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  Triumph, one of rocks most under rated bands ???

IowaRam6609/03/2022 05:52PM

  Saw them once..

sstrams1909/03/2022 07:56PM

  They we're part of the first "real" concert I ever went to

IowaRam2409/04/2022 03:20AM

  Those mega shows for dirt cheap are long gone..

sstrams1409/04/2022 05:12AM

  I think their main problem was they sounded too much like RUSH.....

roman181809/04/2022 03:12AM

  I am reminded of George Gobel...

JamesJM2809/04/2022 05:17AM

  You might know a couple of their songs..

sstrams2409/04/2022 05:21AM

  I'm sure I would...

JamesJM2809/04/2022 05:31AM

  Don't remember seeing them on MTV much either

IowaRam2909/04/2022 05:56AM

  I saw them late 70's..

sstrams2709/04/2022 06:15AM

  love it

21Dog3109/04/2022 05:37AM

  They make me think of the VERY early days of MTV and their video "Say Goodbye"

Ramgator1509/06/2022 07:38AM

  Here's one pic I shot of Triumph.. Attachments

sstrams2109/06/2022 09:03AM

  PRE Ticketmaster days!

Ramgator1509/06/2022 12:22PM

  Well, I had a press pass back then..

sstrams1309/06/2022 01:09PM

  about 30-40 feet from Who in 1990

ferragamo791509/07/2022 05:10PM

  Oh boy! Got my first Shingles shot this morning. Fingers crossed because..

Ramgator4009/06/2022 07:35AM

  Best of luck with that..

sstrams2809/06/2022 07:58AM

  I do feel like I'm taking a 50/50 risk.

Ramgator1909/06/2022 08:55AM

  I always get super sick..

sstrams1509/06/2022 09:06AM

  You want to hear about suffering?

JamesJM3209/06/2022 10:38AM

  In Tech School, at Chanute AFB, I got a second round vaccine...

Ramgator1509/06/2022 12:19PM

  My WORST shot EVER...

sstrams2709/06/2022 01:16PM

  You had the old Rabies shot?

JamesJM3109/06/2022 01:35PM

  Well, it was definitely NOT COOL...

sstrams2109/06/2022 02:10PM

  that is a horror story indeed....

JamesJM2109/06/2022 02:32PM

  Yeah, that woulda sucked, as well..

sstrams1509/06/2022 02:34PM

  I honestly thought the multiple shots in the gut was Urban Legend by kids!

Ramgator1409/06/2022 03:20PM

  No, it was absolutely real...

sstrams1309/06/2022 03:22PM

  30 hours later, just very mild symptoms.

Ramgator2409/07/2022 11:00AM

  I think you're gonna get lucky..

sstrams2109/07/2022 11:44AM

  LOL Gotta be honest...I've toned down my drinking so I'll probably be more tame.....

Ramgator2109/07/2022 01:34PM

  Toning down your drinking..

sstrams1709/07/2022 02:02PM

  Meeeeeeeeh. I don't know. It all started back in late May for me.

Ramgator2009/07/2022 03:28PM

  I usually take the opposite approach...

JamesJM1209/07/2022 02:47PM

  My worst nightmare....either way

ferragamo792109/07/2022 04:59PM

  My Apple Watch review....

JamesJM4509/06/2022 01:32PM

  Haha.. thanks, Jimmy...

sstrams2209/07/2022 03:21AM

  If I understand you correctly

canadaram2809/07/2022 03:35AM

  apple Watch with Cellular....

JamesJM2709/07/2022 04:07AM

  Oops, sorry...

JamesJM1609/07/2022 04:18AM


canadaram8909/07/2022 09:07AM

  GPS is my main use for my phone...

JamesJM1709/07/2022 09:53AM


sstrams1709/07/2022 10:02AM

  That's a surprise....

JamesJM1809/07/2022 10:30AM

  Yeah, that's what I always thought..

sstrams1409/07/2022 10:38AM

  Re: GPS is my main use for my phone...

canadaram2209/07/2022 02:49PM

  I have a Garmin Backpacking model hand held...

JamesJM2409/07/2022 03:10PM

  I feel really bad for Oakland A's fans. Like the Raiders and Chargers...

Ramgator3809/07/2022 01:32PM

  Any other fans of "In The Heat Of The Night" TV series?

