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  Check this out!!!

ScRAM6905/01/2024 06:23PM


sstrams2905/02/2024 02:13AM

  Re: Sweet!

ScRAM2605/02/2024 05:50AM

  Active evening in Iowa

IowaRam9604/26/2024 04:59PM

  No thank you

SeattleRam3304/26/2024 05:18PM

  After being Stationed in Illinois and Arkansas, while in the USAF, I have since said..

Ramgator3604/27/2024 03:08AM

  A normal drive home from work , and ...........

IowaRam3304/27/2024 07:37AM

  Some pretty amazing video in this video

IowaRam3104/27/2024 07:48AM

  That is so badazz,.

sstrams3004/27/2024 09:46AM

  We're in tornadic activity through 8pm today..

sstrams3204/27/2024 11:24AM

  We have tornados all around us..

sstrams2704/27/2024 12:34PM

  LOLOLOL You made me think of when I was in the USAF in Arkansas.

Ramgator3404/27/2024 01:38PM

  In my hometown, sirens mean..

sstrams3704/27/2024 03:23PM

  2 days ago south of Hillsboro Tx on I-35

Arkansas Ram3104/28/2024 04:02PM

  crazy....nothing scares me more than tornados

ferragamo792104/29/2024 06:31AM

  Re: crazy....nothing scares me more than tornados

Arkansas Ram2204/29/2024 02:36PM

  Crazy live video

IowaRam2004/30/2024 12:44PM

  This is that tornado I was talking about

IowaRam2605/01/2024 02:50PM

  I used to think a Tornado was the scariest....

JamesJM2305/01/2024 03:01PM

  I think tornados at night

IowaRam1705/01/2024 03:35PM

  Re: I think tornados at night

sstrams1905/02/2024 03:54AM

  UUUUUUUUGH!! I HATE fasting!! I have my Annual Physical a week from Friday.

Ramgator3805/01/2024 07:57AM

  Wild tornado vs train footage...

Ramgator5904/28/2024 03:50PM

  Kool, and I always wondered what the

Arkansas Ram2404/29/2024 05:03PM

  Anyone have Japanese Loquat trees that have had "Black Knott" fungus?

Ramgator4404/28/2024 03:48PM


LesBaker2704/29/2024 02:51PM


SeattleRam4104/29/2024 01:20PM

  Kneading bread and pasta dough

LesBaker1904/29/2024 02:49PM

  Air show here this weekend.. F-22 TEARUING IT UP..

sstrams5404/26/2024 10:12AM

  Oh you lucky son of a gun....

JamesJM2304/26/2024 12:32PM

  Haha, that's awesome..

sstrams1604/26/2024 03:09PM

  The Blue Angels - Official Trailer

IowaRam2504/26/2024 01:42PM

  We had a Squadron here at NAS Jax about 3 months ago, doing War Games.

Ramgator2704/26/2024 04:02PM

  Always wanted to go to one of those......

roman182404/27/2024 06:11AM

  You should go....

JamesJM2104/27/2024 07:17AM

  I have Microsoft Flight Sim........

roman182104/28/2024 09:37AM

  I used to be very into MS Flight Simulator....

JamesJM2804/28/2024 10:27AM

  I'd try to get a Virtual Reality flight sim, if possible..

sstrams1804/28/2024 11:00AM

  Yeah, div8ng ain't cheap..

sstrams1804/28/2024 11:04AM

  I think I've figured out the delemma, flying/snorkeling and $'s....

roman182104/29/2024 07:59AM

  ..and nary a plane in the sky today..

sstrams2404/27/2024 03:54PM

  I heard those are cool...I live out by Beale AFB

ferragamo791804/29/2024 06:33AM

  We're lousy with T-38s..

sstrams1604/29/2024 07:01AM

  I also worked on Travis AFB and lived near there

ferragamo791804/29/2024 07:29AM

  UGH! Painful Funeral today.

