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  As Soccer returns in Europe an interesting stat emerges

RamUK12006/19/2020 06:52AM

  Re: As Soccer returns in Europe an interesting stat emerges

MamaRAMa3306/19/2020 07:02AM

  Yeah, I don't get that...

JamesJM2706/19/2020 10:40AM

  Re: Yeah, I don't get that...

MamaRAMa1506/19/2020 02:28PM

  One big difference. . .

RAMbeau2306/19/2020 02:45PM

  "Super Flush" test

SeattleRam2906/19/2020 06:47AM

  Really been in a "Molly Hatchet" mood of late...

SeattleRam6406/10/2020 07:42AM

  Not to be a downer..

sstrams4506/10/2020 09:16AM

  Re: Not to be a downer..

SeattleRam2906/10/2020 04:08PM

  Yea , passed away from diabetes I believe

IowaRam2906/10/2020 05:19PM

  Dang.. all the singers have passed?

sstrams2406/11/2020 04:00AM

  On a couple of occasions, my Brother and I..

Ramgator2306/10/2020 11:35AM

  Re: On a couple of occasions, my Brother and I..

SeattleRam2006/10/2020 08:12PM

  You just made me smile.

Ramgator2106/18/2020 12:32PM

  just talking with my son about Molly Hatchet today

ferragamo792706/10/2020 03:39PM

  my new "friend" is the midwest event coordinator for Molly hatchet

Deadpool2106/11/2020 08:48AM

  Saw them back in the early days....

roman182006/11/2020 09:00AM

  Saw them in 1980

SeattleRam2006/12/2020 02:03AM

  Was just reading about how they got their name

SeattleRam2806/18/2020 02:08PM

  Hey Deadpool...............get your very own talking Deadpool Head

IowaRam4106/16/2020 04:53PM

  I'll never write about pets again... cats...

JamesJM8606/10/2020 08:29PM

  Very sorry James...

SeattleRam2406/10/2020 09:41PM

  'thanks... never thought a cat...

JamesJM2606/11/2020 12:31AM

  I'm so sorry, Jimmy...

sstrams1806/11/2020 03:59AM

  sorry to hear that, Jimmy nm

21Dog1406/11/2020 04:49AM

  RIP Luna.... Sorry James.

JoeMad1806/11/2020 07:41AM

  It's tough brother.....losing anybody/thing.....

roman181606/11/2020 08:55AM

  Sorry to hear that James....

sacram3406/11/2020 02:03PM

  Re: I'll never write about pets again... cats...

AlbaNY_Ram2206/11/2020 03:09PM

  Re: I'll never write about pets again... cats...

zn1706/11/2020 03:49PM

  So sorry. I know how you feel.

Ramgator1906/12/2020 07:23AM

  Not to get too deep into this..

sstrams1806/12/2020 07:38AM

  We don't know what happened, Steve...

JamesJM1706/12/2020 11:05AM

  I'm so sorry, man..

sstrams1606/12/2020 11:36AM

  Not to pull a tear jerker on ya, but explain this to me...

JamesJM1806/12/2020 04:41PM

  That would be my guess..

sstrams2906/12/2020 05:09PM

  The story continues....

JamesJM1906/14/2020 07:27PM

  My guess there is that Kylo..

sstrams2106/15/2020 08:12AM

  I didn't think of that, that's brilliant...

JamesJM1806/15/2020 11:04AM

  Its possible...

sstrams1406/15/2020 02:52PM

  I have little experience with Beagles...

JamesJM1606/15/2020 04:29PM

  If they have a rule they live by its.. Attachments

sstrams1706/16/2020 04:04AM

  sorry buddy

ferragamo791406/13/2020 11:33AM

  Re: I'll never write about pets again... cats...

Crazylegs1506/14/2020 12:27PM

  MLB this year?

NewMexicoRam5006/13/2020 05:42PM

  it's disgusting.......

21Dog3306/14/2020 06:38AM

  Re: MLB this year?

AlbaNY_Ram3306/14/2020 06:52AM

  Re: MLB this year?

waterfield3406/14/2020 08:17AM

  Re: MLB this year?

AlbaNY_Ram2006/14/2020 10:00AM

  Re: MLB this year?

waterfield1706/14/2020 10:04AM

  Re: MLB this year?

AlbaNY_Ram2306/14/2020 10:34AM

  Re: MLB this year?

waterfield2006/14/2020 12:16PM

  Re: MLB this year?

AlbaNY_Ram2706/14/2020 12:42PM

  Re: MLB this year?

waterfield2306/14/2020 01:55PM

  Re: MLB this year?

AlbaNY_Ram1906/14/2020 02:15PM

  Re: MLB this year?

waterfield2106/14/2020 08:33PM

  are they going to finish the NBA season?

ferragamo792006/14/2020 08:18AM

  Saw a good series on Prime!

