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  Well............I had to do it

IowaRam6904/06/2021 04:28PM

  Re: Well............I had to do it

MamaRAMa4704/06/2021 04:39PM


IowaRam1904/07/2021 06:02PM

  This is 100% a must buy for me....

JamesJM3104/06/2021 04:46PM

  I bought it...

JamesJM2804/06/2021 05:01PM

  Have ya told him about it

IowaRam2204/07/2021 11:28AM

  No, I'm keeping it a secret...

JamesJM2004/07/2021 12:26PM

  Always wanted one.. never got one...

sstrams3304/06/2021 05:14PM

  I regret missing the Snake River attempt...

JamesJM2604/06/2021 06:09PM

  That event was so disappointing..

sstrams2004/07/2021 03:14AM

  I remember watching it on TV

IowaRam2404/07/2021 11:37AM

  Speaking of over hyped let downs

IowaRam2504/07/2021 11:47AM

  Yes, it was... but....

JamesJM2404/07/2021 12:27PM

  I think it was pay per view..

sstrams2404/07/2021 01:56PM


JamesJM2104/07/2021 02:05PM

  Yeah, pretty much the same here..

sstrams2304/07/2021 02:35PM

  Re: I think it was pay per view..

21Dog1904/08/2021 05:26AM

  That would make sense..

sstrams1904/08/2021 05:27AM

  Re: That would make sense..

21Dog1904/08/2021 05:28AM

  Thanks.. not digging it...

sstrams2004/08/2021 05:29AM

  Has anyone watched "Into The Grizzly Maze" on Netflix?

JamesJM4304/07/2021 10:58PM

  RIP Jessica Walter

RAMbler10003/25/2021 11:48AM

  Re: RIP Jessica Walter

MamaRAMa6803/25/2021 11:54AM

  Re: RIP Jessica Walter

SeattleRam2703/25/2021 01:40PM

  Re: RIP Jessica Walter

Rampage2K-2903/31/2021 07:39AM

  Just saw this thread

Drew28392304/07/2021 08:10PM

  What's a Factory that makes...OK....merchandise???

Ramgator3604/07/2021 04:34PM

  Scientists find “strong evidence” for new mystery sub-atomic force

SeattleRam4104/07/2021 01:33PM

  Two of the funniest things I've ever read....

JamesJM2904/07/2021 01:41PM

  You're kind of a science guy, Seattle..

sstrams2204/07/2021 04:08PM

  IT'S MY JOKES!!!! nm

Ramgator1904/07/2021 04:26PM

  Geez, I thought the final game would be close...

JamesJM5104/05/2021 04:43PM

  This year had to be the least hyped / cared about NCAA final that I can recall.

Ramgator2504/06/2021 08:51AM

  My interest was because of UCLA

waterfield2604/06/2021 02:23PM

  I was young but you might recall........Our own Jacksonville University..

Ramgator2104/07/2021 05:14AM

  remember that game well

21Dog2104/07/2021 12:30PM

  Did my Sleep Study last night. HOW????

Ramgator6504/02/2021 05:40AM

  Re: Did my Sleep Study last night. HOW????

73Ram2704/04/2021 09:01AM

  Re: Did my Sleep Study last night. HOW????

waterfield3004/04/2021 09:13AM

  Re: Did my Sleep Study last night. HOW????

73Ram3704/04/2021 09:35AM

  Re: Did my Sleep Study last night. HOW????

waterfield3004/04/2021 01:50PM

  Re: Did my Sleep Study last night. HOW????

73Ram2404/04/2021 04:58PM

  I hate you....

JamesJM4604/04/2021 09:41AM

  Re: I hate you....

73Ram5304/04/2021 09:44AM

  Re: I hate you, too....

sstrams4404/04/2021 01:36PM

  Re: I hate you, too....

73Ram2704/04/2021 05:01PM

  Put some sg$# show on the TV......

roman184304/04/2021 01:48PM

  LOL My Wife says the same about me.

Ramgator4504/04/2021 03:08PM

  Re: LOL My Wife says the same about me.

73Ram2904/04/2021 05:03PM

  Ironically, I slept better as a NEW Firefighter. It's when I promoted to Engineer..

Ramgator3504/05/2021 09:07AM

  I'm jealous of those who can sleep.......

