrams1108/30/2019 02:52PM

  I bet you replied right after.....

Ramgator1208/30/2019 02:54PM

  No.. not at all..

sstrams1308/30/2019 04:41PM

  CBD Oil...tried it yet?

JamesJM6108/28/2019 02:45AM

  I'm not exactly sure..

sstrams2508/28/2019 03:21AM

  Haven't tried it...but

roman182108/28/2019 08:59AM

  That's true... BUT...

JamesJM2308/28/2019 09:09AM

  Yeah, there's rubs, drops, salves..

sstrams1708/28/2019 09:15AM

  Never eat 'buds'.....

JamesJM1908/28/2019 09:32AM

  Nobody believes me, but..

sstrams2208/28/2019 10:38AM

  Steve, I have a message for from my wife....

JamesJM2408/28/2019 08:02PM


sstrams1208/29/2019 02:52AM


JamesJM1408/29/2019 04:56AM

  I'll bet..

sstrams1108/29/2019 05:52AM

  next time keep it in a mason jar....

JoeMad1508/28/2019 10:41AM

  That's where I keep my Limoncello...

JamesJM2008/28/2019 10:44AM

  Re: CBD Oil...tried it yet?

NorCalRamFan2408/29/2019 07:11PM

  not the oil, but the balm

21Dog3608/29/2019 07:36PM

  My wife started with that....

JamesJM2108/30/2019 07:15AM

  My mom swears by it........

Arkansas Ram1908/30/2019 02:43PM

  Polar Coaster

IowaRam3108/29/2019 03:36PM

  Sleep Apps

MamaRAMa3308/29/2019 06:07AM

  Those don't help me fall asleep...

JamesJM1608/29/2019 07:40AM

  We have a Google Home Speaker

IowaRam1608/29/2019 08:46AM

  Re: We have a Google Home Speaker

MamaRAMa1608/29/2019 08:57AM

  Re: Sleep Apps

waterfield1708/29/2019 09:34AM

  Mountain Lions...

JamesJM4208/26/2019 08:37AM

  We have coyotes..

sstrams2108/26/2019 10:06AM

  Who doesn't?

JamesJM1408/26/2019 10:38AM

  We actually don't have cockroaches..

sstrams1208/26/2019 11:20AM

  living in a field, like I do...

JamesJM1408/26/2019 12:09PM

  Trail Cam Photos From My Ranch Attachments

JamesJM2008/27/2019 06:08AM

  Re: Trail Cam Photos From My Ranch

waterfield1108/27/2019 01:58PM

  Yes, but not far west.... Attachments

JamesJM1008/27/2019 02:20PM

  BTW.. told this before but it's funny....

JamesJM1208/27/2019 02:28PM

  Not so sure......

roman181408/28/2019 10:25AM

  That was good thinking...

JamesJM1108/28/2019 10:42AM

  Maybe they're looking for pot......

roman181308/28/2019 10:56AM

  I shot this one this morning.. Attachments

sstrams1808/27/2019 02:19PM

  Word of advice

IowaRam3608/28/2019 05:47AM

  Re: Word of advice

MamaRAMa2008/28/2019 09:03AM

  My day on the lake, remember?

JamesJM1208/28/2019 09:12AM

  I'll get if for ya..

sstrams1508/28/2019 09:17AM

  Pretty sure it's toast by now...

JamesJM1308/28/2019 09:24AM

  No doubt..

sstrams1408/28/2019 10:36AM

  Surf is about to be REALLY up around here this weekend!

Ramgator1408/28/2019 06:21AM

  My old Elementary School building

IowaRam3608/26/2019 08:49PM

  Eerily similar to mine..

sstrams1608/27/2019 02:45AM

  I was nearly always in 'new' schools...

JamesJM1708/27/2019 06:20AM

  Papa bragging.. you should be used to it by now... :) Attachments

JamesJM3708/26/2019 08:48AM

  Who wouldn't be? (nm)

waterfield908/26/2019 09:05AM

  very cool

ferragamo791208/26/2019 12:38PM

  Just noticed they didn't mention something...

JamesJM1408/26/2019 05:15PM

  My daughter wakes in the morning and...

JamesJM3208/26/2019 07:37AM

  Re: My daughter wakes in the morning and...

waterfield1808/26/2019 08:12AM

  James or sstrams

IowaRam6708/19/2019 03:46PM

  Kinda depends..

sstrams4008/19/2019 04:38PM

  You just learn it by ear ?

IowaRam2508/19/2019 05:02PM

  I guess the reason I'm asking

IowaRam2608/19/2019 05:17PM

  Yeah I can understand that..

sstrams1708/20/2019 03:05AM

  Yes, I do..

sstrams808/20/2019 02:56AM

  "Solos are the biggest pain". Sooooooooooo.......

Ramgator1108/20/2019 04:25AM

  No Gator, they see..

sstrams1608/20/2019 05:03AM

  Encouraging because...

Ramgator1008/20/2019 07:15AM

  It would be a..

sstrams1208/20/2019 07:49AM

  always thought Sultans of Swing would be brutal

ferragamo792908/20/2019 10:45AM

  Yeah, stuff like that..

sstrams2208/20/2019 10:56AM

  Re: Yeah, stuff like that..

Aries2008/20/2019 06:12PM

  Alternate tunings..

sstrams1108/21/2019 02:32AM

  Re: Alternate tunings..

