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  Outside Christmas lights are done!! BUT...It NEVER fails!!!

Ramgator3411/18/2023 11:03AM

  Elvis impersonator

SeattleRam3311/17/2023 11:39PM

  Doug Church

IowaRam1611/18/2023 03:13AM

  Re: Doug Church

MamaRAMa1511/18/2023 08:41AM

  Well crap! My Blood Sugar went up to 107

Ramgator4811/15/2023 11:41AM

  I'd kill for 107

ScRAM2611/15/2023 05:25PM

  I don't know what that is... 'Blood Sugar'...

JamesJM2711/15/2023 05:34PM

  It's a diabetes thing

ScRAM2011/15/2023 05:45PM

  Oh I Forgot....

ScRAM2411/15/2023 06:02PM

  Does that tell you if you have Diabetes?

JamesJM3011/15/2023 06:08PM

  Re: Does that tell you if you have Diabetes?

ScRAM1511/15/2023 06:18PM

  Re: I don't know what that is... 'Blood Sugar'...

waterfield2211/15/2023 07:02PM

  Re: I don't know what that is... 'Blood Sugar'...

ScRAM2111/15/2023 07:16PM

  Same here

waterfield1311/18/2023 06:20AM

  I'm going in on Tuesday for cataract surgery

IowaRam3211/16/2023 01:59PM

  That's what she said Attachments

ferragamo792411/16/2023 04:41PM

  What ?

waterfield1311/18/2023 06:23AM

  sorry to hear that

ferragamo791311/18/2023 07:21AM

  Everyone needs to have their A1C test.

BlueRidgeHorns1511/18/2023 08:19AM

  Arthur the King trailer..............who here doesn't love a movie about a dog

IowaRam2711/17/2023 02:04PM


waterfield1411/18/2023 06:18AM

  Re: Arthur the King trailer..............who here doesn't love a movie about a dog

SeattleRam1211/18/2023 06:22AM

  Las Vegas Grand Prix Opening Ceremony

SeattleRam3711/15/2023 07:45PM

  Ok that was insane

SeattleRam1811/15/2023 08:16PM

  They certainly did not hold back....

JamesJM1811/16/2023 06:26AM

  Practice sessions

waterfield1811/18/2023 06:10AM

  Anybody Seen North South Miniseries

ferragamo793611/16/2023 04:47PM

  Re: Anybody Seen North South Miniseries

MamaRAMa2411/16/2023 06:09PM

  well.....did you like it

ferragamo791211/17/2023 03:08PM

  Re: well.....did you like it

MamaRAMa1311/17/2023 03:20PM

  Want in on this debate? It's of vital importance...

JamesJM5211/16/2023 11:08AM

  Re: Want in on this debate? It's of vital importance...

SeattleRam1711/16/2023 12:15PM


waterfield2311/16/2023 08:08PM

  Fit's todays body shape?

roman181811/17/2023 03:39AM

  Re: Want in on this debate? It's of vital importance...

MamaRAMa2111/17/2023 04:18AM

  There it is....

JamesJM2111/17/2023 06:42AM

  I'm a Dove unscented guy

ferragamo791611/17/2023 01:32PM

  I've thought about it many times in the shower

ferragamo791011/17/2023 01:30PM

  My Brother had this Star Trek toy gun... Attachments

Ramgator5311/15/2023 07:57AM

  I had one of those..

sstrams1511/15/2023 07:59AM

  YES!! Those disks really took off!

Ramgator1611/15/2023 08:04AM

  They don't make kids as tuff as they use to

SeattleRam1311/15/2023 08:06AM

  I think we used the rings to actually keep score....MAYBE 3-4 times. The rest???

Ramgator1911/15/2023 08:09AM

  I had that! in blue

ferragamo791311/16/2023 07:04AM

  Yeah, mine was blue, too..

sstrams1811/16/2023 07:40AM

  I had the Tron version

canadaram1611/16/2023 01:49PM

  "TRON"! Forgot about that flick. It just did not keep my attention. I also recall...

Ramgator1411/17/2023 01:43AM

  I got this for Christmas 1980. VERY cool but.... Attachments

Ramgator7011/14/2023 10:33AM

  With the keyboard on top, it could be programmed to go anywhere...

Ramgator1811/14/2023 10:37AM

  Re: I got this for Christmas 1980. VERY cool but....

SeattleRam1511/14/2023 10:41AM

  Played with this alot

SeattleRam2411/14/2023 10:46AM

  when I saw "played with this alot"........

21Dog2111/14/2023 12:45PM

  I call bs

LesBaker1911/14/2023 02:18PM


ferragamo791111/16/2023 07:03AM

  I had that same set..

sstrams2211/14/2023 02:29PM

  You guys were spoiled rotten...

