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  Bob Barker passed away at 99. RIP nm

Ramgator6908/26/2023 09:19AM

  Pre cable.....watched that show all the time

ferragamo792608/27/2023 08:21AM

  TV Shows I never saw but I heard were excellent...

JamesJM8308/25/2023 05:01PM

  Re: TV Shows I never saw but I heard were excellent...

waterfield3408/25/2023 06:09PM

  This topic occurred to tonight because....

JamesJM3108/25/2023 06:41PM


SeattleRam3608/25/2023 07:25PM

  My Dad LOVED that show, when I was in High School... BUT...

Ramgator3108/26/2023 05:22AM

  I'm an 80s guy and have never seen a complete episode of "Cheers".

Ramgator3808/26/2023 05:21AM

  There are a few, maybe several, comedy sitcom's...

JamesJM3108/26/2023 06:22AM

  Seinfeld and Friends are both great comedies

ferragamo794108/26/2023 06:48AM


SeattleRam4408/26/2023 11:06AM

  I had problems with Seinfeld as well...

JamesJM4408/26/2023 11:38AM

  Re: I had problems with Seinfeld as well...

waterfield3408/27/2023 07:54AM

  Hell on Wheels

LesBaker4208/26/2023 03:40PM

  Question. The TSA people at the Peking Airport......

Ramgator6808/26/2023 05:15AM

  NASA's SpaceX Crew-7 Launch

SeattleRam6508/25/2023 06:25PM

  How can you tell when YouTube is actually 'Live'...

JamesJM3108/25/2023 08:17PM

  Re: How can you tell when YouTube is actually 'Live'...

SeattleRam3108/25/2023 09:29PM

  Just never fails to get your blood pumping does it?

JamesJM3208/25/2023 10:36PM

  Smoke from Canada

SeattleRam11208/21/2023 04:47PM

  been so smokey here a few times

IowaRam4108/22/2023 01:23PM

  I can't even imagine that

LesBaker4408/22/2023 03:24PM

  Looks VERY MUCH like here in Florida back in Spring 1998. I tell ya....

Ramgator3508/23/2023 08:12AM

  We hit 104 here today............

IowaRam4408/23/2023 12:40PM

  P.S...............I just took the garbage out to the curb

IowaRam4008/23/2023 01:05PM

  I feel bad for the animals

SeattleRam3908/23/2023 01:47PM

  UGH! With age, it's a ROYAL PITA!!

Ramgator3308/23/2023 04:25PM

  Sha'Carri Richardson, wow.....

JamesJM9508/22/2023 06:55AM

  Re: Sha'Carri Richardson, wow.....

MamaRAMa4708/22/2023 07:24AM

  Not sure there is anything better....

JamesJM4408/22/2023 08:44AM

  I want to root for USA track

LesBaker4008/22/2023 03:21PM

  One of the nice things about being out west....

JamesJM9108/21/2023 10:28PM

  HA! I was crashed three hours before that! 9 PM EST!

Ramgator3708/22/2023 02:42AM

  Where you live..

sstrams4508/22/2023 03:20AM

  Are we going to war?

JamesJM8808/21/2023 07:26PM

  Here in Jacksonville, if a Carrier Group is off shore.....

Ramgator4408/22/2023 02:40AM

  I don’t know if any of you California people are in the path of Hurricane Hillary

canadaram8008/20/2023 11:46AM

  I'm in the middle of the state...

JamesJM4008/20/2023 12:39PM

  I'm not too far from Jimmy

21Dog4908/20/2023 03:15PM

  Kick it in the a$$ like this guy from Jacksonville during Matthew in 2016! LOL Attachments

Ramgator4408/20/2023 01:13PM

  Basements ??

waterfield4808/20/2023 06:48PM

  Yup, I was worried about you....

JamesJM5308/20/2023 07:19PM

  Re: Yup, I was worried about you....

waterfield4808/21/2023 10:19AM

  Re: Basements ??

txramfan4708/21/2023 04:50AM

  Re: Basements ??

waterfield3708/21/2023 10:13AM

  Knowing how much gator lovers Nike jerseys

IowaRam9708/17/2023 02:55AM

  Does it glow in the dark?

LesBaker4708/17/2023 06:47AM

  That's your Fashion Flakes at Nike for ya! nm

Ramgator4808/17/2023 09:17AM

  I don't blame NIKE

IowaRam5208/17/2023 01:08PM

  So who is to blame?

Ramsdude4108/19/2023 10:59AM


Ramgator4408/17/2023 09:16AM

  It just needs...

DaJudge4408/21/2023 09:01AM

  Ever have a blowout on the highway going 75? Attachments

sstrams10508/16/2023 04:09PM

  I have been very unlucky....lucky.

Ramgator4208/16/2023 04:27PM

  Had that been a front tire..

sstrams4808/16/2023 04:31PM

  My scariest tire related incident was when I was assigned to a Ladder Truck.

