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  early reactions in for Ant-Man and the Wasp

zn4506/23/2018 04:25AM

  Can't wait

IowaRam1506/23/2018 07:28AM

  I watched Alex & Me....

JamesJM1706/23/2018 07:48AM

  Behind The Scenes

IowaRam1506/26/2018 07:47AM

  reviews are pretty good so far

zn1806/28/2018 11:21AM

  Most of what I've read

IowaRam1506/28/2018 05:35PM

  A little more comic book news........

IowaRam2106/28/2018 06:00PM

  saw it

zn2007/05/2018 08:24PM

  I totally enjoyed it

IowaRam1007/06/2018 07:00AM

  My 4th of July plans...

JamesJM3307/04/2018 11:59AM

  My goal is simple...

waterfield1707/04/2018 12:24PM

  Last night....

JamesJM1307/04/2018 12:43PM

  Ya know, amazingly..

sstrams1207/04/2018 12:49PM

  You're subject title has been bugging me...

JamesJM807/05/2018 11:39AM

  BLEEPING Weather !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IowaRam1107/04/2018 01:36PM

  It's so hot here. . .

RAMbeau1407/04/2018 01:47PM

  Give thanks to William Carrier

IowaRam1107/04/2018 01:57PM

  got my Hawaiian shirt on Jimmy

ferragamo791007/04/2018 01:59PM

  Home from the party report....

JamesJM2107/04/2018 08:58PM

  They sell Scotch at Walmart there?

sstrams1207/05/2018 03:06AM

  Sort of.... allow me to explain...

JamesJM1607/05/2018 08:42AM

  Do they still have the laws where you can't

ferragamo791407/05/2018 09:32AM

  Strange laws....

JamesJM1107/05/2018 10:01AM

  Texas Blue Laws..

sstrams1207/05/2018 10:55AM

  Are you telling me...

JamesJM1307/05/2018 11:22AM

  Yeah, you can..

sstrams1407/05/2018 12:45PM

  well I played in a 4th of July soccer game - yep old man Todd

ferragamo791307/05/2018 03:15PM

  Great topic - what's the strangest thing you ever ate?

JamesJM6307/01/2018 05:57PM

  Re: Great topic - what's the strangest thing you ever ate?

MamaRAMa1807/01/2018 06:19PM

  LOL, Mama...

JamesJM1607/01/2018 06:26PM

  Interesting. . .

RAMbeau1007/02/2018 12:30PM

  Re: Interesting. . .

21Dog1107/02/2018 06:39PM

  I am not an adventurous eater..

sstrams1407/02/2018 03:30AM

  Much the same

Atlantic Ram1107/02/2018 06:14AM

  I love curry..

sstrams707/02/2018 06:59AM


IowaRam1907/02/2018 07:04AM

  Re: Hotdog

RAMbeau1007/02/2018 12:27PM

  Well. . .

RAMbeau1407/02/2018 12:25PM

  Yeah, I've seen them cook..

sstrams1007/02/2018 12:48PM

  tried sweetbreads the same day.......

21Dog807/02/2018 06:45PM

  Re: Great topic - what's the strangest thing you ever ate?

zn1507/02/2018 02:29PM

  Ok, you have my interest...

JamesJM1007/02/2018 03:05PM

  Re: Ok, you have my interest...

zn1907/03/2018 05:57AM

  Moroccan food....

JamesJM907/03/2018 06:15AM

  By the way...

JamesJM907/03/2018 06:34AM

  let me know if you like it

zn1307/03/2018 12:28PM

  I'm doing 3, 2, 1 Ribs....

JamesJM1107/03/2018 12:31PM

  so how were the ribs?

zn1007/04/2018 09:04AM

  Sorry for the delayed response....

JamesJM1307/04/2018 09:16AM


sstrams1207/04/2018 10:50AM

  Yup, can't argue with you there....

JamesJM1007/04/2018 11:01AM

  Homemade bread....

sstrams1307/04/2018 12:46PM

  Lol... yes, you're right....

