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  The Older I get....the more I'm turning into a smaller version of Ramgator

ferragamo7910508/10/2023 04:17PM

  LOL Is that a good or bad thing???? nm

Ramgator3108/11/2023 10:24AM


ferragamo793408/11/2023 12:44PM

  Re: well......

21Dog4408/11/2023 02:18PM

  You left out......

Ramgator3908/12/2023 02:15PM

  OK...I'm good with that.

Ramgator2808/12/2023 02:16PM

  Actually Hallmark

waterfield4008/12/2023 07:37PM


Ramgator3708/13/2023 11:24AM

  Re: Hopefully.....

waterfield3108/14/2023 12:02PM

  I am forever being told.."Get with modern times". Well.....

Ramgator4508/14/2023 02:12PM

  Society evolves and shifts constantly, and has forever

LesBaker3208/14/2023 03:01PM

  Thing is..We are seeing DE Evolution, IMO.

Ramgator3008/15/2023 02:50AM

  Re: Thing is..We are seeing DE Evolution, IMO.

waterfield3208/15/2023 07:12AM

  I have a friend MY age who almost HATES it when people call her.

Ramgator3108/15/2023 03:14PM


Ramgator8808/14/2023 03:02AM

  Page is unavailable... nm

sstrams2908/14/2023 03:40AM

  Works for me.

MamaRAMa3208/14/2023 04:03AM

  When I load the page..

sstrams4108/14/2023 04:31AM

  Re: When I load the page..

MamaRAMa3008/14/2023 04:43AM

  Here's a screen grab.. Attachments

sstrams2708/14/2023 05:48AM

  Re: Here's a screen grab..

MamaRAMa2908/14/2023 05:51AM

  Re: Here's a screen grab..

MamaRAMa3108/14/2023 05:53AM

  This.. Attachments

sstrams3008/14/2023 05:57AM

  I'll try to remember to try it at home

sstrams4108/14/2023 05:58AM

  Try Inverse Phasing!!

Ramgator2808/14/2023 06:19AM


Arkansas Ram9408/13/2023 09:41AM

  Re: NFL+...,..,,,,

SeattleRam3608/13/2023 10:28AM

  Watching replay now, no problems...

Arkansas Ram3708/13/2023 10:45AM

  I just gave the NFL and Amazon the "Whatfor"....,..,.

Arkansas Ram3608/13/2023 11:38AM

  No problem here......

roman183608/13/2023 02:33PM

  Star Trek : Strange New Worlds , Season 2 , Episode 5

IowaRam35807/14/2023 01:15PM

  Spock meets James T Kirk for the first time

IowaRam6307/21/2023 03:10PM

  where is this being shown

ferragamo794107/21/2023 04:10PM

  Paramount +

IowaRam4807/21/2023 04:58PM

  Ethan Peck as Mr Spock

IowaRam4407/21/2023 05:04PM

  gonna check that out

ferragamo793007/22/2023 03:31PM

  Watched the Strange New Worlds / Lower Decks cross over episode Attachments

IowaRam4207/23/2023 06:33AM

  The Kirk Brothers

IowaRam3707/24/2023 01:45PM

  Clint Howard returns to Star Trek Attachments

IowaRam4607/28/2023 01:19PM

  O.M.G.!!! Takes me back to an AWESOME memory of my Brother!!

Ramgator4107/28/2023 03:15PM

  Check this out!!! CLASSIC!! From Shatner Roast.

Ramgator4307/28/2023 03:17PM

  Scotty and the Gorn

IowaRam2808/11/2023 02:30PM

  I liked the Doobie Bros....

JamesJM15407/29/2023 10:11PM

  "It Keeps You Running" was my favorite by them. And OF COURSE......

Ramgator5007/30/2023 03:50AM

  Re: I liked the Doobie Bros....

canadaram6607/30/2023 05:31PM

  not sure if you knew Jimmy.......

21Dog5907/31/2023 04:24AM

  Yes 21.... and they came through Visalia a few years ago...

RAMbler3607/31/2023 08:58AM

  No, I didn't know that....

JamesJM5507/31/2023 10:56AM

  never heard that about Michaels

21Dog3507/31/2023 03:36PM

  Re: I liked the Doobie Bros....

LesBaker4107/31/2023 02:25PM

  They are coming to Greensboro Sept.7th......

roman184908/01/2023 03:50AM

  If McDonald is singing it will be a good show musically

LesBaker3508/01/2023 11:04AM

  Talk about Concert Heaven. Around 1976 or 77, my Brother's best friend..