Ramgator4608/16/2023 04:44PM

  So glad you are ok Steve!

Ramsdude3608/19/2023 11:17AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams3408/20/2023 08:29AM

  many times.... worst one was...

JamesJM4408/16/2023 05:03PM

  Re: Ever have a blowout on the highway going 75?

MamaRAMa3908/19/2023 11:42AM

  Speed limit was 75..

sstrams3308/20/2023 08:32AM

  Driving back from Mendocino

ferragamo793508/19/2023 03:11PM

  Front or back tire 79?

Ramsdude4208/19/2023 03:14PM

  Blow outs can be.......TIREsome!!! About 7 years ago, I had three in one year. THAT...

Ramgator3308/20/2023 03:14AM

  Oh my..

sstrams3408/20/2023 08:33AM

  I REALLY hope......

Ramgator3308/21/2023 08:06AM

  Just a little hot air..

sstrams3108/21/2023 08:54AM

  Everyone out West ready for the rain...

Arkansas Ram10008/18/2023 12:49PM

  Big flooding concerns because of the topography

LesBaker5208/19/2023 06:45AM

  Re: Everyone out West ready for the rain...

21Dog3908/19/2023 07:03AM

  Saw in one poll our Dogs are ranked 75th....

JamesJM3908/19/2023 08:41AM

  Over an inch is bad?

LesBaker4108/20/2023 01:19PM

  Our soil is unique....

JamesJM3908/20/2023 01:59PM

  Re: Our soil is unique....

21Dog3608/20/2023 03:10PM

  Re: Everyone out West ready for the rain...

SeattleRam4008/19/2023 09:50AM

  oh..............joy. ANOTHER big Wedding looming.

Ramgator7808/20/2023 02:01PM

  New heat records set in San Antonio area....

Arkansas Ram7808/20/2023 09:07AM

  IDIOTS in Florida kill me with lawn watering.

Ramgator3308/20/2023 01:20PM

  Re: New heat records set in San Antonio area....

SeattleRam3408/20/2023 01:27PM

  Just watched Brian's Song. Have not seen that in a long time.

Ramgator7608/19/2023 04:36PM

  Re: Just watched Brian's Song. Have not seen that in a long time.

MamaRAMa3408/19/2023 04:49PM

  I saw the original. ANOTHER tear jerker I recall..... "Something For Joey".

Ramgator3008/20/2023 03:08AM

  Billy Dee Williams and James Caan

LesBaker3108/20/2023 01:17PM

  Re: Billy Dee Williams and James Caan

MamaRAMa3108/20/2023 01:25PM

  Football but also.. WOW the sunset.... Attachments

JamesJM7808/20/2023 09:12AM

  Great pic......stay safe......nm

Arkansas Ram3008/20/2023 09:26AM

  Re: Football but also.. WOW the sunset....

MamaRAMa3508/20/2023 09:33AM

  I should add.... no filter on that photo...

JamesJM3208/20/2023 09:42AM

  Re: Football but also.. WOW the sunset....

canadaram4008/20/2023 11:58AM

  WELL....My wonderful home town has already had its High School Football shooting!

Ramgator6808/20/2023 03:12AM

  THIS is why I got busted for playing with matches for the first time!! Attachments

Ramgator8108/15/2023 02:55AM

  At least it was a cool reason..

sstrams3908/15/2023 02:57AM

  LOL THEN my Mom was!!!!!

Ramgator3608/15/2023 03:17PM

  blew up and burned all my brothers models

ferragamo793008/19/2023 03:14PM

  It kills me that local Schools are pushing to have Schools start later because Little Johnny is tired?

Ramgator9108/10/2023 08:55AM

  Part of the dumbing down and softening of today's youth..

sstrams3908/10/2023 10:05AM

  Re: It kills me that local Schools are pushing to have Schools start later because Little Johnny is tired?

SeattleRam5408/10/2023 10:28AM

  Hey Guys

waterfield5208/10/2023 12:48PM

  Schools push meaningless testing and less teaching

ferragamo795308/10/2023 12:57PM

  I bet we all agree, schools push a LOT of nonsense.

Ramgator4908/10/2023 03:02PM

  as someone who has spent 30 years in education I agree

ferragamo795608/10/2023 12:55PM

  I dunno, strangely it did work for lots of us

DaJudge3408/10/2023 01:39PM

  not talking about sleepin in

ferragamo793408/10/2023 01:51PM

  You said one key word.........."PARENTS"

Ramgator3008/10/2023 03:06PM

  Where I live kids were inundated with homework

ferragamo794208/10/2023 03:45PM

  A dear friend has complained to me about that many times

LesBaker3908/15/2023 04:36AM

  Homework should really only be what is not finished in class or....

