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  GRRRR!! Been putting it off but I think a new stove is REAL close.

Ramgator2609/02/2022 04:07AM

  What kind of stove is it?

sstrams2709/02/2022 04:19AM

  Spiral. Thing is, I believe it's a sensor and not the burner.nm

Ramgator2609/02/2022 04:26AM

  Just watched Xanadu with my Wife.

Ramgator5008/30/2022 04:07PM

  watched it in the theater as a kid

ferragamo791309/01/2022 04:39PM

  I looked it up. It was released on 8 Aug 1980.

Ramgator1609/02/2022 04:03AM

  Finally saw Top Gun Maverick....

JamesJM6408/31/2022 09:39AM

  I need to see it again..

sstrams2408/31/2022 09:59AM

  I knew nothing about this...

JamesJM1508/31/2022 10:02AM

  Yes, the original Jaws..

sstrams1208/31/2022 10:11AM

  Sort of off topic....

JamesJM1208/31/2022 10:16AM

  I would hafta see it..

sstrams1208/31/2022 10:20AM

  Yeah, I read where he said that....

JamesJM1308/31/2022 10:38AM

  Gator's favorite line in Jaws..

sstrams1308/31/2022 10:42AM

  I've read that....

JamesJM1508/31/2022 10:45AM

  I think MY favorite line from Jaws is Quint.

Ramgator1408/31/2022 02:19PM

  One of my favorite lines..

sstrams1908/31/2022 02:24PM

  I don't know... but like to say...

JamesJM1408/31/2022 02:34PM

  I didn't recognize the name, so I looked him up...

sstrams1308/31/2022 02:39PM

  When you go to the theater, are you gonna wear your....

Ramgator3008/31/2022 10:20AM

  Now I hafta fly to Florida..

sstrams1008/31/2022 10:28AM

  Here's my latest movie cool thingy.. Attachments

sstrams3008/31/2022 10:27AM

  Re: Finally saw Top Gun Maverick....

MamaRAMa4008/31/2022 04:50PM

  just saw him in a movie where they didn't do that...

JamesJM3608/31/2022 05:10PM

  Some behind the scenes stuff

IowaRam1609/01/2022 12:54PM

  The not Russian Sukhoi Su-57

IowaRam1709/01/2022 01:06PM

  At least they were real planes..

sstrams1209/01/2022 01:23PM

  Re: At least they were real planes..

IowaRam1409/01/2022 01:30PM

  Using F-18 instead of the new F-35

IowaRam1509/01/2022 01:24PM

  My guess is that they used the.. (spoiler alert!)

sstrams1809/01/2022 01:44PM

  more spoilers

IowaRam1309/01/2022 02:16PM

  I got my planes mixed up..

sstrams1209/01/2022 02:22PM

  Can't wait to see it

SeattleRam3908/31/2022 07:29PM

  me too....haven't seen it watched the original

ferragamo792209/01/2022 04:33PM

  Watching The Delta Force with ol Chuck Norris!

Ramgator2209/01/2022 02:36PM

  Youth football cancelled this weekend due to heat...

JamesJM5008/31/2022 03:15PM

  Happened at Florida Field (The Swamp) in the mid 80s.

Ramgator3309/01/2022 12:21PM

  Artemis I Launch to the Moon

SeattleRam6208/29/2022 01:20AM

  Re: Artemis I Launch to the Moon

SeattleRam2308/29/2022 01:46AM

  Looking like its gonna be scrubed....

SeattleRam4108/29/2022 03:00AM

  Bang mechanics is the universal fix..

sstrams4408/29/2022 03:14AM

  Before they scrubbed it, Mr Spock told NASA ...

Ramgator2308/29/2022 08:47AM

  I do recall the line...

sstrams2208/29/2022 08:54AM

  You got it!!!!

Ramgator2008/29/2022 02:01PM

  That's hilarious..

sstrams1808/29/2022 02:03PM

  I'M over due for a Bingeathon.

Ramgator2008/29/2022 02:07PM

  Talk about a Star Trek episode that'd would freak out people today! Do you recall..

Ramgator2208/29/2022 02:15PM

  Yeah, definitely remember that episode..

sstrams1908/29/2022 02:17PM

  LOL "Tronya"!!!!

Ramgator2008/29/2022 02:48PM

  OH!!! OH!!! You HAVE to go to Youtube and look up Clint Howard / Shatner Roast.

Ramgator2008/29/2022 02:49PM

  That IS classic..

sstrams1908/29/2022 02:57PM

  Also check out the Youtube vid of "The Sci Fi Channel Special on Corbomite Manuever.

