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  Obi Wan Kenobi trailer

IowaRam2105/04/2022 05:06AM

  I'll definately tune in.... nm

RAMbler1605/04/2022 11:48AM

  Moon Knight , Best Show Ever !!!!!!

IowaRam905/04/2022 04:30PM

  Naomi Judd has passed away

IowaRam6405/01/2022 04:48AM

  Very sad, those ladies were great....

JamesJM2505/01/2022 06:12AM

  Re: Naomi Judd has passed away

MamaRAMa2305/01/2022 11:15AM

  Is Dementia or Alzheimers considered a Mental Illness?

Ramgator2305/02/2022 10:23AM

  She had written a book on her battle with depression..

sstrams1205/02/2022 10:35AM

  My poor Mom was diagnosed with Depression in her mid teens.

Ramgator1405/02/2022 12:36PM

  I hate to admit it..

sstrams1705/02/2022 12:51PM

  Re: Is Dementia or Alzheimers considered a Mental Illness?

MamaRAMa3005/02/2022 11:18AM

  The leading cause of death

waterfield1805/02/2022 11:12AM

  Naomi Judd did commit suicide

MamaRAMa3205/02/2022 01:51PM

  That just amazes me..

sstrams2005/02/2022 01:59PM

  Re: That just amazes me..

MamaRAMa2505/02/2022 02:12PM

  I can relate with that...

sstrams1705/02/2022 02:38PM

  Totally see what you mean.

Ramgator1605/03/2022 04:20AM

  I think your friend..

sstrams1505/03/2022 04:28AM

  I TOTALLY agree!!!! Lemme tell you the inside joke he and I had.

Ramgator1405/03/2022 11:17AM

  That is awesome..

sstrams2005/03/2022 12:02PM

  OH GEEZ!! I must be sick because I laughed at that!

Ramgator705/03/2022 03:21PM

  I had forgotten the coup de grace..

sstrams2205/04/2022 03:40AM

  UGH!!! Like my Brother.....

Ramgator605/03/2022 03:31PM

  To be quite honest, I fully expected my Mom to take her own life. I USED to think ...

Ramgator1205/03/2022 04:13AM

  General Admission Concerts... Did The Who stampede in Cincy end that or...

Ramgator3904/22/2022 03:41AM

  It DID do away with it for a while..

sstrams2004/22/2022 04:52AM

  Re: General Admission Concerts... Did The Who stampede in Cincy end that or...

SeattleRam2304/22/2022 03:55PM

  We were first in line at a Queen show..

sstrams1904/23/2022 05:11AM

  SAME issue with my Brother at KISS in 1976.

Ramgator705/03/2022 03:40PM

  Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

SeattleRam4504/30/2022 04:02AM

  When I do my early morning walks, they have been REALLY bright!

Ramgator1504/30/2022 04:25AM

  I remember how proud I was of myself when...

JamesJM1205/01/2022 08:03AM

  Don't miss Mercury shine with the crescent moon in tonight's sky!

SeattleRam205/02/2022 11:17AM

  I'm sorry to repeat this...

JamesJM3405/02/2022 03:17PM

  Taking off for Napa at noon.....

JamesJM5904/29/2022 09:49AM

  Re: Taking off for Napa at noon.....

MamaRAMa1604/29/2022 10:29AM

  Pasta Prego. (Nm)

JamesJM504/29/2022 02:09PM

  we're headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow evening.....

21Dog1104/29/2022 02:29PM

  Dessert stop by Bochoun Bakery in Yountville

ferragamo791204/29/2022 04:17PM

  My review....

JamesJM2504/30/2022 09:55AM

  Re: My review....

MamaRAMa2404/30/2022 10:17AM

  Yes, tip included....

JamesJM404/30/2022 10:27AM

  Oh, should have noted....

JamesJM3704/30/2022 10:27AM

  My review of Napa, the town....

JamesJM1104/30/2022 10:17AM

  I went to Napa last year. TOTALLY disappointed!!!

Ramgator2104/30/2022 03:48PM

  Here's how dumb I am.....

JamesJM2705/01/2022 07:56AM

  LOL I actually made a change! At first, I had it...NAPA (All bold letters)

Ramgator1105/02/2022 10:25AM

  That 90's Show

IowaRam3505/01/2022 12:37PM

  Meet the new kids

IowaRam2805/01/2022 12:52PM

  I'm not very up on Celeb news... but... happened on this tidbit...

JamesJM5004/28/2022 05:36PM

  I had to google that...

JamesJM1604/28/2022 05:44PM

  There's a GREAT line in Country singer Brad Paisley's song "Celebrity"...

Ramgator804/29/2022 04:22AM


SeattleRam2504/29/2022 07:20AM

  I think that applies in all walks of life, and all people...

JamesJM4304/29/2022 07:52AM

  Re: I think that applies in all walks of life, and all people...

21Dog4404/29/2022 02:25PM

  My Wife has been watching "The Crown" on Netflix. I never cared for Prince Charles.

Ramgator3204/26/2022 03:59PM

  Based on your posts, I started watching Downton Abbey with my wife

ferragamo791504/28/2022 08:55AM

  I binged Longmire again....