Ramgator3608/15/2023 03:19PM

  I had TWO Teachers in 10th Grade who pissed me off to no end with homework.

Ramgator3908/15/2023 03:25PM

  Time Blindness.....no BS......

roman184508/11/2023 10:19AM

  Re: Time Blindness.....no BS......

waterfield5608/11/2023 10:56AM

  If you have never heard about it......

roman184008/11/2023 01:56PM

  what does that have to do with adolescents starting an hour later

ferragamo794008/11/2023 12:23PM

  Well, I thought there was a correlation.....

roman184808/11/2023 02:09PM

  Re: Time Blindness.....no BS......

LesBaker4008/15/2023 03:45PM


roman183108/16/2023 12:57PM

  Re: It kills me that local Schools are pushing to have Schools start later because Little Johnny is tired? Attachments

IowaRam5308/17/2023 02:03AM

  Re: It kills me that local Schools are pushing to have Schools start later because Little Johnny is tired?

LesBaker4508/17/2023 06:45AM

  Granted, It was in the mid 80s but I had an AWESOME History Teacher.

Ramgator3608/19/2023 03:47AM

  Re: It kills me that local Schools are pushing to have Schools start later because Little Johnny is tired?

Ramsdude3508/19/2023 11:20AM

  Steve, any chance of a Halloween show this year?

JamesJM8608/16/2023 10:15AM

  Won't be this year, Jimmy..

sstrams5208/16/2023 10:42AM

  LOVE your enthusiasm....

JamesJM3708/16/2023 10:55AM

  So you need

LesBaker3508/18/2023 03:10PM

  ALWAYs need cowbell, Les...

sstrams2408/19/2023 07:48AM

  Thinking about starting a Band. Just me on Cymbals and.......

Ramgator4208/16/2023 01:21PM

  Well, never thought I'd say this...

JamesJM5208/16/2023 01:46PM

  It's the greatest musical gift

LesBaker2808/19/2023 06:49AM

  Yeah, exactly, Jimmy..

sstrams2608/19/2023 07:50AM

  That would be one rockin band...

sstrams2508/19/2023 07:51AM

  At age 56.... I finally had a reaction to Poison Ivy......I think.

Ramgator6108/16/2023 04:36PM

  That stuff is weird isn't it?

JamesJM3708/16/2023 05:06PM

  Can anyone tell this NON Scholar......What is the point of Nouns, Verbs...

Ramgator9308/15/2023 03:46PM

  Re: Can anyone tell this NON Scholar......What is the point of Nouns, Verbs...

MamaRAMa4008/15/2023 03:49PM

  That's from pointless slang being allowed and simply not being taught at home.

Ramgator3508/15/2023 04:25PM

  Literature has always been my biggest Peeve with School work.

Ramgator3008/15/2023 04:35PM

  What about adverbs and pronouns

txramfan4208/15/2023 04:48PM

  descriptors to help with writing

ferragamo793008/16/2023 06:16AM

  As an English Major, I can tell you this...

sstrams4108/16/2023 08:12AM

  That's my point.

Ramgator2908/16/2023 04:19PM

  I just like knowing it.....

JamesJM3208/16/2023 08:56AM

  NOTHING wrong with that!

Ramgator2808/16/2023 04:24PM

  Re: Can anyone tell this NON Scholar......What is the point of Nouns, Verbs...

MamaRAMa4008/16/2023 09:19AM

  Re: Can anyone tell this NON Scholar......What is the point of Nouns, Verbs...

21Dog3408/16/2023 10:16AM

  That does not answer my question.

Ramgator2808/16/2023 04:09PM

  JC Football, progress report...

JamesJM6308/16/2023 01:08PM

  Ok I know I'm an old fart but....

SeattleRam9408/15/2023 04:03PM

  Re: Ok I know I'm an old fart but....

MamaRAMa4608/15/2023 04:18PM

  Starved for attention. nm

Ramgator2608/15/2023 04:28PM

  HA!!!! Just TODAY, my Wife found this on Facebook!

Ramgator3008/15/2023 04:28PM

  Crazy, isn't it?

sstrams2908/16/2023 05:44AM

  Had an embarrassing moment on Sunday.....

JamesJM3308/16/2023 10:06AM

  Me and my Brother build this kit several times! Trekkie Nerd Alert!! LOL Attachments

Ramgator8808/15/2023 03:37PM

  just started watching original series on TV and my wife

ferragamo793208/16/2023 06:24AM

  LOL The Space Hippies. Did you recognize the guy that played guitar and sang??

Ramgator2908/16/2023 07:59AM

  My Wife REFUSES to watch Star Trek. But she likes Star Wars. nm

Ramgator3208/16/2023 08:01AM

  I think Roddenberry tried to keep up with the times (1960s)

Ramgator2508/16/2023 08:14AM

  This is a MUST see for Trekkies!! LOL

Ramgator2608/16/2023 08:22AM

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