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  Watching "Motherland: Fort Salem" on Hulu

SeattleRam2107/15/2021 10:17PM

  Juno spacecraft close flyby June 7, 2021 of Ganymede & Jupiter

SeattleRam2307/15/2021 07:49PM

  The Eternals trailer

IowaRam7305/24/2021 05:09AM

  The Tomorrow War Trailer

SeattleRam3505/27/2021 08:32AM

  He's Star Lord man...

Atlantic Ram3405/27/2021 10:57AM

  coming friday to Prime

SeattleRam1906/30/2021 05:17PM

  Jungle Cruise trailer

IowaRam3605/27/2021 02:02PM

  Captain Marvel 2 teaser trailer

zn3205/27/2021 02:53PM

  Aaron Taylor-Johnson cast as Kraven the Hunter Attachments

IowaRam3305/27/2021 04:10PM

  They've officially started filming Moon Knight Attachments

IowaRam3805/27/2021 04:21PM

  Spider-man: No Way Home ... teaser trailer

zn3505/28/2021 06:07PM

  Re: Spider-man: No Way Home ... teaser trailer

zn3205/28/2021 06:20PM

  sorry this is fake

zn3605/29/2021 10:33AM

  Re: sorry this is fake

IowaRam3605/29/2021 11:37AM

  The actor/character I want to see is....

RAMbler1207/08/2021 11:29AM

  Small piece of casting news

IowaRam3005/29/2021 11:48AM

  Only a week and a half till LOKI

IowaRam3005/29/2021 12:05PM

  The Eternals , Black Knight

IowaRam3305/30/2021 07:53AM

  Moon Knight , just who is Moon Knight you're probably asking youreslf

IowaRam3605/30/2021 08:17AM

  The Future of Spider-Man Explained

IowaRam4305/30/2021 08:53AM

  First Holiday weekend without masks and distancing Attachments

IowaRam2405/30/2021 09:39AM

  LOKI first reactions are in

IowaRam4806/06/2021 09:47AM

  A couple more

IowaRam3006/06/2021 01:34PM

  saw Loki

zn4706/09/2021 06:08PM

  I do start to worry.........

IowaRam3306/10/2021 02:33PM

  She Hulk has officially started filming Attachments

IowaRam3706/10/2021 02:55PM

  Re: She Hulk has officially started filming

zn2006/11/2021 09:35PM

  Alot of stuff going on in that video

IowaRam1906/12/2021 10:07AM

  Re: Alot of stuff going on in that video

zn1906/13/2021 02:57AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn4306/16/2021 02:30AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

IowaRam1606/16/2021 03:52PM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn2106/16/2021 04:47PM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2 Attachments

IowaRam2406/16/2021 05:30PM

  No idea what you two are talking about here, I'm not about to read it...

JamesJM2706/16/2021 05:51PM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn2006/17/2021 02:11AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

LMU932106/17/2021 04:19AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn2106/17/2021 09:11AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

IowaRam2206/17/2021 01:25PM

  Watched "Shadow and Bone" and "Warrior Nun" waiting for Loki

Atlantic Ram1806/11/2021 07:20AM

  Welcome to the team

IowaRam3006/11/2021 08:27AM


IowaRam2606/12/2021 03:38PM

  SPOILERS !!!!!....................maybe

IowaRam1706/17/2021 01:50PM

  Echo getting her own Hawkeye spinoff show ?

IowaRam2006/17/2021 02:08PM

  Another piece of fun tidbit from Hawkeye

IowaRam1906/17/2021 02:18PM

  Shang Chi

IowaRam1606/18/2021 02:39PM

  trailer for Loki episode 3

zn1506/21/2021 08:50AM

  That last part was pretty

IowaRam1606/21/2021 12:51PM

  trailer for Loki episode 4

zn1506/24/2021 10:48AM

  Re: trailer for Loki episode 4

IowaRam1506/24/2021 01:05PM

  Re: trailer for Loki episode 4

zn1306/24/2021 01:06PM

  Suicide Squad trailer

IowaRam1606/22/2021 01:01PM

  Shang Chi trailer

IowaRam1306/24/2021 04:03PM

  Loki episode 4 was great

zn1506/30/2021 02:51PM

  Did you stick around for the mid credit scene ?...............n/m

IowaRam1306/30/2021 03:27PM

  yes (NM)

zn1106/30/2021 05:32PM

  you'll appreciate this Iowa

zn1807/02/2021 09:03AM

  Loki , Episode 5 Promo

IowaRam2707/01/2021 01:21PM

  USS Eldridge

IowaRam1307/06/2021 02:40PM

  episode 6 was a good one

zn807/15/2021 04:19PM

  Marvels , What If trailer

IowaRam1207/08/2021 08:18AM

  The Witcher: Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Netflix

SeattleRam1207/09/2021 04:15PM

  Delivered a eulogy this morning...

