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  Desean Jackson coming?

Glyndwr7162401/16/2017 12:36AM

  I would love that

GreatRamNTheSky11201/16/2017 02:37AM

  Too Old

Rams_819101/16/2017 03:23AM

  I'd take a 50something Henry Ellard over the crap we have now!

Ramgator2901/16/2017 09:36AM

  Re: Desean Jackson coming?

21Dog9601/16/2017 04:41AM

  Re: And older too nm

Speed_Kills3901/16/2017 04:55AM

  Re: If Jackson could challenge Austin......

oldschoolramfan6601/16/2017 05:51AM

  Re: If Jackson could challenge Austin......

zn6701/16/2017 05:56AM

  yep, and THAT'S what good coaching is....

SunTzu_vs_Camus5401/16/2017 06:03AM

  Re: yep, and THAT'S what good coaching is....

Glyndwr712501/16/2017 08:30AM

  Re: If Jackson could challenge Austin......

oldschoolramfan5601/16/2017 06:09AM

  Re: If Jackson could challenge Austin......

zn5301/16/2017 06:21AM

  Re: If Jackson could challenge Austin......

oldschoolramfan3201/16/2017 08:29AM

  Once again it comes down to QB play and passing offense

dodgerram19001/16/2017 04:55AM

  The days of winning a SB with average QB are over...

max4301/16/2017 06:42AM

  Ryan over Rogers as MVP would be a crime

Rams_813901/16/2017 07:16AM

  Agree with that..

sstrams2501/16/2017 07:35AM

  You got me - Rogers can be stopped

Rams_812101/16/2017 08:02AM

  That is about as accurate

9er8er1901/16/2017 09:04AM

  Re: The days of winning a SB with average QB are over...

six2stack2501/16/2017 07:25AM

  this is how I view getting to the divisional round

LMU933801/16/2017 07:12AM

  Re: the team that won the SB

Speed_Kills2701/16/2017 07:57AM

  Great defense can do it

Rams_812001/16/2017 08:03AM

  Re: the team that won the SB

dodgerram1401/16/2017 08:32AM

  Passing offense and QB play are synonymous

9er8er1401/16/2017 09:15AM

  Romo to the Rams

Speed_Kills68401/15/2017 03:59PM

  Re: Romo to the Rams

RFIP16601/15/2017 03:59PM

  RU joking?

Blue and Gold12001/15/2017 04:02PM

  Re: ok so then what

Speed_Kills8801/15/2017 04:03PM

  Re: Romo to the Rams

bigjimram214901/15/2017 07:57PM


LesBaker7901/15/2017 04:05PM

  Re: Ok that's a fair take nm

Speed_Kills4301/15/2017 04:14PM

  This team isnt ready to win yet

Hazlet Hacksaw5001/15/2017 04:15PM


stlramz6801/15/2017 04:05PM

  I'd like to think we have a qb. NM

PHDram3401/15/2017 04:07PM


ferragamo795101/15/2017 04:56PM

  How about Cousins?

Ramadune5801/15/2017 08:22PM

  Re: How about Cousins?

oldschoolramfan2701/16/2017 06:03AM

  Re: Romo to the Rams..I don't want it

BumRap3701/15/2017 09:25PM

  No way

GreatRamNTheSky3101/15/2017 10:28PM

  No. No choice but to develop Goff.

RockRam2901/16/2017 05:36AM

  If he would only cost money, sure

9er8er1601/16/2017 08:38AM

  Rams Must stay with Goff

dodgerram2201/16/2017 08:49AM


PHDram38401/16/2017 06:28AM

  Re: Hayes

zn13501/16/2017 07:21AM

  Rapoport: It's Cable or Shanny to Niners. McDaniels is out.

max32701/16/2017 06:09AM

  Shefty gets in on it...

max13701/16/2017 06:18AM

  Shefty saying Shanahan to Niners

BigGame8112501/16/2017 06:29AM

  Gotta be Shanny's job if he wants it.

max9701/16/2017 06:32AM

  Tom Cable

GreatRamNTheSky10701/16/2017 06:48AM


RFIP9401/16/2017 06:46AM

  He should've taken the Titans job last year (nm)

BigGame814701/16/2017 06:57AM

  Travis Kelce complaining about the holding call

LesBaker27001/16/2017 02:31AM

  Re: Travis Kelce complaining about the holding call

bigjimram216101/16/2017 06:25AM

  How Sean McVay became the NFL's newest prodigy

RamBill22601/16/2017 04:42AM

  Re: How Sean McVay became the NFL's newest prodigy

Rams437501/16/2017 05:06AM

  Re: How Sean McVay became the NFL's newest prodigy

bigjimram215801/16/2017 06:20AM

  For all the Wade Phillips worriers.