Ramgator2609/07/2022 06:30AM

  Re: Any other fans of "In The Heat Of The Night" TV series?

SeattleRam1709/07/2022 08:02AM

  I am definitely the King of Jaws...

sstrams8809/02/2022 07:01PM

  Jaws in RealD 3D is pretty dang awesome..

sstrams1709/03/2022 07:54PM

  They do that Jaws on the Water thing here

IowaRam1809/04/2022 02:54AM

  That's the only format I haven't seen..

sstrams1409/04/2022 05:20AM

  You ever watch other shark movies

IowaRam1409/06/2022 02:02PM

  Oh yeah, definitely...

sstrams1309/06/2022 02:22PM

  I watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea last night....

JamesJM1409/06/2022 02:42PM

  Yeah, that skeleton scene..

sstrams1709/06/2022 03:04PM

  The biggest goof in Jaws had to be the Orca.

Ramgator1509/06/2022 03:17PM

  Ah geez...

sstrams1309/06/2022 03:25PM


Ramgator1709/07/2022 04:51AM

  Pancake Block... from a QB... Attachments

JamesJM3209/06/2022 12:06PM

  apparently High School QB ratings are not like the NFL...

JamesJM1609/06/2022 12:28PM

  BTW 21Dog... here it comes....

JamesJM1509/06/2022 12:59PM

  that's a tough stretch

21Dog1609/06/2022 01:59PM

  Rumor has it...

JamesJM1409/06/2022 02:08PM


sstrams1509/06/2022 01:10PM

  Been tempted to download the Gammarly App?

JamesJM2809/06/2022 12:33PM

  That blows... What REALLY blows..

sstrams1209/06/2022 01:13PM

  Believe me I know...

JamesJM1709/06/2022 01:17PM

  Was in Sylacauga Alabama this past weekend. I NEVER knew Gomer was from there.

Ramgator2309/06/2022 07:41AM

  Driving there, we went out of our way, by 30 minutes, because I wanted to see Plains , Georgia.

Ramgator1309/06/2022 07:51AM

  Me at Billy Carter's Gas Station in Plains Georgia Attachments

Ramgator1509/06/2022 07:55AM

  SNL is losing a lot of Cast members. Sad thing is...

Ramgator6409/02/2022 04:12AM

  Haven't watched it in years..

sstrams3209/02/2022 04:17AM

  SNL was always hit and miss

IowaRam2409/04/2022 06:38AM

  I think the cast is awful and has been for a while

ferragamo792709/04/2022 07:41AM

  Last time I watched SNL....

SeattleRam3909/04/2022 09:14AM

  I'm among the VERY few who thought the original cast was a bit overrated.

Ramgator1809/05/2022 04:09PM

  I was never a follower of SNL...

JamesJM3109/04/2022 10:27AM

  I started watching as a 9 year old kid...music was great

ferragamo792209/04/2022 05:27PM

  gator have you read this???? Attachments

ferragamo794009/04/2022 04:54PM

  I have not read that book.

Ramgator1809/05/2022 04:05PM

  The Terminal List (Prime)

SeattleRam6009/05/2022 01:41AM

  saw it.......two thumbs up nm

21Dog1609/05/2022 05:35AM

  Same here....

JamesJM3309/05/2022 07:36AM

  Re: The Terminal List (Prime)

MamaRAMa3209/05/2022 07:16AM

  Settling in for a Jerry Lewis Double Feature

IowaRam5009/04/2022 01:42PM

  I'm still mad at his son....

JamesJM3409/04/2022 02:49PM

  Slight change of plans

IowaRam1809/05/2022 06:55AM

  Seattle Ram - thoughts on Astoria Oregon

ferragamo798808/25/2022 06:37PM

  Re: Seattle Ram - thoughts on Astoria Oregon

SeattleRam5008/26/2022 06:12AM


ferragamo794508/26/2022 04:13PM


JamesJM4808/26/2022 07:33AM

  You are dead on about the South!

Ramgator4008/26/2022 08:40AM

  Ever been to Houston in the dead of summer?

sstrams3208/26/2022 08:55AM

  Oh yes

waterfield2508/26/2022 09:13AM

  While stationed in NE Arkansas, it got bad.

Ramgator4008/27/2022 05:28AM

  Bi-polar is right..

sstrams4408/27/2022 06:36AM

  I REEEEEALLY hate it when I'm putting up CHRISTMAS lights!!

