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  Making it all the way home with a loaf of bread

IowaRam5808/08/2020 07:38AM

  Re: Here's an idea!

AlbaNY_Ram2608/08/2020 12:25PM

  Then there's. . .

RAMbeau2308/08/2020 12:27PM

  My problem. . .

RAMbeau2408/08/2020 12:33PM

  My other problem..

sstrams2408/08/2020 12:51PM

  Another one. . . .

RAMbeau2708/08/2020 01:30PM

  Yep, that's a killer, as well..

sstrams2508/08/2020 01:36PM

  Can't count how many times....

SeattleRam2508/08/2020 12:49PM

  hand it to them last

ferragamo792308/08/2020 02:22PM

  Anyone ever dealt with Carsmax?

Ramgator5908/08/2020 06:57AM

  Looks like they have reviews on Yelp

SeattleRam3008/08/2020 12:51PM

  Re: Anyone ever dealt with Carsmax?

waterfield2708/08/2020 01:03PM

  Yes, in Fresno.....

JamesJM2808/08/2020 01:21PM

  Gwen Stefani

SeattleRam6308/03/2020 06:20PM

  She’s awesome! Nm

Atlantic Ram1708/03/2020 08:19PM

  Saw a photo of her without make up a few years back.

Ramgator3408/08/2020 05:17AM

  SST. Youtube "10 Things You Didn't Know About "Duel".

Ramgator3808/07/2020 02:16PM

  I've never seen it..

sstrams2508/07/2020 02:22PM

  To see it TODAY for the first time might be a let down.

Ramgator2408/07/2020 03:18PM

  What I remember from that movie

waterfield3708/07/2020 02:47PM

  The night my Dad and I watched, I vividly remember....

Ramgator2308/07/2020 03:19PM

  Re: The night my Dad and I watched, I vividly remember....

waterfield2608/07/2020 05:11PM

  I think that added to the creepiness.

Ramgator2108/08/2020 05:14AM

  Anybody here use an old school miter box

ferragamo793808/07/2020 07:52AM

  I have a miter saw..

sstrams2608/07/2020 12:03PM

  you talking electric chop style

ferragamo792508/07/2020 06:23PM

  I use mine all the time..

sstrams2208/07/2020 06:47PM

  who gardens ... post pics

zn32405/11/2020 03:45PM

  not much to show

21Dog6205/12/2020 07:50PM

  Re: not much to show

zn6705/12/2020 07:54PM

  I'm limited for space (and lazy)

21Dog6805/12/2020 07:59PM

  Yeah, but. . . .

RAMbeau6805/13/2020 12:40PM

  Re: Yeah, but. . . .

21Dog7205/14/2020 05:21AM

  Very big garden.. . .

RAMbeau6005/14/2020 07:51AM

  Re: Yeah, but. . . .

zn7005/14/2020 10:29AM

  Re: who gardens ... post pics

LMU936705/13/2020 04:06AM

  Only 2 things I'm allergic to...

max7605/13/2020 05:05AM

  huge gardener here

ferragamo797605/15/2020 07:32AM

  Thumb of death. . . .

RAMbeau6905/15/2020 08:36AM

  Re: Thumb of death. . . .

zn6705/15/2020 10:13AM

  Same here, RAMbeau...

sstrams6305/15/2020 11:07AM

  That was a funny reply of mine..

sstrams4307/17/2020 06:03PM

  I remember laughing out loud at it.

Atlantic Ram4607/17/2020 09:00PM

  Same here, Atlantic..

sstrams3307/18/2020 04:08AM

  Re: who gardens ... post pics

AlbaNY_Ram7305/15/2020 04:36PM

  Yikes. . . .

