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  I just watched Gator's favorite movie..

sstrams3705/05/2023 03:18PM

  NOTHING right about that movie.

Ramgator2105/05/2023 05:00PM

  My Dad brought me the DVD when first released. I HAD to tell him....

Ramgator1605/05/2023 05:04PM

  The Doolittle Raid. It's pathetic the $$$$$$ spent on Pearl Harbor.

Ramgator1505/05/2023 05:07PM

  Time for my BP meds!!! THANKS SST!!!!! LOL nm

Ramgator1605/05/2023 05:08PM

  My pleasure Gator...

sstrams1505/06/2023 03:48AM

  I really like some of his other movies..

sstrams1405/06/2023 08:15AM

  Ok, I watched it again, and I gotta tell ya..

sstrams1305/09/2023 02:33PM

  Oppenheimer trailer

IowaRam3705/08/2023 01:06AM

  About 2 years ago, I read a great book on Hiroshima/ Nagasaki.

Ramgator1705/08/2023 02:50AM

  Meg 2 trailer

IowaRam1605/08/2023 01:40PM

  My daughter in law's father

waterfield1705/09/2023 10:18AM

  So, saw Styx again last night..

sstrams12304/14/2023 08:20AM

  Was a big Styx fan growning up

SeattleRam4904/14/2023 09:29AM

  Can I ask why you don't..

sstrams5404/14/2023 09:50AM

  Yeah Huge fan of Styx but miss DeYoung

ferragamo793704/16/2023 08:53AM

  Totally get that...

sstrams4004/16/2023 09:07AM

  Didn't they reconcile briefly not TOO long ago?? I remember watching the VH1 special...

Ramgator3304/23/2023 02:35AM

  They were doing what was called a Texxas Jam in Dallas..

sstrams3004/23/2023 04:51AM

  I saw a clip of their Theatrical Production, back in the 80s....

Ramgator2904/23/2023 07:22AM

  I saw about a ten second clip..

sstrams2404/23/2023 08:12AM

  CRAP! I had no idea he's as old as he is! 76???

Ramgator3804/23/2023 02:37AM

  I think Todd may have more YouTube videos...

JamesJM4604/14/2023 12:14PM

  Yeah, I know he has his own site.....

sstrams5304/14/2023 12:42PM

  Re: So, saw Styx again last night..

SeattleRam3704/22/2023 11:03PM

  just love the instruments on that

ferragamo793304/26/2023 07:47AM


SeattleRam1805/09/2023 06:25AM

  Cool story..

sstrams1705/09/2023 08:07AM

  A Man Called Otto

SeattleRam4705/08/2023 12:38PM

  I thought it was ok..

sstrams1705/08/2023 01:08PM

  Have you guys watched A Man Called Ove ?

IowaRam1805/08/2023 01:34PM

  Never heard of it...

sstrams1305/08/2023 01:45PM

  Re: Never heard of it...

IowaRam1405/08/2023 01:55PM

  I saw it posted, but didn't watch it..

sstrams1705/08/2023 02:37PM

  Ok just watched it..

sstrams1705/08/2023 02:42PM

  I'll probably pass

IowaRam1305/08/2023 03:07PM

  Yeah, it wasn't all that...

sstrams1305/08/2023 03:53PM

  Did you ever seeThe Pope's Exorcist ?

IowaRam1605/08/2023 05:06PM

  Is Pope's Exorcist playing now?

sstrams1105/09/2023 02:03AM

  Re: I thought it was ok..

SeattleRam1805/08/2023 06:09PM

  Yeah Hanks just has a real..

sstrams2305/09/2023 02:05AM

  Same here. We saw it in a theater. I thought it was...ok. My Wife liked it more.

Ramgator1305/09/2023 03:10AM

  The original

waterfield2205/09/2023 07:28AM

  All time favorite movies...

JamesJM13003/28/2023 07:01AM

  I don't think I've ever seen that..

sstrams4503/28/2023 07:12AM

  As much as you love aviation I can't imagine....

JamesJM3103/28/2023 07:49AM

  I'm actually more of an aviation......

sstrams3403/28/2023 07:57AM

  Well, kind of sort of....

JamesJM4403/28/2023 08:17AM

  Re: All time favorite movies...

MamaRAMa6403/28/2023 07:12AM

  That wold be a long list for me

SeattleRam4303/28/2023 07:39AM

  Lawrence...had to have been 50 years since I've seen that movie...

JamesJM2903/28/2023 07:51AM

  Braveheart is a great flick..

sstrams3103/28/2023 07:52AM

  Re: Braveheart is a great flick..