Ramgator4508/01/2023 01:50PM

  Re: Talk about Concert Heaven. Around 1976 or 77, my Brother's best friend..

txramfan4108/02/2023 05:12AM


ferragamo794408/02/2023 07:55AM

  Re: Insane!!!!

txramfan4208/02/2023 12:26PM

  dude love to hear stories like that and would have loved to seen those bands in their hey day

ferragamo792908/04/2023 07:16AM

  Did you catch the U2 Joshua Tree revisited tour 6 years ago??

Ramgator3208/04/2023 11:21AM

  I saw them 3 times between Unforgettable Fire to

ferragamo792708/05/2023 06:59AM

  I will NEVER EVER go to another Stadium concert.

Ramgator2608/06/2023 03:15AM

  That was me...... age 9-10 in 1976-77...

Ramgator3408/02/2023 01:23PM

  That would of been amazing I have seen

ferragamo794008/02/2023 07:54AM

  My Brother LOVED Aerosmith before, as he said, they sold out.

Ramgator4208/02/2023 01:28PM

  can't compare to txramfan but I did see Pearl Jam

ferragamo792608/10/2023 01:07PM

  I had a friend who keeps a list of concerts and bands he's seen since 1973

txramfan3308/11/2023 05:25AM

  RIP Robbie Robertson

ferragamo798508/09/2023 04:41PM

  I Googled this guy.......

Ramgator3308/09/2023 04:57PM


JamesJM3408/09/2023 06:28PM

  Re: RIP Robbie Robertson

21Dog3008/10/2023 04:40AM

  My all time favorite group "The Band"

waterfield5308/10/2023 07:57AM

  Plus 1 have Big Pink

ferragamo792808/10/2023 04:20PM

  Re: Plus 1 have Big Pink

waterfield2808/10/2023 09:06PM

  Women's World Cup....

JamesJM5608/10/2023 08:00PM

  Sticker Shock...

JamesJM14707/25/2023 07:46AM

  Glad I do not HAVE to have a pick up. Because I will NEVER pay for one.

Ramgator4507/25/2023 01:48PM

  I buckled and bought it... Attachments

JamesJM5707/25/2023 06:36PM

  That's pretty awesome..

sstrams4707/26/2023 02:34AM

  Re: I buckled and bought it...

MamaRAMa6507/26/2023 03:13AM

  Re: I buckled and bought it...

JamesJM4407/26/2023 07:15AM

  Re: I buckled and bought it...

MamaRAMa4407/26/2023 07:28AM

  Most wouldn't care for my mountain ranch...

JamesJM4807/26/2023 09:36AM

  It sounds like a hoot

LesBaker3807/31/2023 02:45PM

  nice looking ride

21Dog4307/26/2023 03:30PM

  Well this aggravates me...

JamesJM4707/26/2023 04:23PM

  I don't need more than a standard

21Dog4207/26/2023 04:48PM

  Lining up

waterfield4307/26/2023 06:30PM

  I learned a new trick, Waterfield....

JamesJM2908/10/2023 01:21PM

  backing up with a trailer

ferragamo792508/10/2023 04:08PM

  One day....before I go to Heaven

ferragamo793208/10/2023 01:08PM

  The Eagles Randy Meisner passed away at 77.

Ramgator15007/27/2023 03:48PM

  RIP Randy Meisner. Thank you for the music...

RAMbler5607/31/2023 08:52AM

  Frey had an ego that was fragile and no doubt a bully.

Ramgator2708/03/2023 04:28PM

  Let's be honest Frey and Henley were the Eagles

ferragamo792808/04/2023 07:05AM

  I'll never deny that Frey and Henley were the corner stones but.....

Ramgator3408/05/2023 03:56AM

  I agree with what your saying, but it rarely goes that way

ferragamo793408/05/2023 06:56AM

  U2.. I have also heard...

Ramgator3108/06/2023 03:18AM

  KISS.... Used to love them in the 70s but...

Ramgator3308/06/2023 03:23AM

  Well, the reunion tour..

sstrams3908/06/2023 09:23AM

  Four new guys??? Nope! That's a just a Cover Band. Buuuut....

Ramgator3308/07/2023 03:20AM

  Yeah, its all about the money..

sstrams4308/07/2023 03:47AM

  Wow. Even Mick Jones is gone??

Ramgator3708/07/2023 08:52AM

  He shows up every now and then..

sstrams3508/07/2023 08:54AM

  Read Lou Gramm's book

ferragamo792608/10/2023 01:00PM

  Seemed to be an 80s trend.