JamesJM1307/04/2018 12:58PM

  Yeah, my wife is kinda like that..

sstrams1307/05/2018 03:35AM

  Re: Yup, can't argue with you there....

zn1307/05/2018 01:06AM

  tried brains (insert smart @$$ comment)

21Dog1607/02/2018 06:43PM

  Same here....

JamesJM707/03/2018 06:20AM

  Re: Same here....

MamaRAMa1107/03/2018 01:23PM

  that's how they were served to me

21Dog1007/03/2018 03:03PM

  Not sure if this counts as strange, but... Lengua

RAMbler1007/03/2018 10:19AM

  Re: Not sure if this counts as strange, but... Lengua

21Dog1307/03/2018 03:02PM

  Seriously guys, whats wrong with me?

sstrams1507/03/2018 03:06PM

  Can't do it either...

Atlantic Ram1307/03/2018 09:23PM

  That makes perfect sense to me...

JamesJM1207/04/2018 10:38AM


sstrams907/04/2018 10:52AM

  Yeah, well.. mountain oysters...

JamesJM1307/04/2018 11:05AM

  Lengua, another I'm not fond of....

JamesJM907/04/2018 10:26AM

  So the fans went to a fight and a soccer match broke out....

JamesJM3407/03/2018 12:36PM


ferragamo791007/03/2018 12:51PM

  My preliminary picks....

JamesJM807/03/2018 01:02PM


ferragamo79907/03/2018 04:57PM

  Sadly not

RamUK1007/04/2018 04:27AM

  And this... a 'who I am rooting for' pick list...

JamesJM907/03/2018 01:07PM

  The two I'm least sure about...

JamesJM1207/04/2018 10:24AM

  Did you hear: Japan cleaned stadium and locker room

ferragamo791607/04/2018 02:01PM

  Yes, I heard about that and...

JamesJM1007/04/2018 08:44PM

  Welcomeback JamesJM...where Have I been...

Arkansas Ram5106/29/2018 02:59PM

  I have no insight...

JamesJM2207/01/2018 07:35PM


Arkansas Ram507/04/2018 04:46AM

  Help with paint matching

ferragamo792207/03/2018 09:41AM

  Man, that's always an issue...

sstrams1207/03/2018 10:39AM

  Thanks buddy

ferragamo791107/03/2018 05:00PM

  Alan Longmuir has passed away

IowaRam3507/02/2018 07:42AM

  Yeah, I just read about that..

sstrams807/02/2018 08:04AM

  I'm still a huge Bay City Rollers fan

IowaRam1307/02/2018 07:45PM

  Even though I was pretty cool when I was 11 years

IowaRam907/02/2018 07:50PM

  I think that was fairly common..

sstrams1307/03/2018 03:05AM

  I had to go to iTunes to see who they were....

JamesJM807/03/2018 04:27AM

  They also hosted the Saturday Morning Kids show Krofft Supershow Hour

IowaRam707/03/2018 06:10AM

  I had to check....

IowaRam707/03/2018 06:22AM

  I still have my original record player

IowaRam607/03/2018 06:31AM

  I have two turntables..

sstrams707/03/2018 02:56PM

  Another from our youth is gone.

Ramgator1107/03/2018 05:39AM

  I really thought Belgium was toast today...

JamesJM2007/02/2018 03:12PM

  both of my countries of origin (two generations back)

21Dog807/02/2018 06:50PM

  ever been to Belgium?

JamesJM1107/02/2018 07:52PM

  Re: ever been to Belgium?

21Dog1007/02/2018 08:45PM

  Re: ever been to Belgium?

JamesJM707/03/2018 03:56AM

  not sure if you knew this.....

21Dog707/03/2018 04:34AM

  Re: not sure if you knew this.....

JamesJM807/03/2018 04:50AM

  Lebron James to Lakers!!!!

Rampage2K-16707/01/2018 03:28PM

  And to the Celtics in 2020.......

Ramgator2207/01/2018 03:53PM

  Actually the Celtics may do it the old fashioned way...

