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  Where was Todd Gurley in Rams' dismal offensive performance in Chicago?

RamBill7112/10/2018 12:01PM

  Gruden fires McKenzie

Rampage2K-15812/10/2018 10:17AM

  Re: Gruden fires McKenzie

kfriel4712/10/2018 10:22AM

  Steelers made me laugh yesterday

BigGame816512/10/2018 10:24AM

  "hook and ladder"?

moklerman3412/10/2018 11:24AM

  Cowheard on Rams after loss to Bears

Speed_Kills31912/10/2018 09:19AM

  It was bad no way to spin it

Hazlet Hacksaw7512/10/2018 09:21AM

  Clueless Cowherd has no idea Rams have best road record in NFL in McVay era

Rampage2K-7312/10/2018 09:39AM

  Hmmm. No mention of Bilichik?

NewMexicoRam4612/10/2018 09:48AM

  Re: Hmmm. No mention of Bilichik?

kfriel3312/10/2018 10:16AM

  How about Mike Tomlin? Doug Peterson?

promomasterj2412/10/2018 10:58AM

  Re: How about Mike Tomlin? Doug Peterson?

kfriel2812/10/2018 11:05AM

  Re: Clueless Cowherd has no idea Rams have best road record in NFL in McVay era

no name3612/10/2018 10:53AM

  Re: Clueless Cowherd has no idea Rams have best road record in NFL in McVay era

Rampage2K-3112/10/2018 11:08AM

  I'm not sure about 'no good' but.....

RamUK3312/10/2018 11:07AM

  As far as the turning point on throwing right after JJ interception

RAMSINCE ARNETT8312/10/2018 10:43AM

  Re: As far as the turning point on throwing right after JJ interception

kfriel2812/10/2018 11:03AM

  3 thots...

SunTzu_vs_Camus16812/10/2018 09:10AM

  Re: 3 thots...I agree......And add 1 more thought.

oldschoolramfan4112/10/2018 09:19AM

  #2 is kinda backwards to me

Deadpool3012/10/2018 09:38AM

  yer thots are mine too....I wouldn't do what McVay is doin..

SunTzu_vs_Camus1912/10/2018 10:20AM

  Re: 3 thots...

kfriel2612/10/2018 09:43AM

  yes, yer point always gets lost when a team loses...

SunTzu_vs_Camus1912/10/2018 10:24AM

  a shocking statistic (last three games)

L.A.Rams9512/10/2018 10:03AM

  I watched the game like all of you did. Not stunned at all

Florida_Ram20412/10/2018 07:45AM

  that's the spirit, FR....

SunTzu_vs_Camus3212/10/2018 09:08AM

  Re: Thanks for the MOJO!

oldschoolramfan2512/10/2018 09:23AM

  A few thoughts/observations

RamUK15712/10/2018 07:15AM

  Re: Now that's an interesting observation...

dzrams5312/10/2018 08:27AM


RamUK2612/10/2018 09:00AM


RamUK1312/10/2018 09:03AM

  We can pile on and still be glad we have him

Hazlet Hacksaw3112/10/2018 08:27AM

  Re: A few thoughts/observations

kfriel1812/10/2018 09:13AM

  The Power of the Media - Monsters

Ram4911512/10/2018 06:57AM

  Re: The Power of the Media - Monsters

Ramkind2212/10/2018 07:08AM

  Re: it works both ways

Speed_Kills2912/10/2018 07:12AM

  exactly....what have you done for me lately nm

21Dog912/10/2018 08:17AM

  And why did we have to see pics from '85 game?

promomasterj1412/10/2018 09:07AM

  Ironically our best D game??

Ramgator17412/09/2018 07:21PM

  Good question....

JamesJM5312/09/2018 07:25PM

  Re: Good question....

21Dog3712/09/2018 07:43PM

  The DB's seemed to be good, didn't they?

JamesJM3812/09/2018 07:47PM

  they did

21Dog2912/09/2018 07:50PM

  I've thought about this before

Ram_Ruler4012/09/2018 07:32PM

  D gave up 13. That was great.

stlramz3812/09/2018 08:57PM

  yeah but they cant off the field

Hazlet Hacksaw812/10/2018 05:15AM

  Talib factor

LMU931312/10/2018 07:14AM

  not quite IMO

zn4512/10/2018 04:18AM

  Agree, they gashed us on the ground

max2312/10/2018 04:30AM

  Bunch of guys on D not pulling weight

Hazlet Hacksaw1712/10/2018 05:14AM

  Eagle secondary is struggling.....