JamesJM4307/13/2021 09:56AM

  Re: Delivered a eulogy this morning...

SeattleRam1507/13/2021 12:19PM

  Re: Delivered a eulogy this morning...

21Dog1007/13/2021 12:36PM

  No I'm not....

JamesJM1207/13/2021 02:12PM

  Have ever delivered a eulogy..

sstrams1207/13/2021 12:30PM

  I bet you were great

ferragamo79907/13/2021 06:04PM

  Never done it but I wish I had for my best friend.

Ramgator1107/14/2021 09:43AM

  I don't think I could do it..

sstrams1207/14/2021 09:51AM

  Happens often...

JamesJM1107/14/2021 11:47AM

  Its gotta be difficult..

sstrams607/14/2021 11:57AM

  Being in front of a crowd...

JamesJM1007/14/2021 12:09PM

  Yeah, I'm always calm.. but..

sstrams907/14/2021 01:15PM

  I believe what my Mom always told me. Funerals are the easy part.

Ramgator1207/14/2021 02:13PM

  3 times.

waterfield1207/15/2021 07:22AM

  I can't do that...

JamesJM807/15/2021 08:48AM

  tried to do it at my dad's funeral as a kid

ferragamo791107/15/2021 04:04PM

  All of the major sporting events are experiencing a drop in viewers

NewMexicoRam3507/15/2021 08:54AM

  I've definitely seen..

sstrams1107/15/2021 09:10AM

  So have I... but it's few...

JamesJM1207/15/2021 09:17AM

  Yeah, but you know how that goes..

sstrams1007/15/2021 11:21AM

  That's actually a HUGE part of it! I spent the last 35 and a half years of my life...

Ramgator1007/15/2021 09:34AM

  Young viewers ARE turning away.....Politics...... and other SELF inflicted reasons.

Ramgator1207/15/2021 09:26AM

  Went to a Sports Bar a couple of years ago with my Son. It was Sunday and PACKED!!

Ramgator907/15/2021 09:37AM

  Scrub NBA final

ferragamo791207/15/2021 12:41PM

  I'm a fan of all star games...

JamesJM907/15/2021 12:43PM

  Have a keen eye? Can you figure this out? Attachments

JamesJM2707/15/2021 09:14AM

  Re: Have a keen eye? Can you figure this out?

MamaRAMa1007/15/2021 10:32AM

  You got the same one I did....

JamesJM807/15/2021 11:02AM

  It helps a little bit.. Attachments

sstrams907/15/2021 10:52AM


SeattleRam4307/14/2021 06:28AM

  Re: WTF

txramfan2107/14/2021 07:22AM


NewMexicoRam2007/14/2021 03:48PM

  Hank Williams Sr. - wow.......something special

ferragamo791907/13/2021 05:54PM

  You got me thinking about Charlie

JamesJM1207/14/2021 09:25AM

  Really nice story...

sstrams907/14/2021 11:55AM

  One or two timers....

JamesJM907/14/2021 12:05PM

  Do people even watch the MLB All Star game and or HR Derby?

Ramgator1407/14/2021 09:30AM

  Re: Do people even watch the MLB All Star game and or HR Derby?

MamaRAMa907/14/2021 09:40AM

  The Last of the Mohicans

SeattleRam3107/11/2021 10:08PM

  Re: The Last of the Mohicans

zn2507/11/2021 11:12PM

  A great soundtrack

waterfield1107/12/2021 11:59AM

  bought blu ray on Ebay a few months ago

ferragamo79907/13/2021 06:03PM

  Been to the filming site a few times...Chimney Rock N.C. BEAUTIFUL place!

Ramgator907/14/2021 09:32AM

  Off to the Cardio Doc for a follow up.

Ramgator1707/14/2021 03:56AM

  Question about the model of a heart my Cardio Doc has in his office.

Ramgator1307/14/2021 03:58AM

  Cream in 2005 was better than in 1968 which should be no surprise

zn2707/13/2021 10:35AM

  don't think they ever sounded better than they did......