RAMbeau6205/15/2020 05:23PM

  Well, my latest attempt at gardening..

sstrams5905/16/2020 04:32AM

  I just checked radar...

sstrams5205/16/2020 04:36AM

  Re: I just checked radar...

zn4905/16/2020 05:50AM

  Thanks man...

sstrams4405/16/2020 05:59AM

  Re: Thanks man...

zn5105/16/2020 06:24AM

  I did!

sstrams4805/16/2020 08:04AM

  Asian Jasmine is the ground cover..

sstrams3707/17/2020 06:12PM

  Re: Asian Jasmine is the ground cover..

zn3807/17/2020 06:38PM

  Thanks for that.. but I dunno..

sstrams3807/18/2020 04:17AM

  Re: Thanks for that.. but I dunno..

zn4107/18/2020 06:23AM

  Is that your freaking yard, zn?

sstrams3607/18/2020 07:05AM

  Re: Is that your freaking yard, zn?

zn3507/18/2020 07:20AM

  coming along

zn5106/08/2020 05:41PM


sstrams4306/09/2020 05:01AM

  Re: who gardens ... post pics

zn5007/17/2020 03:13PM

  Dang, that's awesome, man..

sstrams3907/17/2020 06:00PM

  Re: Dang, that's awesome, man..

zn4607/17/2020 06:41PM

  Is that yours, zn?

sstrams3807/18/2020 04:18AM

  Re: Is that yours, zn?

zn3707/18/2020 06:19AM

  I'm not sure where you are..

sstrams3207/18/2020 07:09AM

  Re: I'm not sure where you are..

zn6807/18/2020 07:30AM

  Dang, that's gorgeous...

sstrams2907/18/2020 07:35AM

  Re: Dang, that's gorgeous...

zn4007/18/2020 08:07AM

  Nice.. you might be able to pull it off..

sstrams3107/18/2020 08:12AM

  Re: Nice.. you might be able to pull it off..

zn3807/18/2020 08:23AM

  That's still killer, man.. My only time in Maine..

sstrams3507/18/2020 08:29AM

  Re: That's still killer, man.. My only time in Maine..

zn4207/18/2020 08:50AM

  I lived in San Antonio for about 8 months..

sstrams4007/18/2020 09:01AM

  as someone who grows stuff for a living......

21Dog5307/18/2020 04:42AM

  hmmm I must be over watering my tomato plants

ferragamo795207/18/2020 06:36AM

  Not an uncommon occurrence. . . .. . .

RAMbeau4007/18/2020 12:15PM

  This is true..

sstrams4507/18/2020 12:50PM

  hey Frank

ferragamo794107/18/2020 06:33PM

  High on my bucket list. . .

RAMbeau3907/19/2020 07:18AM

  Re: hmmm I must be over watering my tomato plants

waterfield3107/26/2020 04:29PM

  For those with soil problems (clay)

ScRAM3407/18/2020 07:42PM

  Barbara's garden Attachments

waterfield5307/19/2020 08:50AM

  nice (nm)

zn2507/26/2020 09:30AM

  late July update

zn3907/26/2020 09:34AM

  Man, looks great...

sstrams2307/26/2020 09:43AM

  Re: Man, looks great...

zn4007/26/2020 10:22AM

  Oh man, I love that..

sstrams3007/26/2020 11:44AM

  Re: Oh man, I love that..

zn2507/26/2020 11:57AM

  I was just looking it over and I have a plan...

sstrams3007/26/2020 12:17PM

  Re: I was just looking it over and I have a plan...

zn2907/26/2020 12:41PM

  I put a circle of rocks..

sstrams2707/26/2020 01:20PM

  Holy cow..

sstrams2707/28/2020 04:28AM

  Mystery seeds from China are landing in Americans' mail boxes

MamaRAMa3407/28/2020 05:15AM

  China is killing us from the inside..

sstrams3307/28/2020 05:24AM

  early august

zn3308/06/2020 02:58PM

  Wow - looking awesome..

sstrams2208/07/2020 04:11AM

  Re: early august

MamaRAMa2708/07/2020 05:13AM

  the new dog vids & twitters thread

zn8806/23/2020 05:42PM

  That dogs is awesome..

sstrams4906/24/2020 04:43AM

  Re: That dogs is awesome..

