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  Man! Is there anything worse than that 5-10 seconds of peace when you wake up....

Ramgator5310/30/2020 12:54AM

  I know exactly what you're talking about...

sstrams2010/30/2020 05:07AM

  For US, the easy part is over. NOW come the daily reminders. Looking at my lap top screen..

Ramgator1410/30/2020 05:54AM

  We lost our little Beagle Lucie..

sstrams1110/30/2020 06:31AM

  Re: Man! Is there anything worse than that 5-10 seconds of peace when you wake up....

waterfield2610/30/2020 10:58AM

  We buried Colonel exactly 24 hours ago. Though still hurting...

Ramgator1610/30/2020 02:50PM

  Re: We buried Colonel exactly 24 hours ago. Though still hurting...

waterfield1410/30/2020 03:11PM

  I took a large tub of PeterBrooke chocolate popcorn to our Vet.

Ramgator2010/30/2020 02:56PM

  We did something similar..

sstrams1110/31/2020 05:37AM

  Yeah. We paid $1,120.

Ramgator1210/31/2020 05:51AM

  Speaking of Lucie, I TOTALLY forgot to tell you.

Ramgator1110/31/2020 06:00AM

  That's the really HARD part..

sstrams1210/31/2020 06:58AM

  Or simply going to the store or anywhere the past two days...

Ramgator1310/31/2020 10:00AM

  My Wife came up with a great idea last night after finding two cat toys that Bella / Colonel LOVED..

Ramgator1810/31/2020 06:03AM

  That wake up / bad feeling has settled but.....

Ramgator1011/02/2020 09:31AM

  modest pics of the garden's autumn epilogue

zn7410/31/2020 05:34AM

  Awesome colors...

sstrams3010/31/2020 05:40AM


Ramgator1610/31/2020 06:04AM

  thanks sst and gator

zn1711/01/2020 04:33AM

  You bet, zn..

sstrams1211/01/2020 08:19AM

  Well...... I saw a leaf fall today!!!!!!!!! LOL

Ramgator1411/01/2020 01:49PM

  We've got lots of falling leaves here..

sstrams1411/01/2020 03:39PM

  very nice

21Dog1411/01/2020 05:32AM

  Re: modest pics of the garden's autumn epilogue

AlbaNY_Ram1511/01/2020 11:43AM

  GREAT day with my oldest Son today. MUUUUCH needed!!

Ramgator2111/01/2020 01:47PM

  House (1986)

SeattleRam7410/31/2020 05:34PM

  Jason Brown and First Fruits Farms

ferragamo792910/31/2020 02:58PM

  Jason Brown - Former NFL player shares his story of First Fruits Farm ministry

MamaRAMa2410/31/2020 03:42PM

  We lost our Colonel.

Ramgator3610/29/2020 03:59PM

  Oh man.. I'm so sorry Gator...

sstrams1710/29/2020 04:07PM

  Re: We lost our Colonel.

Ramkind1310/29/2020 07:22PM

  Bella.... We just lost our other cat, named Bella, 12 days before.

Ramgator1510/30/2020 12:49AM

  Re: We lost our Colonel.

zn2210/29/2020 08:02PM

  Re: We lost our Colonel.

waterfield3010/29/2020 08:45PM

  sorry Gator

21Dog1110/30/2020 06:14AM

  Really, really sorry

ferragamo79910/30/2020 07:42AM

  UGH!! Tough morning.

Ramgator1410/31/2020 02:12AM

  I almost hate to say this...

sstrams910/31/2020 05:31AM

  Simply.......... WOW!

Ramgator810/31/2020 06:12AM

  Yeah, that's kind of what we want to do..

sstrams910/31/2020 06:51AM

  We WILL get another cat...or two. But it will be a while.

Ramgator1210/31/2020 06:25AM

  Just keep an open mind..

sstrams1010/31/2020 06:55AM

  Just saw Poltergeist at the theater..

sstrams3410/30/2020 06:37PM

  The unsung beauty of Poltergeist..

sstrams2210/30/2020 06:38PM

  Did not read this comment before posting. nm

Ramgator810/31/2020 01:59AM

  Ya GOTTA love the early part in the movie...

Ramgator1110/31/2020 01:58AM

  Yeah, looked like Ferragamo..

sstrams1010/31/2020 05:33AM

  I think it was Cromwell with the INT!

Ramgator1010/31/2020 06:29AM

  Yeah, that was classic..

sstrams910/31/2020 06:50AM

  I thought Poltergeist 2 was creepier. That Kane guy??? Whoa!!