Ramgator6604/27/2024 01:28PM

  Re: UGH! Painful Funeral today.

waterfield3804/28/2024 07:18PM

  Thanks. Been thinking of him a lot.

Ramgator1904/29/2024 01:44AM

  SST...I finally got some good info on San Antonio.

Ramgator4904/28/2024 03:53AM

  Just try to stay off..

sstrams2204/28/2024 08:05AM

  Any extra advice is good. But.....

Ramgator2104/28/2024 02:23PM

  My Wife is more excited , site seeing wise, about the next day.

Ramgator1904/28/2024 02:28PM

  That Highway you mentioned.

Ramgator2404/28/2024 02:30PM

  Lots of accidents..

sstrams2804/28/2024 03:17PM

  And Gator, don't forget the Alamo and I know,

Arkansas Ram2204/28/2024 03:41PM

  NOOOOOO!! The MAIN reason I'm going back to the Alamo.....

Ramgator1904/28/2024 03:46PM

  #%$#$$@$$!! Gotta buy a new suit, some Docker pants, a Sport Coat and new dress shoes!!!

Ramgator7204/25/2024 04:49PM

  Go to 2nd hand store

ScRAM3604/26/2024 10:48AM

  go to Target

ferragamo793004/26/2024 12:14PM

  Re: #%$#$$@$$!! Gotta buy a new suit, some Docker pants, a Sport Coat and new dress shoes!!!

SeattleRam2004/26/2024 01:21PM

  I THOUGHT I had found keepers in Dickies shorts, three years ago..

Ramgator3104/26/2024 04:07PM


waterfield9104/20/2024 03:15PM

  Re: Dodgers

21Dog3704/21/2024 06:08AM

  Re: Dodgers

MamaRAMa4104/21/2024 06:17AM

  think there issue is bottom of the order

ferragamo793504/21/2024 07:45AM

  And there it is....

JamesJM3904/21/2024 08:50AM

  Fundamentals are CRAP MLB wide.

Ramgator3404/21/2024 09:29AM

  A Dodger that impresses me

waterfield3404/25/2024 07:55AM

  he should be 4th OFer

ferragamo793104/25/2024 03:01PM

  I like him, too

21Dog2804/25/2024 03:34PM

  Aries, any chance you root for OKC?

JamesJM5404/24/2024 05:24PM

  Re: Aries, any chance you root for OKC?

Aries2504/25/2024 06:00AM


JamesJM2504/25/2024 11:26AM

  Who would be your top 10 American Bands?

roman1812704/20/2024 05:33AM

  not sure about 10.......

21Dog5104/20/2024 06:55AM

  Re: not sure about 10.......

waterfield4404/20/2024 07:51AM

  Blue Sky

LesBaker2604/23/2024 10:26AM

  Re: Who would be your top 10 American Bands? Attachments

IowaRam4104/20/2024 09:26AM

  Sound the alarms.....

roman183204/20/2024 09:58AM

  That makes things alot tougher............lol

IowaRam3204/20/2024 10:54AM

  I liked every band mentioned in this thread.

JamesJM3304/20/2024 09:39AM

  The key is American Bands......

roman183504/20/2024 10:00AM

  Ah, I missed that....

JamesJM3404/20/2024 10:05AM

  Yeah, I like Tower too....

roman183004/20/2024 10:33AM

  Great question

ferragamo793604/21/2024 04:21PM


Atlantic Ram2604/22/2024 07:19AM

  Bob Seger

SeattleRam3104/21/2024 10:34PM

  Re: Who would be your top 10 American Bands?

Atlantic Ram3304/22/2024 08:01AM

  The rest of the post. Lol.

Atlantic Ram3604/22/2024 08:02AM

  I like Tool and have all thier CDs

ferragamo793004/22/2024 01:07PM

  Everything is in D, lol

Atlantic Ram2604/22/2024 01:33PM

  OK... lol... trying from computer.

