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  Beans on Toast

IowaRam3008/18/2020 01:49PM

  God has yet to create a bean I don't like....

JamesJM2808/18/2020 01:53PM

  Re: God has yet to create a bean I don't like....

MamaRAMa2408/18/2020 02:03PM

  Those are the top 3 most disliked, I believe....

JamesJM1908/18/2020 02:09PM

  Ranch Style Beans....

sstrams1908/18/2020 02:12PM

  Navy Beans

IowaRam2208/18/2020 02:37PM

  Beans for breakfast in England...

JamesJM1808/18/2020 02:16PM

  Any of you guys get Heinz Beans ?

IowaRam2008/18/2020 02:40PM

  Loving my vacation in Helen Georgia with my Wife!

Ramgator3608/18/2020 02:24PM

  RIP Boyd Grant....

JamesJM4508/17/2020 08:19AM

  he definitely put Fresno St hoops on the map

21Dog2008/17/2020 08:54PM

  Re: he definitely put Fresno St hoops on the map

LMU932208/18/2020 05:43AM

  Re: he definitely put Fresno St hoops on the map

21Dog1508/18/2020 05:59AM

  I remember it well...

JamesJM1208/18/2020 10:08AM

  I watched 'The Irishman'...

JamesJM5208/18/2020 09:58AM

  If this doesn't make you laugh your dead.

JamesJM6208/16/2020 02:49PM

  That was my all-time favorite TV comedy.

SeattleRam2708/17/2020 06:24AM

  agree on Mulligan

21Dog2808/17/2020 08:56PM

  Hottest day on the earth EVER ! Yesterday.

waterfield7008/17/2020 07:06AM

  We were blistering here in Texas.. until night time...

sstrams2308/17/2020 07:09AM

  Re: Hottest day on the earth EVER ! Yesterday.

MamaRAMa3108/17/2020 07:10AM

  Re: Hottest day on the earth EVER ! Yesterday.

waterfield2708/17/2020 01:07PM

  That's a good question.

Atlantic Ram2608/17/2020 01:12PM

  Most roads today handle heat well....

JamesJM2508/17/2020 01:41PM

  That's just crazy

SeattleRam2608/17/2020 07:16AM

  Chuck Norris and I had cups of hot cocoa down there!

Ramgator3208/17/2020 08:24AM


JamesJM3208/17/2020 11:23AM

  I wonder. . . .

RAMbeau3508/17/2020 11:59AM

  Re: Hottest day on the earth EVER ! Yesterday...the record is 137

Rampage2K-2208/17/2020 06:48PM

  Football would have begun tonight....

JamesJM4208/14/2020 11:34AM

  easy for you to say, Grandpa

21Dog2508/14/2020 12:29PM

  I'd kill for 105

ferragamo792908/15/2020 05:15PM

  I know

waterfield1908/15/2020 06:39PM

  102º here today, supposed to be 111º tomorrow...

JamesJM2208/15/2020 07:13PM

  good grief

21Dog2608/16/2020 05:29AM

  Re: good grief

waterfield1608/16/2020 07:22AM

  would love to

21Dog1708/16/2020 10:01AM

  Re: would love to

waterfield2308/16/2020 11:18AM

  that restaurant in MB

21Dog1708/16/2020 11:21AM

  Re: that restaurant in MB

waterfield1608/16/2020 08:00PM

  Cayucos.. gotta tell you the short tale...

JamesJM2308/16/2020 08:23PM

  great story nm

21Dog1308/17/2020 05:36AM

  Re: Cayucos.. gotta tell you the short tale...

waterfield1308/17/2020 07:19AM

  got ya beat... Attachments

JamesJM1608/16/2020 09:56AM

  not sure about you guys

21Dog1508/16/2020 09:59AM

  Could be, I'm not sure...

JamesJM1808/16/2020 10:06AM

  Re: 102º here today, supposed to be 111º tomorrow...

waterfield1708/16/2020 11:20AM

  Any small band recommendations?

SeattleRam4708/16/2020 06:29PM

  That was fantastic....

JamesJM1808/16/2020 08:03PM

  That was great

SeattleRam2208/16/2020 09:58PM

  ? Not sure what you mean?

JamesJM2308/16/2020 11:03PM

  Wasn't taking about your post

SeattleRam2408/16/2020 11:15PM

  Standard Transmission....

JamesJM8408/13/2020 09:24AM

  Both my rides are sticks...

sstrams2908/13/2020 10:06AM


JamesJM2508/13/2020 10:29AM

  You may hafta have one..

sstrams2508/13/2020 10:37AM

  Does yours have that new fancy-schmancy stuff...