JamesJM2207/01/2018 04:09PM

  Re: Actually the Celtics may do it the old fashioned way...

waterfield1507/01/2018 07:14PM


JamesJM1407/01/2018 07:23PM

  Soft spot for the Celtics ??

waterfield607/02/2018 06:18AM

  Celtics may do it the old fashioned way...so are Lakers

ferragamo79607/02/2018 08:43AM

  Re: Celtics may do it the old fashioned way...so are Lakers

Rampage2K-1007/02/2018 11:09AM

  Maybe Aaron Donald is holding out for

IowaRam1607/01/2018 03:59PM

  My AD input...

JamesJM1807/01/2018 04:55PM

  I'm not worried.......

IowaRam1207/01/2018 05:09PM

  LeBron like the Rams started out in Cleveland

Los Angeles Lenny1907/01/2018 07:06PM

  Wait a minute

waterfield2007/01/2018 07:16PM

  This is nonsense to me..

JamesJM2007/01/2018 07:28PM

  Kings est. in LA 1967 nm

WhiteHorns1407/01/2018 07:58PM

  USC did

ferragamo79907/02/2018 08:44AM

  My least favorite pick..

JamesJM3107/01/2018 07:48PM

  Especially for history buffs....

MamaRAMa2906/30/2018 03:15PM

  Can never find much on the Revolutionary War

IowaRam1007/01/2018 06:50AM


Atlantic Ram1107/01/2018 07:18PM

  It's a great site...

JamesJM1007/01/2018 07:30PM

  I HATE that @#$#@#@ Geico Commercial in the World Cup...

JamesJM3807/01/2018 07:54AM

  Ok, so the save by Russia.... incredible?

JamesJM1107/01/2018 07:57AM

  dead center is OK if keeper is lunging

ferragamo791107/01/2018 08:36AM

  Funny thing... Todd...

JamesJM1007/01/2018 09:14AM

  I LOVE it!

RamUK1407/01/2018 09:24AM

  I believe I heard them say today that Russia beating Spain was...

JamesJM807/01/2018 03:56PM

  World Cup latest odds to win it all...

JamesJM4006/27/2018 01:18PM

  I'd have Russia higher

RamUK1206/28/2018 05:53AM

  Good point...

JamesJM806/28/2018 07:29AM

  @ UK If England wins group

ferragamo791106/28/2018 07:53AM

  I hate to say it

RamUK1106/28/2018 08:29AM

  I saw this today UK....interesting

ferragamo791606/29/2018 08:33AM

  good call on Uruguay Jimmy

ferragamo79606/30/2018 11:51AM

  Thanks, Todd... but ehhh....

JamesJM606/30/2018 12:03PM

  Yeh I agree, it surprised me

RamUK1007/01/2018 04:31AM

  The theatrics...

JamesJM907/01/2018 04:59AM

  Oh, and I want to add...

JamesJM907/01/2018 04:59AM

  Heres ya go, Jimmy..

sstrams1007/01/2018 05:31AM

  There are a few

RamUK1207/01/2018 05:52AM

  Well, cultural probably, if my Italian family is any example...

JamesJM1207/01/2018 07:07AM

  Re: Well, cultural probably, if my Italian family is any example...

IowaRam607/01/2018 07:12AM

  The lesson I learned from the World Cup today....

JamesJM1806/30/2018 12:31PM

  Re: The lesson I learned from the World Cup today....

RamUK806/30/2018 04:24PM

  Is it just me or are people driving faster and faster

ferragamo794406/29/2018 05:37PM

  We live in a different world 78

waterfield1806/29/2018 08:38PM

  Re: Is it just me or are people driving faster and faster

MamaRAMa1306/30/2018 04:48AM

  Yeah, some people are.. at the same time...

sstrams1306/30/2018 05:23AM

  Here's one similar

waterfield1106/30/2018 05:57AM

  I dunno waterfield..

sstrams1106/30/2018 07:37AM

  Re: I dunno waterfield..

waterfield906/30/2018 07:43AM

  I am Mr 55

IowaRam1406/30/2018 08:06AM

  So it's England vs Columbia

JamesJM3206/28/2018 11:01AM

  My first match predictions in the knockout round...