Ramgator1210/31/2020 02:02AM

  I haven't seen that one..

sstrams1010/31/2020 05:31AM

  No. He's the ghost of a Reverend.

Ramgator810/31/2020 06:05AM

  Remember to move clocks back tonight BECAUSE!!!!!!!!

Ramgator2010/31/2020 06:27AM

  This topic has been moved. Los Angeles Rams Transcripts October 30, 2020 Head Coach Sean McVay

Shaky2610/31/2020 02:27AM

  This topic has been moved. SCREW YOU, DODGER FANS!!!

Ramgator2210/30/2020 02:36PM

  Patti Smith

waterfield3610/30/2020 02:11PM

  SstRams, my grandsons football team was in your town today

JamesJM2810/30/2020 09:57AM

  Virtual Dress Up Day.... Attachments

JamesJM1310/30/2020 10:33AM

  Really? That's a trip...

sstrams2010/30/2020 11:16AM

  Re: Really? That's a trip...

RAMbler1510/30/2020 01:43PM

  Its college....

JamesJM1310/30/2020 01:56PM

  Honest Trailers | The Mandalorian

IowaRam1310/30/2020 09:30AM

  Halloween Kills trailer

IowaRam1110/30/2020 09:32AM

  GEESH!!!! MORE cat trouble??

Ramgator4410/28/2020 07:52AM

  Re: GEESH!!!! MORE cat trouble??

waterfield1310/28/2020 09:29AM

  Left "Colonel" at the Vet. He's torn up pretty good.

Ramgator1510/28/2020 09:30AM

  I don't know about other predators..

sstrams1310/28/2020 09:39AM

  Re: Left "Colonel" at the Vet. He's torn up pretty good.

waterfield2110/28/2020 10:18AM

  Pretty sure it's just Raccoons. No Coyotes.

Ramgator1510/28/2020 04:10PM

  coyotes would have eaten the cat

ferragamo791410/30/2020 07:50AM


waterfield1710/30/2020 08:12AM

  Re: GEESH!!!! MORE cat trouble??

zn1210/28/2020 02:46PM

  Colonel is home and crashed under our bed. We are holding our breath.

Ramgator1710/28/2020 04:14PM

  Prayers sent...

sstrams1110/29/2020 04:44AM

  BIG step forward.. Colonel PEED!!

Ramgator1410/29/2020 11:44AM

  I can't stand..

sstrams1510/29/2020 11:47AM

  Yeah, it's about time!

BlueRidgeHorns3010/28/2020 02:52AM

  Re: Yeah, it's about time!

21Dog1910/28/2020 05:44AM

  Re: Yeah, it's about time!

waterfield1810/29/2020 08:03PM

  How long before animals will eat / drink after a trauma?

Ramgator2910/29/2020 03:08AM

  That's a tough one.. especially with cats..

sstrams1710/29/2020 04:42AM

  EXACTLY what the Vet JUST told me! I feel better after talking to him.

Ramgator2110/29/2020 05:26AM

  If you picked him up..

sstrams1810/29/2020 06:24AM


waterfield4310/28/2020 09:25AM

  MLB investigating Turner and the Dodgers

waterfield2510/28/2020 11:25AM

  Re: MLB investigating Turner and the Dodgers

21Dog2310/28/2020 11:49AM

  Re: MLB investigating Turner and the Dodgers

waterfield2510/28/2020 12:01PM

  Re: MLB investigating Turner and the Dodgers

waterfield1610/28/2020 07:59PM

  Re: Dodgers-COVID-Turner-Question

ramBRO2410/28/2020 01:56PM

  Re: Dodgers-COVID-Turner-Question

waterfield1510/28/2020 02:46PM

  it will be interesting

ferragamo792710/28/2020 03:50PM

  Officially Holiday season.. Kirkland's Spiked Eggnog...

JamesJM2410/28/2020 12:26PM

  Love eggnog......

sstrams1310/28/2020 01:09PM

  Charlie Brown Christmas. The dance scene... BE HONEST!! Who else.......

Ramgator2910/27/2020 01:43PM

  Um.. no.. can't say that I have..

sstrams1010/27/2020 02:01PM

  Dancing... used to be a great dancer...

JamesJM1210/27/2020 02:33PM

  I feel goofy..

sstrams1310/27/2020 02:45PM

  Seriously, I was big into dancing....

JamesJM1210/27/2020 02:48PM

  MEEE TOO!! If you see ME dancing sober???

Ramgator1110/27/2020 04:04PM

  oh yeah and not just at Christmas parties

ferragamo791210/28/2020 06:19AM

  Hard to believe Charlie is 72 today...

JamesJM1210/28/2020 01:08PM

  Btw, Lets Go Dodgers!!!!