Crazylegs4206/14/2020 12:23PM

  Big J.K. Simmons fan

SeattleRam1706/14/2020 07:26PM

  See the movie the highwaymen?

JamesJM4206/11/2020 12:27AM

  no, but I've listened to them

21Dog2806/11/2020 04:46AM

  I like you, 21...

sstrams2106/11/2020 05:25AM

  Re: I like you, 21...

21Dog2006/11/2020 10:20AM

  Takes lots of practice..

sstrams1906/11/2020 11:09AM

  The Highwaymen was very good

IowaRam2106/11/2020 01:23PM


Ramgator1806/14/2020 03:32PM

  My finished USS Hornet Attachments

Ramgator6106/11/2020 05:01PM


sstrams1606/12/2020 03:52AM

  Yes. Had the wavy camo pattern from just before Doolittle raid...

Ramgator1706/12/2020 05:53AM

  Nice! I'd LOVE to see..

sstrams2006/12/2020 06:17AM

  Was going to last night BUT........

Ramgator2006/12/2020 07:12AM

  Its all good, man..

sstrams2206/12/2020 07:41AM

  where are the planes?

ferragamo792406/12/2020 09:57AM

  15 TBDs of Torpedo Squadron #8 Attachments

Ramgator2706/12/2020 10:39AM

  Good close up Attachments

Ramgator2806/12/2020 10:51AM

  Super cool...

sstrams2406/12/2020 11:37AM


ferragamo792306/12/2020 02:54PM

  Re: My finished USS Hornet

Crazylegs2006/14/2020 12:29PM

  Can I drill into a battery

ferragamo794706/10/2020 03:45PM

  you might try white vinegar....

JamesJM2306/10/2020 03:50PM

  Try checking youtube

SeattleRam2706/10/2020 04:00PM

  Man, ain't THAT the truth...?

sstrams1806/11/2020 04:04AM

  You can drill into anything..

sstrams2306/11/2020 04:03AM

  got it in a pile of stuff a gsale....will give it a try

ferragamo791706/12/2020 02:57PM

  Re: Can I drill into a battery

JoeMad2706/11/2020 07:37AM

  in addition make decent weapon

ferragamo792206/12/2020 02:57PM

  I went to the store the other day and bought some Duracel batteries.

Ramgator2906/12/2020 03:59PM


RAMbeau2206/12/2020 04:03PM

  RIP Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters.

Ramgator3006/09/2020 01:49PM

  Re: RIP Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters.

SeattleRam1906/10/2020 11:00PM

  You know, when I watch MC 70s music on cable TV......

Ramgator1406/12/2020 09:39AM

  Been wanting to share this for a while. My SBD ride in Nov. Attachments

Ramgator5406/11/2020 05:11PM

  Great photo Ramgator (nm)

JamesJM1506/11/2020 07:23PM

  +1! (nm)

zn1106/12/2020 02:49AM

  How in Sam Hill did you fit in it?

sstrams1906/12/2020 03:50AM

  Even at 6'5", it had lots of room.

Ramgator1506/12/2020 05:55AM

  Like my car, I guess..

sstrams1506/12/2020 06:16AM

  F-16s are REALLY tight!

Ramgator1606/12/2020 07:14AM

  Yeah, they really are..

sstrams1606/12/2020 07:39AM

  good stuff nm

21Dog1106/12/2020 06:07AM

  Two guys go for a bike ride in India

SeattleRam8306/09/2020 03:29AM

  Well, that would wake you up..

sstrams2506/09/2020 04:55AM


ferragamo794106/09/2020 06:17AM

  Dude, its a trip..

sstrams3706/09/2020 07:33AM

  Yeah never been in that situation

ferragamo792706/09/2020 03:46PM

  I'm sure our Beagles..

sstrams2206/09/2020 04:32PM

  You jest... BUT

JamesJM3106/09/2020 05:53PM

  Re: You jest... BUT

waterfield2106/09/2020 06:01PM


JamesJM2306/09/2020 06:34PM

  Re: Bingo....

waterfield2206/09/2020 09:26PM

  domestication means genetic change

zn2206/10/2020 06:31PM

  Re: domestication means genetic change

waterfield2306/11/2020 09:20AM

  Re: domestication means genetic change

zn2306/11/2020 01:56PM

  Our Beagles aren't right, then..

sstrams1906/10/2020 03:45AM

  scariest encounter I ever had

SeattleRam2406/09/2020 11:34PM

  Dude, bears scare me WAY more than sharks..

sstrams1806/10/2020 03:46AM

  Re: Yeah never been in that situation

Aries2306/10/2020 06:37PM

  try this one

zn3106/09/2020 06:32PM

  Summer TV

MamaRAMa15505/19/2020 04:33AM

  another suggestion....

