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  Barbara Walters, trailblazing TV icon, dies at 93

sstrams3712/30/2022 05:40PM

  I could never see her and NOT think of...... Attachments

Ramgator3212/31/2022 04:25AM

  Calling on Waterfield.....you out there???

ferragamo797112/30/2022 02:32PM

  Re: Calling on Waterfield.....you out there???

waterfield4112/30/2022 03:30PM

  Anybody get anything cool for Christmas?

sstrams7812/27/2022 12:52PM

  A full auto BB gun

txramfan4712/27/2022 03:50PM

  An auto BB gun?

sstrams6012/27/2022 04:53PM

  I like to do a silly gag gift every year.

Ramgator6412/27/2022 04:34PM

  Oh man...

sstrams3712/27/2022 04:54PM

  I actually got that idea from "Make Me Laugh", about 43 years ago.

Ramgator3512/28/2022 04:32AM

  I remember that show.. and as you probably remember..

sstrams3412/28/2022 05:18AM

  My Wife got me a $100 certificate to our one and ONLY Hobby Shop.

Ramgator5712/27/2022 04:37PM

  Hobbies are EXPENSIVE...

sstrams4312/27/2022 04:57PM

  New trail cam from my daughters.

canadaram5812/28/2022 01:09PM

  That is cool on both counts..

sstrams2112/28/2022 01:16PM

  Re: That is cool on both counts..

canadaram2112/28/2022 03:18PM

  Cool! Appreciate it Canada..

sstrams2512/28/2022 03:26PM

  Re: New trail cam from my daughters.

MamaRAMa5512/28/2022 01:50PM

  Re: New trail cam from my daughters.

canadaram2412/28/2022 03:17PM

  Love them....

JamesJM3912/28/2022 02:26PM

  That is awesome footage...

sstrams3312/28/2022 02:34PM

  That is one scary looking beast..

canadaram1812/28/2022 03:22PM

  A 10.5 in tablet......

Arkansas Ram4112/29/2022 04:13PM

  Sweet.. sounds kinda like my iPad..

sstrams3312/29/2022 04:51PM

  Re: A 10.5 in tablet......

SeattleRam3612/30/2022 03:38AM

  Re: A 10.5 in tablet......

SeattleRam2612/30/2022 05:53AM

  I'm getting better...

JamesJM2212/30/2022 06:01AM

  Regarding reading on device compared to a paper book..

sstrams1912/30/2022 06:08AM

  I have no idea....

JamesJM3312/30/2022 06:19AM

  My guess on your improved vision at altitude would be:

sstrams1412/30/2022 06:29AM

  I just can't get used to them....

JamesJM2512/30/2022 05:31AM

  I only use my iPad..

sstrams2512/30/2022 05:48AM

  I HATE when Apple does that....

JamesJM2312/30/2022 05:55AM

  Yeah, I do think they offer streaming..

sstrams2012/30/2022 06:26AM

  It's my 12th Year Anniversary on Twitter....

JamesJM4812/30/2022 05:37AM

  Have never used Twitter....

sstrams2412/30/2022 05:43AM

  So I finally watched The Banshees of Inisherin..

sstrams9812/29/2022 11:47AM

  Whoa, I wasn't expecting that...

JamesJM2312/29/2022 01:42PM

  I hafta admit..

sstrams2312/29/2022 02:14PM

  Anyone ever had a Fireplace remodeled?

Ramgator6712/29/2022 10:31AM

  Re: Anyone ever had a Fireplace remodeled?

sstrams5812/29/2022 11:33AM

  It's Birthday Day.....

JamesJM4212/29/2022 08:27AM

  Asteroid Launcher simulator

SeattleRam7012/27/2022 10:06PM

  Well, that was fun!

sstrams2712/28/2022 06:18AM

  that was cool I did Sacramento

ferragamo792012/28/2022 02:52PM

  Waving goodbye to our younger years Attachments

MamaRAMa6312/28/2022 02:33PM

  I have seen several of those..

sstrams3112/28/2022 02:36PM

  Wife and I are watching "Saturday Night Fever". NEVER got the hype around this movie.