CROMWELL2140201/16/2017 04:50AM

  Re: Has Gus Bradley even accepted a job yet?...NM

laram5801/16/2017 04:54AM

  Meant Woods and typed Bradley.

CROMWELL217901/16/2017 05:00AM

  Re: According to The Denver Post McCoy has signed...

laram11001/16/2017 05:01AM

  Re: According to The Denver Post McCoy has signed...

CROMWELL217301/16/2017 05:31AM


Rams438701/16/2017 05:03AM

  Re: lol, oops....NM

laram3901/16/2017 05:04AM

  agree completely nm

21Dog3801/16/2017 05:13AM

  PFW Article Old Allegations of Sexual Assault Popping Up Against Vance Joseph

GreatRamNTheSky28701/16/2017 02:35AM

  The Broncos were aware of the allegations...

L.A.Rams5101/16/2017 05:14AM

  Re: The Broncos were aware of the allegations...

GreatRamNTheSky5001/16/2017 05:29AM

  Bell running style is absolutely amazing

napoli26701/15/2017 05:08PM

  Re: very Faulk like

Speed_Kills6501/15/2017 05:28PM

  Re: very Faulk like

RFIP6001/15/2017 05:38PM

  Re: Yeah

Speed_Kills4601/15/2017 05:40PM

  Elliot can afford to be patient because offensive line

Rams_814301/15/2017 05:48PM

  Re: With all due respect 81

Speed_Kills5501/15/2017 06:31PM

  I'm in the same boat

Atlantic Ram3601/15/2017 07:22PM

  Faulk like?

LesBaker7201/15/2017 05:52PM

  Re: uh yeah lol

Speed_Kills7001/15/2017 06:38PM

  Re: Well done, speed.

Billy_T4201/15/2017 07:06PM

  Re: Thx Bill....fear the turtle!!! Nm

Speed_Kills801/16/2017 05:00AM

  Um no

LesBaker2701/16/2017 02:02AM

  Re: yeah and where did anyone say he's Faulk?

Speed_Kills1601/16/2017 04:59AM

  Rams to Let Tru and Britt Hit Free Agency?

RamBill69001/14/2017 02:09PM

  I can see that......

Rampage2K-13801/14/2017 02:17PM

  Johnson not worth the franchise tag IMO

TonyHunter8711901/14/2017 02:26PM

  Re: Rams to Let Tru and Britt Hit Free Agency?

no name10501/14/2017 02:52PM

  good NM

ferragamo796101/14/2017 02:59PM

  Re: lol

Speed_Kills7801/14/2017 03:07PM

  I like TJ

ferragamo796201/14/2017 05:20PM

  Re: Yeah agree with that nm

Speed_Kills2101/15/2017 08:58AM

  Re: Rams to Let Tru and Britt Hit Free Agency?

LARams177001/14/2017 03:12PM

  Maybewe get another set of 3rd & 4th round comp picks for em..

SunTzu_vs_Camus8001/14/2017 03:26PM

  Re: Maybe but not likely ...

dzrams8301/14/2017 03:52PM

  lately Demoff/Snead have seemed to allow guys to leave - like the Pats

SunTzu_vs_Camus4901/15/2017 03:55AM

  They probably should

9er8er7501/14/2017 06:38PM

  sure, let's let both CBs go

alyoshamucci11201/14/2017 07:50PM

  TRu Johnson was the 2nd highest paid CB in the NFL

ferragamo794101/15/2017 07:57AM

  You cannot say everybody is too expensive

Rams_814301/15/2017 07:43AM

  I can count on one hand the times Tru has been burned.

alyoshamucci6601/15/2017 08:38AM

  Jeez, no kidding.

RockRam4401/15/2017 09:01AM

  sucked to lose JJ

Blue and Gold4601/15/2017 09:22AM

  Re: Rams get no turnovers on defense w/o JJ or Quinn...NM

laram3401/15/2017 09:51AM

  Re: I can count on one hand the times Tru has been burned.

LMU933101/16/2017 03:30AM

  agreed, bro.....BUT...

