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  Beetlejuice Beetlejuice - Official Teaser Trailer

SeattleRam4103/21/2024 04:09PM

  The Penguin , Teaser Trailer Attachments

IowaRam1503/22/2024 01:04PM

  Alien: Romulus , Teaser Trailer Attachments

IowaRam1303/22/2024 01:14PM

  Star Wars , The Acolyte trailer

IowaRam1303/22/2024 01:18PM

  The House Of Dragons trailer

IowaRam1503/22/2024 01:39PM

  Dr Who Official Trailer

IowaRam1103/22/2024 01:41PM

  What is the highest you guys have jumped into water???

Ramgator7503/21/2024 11:26AM

  No idea.....

JamesJM2703/21/2024 11:43AM

  LOL That day, my Bud says..Bet you cannot touch the bottom!!

Ramgator2503/21/2024 12:56PM

  Re: What is the highest you guys have jumped into water???

IowaRam2603/21/2024 01:00PM

  Re: What is the highest you guys have jumped into water???

MamaRAMa2503/21/2024 02:33PM

  I did not learn till age 8. Actually uncalled for when in Florida.

Ramgator1403/21/2024 03:04PM

  Not exactly sure but I'd estimate it about..

sstrams1803/21/2024 03:01PM

  LOL I remember watching this !

Ramgator1603/21/2024 03:07PM

  We watched "13 Lives" again last night. What a GREAT movie!

Ramgator4603/20/2024 01:25PM

  There were things I didn't know about..

sstrams1403/20/2024 03:08PM

  Cave Diving! COUNT ME OUT! I think we talked about this a few years ago..

Ramgator1903/20/2024 04:04PM

  Definitely.. Caves can go for miles.,

sstrams2203/21/2024 06:05AM

  New Zealand's "underground caves"

waterfield2803/21/2024 10:40AM

  You're an idiot....

JamesJM2903/21/2024 10:57AM

  Re: You're an idiot....

waterfield2003/21/2024 02:31PM

  I'm not Claustrophobic BUT.....In my years of Firefighter Training...

Ramgator1903/21/2024 11:32AM

  Weather here today......WOW!!!!! I always say......

Ramgator3803/21/2024 11:19AM

  Customer service

SeattleRam4803/20/2024 03:14PM

  Me being a Firefighter for 35 and a half years has made me less forgiving.

Ramgator2903/20/2024 04:13PM

  Technology is kicking my butt!! Can

Ramgator6203/20/2024 04:46AM

  Yes, even the apostrophe issue..

sstrams2503/20/2024 04:50AM

  AS USUAL...It was my brilliance.

Ramgator2003/20/2024 07:32AM

  Of course she forgives you...

sstrams2003/20/2024 08:09AM

  We should petition the admins

LesBaker2703/20/2024 09:03AM

  Hard to deny with my looks! Attachments

Ramgator1703/20/2024 09:42AM

  I could be a chick magnet, but..

sstrams2103/20/2024 10:12AM

  Re: Of course she forgives you...

MamaRAMa1903/20/2024 09:54AM

  That's bird's got guts..

sstrams1403/20/2024 10:10AM

  Masters Of The Air... final word...

JamesJM10003/16/2024 04:56PM

  We're watching the last one today. So far...

Ramgator3803/17/2024 02:16AM

  I think I have mentioned it before....The Mighty 8th Air Force" Museum, off I-95..

Ramgator3503/17/2024 02:19AM

  Re: Masters Of The Air... final word...

MamaRAMa4303/17/2024 06:55AM

  Saw the final last night

waterfield5503/18/2024 07:32AM

  Sandra Westgate wasn't real

MamaRAMa7903/18/2024 09:48AM

  My Wife has been binge watching "The Morning Show".

Ramgator3503/18/2024 10:12AM

  Re: My Wife has been binge watching "The Morning Show".

MamaRAMa3503/18/2024 10:41AM

  DOH!!! Bel Powley is IN that ( The Morning Show) also. nm

Ramgator2203/18/2024 03:04PM

  Re: Sandra Westgate wasn't real

waterfield3403/18/2024 07:28PM

  Re: Sandra Westgate wasn't real

MamaRAMa2903/18/2024 09:14PM

  My only guess was Producers wanted to have a depiction of US Servicemen..

Ramgator2103/19/2024 02:47AM

  Re: Sandra Westgate wasn't real

waterfield4003/19/2024 09:31AM

  Re: Sandra Westgate wasn't real

MamaRAMa2803/19/2024 12:14PM

  The end Credits just sorta bummed me out.

Ramgator2503/18/2024 10:15AM

  We lost our last WWII/Korea vet a few years ago...

JamesJM5303/18/2024 01:14PM

  American Legions. I have felt exactly the same and American Legions call that a problem.

Ramgator1803/18/2024 03:09PM

  I have known only one WW1 Vet in my life. And that was almost 50 years ago.

