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  Cry Macho.. I wasn't impressed...

JamesJM6809/29/2021 02:37PM

  It stunk

waterfield3609/29/2021 08:22PM

  You are harsher than I...

JamesJM2209/29/2021 11:13PM

  He's 91 years old

waterfield2409/30/2021 09:27AM

  As far as I know....

JamesJM2209/30/2021 10:13AM

  Re: As far as I know....

waterfield2209/30/2021 10:21AM

  Re: As far as I know....

SeattleRam1609/30/2021 10:32AM

  I love Clint but STILL have not seen it. Had a co worker at my old station tell me..

Ramgator2109/30/2021 10:38AM

  The Eiger-Wall of Death

waterfield5309/30/2021 11:07AM

  I LOVE LOVE Eastwood. But....

Ramgator2609/30/2021 04:04AM

  I didn't care for it either, but maybe for a little different reason

RAMbler2809/30/2021 12:09PM

  Longmire... wow!

RAMbler3010/01/2021 12:30PM

  It was a kick in the gut....

JamesJM1710/01/2021 05:06PM

  I never ever was big into stretching exercises. Funny how a failing back changes things.

Ramgator3309/30/2021 10:44AM

  do you have tight hamstrings?

ferragamo793109/30/2021 02:16PM

  VERY tight!

Ramgator2409/30/2021 02:51PM

  RIP Tommy Kirk

RAMbler3609/30/2021 12:16PM

  Waterfield... never asked, last season of Bosch...

JamesJM4809/28/2021 11:44AM

  Re: Waterfield... never asked, last season of Bosch...

Coy Bacon2009/30/2021 09:42AM

  Re: Waterfield... never asked, last season of Bosch...

waterfield2109/30/2021 10:26AM

  The Bosch spin-off

MamaRAMa2109/30/2021 10:48AM

  Ok you social media youngsters, help an old man out here...

JamesJM4509/29/2021 02:52PM

  Re: Ok you social media youngsters, help an old man out here...

waterfield2609/29/2021 08:15PM

  Apparently I'm not the only one stumped by this. (nm)

JamesJM2009/29/2021 11:14PM

  Dodgers !

waterfield3809/29/2021 09:16PM

  Check it out....playing the vinyl Attachments

ferragamo799109/24/2021 04:56PM


sstrams3309/25/2021 04:45AM

  Band gigs, guess what?

JamesJM3109/25/2021 08:35AM

  Yeah, it feels weird..

sstrams2909/25/2021 10:15AM

  Well Steve, you aren't starting from scratch....

JamesJM3109/25/2021 10:41AM

  That's what worries me..

sstrams2409/25/2021 11:47AM


JamesJM2509/25/2021 12:34PM

  Off topic, pain pills...

JamesJM2309/25/2021 12:41PM

  I guess it depends..

sstrams2009/25/2021 05:49PM

  Believe me..

sstrams3109/25/2021 05:52PM

  Re: Believe me..

JamesJM2409/25/2021 06:59PM

  Nice set up......

roman182709/25/2021 01:53PM

  thanks Roman

ferragamo791909/26/2021 05:02PM

  I never did own that album as a kid

IowaRam3209/25/2021 02:11PM

  me too KISS Alive II was a gift from my friend

ferragamo792209/26/2021 05:03PM

  That was my Brother's first album with his first stereo.

Ramgator1609/29/2021 03:21PM

  Dodgers v Cardinals

waterfield5309/26/2021 12:10AM

  are you serious....Dodgers just won their 100th game

ferragamo793009/26/2021 04:59PM

  Of course I'm serious

waterfield2809/27/2021 04:17PM

  keep in mind they have experience

ferragamo793109/28/2021 01:03PM

  Re: keep in mind they have experience

waterfield2109/29/2021 09:04AM

  The 2021 St Louis Cardinals are HOT down the stretch

MamaRAMa6709/23/2021 01:20PM

  I saw that...wow!

ferragamo792909/23/2021 04:02PM

  I have said it for years. The Cards NEVER just go away!

Ramgator3209/24/2021 07:19AM

  great franchise

ferragamo792309/24/2021 05:01PM

  Cards win 14th straight tonight

MamaRAMa2309/24/2021 06:25PM

  Whoever-Giants or Dodgers

waterfield2709/24/2021 08:00PM

  Cards win 15th straight and make franchise history

MamaRAMa2009/25/2021 01:22PM

  You got me fired up, Mama...

JamesJM3009/25/2021 01:51PM

  Cardinals just swept the Cubs and in so doing, won their 16th game in a row

MamaRAMa1909/26/2021 01:02PM

  Do think Dodgers are built for the playoffs

ferragamo792009/26/2021 04:56PM

  great rotation

21Dog1809/26/2021 06:47PM


sacram2609/26/2021 07:43PM

  One game wildcard

waterfield2709/27/2021 12:15PM

  Lordy be...

JamesJM2609/27/2021 12:27PM

  MLB Wild Card teams

MamaRAMa2509/27/2021 12:40PM

  Yup, been away for a while...

JamesJM1809/27/2021 01:03PM

  Re: Yup, been away for a while...