SunTzu_vs_Camus2601/16/2017 04:22AM

  Quite a bit of fans from away teams are in the stands

LesBaker20701/15/2017 03:51PM

  Re: Quite a bit of fans from away teams are in the stands

GreatRamNTheSky4001/16/2017 02:51AM

  It's also due

RFIP3101/16/2017 03:25AM

  35 seconds...

jemach42801/15/2017 02:53PM

  Um. You know he's gone, right? (nm)

Suh-weet!5401/15/2017 03:06PM

  Yet how long will his damage linger? .nm

ArizonaRamFan3601/15/2017 03:08PM

  Perhaps longer for ...

Suh-weet!4401/15/2017 03:19PM

  It's called PTFD...

Guard5301/15/2017 03:19PM

  Re: It's called PTFD...

bigjimram213101/15/2017 07:59PM


jemach2301/15/2017 10:23PM

  Rogers calling that time out after the sack

Rams_817101/15/2017 03:27PM

  Re: Rogers calling that time out after the sack

stlramz4101/15/2017 08:20PM

  Re: 35 seconds...

Classicalwit4401/15/2017 04:02PM

  Jared cook

joram45401/15/2017 01:36PM

  Re: Jared cook

six2stack10401/15/2017 01:39PM

  Re: Jared cook

joram8501/15/2017 02:57PM

  Keep dissin' him...

jemach8601/15/2017 03:00PM

  Re: Keep dissin' him...

joram7001/15/2017 03:02PM

  Hero of the game....

Rampage2K-7501/15/2017 03:02PM

  Yeah, wasn't Rodgers or anything

9er8er6701/15/2017 03:03PM

  Re: Yeah, wasn't Rodgers or anything

Rampage2K-6001/15/2017 03:04PM

  Re: Yeah, wasn't Rodgers or anything

joram4701/15/2017 03:26PM

  Re: Hero of the game....

Classicalwit3101/15/2017 03:58PM

  It's all mental

waterfield2501/15/2017 09:11PM

  Coaching & Culture

Ram496201/15/2017 03:08PM


LesBaker4101/15/2017 03:48PM

  Re: Jared cook

Rams437501/15/2017 03:33PM

  30 catches for 377 yards

LesBaker7601/15/2017 03:54PM

  Jared was a swell guy...

Guard6401/15/2017 07:12PM

  Nothing to do with Fisher.

waterfield4001/15/2017 09:13PM

  Great article on McVay from Aug 2016

Rampage2K-26901/15/2017 12:37PM

  It been posted and reposted twice already...

max4201/15/2017 01:22PM

  Re: It been posted and reposted twice already...

Rampage2K-4301/15/2017 01:50PM

  what happened to Callahan as OC???

Rampage2K-6401/15/2017 01:51PM

  Re: what happened to Callahan as OC???

bigjimram216601/15/2017 09:07PM


Classicalwit37101/15/2017 03:19PM

  Re: Wow!

bigjimram216701/15/2017 08:11PM

  Step up to RFIP's Playoff predictions you can BANK!

RFIP29801/14/2017 05:52AM

  Re: Wells Fargo Bank!...NM

laram3501/14/2017 06:00AM

  Yeah baby..and I got a loan for YOU BABY!!!...NM

RFIP2601/14/2017 06:18AM

  Re: Ok you got it

Speed_Kills4601/14/2017 06:09AM

  I hope you are correct

RFIP3401/14/2017 06:23AM

  Re: Ok you got it

bigjimram213101/14/2017 07:53AM

  Re: Ok you got it

Speed_Kills2601/14/2017 09:14AM

  Re: Ok you got it

bigjimram211501/14/2017 11:47AM

  Gritsey's Fearless Div Playoff Picks

GreatRamNTheSky4501/14/2017 06:47AM


RFIP3301/14/2017 06:51AM

  Re: 14????

GreatRamNTheSky2901/14/2017 06:53AM

  Re: 14????

bigjimram212401/14/2017 07:58AM

  Re: Step up to RFIP's Playoff predictions you can BANK!

Florida_Ram3601/14/2017 07:06AM


RFIP1901/14/2017 07:13AM

  Your last BANK IT bet was Pitt at home vs. Dallas

PaulButcher593001/14/2017 08:45AM

  Re: Step up to RFIP's Playoff predictions you can BANK!

Headslap751801/14/2017 09:27AM

  Too late...where were you last week?

Rampage2K-1401/14/2017 10:45AM

  Seattle Dallas Pittsburgh New England

stlramz2001/14/2017 11:41AM

  Re: Atlanta, GB, KC and New England. Nm

TonyHunter871501/14/2017 01:14PM


RFIP2401/14/2017 01:20PM

  Re: CHEATER!!!!!!

