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  New kickoffs

kw137307/16/2024 06:33PM

  I think they are counting on Boston Scott

JimYoungblood533907/16/2024 06:55PM

  Tuesday 7/16 Ramblin thread…

Rams439007/16/2024 05:19AM

  3 Rams vets set up for 2024 to be their career best…

Rams436307/16/2024 05:20AM

  The 10 best all-time Ram D lineman, including Deacon Jones…

Rams436007/16/2024 05:22AM

  Rams must find success early in 2024, and it may depend on this young D…

Rams435007/16/2024 05:26AM

  When you see this Rams rookie working out, you see NFL star in the making…

Rams434707/16/2024 07:31AM

  Rams special teams will truly be special in 2024 and here’s why…

Rams433107/16/2024 03:38PM

  Tues 7/16 TST Article Thread All Ready to Go Enjoy Folks !

BerendsenRam6207/15/2024 10:38PM

  Articles to Follow in the Morning Folks !

BerendsenRam2207/15/2024 10:39PM

  At this point would you rate offseason ‘below average’?

BerendsenRam2607/16/2024 07:27AM

  49ers Top Receiver Officially Asks to be Traded

BerendsenRam2207/16/2024 09:52AM

  Is WR the most overpaid position?

BerendsenRam1307/16/2024 01:07PM

  Where do Rams ‘triplets’ rank across entire NFL?

Rams432007/16/2024 03:36PM

  VID: NFC South & NFC West Championship Foundations | Move the Sticks

Ramsdude2707/16/2024 03:11PM

  54 (Mike Wilcher) Days Until Kickoff Attachments

Ramsdude5107/16/2024 08:13AM

  Great Article: How About Another Career Worthy Remembering? Mike Wilcher—One Fine Linebacker

Ramsdude2407/16/2024 10:39AM

  The Years have sure Flown by it dont seem that long ago !

BerendsenRam2207/16/2024 11:02AM

  Wilcher also wore #94 as a rookie

LMU933107/16/2024 02:36PM

  Great info LMU93 Attachments

Ramsdude2007/16/2024 02:51PM

  Brandon Aiyuk requests trade from 49ers as WR seeks new contract

BerendsenRam12707/16/2024 08:21AM

  Article:49ers All-Pro Wide Receiver Brandon Aiyuk Has Officially Requested a Trade

BerendsenRam3407/16/2024 08:24AM

  Bound to happen: you can't keep everyone

RockRam4207/16/2024 08:31AM

  Yep Brother the whiners arent Immune from it as you cant keep everyone !

BerendsenRam4207/16/2024 09:56AM

  Its been said Brandon Aiyuk wants the Biggest Bag

BerendsenRam3907/16/2024 12:07PM

  Whiners Simply Need to Pay the Man!

ramBRO4207/16/2024 08:37AM

  VID: Locked on Rams - Aaron Donald Doesn't Look Retired, Rams Record After First Five Games, Schedule Preview & More!

Ramsdude3407/16/2024 12:04PM

  AAron Donald live on Gregg Williams podcast

JimYoungblood5316607/15/2024 03:12PM

  Full podcast of Aaron Donald with the Williamses

JimYoungblood533207/16/2024 09:27AM

  Good Luck with him

joram16307/16/2024 05:38AM

  Van Jefferson, at best, would be 4th or 5th WR on Rams team…

Rams433807/16/2024 06:24AM

  I really wonder what is up with him. When he was a Gator...

Ramgator4707/16/2024 06:28AM

  He's just a guy

JimYoungblood533407/16/2024 09:24AM

  Countdown to Camp: Interior in Focus as Defensive Line continues Preparation in Adjusting to Life without Aaron Donald

BerendsenRam4607/16/2024 07:39AM

  Puka Nacua Among Top Yardage Route Runners in 2023

BerendsenRam10307/14/2024 11:30AM

  His Addition from the Draft last Yr came at the Perfect Time !

BerendsenRam3107/14/2024 11:34AM

  I think one could make a good case....

JamesJM6907/14/2024 12:50PM

  What a Great Draft it was Brother !

BerendsenRam3307/14/2024 07:13PM

  I think you are right James

Ramsdude2607/15/2024 03:29AM

  Yep Fellas Training Camp & Preseason is right around the corner !

BerendsenRam1407/15/2024 10:33PM

  55 (Carl Ekern) Days Until Kickoff Attachments

Ramsdude5507/15/2024 08:07AM

  Re: 55 (Carl Ekern) Days Until Kickoff

kw132807/15/2024 08:33AM

  Ekern with a HUGE Pick 6 in Tampa in 85.

Ramgator3007/15/2024 11:08AM

  Re: Ekern with a HUGE Pick 6 in Tampa in 85.

Ramsdude2207/15/2024 12:19PM

  Article: Former Rams linebacker Carl Ekern defined the ‘spirit of the game’

Ramsdude1907/15/2024 01:14PM

  Nice Find Brother a lifetime Rams Player !