Aries1308/21/2019 06:46AM

  The sad thing is..

sstrams2108/21/2019 09:57AM

  Re: The sad thing is..

Aries1408/22/2019 01:38AM

  You're my boy, Aries..

sstrams1308/22/2019 02:52AM

  Anywhere between 15 minutes and a couple days...

JamesJM1208/25/2019 05:38PM

  Always liked the TV show , Live from Daryl's House

IowaRam1008/25/2019 06:04PM

  you play a song everyone likes

sstrams1108/26/2019 02:50AM

  My most embarrassing gig moments...

JamesJM1108/26/2019 04:45AM

  That's awesome..

sstrams908/26/2019 05:06AM

  LOL... you reminded me...

JamesJM1208/26/2019 05:27AM

  Yeah, I get that..

sstrams808/26/2019 08:03AM

  Why am I so weird?

sstrams4608/23/2019 03:10PM

  So where does one go to get Charles Manson memorabilia ?

IowaRam2308/23/2019 03:57PM

  I know, right?

sstrams1908/23/2019 04:48PM

  I totally get it

IowaRam1708/23/2019 05:00PM

  Yeah, always been fascinated by them, as well..

sstrams1608/24/2019 04:38AM

  To me it's kinda ....

roman181308/24/2019 06:24AM

  None of the money..

sstrams1108/24/2019 06:56AM

  Tex Watson

Crazylegs1008/25/2019 12:44PM

  No argument there..

sstrams908/26/2019 02:57AM

  Re: Why am I so weird?

Aries1008/25/2019 04:19PM

  Yeah, Aries, that's kind of..

sstrams908/26/2019 02:55AM

  I think it happens to all of us...

JamesJM708/26/2019 04:59AM

  The other case I am TOTALLY fascinated with is..

sstrams908/26/2019 05:02AM

  They didn't just name him?

JamesJM1008/26/2019 05:28AM

  Well, last I heard..

sstrams708/26/2019 06:40AM

  You, weird?? HOLD MY BEER!!! lol nm

Ramgator708/26/2019 04:40AM

  About 2 years ago, I found myself fascinated with "The Boy In The Box"

Ramgator708/26/2019 04:46AM

  Yeah, isn't it interesting..

sstrams908/26/2019 05:00AM

  Some Marvel MCU news for James

IowaRam3708/23/2019 04:34PM

  Moon Knight is coming to the MCU !!!!

IowaRam1008/23/2019 04:53PM

  More MCU news Attachments

IowaRam908/24/2019 09:42AM

  man he was a good physical comedian

ferragamo79808/24/2019 07:46AM

  Spider-man , no longer a part of Disney's MCU

IowaRam908/25/2019 04:52AM

  WandaVision poster from D23

IowaRam608/25/2019 12:54PM

  Black Widow poster from D23

IowaRam508/25/2019 12:59PM

  Kit Harrington is MCU's Black Knight

IowaRam708/25/2019 01:02PM

  Speaking of The Eternals

IowaRam608/25/2019 01:04PM

  Wyatt Russell cast as USAgent

IowaRam508/25/2019 01:07PM

  WandaVision and the Dick Van Dyke Show

IowaRam608/25/2019 06:07PM

  Re: WandaVision and the Dick Van Dyke Show

IowaRam508/26/2019 04:14AM

  The Mandalorian , Disney + new Star Wars TV show

IowaRam2108/23/2019 05:07PM

  Lady and the Tramp trailer

IowaRam708/23/2019 05:15PM

  first look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil in Disney's Cruella Attachments

IowaRam808/24/2019 11:43AM

  The Mandalorian Behind The Scenes Footage

IowaRam608/23/2019 05:53PM

  Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look

IowaRam508/26/2019 04:00AM


NorCalRamFan3008/25/2019 07:37PM

  Back from Colorado...

JamesJM2408/25/2019 05:45PM


waterfield2608/23/2019 09:34PM

  Hate the uniforms!............Should be...

Crazylegs608/25/2019 12:53PM

  Oh yes !

waterfield1508/25/2019 01:44PM

  Prayers for the JFRD family. Lost boaters.

Ramgator7508/18/2019 04:09PM

  Re: Prayers for the JFRD family. Lost boaters.

MamaRAMa1908/18/2019 04:44PM

  Yes. I'm praying also. nm

BlueRidgeHorns1108/19/2019 02:47AM

  They have mine gator....nm

Arkansas Ram1308/19/2019 03:49AM

  Discouraging but still hoping.

Ramgator2108/19/2019 08:25AM

  Small glimmer of hope.

Ramgator2608/19/2019 11:07AM

  Gulf Stream

waterfield2108/20/2019 07:02AM

  Still nothing, as of Noon today.

Ramgator1408/20/2019 07:12AM

  Re: Still nothing, as of Noon today.

MamaRAMa1508/20/2019 01:55PM

  Nobody knows. I have heard many people say....

Ramgator1408/20/2019 03:10PM

  Yeah, no way against the current..

sstrams1108/20/2019 02:31PM

  I think they are WAY beyond the search abilities of a standard fishing boat.

Ramgator1808/20/2019 03:13PM

  Just had a very somber press conference.

Ramgator2308/22/2019 07:28AM

  Re: Just had a very somber press conference.

MamaRAMa1608/22/2019 12:33PM

  Re: Just had a very somber press conference.

Arkansas Ram1808/22/2019 01:01PM

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