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  Saw News of the World last night.. No spoilers

sstrams4302/06/2021 08:56AM

  Re: Saw News of the World last night.. No spoilers

RAMbler1102/08/2021 11:41AM

  I'm looking forward to it....

JamesJM902/08/2021 12:00PM

  I was thinking you'd probably dig it, Jimmy..

sstrams802/08/2021 12:42PM

  Re: Saw News of the World last night.. No spoilers

Arkansas Ram1102/08/2021 03:22PM

  I'm really on a hot streak with movies lately...

JamesJM4402/06/2021 08:06PM

  Coincidentally we saw Jurassic World at the theater last night..

sstrams1402/07/2021 05:51AM

  Problem is the 'story'...

JamesJM1402/07/2021 06:47AM

  Gotcha, but Jurassic World isn't a remake..

sstrams1002/07/2021 08:44AM

  I should go back and rewatch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

IowaRam1302/07/2021 07:25AM

  I watched the original King Kong recently...

JamesJM1702/07/2021 07:38AM

  Still one of my all time favorite movies

IowaRam1002/07/2021 08:02AM


RAMbler1102/08/2021 01:13PM

  Yes, you're right..

sstrams902/08/2021 02:37PM

  Ever seen the Wallace & Gromit films?

SeattleRam802/08/2021 02:38PM

  Worst audio for a half time show ever?

SeattleRam2802/07/2021 03:40PM

  I spent the halftime show taking a wizz....

JamesJM1602/07/2021 06:48PM

  I let Pepper out

waterfield1402/07/2021 07:01PM

  Re: I spent the halftime show taking a wizz....

MamaRAMa1502/07/2021 07:09PM

  Glad you said that.

Drew28391102/07/2021 07:21PM

  Didn't watch it...

sstrams1802/08/2021 04:24AM

  On our last trip to India Attachments

waterfield4702/05/2021 08:09AM

  Aww.. how cool..

sstrams1302/05/2021 08:29AM

  Re: Aww.. how cool..

waterfield1302/05/2021 09:07AM


Atlantic Ram1702/05/2021 09:16AM

  can't sneak a Blazing Saddles reference past me

21Dog1402/05/2021 01:52PM

  It’s a habit Attachments

Atlantic Ram1602/06/2021 08:14AM

  Nice...! nm

sstrams702/06/2021 08:17AM

  Re: can't sneak a Blazing Saddles reference past me Attachments

IowaRam1202/07/2021 12:57PM

  This is why rock and roll will never die

waterfield5002/05/2021 09:50AM


21Dog1802/05/2021 01:54PM

  Oh so great...

Atlantic Ram1302/06/2021 06:22PM

  The movie Inception... a comedy?

JamesJM1802/05/2021 08:51PM

  I was so lost in that movie..

sstrams1002/06/2021 05:35AM

  You watched it with captions?

JamesJM1102/06/2021 06:37AM

  No, not with captions...

sstrams702/06/2021 08:15AM

  Gotten back into a Star Trek kick!

Ramgator2602/04/2021 04:21PM

  I'm looking forward to Star Trek ; Strange New Worlds

IowaRam1002/04/2021 05:15PM

  I just don't get it

SeattleRam1502/04/2021 09:34PM

  I just watched the Doomsday Machine the other day

BlueRidgeHorns702/05/2021 02:11AM

  I've got that set, as well.

sstrams802/05/2021 02:43AM

  THE best episode!!!

Ramgator1102/05/2021 07:12AM

  I don't know which 'set' I have....

JamesJM1202/05/2021 07:16AM

  Re: I don't know which 'set' I have....

SeattleRam702/05/2021 09:38AM

  Star Trek: Next Generation fan here....

RAMbler1302/05/2021 11:25AM

  RIP Christopher Plummer.

Ramgator1602/05/2021 09:39AM

  And I just watched him in Battle Of Britain

Ramgator602/05/2021 09:41AM

  Record-breaking roller coaster will travel more than 155 miles per hour

SeattleRam3802/03/2021 04:48PM

  No thank you

waterfield1402/03/2021 05:20PM

  You have to be kidding me?

JamesJM1502/03/2021 09:11PM

  Re: You have to be kidding me?

waterfield1302/04/2021 07:54AM

  Roller Coasters may very well be...

