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  -32 degrees below zero this morning

IowaRam30901/01/2018 02:42AM

  That's cold!!!!!!

RAMbeau15101/01/2018 09:31AM

  Good thing for remote starts

IowaRam15401/01/2018 01:15PM

  There's even a chance of snow in Jacksonville

Ramgator12601/02/2018 04:07AM

  I'll tell ya what real cold is

IowaRam38301/02/2018 08:32AM

  Reminds me of the 70s and talk of a "looming Ice Age"

Ramgator16801/02/2018 04:12AM

  We've been in the teens all week..

sstrams13601/02/2018 07:38AM

  Winter hit right on schedule

IowaRam14701/02/2018 08:21AM

  Thats like living on a planet from Star Wars

ferragamo7914901/03/2018 09:16AM

  Bomb Cyclone !!!!

IowaRam13501/04/2018 02:31PM

  Re: -32 degrees below zero this morning

MamaRAMa17701/05/2018 05:28AM

  Today's the day... Star Wars... (mostly about 3D)

JamesJM34112/19/2017 11:47AM

  Not a review..

JamesJM18012/19/2017 07:28PM

  Me waiting for the movie to start.. and my review... Attachments

JamesJM23412/19/2017 07:58PM

  Is that lady behind you

waterfield14012/21/2017 08:12PM

  walked away from it thinking the same thing

Ramsrule18112/25/2017 11:41AM

  what might be my favorite scene

IowaRam15412/25/2017 03:40PM

  I'm going today. . .

RAMbeau21312/20/2017 07:07AM

  You should really cease with the gym replies...

JamesJM15112/20/2017 04:20PM


IowaRam15512/21/2017 03:48PM

  Re: well...........

RAMbeau16912/21/2017 04:01PM

  Carrie Fisher, and my most favorite thing about this new movie...

JamesJM16312/20/2017 08:46PM

  Saw it yesterday. A bit bummed how Disney has done Luke.

Ramgator17112/22/2017 04:04PM

  Out with the old and in with the new....

JamesJM15112/22/2017 04:32PM

  When Luke asked Rey who she was, she SHOULD'VE replied.....

Ramgator18512/22/2017 05:33PM

  Finally saw it

IowaRam20412/25/2017 08:27AM

  Disappointed.... spoilers inside..

sstrams16612/26/2017 03:33AM

  The Skywalker saga will be coming to a end after episode IX

IowaRam17212/27/2017 03:00PM

  Well, my question is...

sstrams13312/27/2017 04:55PM

  Re: Well, my question is...

IowaRam16112/27/2017 05:42PM

  Rebellions are built on hope

IowaRam18612/28/2017 08:22AM

  Star Wars , nothing but Star Wars !!!

IowaRam12101/01/2018 01:13PM

  Any info on Wild Card game and time...I want to buy ticket to go?

LaloRam21212/29/2017 08:05AM

  Re: Any info on Wild Card game and time...I want to buy ticket to go?

Headslap7514812/29/2017 11:24AM

  Re: Thank You Headslap! nm

LaloRam13412/30/2017 05:14PM

  And your 2018 Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame inductees are............

IowaRam28612/13/2017 04:11PM

  The Cars...

JoeMad14812/15/2017 09:26AM

  Love The Cars first album

ferragamo7911912/15/2017 01:15PM

  I liked the Cars...

JamesJM13912/15/2017 01:16PM

  Not a big Bon Jovi fan, but...

sstrams12412/15/2017 05:12PM

  Here's what I do know about Bon Jovi...

JamesJM12712/15/2017 10:49PM

  I dont get Bon Jovi at all

ferragamo7913812/16/2017 07:00AM

  Bon Jovi = Chick Pop band.... too bad for Judas Priest...

JoeMad14212/19/2017 08:17AM

  Enjoy Sambora's guitar work.....

HighPlainsDrifter10812/30/2017 08:20AM

  Saw "Darkest Hour" today. AWESOME!!

Ramgator19512/29/2017 10:59AM

  Has anyone seen "Darkest Hour" yet?

Ramgator22312/25/2017 01:57PM

  Re: Has anyone seen "Darkest Hour" yet?

IowaRam13212/25/2017 03:35PM

  Re: Has anyone seen "Darkest Hour" yet?

waterfield11712/28/2017 11:18AM

  I'm taking off... out of the country...

JamesJM21512/20/2017 06:45PM

  Castrated sewer rats....

sstrams9712/21/2017 03:03AM

  have a great trip

21Dog8412/21/2017 04:58AM

  Yeh don't do that

RamUK9912/28/2017 08:16AM

  Yes. . . I remembered Vickie . . .

RAMbeau29312/21/2017 02:13AM

  Awww. . .

sstrams15612/21/2017 02:52AM

  Re: Awww. . .

