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Bucky's Pub

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  I walked into a Bar last night and shouted.....Brawl!!! Altercation!!! Scrum!!!

Ramgator3403/07/2024 02:06AM

  Seattle...in our recent discussion...

JamesJM3603/06/2024 09:35PM

  Re-Homing... I succeeded.

JamesJM4103/06/2024 06:40AM

  Thank you.. for rehoming that little dog,.

sstrams3003/06/2024 07:54AM

  Ok, this is odd....

JamesJM2003/06/2024 10:36AM

  That is soooooo nit picky..

sstrams1703/06/2024 10:47AM

  (Head exploding!!!!) I am JUST finding out.......

Ramgator4203/06/2024 09:31AM

  DOH! Got a Air Guard Unit in DEEP Doo Doo just South of here.

Ramgator5003/05/2024 09:53AM

  When I was a kid...

sstrams2603/05/2024 10:00AM

  Same here. We used to have jets from Cecil Field NAS breaking stuff.

Ramgator1103/05/2024 10:43AM

  I kinda miss it..

sstrams3303/05/2024 01:41PM

  Facebook down for anyone?

sstrams3503/05/2024 06:09AM

  Mine is down n out also. Makes you wonder.....

Ramgator1903/05/2024 07:23AM

  500,000 without service.......

sstrams1303/05/2024 07:26AM

  Making Tuesday NOT so super!!! LOLOL

Ramgator803/05/2024 07:38AM

  I'm back on..

sstrams2003/05/2024 07:40AM

  Yep. Had to do another Password.

Ramgator1603/05/2024 10:44AM

  It wouldn't let me make a new password..

sstrams1803/05/2024 01:38PM

  WOO HOO!!! FINALLY!!!! My oldest is going back to MEPS!!

Ramgator5703/05/2024 11:38AM


Ramgator3403/05/2024 11:39AM

  FINALLY!! My neck adjusted!

Ramgator3903/04/2024 08:58AM

  Being lanky and not always the best posture..

Ramgator1703/04/2024 09:01AM

  Not necessarily covering up issue with ibuprophen.

sstrams1403/05/2024 07:31AM

  I don't know, you said it so many times, sorta made your reply......

Ramgator1403/05/2024 07:35AM

  You're just hard headed, period

sstrams1903/05/2024 07:53AM

  Yeah. I'm amazed at just how easily they are prescribed.

Ramgator1803/05/2024 09:47AM

  People are NEVER at their desks when you call these days.

Ramgator3803/05/2024 04:53AM

  Re: People are NEVER at their desks when you call these days.

SeattleRam3103/05/2024 06:19AM


sstrams1403/05/2024 06:30AM

  Gotta admit, I am sometimes too unforgiving because of my career. I have always said..

Ramgator2903/05/2024 07:32AM

  What happens when..

sstrams1503/05/2024 07:56AM

  The next due Station is called and so on. Back in 1998...

Ramgator1903/05/2024 09:43AM

  Anyone ever reface a fireplace??

Ramgator6102/22/2024 04:47PM

  Tile has gone up..

sstrams1902/22/2024 06:34PM

  Told my Wife we might have to steer towards more pressing needs.

Ramgator2602/23/2024 07:32AM

  I would do the popcorn ceilings..

sstrams2702/23/2024 09:23AM

  There's a Company here in Jax that uses Vacuums.

Ramgator2102/23/2024 02:16PM

  After you scrape it..

sstrams2502/23/2024 03:17PM

  I USED to actually enjoy painting ceilings????

Ramgator1902/23/2024 04:19PM

  Popcorn ceiling remover

sstrams1903/04/2024 06:10AM

  Caitlin Clark

IowaRam12502/15/2024 04:50PM


ferragamo793502/16/2024 02:26PM

  Sadly I only came to know of her somewhat recently.....

JamesJM4202/16/2024 03:30PM

  I had some friends at that game

IowaRam3102/17/2024 07:28AM

  I don't watch college sports at all..........but that three

LesBaker4602/18/2024 05:59PM

  MAJOR college basketball history

IowaRam2703/03/2024 10:46AM

  Your NEW all time NCAA leading scorer

IowaRam2003/03/2024 11:37AM

  I hardly follow Basketball at all. But I have to say...

Ramgator1103/03/2024 03:28PM

  Who remembers Milk Men

IowaRam5803/03/2024 08:28AM

  I remember the milk man (late 60s)

SeattleRam2703/03/2024 08:53AM

  I remember those milk shakes..

sstrams2003/03/2024 01:34PM

  I do, sort of that is.....

JamesJM2203/03/2024 10:00AM

  Of course

waterfield2603/03/2024 01:11PM

  Is there ONE thing that if cost was lower would trigger total decline in cost of living?

Ramgator4403/02/2024 02:02PM

  I'd say fuel..

sstrams2103/02/2024 02:05PM

  for me Health Insurance....I retired early

ferragamo792803/02/2024 04:38PM

  I sometimes think it has nothing to do with supply / demand of anything but more n more..

Ramgator2503/03/2024 03:51AM

  SST. You're a Beagle guy!

Ramgator4403/02/2024 01:08PM

  I've been tagged in that video about 100 times lol

sstrams1703/02/2024 02:02PM

  Killer whale hunts and eats great white shark

SeattleRam5003/02/2024 12:16AM

  Orcas are the apex predators..

sstrams2703/02/2024 09:24AM

  Star Trek / Clint Eastwood flicks connection..... Attachments

Ramgator4303/02/2024 03:52AM

  It's been kinda fun connecting the dots between

IowaRam3203/02/2024 07:20AM

  Among the Lotus Eaters

IowaRam1903/02/2024 07:34AM

  Strange New Worlds biggest risk Attachments

IowaRam3003/02/2024 08:06AM

  I'll leave you with one last La'an bonus video

IowaRam2103/02/2024 08:24AM

  Check this out. Cool stuff on the original Pike..