21Dog1407/13/2021 12:29PM

  I saw that tour

zn1507/13/2021 12:55PM

  I'm so jealous nm

21Dog507/13/2021 03:02PM

  oddly my favorite cut from those shows was this

21Dog1307/13/2021 12:35PM

  I saw Cream only once...

JamesJM1207/13/2021 02:24PM

  Re: I saw Cream only once...

zn807/13/2021 02:29PM

  Been fortunate enough to have been around many famous musicians...

JamesJM807/13/2021 02:38PM

  because there wasn't much rock before the 60s

ferragamo791007/13/2021 04:18PM

  Not to hijack your thread...

JamesJM1107/13/2021 02:48PM

  Otis Redding

21Dog1207/13/2021 03:06PM


ferragamo79907/13/2021 06:01PM

  US sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson set to miss Olympic Games after positive cannabis test

SeattleRam8007/02/2021 05:32AM

  Re: US sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson set to miss Olympic Games after positive cannabis test

MamaRAMa2607/02/2021 05:53AM

  The headline in the BBC is misleading

waterfield3307/02/2021 07:32AM

  True, but it's really too bad.

JamesJM2507/02/2021 07:47AM

  Re: True, but it's really too bad.

waterfield1607/02/2021 07:52AM

  perhaps arcane, but........

21Dog2307/02/2021 04:49PM

  Re: perhaps arcane, but........

waterfield2507/02/2021 05:20PM

  Yikes... can't go that far...

JamesJM2507/02/2021 05:35PM

  Re: Yikes... can't go that far...

waterfield1307/03/2021 08:16AM

  I can think of some other stupid sports participation rules.....

NewMexicoRam4107/02/2021 06:18PM

  put me in...I ran the 100 relay team as anchor in 1982

ferragamo791907/02/2021 05:55PM

  Be very careful Todd...

JamesJM1707/02/2021 06:02PM

  as Harry Callahan once said........

21Dog1607/03/2021 04:11AM

  Re: as Harry Callahan once said........

waterfield907/03/2021 08:20AM

  Why is pot banned in the Olympic trials ?

waterfield1907/03/2021 11:21AM

  Could be this...

JamesJM1807/03/2021 11:27AM


waterfield2407/03/2021 01:07PM

  I don't think so...

JamesJM1907/03/2021 01:19PM

  Re: I don't think so...

waterfield1607/03/2021 02:40PM

  No doubt you're better at this than I am...

JamesJM1307/03/2021 03:08PM

  Re: No doubt you're better at this than I am...

waterfield1607/03/2021 06:09PM

  Time Magazine: "Makes no sense"

waterfield2807/06/2021 09:49AM

  Sorry, but don't agree...

JamesJM1907/06/2021 02:28PM

  Re: Sorry, but don't agree...

waterfield2207/06/2021 06:00PM

  What doesn't make sense to me..

sstrams1507/06/2021 02:36PM


NewMexicoRam1107/07/2021 06:10PM

  No relay: Banned sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson left off Olympic team

SeattleRam1207/06/2021 02:33PM

  I don't get this...

JamesJM1307/06/2021 02:37PM

  They should have left off..

sstrams1207/06/2021 02:45PM

  I feel bad for her

SeattleRam1407/06/2021 02:52PM

  Re: I feel bad for her

MamaRAMa1207/06/2021 03:05PM

  yep I agree

SeattleRam1307/06/2021 03:27PM

  Yes, I agree, but...

JamesJM1607/06/2021 03:35PM

  Re: Yes, I agree, but...

MamaRAMa1107/06/2021 03:48PM

  Then there is this...

JamesJM1207/06/2021 03:53PM

  Re: I feel bad for her

waterfield1407/06/2021 06:07PM

  Re: I don't get this...

waterfield1507/06/2021 06:05PM


Ramgator1607/07/2021 03:29AM

  Two camps-two distinct discussions

waterfield1407/07/2021 06:18AM

  Re: Two camps-two distinct discussions

MamaRAMa1407/07/2021 06:30AM

  Re: Two camps-two distinct discussions

waterfield2307/07/2021 07:00AM

  I get what you're saying..

sstrams2007/07/2021 07:14AM

  Re: I get what you're saying..

waterfield1707/07/2021 10:48AM

  What are the violations that this country stands for?

sstrams1907/07/2021 11:52AM

  Re: What are the violations that this country stands for?

waterfield1207/07/2021 03:01PM

  I thought we were talking..

sstrams1207/07/2021 03:30PM

  Re: I thought we were talking..

waterfield1307/07/2021 03:38PM

  Well, lets just chalk it up..

sstrams907/08/2021 07:36AM

  I have zero sympathy for such irresponsibility.