TonyHunter871501/14/2017 02:03PM

  THAT'S 1 AND 0!!!

RFIP1701/14/2017 02:24PM

  Re: THAT'S 1 AND 0!!!

Rampage2K-1601/14/2017 02:27PM

  And I feel MUCH better about my picks after reading goofball Bermans picks!

RFIP2201/14/2017 02:35PM

  Bank pays early dividends...DOUBLE DOWN TODAY BOYS?! Nm

RFIP1401/15/2017 06:00AM

  RFIP THE GREEK! 4 for 4 baby!!

RFIP2401/15/2017 06:23PM

  Re: RFIP THE GREEK! 4 for 4 baby!!

bigjimram211801/15/2017 08:05PM

  Got this message from someone very well connected to Rams

Blue and Gold1,83601/14/2017 10:56AM

  Re: Got this message from someone very well connected to Rams

Rampage2K-31801/14/2017 11:29AM

  I know, but

Blue and Gold25001/14/2017 11:49AM

  I know, but... Still waiting... "Agent Blue and Gold"

Florida_Ram13001/15/2017 06:50AM

  that's almost funny

Blue and Gold9901/15/2017 07:26AM

  Let's Guess: Martz as OC and Warner as QB whisperer??

RamBum22401/14/2017 11:38AM

  Re: Let's Guess: Martz as OC and Warner as QB whisperer??

bigjimram2117701/14/2017 11:40AM

  No chance

RFIP16001/14/2017 11:42AM

  Re: No chance

bigjimram2113501/14/2017 11:44AM

  Re: that wouldn't be the prob with Martz

merlin11101/14/2017 12:51PM

  Re: Oh forgot about that

Speed_Kills6401/15/2017 04:24AM

  This guy is not a Martz fan

Blue and Gold18801/14/2017 12:02PM

  Re: This guy is not a Martz fan

DESERT RAM7601/14/2017 08:18PM

  Re Norville Turner?

Speed_Kills6801/15/2017 04:23AM

  i hope it's an experienced successful GM

max13501/14/2017 11:49AM

  Re: Got this message from someone very well connected to Rams

Rams4318401/14/2017 11:50AM

  Re: Callahan -- make a wish

BC Ramsfan11001/14/2017 08:24PM

  Re: yeah that would be cool but

Speed_Kills6301/15/2017 04:44AM

  Was supposed to be a joke - bad presentation on my part! nm

RamBum12001/14/2017 11:50AM

  Re: Was supposed to be a joke - bad presentation on my part! nm

westcoastram8601/14/2017 08:27PM

  Mike Vrabel

PHDram11501/15/2017 05:25AM

  Re: Mike Vrabel....I like that idea.........

oldschoolramfan6501/15/2017 09:19AM

  Chip Kelly?

BigGame817901/15/2017 05:32AM


PHDram5201/15/2017 05:43AM

  Someone still in the Playoffs...........nm

IowaRam5301/15/2017 05:33AM

  Matt Lafleur would make sense (nm)

BigGame816501/15/2017 05:59AM

  Re: Matt Lafleur would make sense (nm)

PHDram7001/15/2017 06:45AM

  Kevin Greene?

BigGame817201/15/2017 07:11AM

  Re: Kevin Greene?

PHDram4501/15/2017 10:28AM

  Marshall Faulk front office????

ferragamo799501/15/2017 07:59AM

  Re: thats a good one

Speed_Kills6301/15/2017 09:11AM

  Re: Georgie Frontiere????

oldschoolramfan4801/15/2017 09:21AM

  Re: What? You can't ask him/her can Phillips be ruled out....nm

BlackSheep3801/15/2017 01:28PM

  looking more like click bait at this point.....

Rampage2K-6201/15/2017 02:00PM

  wow 1500+ views

ferragamo795101/15/2017 05:33PM

  Re: all my years on this board I don't know

Speed_Kills5201/15/2017 05:39PM

  I speculate

reggae4501/15/2017 06:20PM


RFIP4001/15/2017 06:30PM

  Re: wow 1500+ views.. whoa!