JamesJM1602/04/2021 09:49AM

  The Cyclone

waterfield1002/04/2021 11:12AM

  You're no fun...

JamesJM1102/04/2021 11:41AM

  Not for me either...

Atlantic Ram902/04/2021 02:35PM

  Re: Record-breaking roller coaster will travel more than 155 miles per hour

SeattleRam1502/04/2021 09:07AM

  Yeah, remember when Fabio took a bird to the face?

sstrams1302/04/2021 09:54AM

  I was giggling and getting goosebumps watching that

Drew28391802/04/2021 12:33PM

  I've done most of it...

JamesJM902/04/2021 12:53PM

  Re: I've done most of it...

Drew28391302/04/2021 02:37PM

  Pretty sure I've mentioned here a few times...

JamesJM1202/04/2021 04:16PM

  Re: Pretty sure I've mentioned here a few times...

Drew28391202/04/2021 05:24PM

  Speaking of roller coasters.... sstrams, 6 Flags Over Texas...

JamesJM2102/04/2021 11:45AM

  Been to Six Flags many times...

sstrams802/04/2021 12:31PM

  Remember this?

JamesJM1202/04/2021 12:43PM

  Oh yeah.. I remember that ride. Attachments

sstrams702/04/2021 01:04PM

  Kind of hard for me to explain a carnival in my home town...

JamesJM1102/04/2021 01:08PM

  Well, heck, then - you'd better go...

sstrams702/04/2021 01:36PM

  My first Coaster is no fun anymore...Myrtle Beach... "The Swamp Fox".

Ramgator1102/04/2021 03:45PM

  Mama... mind naming all those in the banner...

JamesJM3202/03/2021 06:20AM

  I'm gonna try...

sstrams1802/03/2021 06:53AM

  Re: I'm gonna try...

MamaRAMa1702/03/2021 12:09PM

  I cheated...

sstrams1102/03/2021 01:10PM

  I missed two...`

JamesJM1402/03/2021 01:19PM

  Atlantic and RAMbler should have been the toughest because..

sstrams1102/03/2021 02:25PM

  How??? It looks just like me! Attachments

Atlantic Ram1202/04/2021 02:44PM

  Re: I cheated...

MamaRAMa1302/03/2021 01:30PM

  Opps, yeah.. Arkansas...

sstrams1202/03/2021 02:26PM

  Re: Opps, yeah.. Arkansas...

MamaRAMa1402/03/2021 02:40PM

  Here's the larger version.. Attachments

sstrams1202/03/2021 03:04PM

  WOOOO!!!!! 219 days till kickoff!!!!!! Hey....

Ramgator2202/04/2021 10:29AM

  Simply can't happen soon enough.

Atlantic Ram802/04/2021 02:36PM

  Winter Driving in Iowa

IowaRam1902/04/2021 02:26PM

  It reminds me of what I think people driving in the arctic

Atlantic Ram1002/04/2021 02:33PM

  You guys will LOVE this. My Wife (AS USUAL) rolled her eyes.

Ramgator2202/04/2021 02:26PM

  Round coasters.. square posters....

sstrams1102/04/2021 02:30PM

  Re: You guys will LOVE this. My Wife (AS USUAL) rolled her eyes.

Atlantic Ram1202/04/2021 02:30PM

  Watching my DVD classic.. "Battle Of Britain".

Ramgator1802/03/2021 08:21AM

  Re: Watching my DVD classic.. "Battle Of Britain".

SeattleRam1502/03/2021 10:37AM

  I do NOT have that on DVD. I NEED to!

Ramgator602/03/2021 11:17AM

  My all time favorite 5 are.......

Ramgator602/03/2021 11:20AM

  Re: My all time favorite 5 are.......

SeattleRam902/03/2021 04:22PM

  Re: My all time favorite 5 are.......

SeattleRam802/03/2021 04:24PM

  He's also in Battle Of Britain. But...

Ramgator602/04/2021 09:12AM

  The Blue Max rules...

sstrams702/03/2021 03:05PM

  I built the Revell Red Barron around 1980.