Ramgator1903/18/2024 03:14PM

  Happy 88th B-day Ursula Andress

SeattleRam5303/19/2024 06:11AM

  SST...Do you know anything about the immediate area around Lackland??

Ramgator6503/16/2024 09:40AM

  I lived on San Antonio in 85 for about

sstrams2603/16/2024 05:46PM

  Thanks. If it IS tough, I might have to go into "Intimidation Mode"! Attachments

Ramgator2403/17/2024 02:11AM

  Yeah that won't get you killed, or anything..

sstrams2303/17/2024 07:50AM

  My grandson's 200 meter race two days ago...

JamesJM6603/16/2024 04:49PM

  Oh man

waterfield1903/16/2024 06:46PM

  That's moving out!! Also.....Makes MY knees n feet hurt!!

Ramgator1503/17/2024 02:13AM

  Re: My grandson's 200 meter race two days ago...

canadaram2303/17/2024 05:13AM

  My Son is pretty much USAF bound!!!!! Got THE call today!

Ramgator5803/14/2024 03:35PM

  SST!! He's gonna enjoy Summer in Texas!!!! LOL

Ramgator1803/14/2024 03:39PM

  I work at Sheppard AFB so I could meet him somewhere..

sstrams1803/14/2024 03:46PM

  If you want to get him yapping...

Ramgator2303/14/2024 04:19PM

  That's great news!

JamesJM2603/14/2024 09:10PM

  Thank's . It has been a long road for him to get there...

Ramgator1903/15/2024 04:15AM

  That's crazy...

sstrams1503/15/2024 01:32PM

  To bad he didn't get into the NAVY , but.............

IowaRam1903/15/2024 01:38PM

  He really wanted to. He LOVES US Navy History (Like me) but....

Ramgator1803/15/2024 02:33PM

  We have a pretty stout HVAC training program here..

sstrams1903/15/2024 02:53PM

  I talked to two HVAC guys who did Govt Contract work at Cecil Field' s Tower.

Ramgator1703/15/2024 03:50PM

  At first...He thought about Comm Systems in Aircraft. That's a good job but..

Ramgator1603/15/2024 04:00PM

  Just Googled it. USAF HVAC School is 7 and a half weeks.

Ramgator2003/15/2024 04:07PM

  Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul?

JamesJM5503/13/2024 07:44PM

  Re: Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul?

SeattleRam2503/14/2024 02:37AM

  I think we agree?

JamesJM2403/14/2024 07:08AM

  It's like the movie Rocky Balboa..

sstrams2003/14/2024 09:25AM

  LOLOL EEEVERY time I hear the name Mike Tyson, I think of a few USAF Buds back in 86 or 87??

Ramgator2503/15/2024 04:20AM

  Got a 'Friends You May Know' from Josh Allen today...

JamesJM5103/14/2024 04:36PM

  Been on an animated binge.....

JamesJM5703/13/2024 10:54AM

  Fritz the Cat? (nm)

SeattleRam2303/13/2024 12:03PM

  Sid Phillips....

JoeMad2103/13/2024 01:23PM


IowaRam2003/13/2024 01:32PM

  Fan of Tangled as well...I also really liked Onward.

DaJudge1503/14/2024 10:09AM

  My Wife LOVES the "Cars" movies. I like the first "Toy Story" nm

Ramgator1403/13/2024 02:07PM

  Cars is one of my favorites....

JamesJM1703/13/2024 06:23PM

  Over The Hedge!!! YES!!!!!!

Ramgator1103/14/2024 03:28PM

  Does The Incredible Mr. Limpet count?

SeattleRam1903/14/2024 10:05AM

  Don Knotts...a gem.

DaJudge2003/14/2024 10:12AM

  The Ghost And Mr Chicken is my favorite Knotts flick...ATTA BOY, LUTHER!!!

Ramgator903/14/2024 03:26PM

  YAWN!!! I was offered a Pass to watch them PRACTICE?? at The Players Championship..

Ramgator4403/14/2024 02:53AM

  Franklin trailer

IowaRam4003/13/2024 01:33PM

  I have a Christmas Wreath with his photo on it. It's called.....

Ramgator1303/13/2024 02:06PM

  Proud Grandparent moment

waterfield5203/12/2024 07:07AM

  Re: Proud Grandparent moment

SeattleRam3903/12/2024 07:09AM

  I envy him....

JamesJM3403/12/2024 07:57AM

  Re: I envy him....

waterfield3803/12/2024 12:10PM

  that's great, but one question......

21Dog2603/13/2024 07:52AM

  Re: that's great, but one question......

waterfield2403/13/2024 11:41AM

  Tempted to build this beast again.... Attachments

Ramgator6703/12/2024 02:23PM

  AWESOME clip of the real thing..."Strategic Air Command" 1955

Ramgator2003/12/2024 02:35PM

  Man, im not even familiar with that plane....

sstrams2103/12/2024 03:31PM

  It was very short lived. They flew from Dyess, Texas.