Ramgator1808/29/2022 03:01PM

  I'll hafta look it up..

sstrams1908/29/2022 03:02PM

  LOLOL My first 8 years on the job (JFRD)..

Ramgator1908/29/2022 02:05PM

  I should have known...

JamesJM4208/29/2022 03:30AM

  I'm glad it was scrubbed today!

Ramgator2208/29/2022 08:45AM

  Re: Artemis I Launch to the Moon

SeattleRam3409/01/2022 03:50AM

  SO glad they are FINALLY gonna fix her up nice.... USS Texas. Attachments

Ramgator2908/31/2022 02:13PM

  Man, Last of his tribe dies in Brazil

SeattleRam7708/29/2022 02:19PM

  Poor dude..

sstrams4608/29/2022 02:23PM

  Re: Poor dude..

SeattleRam3808/29/2022 10:15PM

  I think there's still a..

sstrams3908/30/2022 02:05AM

  New Guinea is probably the site of most...

JamesJM2108/30/2022 06:02AM

  Plus they mighta killed everyone off..

sstrams1808/30/2022 06:46AM

  You have Apple TV?

JamesJM2008/30/2022 06:57AM

  Wow! Attachments

sstrams2108/30/2022 07:10AM

  I remember reading that.....

JamesJM2208/30/2022 07:17AM

  Re: New Guinea is probably the site of most...

RAMbler2108/30/2022 08:40AM

  No doubt a reason I'm on this board today....

JamesJM2208/30/2022 09:40AM

  I don't seek danger..

sstrams1708/30/2022 10:25AM

  One thing I have always feared....

JamesJM2108/30/2022 11:37AM

  I don't think its a case of ocean critters..

sstrams2008/30/2022 12:28PM

  Re: Poor dude..

MamaRAMa4008/30/2022 04:28AM

  How bout Hiroo Onoda? He was the last Japanese Soldier to surrender.

Ramgator2308/30/2022 05:57AM

  Yup, amazing story that...

JamesJM1808/30/2022 06:06AM

  Had to thin out my dvd collection....

Arkansas Ram7108/29/2022 06:36PM

  Movies and music slowly disappearing

ferragamo792508/30/2022 08:32AM

  Same here..

sstrams2008/30/2022 08:37AM

  Has anyone seen a Stink Bug in recent years?

Ramgator3808/29/2022 02:34PM

  They're still here in Texas..

sstrams2108/29/2022 02:37PM

  Fireflies. Hard to find in Florida but...

Ramgator1908/29/2022 02:41PM

  Yeah, I'm sure if I got out in the country..

sstrams1908/29/2022 02:44PM

  These guys. Attachments

Ramgator2508/29/2022 02:38PM

  LOLOLOLOLOL Circa 1973-74..I was playing with my G.I. Joe....

Ramgator2008/29/2022 02:43PM

  Yup.. see those all the time here..

sstrams1808/29/2022 02:45PM

  I have NEVER EVER smelled anything from them. They or...

Ramgator1708/29/2022 02:58PM

  no joke....yesterday

ferragamo791908/29/2022 03:24PM

  OH GEESH! The Wife is watching a Hallmark tear jerker!

Ramgator5508/29/2022 03:04PM

  Family football tradition coming to an end... Attachments

JamesJM6608/29/2022 04:01AM

  The Lakenheath Lancers.... England vs Germany

JamesJM2408/29/2022 04:14AM

  Re: The Lakenheath Lancers.... England vs Germany

MamaRAMa2008/29/2022 02:14PM

  I'm not sure....

JamesJM2008/29/2022 02:29PM

  Going to be a tough year BUT....

JamesJM8008/26/2022 10:48PM

  That was an impressive run...

sstrams3808/27/2022 05:02AM

  I'm sure it's the same across the USA.....

JamesJM2508/27/2022 07:22AM

  I believe that..

sstrams3708/27/2022 08:32AM

  I fear, Steve... we're about to face that....

JamesJM2508/27/2022 08:46AM

  Oh yeah, definitely..

sstrams2408/27/2022 11:14AM

  Almost every person living in Kerman...

JamesJM2908/27/2022 12:40PM

  Well, that's the only game..

sstrams2508/27/2022 01:55PM

  And Saturday's game... video

JamesJM4308/28/2022 01:02PM

  Ooops, I meant 'Moose'...