SeattleRam4103/29/2023 09:49AM

  Alec Guinness. Most always think of Star Wars. I have always thought of...

Ramgator1005/08/2023 10:25AM

  Re: Alec Guinness. Most always think of Star Wars. I have always thought of...

SeattleRam1305/08/2023 12:45PM

  The Wizard of Oz......

roman184503/29/2023 06:15AM

  No idea how old you are, Roman... but...

JamesJM4703/29/2023 07:49AM

  Re: No idea how old you are, Roman... but...

21Dog4903/29/2023 09:15AM

  The Wizard Of Oz and The Ten Commandments

IowaRam4503/29/2023 03:30PM

  Re: The Wizard of Oz......

SeattleRam4903/29/2023 09:46AM

  I have always loved Margaret Hamilton. She was such a sweetheart of a lady.

Ramgator5003/29/2023 03:22PM

  Huge connection between Margaret Hamilton the Kindergarten Teacher and Star Trek.

Ramgator4903/29/2023 03:24PM

  Re: I have always loved Margaret Hamilton. She was such a sweetheart of a lady.

SeattleRam4203/29/2023 07:15PM

  "Midway" 1976. Maybe not the best ever but....

Ramgator3503/29/2023 03:15PM

  The Right Stuff

SeattleRam2105/04/2023 10:38AM

  GEESH! I JUST found out that Comic Richard Jeni passed away??

Ramgator2505/08/2023 10:22AM

  RIP Gordon Lightfoot

RAMbler4505/01/2023 06:03PM


Ramgator3205/02/2023 02:15AM

  An icon in his homeland.

canadaram1905/02/2023 03:50PM

  Professor of Rock tribute

SeattleRam2805/04/2023 01:56AM

  This guy is great. Did a great interview with a favorite of mine...

Ramgator1405/08/2023 03:42AM

  Re: This guy is great. Did a great interview with a favorite of mine...

SeattleRam1705/08/2023 09:46AM

  Anyone watch King Charles Coronation ?

IowaRam3705/07/2023 12:10PM

  Re: Anyone watch King Charles Coronation ?

SeattleRam2305/07/2023 01:38PM


sstrams2305/07/2023 03:11PM

  Re: Right?

MamaRAMa1505/07/2023 03:52PM

  Yeah I find that highly annoying..

sstrams2005/07/2023 04:35PM

  Or a................ROYAL pain in the a$$??? nm

Ramgator1205/08/2023 02:51AM

  Re: Anyone watch King Charles Coronation ?

MamaRAMa2405/07/2023 02:50PM

  No, but I'm sorry I didn't....

JamesJM1905/07/2023 04:53PM

  I hear Charles cooked Burgers after the Coronation?? He said it was because....

Ramgator2705/07/2023 03:59PM

  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

IowaRam2805/07/2023 05:58AM

  Is that the one with..

sstrams1805/07/2023 06:07AM

  Yep , thats the one

IowaRam1505/07/2023 06:27AM

  Yeah, they've been doing that lately..

sstrams1405/07/2023 08:19AM

  Re: Yeah, they've been doing that lately..

SeattleRam1805/07/2023 09:59AM

  Same here, man... nm

sstrams1505/07/2023 10:47AM

  It's the version I grew up with

IowaRam1505/07/2023 10:39AM

  I actually am friends with one the guys..

sstrams1505/07/2023 10:49AM

  I found this old clip

NewMexicoRam4305/02/2023 12:30PM

  voices in most of those old cartoons are outstanding.....

JamesJM2105/02/2023 02:36PM

  I saw an old pic of the Peanuts cast.....

sstrams2505/02/2023 02:38PM

  DID YOU KNOW???? The girl who did Lucy's voice was in a episode of Star Trek

Ramgator1705/05/2023 04:40AM

  Here she is.... Attachments

Ramgator2305/05/2023 04:45AM

  Yeah, I remember her...

sstrams2005/05/2023 06:48AM

  Re: voices in most of those old cartoons are outstanding.....

Thirtymac, The Intrepid Ram2305/04/2023 04:48PM

  Mel Blanc

21Dog2105/05/2023 04:09AM

  Mel Blanc. I had NO idea he was so tight with Jack Benny.....

Ramgator1605/05/2023 04:47AM

  The Bottom-of-the-Barrel performing St Louis Cardinals

MamaRAMa5605/02/2023 03:24PM

  Dodgers caught the Cards at the right time

21Dog2305/02/2023 03:32PM

  Cubs WERE playing well. Now they are spiraling fast.