MamaRAMa15112/21/2017 03:31AM

  Happy Birthday Mama!

sstrams15812/21/2017 03:40AM

  Re: Happy Birthday Mama!

MamaRAMa16912/21/2017 03:53AM

  you've got me by two months

21Dog14912/21/2017 04:57AM

  Re: Awww. . .

Crazylegs14312/22/2017 06:14AM

  sorry just saw this Mama

ferragamo7914312/26/2017 02:55PM

  Me too.... happy belated Vickie!

Ramsrule14912/26/2017 03:07PM

  Oops, I missed this...

JamesJM13812/22/2017 04:34PM

  To those late to the party. . .

RAMbeau16512/27/2017 03:15PM

  Georgia's former husband and composer dies.

Saguaro28112/26/2017 10:06AM

  Dak Prescott Is Not An Accurate QB

Classicalwit22512/24/2017 02:17PM

  Lotta peeps here in Texas...

sstrams11612/24/2017 04:27PM

  What about Jason Garrett ?....................................nm

IowaRam10812/24/2017 04:35PM

  Re: Dak Prescott Is Not An Accurate QB

MamaRAMa11612/24/2017 04:35PM

  Why in world is Eli playing?

spagsbacker20312/24/2017 02:14PM

  Need a little technical help.

Saguaro22412/20/2017 12:00PM

  As far as I know...

sstrams11012/20/2017 01:21PM

  in fact, just post this snippet directly before and after your FULL address...

sstrams12912/20/2017 01:23PM

  The easiest way...

JamesJM12312/20/2017 02:16PM

  Thanks, James.

Saguaro9212/20/2017 03:08PM

  No problem... (nm)

JamesJM8612/20/2017 03:19PM

  Favorite Christmas episodes of popular TV series??? I have 2

Ramgator22912/18/2017 02:50PM

  Re: Favorite Christmas episodes of popular TV series??? I have 2

IowaRam12012/18/2017 03:16PM

  Feats of Strength... and Airing of Grievances......

JoeMad36512/19/2017 07:18AM

  TCM Remembers 2017

IowaRam21912/18/2017 02:22PM

  Did not know that Red West and Richard Anderson passed!

Ramgator8312/18/2017 02:57PM

  Good video, post, Iowa

JamesJM8412/18/2017 03:11PM

  Waterfield and 21....Dodgers do it again

ferragamo7921912/17/2017 04:16PM

  Re: Waterfield and 21....Dodgers do it again

waterfield10912/17/2017 06:49PM

  Taylor or Kike would play SS nm

21Dog9112/17/2017 08:14PM

  interesting moves to say the least

21Dog7412/17/2017 08:05PM

  My Star Wars Saga...

JamesJM22412/16/2017 11:08AM

  Re: My Star Wars Saga...

IowaRam13712/16/2017 02:51PM

  Empire Strike Back #1

ferragamo7912712/17/2017 03:55PM

  Avenger Infinity War trailer

IowaRam33411/29/2017 04:52AM

  Re: Avenger Infinity War trailer

six2stack12711/29/2017 02:03PM

  Disney to buy Fox ???

IowaRam13812/05/2017 09:28AM

  Re: Disney to buy Fox ???

IowaRam12712/05/2017 10:12AM

  Looks like tomorrow is the day

IowaRam11112/13/2017 05:03PM

  Re: Looks like tomorrow is the day

IowaRam13912/14/2017 09:13AM

  Are you ready for a R rated Star Trek ?

IowaRam14012/07/2017 02:49PM

  can't wait!!!! The third Star Trek

ferragamo7911812/16/2017 07:02AM

  Jurassic World 2 trailer

IowaRam14312/08/2017 02:59AM

  Hey Rambeau.. thought of you a couple of nights ago.. Casablanca...

JamesJM22112/11/2017 05:04PM

  I have a theory about Casablanca.

waterfield11012/11/2017 08:05PM


JamesJM10512/11/2017 08:33PM

  Re: HEY...

waterfield10612/12/2017 10:18AM

  .You've really gotten to know me too well. . . . . .

RAMbeau14712/13/2017 08:18AM

  Sesame Street - Casablanca (Parody)

MamaRAMa16912/14/2017 09:18PM

  While on a cave dive... Attachments

sstrams32212/10/2017 08:24AM

  Re: While on a cave dive...

IowaRam10612/10/2017 04:36PM

  Re: While on a cave dive...

MamaRAMa21712/10/2017 05:37PM

  Close, Mama...

sstrams12312/11/2017 07:13AM

  Re: While on a cave dive...

MamaRAMa9712/10/2017 05:34PM

  agree really cool photo

ferragamo7910712/10/2017 06:56PM

  Steve, let me admit something 'strange'...