Ramgator2808/10/2023 02:46PM

  I tell ya what though!!!

Ramgator2508/10/2023 02:47PM

  Funny. You post this three days ago and on the radio this morning....

Ramgator2308/10/2023 02:40PM

  Re: The Eagles Randy Meisner passed away at 77.

SeattleRam4808/03/2023 08:47AM

  "The Longest Day" on "M" channel (Movies) Damn! What a great flick!

Ramgator8008/02/2023 01:25PM

  I got you confused with..

sstrams3208/02/2023 04:54PM

  But another CLASSIC! The original that is. nm

Ramgator3208/03/2023 04:18AM

  I've been digging the remake..

sstrams3908/03/2023 04:27AM

  Re: I've been digging the remake..

21Dog4308/03/2023 04:32AM

  Some of his stuff is ok..

sstrams3208/03/2023 05:09AM

  I like him in small doses. Gotta say...... He has put out some very funny flicks.

Ramgator2308/03/2023 04:15PM

  In Harm's Way

SeattleRam4708/02/2023 07:40PM

  Thirteen Days

SeattleRam3108/03/2023 04:09PM

  Great flick! I have the DVD. Just watched it about 3 months ago. nm

Ramgator2808/03/2023 04:12PM

  Childhood classic

SeattleRam3408/04/2023 05:11PM

  I'm gonna check that out....side note I too hated

ferragamo792708/10/2023 01:02PM

  Heat index hit 118 here in Jacksonville. BUT.....

Ramgator6908/08/2023 01:23PM

  STILL not the hottest I recall. My Senior year of HS....1985..

Ramgator3508/08/2023 01:30PM

  Update on my Above Ground Swimming Pool...

JamesJM8708/03/2023 01:45PM

  Tropical locations.....

sstrams3208/04/2023 06:30AM

  don't think you need worry about that...

JamesJM3408/04/2023 07:09AM

  True dat...

sstrams2908/04/2023 07:26AM

  You must have a little 'hermit' in you...

JamesJM2908/04/2023 07:47AM

  When it comes to traveling..

sstrams3008/04/2023 09:22AM

  I LAUGH at Tourist commercials. Disney is a huge example....

Ramgator2808/04/2023 11:09AM

  ME to a "T"!!

Ramgator2608/04/2023 11:03AM

  Swamps... don't think I've ever been in one...

JamesJM3608/05/2023 11:24AM

  Been over one..

sstrams3908/05/2023 12:24PM

  NASA regains full contact with Voyager 2

SeattleRam9008/04/2023 02:52PM

  The other way around.

Ramgator3908/04/2023 02:55PM

  My niece told everyone today....

JamesJM11208/03/2023 09:42AM

  Thoughts and prayers to your neice..

sstrams3408/03/2023 09:51AM

  The mind set is as important as the treatment....

roman183608/03/2023 09:58AM

  Re: My niece told everyone today....

waterfield3008/03/2023 03:34PM

  Re: My niece told everyone today....

canadaram2508/03/2023 04:21PM

  Sounds like a strong woman.

Ramgator3008/03/2023 04:30PM

  no magic words

21Dog2908/04/2023 04:03AM

  Prayers to you and your family Jimmy

ferragamo792308/04/2023 07:06AM

  Peewee Herman just died...

sstrams11007/31/2023 08:22AM

  My Wife JUST texted me the news. BUMMER!!!

Ramgator4207/31/2023 08:28AM

  His appearances on Late Night with David Letterman were comedy gold

canadaram4107/31/2023 03:54PM

  Re: Peewee Herman just died...

SeattleRam3607/31/2023 06:49PM

  He meant to do that

LesBaker3708/01/2023 11:08AM

  Funny Pee Wee story from my USAF days.

Ramgator3408/01/2023 01:47PM

  Literally holding your breath. What is the very longest you have done it??

Ramgator9607/25/2023 04:52PM

  Little over 2 minutes....

JamesJM4107/25/2023 06:40PM

  Scariest situation on a dive for me..

sstrams5407/26/2023 04:48AM

  That's a SICK SICK feeling when you suck for air and it's just not there. 1987..