MamaRAMa5406/24/2020 05:08AM

  Oh sweet.. Thanks Mama..

sstrams4306/24/2020 07:02AM

  Re: the new dog vids & twitters thread

zn4307/05/2020 02:19AM

  Another really cool vid...

sstrams3707/05/2020 06:05AM

  Re: Another really cool vid...

zn4007/05/2020 06:19AM

  Yeah, something was off with it..

sstrams3907/05/2020 06:22AM

  Re: the new dog vids & twitters thread

zn3407/21/2020 09:07AM

  Nice.. but no way..

sstrams3307/21/2020 09:12AM

  Re: Nice.. but no way..

zn3307/21/2020 09:43AM

  Yeah, Torrie..

sstrams3407/21/2020 10:22AM

  Re: the new dog vids & twitters thread

zn2707/31/2020 12:03PM

  Yay! But I always wonder...

sstrams2307/31/2020 12:26PM

  vid: Blind Dog Discovers A Puddle

zn2708/06/2020 11:10PM

  That's just sheer joy right there...

sstrams1708/07/2020 04:11AM

  The Ram's new unit's are GREAT... compared too...

JamesJM6008/05/2020 05:50PM

  Would you prefer...

SeattleRam3408/05/2020 06:33PM


JamesJM3108/05/2020 06:35PM

  the Dark Helmet look works for me

21Dog2808/06/2020 04:38AM

  You did NOT see him playing with his dolls! Nm

Ramgator1508/06/2020 08:12AM

  Re: curious Attachments

AlbaNY_Ram3208/06/2020 04:41AM

  the helmet lines are all wrong nm

21Dog2508/06/2020 05:03AM

  Re: the helmet lines are all wrong nm

AlbaNY_Ram2008/06/2020 08:36AM

  Re: curious

Rampage2K-2408/06/2020 12:28PM

  Re: curious

IowaRam1408/06/2020 12:43PM

  even Barf the Mog

21Dog2208/06/2020 12:58PM

  Re: The Ram's new unit's are GREAT... compared too...

Aries2408/06/2020 05:11AM

  nothing like the old school Bronco socks

21Dog2708/06/2020 07:25AM


JamesJM1608/06/2020 07:41AM

  Re: Wow....

RAMbler1908/06/2020 10:19AM

  Just a personal story, but I like it...

JamesJM4908/05/2020 02:45PM

  You'd better stat working out..

sstrams3108/05/2020 03:41PM

  Re: You'd better stat working out..

21Dog2908/06/2020 04:35AM

  Beirut fire works Explosion

IowaRam3808/04/2020 01:50PM

  CRAZY!!!! Joe Dirt would be impressed! nm

Ramgator2208/04/2020 02:19PM

  That's just crazy

SeattleRam2508/04/2020 02:25PM

  Re: Beirut fire works Explosion...that was more than Joe Dirt fire works

Rampage2K-3608/04/2020 02:28PM


zn3408/05/2020 05:03PM

  Question for baseball fans

waterfield6308/03/2020 12:14PM

  If they keep shortening the..

sstrams2508/03/2020 12:21PM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

AlbaNY_Ram2808/03/2020 12:35PM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

waterfield2908/03/2020 01:04PM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

AlbaNY_Ram1908/03/2020 06:45PM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

waterfield2308/03/2020 09:03PM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

AlbaNY_Ram2108/04/2020 06:37AM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

waterfield2108/04/2020 11:52AM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

AlbaNY_Ram1708/04/2020 01:23PM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

waterfield3208/04/2020 08:27PM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

AlbaNY_Ram1808/05/2020 04:40AM

  Re: Question for baseball fans

waterfield2108/05/2020 07:44AM

  Don't confuse me with baseball math

21Dog3008/03/2020 02:02PM

  Re: Don't confuse me with baseball math

AlbaNY_Ram2208/04/2020 06:43AM

  There is no such thing as a balk....