Ramgator3708/27/2022 05:32AM

  Re: Moving?

SeattleRam4408/26/2022 09:18AM

  Re: Moving?

waterfield4208/26/2022 09:34AM

  no doubt stunning....don't want the crowds

ferragamo793708/26/2022 04:20PM

  How is Northern California? Being a fan of "The Fog" (1980)...

Ramgator4108/27/2022 05:34AM

  you can find small towns anywhere

SeattleRam6208/27/2022 03:43PM

  sounds nice!

ferragamo792508/29/2022 03:25PM

  My son, now living in England...

JamesJM2908/30/2022 06:11AM

  Re: My son, now living in England...

MamaRAMa2308/30/2022 06:35AM

  Good question... and no, they don't...

JamesJM2208/30/2022 06:46AM

  so no thoughts on Astoria

ferragamo791909/03/2022 05:40PM

  One place you can cross off your list

SeattleRam2209/04/2022 06:16PM

  So, Jimmy, and all other board musicians..

sstrams5109/04/2022 05:41AM

  Well, he's excellent...

JamesJM3109/04/2022 08:04AM

  Yeah, speed is what I get out of him whenever..

sstrams2909/04/2022 08:39AM

  Kia, Hyundai, and Thieves

MamaRAMa12708/08/2022 07:14AM

  You couldn't be more right...

JamesJM3608/08/2022 07:19AM

  I just saw a story about that..

sstrams3508/08/2022 07:42AM

  I hate a thief! I never REALLY understood till my house got cleaned out back in 1993

Ramgator6508/08/2022 10:04AM

  How to treat a Thief... Remember the movie "Casino"???

Ramgator6108/08/2022 10:07AM

  Now that's how you stop a thief..

sstrams4908/08/2022 10:17AM

  Re: Kia, Hyundai, and Thieves

canadaram7108/09/2022 06:07AM

  Tried buying a vehicle lately?

MamaRAMa6708/09/2022 09:29AM

  Not sure about Missouri... but here in Calif....

JamesJM4708/09/2022 09:41AM

  Same in Texas..

sstrams7108/09/2022 09:49AM

  A few years ago....

JamesJM6608/09/2022 09:52AM

  Yeah, I get that..

sstrams5308/09/2022 10:38AM

  If ANY car maker, like GM or any of them sink again, I hope there is NO bail out.

Ramgator3108/09/2022 12:33PM

  Same story up here.

canadaram5108/09/2022 07:05PM

  I found a car! Attachments

MamaRAMa5608/10/2022 10:12AM


sstrams5108/10/2022 10:43AM

  Wonderful! That is a dream scenario for buying pre-owned

canadaram6108/10/2022 01:12PM


canadaram3708/10/2022 02:54PM

  that's great......happy for you guys nm

21Dog4108/10/2022 03:51PM

  Most used cars have lower mileage than expected

waterfield4708/15/2022 10:01AM

  Re: Most used cars have lower mileage than expected

MamaRAMa2908/15/2022 10:13AM

  I'll buy it Tony!!!

ferragamo791809/03/2022 02:10PM

  An amazing coincidence...

JamesJM6208/09/2022 09:17AM

  Re: An amazing coincidence...

MamaRAMa7508/09/2022 09:34AM

  I think you're right...

JamesJM6008/09/2022 09:43AM

  Stolen car has been found

MamaRAMa4308/12/2022 09:27AM

  I saw a story last night..

sstrams3408/12/2022 10:57AM

  Re: I saw a story last night..

MamaRAMa4308/12/2022 11:11AM


sstrams4008/12/2022 12:08PM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

canadaram2608/12/2022 04:06PM

  my stolen vehicle story

21Dog3608/13/2022 05:33AM

  Ok, here's mine:

sstrams2508/13/2022 06:06AM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

MamaRAMa4108/13/2022 11:38AM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

canadaram3308/13/2022 01:33PM

  Pics at towing yard Attachments

MamaRAMa5208/15/2022 07:48AM

  I would sit and stare at that..

sstrams4308/15/2022 09:29AM

  Re: Pics at towing yard

canadaram4408/16/2022 04:37AM


MamaRAMa2408/30/2022 06:08AM

  Glad you're wrapping it up..

sstrams2108/30/2022 06:45AM

  That’s some good news..

canadaram1709/02/2022 02:23AM

  It's Always Something

MamaRAMa6008/14/2022 07:32AM

  someone can correct me, but......