Ramgator4607/26/2023 07:46AM

  Yeah.. its even worse..

sstrams3907/26/2023 08:45AM

  Happened more than once here

waterfield3907/26/2023 01:46PM

  Its good you didn't panic..

sstrams3907/26/2023 01:55PM

  No-I did panic.

waterfield3707/26/2023 06:44PM

  Another stupid thing

waterfield4307/26/2023 06:53PM

  That is my #1 bucket list item..

sstrams4607/27/2023 02:21AM

  Dude, I would SO dive with you..

sstrams4207/27/2023 02:05AM

  Alcohol and diving don't mix well

waterfield4307/27/2023 10:34AM

  Have never puked while diving..

sstrams6307/27/2023 10:52AM

  LOLOL When I was assigned to a Ladder Truck, my Officer always said....

Ramgator3207/30/2023 01:33PM

  I could never really hold my breath very long

ferragamo795007/27/2023 07:21AM

  When I was about 10, I could go 2 minutes plus.

Ramgator4607/30/2023 01:35PM

  I'd do good to make 20 seconds now

sstrams4007/30/2023 03:45PM

  Saw this flick when I was a kid. FREAKED me out!

Ramgator9007/30/2023 10:35AM

  Re: Saw this flick when I was a kid. FREAKED me out!

SeattleRam4407/30/2023 12:31PM

  It was a made for TV movie. It has been probably 30-35 years since I last saw it.

Ramgator3907/30/2023 01:27PM

  DAGNABBIT!! I think I'm getting a Summer Cold.

Ramgator10107/27/2023 02:34PM

  I'm getting a cough..

sstrams4007/28/2023 04:16AM

  Luckily, mine is minor. Just annoying as hell.

Ramgator3807/28/2023 08:15AM

  Actually a zyrtec is taking care of mine...

sstrams3707/28/2023 11:03AM

  I had 3 ...not too strong...Vodka and cranberries....

Ramgator3307/28/2023 03:27PM

  CNN: Your recent cold could be Covid-19

MamaRAMa5707/28/2023 05:46PM

  I'll probably never know. When I DID test positive a couple of years ago....

Ramgator5007/30/2023 03:59AM

  It might be..

sstrams4407/30/2023 04:52AM

  LOL My Wife is jealous.

Ramgator4607/30/2023 03:56AM

  Sad news, but some fun times....

JamesJM9307/29/2023 08:01PM

  LEMME GUESS....To take away from the pain of saying good bye, you CRANKED....

Ramgator3907/30/2023 03:54AM

  Hey Mama, Al Jarred....

JamesJM7707/30/2023 12:32AM

  Re: Hey Mama, Al Jarred....

MamaRAMa6107/30/2023 01:35AM

  Some tv series worth watching

MamaRAMa12807/23/2023 05:08AM

  let me add Justified Primeval to that list

21Dog7907/23/2023 11:09AM

  Big Bang Theory. We LOVE that!. BUT...I have to say...

Ramgator6707/23/2023 01:58PM

  The Chosen!!!

ferragamo794607/24/2023 11:49AM

  Re: The Chosen!!!

MamaRAMa3907/24/2023 01:49PM

  Same here....love it...

JamesJM4707/27/2023 06:32AM

  Jonathan Roumie

ferragamo793907/27/2023 07:20AM

  Yes.. he's very good...

JamesJM3607/27/2023 07:33AM

  Re: Jonathan Roumie

MamaRAMa5007/27/2023 08:28AM

  I've read that Vanessa Benavente...

JamesJM3007/27/2023 08:57AM

  Vanessa Bonavente's age

MamaRAMa3707/27/2023 09:07AM

  "The Night Manager"

waterfield4307/24/2023 12:11PM

  Re: "The Night Manager"

MamaRAMa3707/29/2023 05:45PM

  "The Deepest Breath (diving)

waterfield4407/24/2023 12:25PM

  You are the second person today..

sstrams3707/25/2023 12:23PM

  Re: You are the second person today..

waterfield3807/25/2023 01:22PM

  What about Leverage?

BlueRidgeHorns4707/26/2023 02:17PM

  Re: What about Leverage?

waterfield3907/26/2023 06:28PM

  Re: What about Leverage?

MamaRAMa4007/27/2023 03:44AM

  This gals vids just slay me

SeattleRam10707/28/2023 07:11PM

  OH GEESH! Watching Hallmark Christmas in July!!

Ramgator7807/28/2023 03:24PM

  This is where I grew up

waterfield13907/27/2023 07:43PM

  That was interesting.. in a lot of ways...

JamesJM4307/27/2023 08:54PM

  Look carefully at the second photograph in that article.

waterfield4307/28/2023 10:23AM

  Joy oh joy of all joys...

JamesJM7807/28/2023 07:57AM

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