JamesJM2308/04/2020 08:17AM

  Balk is similar in hockey to..

sstrams1808/04/2020 09:39AM

  I was at this game in 1990

SeattleRam2508/04/2020 11:49PM


sstrams2408/05/2020 04:12AM

  I hear SST started it! He was in the stands and....

Ramgator1908/05/2020 09:52AM

  That would have been all it took, Gator..

sstrams1908/05/2020 10:54AM

  That might be the craziest I have seen in Hockey! For NFL and MLB ???

Ramgator1808/05/2020 09:54AM

  My proudest moment...

JamesJM1708/05/2020 10:21AM

  I for one, m proud of you..

sstrams1808/05/2020 10:54AM

  I was kidding about my confusion

21Dog2308/04/2020 10:11AM

  Re: I was kidding about my confusion

waterfield2308/04/2020 12:02PM

  For those of you not yet my age... here is what you can look forward too...

JamesJM6908/03/2020 05:58PM

  Been there done that

SeattleRam2908/03/2020 06:10PM

  Wait a minute...where did you go on Sunday?

roman183008/04/2020 03:56AM

  Re: For those of you not yet my age... here is what you can look forward too...

MamaRAMa2608/04/2020 05:39AM

  a better question.....

21Dog2008/04/2020 06:37AM

  Re: For those of you not yet my age... here is what you can look forward too...

JamesJM2108/04/2020 07:04AM

  Re: For those of you not yet my age... here is what you can look forward too...

MamaRAMa2208/04/2020 07:35AM

  That was the first time we tried it, BUT...

JamesJM1808/04/2020 07:40AM

  The secret to making hash browns

MamaRAMa2408/04/2020 07:52AM

  LOL, just watched that same video....

JamesJM1708/04/2020 07:55AM

  Finally.... Hashbrowns Success!!

MamaRAMa3208/05/2020 06:38AM

  That looks delicious, Mama...

JamesJM2008/05/2020 06:43AM

  My Shopping conundrum. . .

RAMbeau2408/04/2020 06:57AM

  Yup, done that plenty of times...

sstrams1808/04/2020 07:09AM

  I have given up searching for lost items...

JamesJM2208/04/2020 07:31AM

  Re: For those of you not yet my age... here is what you can look forward too...

zn2308/04/2020 07:20AM

  I hear ya. . .

RAMbeau2008/04/2020 07:23AM

  Is this for real? Get on it, Mama.

JamesJM6108/04/2020 12:53PM

  Pretty cool...

sstrams2408/04/2020 12:59PM

  It's real

MamaRAMa3508/04/2020 01:20PM

  I'm putting you on retainer...

JamesJM2708/04/2020 01:35PM

  Yeah, if downloaded it..

sstrams2608/04/2020 02:30PM

  21Dog... you remember Dell Hawkins, Bulldog... his son... Attachments

JamesJM2908/04/2020 01:07PM

  if my feeble mind is correct.......

21Dog2608/05/2020 05:27AM

  Yup, that's him.... really great guy...

JamesJM2208/05/2020 05:34AM

  The Rock buys XFL

IowaRam5708/03/2020 11:25AM

  No manches!

sstrams3508/03/2020 12:16PM

  Re: No manches!

MamaRAMa3008/03/2020 12:37PM

  He would probably be the one dude..

sstrams2708/03/2020 01:20PM

  ]McMahon is a bit of an a$$.

Ramgator3908/03/2020 04:22PM

  Re: No manches!

Rampage2K-3308/04/2020 06:38PM

  Thanks for the clarification..

sstrams2308/05/2020 04:31AM

  Dany Garcia

ferragamo793108/03/2020 06:12PM

  Re: Dany Garcia

MamaRAMa3108/03/2020 07:10PM

  SST...While at the beach today, I wondered..

Ramgator4708/04/2020 02:22PM

  Well, I'm thrilled..

sstrams3308/04/2020 02:26PM

  I believe, I was told...

