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  Green comet approaching Earth for first time in 50,000 years

SeattleRam3201/12/2023 09:21PM

  RIP Jeff Beck

RAMbler5301/11/2023 12:32PM

  That really sucks...

sstrams5701/11/2023 01:11PM

  When you start talking about who is the best......

roman182501/11/2023 01:58PM

  Re: RIP Jeff Beck

21Dog1901/12/2023 06:14AM

  My word. The last few years...

JamesJM1801/12/2023 06:42AM

  SST. Foxworthy on Kidney Stones. This is awesome and SO true!

Ramgator2701/11/2023 02:43PM

  LOL The noise he makes after describing it as getting kicked!!

Ramgator2301/11/2023 02:45PM


sstrams1301/12/2023 02:39AM

  Man! I am SORE from my Attic adventure yesterday!

Ramgator4201/11/2023 10:23AM

  I'm on my third..

sstrams2101/11/2023 10:28AM

  Get to the ER NOW stones or.....

Ramgator3301/11/2023 12:19PM


sstrams2201/11/2023 01:13PM

  Did they do a scan or x ray?

Ramgator1701/11/2023 02:37PM

  I haven't been to the hospital yet..

sstrams1201/12/2023 02:36AM

  Absolutely impossible question.. music...

JamesJM11801/03/2023 04:40PM

  Re: Absolutely impossible question.. music...

MamaRAMa6601/03/2023 06:20PM


SeattleRam4301/03/2023 06:55PM

  Love both answers so far. (nm)

JamesJM1901/03/2023 09:25PM

  I'll give you one you won't love........

21Dog4601/04/2023 05:48AM

  I would have more easily answered the question..

sstrams3701/04/2023 02:30AM

  I don't think I could handle it......

roman184001/04/2023 10:37AM

  Sex Pistols......

sstrams3201/04/2023 10:47AM

  Have their CD, used to have the 8-track.....

roman185101/04/2023 11:13AM

  Sure did.. I did my college term theme on..

sstrams3401/04/2023 11:53AM

  David Gray

DaJudge2901/04/2023 01:17PM

  I'll take Dean Martin for 500 Alex........................but

IowaRam3601/04/2023 02:01PM

  Ok Jimmy, you've had time to think..

sstrams2701/05/2023 03:29AM

  LOL... haven't had time....

JamesJM3001/05/2023 01:50PM

  Re: LOL... haven't had time....

21Dog2401/05/2023 01:53PM

  Re: Absolutely impossible question.. music...

MamaRAMa5401/05/2023 02:01PM


sstrams1701/05/2023 02:23PM

  James Taylor (nm)

Aries1301/05/2023 05:11PM

  Ricky Nelson (nm)

waterfield2001/06/2023 08:40AM

  I was thinking

IowaRam4301/06/2023 07:28PM

  That would explain the sweat on your forehead....

sstrams2201/07/2023 04:43AM

  I'd go Beatles,,,,but be happy with Van Morrison or Miles Davis

ferragamo793001/07/2023 08:04AM

  forgot....Jackson Browne behind Beatles

ferragamo791201/08/2023 06:05PM

  The Beatles for me....

RAMbler7601/11/2023 11:16AM

  What is the best way to get that $^%$^ Foam Insulation off skin??

Ramgator4101/10/2023 09:45AM

  Shouldn't you wait until Spring?

sstrams2601/10/2023 09:53AM

  Nope! I will NOT be going back in that #%#% attic! LOL

Ramgator5601/10/2023 10:18AM

  Been there, done that..

sstrams2101/10/2023 10:30AM

  Plain ol Rubbing Alcohol did it!

Ramgator2101/10/2023 01:28PM

  Did you drink it?

sstrams3801/10/2023 01:33PM

  C'mon man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator1501/10/2023 02:38PM

  Hopefully it went down smooth..

sstrams1001/10/2023 02:46PM

  Re: Plain ol Rubbing Alcohol did it!

SeattleRam1801/11/2023 06:05AM

  That is one of my LEAST favorite things to do..

sstrams2501/11/2023 06:30AM

  Dodger Fans

waterfield3501/10/2023 05:03PM

  Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania | New Trailer

IowaRam5501/09/2023 05:30PM

  Well the Styx show was great.....

roman184201/09/2023 05:15AM

  Glad you had a good time....

sstrams2601/09/2023 05:21AM

  Re: Glad you had a good time....

roman182501/09/2023 05:46AM

  Yeah last year I was somewhat surprised..

sstrams2201/09/2023 07:17AM

  Re: Yeah last year I was somewhat surprised..

SeattleRam2901/09/2023 09:56AM

  They played here..

sstrams3701/09/2023 10:32AM

  love those small venues

21Dog2401/09/2023 06:05AM

  The thing about a lot of those old converted movie theaters..

sstrams2901/09/2023 07:22AM

  the Fresno venue

21Dog1301/09/2023 08:58AM

  Sweet.. Similar, but I think you got us beat.. Attachments

sstrams2901/09/2023 09:19AM

  I will NEVER EVER see another Stadium concert! EEVER!!!!!!!!