Ramgator5912/23/2022 12:23PM

  I have never seen it..

sstrams2512/23/2022 12:36PM

  Grease is MUCH better!

Ramgator2712/23/2022 02:40PM

  Re: I have never seen it..

Aries2712/25/2022 03:25AM

  Re: Wife and I are watching "Saturday Night Fever". NEVER got the hype around this movie.

SeattleRam3312/24/2022 05:54AM

  Having a major hit Soundtrack didn't hurt it any either Attachments

IowaRam3012/24/2022 12:53PM

  loved that KC Sunshine band video

ferragamo792212/26/2022 03:50PM

  by the way

ferragamo792512/26/2022 03:59PM

  Remember the 81' movie Heavy Metal?

SeattleRam6612/24/2022 02:23PM

  Funny, we just found out about Tubi....

roman182612/26/2022 04:55AM

  Unbelievably I have never seen it..

sstrams3312/26/2022 05:29AM

  I think I saw parts of it...

JamesJM2512/26/2022 05:37AM

  Yeah, I saw previews and just knew..

sstrams2412/26/2022 05:51AM

  saw it in the movie theater with my brother

ferragamo792712/26/2022 06:52AM

  Night of the Comet (1984)

SeattleRam2812/26/2022 10:28AM

  I've watched that movie a few times

IowaRam2512/26/2022 02:02PM

  saw it in the theatre when it first came out

IowaRam2312/26/2022 01:46PM

  We watched "The Grizzlies" today. REALLY good flick about a Teacher / LaCrosse Coach.

Ramgator4412/25/2022 09:48AM


Ramgator6712/24/2022 02:05AM

  Re: BRRRRRR!!!!!!

SeattleRam3712/24/2022 05:50AM

  I was walking toward Walmart yesterday..

sstrams4512/24/2022 06:16AM

  Snow Blind !!!

IowaRam3812/24/2022 12:57PM

  Without the snow, yeah...

sstrams2612/24/2022 01:23PM

  It was SO cold the other day....

Aries5912/25/2022 03:15AM

  Re: It was SO cold the other day....

21Dog6912/25/2022 03:44AM

  No internet, no Wi-Fi, no U-verse

MamaRAMa7812/22/2022 07:00PM

  Re: No internet, no Wi-Fi, no U-verse

SeattleRam4012/22/2022 10:44PM

  Re: No internet, no Wi-Fi, no U-verse

MamaRAMa2212/23/2022 03:24AM

  Same here.. When we lose internet..

sstrams3312/23/2022 04:28AM

  We're the opposite....

JamesJM4312/23/2022 06:04AM

  Re: We're the opposite....

MamaRAMa4512/23/2022 07:22AM

  Service finally restored Saturday morning

MamaRAMa4512/24/2022 05:55AM

  Last night was my....

JamesJM3312/24/2022 06:48AM

  I was surprised we never lost power

IowaRam2312/24/2022 12:29PM

  Saw Babylon tonight..

sstrams5312/23/2022 08:26PM

  Its fairly hedonistic..

sstrams3612/24/2022 06:17AM

  TCM Remembers 2022

IowaRam5512/23/2022 01:30PM

  love that '65 Mustang nm

21Dog1612/23/2022 02:00PM

  I always have a strange reaction...

SeattleRam8312/23/2022 09:48PM

  That Cold wave sweeping the country just said hello here!!

Ramgator4812/23/2022 03:42AM

  Let me tell you how cold it is here..

sstrams3012/23/2022 04:26AM

  Major winter storm threatens holiday travel

IowaRam2612/23/2022 05:36AM

  Not quite... we're having normal weather....