Ramgator402/03/2021 03:07PM

  Re: Watching my DVD classic.. "Battle Of Britain".

txramfan1202/04/2021 05:16AM

  Where you at, Tx?

sstrams1302/04/2021 05:23AM

  Re: Where you at, Tx?

txramfan1302/04/2021 07:17AM

  oh sweet...

sstrams1002/04/2021 07:56AM

  Re: oh sweet...

txramfan902/04/2021 08:13AM

  The B-17 here..

sstrams1202/04/2021 08:22AM

  Watched The Perfect Storm again last night..

sstrams2901/30/2021 07:40AM

  And did you catch the obvious??

Ramgator2102/02/2021 04:54PM

  Well, in an interview, Clooney said..

sstrams2002/03/2021 03:41AM

  Follow up at Cardiologist today. My Aorta is slightly enlarged.

Ramgator3602/01/2021 01:58PM

  Well, we all know you have a big heart..

sstrams902/01/2021 02:08PM

  Now if the Wizard could just give me a brain!!! LOL nm

Ramgator1202/01/2021 04:42PM

  Same here... nm

sstrams402/01/2021 04:45PM

  I recently had pericarditis

Atlantic Ram1002/02/2021 05:22AM

  Cholesterol... interesting comment from my doctor this week...

JamesJM2102/02/2021 05:36AM

  My cholesterol is not bad but close to it

Ramgator2102/02/2021 06:21AM

  I had to start taking statins..

sstrams1702/02/2021 07:15AM

  Statins are easy peasy

waterfield1702/02/2021 07:55AM

  don't sweat the statins

21Dog1902/02/2021 08:06AM

  I don't, but its just another pill..

sstrams1702/02/2021 09:14AM

  I hate taking pills

Atlantic Ram1202/02/2021 01:42PM

  That's what I keep telling myself and......

Ramgator1402/02/2021 06:45PM

  I can EASILY see that!

Ramgator802/02/2021 06:44PM

  Over the years as a Firefighter, I have gone to Patients.....

Ramgator1402/02/2021 06:48PM

  That reminds me (Public Service Message)

Ramgator1602/02/2021 06:50PM

  Re: Cholesterol... interesting comment from my doctor this week...

Atlantic Ram1902/02/2021 01:40PM

  screw the walnuts

21Dog1702/02/2021 02:11PM

  Thanks for the tip! NM

Atlantic Ram802/02/2021 03:25PM

  Right now your life doesn't compare to mine.... Attachments

JamesJM3002/02/2021 03:01PM

  Oh Man !!!!!

IowaRam1502/02/2021 03:05PM

  What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

SeattleRam8301/13/2021 04:27PM

  Not a movie, and probably not my favorite...

JamesJM3201/13/2021 04:42PM

  Here is mine

waterfield6401/19/2021 09:27AM

  I have never seen that movie...

JamesJM4501/19/2021 09:47AM

  Neither have I... nm

Atlantic Ram1401/19/2021 03:20PM

  OMG! You and Atlantic need to rectify that right now!!

Drew28392601/19/2021 07:59PM

  You're going to call me a liar...

JamesJM2401/19/2021 08:23PM

  Uh...yeah that's a mystery

Drew28391701/20/2021 06:03PM

  Re: OMG! You and Atlantic need to rectify that right now!!

waterfield2501/19/2021 08:54PM

  Sure is!

Drew28391801/20/2021 06:14PM

  Re: Sure is!

waterfield1901/20/2021 08:29PM

  Until the damn tubing folks float by you

Drew28393601/21/2021 05:20PM

  That's a great movie, waterfield..

sstrams1801/20/2021 05:15AM

  There is a story about the old man tying a fly at the end

waterfield2001/20/2021 12:46PM

  Phoebe Cates pool scene Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Rampage2K-2401/22/2021 05:33PM

  Oh yeah!! BUT......

Ramgator1701/26/2021 08:48AM

  Jennifer Jason Leigh reminds me too much...

sstrams1201/27/2021 07:42AM

  Oh sweet....

sstrams801/27/2021 07:28AM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

Arkansas Ram2801/19/2021 08:09PM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

SeattleRam2301/20/2021 07:52PM

  Of course you all were expecting this..

sstrams4101/21/2021 08:26AM

  That's not even close....

DaJudge2301/21/2021 08:29AM

  That is a great scene, as well..

sstrams2201/21/2021 08:37AM

  No matter what happens...