Rampage2K-7910/27/2020 01:11PM

  Yup good luck all you Dodger fans for sure!

Speed_Kills1810/27/2020 02:24PM

  Re: Btw, Lets Go Dodgers!!!!

Killrazor1510/27/2020 02:31PM

  Yes, sir!

NewMexicoRam1410/27/2020 02:33PM

  Had some business in the big city of Fresno today...

JamesJM2210/27/2020 02:39PM

  man....we just cant hit this kids stuff

Rampage2K-1710/27/2020 05:07PM

  great move coach!!!

Rampage2K-1710/27/2020 05:36PM

  Congrats guys!!!! nm

Speed_Kills1210/27/2020 06:42PM

  yeah baby!!!!!

Rampage2K-1910/27/2020 06:46PM

  hell yeah!!!! nm

21Dog1010/27/2020 07:36PM

  I second that!! nm

sacram1110/27/2020 08:38PM


RAMbler1410/27/2020 07:48PM


sacram1610/27/2020 08:39PM


21Dog1210/27/2020 08:40PM

  l like the sound of that

21Dog1010/27/2020 08:40PM


waterfield2410/27/2020 09:31PM


21Dog1610/28/2020 05:46AM

  Watched almost every inning and minute

ferragamo791610/28/2020 06:17AM

  Special shout out to sacram, 21 and Waterfield

ferragamo791710/28/2020 06:22AM

  That series was a slow explosion for my wife....

JamesJM1610/28/2020 09:34AM

  Re: That series was a slow explosion for my wife....

waterfield1210/28/2020 10:24AM

  What a crap day so far..

sstrams3410/27/2020 07:08AM

  Re: What a crap day so far..

waterfield2110/27/2020 07:13AM

  Job of Old Testament fame.......

21Dog1710/27/2020 07:57AM

  Happens to me once a week... sometimes twice.

JamesJM1410/27/2020 08:58AM

  Its all good, man..

sstrams1410/27/2020 09:06AM

  OH GET OVER YOURSELF!!! I tried watching TV today.....

Ramgator1110/27/2020 01:37PM

  And did I hear sleet???

Ramgator1010/27/2020 01:39PM

  I dunno, man..

sstrams1010/27/2020 01:42PM

  Texas Weather. Ever since I was in Boot Camp, I have wondered.

Ramgator1210/27/2020 01:47PM

  My guess is the jet stream..

sstrams1110/27/2020 02:00PM

  NO DOUBT!! I was in San Antonio from 3 Feb to 14 Mar 1986..

Ramgator1010/27/2020 04:07PM

  Shoot man..

sstrams1010/27/2020 04:57PM

  21Dog... here's the high School realignment for 2022.... Attachments

JamesJM2410/27/2020 02:55PM

  A Macbook, probably all laptops...

JamesJM1910/27/2020 02:46PM

  It's 67º in my house right now... and it's 11:20am

JamesJM2810/27/2020 09:21AM

  Re: It's 67º in my house right now... and it's 11:20am

MamaRAMa1210/27/2020 10:21AM

  Easiest question I ever had to answer...

JamesJM1110/27/2020 10:32AM

  67 is exactly what ours is set at..

sstrams1310/27/2020 10:25AM


JamesJM1210/27/2020 10:35AM

  Yah, we were at 90 degrees last Thursday..

sstrams1110/27/2020 10:53AM

  Re: It's 67º in my house right now... and it's 11:20am Attachments

IowaRam1110/27/2020 01:45PM

  Mom Passed yesterday

RamsFanSince697510/16/2020 08:16AM

  Am so sorry '69...

sstrams2510/16/2020 08:29AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

MamaRAMa2710/16/2020 08:53AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

zn3610/16/2020 09:51AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

waterfield1710/16/2020 10:20AM

  So sorry......

roman181510/16/2020 10:25AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

RAMbler1510/16/2020 10:50AM

  Never know how to reply to these posts....

JamesJM1610/16/2020 11:18AM

  Very sorry

SeattleRam1610/16/2020 12:39PM

  So sorry. I always wish I knew the exact words for such times.

Ramgator1510/16/2020 01:11PM

  2008 for me

21Dog1410/16/2020 01:56PM

  Thanks to you all

RamsFanSince691810/16/2020 07:47PM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

JoeMad1110/21/2020 09:04AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

AlbaNY_Ram1210/25/2020 02:36PM

  sorry for your loss

ferragamo791510/26/2020 02:32PM

  This topic has been moved. Btw, Lets Go Dodgers!!!!

Rampage2K-4210/27/2020 05:12PM

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