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  CRAP!! I cracked my crown while eating Dinner!

Ramgator3503/25/2021 03:48PM

  What were you eating?

sstrams3803/25/2021 04:19PM

  I think it has been close to giving way for quite some time.

Ramgator2203/25/2021 06:12PM

  I have a bud who fell so hard he broke a crown.

Ramgator2303/25/2021 06:14PM

  Did Jill come tumbling after?

sstrams2103/26/2021 03:28AM

  I have used dental rinse for decades. It does work.

Ramgator2103/26/2021 07:41AM

  When my Dentist asks me how I broke it, I'll have to tell him......

Ramgator5303/26/2021 07:43AM

  Lynyrd Skynyrd rocks...

JamesJM10503/25/2021 12:25AM

  Over the years our most requested song...

JamesJM3603/25/2021 12:36AM

  Can't help myself.. my favorite Lynyrd song.....

JamesJM5403/25/2021 12:42AM

  Great stuff

CeeZar2203/25/2021 01:45PM

  Heard this song 12,867 times before. But never noticed till just a year and a half ago..

Ramgator1703/25/2021 03:43PM

  I went to the school where they got their name.. Robert E Lee Sr High.

Ramgator1703/25/2021 03:45PM

  Re: Lynyrd Skynyrd rocks...

SeattleRam2203/25/2021 06:59PM

  Excellent musicians and I do like parts...

Atlantic Ram2003/25/2021 09:13PM

  I'm sure I've told you the story...

sstrams4603/26/2021 03:36AM

  Re: I'm sure I've told you the story...

RAMbler2503/26/2021 06:29AM

  Agreed James...

RAMbler2303/26/2021 06:31AM

  UFO's back in the news...

JamesJM10703/22/2021 11:49AM

  I'm sure it'll all be..

sstrams2403/22/2021 12:28PM

  Have you watched the new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix?

Drew28392903/22/2021 12:31PM

  Yeah, life elsewhere....

JamesJM3503/22/2021 01:05PM

  It's not a matter of possibility

Drew28393803/22/2021 01:34PM

  Ya lost me...

JamesJM2503/22/2021 02:08PM

  No, lots of things are theoretically impossible

Drew28393303/22/2021 02:25PM

  Two things that blow my mind...

JamesJM2903/22/2021 02:39PM

  The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Drew28395603/22/2021 03:43PM

  Oh, and I think you're referring to quantum entanglement

Drew28394203/22/2021 03:50PM

  Speed of light...

sstrams6003/23/2021 07:00AM

  Re: Speed of light...

zn5303/24/2021 10:13PM

  As I said... so how do you explain...Tachyons?

JamesJM6103/24/2021 11:16PM

  So, if they don't exist...

sstrams2703/25/2021 03:38AM

  Re: As I said... so how do you explain...Tachyons?

zn2903/25/2021 04:30AM

  All I know is you need a tachyon amplifier

Drew28392703/25/2021 12:29PM

  Ding Ding!!! nm

Drew28391803/25/2021 12:15PM

  Re: Yeah, life elsewhere....

SeattleRam4503/22/2021 06:57PM

  Good point on the sonic boom. nm

Drew28392303/22/2021 09:15PM

  Regarding Sonic Booms..

sstrams2603/23/2021 04:28AM

  I just read an article that we're THIS close..

sstrams2903/23/2021 04:08AM

  Speaking of Warp drive, your whole post took me back to...

Ramgator2103/23/2021 04:14AM

  Don't know about all that, but.....

roman185003/22/2021 01:54PM

  Michael Schenker..

sstrams2303/23/2021 04:02AM

  EVERY time I read "UFO", I think back to around 1972 and the TV show...

Ramgator3303/22/2021 04:07PM

  Ughhh. So this post/thread got me watching stuff.....

Atlantic Ram2403/25/2021 09:04PM

  In memorian... I probably posted this before...

JamesJM6103/24/2021 08:04PM

  Really nice vid...

sstrams1703/25/2021 03:22AM

  Very nice work James....

RAMbler1503/25/2021 08:19AM

  Classy (nm)

waterfield1603/25/2021 09:48AM

  So apparently, we will never go diving again..

sstrams8503/23/2021 12:45PM

  Re: So apparently, we will never go diving again..

waterfield3103/23/2021 05:14PM

  Thank you for the offer, waterfield...

sstrams2603/24/2021 03:50AM

  I went to a GREAT Dive just lat week.

Ramgator2103/24/2021 05:57AM

  ZN.... Covid / Vaccine question.

Ramgator10503/17/2021 03:53AM

  Re: ZN.... Covid / Vaccine question.

zn5103/17/2021 04:07AM

  New York Times: Long Covid Is Not Rare. It’s a Health Crisis.