Ramgator1603/12/2024 03:47PM

  I've said that about C-5s, myself..

sstrams1803/12/2024 04:09PM

  LOLOL First time I saw one fly was while in Boot Camp.

Ramgator1703/12/2024 04:51PM

  That sound! ........

Ramgator2103/12/2024 04:53PM

  Greatest plane sound ever....

JamesJM2703/12/2024 11:22PM

  Nothing like being there... but here it is...

JamesJM1603/12/2024 11:26PM

  P-51s are usually the planes they use here..

sstrams1703/13/2024 03:15AM

  ANY WWII plane cranking up is music to my ears. Even as a kid....

Ramgator1103/13/2024 03:07AM

  T-6 Tweet..

sstrams903/13/2024 03:11AM

  Yeah that is badazz

sstrams1203/13/2024 03:17AM

  If you zoom in, after it takes off,

sstrams1903/13/2024 03:22AM

  RIP Eric Carmen. Passed away at 74. Maybe the first Rock / Pop songs that caught my ear..

Ramgator4503/12/2024 04:43PM

  Have been watching Resident Alien (netflix)

SeattleRam4403/12/2024 04:19PM

  I miss Youtube of old.

Ramgator4603/12/2024 10:51AM

  I WANNA like Restaurants I go to but DANG!

Ramgator10603/02/2024 09:57AM

  Re: I WANNA like Restaurants I go to but DANG!

MamaRAMa4103/02/2024 11:37AM

  I have a Bud whose family used to run a Breakfast / Lunch Restaurant....

Ramgator2503/02/2024 01:51PM

  I really do not like to cook but......like you said...

Ramgator2203/02/2024 01:57PM

  I'm going to gain 20lbs this week...

JamesJM3103/02/2024 02:34PM

  I haven't been to a restaurant since last June..

sstrams3103/02/2024 06:17PM

  I am so blessed .....My wife (who is smokin hot) ask Mama & Jimmy, is also a great cook

ferragamo793303/02/2024 03:52PM

  We cook often but are very simplistic.

Ramgator1803/03/2024 03:46AM

  Re: I WANNA like Restaurants I go to but DANG!

MamaRAMa2803/08/2024 05:37AM

  Re: I WANNA like Restaurants I go to but DANG!

73Ram2403/12/2024 05:29AM

  We don't go out much, but I'll say this......

roman186003/10/2024 05:32AM

  Gold country?

JamesJM3803/10/2024 07:56AM

  Yes, actually there is a small touristy place near by........

roman182803/10/2024 09:03AM

  I used to pan often....

JamesJM2803/10/2024 09:27AM

  Re: We don't go out much, but I'll say this......

waterfield5103/10/2024 09:48AM

  Guido's B'Day is today...

JamesJM2403/10/2024 11:01AM

  Put ketchup on it, I'll eat it......

roman182603/10/2024 11:46AM

  My wife is an AMAZING cook

ferragamo792403/10/2024 04:56PM

  My Wife will deny it but she can cook too. Not bragging but I make it easy.

Ramgator2203/11/2024 08:22AM

  Even in the Military, I NEVER EVER slammed the Cooks.

Ramgator2203/11/2024 08:26AM

  Finally found a Lap Top that fits MY Computer abilities!! Attachments

Ramgator4603/11/2024 08:29AM

  I was expecting an.,

sstrams2703/11/2024 09:43AM

  Re: Finally found a Lap Top that fits MY Computer abilities!!

SeattleRam2003/11/2024 01:09PM

  Bought a new lap top today....Here I am, using my OLD one!

Ramgator5803/10/2024 02:25PM

  I got a Samsung tablet and love it..

sstrams2503/10/2024 03:03PM

  Not thrilled at all with my new purchase. Did some digging on reviews...

Ramgator2203/10/2024 03:43PM

  Yeah all computers are a crap shoot..

sstrams1703/10/2024 04:03PM

  Have you considered used?

JamesJM2003/10/2024 04:28PM

  Do you trust a refurbished computer?

sstrams2103/10/2024 04:38PM

  Depends on who's doing it....

JamesJM1903/10/2024 05:15PM

  I like B & H Photo..

sstrams1903/10/2024 05:21PM

  Re: I like B & H Photo..

JamesJM1803/10/2024 06:18PM

  Another company I like is..

sstrams2603/11/2024 02:21AM

  Had to get a new laptop a year ago

SeattleRam2103/11/2024 02:49AM

  Colonoscopy time!!!! 26th of this month!!

Ramgator7003/07/2024 09:52AM

  I had one maybe 3 years ago...

sstrams3303/07/2024 10:26AM

  26th of this month?

waterfield3703/10/2024 09:51AM

  I know!! A real...........PAIN IN THE BUTT!! nm

Ramgator2003/10/2024 02:26PM

  That, my friend, is a buttload..

sstrams1903/10/2024 04:39PM

  it's all about diet....really

ferragamo792703/10/2024 05:00PM

  It sure is. And with age, my body shouts it out loud.

Ramgator1903/11/2024 01:39AM

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