Atlantic Ram3004/22/2024 01:51PM

  Crazy Horse touring again

21Dog3104/22/2024 01:54PM

  Wow... I wish I could go

Atlantic Ram2504/22/2024 02:02PM

  Re: Wow... I wish I could go

21Dog3104/22/2024 03:19PM

  Saw them years back.....

roman182104/23/2024 05:34AM

  @ Atlantic

ferragamo793104/22/2024 05:32PM

  Ughhh... I was just thinking Rumours was too good of an album.

Atlantic Ram3004/23/2024 10:23AM

  Not sure If I had STP on that list but I'd add

ferragamo792304/23/2024 12:51PM

  If you asked me this 25-30 years ago, I'd be picky. But Music has "evolved" into such crap...

Ramgator3004/22/2024 11:15AM

  Re: Who would be your top 10 American Bands?

canadaram3204/23/2024 01:15AM

  Checked the right box and nobody else did

LesBaker3104/23/2024 10:45AM

  Re: Checked the right box and nobody else did

canadaram2204/23/2024 12:44PM

  Hety Canda...I did not list Jazz as that would alter my top 10-12 for sure

ferragamo792204/24/2024 12:07PM

  Re: Hety Canda...I did not list Jazz as that would alter my top 10-12 for sure

canadaram2204/24/2024 03:25PM

  Re: Who would be your top 10 American Bands?

JoeMad3104/23/2024 07:48AM

  Interesting how so many people added REP to their list

ferragamo792604/24/2024 12:08PM

  Looking for your opinions here... no wrong replies....

JamesJM9504/18/2024 07:13PM

  Re: Looking for your opinions here... no wrong replies....

SeattleRam2904/18/2024 07:58PM

  You bring up exactly why I'm not sure...

JamesJM3904/18/2024 08:57PM

  I think that in todays acting world vs. yesterdays......

roman183504/19/2024 04:53AM

  Re: I think that in todays acting world vs. yesterdays......

MamaRAMa3204/19/2024 05:03AM

  Well IMO I don't really need, or want.....

roman184304/19/2024 05:19AM

  Re: Well IMO I don't really need, or want.....

waterfield3904/23/2024 07:35PM

  I'm not......I see my faults and laugh at them......

roman183504/24/2024 04:54AM

  Re: I'm not......I see my faults and laugh at them......

waterfield3004/24/2024 07:25AM

  To be honest I was laughed at as a kid......

roman182204/24/2024 11:57AM

  Noble indeed, Roman...

JamesJM2504/24/2024 12:04PM

  That's kind of a wash for me..

sstrams3204/19/2024 05:55AM

  watching old films is strange

ferragamo792904/24/2024 12:15PM

  could be wrong, but I think what you're describing...

JamesJM2504/24/2024 12:22PM

  The over the top thing. I LOVE "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo"....

Ramgator2304/24/2024 02:41PM

  I don't know

IowaRam2904/24/2024 01:29PM

  I'm feeling GROOVY

IowaRam8204/21/2024 01:16PM

  Re: I'm feeling GROOVY

SeattleRam3004/21/2024 02:45PM

  I swear this cat was a villain on the old Batman series....

roman182404/23/2024 05:43AM

  The shirts on the dudes dancing

LesBaker2304/23/2024 10:56AM

  put me down for 4 pairs of those rightous pants

ferragamo792104/23/2024 12:50PM

  Voyager 1 spacecraft finally phones home

SeattleRam4804/22/2024 11:56AM

  Right now, today, those living in the Andromeda Galaxy....

JamesJM2904/22/2024 01:02PM

  Re: Right now, today, those living in the Andromeda Galaxy.... Attachments

Atlantic Ram2504/23/2024 10:38AM

  V'GER has found a Carbon Unit!!!

Ramgator2604/22/2024 01:46PM

  Just watched Star Trek "Piece Of the Action"...

Ramgator7704/17/2024 04:04PM

  She can't stand Star Trek...

sstrams4604/17/2024 05:14PM

  Re: She can't stand Star Trek...