21Dog3608/14/2022 07:42AM

  Re: someone can correct me, but......

MamaRAMa4108/14/2022 08:59AM

  Sure sounds like a starter to me (nm)

JamesJM3308/14/2022 09:57AM

  If she can find the the starter..

sstrams4508/14/2022 09:58AM

  Re: If she can find the the starter..

21Dog4008/14/2022 10:24AM

  Yup, good advice... BUT...

JamesJM2808/14/2022 10:27AM

  Re: Yup, good advice... BUT...

MamaRAMa3208/14/2022 10:37AM

  Well, just keep in mind..

sstrams2708/14/2022 11:23AM

  I'm in like Flint

MamaRAMa4108/15/2022 12:58PM

  Yeah, the red..

sstrams2608/15/2022 01:34PM

  Re: Yeah, the red..

MamaRAMa2608/15/2022 01:55PM

  I need to read your posts better haha..

sstrams2608/15/2022 02:37PM

  Actually it's the solenoid that can get stuck up......

roman184608/15/2022 06:48AM

  Can't remember when the changeover occurred...

JamesJM3208/15/2022 12:27PM

  You need so much more torque now.....

roman182908/15/2022 01:55PM

  Re: You need so much more torque now.....

MamaRAMa3408/15/2022 01:58PM

  Yeah, Jet ski batteries BLOW these days, as well..

sstrams2608/15/2022 02:39PM

  Never had any watercraft.....

roman183608/15/2022 03:14PM

  Not 100% sure..

sstrams3108/15/2022 03:34PM

  Is it just fast clicking sounds? Like a ratchet spinning?

sstrams2608/14/2022 07:58AM


canadaram3808/14/2022 03:18PM

  As I type this, our Morning News show is doing a story on this.

Ramgator2808/17/2022 02:38AM

  Re: As I type this, our Morning News show is doing a story on this.

MamaRAMa3208/17/2022 05:48AM

  You left out one big one.

Ramgator3108/17/2022 08:46AM

  Re: You left out one big one.

MamaRAMa3308/17/2022 09:00AM

  Doh! Looked right past that! EXACTLY....

Ramgator2708/17/2022 10:33AM

  I don't feel violated... I get pissed...

JamesJM3508/17/2022 01:55PM

  Yeah, they always ask that..

sstrams2808/17/2022 10:13AM

  Clint asked THE question, IMO..

Ramgator6308/17/2022 10:38AM

  Genealogy, any of you ever tinker with it?

JamesJM4808/30/2022 05:56AM

  My wife does...

Aries2009/03/2022 03:59AM

  Re: Genealogy, any of you ever tinker with it?

MamaRAMa2509/03/2022 04:33AM

  Re: Genealogy, any of you ever tinker with it?

txramfan1809/03/2022 05:48AM

  So does my wife

waterfield2109/03/2022 07:56AM

  My grandparents named changed when they got to Ellis Island

ferragamo792109/03/2022 02:09PM

  Inflation and Price Gouging

SeattleRam12008/30/2022 12:33PM

  Don't know if its gouging..

sstrams2808/30/2022 12:51PM

  Re: Inflation and Price Gouging

MamaRAMa3508/30/2022 01:37PM

  You do know that prices within the menu....

roman184308/30/2022 01:47PM

  I'm seeing a lot of people still avoiding Restaurants.

Ramgator2508/30/2022 04:09PM

  SO much is wrong out there. Pick your poison...

Ramgator2608/30/2022 04:31PM

  No sense buying a regular car now..

sstrams2608/31/2022 02:13AM

  You got that right!

Ramgator2808/31/2022 02:42AM

  Re: No sense buying a regular car now..

21Dog2308/31/2022 04:36AM

  Re: Inflation and Price Gouging

txramfan3208/30/2022 05:28PM


JamesJM3008/30/2022 07:02PM

  Re: 34oz??????????????????????

txramfan2308/31/2022 05:16AM

  man I'd have to pee every 5 minutes

ferragamo791708/31/2022 08:24AM

  Good point....