MamaRAMa4303/17/2021 04:14AM

  My aches seem to be getting better.

Ramgator3703/17/2021 02:56PM

  I finally got first shot 2 days ago....

RAMbler3703/22/2021 01:27PM

  Re: I finally got first shot 2 days ago....

zn2403/23/2021 01:56PM

  Re: I finally got first shot 2 days ago....

MamaRAMa2603/23/2021 02:23PM

  With all due respect...

sstrams3003/23/2021 02:29PM

  Re: With all due respect...

MamaRAMa3503/23/2021 02:34PM

  Thank you, but..

sstrams3003/23/2021 03:02PM

  where are you getting this from?

zn2803/23/2021 03:56PM


waterfield6603/23/2021 03:28PM

  I appreciate your words..

sstrams2503/23/2021 03:47PM

  Re: I appreciate your words..

zn2803/23/2021 04:00PM

  zn, I got that from the CDC's website..

sstrams2903/23/2021 04:21PM

  then you are reading things out of context

zn2903/23/2021 05:22PM

  Re: With all due respect...

AlbaNY_Ram3403/24/2021 04:27AM

  Re: With all due respect...

zn2703/24/2021 04:42AM

  RIP George Segal

SeattleRam5303/23/2021 06:10PM

  I Just Got My 2nd Covid Shot And I Feel Fine

ramBRO4403/23/2021 05:16PM

  My favorite NBA player of all time just died.

waterfield5503/22/2021 12:31PM

  Jordan before anyone heard of Jordan

21Dog2003/22/2021 02:27PM

  Re: My favorite NBA player of all time just died.

21Dog1903/23/2021 05:55AM

  What is a realist time to get my A1C from 6.0 down to the norm, around 5.4??

Ramgator4803/22/2021 04:12PM

  Watched my first March Madness game today....

JamesJM5703/22/2021 11:24AM

  Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Season 3)

SeattleRam5503/21/2021 04:52AM

  I'm not a martial arts movie expert...

JamesJM6603/20/2021 09:54PM


Ramgator4103/20/2021 10:59AM

  so I just went to get myself a snack...

JamesJM9803/18/2021 03:43PM

  That was unexpected

Atlantic Ram5703/18/2021 04:17PM


JamesJM4203/18/2021 04:42PM

  Re: Hmmmm...

Atlantic Ram3703/18/2021 06:59PM

  Re: That was unexpected Attachments

AlbaNY_Ram7303/19/2021 08:24AM

  Pretty sure

Atlantic Ram2803/20/2021 09:29AM

  Watching one of my favorite WWII DVDs.... Sink The Bismark

Ramgator7503/18/2021 07:30AM

  Re: Watching one of my favorite WWII DVDs.... Sink The Bismark

SeattleRam3403/18/2021 01:40PM

  I watched a version that is half as long

zn3603/18/2021 02:30PM

  UUGH!!! Seven and a half hours in the yard today.

Ramgator7803/17/2021 03:00PM

  So the whole royal family kerfuffle...

SeattleRam17603/09/2021 04:45AM

  Re: So the whole royal family kerfuffle...

zn7003/09/2021 05:02AM

  add me to that don't give a #### about them list

21Dog4603/09/2021 05:47AM

  What funny is they...

sstrams11103/09/2021 06:39AM

  I covet their castles.....

JamesJM6103/09/2021 09:32AM

  Here-let me explain it to you

waterfield3803/17/2021 10:37AM

  LOL, well, I'm forced into coming clean...

JamesJM3503/17/2021 12:54PM

  I'm not very good at this...

JamesJM3203/17/2021 01:02PM

  I used to like Harry but.......

Ramgator5103/09/2021 10:37AM

  That is their talent or lack thereof.....

roman185003/09/2021 11:57AM

  His Mon shunned the spotlight and it cost her her life..

Ramgator4403/09/2021 01:50PM

  Oh man, I really want to give you a high five

Drew283911203/09/2021 08:22PM

  People love fairy tales

waterfield9103/13/2021 03:39PM

  Re: People love fairy tales

zn5503/13/2021 04:05PM

  Re: People love fairy tales

waterfield7803/13/2021 04:32PM

  Re: People love fairy tales

zn5503/13/2021 06:07PM

  Re: People love fairy tales

waterfield4003/14/2021 08:00AM

  Re: People love fairy tales

zn3603/14/2021 11:59AM

  Re: People love fairy tales

waterfield4103/14/2021 12:48PM

  Re: People love fairy tales

zn4503/14/2021 09:43PM

  Man! I have lost ALL interest in Basketball.

Ramgator10403/11/2021 03:16PM

  I never had much interest to begin with....