JamesJM2408/13/2020 10:58AM

  Not even close...

sstrams2008/13/2020 11:09AM

  The new Mini Coopers....

roman181608/13/2020 11:42AM

  Jimmy might not know about Lucas, but I do..

sstrams2208/13/2020 12:33PM

  I learned to drive a stick MANY moons ago.

Ramgator1908/13/2020 11:05AM

  I've been driving a stick since..

sstrams2008/13/2020 11:11AM

  Re: Standard Transmission....

MamaRAMa2608/13/2020 10:38AM

  Shoulda kept the Mustang and the 1st Beetle....

roman182008/13/2020 11:50AM

  Re: Shoulda kept the Mustang and the 1st Beetle....

MamaRAMa2108/13/2020 12:09PM

  I was the proud owner of a VW Micro-Bus...

JamesJM2008/13/2020 12:01PM

  Growing up we owned a Corvair..

sstrams2008/13/2020 12:35PM

  I honestly can't remember...

JamesJM2408/13/2020 12:47PM

  They were trippin' cars...

sstrams2008/13/2020 12:54PM

  Drove to Mexico in one

waterfield2008/15/2020 12:54PM

  I always thought it was a cool car..

sstrams1408/15/2020 02:39PM

  Re: Standard Transmission....

AlbaNY_Ram2108/13/2020 12:49PM

  Mazda seems to be the leader...

JamesJM2408/13/2020 12:53PM

  we had an old dump truck......

21Dog2308/13/2020 04:24PM

  I would check out the Fiat Abarth Spyder

Atlantic Ram2108/15/2020 05:36AM

  I've never owned anything but a stick

zn2408/15/2020 06:59AM

  Re: I've never owned anything but a stick

MamaRAMa2808/15/2020 09:29AM

  Standard transmission is the BEST..

sstrams1708/15/2020 11:56AM

  I'm about to teach my grandsons...

JamesJM2008/15/2020 01:10PM

  Re: I've never owned anything but a stick

zn2208/15/2020 11:59AM

  I prefer an automatic transmission

waterfield2308/15/2020 12:11PM

  Re: I prefer an automatic transmission

MamaRAMa2108/15/2020 12:40PM

  Safer, I don't know about that....

JamesJM1908/15/2020 01:34PM

  Re: Safer, I don't know about that....

waterfield2208/15/2020 01:49PM

  He probably knows what he's talking about.

JamesJM1708/15/2020 01:52PM

  Oh, by the way...

JamesJM2108/15/2020 01:53PM

  Re: Oh, by the way...

waterfield2308/15/2020 06:59PM

  My Jaguar is a love/hate affair....

JamesJM3408/15/2020 07:12PM

  Re: My Jaguar is a love/hate affair....

waterfield1908/16/2020 07:35AM

  That is kind of the dream here..

sstrams1808/16/2020 08:20AM

  The XKE was my dream car back in the 60's....

JamesJM2008/16/2020 08:39AM

  Re: My Jaguar is a love/hate affair....

Crazylegs2108/16/2020 09:50AM

  do it yourself...

JamesJM2008/16/2020 10:00AM

  Re: do it yourself...

Crazylegs2008/16/2020 10:17AM

  Noise, mostly....

JamesJM2108/16/2020 10:35AM

  Yeah, I do almost all my own work..

sstrams1708/16/2020 10:29AM

  ahhh the stick shift

ferragamo792008/15/2020 05:07PM

  Ok, who the hell is Ray Conniff

ferragamo794408/15/2020 05:05PM

  I love the guy....

JamesJM2508/15/2020 07:17PM

  Me too..

waterfield1608/16/2020 07:25AM

  Re: Ok, who the hell is Ray Conniff

MamaRAMa3008/16/2020 03:18AM

  Whats up with Major League Soccer team names

IowaRam3408/13/2020 08:23AM

  Re: Whats up with Major League Soccer team names

MamaRAMa2108/13/2020 10:25AM

  yeah often the Euros will say

ferragamo791508/15/2020 05:14PM

  Anyone remember this TV show?

SeattleRam7008/09/2020 08:03PM

  Nope... and that surprises me...

JamesJM3108/09/2020 08:25PM

  Wikipedia says...

SeattleRam2808/09/2020 08:54PM

  Trekkies might recall Robert Brown.

Ramgator3408/10/2020 04:32AM

  I'm reading William Shattner's autobiography

ferragamo793308/10/2020 05:31AM

  Did you see his interview last night..

sstrams2708/11/2020 05:02AM

  can't believe he is 89

ferragamo792808/11/2020 06:50AM

  Yeah, that was the impression I got last night..

sstrams2708/11/2020 07:19AM

  My late Brother and me were always Trekkies. I recall we watched the SNL skit...