JamesJM1708/31/2022 09:50AM

  That is awesome..

sstrams1308/31/2022 09:56AM

  Believe me, it was imperative..

JamesJM1808/31/2022 10:09AM

  I know exactly..

sstrams1408/31/2022 10:18AM

  I had enough altitude...

JamesJM1708/31/2022 10:43AM

  That would suck to stall at low altitude..

sstrams1408/31/2022 10:47AM

  It's amazing how little room you need for landing...

JamesJM1508/31/2022 10:55AM

  I would assume it depends on airspeed..

sstrams1308/31/2022 12:00PM

  Re: I would assume it depends on airspeed..

JamesJM2008/31/2022 01:03PM

  So, other than falling like a rock..

sstrams1708/31/2022 01:34PM

  Well, off the top of my head....

JamesJM1508/31/2022 02:24PM

  Dang.. I get depressed..

sstrams1508/31/2022 02:36PM

  That is tragic....

JamesJM1608/31/2022 02:49PM

  I saw one episode of Air Disasters that had..

sstrams1308/31/2022 03:01PM

  Hmm, I don't know...

JamesJM1608/31/2022 03:18PM

  Yeah, they had video of it..

sstrams1708/31/2022 04:04PM

  I wasn't thinking...

JamesJM1708/31/2022 04:11PM

  Re: It's amazing how little room you need for landing...

txramfan1408/31/2022 02:22PM

  Wow.. I'm sorta kicking myself..

sstrams1608/31/2022 02:28PM

  Re: Wow.. I'm sorta kicking myself..

txramfan1508/31/2022 04:15PM

  Great story James....

RAMbler1808/31/2022 10:04AM

  Saw that when I made my first trip to Cali and the Rams / Saints in 2019.

Ramgator2108/31/2022 02:44AM

  And yes, there IS gouging out there.

Ramgator2308/31/2022 07:00AM

  Price is always determined by..

sstrams2108/31/2022 07:10AM

  Phones at top of that list!

Ramgator2008/31/2022 10:23AM

  I have bought my share of computers..

sstrams1308/31/2022 10:29AM

  These are not signs of gouging at all.....

roman183908/31/2022 11:03AM

  Call it what you want...Capitalism, within the limits...

Ramgator1609/02/2022 03:16PM

  Whenever there is a crisis there is money to be made

Atlantic Ram4008/31/2022 07:47PM

  Re: Whenever there is a crisis there is money to be made

SeattleRam3809/01/2022 03:34AM

  In and Out Burger in Ca

ferragamo793209/01/2022 04:36PM

  The Hurricane after Katrina.

Ramgator2809/02/2022 03:19PM

  Prayers for my ex Wife.

Ramgator8508/28/2022 05:00AM

  Re: Prayers for my ex Wife.

waterfield2608/28/2022 08:17AM

  Thank you.

Ramgator2108/28/2022 10:07AM

  Prayers answered.

Ramgator3608/29/2022 01:59PM

  That's good news, man..

sstrams2008/29/2022 02:02PM

  Yeah. I had been worried.

Ramgator2308/29/2022 02:10PM

  Totally understand..

sstrams2108/29/2022 02:18PM

  what treatment for vascular migraines

JoeMad3209/02/2022 12:47PM

  Yeah. She has some follow up appointments looming.

Ramgator2109/02/2022 03:09PM

  Tying a tie. I forgot!! Thank goodness for the internet!

Ramgator2809/02/2022 11:18AM

  If its good enough for Chuck its good enough for you

SeattleRam2809/02/2022 11:39AM

  Chuck has it easy though.

Ramgator2209/02/2022 03:07PM

  I think I found Gator's band ad.. Attachments

sstrams5608/31/2022 10:46AM

  That is hilarious....

JamesJM1408/31/2022 10:58AM

  That would be killer..

sstrams1408/31/2022 12:02PM

  FAKE!! That's a POSER!

Ramgator2508/31/2022 02:09PM

  Nothing worse than a poser..

sstrams1308/31/2022 02:40PM

  drove past his house yesterday

ferragamo793009/01/2022 04:38PM

  Haha.. yeah, I can see that.. nm

sstrams1409/01/2022 04:39PM

  The thing is though......