Ramgator1701/09/2023 10:09AM

  We saw Young and Crazy Horse.....

roman181901/09/2023 10:10AM

  Those 2 places are works of art, inside and out, love those matinee signs...

roman181501/09/2023 10:15AM

  Had our theater not been designated a historical site.. Attachments

sstrams2501/09/2023 10:36AM

  For my brother's birthday....I finally told him

ferragamo793601/04/2023 05:13PM

  A brick!

sstrams1701/05/2023 02:21AM

  All in all , it's just another brick on the car! AND....

Ramgator1701/05/2023 05:17AM

  Speaking of 1976 and 77...... You KISS fans.

Ramgator1501/05/2023 05:20AM

  Love the cover of Destroyer and Rock and Roll Over

ferragamo791201/08/2023 06:34AM

  My Brother had all the cool LPs. As a kid, I loved looking at them.

Ramgator1501/08/2023 08:52AM

  One album that sorta spooked both of us... Skynyrd's Street Survivors.

Ramgator1301/08/2023 08:56AM

  That was painful......

sstrams1901/05/2023 05:21AM

  Styx not stones may bust my ear drums.....

roman184201/07/2023 08:54AM

  Just saw them about 6 months ago..

sstrams11501/07/2023 09:02AM

  Yeah, that was just a....

roman185301/07/2023 09:18AM

  Crazy thing about my hearing..

sstrams1901/07/2023 09:50AM

  Big fan....

SeattleRam2301/07/2023 09:58AM

  Used to be...

sstrams1701/07/2023 10:07AM

  Re: Used to be...

SeattleRam2401/07/2023 10:13AM

  REally? I've always thought he wa the perfect fit..

sstrams2801/07/2023 10:30AM

  Watched the "Styx, Behind The Music" thing on VH1 years ago.

Ramgator3001/07/2023 04:16PM

  The Mr Roboto tour...

sstrams2501/07/2023 04:22PM

  Professor of Rock

SeattleRam3701/07/2023 10:00AM

  I won't be going to the Vegas F1 race...

JamesJM5001/02/2023 09:36AM

  Buttonwillow is lovely this time of year nm

21Dog4001/03/2023 06:10AM

  ANY time of year...

JamesJM1701/03/2023 03:04PM

  Re: ANY time of year...

waterfield3801/05/2023 08:39PM

  My buddy from high school/college roommate was from Buttonwillow

ferragamo791501/07/2023 08:40AM

  new and disturbing info about the Idaho murders

Rampage2K-5801/05/2023 07:35PM

  I would HOPE it's because....maybe..

Ramgator6101/06/2023 03:50AM

  Re: I would HOPE it's because....maybe..

MamaRAMa3201/06/2023 07:58AM

  Common on folks

waterfield2701/06/2023 08:37AM

  Added to my Model stash tonight.....LOL PLASTIC Models that is.

Ramgator4001/03/2023 02:55PM

  I bought two model kits last Oct.

JamesJM2101/03/2023 02:59PM

  Not nearly as cheap as it used to be!

Ramgator1201/03/2023 03:39PM

  I need to go thru my storage....

JamesJM2001/03/2023 04:09PM

  My problem is....I just can't let go of my old stuff.

Ramgator1801/04/2023 02:07AM

  Same here..

sstrams1201/04/2023 02:23AM

  I figured you were gonna say inflatable models..

sstrams1601/03/2023 03:30PM

  Testors!!!! I SWEAR it's the reason why my sense of smell is LAME! LOL

Ramgator1601/03/2023 03:36PM

  Here it is.... Attachments

Ramgator2001/03/2023 03:41PM

  That is sweet..

sstrams1801/03/2023 03:58PM

  I thought this was cool

IowaRam1901/04/2023 01:37PM

  F-4 Phantom. I got to see a Demo by 6 of them at my USAF Base.

Ramgator1701/04/2023 01:55PM

  Did you use an MJ1A Jammer to load.. Attachments

sstrams2501/04/2023 02:14PM

  Yea , we used them

IowaRam1401/05/2023 02:00PM

  I figured the MJ1's were slow..

sstrams1201/05/2023 02:25PM

  Their pretty easy to drive

IowaRam1301/05/2023 03:13PM

  Yeah, just like a golf cart..

sstrams1501/05/2023 03:20PM

  First of all all the people you now reference are like 60 and I worked on Travis AFB

ferragamo791901/04/2023 05:18PM

  Hey Steve... I'm in blow my eardrums out mode...

JamesJM3801/03/2023 05:16PM

  Good for you, Jimmy...

sstrams7401/04/2023 02:26AM

  This time last week, wind chills were around 15. Our heater could barely keep up...

Ramgator12812/31/2022 01:55PM

  We hafta run the heat on Emergency Heat..

sstrams4012/31/2022 02:17PM

  We are getting a new AC next week. UUUUUGH!!

