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  Iowa or anyone....Has there been any rumors on the Tom Hanks project.."Mighty Eighth"?

Ramgator3304/18/2022 03:20PM

  It's finished filming

IowaRam3104/18/2022 04:43PM

  VERY cool! Thanks for the info! nm

Ramgator1804/19/2022 05:39AM

  NL West is just on FIRE!

NewMexicoRam3504/17/2022 06:41PM

  Happy Easter!

ferragamo793704/17/2022 07:17AM

  Happy Easter!! We started our day with a Sunrise Service.

Ramgator2004/17/2022 07:21AM

  Easter.. There is not a bigger example of "take one for the team"!

Ramgator2504/17/2022 07:22AM

  Re: Easter.. There is not a bigger example of "take one for the team"!

waterfield2504/17/2022 07:47AM

  Happy Easter Todd....

JamesJM3104/17/2022 10:04AM

  thanks Jimmy - on a side note

ferragamo793604/17/2022 10:48AM

  wow, nice inheritance...

JamesJM2104/17/2022 11:05AM

  some land and houses would be nice

ferragamo792404/17/2022 05:01PM

  Re: thanks Jimmy - on a side note

MamaRAMa4604/17/2022 11:46AM

  everything Mama

ferragamo792404/17/2022 05:00PM

  Nick Saban on College Football's dangerous path

waterfield5404/17/2022 08:18AM

  You're just not much of a 'good news' person, are you?

JamesJM2604/17/2022 10:21AM

  Well... It IS a fact! NCAA BETTER get a freaking grip!

Ramgator1904/17/2022 10:29AM

  The earth will soon explode and we'll all die

waterfield3504/17/2022 03:07PM

  Retired but STILL getting pissed in Fireman mode. My poor neighbor.

Ramgator21204/17/2022 11:53AM

  Admins. Can you move this to Bucky's? Thanks!

Ramgator4404/17/2022 12:03PM

  Supreme court confirmation hearings literally be like

SeattleRam4604/17/2022 07:12AM

  I can breathe again....

JamesJM5704/15/2022 11:15AM

  Re: I can breathe again....

waterfield4204/15/2022 11:24AM

  It runs in the family...

JamesJM3104/15/2022 11:41AM

  No thank you (nm)

waterfield1704/15/2022 12:12PM

  My wife talked non-stop about jumping..

sstrams2804/15/2022 12:59PM

  I've got 29 jumps. Like the Jump Master said on my very first one.

Ramgator2604/15/2022 04:22PM

  Lemme tell ya about GUTS! My Brother HATED heights.

Ramgator1904/15/2022 04:31PM

  Re: I can breathe again....

SeattleRam2604/16/2022 03:18AM

  Video. This may not work

JamesJM3304/16/2022 07:33AM

  And a photo... Attachments

JamesJM2504/16/2022 06:06PM

  Welll...CRAP! Gotta wait till Monday afternoon for my CT Scan results.

Ramgator3504/15/2022 09:30AM

  Hate it when that happens..

sstrams2304/15/2022 10:35AM

  I'm getting good vibes too but......

Ramgator1704/15/2022 10:54AM

  Google will care the hell out of you..

sstrams2104/15/2022 01:02PM

  Wait a minute.

waterfield2704/15/2022 12:11PM

  Doesn't matter till the Doctor reviews it.

Ramgator2004/15/2022 04:19PM


waterfield2004/16/2022 10:52AM

  I just might. nm

Ramgator1504/16/2022 02:56PM


waterfield4704/15/2022 08:40AM

  Messerschmitt KR175

SeattleRam4304/15/2022 04:12AM

  I want to say I've seen those..

sstrams3204/15/2022 04:18AM

  Re: I want to say I've seen those..

SeattleRam3004/15/2022 05:19AM

  You Dodger fans. Been hearing about Security getting TOO tough with fans??

Ramgator4404/15/2022 05:04AM

  If any of you have $36 million laying around....

SeattleRam6404/14/2022 02:32AM

  Re: If any of you have $36 million laying around....

ScRAM2904/14/2022 04:59AM

  If I did have it, I still would not want a house like that.

Ramgator3604/14/2022 01:16PM

  Re: If I did have it, I still would not want a house like that.

MamaRAMa3504/14/2022 02:22PM

  When I was a kid...

JamesJM3904/14/2022 03:28PM

  YAY!!! I get to drink two bottles of Barium!!

Ramgator27704/13/2022 09:44AM

  Good luck man

Speedball896904/13/2022 09:46AM

  Is that the stuff..

sstrams7704/13/2022 09:52AM

  Re: YAY!!! I get to drink two bottles of Barium!!

Thirtymac, The Intrepid Ram5904/13/2022 11:51AM

  Re: YAY!!! I get to drink two bottles of Barium!!

ABQRam4604/13/2022 01:47PM

  Thanks for the kind words and I meant to post this on Bucky's.

Ramgator3904/13/2022 02:44PM

  Re: YAY!!! I get to drink two bottles of Barium!!

george_allen4004/13/2022 03:48PM

  Just chugged bottle #1. Taste like Milk of Magnesia with a hint of orange.

Ramgator3504/13/2022 03:54PM

  Re: Just chugged bottle #1. Taste like Milk of Magnesia with a hint of orange.

george_allen3604/13/2022 03:58PM

  This is different from the Colonoscopy stuff.

Ramgator4504/13/2022 04:49PM

  Tom Petty said it best..... The waiting is the hardest part.

Ramgator2204/14/2022 01:14PM

  Funerals... this has to be the worst year for me... ever....