Ramgator1809/02/2022 03:04PM

  Open Range free on YT

SeattleRam4109/01/2022 07:04PM

  Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

SeattleRam2009/01/2022 07:09PM


IowaRam1509/02/2022 01:51PM

  The Sand Pebbles

SeattleRam2209/02/2022 08:20AM

  SST temperature contest

ferragamo795709/01/2022 04:42PM

  You got us whipped..

sstrams2809/01/2022 05:00PM

  It pays to be me!

Ramgator1609/02/2022 03:56AM

  UUUGH! Yesterday, I did 6 hours of yard work. Temps were only around 91/92

Ramgator1409/02/2022 03:59AM

  Muggy is the devil...

sstrams2009/02/2022 04:21AM

  Hair?? I don't need no stinking hair!!!

Ramgator1409/02/2022 04:31AM

  just a preview of things to come........

21Dog3809/02/2022 05:19AM

  Just got back from the lake..

sstrams1809/02/2022 10:08AM

  Going to see Jaws?? Cool! Thing is...

Ramgator1209/02/2022 11:19AM

  Lakes in that region.. When I was in the USAF, we deployed to Oklahoma.

Ramgator1509/02/2022 11:22AM

  SPEAKING OF THAT LAKE (Foss) Did you guys ever hear the creepy story????

Ramgator2209/02/2022 11:28AM

  I think it depends on depth and..

sstrams2809/02/2022 11:49AM

  Concert fleecing continues. Rod Stewart.....

Ramgator9708/27/2022 03:40PM

  Yeah, its stupid..

sstrams3708/27/2022 05:22PM

  For me, if it's someone I want to see...

Atlantic Ram4508/27/2022 10:53PM

  From what I have heard, Stewart is smart and acts his age. Even my Mom said...

Ramgator4008/28/2022 04:30AM

  What I refuse to pay for are Cover Bands with the name.

Ramgator3608/28/2022 04:41AM

  It is crazy

Atlantic Ram3508/28/2022 06:54AM

  Alice in Chains..

sstrams4308/28/2022 08:21AM

  Yes. I knew when writing it I was forgetting something

Atlantic Ram4508/28/2022 10:40PM

  Lot of troubled souls in the 90's..

sstrams4208/29/2022 02:41AM

  and since 2000 music itself has been depressing

Atlantic Ram4308/29/2022 06:13AM

  That's a good question..

sstrams4208/29/2022 06:27AM

  Go get 'em bro

Atlantic Ram4108/29/2022 12:26PM

  I'm trying, man..

sstrams4808/29/2022 12:38PM

  "Cookie Monster Vocals" LOL SPOT ON description!

Ramgator1409/02/2022 11:35AM

  Yeah, I don't dig it at all..

sstrams1309/02/2022 11:47AM

  Question for you guys.....

SeattleRam4808/28/2022 03:38AM

  I haven't seen that many...

JamesJM4608/28/2022 04:37AM

  Singers REALLY need to know their limits. Glenn Frey of the Eagles really pissed me off.

Ramgator3508/28/2022 08:55AM

  Yeah singers are from another planet..

sstrams4008/28/2022 09:41AM

  Never thought of that.

Ramgator3808/28/2022 10:04AM


Ramgator3308/28/2022 10:13AM

  Not me... I loved The History of the Eagles doc....

RAMbler3808/29/2022 09:02AM

  I have heard Leadon was the only one Frey knew NOT to screw with.

Ramgator1808/29/2022 10:08AM

  My Wife has the Documentary on DVD. We've seen it 2-3 times.

Ramgator2308/29/2022 10:11AM

  I got drug to Bon Jovi..

sstrams3008/28/2022 05:43AM

  OH!! My first USAF Dorm mate would be BUMMED! He was a MEGA Dokken fan!

Ramgator2108/28/2022 08:47AM

  Huge Dokken fan here.. well, more of a..

sstrams2208/28/2022 09:48AM

  Lemme see if I remember.....Pilson was the Bass player????

Ramgator1908/28/2022 10:10AM

  Jeff Pilson was the bass player..

sstrams2208/28/2022 10:33AM

  Even Mick Jones is gone from Foreigner?

Ramgator2308/28/2022 03:40PM

  He's kind of in and out..

sstrams2408/28/2022 04:15PM

  Looking at your subject line

waterfield3108/28/2022 11:26AM

  LOL My Wife was playing ELO's Telephone Line in the other room. All I could think of....

Ramgator2909/02/2022 04:30AM

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