JamesJM1506/28/2018 11:15AM

  F79's predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ferragamo791506/28/2018 03:10PM

  There ya go, Todd... be bold... that's my motto...

JamesJM1206/28/2018 07:31PM

  It's a tough one

RamUK1406/28/2018 01:32PM

  post ur bracket

ferragamo791106/28/2018 04:32PM


RamUK1106/29/2018 03:40AM

  Germany broke your jinx, Tim....

JamesJM1206/29/2018 05:31AM

  Bondi's saga

zn4006/28/2018 11:12AM

  Go, Bondi go!

sstrams1706/28/2018 11:46AM

  Re: Go, Bondi go!

zn1206/28/2018 03:49PM

  Re: Beautiful dog

Atlantic Ram1606/28/2018 02:35PM

  Re: Beautiful dog

zn1606/28/2018 03:48PM

  You know the best part of this story..

sstrams1406/28/2018 04:38PM

  Re: You know the best part of this story..

zn1506/28/2018 05:11PM

  Yeah, that was my first thought..

sstrams1006/29/2018 05:06AM

  beautiful dog +1

ferragamo791506/28/2018 04:33PM

  For what it's worth... 'Smokers'... I bought one...

JamesJM6506/16/2018 03:23PM

  probably a dumb question

RAMbeau2006/16/2018 04:10PM

  I bought an electric one....

JamesJM2506/16/2018 05:06PM

  Smart move....

RAMbeau2306/16/2018 05:58PM

  Traeger... so I hear...

JamesJM2906/16/2018 07:14PM

  I've got an attachment........

21Dog2106/16/2018 06:48PM

  My son has that same setup...

JamesJM1906/16/2018 07:14PM

  i smoke with my weber too....

JoeMad2306/19/2018 07:34AM

  Re: For what it's worth... 'Smokers'... I bought one...

zn2106/16/2018 08:42PM


JamesJM1706/16/2018 08:48PM

  Re: Recipe?

zn2006/16/2018 09:30PM

  I bought it....

JamesJM1706/16/2018 10:05PM

  Re: I bought it....

zn2606/17/2018 04:09AM

  Re: Recipe?

73Ram1706/19/2018 08:09AM

  Best thing I ever smoked..

sstrams3006/19/2018 08:09AM

  I tried to smoke a Turkey last week

Ramgator3106/19/2018 04:20PM

  Re: I tried to smoke a Turkey last week

zn2306/20/2018 05:52AM

  Yes you want to roll them

Atlantic Ram1406/22/2018 05:50PM

  remember dropping the lobsters into boiling water

ferragamo791306/28/2018 05:07PM

  and here I thought you would say........

21Dog2006/20/2018 02:04PM

  I warned you about Germany and Argentina Jimmy!

RamUK4206/26/2018 02:20PM

  France vs Argentina brutal RD 16 game

ferragamo791006/26/2018 03:20PM

  Half the bracket is complete (see attached)

ferragamo791306/26/2018 06:57PM

  Re: I warned you about Germany and Argentina Jimmy!

IowaRam906/26/2018 05:35PM

  Ok, best announcers yet in the Mexico vs Sweden match

JamesJM1206/27/2018 05:40AM

  Sweden is taking control....

JamesJM1106/27/2018 06:19AM

  wow, what day...... spoilers

JamesJM1206/27/2018 07:02AM

  Costa Rica begats a Boxing tale....

JamesJM906/27/2018 09:28AM

  Good Lord they did it...

JamesJM1106/27/2018 09:35AM

  Looks like I'll take a day off from the WC...

JamesJM906/27/2018 11:48AM


RamUK1406/27/2018 01:14PM

  I'm psychic....

JamesJM706/27/2018 01:20PM

  Spain has an easy draw

ferragamo79906/27/2018 01:29PM

  Seriously, I don't expect Spain to make it...