MamaRAMa1609/27/2021 02:09PM

  Well-lets look at it this way

waterfield2309/27/2021 03:57PM

  Cardinals just won 17th in a row and clinched the #2 Wild Card spot

MamaRAMa2809/28/2021 05:50PM

  SST at Target

ferragamo799009/24/2021 03:15PM


sstrams2409/25/2021 04:42AM

  SST!!!! I hear Michael Bay is doing a remake of "JAWS", produced by Disney!!!!

Ramgator2909/27/2021 04:04AM

  Probably just a matter of time..

sstrams2709/27/2021 04:40AM


JamesJM2009/27/2021 05:47AM

  Spielberg is a different breed...

sstrams2009/27/2021 05:58AM

  Re: Spielberg is a different breed...

MamaRAMa2009/27/2021 06:07AM

  Not sure about his other flicks..

sstrams1909/27/2021 06:11AM

  That's it, more than anything else...

JamesJM2009/27/2021 06:28AM

  I get asked that question a lot..

sstrams1809/27/2021 06:33AM

  Spielberg's West Side Story- The Trailer.

MamaRAMa2109/27/2021 02:17PM

  It's HAS to be good, and I probably won't see it...

JamesJM2409/27/2021 02:35PM

  I have always thought that no shark was needed.

Ramgator2109/28/2021 03:31AM

  Yeah, they have often said..

sstrams2109/28/2021 06:44AM

  "Jaws" had ....atmosphere. Something 98.9% of movies do not have these days.

Ramgator3009/28/2021 07:02AM

  Quint's speech is pretty much..

sstrams1909/28/2021 08:30AM

  Even that tap he does adds to the scene.

Ramgator2209/28/2021 10:25AM

  The Indianapolis... THAT is a story Spielberg should look into.

Ramgator2109/28/2021 10:31AM

  I've heard the Cage version..

sstrams1809/28/2021 10:34AM

  I think I've mentioned..

sstrams1709/28/2021 10:32AM

  I never knew that scene was split (Drunk / Sober) What is the story behind that?

Ramgator2109/28/2021 12:32PM

  They shot the scene..

sstrams2109/28/2021 01:31PM

  Midnight Mass

SeattleRam5109/28/2021 11:37AM

  Babylon 5

SeattleRam3409/28/2021 02:11AM

  Kinda like when they rebooted Battlestar Galactica ?

IowaRam1909/28/2021 02:57AM

  LOVED the original Battlestar but could not get into the new one.

Ramgator2109/28/2021 03:23AM

  The original Battlestar Galactica. I had the biggest crush on.....

Ramgator2409/28/2021 03:25AM

  I never got into Bab5

CeeZar2409/28/2021 09:16AM

  What in the hell is going on with Britney Spears?

JamesJM5409/25/2021 08:48AM

  Re: What in the hell is going on with Britney Spears?

MamaRAMa3309/25/2021 08:58AM

  How old is she?

JamesJM3009/25/2021 09:05AM

  Britney Spears is 39

MamaRAMa3209/25/2021 09:15AM

  Ah, yes...

JamesJM3309/25/2021 09:20AM

  Yes! I saw an interview with her about 5 years ago....

Ramgator2409/28/2021 03:37AM

  Credit Cards.. anyone else's CC do this?

JamesJM5609/27/2021 06:49AM

  Re: Credit Cards.. anyone else's CC do this?

waterfield2809/27/2021 12:09PM

  That makes sense...

JamesJM2609/27/2021 01:05PM

  Re: That makes sense...

waterfield2209/27/2021 02:06PM

  Re: Credit Cards.. anyone else's CC do this?

MamaRAMa3109/27/2021 12:26PM

  Re: Credit Cards.. anyone else's CC do this?

waterfield2809/27/2021 03:58PM

  Re: Credit Cards.. anyone else's CC do this?

MamaRAMa2709/27/2021 04:07PM

  Yeah, I didn't get that either...

JamesJM3009/27/2021 04:16PM

  Here's how

waterfield2909/27/2021 04:30PM

  Re: Here's how

MamaRAMa2409/27/2021 04:39PM

  Re: Here's how

waterfield2809/27/2021 04:44PM

  Ok, you lost me again...

JamesJM2809/27/2021 06:10PM


waterfield2909/27/2021 09:33PM

  Ah yes...

JamesJM1809/27/2021 06:08PM

  Saw a video of Stafford in Indy....and was reminded...

JamesJM7709/19/2021 05:56AM

  I think I dislike humidity more than most people.

Atlantic Ram2209/25/2021 08:48PM

  Worst humidity ever

waterfield2709/25/2021 11:55PM

  Houston is the worst...

sstrams2209/26/2021 04:44AM

  I can top that....

JamesJM1809/26/2021 09:21AM

  Cicadas are annoying..

sstrams2309/26/2021 09:24AM

  Ever see "Temple of Doom".. the Indian Jones movie?