21Dog5004/05/2021 05:22AM

  Just flew home Friday..

sstrams3704/05/2021 05:47AM


Drew28392404/05/2021 11:39AM

  I did the hospital version..

sstrams3504/05/2021 06:40AM

  CPAP and Halloween !

waterfield3204/06/2021 11:32AM


Ramgator2704/06/2021 01:19PM

  I have ALWAYS wanted a dark jump suit and Michael Myers mask....

Ramgator2804/06/2021 01:21PM

  My goal has been..

sstrams4404/06/2021 01:26PM

  Has anyone had any family or friends join the Military recently. If so.....

Ramgator4604/06/2021 08:57AM

  I'm in the process

Drew28392604/06/2021 10:37AM

  Good to know that SOME Recruiters still care.

Ramgator2404/06/2021 01:17PM

  Pretty much any government operation..

sstrams2404/06/2021 11:08AM

  RIP Mark Pavelich (1980 USA Hockey)

Ramgator3904/05/2021 04:21PM

  Thats to bad

IowaRam2504/05/2021 07:30PM

  OK....Low / no Carb diets SUCK!!! LOL

Ramgator10403/20/2021 07:04AM

  Re: OK....Low / no Carb diets SUCK!!! LOL

MamaRAMa4203/20/2021 07:16AM

  I'll be honest, I have not checked real hard into that.

Ramgator4403/20/2021 10:31AM

  Low-Carb Pizza

MamaRAMa8803/20/2021 10:43AM

  Thanks! Have been to Vinny's

Ramgator3903/20/2021 10:56AM

  Carbs are the devil...

sstrams6003/20/2021 08:00AM

  It can certainly be a challenge...

Atlantic Ram6703/20/2021 09:24AM

  SST and Atlantic...Has it lowered your A1C?

Ramgator6003/20/2021 10:27AM

  I have no idea..

sstrams3403/20/2021 11:06AM

  Well it's not been brought up

Atlantic Ram4703/20/2021 06:52PM

  HA!! And for years, I have always wondered about alcohol.

Ramgator5903/20/2021 10:37AM

  Re: HA!! And for years, I have always wondered about alcohol.

waterfield5803/20/2021 12:09PM

  I can honestly say I have never been dependent on alcohol but.....

Ramgator3303/20/2021 04:01PM

  You can do this!

BlueRidgeHorns6203/22/2021 02:19AM

  What is the best low carb wrap?

Ramgator3203/22/2021 08:47AM

  Re: What is the best low carb wrap?

MamaRAMa4903/22/2021 11:31AM

  OK.......... Now I'm hungry! LOL

Ramgator4403/22/2021 04:09PM

  Low carb works.... but only to a point....

RAMbler5003/22/2021 10:19AM

  My input about Carbs....

JamesJM4103/22/2021 11:20AM


RAMbler5203/22/2021 01:15PM

  I am ALREADY seeing what you guys are talking about.

Ramgator3903/22/2021 04:18PM

  I bet I'll be in the same boat.

Ramgator4303/22/2021 04:14PM

  I wish it was simply a weight issue but.....

Ramgator4303/22/2021 04:20PM

  Re: I bet I'll be in the same boat.

RAMbler4403/23/2021 11:10AM

  Cutting down on sugar is close to killing one's self...

sstrams3503/23/2021 12:36PM

  I hear ya! I'm setting very low but LONG term goals.

Ramgator3403/24/2021 06:10AM

  I think restrictive diets are BS

LMU934303/24/2021 04:10AM

  This is the road I'm looking into. Been doing research....

Ramgator4803/24/2021 06:16AM

  Re: This is the road I'm looking into. Been doing research....

73Ram3104/04/2021 08:54AM

  73 Ram, great job!

BlueRidgeHorns4304/05/2021 02:03AM

  Re: 73 Ram, great job!

73Ram4804/05/2021 02:34AM

  Fad diets usually don't work and some are dangerous

Drew28394504/05/2021 12:05PM

  I'm on one-thx to Justin Turner of the Dodgers

waterfield4304/04/2021 01:57PM

  going to a football game this evening...

JamesJM4904/02/2021 07:12AM

  Re: going to a football game this evening...

waterfield2704/02/2021 07:52AM

  So true....

JamesJM2504/02/2021 08:14AM

  Football in April ?