Ramgator2503/02/2024 09:21AM

  High Plains Drifter - thoughts??

ferragamo798702/29/2024 02:25PM

  A Classic! But it has been a while for me.

Ramgator3602/29/2024 03:33PM

  I watched on DVD

ferragamo792502/29/2024 04:09PM

  Re: I watched on DVD

SeattleRam2902/29/2024 06:48PM

  oh, yes I get it now

ferragamo792403/01/2024 06:39AM

  Speaking of Clint...Have we seen his last work?

Ramgator3102/29/2024 03:36PM

  Saw Cry Macho

ferragamo792102/29/2024 04:15PM

  I thought it was....ok

Ramgator1503/01/2024 02:06AM

  In his later years, I almost like him better as Clint the Director.

Ramgator1703/01/2024 02:10AM

  much preferred Outlaw Josey Wales nm

21Dog1402/29/2024 04:26PM

  Yes I agree

ferragamo792702/29/2024 05:32PM

  LOLOL Funny related story with Jose Wales.

Ramgator1103/01/2024 02:17AM

  dyin' ain't much of a livin' boy

21Dog3603/01/2024 04:48AM

  videos aren't appearing on the main board, either nm

21Dog2403/01/2024 04:58AM

  "Unforgiven" has a line that always gets me and makes me think about mortality.

Ramgator2003/01/2024 02:20AM

  The only Clint movie where he is 2nd , 3rd or even FOURTH fiddle in his own flick

Ramgator1903/01/2024 02:53PM

  second-highest-grossing film of 1978

SeattleRam1703/01/2024 03:43PM

  Yeah. RIP Eddie. Really liked his Music. Had no idea it was THAT big at the Box Office. Gotta say..

Ramgator3203/02/2024 03:40AM

  Re: Yeah. RIP Eddie. Really liked his Music. Had no idea it was THAT big at the Box Office. Gotta say..

SeattleRam2103/02/2024 03:48AM

  I miss those times.....

Ramgator2303/02/2024 03:54AM


ferragamo792403/01/2024 05:32PM

  My favorite Black Widow scene was from the sequel.. Any Which Way You Can...

Ramgator1903/02/2024 03:43AM

  The Leader, Cholla, played by John Quade. Quade was actually quite a Brainiac in real life.

Ramgator2003/02/2024 03:46AM

  Thank you all

ferragamo796503/01/2024 05:41PM

  Bless you too, '79..

sstrams2003/01/2024 06:38PM

  Thank and God bless YOU!

Ramgator2703/02/2024 03:36AM

  Watched the first two episodes of Shogun

IowaRam5802/28/2024 01:09PM

  Re: Watched the first two episodes of Shogun

MamaRAMa3702/28/2024 01:50PM

  Huge fan of the original

SeattleRam2802/28/2024 02:12PM

  Tough to find now days

IowaRam3302/29/2024 11:59AM


IowaRam2702/29/2024 11:55AM

  Clavell's book "Shogun"

waterfield5302/29/2024 08:14AM

  I hink Im gonna read

ferragamo794503/01/2024 05:34PM

  Re: I hink Im gonna read

waterfield3303/01/2024 05:46PM

  Having connections...

JamesJM7802/29/2024 09:21PM

  No steak?

sstrams2803/01/2024 03:01AM

  Re: Having connections...

JoeMad3303/01/2024 07:21AM

  ciopinno is a rare treat indeed.....

JamesJM2103/01/2024 01:28PM

  Greatest Downhill Race Ever

waterfield7402/29/2024 02:08PM

  Not how I would describe it....

JamesJM2502/29/2024 02:44PM

  Didn't even click the link, but has to be..

sstrams2002/29/2024 05:07PM

  There are several...

JamesJM2602/29/2024 09:24PM

  Same here..

sstrams1803/01/2024 02:54AM

  How come you never hear about the Soap Box Derby??

Ramgator4602/29/2024 02:14PM

  Now kids like 4 - drive electric cars

ferragamo792002/29/2024 02:27PM

  Actually, yes....on the Scouts.

Ramgator2002/29/2024 02:44PM

  I blame the parents..................nm

IowaRam2602/29/2024 03:33PM

  My kind of Aliens!! LOL

Ramgator6202/29/2024 03:30PM

  Anyone know the best thing for sick Azaleas??

Ramgator5902/28/2024 05:10AM

  Trim the unhealthy stuff then

LesBaker1602/28/2024 03:53PM


Ramgator1602/29/2024 04:22AM

  Go to a local non chain nursey

ferragamo791702/29/2024 02:29PM

  Golf is the hardest game in the world....

JamesJM6602/28/2024 08:44PM

  I'LL SAY!!!!!!

Ramgator1802/29/2024 04:08AM

  I'd take that challenge..

sstrams2202/29/2024 06:01AM

  No chance I can explain golf to you.....

JamesJM2302/29/2024 07:47AM

  Shoulders are one of the few..

sstrams2002/29/2024 08:51AM

  Best lesson in golf

waterfield2502/29/2024 08:06AM

  "Tonight two of my grandsons and I were in my garage hitting with my new golf simulator. "

LesBaker2102/29/2024 11:12AM

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