JamesJM2304/28/2022 02:26PM

  I started watching it sorta reluctantly but.....

Ramgator2404/29/2022 04:25AM

  Ukrainian forces destroy column of Russian 'Z' tanks in Donetsk

SeattleRam7204/25/2022 09:57AM

  Re: Ukrainian forces destroy column of Russian 'Z' tanks in Donetsk

MamaRAMa2304/25/2022 10:49AM

  " A madman's ego "

RAMbler2304/27/2022 10:10AM

  Give the Uks just 2-3 Squadrons of A-10s! The idiotic way the Commies travel in columns.

Ramgator2304/25/2022 01:40PM

  Re: Give the Uks just 2-3 Squadrons of A-10s! The idiotic way the Commies travel in columns.

MamaRAMa1504/25/2022 02:31PM

  I think it can be done without the US firing a single round. BUT....

Ramgator1404/25/2022 04:30PM

  Re: I think it can be done without the US firing a single round. BUT....

MamaRAMa2404/25/2022 06:26PM

  No longer are they "commies".

waterfield2404/27/2022 08:35AM

  How about DIX, then?

MamaRAMa2504/27/2022 09:13AM

  Re: How about DIX, then?

MamaRAMa2504/27/2022 11:21AM

  Sounds fitting...

sstrams1204/27/2022 01:05PM

  You can bet the house that Communism is alive n well with Putin.

Ramgator1904/27/2022 04:04PM

  What's alive and well in Putin is

waterfield2504/27/2022 08:21PM

  Yeah, I understand that. I just don't believe Putin and his right hand people do.

Ramgator1104/28/2022 04:08AM

  Yeah, they woulda been easy pickins...

sstrams4204/25/2022 02:33PM

  Love this guys youtube channel

SeattleRam6704/23/2022 07:28PM

  Yea , I stumbled across his site a few months ago

IowaRam3004/24/2022 08:04AM

  Crazy story

SeattleRam2704/26/2022 03:15AM

  In Laws.... wow....

JamesJM8704/17/2022 09:51AM

  Well I have NEVER!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator3204/17/2022 10:32AM

  Its always the wife's side of family

waterfield4704/17/2022 06:05PM

  ugh....pot will destroy this country

ferragamo794604/17/2022 06:10PM

  Re: ugh....pot will destroy this country

waterfield5504/17/2022 09:23PM

  Pot vs Alcohol.

Ramgator2704/25/2022 04:43PM

  And OHH!!!!! A HUGE danger with Pot. Saw it as a Firefighter.

Ramgator2504/25/2022 04:47PM

  Anyone else have a Fasting Blood Sugar issue?

Ramgator6704/22/2022 03:31AM

  No, it's real

NewMexicoRam1804/24/2022 02:06PM

  DANG IT!!! You were SUPPOSED to say.....

Ramgator2204/24/2022 02:22PM

  What's "it"?

NewMexicoRam2004/24/2022 02:59PM

  An On-Track Look At F1's Miami Grand Prix Circuit

SeattleRam1004/24/2022 07:51AM

  Bosch: Legacy | All New Series | Season 1 Trailer

SeattleRam2804/22/2022 10:48AM

  looking forward to it nm

21Dog1004/22/2022 01:57PM

  Re: Bosch: Legacy | All New Series | Season 1 Trailer

MamaRAMa1104/23/2022 05:29AM

  Just finished Connelly's latest book on Bosch

waterfield1904/23/2022 12:41PM

  Regarding my PFO (heart hole)...

sstrams3804/23/2022 08:07AM


Ramgator1404/23/2022 09:25AM

  It sure can...

sstrams1304/23/2022 09:40AM

  Waxed my Wife's Honda CRV. WHEEEEEEN are they gonna make a car...

Ramgator3804/23/2022 09:27AM

  Just purchased ZZ Top tics.....

roman186104/23/2022 07:06AM

  Good call..

sstrams4204/23/2022 08:02AM

  Moon Knight... best show ever.

Atlantic Ram6404/07/2022 02:37AM

  Float like a butterfly , sting like a bee

IowaRam5204/07/2022 01:08PM

  Thanks. I will check that out.

Atlantic Ram2404/08/2022 11:30AM

  The comic is quite a bit different

IowaRam2704/08/2022 01:17PM

  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - Official 'Dream' Trailer

IowaRam2504/07/2022 04:41PM

  Get it out of here

IowaRam3004/09/2022 01:02PM

  Best Show Ever !!!!

IowaRam2404/20/2022 12:45PM

  Lightyear | Official Trailer 2

IowaRam1704/21/2022 01:27PM

  I'm receiving love notes

JamesJM5604/20/2022 01:04PM

  Lucky you...

sstrams1504/21/2022 04:42AM

  Cool WWI aviation pic.. Attachments

sstrams9104/04/2022 02:48AM

  love it...

JamesJM2904/04/2022 04:33AM

  I actually did not notice..

sstrams3104/04/2022 04:47AM

  Very cool. Rare to see WWI birds being assembled. Do you recall the Cox Albatros?