Aries4104/18/2024 02:43AM

  Dang it, Aries and SST!

Ramgator4204/18/2024 03:07AM

  Thank you!

Aries3904/18/2024 04:27AM

  Thanks gator..

sstrams4304/18/2024 07:21AM

  Sorry dude

IowaRam3504/18/2024 12:31PM

  Well.. it shouldn't have been..

sstrams2804/18/2024 03:33PM

  this just keeps getting worse....

JamesJM3204/18/2024 05:11PM

  Thank you so much, Jimmy..

sstrams3104/20/2024 05:34AM

  Re: Dang it, Aries and SST!

21Dog4104/18/2024 10:20AM

  Thanks Aries.. divorce is like a death in many ways..

sstrams3504/18/2024 05:04AM

  I don't know what to say....

JamesJM3904/18/2024 06:53AM

  Caught me off guard too, Jimmy..

sstrams4404/18/2024 07:16AM

  Re: She can't stand Star Trek...

MamaRAMa4804/18/2024 10:28AM

  Mama said the spot on words.

Ramgator4104/18/2024 10:35AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams3304/18/2024 03:23PM

  Thank you, Mama

sstrams3604/18/2024 10:41AM

  Wow. I had no idea you had been married that long.

Ramgator4104/18/2024 10:47AM

  Haha.. yeah..

sstrams3604/18/2024 03:27PM

  Re: Haha.. yeah..

SeattleRam4004/18/2024 05:22PM

  My Wife was the ONLY person I'd marry after my Ex.

Ramgator3404/19/2024 06:59AM

  Yeah, being single again is weird..

sstrams2204/20/2024 05:39AM

  31 years.. hard to believe that just went bye-bye so easily..

sstrams2004/20/2024 05:36AM

  My wife said

IowaRam4404/19/2024 01:32PM

  I am pretty much stuck on T,O,S. Star Trek.

Ramgator2504/20/2024 05:10AM


IowaRam3304/20/2024 11:51AM

  That top clip is exactly like Balance Of Terror from TOS!

Ramgator3604/20/2024 12:28PM

  I finally pulled the trigger Attachments

IowaRam3304/19/2024 01:39PM

  I bought that in 1979. I built the Enterprise and Romulan ship....

Ramgator2704/20/2024 05:01AM

  Quite costly but there is a 1/350 scale Enterprise that can be found on Ebay...

Ramgator3004/20/2024 05:04AM

  Check this out!

Ramgator2804/20/2024 05:08AM

  Long lost Enterprise returns home Attachments

IowaRam2904/20/2024 01:28PM

  I saw that just yesterday. Looks like it's made of wood. nm

Ramgator2204/20/2024 03:11PM


LesBaker4504/20/2024 04:57PM

  Thanks Les..

sstrams2104/21/2024 08:35AM


Aries3104/22/2024 03:24AM

  I'm a few years younger than you..

sstrams2804/22/2024 04:02AM

  Re: I'm a few years younger than you..

Aries3104/22/2024 12:16PM

  Been telling him for YEARS.....

Ramgator3704/22/2024 01:48PM

  I dunno, Aries..

sstrams2804/22/2024 02:01PM

  @ SST sent you a PM

ferragamo792804/22/2024 01:18PM

  Thanks man.. i really appreciate it..

sstrams3304/22/2024 02:10PM

  Deadpool & Wolverine trailer

IowaRam4004/22/2024 01:54PM

  Interesting how more movies have so many entities to Produce?

Ramgator5304/22/2024 01:45PM

  No interest in the Eclipse?

roman1815804/08/2024 04:07AM

  No interest for us

MamaRAMa6104/08/2024 04:52AM

  Re: No interest for us

SeattleRam3704/08/2024 05:08AM

  Re: No interest for us

MamaRAMa3604/08/2024 05:29AM

  I used a Colander and...............STRAINED my eyes!!! AHHHH GU GU GU

Ramgator3704/08/2024 05:37AM

  40% here and.........