21Dog1612/10/2018 05:52AM

  Re: meh...

spagsbacker2112/10/2018 04:53AM

  No Trubisky was awful

Hazlet Hacksaw2812/10/2018 05:17AM

  Re: No Trubisky was awful

six2stack1312/10/2018 09:00AM

  Goff threw FOUR and we held them to 15

Ramgator812/10/2018 09:03AM

  Re: Ironically our best D game??

Ramkind1012/10/2018 06:46AM

  The way this team has played

arizonaram5912/10/2018 08:49AM

  I posted I didn't want the bye week..

sstrams2012/10/2018 08:57AM

  Houston...we have problems!

jemach26812/09/2018 06:46PM

  agree with a lot of this

ferragamo797712/09/2018 06:50PM

  I think they should utilize a second back more...

Deadhead Ram7012/09/2018 06:53PM

  would have liked to see some screens

ferragamo795512/09/2018 07:11PM

  Re: Houston...we have problems!

Steve5612/10/2018 02:50AM

  Re: Houston...we have problems!

den-the-coach3212/10/2018 03:31AM

  Re: Houston...we have problems!

GroundPounder2912/10/2018 03:36AM

  Re: Houston...we have problems!

den-the-coach2612/10/2018 03:40AM

  Re: Houston...we have problems!

six2stack1112/10/2018 08:49AM

  Re: Houston...we have problems!

Ram Fan Teacher1112/10/2018 08:52AM

  Rams lose 15-6 to Bears: Instant analysis...

Rams4320812/10/2018 05:32AM

  There you go....

Ram496612/10/2018 06:52AM


PHDram4412/10/2018 07:00AM


Ram493712/10/2018 07:02AM

  Re: agree

PHDram3312/10/2018 07:03AM

  McVay isn't flawed, he is learning

Ram493112/10/2018 07:08AM

  Re: McVay isn't flawed, he is learning

Rams432512/10/2018 07:34AM

  Re: McVay isn't flawed, he is learning

kfriel2512/10/2018 07:39AM

  Re: idk...

kfriel3312/10/2018 07:06AM


PHDram2312/10/2018 07:11AM

  Re: cmon...

kfriel1912/10/2018 07:19AM

  I saw it just the opposite

Rams_811812/10/2018 07:45AM

  Re: I'm not so sure about this...

dzrams1012/10/2018 08:36AM

  totally agree

LMU932812/10/2018 07:09AM

  Re: totally agree

kfriel2512/10/2018 07:13AM

  Re: totally agree

Ram Fan Teacher612/10/2018 08:49AM

  Is it just me...

Rams433412/10/2018 07:45AM


RAMbler2012/10/2018 07:49AM

  Re: Is it just me...

kfriel1912/10/2018 07:52AM

  Re: Is it just me...

RAMSINCE ARNETT1512/10/2018 07:53AM

  Re: Is it just me...

kfriel1712/10/2018 07:57AM

  Re: Is it just me...

RAMSINCE ARNETT1412/10/2018 08:02AM

  Re: Is it just me...

kfriel1512/10/2018 08:06AM

  Perhaps it is a comfort zone issue

David Deacon1212/10/2018 08:15AM

  btw - "holding the ball too long"....

SunTzu_vs_Camus1812/10/2018 08:47AM

  Wison ILB...... Myers DE or OLB next week

RAMSINCE ARNETT13212/10/2018 07:46AM

  Re: I hear you...I'd counter with Barron and Brockers...

dzrams3712/10/2018 08:08AM

  Re: I hear you...I'd counter with Barron and Brockers...

RAMSINCE ARNETT1812/10/2018 08:40AM

  Rose color glass view.

Ramgator12412/10/2018 05:52AM

  True. 11-2. And McVay and the team had their worst game in 2 years

NewMexicoRam2912/10/2018 06:00AM

  Young....and learning

Ram492312/10/2018 06:38AM

  Re: True. 11-2. And McVay and the team had their worst game in 2 years

LMU931412/10/2018 07:17AM

  Expectations are a lot higher now

David Deacon812/10/2018 08:39AM

  29 other teams would love to have our record of 11-2.....Just sayin'

oldschoolramfan5912/10/2018 05:39AM

  Re: 29 other teams would love to have our record of 11-2.....Just sayin'

stlurams2112/10/2018 05:40AM

  Yes but they are heading for playoff crapola

Hazlet Hacksaw2412/10/2018 05:43AM

  this isn't Arizona, SF or the Raiders

ferragamo792512/10/2018 05:52AM

  they better have their big boy pants on last three games

Hazlet Hacksaw2412/10/2018 06:33AM

  Eagles defense

LMU932212/10/2018 07:43AM

  Can someone tell me where our "Jet Sweep" offense went?

oldschoolramfan5412/10/2018 07:32AM

  OK!! It was SORTA fun seeing ANGRY SST last night! LOL

Ramgator18212/10/2018 04:31AM

  Uh oh...

sstrams5612/10/2018 04:43AM

  UH HUH!! That's how it ALL starts. Pretty soon....