Ramgator3104/04/2022 10:33AM

  I do remember that - I owned one..

sstrams3104/04/2022 10:39AM

  If I played with one now??? I'D PUKE!!

Ramgator3004/04/2022 04:12PM

  Yeah, I would puke, as well..

sstrams2604/05/2022 05:52AM

  Yup - I looked it up Attachments

sstrams3204/04/2022 10:48AM

  That's the one!! Man! That takes me back. nm

Ramgator2504/04/2022 04:10PM

  This was my Brother's favorite though..... Attachments

Ramgator2904/04/2022 04:15PM

  Gotta go with what you love..

sstrams2804/05/2022 05:55AM

  I am WAAAY over due to watch "The Blue Max".

Ramgator2604/04/2022 10:34AM

  I haven't seen that since I was a kid..

sstrams3204/04/2022 10:39AM

  I built this same kit about 41-42 years ago. Attachments

Ramgator3004/05/2022 03:36PM

  I've got a small one..

sstrams3004/05/2022 04:34PM

  Re: Cool WWI aviation pic..

SeattleRam3704/06/2022 12:41PM

  I need to watch that, again.. I have a Blue Max..

sstrams3104/06/2022 01:10PM

  The problem I KNOW I will have with watching The Blue Max.....

Ramgator3204/06/2022 01:17PM

  Re: I need to watch that, again.. I have a Blue Max..

SeattleRam2804/06/2022 04:51PM

  Ursella Andress was so beautiful

ferragamo793004/10/2022 07:46AM

  I'm sure you've seen the movie Flyboys Attachments

IowaRam2904/10/2022 07:11AM

  Yeah, I've seen it, but..

sstrams2904/10/2022 07:32AM

  yea , probably

IowaRam3804/10/2022 08:12AM

  Re: Cool WWII aviation pic - for Gator.. Attachments

sstrams2704/16/2022 12:43PM

  Very cool are rare photo!

Ramgator2504/16/2022 02:55PM

  Another pic.. Attachments

sstrams2804/17/2022 10:09AM

  I seen it. But KEEP EM COMING!

Ramgator3104/17/2022 12:06PM

  Japanese were FOOLISH to scuttle the Hiryu.

Ramgator3904/17/2022 12:09PM

  There's a GREAT book on Midway called "Shattered Sword". It's based...

Ramgator2404/17/2022 12:16PM

  Doolittle Raid Attachments

sstrams3604/18/2022 09:16AM

  80 years ago today. AND...I watched "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" DVD today.

Ramgator2604/18/2022 11:00AM

  When I first took flying lessons....

JamesJM4204/19/2022 07:53AM

  Yeah, being a bombardier..

sstrams3004/19/2022 12:56PM

  I was AWESOME back in the War......

Ramgator3904/19/2022 02:24PM

  I had to look that up..

sstrams2704/19/2022 02:44PM

  A game me and my Brother LOVED in the early/ mid 70s...Battle Ball.

Ramgator3404/20/2022 04:33AM

  Here's the version I saw about 17 years ago. Attachments

Ramgator2604/20/2022 04:38AM

  Man, we could have a MASSIVE thread..

sstrams3204/20/2022 04:56AM

  Said it before...Because he was 6 years older, I always thought my Brother had the cooler stuff.

Ramgator2004/20/2022 11:41AM

  A very tangent reply...

JamesJM2904/17/2022 10:17AM

  That would be interesting..

sstrams3204/17/2022 10:57AM

  If you EVER wanted to get together and buy me something..

sstrams4004/20/2022 07:02AM


IowaRam3104/17/2022 04:56PM

  Top Gun: Maverick | training

IowaRam3304/18/2022 05:13AM

  Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Teaser

IowaRam2104/19/2022 05:30PM

  My final gummy with CBD oil review... plus...

JamesJM5704/19/2022 07:38AM

  Re: My final gummy with CBD oil review... plus...

waterfield2804/19/2022 07:54AM

  I have to be cautious....

JamesJM3404/19/2022 07:59AM


Ramgator5204/18/2022 12:03PM


SeattleRam2204/18/2022 12:06PM


MamaRAMa3504/18/2022 12:37PM

  Awesome... Glad you got the sign of approval..

sstrams2304/18/2022 01:05PM

  I feel better Mentally also.

Ramgator1804/18/2022 03:16PM

  congrats on your great news nm

21Dog1704/18/2022 01:36PM

  Thats really good news.... Congrats! nm

RAMbler4004/18/2022 02:10PM

  Thanks for all the kind words.

Ramgator3704/18/2022 03:17PM

  We age-we get frightened

waterfield2004/18/2022 08:43PM

  nice to hear buddy!

ferragamo791804/19/2022 06:27AM

  Iowa or anyone....Has there been any rumors on the Tom Hanks project.."Mighty Eighth"?

Ramgator3304/18/2022 03:20PM

  It's finished filming

IowaRam3104/18/2022 04:43PM

  VERY cool! Thanks for the info! nm

Ramgator1804/19/2022 05:39AM

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