Ramgator2505/03/2023 04:36PM

  No worries. We've got the corner market on last place

MamaRAMa2605/03/2023 08:57PM

  the boos in St. Louis

21Dog2405/04/2023 05:50AM

  Re: the boos in St. Louis

MamaRAMa2305/04/2023 06:28AM

  More than ever, I think fans have a right to let them have it, especially Pro Sports.

Ramgator2005/04/2023 01:28PM

  We usually go to a Twins game or two a year

IowaRam1405/04/2023 01:59PM

  Yeah, I agree with that..

sstrams1605/04/2023 03:04PM

  The Florida Marlins pulled a SCAM not once but TWICE! IMO....Law suit worthy.

Ramgator1505/05/2023 04:53AM

  I remember them dumping everyone..

sstrams1405/05/2023 06:48AM

  Go Twins

IowaRam1805/04/2023 01:56PM

  Last in the league

MamaRAMa2005/04/2023 04:40PM

  DUNE Part 2 trailer

IowaRam2205/03/2023 12:48PM

  Getting a little bit excited..

sstrams5805/01/2023 02:21PM

  Very cool. Might also be a morale booster.

Ramgator1805/01/2023 02:41PM

  Yeah, hopefully..

sstrams1705/01/2023 04:04PM

  Re: Getting a little bit excited..

MamaRAMa2105/01/2023 02:54PM

  My Dad couldn't swim....

JamesJM2705/01/2023 04:08PM

  I learned to swim..

sstrams2005/01/2023 04:11PM

  Re: My Dad couldn't swim....

MamaRAMa2205/01/2023 04:18PM

  You're right, Mama, that wasn't a big humorous...

JamesJM3005/01/2023 05:04PM

  I'm the same way..... Attachments

sstrams2205/02/2023 04:38AM

  I've done that....

JamesJM2505/02/2023 05:37AM

  That's exactly how I am..

sstrams2005/02/2023 07:19AM

  Haha.. Sea Hunt huh?

sstrams1605/01/2023 04:09PM

  We are booked....

sstrams1805/03/2023 02:16AM


JamesJM1605/03/2023 04:14AM


sstrams1405/03/2023 04:58AM

  Disneyland vs all the other theme parks...

JamesJM1805/03/2023 07:05AM

  I think you've mentioned the Tiki Room before...

sstrams1205/03/2023 07:30AM

  Oh yeah....

JamesJM1205/03/2023 07:43AM

  Never heard of him..

sstrams1505/03/2023 07:47AM

  #^$$%^^@$$ M.E.P.S. !!!!! I mean..........SHI* !!!!!!

Ramgator6904/30/2023 02:29PM

  Re: #^$$%^^@$$ M.E.P.S. !!!!! I mean..........SHI* !!!!!!

MamaRAMa4004/30/2023 03:27PM

  He works full time at Target. I give the guy credit.....He NEVER complains. But..

Ramgator2505/01/2023 01:57AM

  Man, that really sucks...

sstrams2704/30/2023 04:18PM

  To tell you how long it has been. He first went to MEPS just two days before..

Ramgator2905/01/2023 02:04AM

  Had to talk my Son away from the cliff's edge today. He was REEEEEAL close to giving up.

Ramgator2405/01/2023 02:39PM

  Air Force is probably the easiest service..

sstrams1905/01/2023 04:14PM

  Easy? EASY????? I'll have you know......

Ramgator2405/02/2023 02:17AM

  LOLOL I miss getting my Dad riled up.

Ramgator2105/02/2023 02:27AM

  Ah.. the Sheppard Senators......

sstrams1805/02/2023 04:30AM

  We had some EPIC battles in Softball. We had our own team of Fire Dept.

Ramgator1405/02/2023 05:22AM

  My son went in the Coast Guard...

JamesJM2705/01/2023 04:16PM

  My Dad was an OLD SCHOOL Marine.

Ramgator1905/02/2023 02:24AM

  You know you're old when

IowaRam5904/30/2023 06:56AM

  HA! Was JUST talking about this Peacock last week with a friend. nm

Ramgator2804/30/2023 08:43AM

  Re: You know you're old when

SeattleRam2404/30/2023 12:41PM

  Re: You know you're old when

Aries2205/02/2023 03:38AM

  Re: You know you're old when

21Dog2805/02/2023 04:34AM

  Uh.. try..

sstrams2105/02/2023 04:53AM

  Well, you're just going to have to put up with more Grandpa bragging...