Ramgator3312/31/2022 04:09PM

  Speaking of heaters....

JamesJM2201/02/2023 09:47AM

  Way over my head...

sstrams2101/02/2023 10:45AM

  I really believe that it won't be long....

JamesJM3101/02/2023 11:41AM

  Yeah, it looks that way..

sstrams2601/02/2023 12:45PM

  Well, using Apple for example...

JamesJM4901/02/2023 03:55PM

  That is a bit terrifying..

sstrams2401/03/2023 03:15AM

  We were asked about that and we said... No!

Ramgator1901/02/2023 02:31PM

  As I've posted many times..

sstrams2101/02/2023 02:35PM

  Tech Geeks justifying jobs have effed up a lot of stuff.

Ramgator2401/02/2023 02:37PM

  We have been under a weather advisory , weather watch , weather warning Attachments

IowaRam5701/02/2023 01:23PM

  We are in SPRING mode today........MINUS POLLEN!!!

Ramgator2901/03/2023 11:59AM

  Yeah, we're fairly nice today, as well..

sstrams2601/03/2023 12:50PM

  Re: We are in SPRING mode today........MINUS POLLEN!!!

IowaRam2201/03/2023 01:00PM

  Just Rolled In (YT channel)

SeattleRam5401/01/2023 11:46PM

  Mama. "The Pony Cart" just started, on METV.

Ramgator5412/29/2022 07:04AM

  You remember these Michael Learned TV shows

IowaRam2401/01/2023 06:01AM

  I remember Nurse. Very early 80s. Not sure I ever watched a whole episode. nm

Ramgator2101/01/2023 07:03AM

  Starting to think you guys are making stuff up...

JamesJM1901/01/2023 09:52AM

  Sure was. It wasn't "Honey Boo Boo" but it was ok. nm

Ramgator2101/01/2023 10:06AM

  How about these timeless classics

IowaRam2601/01/2023 11:16AM

  Not sure how I missed this one

IowaRam3001/01/2023 11:47AM

  LOLOL My Stepson is hungover.

Ramgator6301/01/2023 05:02AM

  Re: LOLOL My Stepson is hungover.

MamaRAMa4101/01/2023 05:35AM

  I'm in PARTY ANIMAL mode tonight!!!!!!

Ramgator4412/31/2022 04:39PM

  I've got a 102º fever....

JamesJM10612/31/2022 04:42PM

  Re: I've got a 102º fever....

MamaRAMa2412/31/2022 05:05PM

  Not sure if me or my Wife will make it.

Ramgator3312/31/2022 05:11PM

  feel for you Jimmy

21Dog2812/31/2022 05:23PM

  Wiffe also, Texas hill country cedar fever..

Arkansas Ram4112/31/2022 05:33PM

  Just went thru a 'Who We Lost In 2022' list....

JamesJM5212/31/2022 04:11PM

  Yeah. I JUST found out that Robert Clary (Hogan's Heroes) passed in Nov.

Ramgator2612/31/2022 04:33PM

  Re: Just went thru a 'Who We Lost In 2022' list....

IowaRam3112/31/2022 04:38PM

  Dean & Frank

IowaRam6412/31/2022 03:37PM

  Have posted some of her videos in the past....

SeattleRam7212/30/2022 11:23PM

  I'm assuming you're referring to the mirror image......

sstrams3512/31/2022 06:03AM

  I think the only layer....

JamesJM4512/31/2022 11:50AM

  Yeah, that's pretty much what I was saying..

sstrams2912/31/2022 12:03PM

  Well...CRAP! I have a cold.

Ramgator5312/29/2022 07:40AM

  I just posted that I'm sick....

JamesJM3712/29/2022 08:30AM

  LOL I have done that before.

Ramgator5712/29/2022 10:27AM

  I have a Chinese Dr that Specializes in Colds n Flus.

Ramgator2612/29/2022 12:17PM

  On a serious note... anyone here tried acupuncture?

JamesJM2412/30/2022 05:45AM

  Was there a pun intended in your post?

sstrams1612/30/2022 05:52AM


JamesJM3112/30/2022 05:58AM

  Well, the bad news was..

sstrams2512/30/2022 06:31AM

  I stepped on a nail once! nm

Ramgator3112/30/2022 09:38AM

  I did too..

sstrams2012/30/2022 09:45AM


JamesJM2912/30/2022 10:57AM

  Well, Jacksonville, yeah...

sstrams2912/30/2022 11:03AM

  Funny you say.......

Ramgator1612/31/2022 04:32AM

  hate colds....

ferragamo795012/30/2022 02:32PM

  I haven't had a cold since..

sstrams2112/30/2022 02:43PM

  Re: I haven't had a cold since..

MamaRAMa3412/30/2022 03:02PM

  Yeah, you gotta take care of yourself..

sstrams3412/30/2022 03:14PM

  VERY surprised I caught a cold because.

Ramgator2812/31/2022 04:36AM

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