DaJudge2101/21/2021 08:52AM

  Same here 'Judge..

sstrams2101/21/2021 09:22AM

  Re: That is a great scene, as well..

IowaRam1002/02/2021 01:58PM

  Killer scene, but I've gotten sick of..

sstrams802/02/2021 02:36PM

  So many great Eastwood scenes

Atlantic Ram2101/21/2021 08:29AM

  I'd bet you couldn't do it even if...

JamesJM1701/21/2021 08:53AM

  I agree

Atlantic Ram1701/23/2021 05:41PM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

IowaRam3801/21/2021 09:01AM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

RAMbler3501/22/2021 07:29AM

  Great pick and great movie!

Drew28396001/22/2021 05:43PM

  Re: Great pick and great movie!

RAMbler1501/26/2021 07:32AM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

RAMbler2401/22/2021 07:31AM

  Comedy... this scene, IMHO...

JamesJM2601/22/2021 08:52AM

  One of my favorite actors

SeattleRam1601/24/2021 05:40AM

  Kill Bill Vol. 1- O-Ren Ishii and Boss Tanaka....

LMU932001/27/2021 06:17AM

  I watch that last fight scene..

sstrams1401/27/2021 07:29AM

  My wife hates that film

waterfield1302/01/2021 02:37PM

  I think a sequel is coming out..

sstrams1102/01/2021 02:43PM

  Re: I think a sequel is coming out..

waterfield1102/01/2021 04:35PM

  Tarantino is kicking it around...

sstrams902/02/2021 04:44AM

  My favorite scene

waterfield1202/01/2021 06:00PM

  From Open Range

RAMbler1501/27/2021 11:51AM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

IowaRam1102/02/2021 02:30PM

  Yet another movie I liked but don't think many will....

JamesJM3702/01/2021 08:44AM

  Saw it last night..

waterfield2102/01/2021 12:53PM

  That was a great scene...

JamesJM1202/01/2021 04:47PM

  Re: That was a great scene...

waterfield1002/01/2021 05:43PM

  Not sure I follow?

JamesJM1002/01/2021 06:00PM

  Re: Not sure I follow?

waterfield902/01/2021 09:11PM

  Ah, I see, accidentally hit you mean...

JamesJM1002/01/2021 09:30PM

  Re: Ah, I see, accidentally hit you mean...

waterfield1202/01/2021 09:47PM

  Oh yes, I do remember that scene...

JamesJM1002/02/2021 05:45AM

  I had SOOO many dreams of College!

Ramgator1802/01/2021 04:44PM

  I THOUGHT I was getting busted for shoplifting today at Home Depot!

Ramgator3302/01/2021 01:53PM

  I think it read..

sstrams2302/01/2021 02:08PM

  I didn't say I was telling jokes on that isle! LOL nm

Ramgator602/01/2021 04:43PM

  The Snoopy Show — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

IowaRam1002/01/2021 02:00PM

  Looks cool, but..

sstrams602/01/2021 02:10PM

  Did you hear about the cows smoking pot and playing cards??

Ramgator4301/30/2021 04:24PM

  Ok... not to encourage you...

Atlantic Ram2201/30/2021 06:23PM

  A priest, a nun and a rabbit walk into a bar... And the rabbit says...

Atlantic Ram2001/31/2021 10:58AM

  Well I'll be DANGED...

JamesJM1501/31/2021 11:01AM

  lol... nm

Atlantic Ram501/31/2021 11:08AM

  I can't post my favorite cow joke on this board..

sstrams1601/31/2021 11:20AM

  Ha! Remember that guy on the 1970s version of "Make Me Laugh"?

Ramgator1401/31/2021 02:31PM

  Murray Langston was his name..

sstrams1501/31/2021 02:46PM

  The Gong Show!!!!

Ramgator1401/31/2021 02:50PM

  Don't remember that one..

sstrams1401/31/2021 03:57PM

  He's still living. 75 years old. nm

Ramgator902/01/2021 08:35AM

  hopefully he changes bags periodically nm

21Dog702/01/2021 09:50AM


sstrams1002/01/2021 12:26PM

  Re: Did you hear about the cows smoking pot and playing cards??

SeattleRam1002/01/2021 11:11AM

  RIP Dustin Diamond

Ramgator1802/01/2021 10:31AM

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