Ramgator707/07/2021 08:07AM

  I'll chime in: follow the rules- idiot!

ferragamo791507/12/2021 05:34PM

  Re: I'll chime in: follow the rules- idiot!

waterfield1207/12/2021 06:31PM

  Maybe is a stupid rule but it does not make it go away...

Ramgator807/07/2021 08:09AM

  Re: Two camps-two distinct discussions

JamesJM1307/07/2021 08:35AM

  Re: Two camps-two distinct discussions

waterfield1407/07/2021 11:01AM

  As I've said....

JamesJM1207/07/2021 11:08AM

  Re: As I've said....

waterfield1507/07/2021 02:44PM


waterfield2107/07/2021 03:46PM

  Well, perhaps I read you wrong when you said...

JamesJM1707/07/2021 03:50PM

  L. A. Times editorial on Richardson

waterfield1507/08/2021 11:27AM

  Nevada's Athletic Commission will not ban pot users from boxing or MMAs after positive cannabis test

waterfield1807/09/2021 10:27AM

  thar she blows....

JamesJM2407/09/2021 11:51AM

  Not the first time

waterfield1507/09/2021 01:20PM

  Re: Not the first time

txramfan1307/09/2021 01:44PM

  Re: Not the first time

waterfield1607/09/2021 04:25PM

  Re: Not the first time

txramfan1107/10/2021 05:55AM

  Re: Not the first time

waterfield1007/13/2021 09:04AM

  Re: Not the first time

txramfan1107/13/2021 11:07AM

  Just for you, zn Attachments

sstrams4707/12/2021 12:37PM

  Re: Just for you, zn

zn1507/12/2021 09:47PM

  Re: Just for you, zn

waterfield1107/13/2021 09:08AM

  I believe I would have..

sstrams707/13/2021 09:15AM

  Guess I'm a career criminal...

JamesJM907/13/2021 10:19AM

  Euro Cup halftime thoughts....

JamesJM3007/11/2021 10:54AM

  The tide has turned?

JamesJM807/11/2021 11:30AM

  Extra time has begun tied at 1 each...

JamesJM1007/11/2021 12:08PM

  Heartbroken for RamUK

JamesJM1207/11/2021 01:17PM

  Very magnanimous as always Jimmy!

RamUK1407/12/2021 01:53AM

  I was hoping you would check in....first

ferragamo791107/12/2021 10:14AM

  Italy were the best team

RamUK1207/12/2021 09:00PM

  first, glad to see you posting as I mentioned

ferragamo79507/13/2021 07:28AM


NewMexicoRam4107/11/2021 12:15AM

  wish they could put a few of those in the bank

21Dog1407/11/2021 04:30AM

  Right now it's 1-2.

NewMexicoRam807/11/2021 01:08PM

  no worries

21Dog1207/11/2021 04:28PM

  Re: no worries

waterfield1207/12/2021 03:06PM

  Expound on that a little...

JamesJM1107/12/2021 03:28PM

  Re: Expound on that a little...

waterfield1207/12/2021 04:57PM

  Good grief..that guy did all that?

JamesJM807/12/2021 05:01PM

  You Trekkies.. I just saw that Joanne Linville passed away on the 20th.

Ramgator5706/25/2021 11:54AM

  Re: You Trekkies.. I just saw that Joanne Linville passed away on the 20th.

zn3506/25/2021 12:29PM

  That was one hot alien...

sstrams2806/25/2021 12:44PM

  Re: You Trekkies.. I just saw that Joanne Linville passed away on the 20th.

SeattleRam6006/25/2021 01:52PM

  I think her Daughter reprised her Romulan role in one of the new Star Treks?? nm

Ramgator2706/26/2021 04:38AM

  Re: I think her Daughter reprised her Romulan role in one of the new Star Treks?? nm

zn3506/26/2021 12:12PM

  That is a very cool photo!

Ramgator1406/28/2021 02:05AM

  As I remember, Spock had the hots for that commander

BlueRidgeHorns2706/29/2021 01:47AM

  Yes he did!

Ramgator2306/29/2021 01:58PM

  IMO, that was one of the better episodes of a downer season #3.

Ramgator2706/29/2021 01:59PM

  actually Rodenberry wasn't involved season 3

ferragamo792806/29/2021 06:26PM

  I bought a book for my Brother's Birthday, back in 1996, that covers EVERYTHING!