21Dog5104/08/2024 05:21AM

  I keep hearing "ONCE IN A LIFETIME!"

Ramgator4004/08/2024 05:35AM

  Re: I keep hearing "ONCE IN A LIFETIME!"

MamaRAMa3404/08/2024 05:44AM

  I get it....

JamesJM3004/08/2024 06:31AM

  I remember one in 1979

Atlantic Ram4204/08/2024 05:45AM

  Re: I remember one in 1979

Atlantic Ram3904/08/2024 05:50AM

  Yes on clouds

ScRAM3904/08/2024 08:07AM

  It was a bit 50/50

Atlantic Ram3104/08/2024 04:23PM

  It was just cloudy enough....

ScRAM3804/08/2024 05:17PM

  Oh yes, I'm interested....

JamesJM3804/08/2024 06:12AM


IowaRam4004/08/2024 06:14AM

  This is amazing. Spectacular. NM

JamesJM3704/08/2024 08:52AM

  I flew in last night to experience it

txramfan4804/08/2024 09:07AM

  I want a report. Nm

JamesJM4404/08/2024 10:51AM

  Re: I want a report. Nm

txramfan5004/08/2024 11:55AM

  I had an amazing view of it..

sstrams3604/08/2024 04:07PM

  Look at my FB page

ScRAM4104/08/2024 05:22PM

  I took a picture of the Eclipse Attachments

IowaRam5204/08/2024 01:06PM

  That's a DOUBLE Eclipse!! Eclipse eclipsed by the clouds! nm

Ramgator3304/08/2024 01:42PM

  If I knew how to shrink pictures

ScRAM3504/08/2024 05:20PM

  It went very well here......

roman182804/09/2024 05:36AM


ferragamo793704/09/2024 05:02PM

  I thought it was a lot of fun

LesBaker5204/10/2024 10:36AM

  Help me understand looking at an eclipse

ferragamo794404/11/2024 06:27PM

  Re: Help me understand looking at an eclipse

ScRAM4204/12/2024 05:28AM

  It's the wonder of it, the ability to see something....

roman185504/13/2024 06:52AM

  Good post....

JamesJM3304/13/2024 12:27PM

  I love nature

ferragamo793904/13/2024 05:48PM

  To be fair

ScRAM3004/13/2024 07:50PM

  You really have some nerve to 1st ask why people are interested.....

roman186004/15/2024 07:21AM

  sorry man

ferragamo794304/17/2024 07:04AM

  Yes, that's what I was getting at.....

roman183904/17/2024 10:04AM

  Re: You really have some nerve to 1st ask why people are interested.....

ScRAM3404/17/2024 08:38AM

  Re: I love nature

Atlantic Ram3704/19/2024 01:13PM

  Re: I love nature

ScRAM3004/19/2024 07:09PM

  I don't think so

Atlantic Ram3804/20/2024 02:15PM

  baileys beads Google it

LesBaker4104/20/2024 04:43PM

  I don't know how to shrink pictures

ScRAM3704/21/2024 10:17AM

  I didn't see anything like that nm

LesBaker2304/21/2024 12:06PM

  So the drummer is the last 1 standing.........crazy....

roman186404/19/2024 01:26PM

  Odd, drummers are usually the first to go...

JamesJM2704/19/2024 02:35PM

  Artimus Pyle is the very last of Skynyrd.

Ramgator2604/20/2024 04:58AM

  What do you mean? Drummers get to sit down..

sstrams2604/20/2024 05:43AM

  You see their making a new Spinal Tap movie

IowaRam2904/20/2024 09:39AM

  I knew about the new movie..

sstrams2904/20/2024 09:49AM

  Same with a favorite band of mine ELP

LesBaker2304/20/2024 01:28PM

  Re: Same with a favorite band of mine ELP

21Dog2104/21/2024 06:09AM

  Surviving drummer

IowaRam2904/20/2024 01:55PM

  Anyone following the NCAA Basketball Tourny?