JamesJM2908/04/2020 02:38PM

  Jimmy are you referring to..

sstrams2508/04/2020 03:00PM

  Jaws 1, and I dunno, Steve...

JamesJM2208/04/2020 05:12PM

  Oh ok..

sstrams2208/04/2020 05:24PM

  Jaws 2. My Dad took me to see that in June 1978....

Ramgator2108/04/2020 02:46PM

  Yeah, Jaws 2 had its moments.. Attachments

sstrams2808/04/2020 03:12PM

  Very interesting!

Ramgator2408/04/2020 04:00PM

  Well, as you know...

sstrams2208/04/2020 04:13PM

  Here ya go Gator

IowaRam4708/04/2020 01:42PM

  CRAP!! They cost THAT much???

Ramgator2708/04/2020 02:20PM

  Fresno Courthouse.. 2 kinds of people in this world... Attachments

JamesJM5308/03/2020 01:47PM

  kind of looks like the state capitol building in Sacramento nm

21Dog1808/03/2020 01:59PM

  Re: Fresno Courthouse.. 2 kinds of people in this world...

waterfield2508/03/2020 05:47PM

  How did I know you would say that? :)

JamesJM1908/03/2020 05:49PM

  Re: Fresno Courthouse.. 2 kinds of people in this world...

MamaRAMa2208/03/2020 05:54PM

  Re: Fresno Courthouse.. 2 kinds of people in this world...

waterfield2208/03/2020 09:09PM

  My oldest's wait on a US Navy waiver update.

Ramgator4408/02/2020 02:46PM

  MEPS? nm

21Dog1808/03/2020 05:08AM

  Re: MEPS? nm

Ramgator2308/03/2020 07:23AM

  thanks for the explanation nm

21Dog1708/03/2020 01:58PM

  Seven months?. . . .

RAMbeau1908/03/2020 12:34PM

  I'm trying to learn Spanish...

sstrams7608/01/2020 12:48PM

  There is a faster way

SeattleRam4008/01/2020 01:51PM

  I tried that once

waterfield3508/01/2020 02:01PM

  I dated a Spanish chick..

sstrams3708/01/2020 02:20PM

  I bet AAAAAAANYTHING, you told her.....

Ramgator3008/01/2020 02:22PM

  Followed by..

sstrams2708/01/2020 02:40PM

  Live in California

ferragamo793508/01/2020 03:06PM

  PS as soon as I retire

ferragamo792608/01/2020 03:17PM

  I want out of Florida!

Ramgator2708/02/2020 03:14AM

  I'd love to have...

sstrams2708/02/2020 05:10AM

  Me too but...

Ramgator2108/02/2020 02:41PM

  ¡No manches!

sstrams2308/02/2020 02:47PM

  you're the opposite of me

21Dog2508/01/2020 03:30PM

  Donde esta la casa de pepe...

Atlantic Ram3208/01/2020 09:17PM

  I know enough to have gotten us through..

sstrams2608/02/2020 05:14AM

  don't take pendejo as a compliment nm

21Dog2108/02/2020 07:59AM

  No, i just happen to know that word..

sstrams2008/02/2020 08:19AM

  I know a little German.

Ramgator3008/02/2020 03:11AM

  I haven't learned much, yet...

sstrams2608/02/2020 05:55AM

  The romance languages. . . .

RAMbeau2708/02/2020 07:43AM

  I know about as much German..

sstrams2808/02/2020 08:25AM

  Re: I know about as much German..

zn2608/02/2020 08:39AM

  I SHOULD know more German..

sstrams2308/02/2020 08:46AM

  I can't speak Spanish...

JamesJM2008/02/2020 08:02AM

  I took two years of Latin...

sstrams2208/02/2020 08:23AM


21Dog2108/02/2020 11:25AM


JamesJM2508/02/2020 11:35AM


21Dog2108/02/2020 01:35PM

  Re: I'm trying to learn Spanish...