JamesJM2508/28/2022 01:10PM

  Moose on the loose nm

21Dog2308/28/2022 04:32PM

  Hehe, never thought of that. (nm)

JamesJM2208/28/2022 04:41PM

  Any of your towns having School Bus Driver shortages??

Ramgator7508/16/2022 08:29AM

  Our school system is a complete mess right now..

sstrams5208/16/2022 08:44AM

  Re: Any of your towns having School Bus Driver shortages??

MamaRAMa3908/16/2022 09:06AM

  Re: Any of your towns having School Bus Driver shortages?? Attachments

RAMbler4108/16/2022 09:27AM

  BINGO!!!! nm

Ramgator2508/16/2022 01:55PM

  I KNOW I have said it 1,879,354 times.....Being a Firefighter was an eye opener.

Ramgator2808/16/2022 03:34PM

  You nailed that one..

sstrams3008/16/2022 02:03PM

  Tragically that's no joke....

JamesJM3508/16/2022 02:16PM

  Re: Tragically that's no joke....

21Dog2808/16/2022 03:08PM

  About 14 years ago, my youngest Son was having trouble with reading.

Ramgator2708/16/2022 03:26PM

  I agree James...

RAMbler3208/19/2022 09:29AM

  Nice story...

JamesJM2908/19/2022 10:27AM

  Re: Nice story...

RAMbler2908/19/2022 12:06PM

  That depends on districts

waterfield2808/22/2022 09:31PM


JamesJM3408/16/2022 11:25AM

  K-12 shortages everywhere

ferragamo792708/22/2022 03:40PM

  Re: Any of your towns having School Bus Driver shortages??

SeattleRam3008/25/2022 08:57AM

  USED to be very common to see DECADES long Bus Drivers.

Ramgator2708/28/2022 05:05AM

  Van Halen: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar

ferragamo796608/24/2022 05:10PM

  DLR all the way..

sstrams3508/25/2022 02:35AM

  I agree Hagar can sing so much better

ferragamo793508/25/2022 05:42PM

  I would hafta check the song credits, but..

sstrams3708/26/2022 04:28AM

  think Eddie started to lose it at the end

ferragamo793608/26/2022 04:17PM

  Yeah, I heard a bit about that..

sstrams4108/26/2022 04:55PM

  You'll like this... your era of music....

JamesJM3508/27/2022 07:28AM

  Yes sir.. that era was all about..

sstrams3208/27/2022 08:28AM

  As I've mentioned before...

JamesJM3408/27/2022 08:49AM

  That's pretty typical..

sstrams3108/27/2022 11:10AM

  I know I'm in the minority

SeattleRam3808/25/2022 08:45AM

  I never saw the heated debate over this. I think BOTH had some good stuff.

Ramgator3208/25/2022 09:46AM

  The Lords Of Flatbush (1974)

SeattleRam4208/26/2022 08:15PM

  Am I growing up?

sstrams7008/24/2022 12:15PM

  If you are I cannot imagine a worse decision in life....

JamesJM3508/24/2022 01:31PM

  Heaven on Earth is September 2, 2022....

sstrams2208/24/2022 01:43PM

  That date set off bells in my head...

JamesJM2808/24/2022 01:50PM


sstrams2508/24/2022 02:05PM

  @ SST

ferragamo792408/24/2022 05:13PM

  Oh yeah..

sstrams1908/25/2022 02:25AM

  If you are like me, you might be burnt out on your favorites??

Ramgator2608/25/2022 09:56AM

  I totally get that..

sstrams2308/25/2022 10:04AM

  I am rather lucky in that way....

JamesJM2808/25/2022 12:12PM

  I'm not nearly that cultured..

sstrams2708/25/2022 12:35PM

  That's ok with me...

JamesJM2608/25/2022 02:00PM

  Yeah, my wife and your wife..

sstrams2608/25/2022 02:29PM

  Had a Lt on the Fire Dept who loved music. He was about 5-6 years older than me.

Ramgator2608/26/2022 08:46AM

  I'm not a blues fan, either..

sstrams2908/26/2022 08:52AM

  Re: Had a Lt on the Fire Dept who loved music. He was about 5-6 years older than me.

MamaRAMa3908/26/2022 12:21PM

  Funny thing with me and Disco. I used to HAAAAATE it!

Ramgator3308/26/2022 02:01PM

  did you make the list? Birthdays.

JamesJM5608/25/2022 09:24AM

  Nope.. about a week off..

sstrams2508/25/2022 09:40AM

  I don't own my B'Day....