JamesJM11712/11/2017 04:26PM

  Not strange at all, Jimmy..

sstrams11512/12/2017 03:50AM

  Sounds like flying...

JamesJM10412/14/2017 07:42AM

  "with knowledge comes more security"...

sstrams7812/14/2017 08:02AM

  As you might recall, I'm guilty of this...

JamesJM8012/14/2017 08:59AM

  ..and a very Happy Birthday to our own waterfield today!

sstrams23412/09/2017 10:55AM

  Did you get your wish, Waterfield?

JamesJM12712/09/2017 01:37PM

  Re: Did you get your wish, Waterfield?

waterfield13212/09/2017 06:57PM

  hope you enjoyed your dinner at Taylor's.......

21Dog12912/10/2017 06:17AM

  Re: hope you enjoyed your dinner at Taylor's.......

waterfield11412/10/2017 06:50AM

  Happy Birthday old timer

ferragamo7911612/09/2017 06:21PM

  Re: Happy Birthday old timer

waterfield12312/09/2017 06:58PM

  Re: ..and a very Happy Birthday to our own waterfield today!

waterfield10112/09/2017 06:55PM

  Its all good, waterfield...

sstrams14812/10/2017 05:08AM

  Oh great !.

waterfield11712/10/2017 06:53AM

  My pleasure...

sstrams12612/10/2017 07:08AM


waterfield16212/10/2017 07:14AM

  Oh crap!

sstrams14012/10/2017 07:27AM

  Happy Birthday Waterfield.....

73Ram11712/10/2017 05:56AM

  As it so happens, I went to surprise Birthday party this evening...

JamesJM14912/09/2017 10:24PM

  Re: As it so happens, I went to surprise Birthday party this evening...

73Ram14312/10/2017 05:55AM

  getting together with the old friends

21Dog13612/10/2017 06:19AM

  Re: getting together with the old friends

waterfield11312/10/2017 07:05AM

  Re: As it so happens, I went to surprise Birthday party this evening...

waterfield12612/10/2017 06:54AM

  Re: As it so happens, I went to surprise Birthday party this evening...

21Dog12512/10/2017 07:07AM

  Re: As it so happens, I went to surprise Birthday party this evening...

waterfield12612/10/2017 07:23AM

  hey I missed this

zn11412/12/2017 09:46AM

  Re: hey I missed this

waterfield10712/12/2017 10:16AM

  Whatever that is...

sstrams9812/12/2017 02:29PM

  What will really make me happy

waterfield14012/12/2017 07:12PM

  Yeah, I'll bet...

sstrams10712/13/2017 05:29AM

  good luck with that

21Dog14112/13/2017 05:35AM

  A grandson/warner post... just because... Attachments

JamesJM23112/11/2017 06:40PM

  GO ARMY!!!!!!!

RAMbeau20912/09/2017 09:17AM

  You had your one win last year

IowaRam15912/09/2017 09:53AM

  I'm with you, Frank... best game of the year.. and GO ARMY! Attachments

JamesJM14012/09/2017 10:24AM

  Army's missing out. . . .

RAMbeau12712/09/2017 11:15AM

  That game was spectacular...

JamesJM11412/09/2017 01:36PM

  Congrats to RAMbeau and JamesJM

IowaRam11012/09/2017 01:48PM

  Thanks, Iowa...

JamesJM10012/09/2017 01:50PM

  congrats and thanks....

21Dog12312/09/2017 03:09PM

  Thanks. And in the end. . .

RAMbeau11112/11/2017 02:44PM

  Rambeau..have you read about that game SINCE?

JamesJM12912/11/2017 04:24PM

  After yesterday I need to make a left turn

waterfield22112/11/2017 09:59AM

  I feel worse. . . .

RAMbeau11412/11/2017 02:41PM

  Early reactions are in for Star Wars : Last Jedi

IowaRam21912/10/2017 06:43AM

  Anybody here used a car buying service and what really

ferragamo7926911/19/2017 07:12AM

  car buying services are fine

waterfield16311/19/2017 07:51AM

  Is this like CarMax?

JamesJM16811/20/2017 11:30AM

  they go to all dealerships in your area

ferragamo7918611/21/2017 01:45PM

  That's only new cars, right?

JamesJM13711/21/2017 02:11PM

  yes nm

ferragamo7916411/21/2017 03:08PM

  Where have i been all my life. . . .

RAMbeau14411/20/2017 05:07AM

  been around the block a few times myself

21Dog19511/20/2017 06:15AM

  Re: been around the block a few times myself

waterfield16711/24/2017 07:31PM

  Re: Where have i been all my life. . . .

MamaRAMa11911/20/2017 10:24AM

  Try using their Internet sales person.

RockRam12612/10/2017 03:32AM

  This topic has been moved. Dak Prescott Is Not An Accurate QB

Classicalwit312/24/2017 02:20PM

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