Ramgator2308/12/2020 03:50PM

  I remember SNL skit where Chevy Chase was Spock

ferragamo792308/12/2020 03:59PM

  YES!! LOLOL When the NBC Execs come on board and cancel the show.

Ramgator2408/12/2020 04:40PM

  I remember it, but never watched it nm

21Dog2708/10/2020 05:08AM

  Maybe you got it on a Bakersfield channel?

JamesJM2208/11/2020 06:50AM

  Re: Anyone remember this TV show?

RAMbler3508/10/2020 11:27AM

  Bobby Sherman was in that show.

BlueRidgeHorns2208/11/2020 02:54AM

  Re: Anyone remember this TV show?

Aries1708/15/2020 02:33PM

  Can anyone else ride a Unicycle?

Ramgator3008/13/2020 11:12AM

  Please get insurance first..

sstrams1408/13/2020 11:38AM

  never even tried....

JamesJM1708/13/2020 12:02PM

  Re: Can anyone else ride a Unicycle?

SeattleRam1808/14/2020 12:44AM

  I remember..

sstrams1608/14/2020 03:53AM

  saw one at a garage sale maybe a month ago

ferragamo791908/14/2020 06:01PM

  I would need training wheels. Attachments

Atlantic Ram1508/15/2020 08:22AM

  The Perseid meteor shower of 2020 peaks tonight

SeattleRam4408/11/2020 11:28AM

  I'm prepared....

JamesJM1908/11/2020 11:53AM

  Too much light pollution where I live

SeattleRam1808/11/2020 12:44PM

  Yes, it's getting very very very bad....

JamesJM2008/11/2020 12:52PM

  Steve, if you're still awake.. it's 10pm your time...

JamesJM2308/11/2020 06:02PM

  Cloudy here

SeattleRam2008/11/2020 07:44PM

  Several big fireballs so far. (BN)

JamesJM1908/11/2020 08:42PM

  What was it like online, Seattle?

JamesJM1408/12/2020 09:17AM

  Re: What was it like online, Seattle?

SeattleRam1608/12/2020 09:26AM

  I'm headed out again tonight, and i'm going to try...

JamesJM2508/12/2020 09:42AM

  No I hit the sack early last night..

sstrams1208/12/2020 04:12AM

  It was a very good show...

JamesJM2808/12/2020 04:41AM

  Couple other observations...

JamesJM1908/12/2020 05:14AM

  A photo, a very bad one... Attachments

JamesJM2408/12/2020 05:24AM

  They said last night was better than the night before...

JamesJM2008/13/2020 12:52PM

  Worst photo in the world... that I love... Attachments

JamesJM2308/14/2020 09:09PM

  This topic has been moved. I pad Photo Issue

CarolinaRam1608/14/2020 11:00AM

  SST... Red Baron question.

Ramgator5108/12/2020 03:44PM

  Everyone knows who shot down the Red Baron

SeattleRam3208/12/2020 06:12PM

  I KNOW?????

Ramgator1908/13/2020 01:06AM

  The Royal Guardsmen. I had no idea.......

Ramgator2008/13/2020 01:09AM

  Yeah, I've seen shows..

sstrams2508/13/2020 04:21AM

  Re: SST... Red Baron question.

zn2008/12/2020 09:03PM

  Yes. That's what I thought after seeing the documentary.

Ramgator2008/13/2020 01:05AM

  I read through the thread before answering..

sstrams2308/13/2020 04:20AM

  Whoa! That is REALLY cool about your Grandfather.

Ramgator1608/13/2020 08:59AM

  Yeah I'm sure he had some..

sstrams1608/13/2020 10:08AM

  SURVIVED a Russian Gulag??? Say no more.

Ramgator1808/13/2020 11:17AM

  Yeah, but they let him go..

sstrams2108/13/2020 11:37AM

  OK finished Ozark

ferragamo795508/09/2020 06:38PM

  Re: OK finished Ozark

SeattleRam3508/09/2020 07:13PM

  That last episode!!

Ramgator2808/10/2020 04:33AM

  Re: OK finished Ozark

21Dog3008/10/2020 05:07AM

  Re: OK finished Ozark

waterfield2408/12/2020 08:00AM

  Watching Outlander with my wife now

ferragamo793508/10/2020 05:34AM

  Dinna fash Ferragamo

Atlantic Ram3208/11/2020 10:03PM

  EarthRoamer your $700k post zombie apocalypse ride

SeattleRam4908/08/2020 04:58AM

  that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for

ferragamo792408/08/2020 02:57PM

  They make a much larger one...

SeattleRam2408/08/2020 03:35PM

  I'd rather have this... Attachments

JamesJM3008/08/2020 04:38PM

  Re: I'd rather have this...