JamesJM3011/14/2023 11:41AM


IowaRam2111/14/2023 01:21PM

  HA!! My Dad used to say he got raisins! nm

Ramgator1711/14/2023 04:35PM

  Ha! All I got were the seeds, I had to grow my own oranges....

roman182111/15/2023 04:28AM

  LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!! I got a Stocking full of DIRT!

Ramgator1411/15/2023 07:37AM

  An orange? All I got was a Little Cutie..

sstrams1611/15/2023 07:24AM

  All of you guys would have loved my Mom and her sense of humor about things like this.

Ramgator1511/15/2023 07:51AM

  LOL (nm)

JamesJM1111/15/2023 08:34AM

  Don't remember it

IowaRam1511/14/2023 01:23PM

  Bobby Knight has passed away

IowaRam10511/01/2023 02:13PM

  I read Feinstein’s “A Season on the Brink” when it came out

canadaram3911/01/2023 04:17PM

  Re: I read Feinstein’s “A Season on the Brink” when it came out

LMU932111/15/2023 01:07PM

  I've done the same thing

21Dog1711/16/2023 06:15AM

  I thought I had outgrown the Three Stooges...

JamesJM4811/15/2023 04:25PM

  Re: I thought I had outgrown the Three Stooges...

ScRAM1511/15/2023 05:19PM

  You never outgrow the Stooges..

sstrams1711/16/2023 02:27AM

  30+ years later, I STILL use a Curly joke at Bars and Restaurants.

Ramgator1411/16/2023 03:34AM

  Youtube Moe Howard on the Mike Douglas Show. GREAT stuff!!

Ramgator1611/16/2023 03:36AM

  Re: I thought I had outgrown the Three Stooges...

SeattleRam1511/16/2023 05:09AM

  I will never, ever.......

21Dog1411/16/2023 06:13AM

  How did I get talked into this?

JamesJM6111/15/2023 08:32AM

  Christmas Motif.... little early but oh well... Attachments

JamesJM1811/15/2023 08:46AM

  Very Cool.

ScRAM1211/15/2023 05:37PM

  Dazzle Jazz Bar......

roman181711/15/2023 10:31AM

  Thanks, Roman...

JamesJM1711/15/2023 10:51AM

  Denver Art Museum....

roman181811/15/2023 10:52AM

  Bad officiating.... I shouldn't do this, Attachments

JamesJM9211/07/2023 02:51PM

  Same thing happened to us in '71

sstrams2311/08/2023 02:15AM

  Re: Bad officiating.... I shouldn't do this,

SeattleRam1611/08/2023 02:52AM

  I can't even imagine my HS winning a State Championship....

JamesJM2011/09/2023 09:28AM

  On a happier note... sentimental photo Attachments

JamesJM2111/10/2023 07:33PM

  Does this make it feel better?

JamesJM2111/14/2023 06:48AM

  More important is this stuff James

LesBaker1611/14/2023 02:36PM

  Wow! It's Les....

ScRAM1711/14/2023 05:51PM

  Re: Bad officiating.... I shouldn't do this,

ScRAM1411/14/2023 06:01PM

  One line judge ruled it a first down...

JamesJM1711/15/2023 08:51AM

  I have ALWAYS said my Brother had the cooler toys, being he was 6 years older. Attachments

Ramgator4311/15/2023 08:00AM

  Never had that one.. My first was..

sstrams1411/15/2023 08:02AM

  This?? Attachments

Ramgator1111/15/2023 08:07AM

  Anyone else have this cool toy?? Attachments

Ramgator7211/12/2023 04:39PM

  Never had that one..

sstrams2311/13/2023 03:58AM

  never seen that - Dick Van Dyke

ferragamo793111/13/2023 07:08AM

  HA! Here's the commercial

Ramgator2111/13/2023 10:02AM

  Don't think I'd ever played it

IowaRam1511/13/2023 12:44PM

  Remember Sizzlers ?

IowaRam2411/13/2023 12:59PM

  We got a new Tonka Dump Truck a couple weeks ago Attachments

IowaRam2111/13/2023 01:05PM

  All my stuff was BuddyL.......

roman182311/14/2023 04:59AM

  I had Nylint too! They made a cool crane.

Ramgator1411/15/2023 07:53AM

  Yeah I had one of those..

sstrams1811/13/2023 01:19PM

  This cracks me up. That laugh is infectious!

Ramgator4011/14/2023 04:33PM

  To all the Military Veterans

IowaRam5211/11/2023 06:39AM

  Lil late but...Back atcha! I REALLY hope.....

Ramgator1211/13/2023 03:09PM

  Thanks Iowa...

JamesJM1811/13/2023 05:14PM

  appreciate all you guys

21Dog1611/13/2023 05:45PM

  Poison Ivy!!! Just one more old age issue!!

Ramgator3911/13/2023 03:07PM

  been rolling in Poison Oak all my life....

JamesJM1711/13/2023 05:13PM

  How Many WW2 Fighters Survive in 2023?

SeattleRam5611/11/2023 10:30AM

  I had the HONOR of riding back seat in a SBD 5 four years ago.