JamesJM1006/27/2018 01:35PM

  Russia is on other side of bracket

ferragamo791206/27/2018 06:09PM

  Yep, that can be super important

RamUK1206/28/2018 03:47AM

  I was about to apologize to you... Attachments

JamesJM1306/28/2018 08:00AM

  Got a little rain last night

IowaRam4406/21/2018 10:45AM

  And the rain keep coming ..............

IowaRam1906/25/2018 06:05PM

  Train derailment

IowaRam1706/25/2018 06:21PM

  On the bright side?. . . .

RAMbeau1606/26/2018 04:51PM

  It's not all bad..........

IowaRam1306/26/2018 05:34PM

  Re: It's not all bad..........

RAMbeau906/27/2018 04:34PM

  Halloween teasers

IowaRam6306/07/2018 09:09AM

  Halloween Trailer

IowaRam2106/08/2018 05:45AM

  First Man Trailer

IowaRam1706/08/2018 10:44PM

  I want to see "The Fog" done again. DONE RIGHT!!!

Ramgator2206/09/2018 03:51AM

  "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. That too.....

Ramgator2106/09/2018 03:52AM

  The Predator trailer

IowaRam2406/09/2018 07:23PM

  Original Predator trivia. Did you know??????

Ramgator2406/11/2018 02:23PM

  Shane Black is directing this new movie

IowaRam1906/12/2018 04:06AM

  1st movie was really good

ferragamo791306/26/2018 07:33AM

  The Predator full trailer................Get On The Choppah !!!!

IowaRam1606/26/2018 07:29AM

  Grandpa's vs Grandson's....

JamesJM3406/25/2018 04:15PM

  World Cup... so who has impressed you the most?

JamesJM4506/23/2018 05:11AM

  hard to say in opening rounds

ferragamo791106/23/2018 06:38AM

  Our first disagreement...

JamesJM1106/23/2018 08:06AM

  Spain is an old team

ferragamo791006/23/2018 09:34AM

  Germany almost always start like they have a raging hangover

RamUK1506/23/2018 08:44AM

  I believe you....

JamesJM606/23/2018 08:51AM

  If Germany loses, I think they are out

ferragamo791406/23/2018 09:36AM

  Let's hope so!

RamUK1306/23/2018 09:54AM

  really nice free kick

ferragamo79906/23/2018 11:50AM

  I missed the two later game today...

JamesJM806/23/2018 11:35AM

  5 blessed AM, RamUK....

JamesJM1606/23/2018 03:47PM

  So whats the deal with the USA team

IowaRam1106/23/2018 07:27PM

  We lost to Trinidad and Tobago...

JamesJM1206/23/2018 07:38PM


IowaRam1406/23/2018 07:53PM


JamesJM806/24/2018 03:21AM

  they qualify through regions

ferragamo791206/24/2018 06:31AM

  Watching England vs Panama... spoilers....

JamesJM1206/24/2018 03:42AM

  Ok, this game is unreal.... more spoilers...

JamesJM1006/24/2018 03:47AM

  I was up half of last night

RamUK1606/24/2018 11:06AM

  I was in awe.....

JamesJM1206/24/2018 11:14AM

  Did you see this?

RamUK1306/24/2018 11:19AM


JamesJM1206/24/2018 11:31AM

  I lost another old friend last night..

sstrams4606/23/2018 03:55AM

  Things like this will ALWAYS take me back to June 1978.

Ramgator1906/23/2018 09:02AM

  Yeah, its unfortunate that..

sstrams1206/23/2018 10:07AM

  Been through several the past 10 years but my Brother....

Ramgator1106/23/2018 11:50AM


RamUK1606/23/2018 09:58AM

  Thanks UK..

sstrams1006/23/2018 10:08AM

  welcome to the club

21Dog1606/24/2018 07:39AM

  Reedley WR's... and yeah, some grandson stuff... Attachments

JamesJM2606/23/2018 08:50AM

  This topic has been moved. Lebron James to Lakers!!!!

Rampage2K-3107/01/2018 04:00PM

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