21Dog4905/19/2020 04:38AM

  Re: another suggestion....

MamaRAMa4205/19/2020 04:56AM

  any collection of classic Cardinal games....

21Dog3205/19/2020 05:02AM

  Re: any collection of classic Cardinal games....

MamaRAMa3405/19/2020 05:10AM

  Re: any collection of classic Cardinal games....

waterfield3005/19/2020 08:31AM

  I watched 2 of those classic games this last week...

JamesJM3605/19/2020 07:25AM

  Re: I watched 2 of those classic games this last week...

MamaRAMa3405/19/2020 07:55AM

  2011 World Series Game 6 is on ESPN tonight

MamaRAMa3205/19/2020 02:12PM

  Re: Summer TV

canadaram5605/19/2020 02:42PM

  Renting Star Trek Discovery from Netflix

BlueRidgeHorns3605/20/2020 02:54AM

  How much do you know about the ending of season 2 ?

IowaRam2705/20/2020 01:52PM

  BIG STAR TREK NEWS !!!!...................SPOILERS !!!!!

IowaRam2105/20/2020 02:35PM

  The Sopranos and Rome

JoeMad3205/20/2020 04:59AM

  Re: The Sopranos and Rome

MamaRAMa2705/20/2020 05:26AM

  The Sopranos creator David Chase accidentally reveals what really happened to Tony Soprano in the series' final scene

MamaRAMa1906/11/2020 08:40AM

  binged Sopranos at the beginning of this mess

21Dog3305/20/2020 02:38PM

  What not to watch. . .

RAMbeau2905/20/2020 05:11AM

  Panic-Documentary-Wall Street Collapse

waterfield2705/20/2020 06:21AM

  If your running out of things to watch..

SeattleRam4005/20/2020 01:14PM

  I saw a FANTASTIC movie.... one of the best ever...

JamesJM3505/21/2020 11:21AM

  How wearing masks might work in elementary school

MamaRAMa3806/10/2020 01:12PM

  Is there a pic or link ..

sstrams2006/10/2020 01:49PM

  Posted Again (I figured out the problem)

MamaRAMa3406/10/2020 02:13PM

  There ya go...

sstrams2206/11/2020 04:07AM


21Dog2006/11/2020 04:40AM

  AND cheat sheets!

sstrams2206/11/2020 05:24AM

  WOW! Tons of rain here in Jacksonville!

Ramgator3406/08/2020 03:12AM

  Re: WOW! Tons of rain here in Jacksonville!

waterfield2806/08/2020 09:23AM

  end of the earth

ferragamo793506/10/2020 03:46PM

  Kurt talk on the main board got me to remembering.. meeting Brenda Attachments

JamesJM3506/10/2020 01:30PM

  Super cool..

sstrams2306/10/2020 01:51PM

  my lord.....I hate her hair

ferragamo792006/10/2020 03:41PM

  Let us not forget

waterfield5106/06/2020 07:16AM

  HUGE WWII events happened in June.

Ramgator2406/06/2020 07:48AM

  Re: Let us not forget

21Dog2206/06/2020 09:04AM

  Re: Let us not forget

waterfield1806/06/2020 09:23AM

  Unfortunately. . .

RAMbeau2806/06/2020 01:23PM

  You got that right. What I dread...

Ramgator1806/06/2020 01:34PM

  Re: Unfortunately. . .

waterfield2306/06/2020 01:59PM

  ..and we saw it from a totally different perspective..

sstrams2706/06/2020 02:27PM

  A side note. . . ...

RAMbeau2506/06/2020 02:39PM

  I believe it.. My mom didn't have the opportunity..

sstrams2206/06/2020 05:26PM

  Another difference. . . .

RAMbeau2206/06/2020 02:29PM

  That was SO uncool..

sstrams2406/06/2020 02:35PM

  My final answer. . .

RAMbeau2706/06/2020 02:50PM

  Yep. Nam Vets were ignored till AFTER Desert Storm.

Ramgator2706/06/2020 03:28PM

  Re: Another difference. . . .

waterfield2406/06/2020 03:03PM

  Yeah.. I really don't know a lot..

sstrams1806/06/2020 05:28PM

  Re: Yeah.. I really don't know a lot..

waterfield1506/06/2020 07:29PM

  I have often said it. What I have loved most about being a Firefighter...

Ramgator2006/06/2020 03:30PM

  Never ever....will I forget

ferragamo791506/10/2020 03:40PM

  worn sanding pads orbital sanders - help

ferragamo796006/08/2020 05:49PM

  I got a handheld mouse sander..

sstrams3106/09/2020 04:58AM

  The definitely sell replacements

Atlantic Ram2206/09/2020 02:02PM

  thanks buddy

ferragamo791706/09/2020 03:48PM

  I tried the glue gun..

sstrams1506/09/2020 04:31PM

  thats what comments said

ferragamo792006/09/2020 05:58PM

  no nothing about them but...