Ramgator1611/11/2023 11:36AM

  Selfie in back seat. I was giggling like a kid the whole time! What a thrill! Attachments

Ramgator2111/11/2023 11:38AM

  Me and my Wife standing by the same SBD Attachments

Ramgator1211/11/2023 11:40AM

  I had to wear my tee shirt with the 1942 US marking.....

Ramgator1311/11/2023 11:44AM

  this one sits right off Hwy 99 south of my home town

21Dog2011/11/2023 04:14PM

  One interesting thing I learned...

SeattleRam2911/11/2023 10:45PM

  That's Cool

ScRAM2011/12/2023 08:41AM

  18 years ago....

JamesJM2011/12/2023 10:42AM

  Re: 18 years ago....

SeattleRam1811/12/2023 12:28PM

  Not that many years ago I read that...

JamesJM1511/12/2023 12:41PM

  Re: Not that many years ago I read that...

SeattleRam1511/12/2023 01:41PM

  Re: Not that many years ago I read that...

21Dog1811/13/2023 04:42AM

  Reading these WWII related threads...

JamesJM6611/09/2023 09:03AM

  man I agree

ferragamo792911/09/2023 04:59PM

  I think you're right...

JamesJM2711/09/2023 05:02PM

  Re: Reading these WWII related threads...

waterfield2311/09/2023 06:56PM

  I'm SO glad my oldest Son has a HUGE respect for WWII and that generation.

Ramgator1611/10/2023 07:14AM

  Being a Firefighter from 1996 to June 2021....

Ramgator1411/10/2023 07:07AM

  Nice story, Gator...

JamesJM1711/10/2023 09:21AM

  Wow! To go to just one Reunion would be special.

Ramgator1411/10/2023 03:00PM

  great stories, Gator

21Dog1711/10/2023 03:49PM

  30-35 years ago, I'd see the guys wearing the WWII ball caps........

Ramgator1511/10/2023 04:43PM

  Yes... Viet Nam Vets....

JamesJM1611/10/2023 07:18PM

  Went to a Veterans Day Show/Event at my Mom's Retirement Home....

roman181411/11/2023 10:26AM

  Funny I should write that reply then yesterday....

JamesJM1711/12/2023 10:46AM

  I miss Rambeau....

JamesJM7111/09/2023 09:16AM

  I do too..

sstrams2511/09/2023 10:10AM

  Re: I do too..

ScRAM2211/09/2023 04:40PM

  I wished you'd hang out more often scRAM

sstrams2011/10/2023 09:58AM

  ScRAM and I are full time....

JamesJM2711/10/2023 10:28AM

  Re: ScRAM and I are full time....

ScRAM2111/11/2023 03:41PM

  I Was The First Admin Here.

ScRAM2011/11/2023 03:39PM

  Re: I do too..

MamaRAMa3111/10/2023 10:29AM

  Same (nm)

SeattleRam1311/09/2023 02:52PM

  plus 10000000 first

ferragamo792211/09/2023 04:57PM

  need to get his picture off that milk carton.....

21Dog2511/10/2023 04:37AM

  Rang the bell today....

JamesJM7711/09/2023 04:20PM

  " Oh My"-is so perfect.

waterfield1911/09/2023 07:01PM

  It was a very special day, Tony...

JamesJM3311/09/2023 09:41PM

  A beautiful photo for you... Attachments

JamesJM4011/09/2023 09:51PM

  Re: A beautiful photo for you...

waterfield1711/10/2023 01:39PM

  great, great news

21Dog1911/10/2023 04:35AM


roman181811/11/2023 10:20AM

  Got a new Apple Watch today... so I had to set it up...

JamesJM6311/08/2023 03:27PM

  Never had a I-Watch before...

ScRAM2011/08/2023 07:46PM

  I don't have the 15Pro....

JamesJM2111/09/2023 08:49AM

  Re: I don't have the 15Pro....

ScRAM1311/09/2023 04:43PM

  Anyone else use a 'Fitness Watch'

JamesJM2111/10/2023 10:26AM

  Re: Anyone else use a 'Fitness Watch'

ClstRam1611/10/2023 05:37PM

  Now THAT is quite an endorsement!

JamesJM2011/10/2023 07:15PM

  Masters Of The Air trailer

IowaRam4411/09/2023 05:08AM

  Re: Masters Of The Air trailer

SeattleRam1811/09/2023 06:13AM

  You gotta watch Pearl Harbor..

sstrams1811/09/2023 06:15AM

  The ONLY movie I ever wanted to walk out of the Theater.

Ramgator2311/10/2023 07:11AM

  I didn't see it in the Theater... believe I saw it on VHS?

JamesJM1911/10/2023 09:12AM

  Monday Night Football... it's VERY nice...

JamesJM5511/09/2023 05:40PM

  Tried to watch it...

SeattleRam1611/10/2023 03:33AM

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