Ekern552708/02/2020 12:28PM

  I'll hafta try that '55

sstrams2308/02/2020 12:31PM

  Re: I'll hafta try that '55

Ekern552308/02/2020 04:25PM

  ¡Está muy chido!

sstrams2508/02/2020 05:17PM

  LIVE VIDEO: Astronauts Return to Earth from Space (live in 7 hrs)

SeattleRam4108/01/2020 06:55PM

  Channel 352 Direct TV (nm)

waterfield1908/02/2020 09:04AM

  Wilford Brimley, ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Natural’ actor, dies at 85

SeattleRam4208/01/2020 09:00PM

  The two roles I knew him best for...

JamesJM3308/02/2020 05:55AM

  I'm going to finish this damn novel...

JamesJM4408/01/2020 07:02PM

  My reading habits are strange

SeattleRam2408/01/2020 07:40PM

  Audio books....

JamesJM2508/01/2020 07:44PM

  Another question

SeattleRam2108/01/2020 08:05PM


JamesJM2608/01/2020 08:22PM

  Re: Audio books....

Atlantic Ram2308/01/2020 09:11PM

  I finished a CLASSIC Novel last week! I just never understood...

Ramgator2808/02/2020 03:16AM

  Tonight's moon shot.. Attachments

sstrams7607/29/2020 05:03PM


ferragamo793107/29/2020 07:38PM

  Thanks '79... getting there.... nm

sstrams2207/30/2020 04:03AM

  You know what is amazing about that shot....

JamesJM3007/29/2020 10:11PM

  They are?

sstrams2407/30/2020 04:02AM

  Re: How to see all six Apollo moon landing sites Attachments

AlbaNY_Ram3507/30/2020 04:59AM

  Thanks AlbaNY!

sstrams2507/30/2020 05:05AM

  Forgot to ask you, Steve... you using a filter?

JamesJM3807/30/2020 03:40PM

  I generally use..

sstrams2707/30/2020 04:19PM

  Odd as this is....

JamesJM2607/30/2020 04:27PM

  So what's the difference in a variable..

sstrams2507/31/2020 04:19AM


JamesJM2707/31/2020 04:47AM

  Radial polarizing filter..

sstrams2107/31/2020 05:59AM

  My bad - Circular polarizing..

sstrams2307/31/2020 06:05AM

  I don't know, that article gave me a headache...

JamesJM2407/31/2020 10:57AM

  Probably a combo of..

sstrams2207/31/2020 11:23AM

  That wouldn't surprise me... but what does surprise me...

JamesJM3007/31/2020 12:17PM

  For planet viewing....

JamesJM2107/31/2020 01:54PM

  very cool Albany

ferragamo792308/01/2020 03:07PM

  sstrams... here's a quest for ya, astrophotography.

JamesJM4708/01/2020 06:00AM

  Thanks man...

sstrams2908/01/2020 06:22AM

  Is there a limit to this forum?

sstrams3108/01/2020 06:27AM

  2,000 pixels wide, are you sure?

JamesJM2708/01/2020 06:48AM

  Yeah, the moon photos..

sstrams2708/01/2020 07:06AM

  As long as the photo is under 500kb....

JamesJM3008/01/2020 07:41AM

  Drive-in entertainment

MamaRAMa8507/23/2020 08:00AM

  We missed a Pink Floyd Tribute band

Atlantic Ram4707/24/2020 07:26PM

  I just love Pink Floyd

ferragamo795207/25/2020 04:20PM

  Me too. Especially Gilmour

Atlantic Ram4407/26/2020 09:15AM

  Yeah, I concur..

sstrams4107/26/2020 09:18AM

  Re: Yeah, I concur..

21Dog4507/26/2020 01:25PM

  Somehow I missed them, or nearly so...

JamesJM3607/26/2020 02:39PM

  Third Eye Blind and other bands are playing parking lots to give heartsick fans their fix

MamaRAMa3108/01/2020 04:33AM

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