JamesJM7703/14/2021 10:07AM

  Nothing prettier than watching good basketball

Drew28394303/16/2021 07:06PM

  Best basketball to watchl

waterfield3703/16/2021 08:49PM

  I'm guilty of not watching the WNBA.

Drew28393303/17/2021 11:53AM

  I'm biased but those Gator NC teams of about 15 years ago...

Ramgator3103/17/2021 03:44AM


waterfield6903/17/2021 07:45AM


Atlantic Ram2903/17/2021 09:15AM

  Not to spoil anything

waterfield3403/17/2021 10:34AM

  2nd Covid vaccination complete....

JamesJM11803/13/2021 11:12AM

  Once again, I spoke a little too early...

JamesJM7603/14/2021 09:51AM

  Congrats to you, James.

canadaram3803/14/2021 05:54PM

  got my first shot today....

Rampage2K-5203/14/2021 06:23PM

  Same, Moderna, is that how you spell it?

JamesJM4403/14/2021 07:21PM

  Re: got my first shot today....

zn4603/14/2021 09:41PM

  I feel that way with flu shots

Drew28394903/15/2021 02:05PM

  There goes another patent I had in mind....

JamesJM4903/15/2021 02:25PM

  Hey, I'm just the messenger

Drew28397203/15/2021 07:13PM

  Nah, it's been done.. I lost out...

JamesJM4803/15/2021 07:15PM

  Wonder if it had..

sstrams5603/15/2021 02:31PM


Drew28393803/15/2021 07:16PM

  So what?

JamesJM3503/15/2021 07:25PM

  Painful is probably too strong of a word

Drew28393403/16/2021 06:45PM

  Re: So what?

waterfield3403/17/2021 07:32AM

  Vaccine reaction

MamaRAMa5903/16/2021 06:53AM

  Re: Vaccine reaction

zn5303/16/2021 07:07AM

  Re: Vaccine reaction

Drew28393003/16/2021 06:50PM

  My first is scheduled for tomorrow

Atlantic Ram2703/17/2021 09:13AM

  P.D James... author, ever read her?

JamesJM7003/04/2021 05:19PM

  If you like murder mysteries

waterfield4303/04/2021 05:30PM

  Ok, maybe, lemme see if I understand you...

JamesJM5303/04/2021 06:05PM

  Re: Ok, maybe, lemme see if I understand you...

waterfield4003/04/2021 07:48PM

  I'll second Michael Connelly

Drew28394103/15/2021 07:23PM

  Walken is amazing...

JamesJM3703/15/2021 07:27PM

  "Can't explain it"

Drew28392603/16/2021 06:51PM

  I read Children of Men

zn4503/04/2021 05:32PM

  RIP Marvin Hagler

SeattleRam8803/13/2021 07:09PM

  Greatest fight ever

waterfield3603/14/2021 07:54AM

  Yes, Hearns vs Hagler is in the running...

JamesJM3703/14/2021 09:55AM

  Re: Yes, Hearns vs Hagler is in the running...

SeattleRam3603/14/2021 12:56PM

  yeah, Hagler got screwed against Leonard.

JoeMad4403/15/2021 12:34PM

  Re: yeah, Hagler got screwed against Leonard.

waterfield3703/15/2021 03:38PM

  Great debating topic...

JamesJM4103/15/2021 04:22PM

  Improper criteria

waterfield4003/15/2021 08:37PM

  You're no fun...

JamesJM3703/16/2021 04:32AM

  You convinced me to check it out on youtube...

sstrams3903/16/2021 05:34AM

  I had 3 takes on the fight....

JamesJM3303/16/2021 05:52AM

  I actually haven't seen Hagler/Leonard..

sstrams3303/16/2021 06:43AM

  Ok, I cheated...

sstrams3003/16/2021 07:25AM

  Different fight (nm)

waterfield2703/16/2021 08:42AM

  Beard growth rate....

JamesJM6603/15/2021 09:34AM

  I've never gone longer than 4 days..

sstrams3203/15/2021 10:08AM

  I thought you were going to say...

JamesJM3203/15/2021 10:30AM

  Yeah, i do treasure the one day a week..

sstrams3103/15/2021 10:47AM

  Well, yeah.. but...

JamesJM3103/15/2021 10:52AM

  I was just saying...

sstrams3303/15/2021 12:09PM

  YES!! All clear. Got my lab results back today.

Ramgator6203/15/2021 05:01AM

  Also.... Was told my mystery aches could quite possibly be Covid related.

Ramgator5603/15/2021 05:05AM

  Re: YES!! All clear. Got my lab results back today.

AlbaNY_Ram3403/15/2021 06:02AM

  So, can you start drinking again?

sstrams5603/15/2021 06:03AM

  I think I'm done.

Ramgator5303/15/2021 10:27AM

  Yeah, I hear you...

sstrams3803/15/2021 10:50AM

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