JamesJM2412/23/2022 05:58AM

  What it looks like outside right now

IowaRam2812/23/2022 01:08PM

  That 90's Show trailer

IowaRam3012/22/2022 09:39AM

  Not sure how I missed this thread..

sstrams2812/23/2022 12:58PM

  My review of the TV series 'Invasion'

JamesJM3912/22/2022 06:20PM

  I'm still waiting for the right moment..

sstrams1812/23/2022 04:23AM

  This is not the time to watch that movie....

JamesJM2312/23/2022 06:08AM

  Re: This is not the time to watch that movie....

21Dog2712/23/2022 07:07AM

  I probably check a couple of items on your list..

sstrams2712/23/2022 10:39AM

  First Day Of Winter

IowaRam7212/21/2022 01:41PM

  Here in JACKSONVILLE, Friday's temps are gonna be 42 / 21

Ramgator3112/21/2022 02:59PM

  We're supposed to hit single digits..

sstrams6112/21/2022 03:16PM

  My first week in USAF Boot Camp, in San Antonio.....

Ramgator3212/21/2022 03:52PM

  I lived in San Antonio in '85 and moved back here......

sstrams3812/21/2022 04:08PM

  Have a friend in Alberta...

SeattleRam5712/21/2022 03:55PM

  Ok, I'll quit complaining lol nm...

sstrams3612/21/2022 04:09PM

  She just posted an update...

SeattleRam3612/22/2022 09:39AM

  That's ridiculous.

JamesJM3312/22/2022 09:44AM

  Re: That's ridiculous.

SeattleRam3712/22/2022 09:49AM

  Yeah, that goes with what 21Dog brought up....

JamesJM2912/22/2022 09:54AM

  it's -18 below here

IowaRam3112/22/2022 09:47AM

  California's San Joaquin Valley....

RAMbler3912/22/2022 05:22AM

  for those not familiar.......

21Dog4212/22/2022 07:22AM

  You couldn't be more right....

JamesJM3512/22/2022 07:25AM

  Re: You couldn't be more right....

IowaRam3112/22/2022 09:26AM

  I have no frame of reference for that....

JamesJM2612/22/2022 09:32AM

  it's miserable here right now

IowaRam2312/22/2022 09:45AM

  Lemme ask ya, Iowa....

JamesJM3812/22/2022 09:50AM

  there is no warm answer for that

IowaRam3712/22/2022 10:19AM

  Your son working at that ski resort this winter

IowaRam3012/22/2022 09:53AM

  It's been good so far... as far as snow....

JamesJM2212/22/2022 10:04AM

  a year ago this time.......

21Dog3312/22/2022 10:10AM

  Don't think that hasn't crossed my mind...

JamesJM2112/22/2022 10:15AM

  Yep... wet n foggy is just bla....

RAMbler2912/22/2022 10:22AM

  If you live near one of these State Highways Attachments

IowaRam4612/22/2022 04:02PM

  How you feeling out there

IowaRam3012/22/2022 05:19PM

  Car body work. Anyone ever have roof repair??

Ramgator3912/22/2022 09:07AM

  Don't worry, body repair is not that much...

JamesJM3212/22/2022 09:40AM

  My advice would be to..

sstrams3712/22/2022 11:13AM

  Well....Where I already respect the place I took it to.....

Ramgator2012/22/2022 01:36PM

  Yeah, tough time in history to get a new car......

sstrams2312/22/2022 01:39PM

  Even USED cars are no longer a way out.

Ramgator2012/22/2022 01:45PM

  I have always wanted a nice / SIMPLE pick up but.....

Ramgator3512/22/2022 01:47PM

  I have never once bought the right thing....

JamesJM6312/22/2022 10:13AM

  Everybody has SOMETHING about them that makes......

sstrams3112/22/2022 10:46AM

  Ha!! Makes me think of my Dad. Around 1979......

Ramgator3012/22/2022 01:41PM

  So what are you reading....