SeattleRam4606/09/2020 02:28AM


SeattleRam2606/09/2020 03:30AM


ferragamo791906/09/2020 06:20AM

  who gardens ... post pics

zn23305/11/2020 03:45PM

  not much to show

21Dog2905/12/2020 07:50PM

  Re: not much to show

zn2905/12/2020 07:54PM

  I'm limited for space (and lazy)

21Dog3005/12/2020 07:59PM

  Yeah, but. . . .

RAMbeau2905/13/2020 12:40PM

  Re: Yeah, but. . . .

21Dog3305/14/2020 05:21AM

  Very big garden.. . .

RAMbeau2205/14/2020 07:51AM

  Re: Yeah, but. . . .

zn3505/14/2020 10:29AM

  Re: who gardens ... post pics

LMU932805/13/2020 04:06AM

  Only 2 things I'm allergic to...

max4105/13/2020 05:05AM

  huge gardener here

ferragamo794105/15/2020 07:32AM

  Thumb of death. . . .

RAMbeau3705/15/2020 08:36AM

  Re: Thumb of death. . . .

zn2805/15/2020 10:13AM

  Same here, RAMbeau...

sstrams2505/15/2020 11:07AM

  Re: who gardens ... post pics

AlbaNY_Ram3205/15/2020 04:36PM

  Yikes. . . .

RAMbeau3205/15/2020 05:23PM

  Well, my latest attempt at gardening..

sstrams2805/16/2020 04:32AM

  I just checked radar...

sstrams2005/16/2020 04:36AM

  Re: I just checked radar...

zn2105/16/2020 05:50AM

  Thanks man...

sstrams1405/16/2020 05:59AM

  Re: Thanks man...

zn1505/16/2020 06:24AM

  I did!

sstrams1905/16/2020 08:04AM

  coming along

zn1706/08/2020 05:41PM


sstrams1106/09/2020 05:01AM

  Started a Facebook break about 5 days ago and it has been REFRESHING!

Ramgator4706/05/2020 03:55PM

  Didn't know you were on facebook..

sstrams2406/05/2020 05:20PM

  never had a Facebook account

ferragamo793006/05/2020 07:29PM

  I have almost phased it out of my life....

JamesJM2106/05/2020 07:40PM

  Re: never had a Facebook account

SeattleRam2506/05/2020 09:03PM

  Its good for...

sstrams2206/06/2020 04:39AM

  Re: never had a Facebook account

21Dog2606/06/2020 04:58AM

  Re: never had a Facebook account

waterfield2506/06/2020 09:24AM

  Not by faceboook, my friend..

sstrams2506/06/2020 04:36AM

  Ditched FB years ago....deleted Twitter the other day

Rampage2K-2406/08/2020 11:51AM

  I can deal with FB but Twitter? NO WAY! nm

Ramgator1506/08/2020 12:50PM

  Re: Ditched FB years ago....deleted Twitter the other day

MamaRAMa2606/08/2020 02:14PM

  I'm not a big poster on FB either..

sstrams2306/08/2020 03:51PM

  Somebody recommend me a good garden hose.. Attachments

sstrams5106/06/2020 02:34PM

  There aren't any...

JamesJM5206/06/2020 06:12PM

  Not the way I wanted to wake up Sunday morning, Jimmy..

sstrams2706/07/2020 05:37AM

  Maybe this will help. .. .

RAMbeau1906/07/2020 06:10AM

  Yeah, its just tough..

sstrams2006/07/2020 09:18AM

  Re: Somebody recommend me a good garden hose..

SeattleRam2806/06/2020 10:29PM

  Just when you think you find a good one...

Ramgator2106/07/2020 07:13AM

  EIGHT years ago, my Dad gave me two hoses.

Ramgator2506/07/2020 07:21AM

  Re: EIGHT years ago, my Dad gave me two hoses.

73Ram1906/07/2020 08:15AM

  Not in Texas, man..

sstrams2606/07/2020 09:19AM

  I trust. . . .

RAMbeau2406/07/2020 02:57PM


sstrams2006/07/2020 05:52PM

  these ones are awesome

Rampage2K-2906/08/2020 11:49AM

  Cool! Thanks man.. I haven't..

sstrams1406/08/2020 12:55PM

  Don't flush your wipes

SeattleRam5106/08/2020 06:09AM

  Re: Don't flush your wipes

MamaRAMa2506/08/2020 07:24AM

  Private Police Force

IowaRam6306/07/2020 03:47AM

  This topic has been moved. As Soccer returns in Europe an interesting stat emerges

RamUK1206/19/2020 07:05AM

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