IowaRam2804/02/2021 12:29PM

  It was great... perfect weather...

JamesJM2704/05/2021 08:02AM

  Gonzaga all the way?

JamesJM7203/28/2021 07:54PM

  More sports - NASCAR on dirt and our Soccer teams fails...

JamesJM6003/29/2021 07:05AM

  Re: More sports - NASCAR on dirt and our Soccer teams fails...

waterfield6303/29/2021 07:58AM

  I don't doubt you but....

JamesJM2603/29/2021 09:46AM

  There is a diff between US and other countries.

waterfield2703/29/2021 11:15AM

  Soccer is LAME in the US!

Ramgator2503/30/2021 04:24AM

  Re: Soccer is LAME in the US!

waterfield3103/30/2021 08:25AM

  Simply speaking about what I can speak for. MY home town.

Ramgator2504/01/2021 05:58AM

  Been seeing articles like the one you posted for DECADES.

Ramgator2704/01/2021 06:07AM

  Soccer "mom" park ?

waterfield2804/01/2021 09:54AM

  SERIOUSLY! Does that really need explaining?? C'mon man! nm

Ramgator2204/01/2021 11:27AM

  Re: SERIOUSLY! Does that really need explaining?? C'mon man! nm

MamaRAMa4404/01/2021 12:51PM

  Here's an answer to your concerns re soccer

waterfield3703/29/2021 12:20PM

  Re: Gonzaga all the way?

waterfield3503/29/2021 07:49AM

  Gonzaga deserves to be top rated

waterfield2404/01/2021 04:24PM

  Anything can happen...

JamesJM2304/01/2021 05:39PM

  Re: Anything can happen...

waterfield2804/01/2021 06:19PM

  West of the Mississippi....

JamesJM2304/01/2021 09:02PM


ferragamo792904/03/2021 04:21PM

  Hell of an effort (nm)

JamesJM2504/03/2021 07:05PM

  game for the ages

21Dog2404/04/2021 05:18AM

  Yes it was.... but not being a basketball guy...

JamesJM2604/04/2021 06:06AM

  Ashton Video....

JamesJM2504/04/2021 09:34AM

  Re: game for the ages

waterfield2404/04/2021 09:35AM

  Heard a few say it was the greatest final four game ever....

JamesJM2304/04/2021 09:43AM

  Free on youtube this month

SeattleRam10503/31/2021 10:26PM

  Excellent movie..

sstrams3504/01/2021 03:38AM

  Maybe THE best War flick ever made.

Ramgator3904/01/2021 05:51AM

  A scene that was NOT supposed to happen during production..

Ramgator4204/01/2021 05:54AM

  Mentioned this before....

JamesJM4304/01/2021 03:00PM

  Another great and accurate one

waterfield3804/02/2021 07:58AM

  Re: Another great and accurate one

SeattleRam3704/02/2021 04:06PM

  What was strange about that

waterfield4104/02/2021 08:39PM

  saw it in the movie theater

ferragamo792304/03/2021 04:20PM

  Got my Covid shot last night, thanks to Pokemon Go

BlueRidgeHorns6404/03/2021 03:07AM

  That's awesome

Atlantic Ram3404/03/2021 11:54AM

  Re: That's awesome

BlueRidgeHorns2104/03/2021 02:22PM

  another dog thread

zn13502/22/2021 08:03AM

  Holy Toledo..

sstrams5402/22/2021 09:08AM

  Re: another dog thread

zn5402/22/2021 09:17AM

  That dog deserves a biscuit!

sstrams3902/22/2021 12:48PM

  Case closed Attachments

waterfield7002/22/2021 10:00PM

  That is one gorgeous doggie...

sstrams4602/23/2021 09:04AM

  Re: That is one gorgeous doggie...

waterfield4002/23/2021 12:01PM

  Yeah, but with dogs..

sstrams4202/23/2021 12:08PM

  She IS The Champion.. Attachments

sstrams4902/23/2021 12:36PM

  Oh my !

waterfield4702/23/2021 01:00PM

  You may never hear the end of it..

sstrams3802/23/2021 01:40PM

  Re: You may never hear the end of it..

waterfield4102/23/2021 04:10PM

  All three Beagles...

sstrams4202/23/2021 05:07PM


zn4602/23/2021 05:29PM

  Haha..nice... its the exact opposite here...

sstrams4202/24/2021 05:36AM

  and more

zn5703/03/2021 03:42PM

  Mine would do that...

sstrams5103/04/2021 04:50AM

  Re: another dog thread

zn2704/03/2021 06:36AM

  So cool..

sstrams2204/03/2021 09:31AM

  Anyone in Salt Lake City?

sstrams6203/30/2021 12:52PM

  If you get a chance....