JamesJM11404/02/2024 09:56AM

  I assume you mean NCState, yeah I’m watching

canadaram2904/02/2024 11:03AM

  Re: Anyone following the NCAA Basketball Tourny?

MamaRAMa4804/02/2024 11:27AM

  You bet I am !!!

IowaRam5704/02/2024 12:46PM

  The Caitlin Clark affect........

IowaRam4904/02/2024 03:18PM

  Re: The Caitlin Clark affect........

ScRAM3704/09/2024 05:46PM

  Re: You bet I am !!!

waterfield4104/02/2024 09:11PM

  I know exactly why I'm rooting for UCONN

waterfield3804/02/2024 09:24PM

  Yikes... that didn't occur to me...

JamesJM5104/02/2024 11:00PM

  It's off to the ship

IowaRam4204/06/2024 02:13PM

  Thousands watch todays Iowa Hawkeyes practice

IowaRam3104/06/2024 02:25PM

  How quickly is the media going to......

roman184804/07/2024 05:42AM

  I'm curious also

IowaRam3004/07/2024 07:08AM

  We'll see if Clark can move the needle in the WNBA

IowaRam3504/07/2024 07:34AM

  Clark and the 1980 Mens Olympic Hockey team

IowaRam3004/07/2024 08:02AM

  I think Tiger.....

roman183504/07/2024 08:25AM

  good example

IowaRam3904/07/2024 09:19AM

  I don't know

waterfield3704/07/2024 02:00PM

  Can't say today's final four games surprised me....

JamesJM4404/06/2024 08:39PM

  Purdue making it to the Championship game surprised me

IowaRam3604/07/2024 06:25AM

  Re: Can't say today's final four games surprised me....

waterfield3804/07/2024 02:02PM

  Watched the womens semifinal UConn and Iowa

ferragamo793704/07/2024 07:30AM

  SNL Cold opening , March Madness

IowaRam3604/07/2024 08:20AM

  Well darn

IowaRam3404/08/2024 01:02PM

  I watched and was rooting for Iowa

ferragamo792704/09/2024 05:05PM

  How popular is Caitlin Clark Attachments

IowaRam4204/20/2024 02:32PM

  I REEEALLY am not liking the Cubs Bullpen!

Ramgator3604/20/2024 12:24PM

  Nostalgia... this drives me nuts.... Attachments

JamesJM5704/20/2024 08:22AM

  Made into a tank, or a ship......

roman182404/20/2024 08:56AM

  No doubt you're right....

JamesJM2104/20/2024 09:34AM

  RIP Whitey Herzog. Passed away at 92. Those 1980s Cards teams....

Ramgator5604/16/2024 08:16AM

  RIP Carl Erskine at 97

waterfield3004/16/2024 09:59AM

  Re: RIP Carl Erskine at 97

21Dog2804/16/2024 10:12AM

  Re: RIP Carl Erskine at 97

waterfield3404/16/2024 08:02PM

  Re: RIP Carl Erskine at 97

21Dog2704/17/2024 05:28AM

  Lost me

waterfield3004/18/2024 04:11PM

  Re: Lost me

21Dog3704/19/2024 05:48AM

  Got it

waterfield2904/19/2024 08:25AM

  Re: RIP Whitey Herzog. Passed away at 92. Those 1980s Cards teams....

MamaRAMa3404/16/2024 10:19AM

  I'm glad to know my first two MLB games in person were the Cards....

Ramgator2904/16/2024 10:46AM

  First game in person-Angels v Yankees

waterfield2104/20/2024 08:02AM

  My first MLB game....

JamesJM2904/20/2024 09:23AM

  Legends is the right word....

JamesJM3704/17/2024 06:41AM

  1980s Cards Baseball. I mean SERIOUSLY....When was the last time you saw...

Ramgator3004/16/2024 10:52AM

  Great Match ups between the Dodger and Cardinals

ferragamo792304/17/2024 06:57AM

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