Ramgator2912/10/2018 04:59AM

  Mattress tags are for weenies..

sstrams1712/10/2018 06:39AM

  You must have been super pizzed

RamUK2112/10/2018 06:58AM

  Oh you saw that, huh?

sstrams1112/10/2018 07:27AM

  What happened to the screen pass

ferragamo796012/10/2018 06:05AM

  The Bears sat on the screen...

ramsfaninmd1912/10/2018 06:15AM

  There were a couple of fake..

sstrams1112/10/2018 06:36AM

  I really try and stay away from calling out....

roman1818012/10/2018 04:00AM

  Re: I really try and stay away from calling out....

LMU934712/10/2018 04:40AM

  play calling really helps OL

ferragamo791912/10/2018 05:57AM

  Re: play calling really helps OL

Classicalwit1312/10/2018 06:31AM

  Re: I really try and stay away from calling out....

Classicalwit3612/10/2018 04:44AM

  Studs and duds from Rams loss to Bears...

Rams4311812/10/2018 05:37AM

  big step back for Reynolds last night

21Dog3312/10/2018 05:46AM

  The entire O took a step back last night.

Ramgator2312/10/2018 05:50AM

  2 catches for 19 yds vs Detroit

ferragamo792112/10/2018 05:50AM

  Yep, don't get the Barron thing either........

Arkansas Ram3512/10/2018 05:58AM


21Dog3012/10/2018 06:01AM

  Wade aint throwing rookies out there

Hazlet Hacksaw1812/10/2018 06:29AM

  Im surprised they didnt switch back to R. Wilson

ferragamo793012/10/2018 06:03AM

  forgot about him

Hazlet Hacksaw2012/10/2018 06:29AM

  Mcvay needs to learn from this game

Hazlet Hacksaw11012/10/2018 02:54AM

  2.5 yards per carry

Rams_814312/10/2018 04:02AM

  11 times aint trying

Hazlet Hacksaw1912/10/2018 05:44AM

  cant get more attempts

Rams_812112/10/2018 05:58AM

  That stat that showed the same O formation 70% of the time.....

NewMexicoRam2612/10/2018 06:08AM

  Re: exactly

Speed_Kills1712/10/2018 06:11AM

  Re: oh is that right?

Speed_Kills2212/10/2018 06:09AM


Hazlet Hacksaw912/10/2018 06:27AM

  Gurley need 25 touches

ferragamo791512/10/2018 06:04AM

  Bears D...Toughest McVay has coached against in 2 years??

Ramgator8912/10/2018 04:23AM

  I think Minnesota last year was better

Ram_Ruler2312/10/2018 04:31AM

  Re: I think Minnesota last year was better

Classicalwit2512/10/2018 04:41AM

  not only a great line.....

21Dog1012/10/2018 05:58AM

  Totally forgot about that game! nm

Ramgator912/10/2018 05:00AM

  Re: I think Minnesota last year was better

LMU931012/10/2018 05:14AM

  3 takeaways from Rams sloppy loss to Bears...

Rams438112/10/2018 05:42AM

  My Observations on the Bear's Loss

Ram4933412/09/2018 07:43PM

  McVay will end up with 1 less win then the 15 we won in 5 years

stlramz8912/09/2018 08:56PM

  Re: McVay obsessed

leafnose4312/10/2018 04:38AM

  Re: My Observations on the Bear's Loss

Steve8612/09/2018 09:00PM

  Re: IMO, the loss is on the OL first...

dzrams8012/09/2018 09:13PM

  Re: IMO, the loss is on the OL first...

Rams435112/10/2018 04:03AM

  Re: idk

leafnose3112/10/2018 04:40AM

  Re: idk

Rams432812/10/2018 04:44AM

  totally agree

LMU933312/10/2018 04:33AM

  agree completely

21Dog1312/10/2018 05:40AM

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