JamesJM7504/10/2022 11:13AM

  Yeah, its a bit overwhelming..

sstrams4404/10/2022 12:19PM

  My Grandfather told me in June 1978. There's nothing worse than getting older...

Ramgator3404/11/2022 04:55AM

  he said that to a 10 year old kid

ferragamo792704/12/2022 04:50PM

  He was hurting. Besides......

Ramgator2104/13/2022 06:51AM

  I feel you

21Dog2604/11/2022 05:15AM

  As we age

waterfield2404/13/2022 03:23PM

  I get that but.....

Ramgator1904/13/2022 04:02PM

  Elton coming to Dodger Stadium and Levi Stadium..

JamesJM5704/08/2022 04:16PM

  $500 by the stage is a bargain..

sstrams3804/08/2022 04:45PM

  I'm confused by what I'm seeing...

JamesJM4704/08/2022 05:36PM

  I'd have to see a diagram..

sstrams3704/09/2022 04:58AM

  Sorry, little late in replying....

JamesJM2204/10/2022 11:20AM

  We passed when he came here.

Ramgator2904/10/2022 10:30AM

  Thanks to Ticketmaster, I am all but done with concerts.

Ramgator2504/10/2022 10:33AM

  I'd just like to see the Dodgers show up in any game this year.

NewMexicoRam2704/11/2022 08:21AM


waterfield2704/11/2022 08:34AM

  Pollack was not good IMHO

ferragamo791804/12/2022 04:49PM

  Man alive !

waterfield1604/13/2022 03:19PM

  The Wolf Man is on Svengoolie tonight

IowaRam4504/09/2022 12:44PM

  WMT-TV Cedar Rapids Iowa switches from B&W to color on the air for the first time

IowaRam3804/09/2022 01:18PM

  The Wolfman was always my favorite...

RAMbler1704/13/2022 02:29PM

  Svengoolie is a HOOT! I love the dry / silly humor and...

Ramgator1504/13/2022 02:47PM

  Karloff / Frankenstein was always my favorite of the Universal Monsters...

Ramgator1504/13/2022 02:49PM

  Did some research on poor ol Karloff. During most of his career....

Ramgator1304/13/2022 02:52PM

  Anyone recall the mid 1960s Karloff flick... "Die Monster Die"??

Ramgator1804/13/2022 02:56PM

  Just heard Comic, Gilbert Gottfried passed away at 67! That sucks!

Ramgator4304/12/2022 11:12AM

  definitely an acquired taste

21Dog2904/12/2022 12:36PM

  Re: definitely an acquired taste

MamaRAMa2904/12/2022 04:51PM

  I love Comics but I can see why people could not like him.

Ramgator2204/13/2022 06:46AM

  thats to bad

IowaRam3104/12/2022 12:38PM

  Maybe we can't change our stripes... I like Superman...

JamesJM5004/11/2022 08:42PM

  As a kid...

sstrams3704/12/2022 07:17AM

  That kind of surprises me

IowaRam3204/12/2022 01:10PM

  All that was, imo, on top..

sstrams3404/12/2022 01:34PM

  I'm with you...

JamesJM2504/12/2022 03:25PM

  Never got into Superman .

IowaRam1704/12/2022 12:59PM

  WTF is wrong with INACTION with front desks at Drs Offices???

Ramgator4804/12/2022 11:09AM

  Got another 2 day suspension from facebook..

sstrams8604/10/2022 08:58AM

  Re: Got another 2 day suspension from facebook..

IowaRam6804/10/2022 09:12AM

  No doubt... free speech is dead in this country..

sstrams4704/10/2022 01:12PM

  Not sure who "they" is, Steve

waterfield4704/10/2022 03:18PM

  I'm betting "They" is Society in general.

Ramgator2704/11/2022 05:02AM

  IMO that's a natural progression due to population

waterfield3004/11/2022 08:40AM

  So I looked up authoritarian society..

sstrams2704/11/2022 09:11AM

  Seattle... my fellow Ferrari fans going to be celebrating at season's end?

JamesJM5904/06/2022 10:44AM

  Re: Seattle... my fellow Ferrari fans going to be celebrating at season's end?

SeattleRam3704/06/2022 12:35PM

  Qualifying Highlights | 2022 Australian Grand Prix

SeattleRam1904/09/2022 03:49AM

  Re: Seattle... my fellow Ferrari fans going to be celebrating at season's end?

SeattleRam3004/09/2022 01:36PM

  Anybody remember this commercial ?

IowaRam7504/07/2022 12:41PM

  No, but I remember this one..

sstrams4104/07/2022 01:17PM

  Re: Anybody remember this commercial ?

SeattleRam3104/07/2022 03:09PM

  My Wife and I watched a documentary on The Carpenters some time ago.

Ramgator2504/08/2022 03:46AM

  Wonder where that kid is now?

roman182904/09/2022 06:19AM

  Mama...Tonight's " The Walton's" sorta hit a connection close to home.

Ramgator3804/08/2022 03:24PM

  Re: Mama...Tonight's " The Walton's" sorta hit a connection close to home.

MamaRAMa3804/08/2022 08:31PM

  Looking forward to "The Ghost Story" in Season #2.

Ramgator3704/09/2022 04:43AM

  P Stew's Cowboy Classics

IowaRam3404/08/2022 04:10PM

  Re: P Stew's Cowboy Classics

SeattleRam2504/08/2022 09:10PM

  Too hilarious not to share... also too embarrassing....

JamesJM7004/08/2022 09:09AM


sstrams2104/08/2022 12:21PM

  Glad you got a laugh....

JamesJM3504/08/2022 12:35PM

  great story nm

21Dog2504/08/2022 03:06PM

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