Ramgator2306/30/2021 12:53PM

  You would really enjoy

ferragamo791906/30/2021 08:14PM

  We have a used book store nearby.

Ramgator1007/11/2021 01:58PM

  Check Goodwill

ferragamo79807/12/2021 04:47PM

  I know what post apocalyptical America would look like

ferragamo793607/12/2021 11:24AM

  Shocking amount of open space...

sstrams1607/12/2021 11:29AM

  I hope it stays that way....

JamesJM1607/12/2021 12:26PM

  That's probably true..

sstrams1607/12/2021 12:38PM

  Yes, the Hills Have Eyes

ferragamo791407/12/2021 12:47PM

  If my car broke down..

sstrams1307/12/2021 01:01PM

  That's cattle country...

JamesJM1007/12/2021 02:04PM

  I thought you were going to say........

21Dog1107/12/2021 02:17PM

  anyone watching the big fight tonight?

JamesJM2707/10/2021 07:10PM


21Dog1307/11/2021 04:29AM

  Same here... but I'm trying...

JamesJM1007/11/2021 11:02AM

  Did you see any of the fight or aftermath?

sstrams807/11/2021 11:13AM

  No, and probably won't...

JamesJM907/11/2021 11:19AM

  I only saw a photo..

sstrams1007/11/2021 12:36PM

  Grandson told me...

JamesJM1307/11/2021 12:46PM

  Yeah, the photo backed that up..

sstrams707/11/2021 01:03PM

  I saw one photo..

sstrams1307/11/2021 04:40AM

  RamUK... curious, what are tickets for tomorrows match selling for?

JamesJM1607/10/2021 01:33PM

  I saw some at £5,000

RamUK907/11/2021 05:48AM

  I'm not at all surprised...

JamesJM607/11/2021 07:51AM

  I'm having an anxiety attack....

JamesJM1107/11/2021 09:51AM

  Argentina vs Brazil..... spoilers...

JamesJM1107/10/2021 05:23PM

  We went and saw Black Widow last night

IowaRam2207/10/2021 01:32PM

  Dang, Ferragamo is galavanting around the country (soccer)

JamesJM2907/07/2021 09:49AM


JamesJM907/07/2021 10:41AM

  This is a brutal match... so much for...

JamesJM1107/07/2021 11:18AM


JamesJM807/07/2021 12:43PM

  I can't take any more tbh

RamUK907/10/2021 06:56AM

  That was brilliant...

JamesJM1107/10/2021 07:03AM

  There is a firestorm over the game...

JamesJM1707/07/2021 04:01PM

  My wife watched it

waterfield907/07/2021 06:29PM

  Ask her if..

JamesJM1207/07/2021 06:39PM

  Re: Ask her if..

waterfield907/07/2021 08:54PM

  Time for the Dodgers to take it to another level

NewMexicoRam1907/09/2021 04:24PM

  your plan got put on hold for a day

21Dog707/10/2021 05:50AM

  Seattle's post made me think...What is everyone's favorite 70s TV theme?

Ramgator3707/07/2021 03:25AM

  I remember this one Hawaii 5-0 episode..

sstrams2007/07/2021 04:23AM

  My mind could be slipping a bit....

RAMbler1907/07/2021 12:52PM

  Oh I can...

JamesJM2307/07/2021 01:02PM

  Fine tunes all....

RAMbler1007/07/2021 02:03PM

  I could add Happy Days to that list

Atlantic Ram1307/08/2021 10:37AM

  Chico and the Man.....

roman181607/08/2021 07:50AM


JamesJM1307/08/2021 10:34AM

  Barney Miller

CeeZar1807/08/2021 11:45AM

  Re: Seattle's post made me think...What is everyone's favorite 70s TV theme?

IowaRam1107/08/2021 01:08PM

  Remember any of these ?

IowaRam1407/08/2021 01:27PM

  Re: Remember any of these ?

SeattleRam1307/09/2021 12:23AM


SeattleRam1307/09/2021 09:15AM

  Now we have 22 variations of "The Bachelorette"...

Ramgator707/09/2021 09:58AM

  Re: 22 NEW SHOWS OF FALL TV 1977

IowaRam807/09/2021 01:45PM

  16 more I've never heard off

IowaRam1107/09/2021 01:31PM

  You mean after this one, right?

RamUK907/10/2021 05:48AM

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