RAMbler2408/10/2020 01:07PM

  ....and yes!...

RAMbler1708/10/2020 01:08PM


ferragamo792508/11/2020 06:51AM

  Re: except

SeattleRam2008/11/2020 03:00PM

  I'm not, as a rule, the cocky type...

JamesJM2608/11/2020 03:46PM

  If this was actually Colin Cowherd.. I now officially HATE him...

JamesJM7408/10/2020 04:09PM

  them's fightin' words

21Dog2908/10/2020 04:34PM

  Re: If this was actually Colin Cowherd.. I now officially HATE him...

zn2808/10/2020 09:18PM

  I say "WORSE"!!! You have my permission....

Ramgator2108/11/2020 04:16AM

  Big Ten cancels football season......nm

IowaRam3208/10/2020 01:44PM

  I actually hope the SEC follows.

Ramgator2608/10/2020 02:45PM

  Its real

SeattleRam2908/10/2020 04:23PM

  Any of you old timers want to sell me your turntable

ferragamo796508/08/2020 02:55PM

  I have a Marantz..

sstrams2908/08/2020 03:02PM

  Speaking of music....

JamesJM3908/09/2020 07:52AM

  I hardly ever listen to music anymore..

sstrams2308/09/2020 08:07AM

  Get this... you'll like this....

JamesJM2208/09/2020 08:17AM

  That would be fun..

sstrams1908/09/2020 10:00AM

  Maybe you can attend.... :)

JamesJM2108/09/2020 10:08AM

  Trying to get Floyd to play with us...

JamesJM2208/09/2020 11:43AM

  Yeah, you could do a live feed on facebook..

sstrams2108/09/2020 01:31PM

  Yup, that's what we're looking into...

JamesJM1708/09/2020 01:44PM

  Yeah, I'd never wanna live stream a show..

sstrams1908/09/2020 02:13PM

  Yeah, but I think you're not quite with me here...

JamesJM2208/09/2020 02:19PM

  Ok cool..

sstrams2108/09/2020 02:27PM

  Making some headway... but yikes...

JamesJM2108/10/2020 08:48AM

  Yeah, should be cool..

sstrams2008/10/2020 10:17AM

  listen to music 24/7

ferragamo792608/09/2020 06:36PM

  Re: Any of you old timers want to sell me your turntable

waterfield3708/08/2020 07:26PM

  I just like saying oldtimer

ferragamo792208/09/2020 06:37PM

  What's the opposite of "oldtimer"

waterfield2408/09/2020 07:13PM

  I see Walmart is selling old albums

IowaRam3108/09/2020 08:49AM

  I still have all mine..

sstrams2508/09/2020 10:01AM

  I know crazy

ferragamo792908/09/2020 10:01AM

  Technically I had a shark attack yesterday..

sstrams6708/08/2020 02:42PM

  Good thing you didn't get the other 299. . .nm.

RAMbeau1708/08/2020 03:46PM

  Yup, it counts...

JamesJM2108/08/2020 03:58PM

  Yeah, but here's the thing..

sstrams2308/08/2020 05:58PM

  ..and the Sea Shepherd bracelet...

sstrams2108/08/2020 05:51PM

  He could not have attacked you.

Ramgator2508/09/2020 04:31AM


sstrams2108/09/2020 06:29AM

  Re: True..

Headslap752308/09/2020 05:43PM

  No, I've been lucky, '75..

sstrams1908/10/2020 05:03AM

  Who was my Mandalorian buddy, was that you Iowa?

JamesJM4408/08/2020 06:36PM

  Yep , cant wait

IowaRam2708/09/2020 08:36AM

  I began rewatching all episodes yesterday...

JamesJM2508/09/2020 09:15AM

  Wish to hell I was in Sturgis right now...

JamesJM6608/08/2020 05:04PM

  I don't know Jimmy. . . .

RAMbeau3708/09/2020 05:22AM

  Excellent point... but...

JamesJM2808/09/2020 05:48AM

  If you go please pick up one of these

SeattleRam3208/09/2020 06:10AM

  Mid American Conference drops football - 2020

RAMbeau5108/08/2020 12:57PM

  Western Colorado...

JamesJM2408/08/2020 01:23PM

  The problem with that. . . .

RAMbeau2908/08/2020 01:36PM

  My grandson may have played his last game...

JamesJM3408/08/2020 02:29PM

  I feel bad for these kids. . . .

RAMbeau2608/08/2020 03:44PM

  yeah life is about moments

ferragamo792908/08/2020 04:08PM

  Re: My grandson may have played his last game...

waterfield2408/08/2020 07:22PM

  Oh, about being hard on their bodies...

JamesJM2408/08/2020 02:33PM

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