JamesJM3605/01/2023 04:23PM

  Re: Well, you're just going to have to put up with more Grandpa bragging...

MamaRAMa1605/01/2023 04:30PM

  brag on Pops

21Dog2205/01/2023 04:34PM

  That kid has one seriously bright future...

sstrams1905/01/2023 04:47PM

  Just heard Jerry Springer passed away. That kills my plan.

Ramgator7304/27/2023 06:49AM

  As we speak..

sstrams2204/27/2023 07:32AM

  Don't think I ever saw him...

JamesJM2904/27/2023 09:11AM

  same here

IowaRam2804/27/2023 01:09PM

  Re: Don't think I ever saw him...

Aries2604/27/2023 02:10PM

  But what did he do, exactly?

JamesJM1704/27/2023 05:05PM

  Re: But what did he do, exactly?

Aries3304/29/2023 02:42AM

  A lot of the shows were FOS..

sstrams2204/29/2023 06:30AM

  Re: Don't think I ever saw him...

MamaRAMa3204/27/2023 06:04PM

  Trying to picture that in my head.

JamesJM1804/28/2023 06:24AM

  Re: Trying to picture that in my head.

MamaRAMa3104/28/2023 06:44AM

  Re: Just heard Jerry Springer passed away. That kills my plan.

MamaRAMa3404/27/2023 02:16PM

  What was funny about Springer.

sstrams3604/29/2023 07:19AM

  Re: What was funny about Springer.

MamaRAMa3304/29/2023 07:33AM

  Here ya go, Jimmy.. Attachments

sstrams3005/01/2023 10:16AM

  12 Years To The Day...And I Still FEEL It

ramBRO6505/01/2023 05:18AM

  Re: 12 Years To The Day...And I Still FEEL It

SeattleRam2105/01/2023 09:48AM

  Anyone else like before / after photos of historic / old buildings? Saw Motels on Facebook today.

Ramgator5004/30/2023 08:52AM

  Love them, and not just buildings...

JamesJM2904/30/2023 09:15AM

  RIGHT with you on that! Today's buildings are sterile crap.

Ramgator1604/30/2023 10:33AM

  I'm still trying to figure out what happened to McDonalds Attachments

IowaRam2604/30/2023 11:37AM

  I guess it goes with today's society.

Ramgator1604/30/2023 02:19PM

  It sucks...

JamesJM2504/30/2023 05:43PM

  Re: I'm still trying to figure out what happened to McDonalds

SeattleRam2904/30/2023 09:34PM

  GREAT movie!

Ramgator2305/01/2023 01:48AM

  I love them Attachments

IowaRam2604/30/2023 10:56AM

  Michael J Fox on CBS Sunday Morning... Man! This is tough to see. He's fading fast.

Ramgator5004/30/2023 02:45PM

  Star Wars Jedi: Survivor commerical

IowaRam3604/30/2023 11:45AM

  Carroll Burnett special.......nuff said.....nm

Arkansas Ram4404/26/2023 04:32PM

  90 years old today! What a Legend! I still remember her very last show.

Ramgator4604/26/2023 05:28PM

  One of the things I miss the most....

JamesJM3704/26/2023 07:18PM

  Carol Burnett Went With The Wind Dress is in the Smithsonian

IowaRam2904/27/2023 01:21PM

  The one that always gets me........

Arkansas Ram3404/28/2023 07:28PM


JamesJM2304/28/2023 08:19PM

  That and when Mama tells Burnett..."You've got splinters in the windmill of your mind!"

Ramgator2404/30/2023 08:55AM

  Re: Carroll Burnett special.......nuff said.....nm

MamaRAMa2504/27/2023 02:15PM


SeattleRam7804/27/2023 01:51PM

  The Caspian Sea area is a mystery to me....

JamesJM12104/27/2023 05:09PM

  Re: The Caspian Sea area is a mystery to me....

SeattleRam12004/27/2023 07:42PM

  Nice backdrop....

JamesJM3104/28/2023 06:21AM

  Re: Nice backdrop....

SeattleRam2704/28/2023 10:21AM

  pre race show

SeattleRam2504/29/2023 10:40PM

  Greg, anyone Bulldog other than Haener drafted?

JamesJM4404/29/2023 04:34PM

  Grandson's might be meeting a UDFA....

JamesJM2004/29/2023 04:41PM

  Wow, and I just found out....

JamesJM2604/29/2023 05:05PM

  OK, I heard.... UDFA's both....

JamesJM2204/29/2023 06:19PM

  Re: OK, I heard.... UDFA's both....

21Dog2204/29/2023 07:06PM

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