JamesJM3203/30/2021 01:47PM

  I don't think we'll be able to, Jimmy..

sstrams2503/30/2021 02:44PM

  A great air force museum is close by

waterfield3103/30/2021 02:16PM

  That's where I am..

sstrams2803/30/2021 02:43PM

  Re: That's where I am..

waterfield2903/30/2021 03:59PM


sstrams3203/30/2021 04:56PM

  Re: Absolutely..

waterfield2903/31/2021 07:58AM

  Went to the museum today...

sstrams3404/01/2021 05:55PM

  Re: Went to the museum today...

waterfield2204/01/2021 06:17PM

  I didn't specifically see one..

sstrams2604/02/2021 03:25AM

  Re: I didn't specifically see one..

waterfield2404/02/2021 07:53AM

  Baylor v Houston, Gonzaga v UCLA...

JamesJM4703/31/2021 01:06PM

  And some NASCAR news....

JamesJM3903/31/2021 01:19PM

  Re: And some NASCAR news....

SeattleRam3403/31/2021 07:53PM

  Seaspiracy ..wow!!!

Rampage2K-8503/31/2021 08:38AM

  Your right

waterfield4003/31/2021 09:33AM

  Re: Your right

Rampage2K-3603/31/2021 10:33AM

  Re: Your right

waterfield4103/31/2021 11:54AM

  I'm a huge Sea Shepherd supporter...

sstrams3403/31/2021 12:43PM

  They just don't make them like that anymore

SeattleRam4303/31/2021 12:11PM

  Holy cripes!!! Warning first world problems

Rampage2K-7303/31/2021 07:53AM

  Rental cars. There are almost none out there.

Ramgator4803/31/2021 08:06AM

  Big Island

waterfield4603/31/2021 08:11AM

  UGH!!! Bank account about to get a lot lighter in 2 hours.

Ramgator8703/29/2021 04:06AM

  Re: UGH!!! Bank account about to get a lot lighter in 2 hours.

MamaRAMa5403/29/2021 05:25AM

  Dental insurance ?

waterfield3603/29/2021 08:01AM

  Re: Dental insurance ?

MamaRAMa3403/29/2021 08:16AM

  I understant that

waterfield2603/29/2021 12:24PM

  Re: I understant that

MamaRAMa3303/29/2021 01:53PM

  I would want a total face replacement for $9k

Atlantic Ram2303/29/2021 12:49PM

  Not as bad as I thought.

Ramgator3403/29/2021 08:40AM

  Re: Not as bad as I thought.

MamaRAMa4303/29/2021 09:13AM

  WHY did my Dentist roll his eyes when all I asked was.......

Ramgator3803/29/2021 08:42AM

  Saw my first Robin of the season

IowaRam3503/28/2021 01:57PM

  We've had them for several weeks...

sstrams2503/28/2021 02:01PM

  still just the one though

IowaRam2003/28/2021 02:29PM

  I'm guessing that when your Robins leave..

sstrams2103/28/2021 02:37PM

  Had to Google

IowaRam2803/28/2021 02:45PM

  Seems like Florida..

sstrams2503/28/2021 04:27PM

  Zoom In Zoom Out

IowaRam4403/28/2021 02:33PM

  Physics shmizicks.....

JamesJM5703/22/2021 03:49PM

  That was great... what do you think of this?

Atlantic Ram3703/25/2021 09:41PM

  The Time changes are amazing....

JamesJM3203/26/2021 05:49PM

  The only time we do time changes...

sstrams3103/27/2021 03:58AM

  Playing together for years....

JamesJM4003/27/2021 08:23AM

  Totally get that..

sstrams3003/27/2021 09:49AM

  RIP-Larry McMurtry

waterfield7103/26/2021 08:56AM

  He was born 25 miles from my hometown..

sstrams2303/26/2021 09:10AM

  Sad news indeed, and yes...

JamesJM1903/26/2021 07:39PM

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