Florida_Ram4501/15/2017 06:25PM

  Re: Yeah, Imo a fake post to generate attention....nm

BlackSheep2601/15/2017 07:05PM


Blue and Gold20701/15/2017 06:25PM


BumRap3701/15/2017 06:50PM

  This is why the NFL is the best game in the WORLD

Florida_Ram19301/15/2017 02:53PM

  18 point deficit

ArizonaRamFan3801/15/2017 02:55PM

  18 point deficit:..RESPECT for both Teams.. Phenomenal Finish

Florida_Ram2901/15/2017 03:09PM

  I disagree

RFIP4701/15/2017 03:12PM

  Re: I disagree

Headslap752701/15/2017 05:29PM

  happens all the time in college

ferragamo791801/15/2017 05:34PM

  Perfect example

RFIP2001/15/2017 06:27PM

  that was not an INT

LesBaker20901/15/2017 04:21PM

  I don't think so either nm

Ram491801/15/2017 05:38PM

  The Cowboys are going to be good for a LONG time

9er8er23401/15/2017 02:28PM

  Re: it certainly looks that way nm

Speed_Kills2201/15/2017 02:33PM

  As long as OL stays healthy/together nm

Ram492301/15/2017 02:35PM

  Re: That oline was healthy and together last year

Speed_Kills3801/15/2017 02:37PM

  Maybe, maybe not

RFIP5501/15/2017 03:04PM

  Re: True Skins rookie season with RG3 and Morris combination

Speed_Kills4001/15/2017 03:11PM

  Another great example!

RFIP3201/15/2017 03:14PM


9er8er3001/15/2017 03:17PM

  Prescott is WAY better than Griffin

LesBaker3601/15/2017 03:26PM

  It comes down to salary cap management

Rams_812801/15/2017 03:32PM

  Not long ago...

RFIP2601/15/2017 03:41PM

  Yeah but they can dump Romo..

sstrams1901/15/2017 03:56PM

  having cheap QB is big - value of Martz

Rams_811801/15/2017 05:04PM

  How were all those scouts so wrong on Prescott?

max3401/15/2017 03:44PM

  Wow...what a game - Rodgers proves me wrong

Speed_Kills22001/15/2017 03:03PM

  To be fair though

RFIP6001/15/2017 03:16PM

  Re: But Rodgers... i mean seriously

Speed_Kills4301/15/2017 03:22PM

  Hopeless situation turned into game winner

LesBaker3601/15/2017 03:32PM

  So RFIP...

Rams433501/15/2017 03:35PM

  I'm 3 for 3 so far but

RFIP4101/15/2017 03:38PM

  bad coaching by both teams

Rams_8121301/15/2017 02:52PM

  Good call

RFIP4701/15/2017 03:18PM

  that spike cost them the game

Rams_814101/15/2017 03:29PM

  I love the way Rogers throws.

ArizonaRamFan19301/15/2017 11:56AM

  I just think...

Guard3901/15/2017 12:03PM

  The way he makes Jared Cook not suck

Blue and Gold3901/15/2017 12:13PM

  did Cook quit on the route re: the overthrow before the big completion?

ArizonaRamFan2901/15/2017 12:16PM

  Any offensive player is going to be less with Fisher as coach

Rams_812401/15/2017 12:48PM

  you can hang a lot of stuff on Fisher....

21Dog2801/15/2017 12:54PM

  Fisher brought in Cook so....nm

RFIP1701/15/2017 01:19PM

  Cook sure looks good today

Rams_811801/15/2017 01:39PM

  Tommy Bolin once wrote a song about Jared Cook...

Guard1901/15/2017 01:45PM

  Looks good?

LesBaker1701/15/2017 01:46PM

  He made a couple more key plays later in the game

Rams_811301/15/2017 03:09PM

  He is the best

Ram493001/15/2017 12:16PM

  It is, there is a lot of trust both ways.

ArizonaRamFan2401/15/2017 12:18PM

  Line good but

RFIP2501/15/2017 12:26PM

  Rogers is the best player in NFL history

Rams_812401/15/2017 12:49PM

  Holy CRAP we agree on something

LesBaker1301/15/2017 03:13PM

  Game over.... 21-3

Rampage2K-2901/15/2017 12:44PM

  Sprezzatura: noun-

ArizonaRamFan2401/15/2017 12:47PM

  Re: Too early for all of that

Speed_Kills1301/15/2017 01:55PM

  Re: Dak is Back!

Florida_Ram3501/15/2017 12:55PM


Guard3101/15/2017 01:48PM

  Re: AND..... LOL.... good one Guard

Florida_Ram2201/15/2017 01:49PM

  LOL... could not resist.

Guard1801/15/2017 01:51PM

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