JamesJM1909/26/2021 09:42AM

  Those were some scary looking insects..

sstrams2009/26/2021 09:49AM

  Yea , we get a few of those

IowaRam1809/26/2021 09:37AM


IowaRam2209/26/2021 07:36AM

  Try having long hair..

sstrams2309/26/2021 07:42AM

  No thanks

IowaRam1909/26/2021 08:25AM

  It IS a commitment..

sstrams1909/26/2021 08:39AM

  You must have loved the 80's

IowaRam2009/26/2021 10:04AM

  Yes I did..

sstrams1809/26/2021 10:17AM

  Porches and Air Conditioners

IowaRam1709/26/2021 08:14AM

  Same here... no air conditioning until I was 10...

JamesJM1609/26/2021 10:16AM

  Neither did we..

sstrams1709/26/2021 10:19AM

  Re: Neither did we..

IowaRam1909/26/2021 10:35AM

  We just had the one..

sstrams1709/26/2021 10:55AM

  High School Football weather in Iowa

IowaRam2009/26/2021 11:20AM

  Seattle... get the feel of F1

JamesJM7309/15/2021 06:27AM

  Helmet Cam

SeattleRam3509/15/2021 07:51AM

  Future F1 super star

SeattleRam2209/25/2021 06:52AM

  Sorry if I've already asked you this...

JamesJM1909/25/2021 08:30AM

  Re: Sorry if I've already asked you this...

SeattleRam2009/25/2021 11:47AM

  Miami Grand Prix to make Formula 1 debut in May 2022

SeattleRam5109/25/2021 11:50AM

  This aggravates me...

JamesJM6009/25/2021 07:31AM

  Ain't it weird?

sstrams3109/25/2021 07:52AM


JamesJM2609/25/2021 08:10AM

  I hate waking up hung over.

Ramgator3209/25/2021 08:11AM


JamesJM2709/25/2021 08:19AM

  Re: I hate waking up hung over.

IowaRam2909/25/2021 09:26AM

  Maybe it's a delayed reaction.....

roman182909/25/2021 09:42AM

  LOL, wise advice Roman, wise indeed. (nm)

JamesJM2509/25/2021 09:50AM

  Blue Origin beaming up William Shatner for October

IowaRam3709/24/2021 04:58PM

  Homicide in my home town...

JamesJM6509/23/2021 05:59PM


JamesJM3509/24/2021 08:18AM

  Re: Update...

RAMbler2709/24/2021 02:29PM

  I don’t know, RAMbler

JamesJM2709/24/2021 02:54PM

  Most important device in the Universe

IowaRam7009/20/2021 02:06PM

  That's pretty funny

SeattleRam3309/20/2021 06:13PM

  The one in Star Trek Next Generation

ferragamo792309/24/2021 11:43AM

  How do I fertilize my lawn with pets

ferragamo794809/23/2021 04:01PM

  Only thing I can think of..

sstrams2909/24/2021 04:04AM

  Re: Only thing I can think of..

MamaRAMa3309/24/2021 04:28AM

  Yeah.. we use Permagreen and same results..

sstrams2209/24/2021 04:42AM

  Check Lowes, or Home Depot.....

roman182909/24/2021 04:29AM


ferragamo792609/24/2021 11:40AM

  Hmmm. Good question. When I do my yard, I avoid.....

Ramgator3009/24/2021 07:58AM

  Any ETA on last season of Ozark

ferragamo794809/23/2021 04:18PM

  Before I retired, my Lt got me hooked on that. I THOUGHT it was done?? nm

Ramgator2509/24/2021 07:59AM

  Ozark's Last Season

MamaRAMa2709/24/2021 09:45AM

  thanks Mama!

ferragamo791909/24/2021 11:39AM

  Moderna vs. Pfizer: Both Knockouts, But One Seems To Have The Edge

ramBRO5509/22/2021 05:52AM

  I still can't believe..

sstrams4509/22/2021 09:34AM

  Re: I still can't believe..

AlbaNY_Ram3609/24/2021 03:54AM

  My reply...

sstrams3009/24/2021 06:34AM

  Re: My reply...

AlbaNY_Ram3409/24/2021 09:08AM

  I'm glad you were cool with that lol

sstrams2309/24/2021 11:00AM

  I have settled the big Vaccine debate once and for all!!!

Ramgator2609/24/2021 07:16AM

  CRAP!! I'm bummed. Just read Tim Donnelly, (Chet) of "Emergency" passed.

Ramgator3609/24/2021 07:55AM

  I'm back, 2,000 miles later... Attachments

JamesJM7309/23/2021 03:05PM

  Re: I'm back, 2,000 miles later...

MamaRAMa2609/23/2021 03:11PM

  Other than finding my grandfather's grave... my favorite part of the trip...

JamesJM3209/23/2021 04:37PM

  Nice story...

sstrams2509/23/2021 03:56PM

  wow he was young when he passed

ferragamo792609/23/2021 04:05PM

  You'll have to accept my farmer's acreage guess...

JamesJM2909/23/2021 04:30PM

  Great stuff, but you gotta tell us one of those long stories....

roman182209/24/2021 03:53AM

  Awesome story / find. I think it's really cool you took the time.

Ramgator2009/24/2021 03:57AM

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