SeattleRam8512/13/2022 07:30PM

  Currently reading “The Bomber Mafia”

canadaram3112/14/2022 07:13AM

  Re: Currently reading “The Bomber Mafia”

CeeZar1712/22/2022 10:13AM

  Just finished Defend The Valley..

JamesJM3412/14/2022 10:52AM

  "The Winners"

waterfield3912/14/2022 01:24PM

  Pretty much restricted to...

sstrams6112/14/2022 01:41PM

  LOL.... that has to be depressing...

JamesJM5112/14/2022 02:00PM

  what streaming service......

21Dog2912/14/2022 02:20PM

  It's on HBO Max

waterfield2912/14/2022 02:52PM

  Oh yes.... I think the Oscar's are in play....

JamesJM5112/14/2022 03:13PM

  Have never heard of it..

sstrams2412/14/2022 03:06PM

  I got it scheduled to record on Saturday night..

sstrams4812/14/2022 03:09PM

  If you watch it don't come blaming me...

JamesJM2312/14/2022 03:15PM

  I'm pretty sure I HAVE to watch it now..

sstrams2412/14/2022 03:20PM

  Single most depressing, unhappy, strange movie

waterfield5212/14/2022 08:50PM


JamesJM6612/14/2022 08:54PM

  Oh gee...

sstrams2812/15/2022 05:43AM

  Huge spoiler in this post....

JamesJM3912/15/2022 08:19AM

  Thats cool..

sstrams3312/15/2022 08:41AM

  Wait a minute you guys-I screwed up didn't I ?

waterfield2912/15/2022 11:35AM


JamesJM4112/15/2022 11:41AM

  A donkey ate fingers?

sstrams5512/15/2022 11:48AM

  You are SOOO going to hate me...

JamesJM4412/15/2022 11:53AM

  I'll let you in on a little secret.....

sstrams3012/15/2022 12:03PM

  Clint Eastwood biography

ferragamo793412/18/2022 03:48PM

  The JFK Assassination....

JamesJM8512/19/2022 07:18AM

  I haven't studied it, myself..

sstrams4112/19/2022 07:25AM

  Bottom line we'll never know....

SeattleRam3812/19/2022 08:52AM

  Exactly!! People in the know probably had fatal "accidents" by the end of 1963..

Ramgator4512/19/2022 10:25AM

  Are you saying

waterfield4112/19/2022 11:49AM

  I tend to agree with you....

JamesJM4012/19/2022 12:34PM

  The fatal head shot was enough for me.

Ramgator3312/19/2022 01:02PM

  I have never heard that... about physics....

JamesJM4312/19/2022 01:07PM

  Re: I have never heard that... about physics....

txramfan4512/19/2022 02:56PM

  The most relevant part of that post was

waterfield4812/19/2022 06:39PM

  In regards to who and why, Yes!

Ramgator3612/20/2022 04:12PM

  Sorry Gator... you're wrong...

JamesJM5712/21/2022 01:26PM

  I say we go out and test it..

sstrams2712/21/2022 01:28PM

  LOL... well....

JamesJM2912/22/2022 07:16AM

  I'm sure you're like me...

sstrams2512/22/2022 08:16AM

  Oh yes....

JamesJM2412/22/2022 08:54AM

  Whenever me and the Wife and I are apart, she always tells me she misses me.

Ramgator2312/22/2022 09:09AM

  Re: LOL... well....

CeeZar1912/22/2022 10:11AM

  As of Thursday morning December 22..

sstrams3712/22/2022 05:00AM

  How often have you had a white Christmas.?

IowaRam4112/22/2022 05:13AM

  I cannot compete with that..

sstrams4412/22/2022 05:53AM

  Had a grandson playing in a basketball tournament this past weekend...

JamesJM4612/22/2022 06:23AM

  Re: I cannot compete with that..

IowaRam3612/22/2022 06:30AM

  Two that I distinctly remember..

sstrams2112/22/2022 06:37AM

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