JamesJM2708/25/2022 09:50AM

  Same here..

sstrams3008/25/2022 10:05AM

  Jerry Allison RIP... last member of the Crickets....

JamesJM4208/25/2022 09:10AM

  It was only 20-22 years ago that I realized Waylon Jennings was one.

Ramgator2308/25/2022 09:43AM

  I miss riding my bike to baseball practice circa 1976

ferragamo795008/24/2022 05:15PM

  Any advice for crappy energy ? I just turned 55 in June....

Ramgator7408/22/2022 10:18AM

  Surrender to it...

JamesJM4008/22/2022 10:51AM


Ramgator2908/22/2022 11:41AM

  B-12 does nothing for me..

sstrams2808/22/2022 12:36PM

  No, not to me either....

JamesJM2608/22/2022 02:20PM

  Re: Any advice for crappy energy ? I just turned 55 in June....

SeattleRam4908/22/2022 01:52PM

  In all seriousness... naps....

JamesJM4008/22/2022 01:55PM

  Naps are hit or miss with me.

Ramgator3708/22/2022 03:28PM

  key is short naps

ferragamo793708/22/2022 03:37PM

  I think you are right.

Ramgator2408/23/2022 03:55AM

  Be thankful...

sstrams2608/23/2022 06:16AM

  I used to NEVER EVER fall asleep in the day unless I was VERY sick.

Ramgator2608/23/2022 07:43AM

  Yeah my previous job was like that..

sstrams4008/23/2022 02:54PM

  What makes Firefighting so dangerous is not what most people think.

Ramgator2708/24/2022 05:32AM

  One thing that MIGHT be an issue..... Since about a month before I retired in June of last year..

Ramgator3408/22/2022 03:33PM

  Gotta say.... Going to bed last night at 8:55 was a good call.

Ramgator3608/23/2022 03:57AM

  Might have mentioned that Anthony McCoy is one of our coaches...

JamesJM7308/20/2022 09:06AM

  Also - going to be 108 degrees at kickoff today...

JamesJM3908/20/2022 09:11AM

  Re: Also - going to be 108 degrees at kickoff today...

waterfield4108/20/2022 09:39AM

  How we survived...

JamesJM3908/21/2022 04:19AM

  they surely could relax that water rule for the first couple of games

21Dog2808/21/2022 05:11AM

  I really think they should do an overhaul of football season here..

JamesJM2008/21/2022 05:45AM

  the earlier and earlier starts to the school here......

21Dog2308/21/2022 05:50AM

  Couldn't agree more....

JamesJM2108/21/2022 05:55AM

  Re: misters-swim meets

waterfield2408/21/2022 09:22AM

  I'm surprised...

JamesJM2208/21/2022 09:50AM

  Re: I'm surprised...

waterfield2308/21/2022 10:26AM

  All of that is available, and more...

JamesJM2408/21/2022 10:36AM

  When I attended H.S. (Dorsey)

waterfield2208/21/2022 04:22PM

  how 'bout them Lions??

21Dog3608/21/2022 05:10AM

  LOL, yeah... I score all the games on MaxPreps...

JamesJM2108/21/2022 05:39AM

  Bakersfield High might be.......

21Dog3908/21/2022 05:52AM

  Yeah, that makes sense...

JamesJM3608/21/2022 05:54AM

  Re: Yeah, that makes sense...

21Dog3808/21/2022 06:03AM

  Don't know his stats...

JamesJM2608/22/2022 09:43AM

  and in youth football... on the Juniors...

JamesJM2608/22/2022 11:23AM

  Virgina Patton, RIP....

JamesJM7408/22/2022 09:11AM

  The Old Man (FX series)

SeattleRam6008/20/2022 02:20PM

  Re: The Old Man (FX series)

MamaRAMa3808/20/2022 02:22PM

  we watched it all from the first episode

21Dog3508/20/2022 02:43PM

  Mayans M.C.

SeattleRam4008/20/2022 03:26PM

  liked SOA better, but.....

21Dog3708/20/2022 03:38PM

  The Dogs

SeattleRam3808/20/2022 09:06PM

  A great series

waterfield5108/21/2022 04:25PM

  Talking coffee again... ya won't believe this one...

JamesJM6508/15/2022 12:25PM

  Yeah, not a coffee guy, either..

sstrams3408/15/2022 12:37PM

  As a sweet tea guy...

JamesJM2608/15/2022 12:56PM

  I've never had it..

sstrams2708/15/2022 01:36PM

  what Italian doesn't drink coffee

ferragamo794108/20/2022 06:48PM

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