BerendsenRam1407/15/2024 01:52PM

  Re: 55 (Carl Ekern) Days Until Kickoff

Ekern551907/15/2024 06:10PM

  It just Happens to be Perfect for You Brother !

BerendsenRam2207/15/2024 06:14PM

  Re: It just Happens to be Perfect for You Brother !

Ekern551907/15/2024 06:15PM

  Mon 7/15 RW Article Thread All Ready to Go Enjoy Folks!

BerendsenRam6707/14/2024 10:36PM

  Articles to Follow in the Morning Folks !

BerendsenRam1407/14/2024 10:40PM

  Stafford is a top-5 QB, according to NFL coaches and execs…

Rams432507/15/2024 05:21AM

  nice... fans definitely lag behind these rankings

Speed_Kills2207/15/2024 08:07AM

  Ranking every offense in the NFC West from best to worst

BerendsenRam2107/15/2024 07:17AM

  Watch: Rams rookies Jared Verse, Brennan Jackson training together before camp

BerendsenRam2507/15/2024 07:20AM

  Which NBA players could cover Puka Nacua one-on-one? The Rams WR weighs in

BerendsenRam2107/15/2024 07:22AM

  Rams will hold more joint practices than any NFL team this summer

BerendsenRam1707/15/2024 07:24AM

  24 most important Rams for 2024 – No. 10: LT Alaric Jackson

BerendsenRam2207/15/2024 12:21PM

  Cooper Kupp shares Funny Story of the Awful, Used Coffeemaker he and Matthew Stafford bought

BerendsenRam2307/15/2024 05:53PM

  Countdown to Camp: Rams enter 2024 Training Camp with One of NFL's Heaviest Projected Starting Offensive Lines

BerendsenRam12607/15/2024 10:37AM

  Music to my Ears I couldn't be Happier about our Bonecrusher OL !

BerendsenRam3707/15/2024 10:53AM

  Re: Countdown to Camp: Rams enter 2024 Training Camp with One of NFL's Heaviest Projected Starting Offensive Lines

AlbaNY_Ram5107/15/2024 10:53AM

  Re: Countdown to Camp: Rams enter 2024 Training Camp with One of NFL's Heaviest Projected Starting Offensive Lines

Coy Bacon3807/15/2024 12:22PM

  Same here Coy

Ramsdude3007/15/2024 01:03PM

  We all seem to had seen Him go away from the run at the worse possible time !

BerendsenRam2107/15/2024 05:45PM

  But can he play? Attachments

JimYoungblood5329207/14/2024 10:37PM

  A Safety

Shecky8307/15/2024 02:37AM

  Looks like a linebacker or something

JimYoungblood534707/15/2024 12:56PM

  VID: Pharoh Cooper takes the Opening Kickoff 103 Yards for a Touchdown | Rams vs Jaguars Week 6

Ramsdude5507/15/2024 12:15PM

  VID: Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams | Calvin Johnson, Torry Holt, & Randy Moss | Monday July 15, 2024

Ramsdude5107/15/2024 10:33AM

  Looking Forward to watching it Thanks for Posting, Brother!

BerendsenRam1807/15/2024 10:52AM

  Mon 7/15 TST Article Thread All Ready to Go Enjoy Folks !

BerendsenRam5007/14/2024 10:36PM

  Articles to Follow in the Morning Folks !

BerendsenRam1907/14/2024 10:39PM

  The NFL’s most underrated players over 30 years old

BerendsenRam2407/15/2024 07:28AM

  Top receiver didn’t seem to want to play with LA’s current backup QB

BerendsenRam1507/15/2024 07:33AM


BerendsenRam1407/15/2024 10:29AM

  Matthew Stafford Ranked as Top-5 QB by Coaches, Scouts, and Execs

BerendsenRam1907/15/2024 10:52AM

  Newcomer update: Jordan Whittington/Stu Jackson

BerendsenRam19507/13/2024 07:30AM

  Looking forward to how he does this Training Camp & Preseason

BerendsenRam3407/13/2024 08:10AM

  Hoping He Can Be The Punt Returner.

den-the-coach5007/13/2024 10:00AM

  Its been said it may be Boston Scott but we shall see how it plays out Folks

BerendsenRam3607/13/2024 10:43AM

  Re: Boston Scott will be KO/Punt returner......

oldschoolramfan3807/14/2024 06:07AM

  FWIW Boston Scott Only Has 6 Career Punt Returns.

den-the-coach3207/14/2024 07:19AM

  Re: FWIW Boston Scott Only Has 6 Career Punt Returns.

Shecky1607/15/2024 08:08AM

  Re: Hoping He Can Be The Punt Returner.

alyoshamucci4307/14/2024 07:16AM

  Re: Just as long as Cooper Kupp is not back there returning punts!!!

oldschoolramfan1407/15/2024 06:27AM

  Re: Just as long as Cooper Kupp is not back there returning punts!!!

AlbaNY_Ram1107/15/2024 09:35AM

  Putting in the work!

Ohiorams24907/13/2024 07:02PM

  Re: Putting in the work!

sfbayram5907/14/2024 06:39PM

  Working on a move Fiske will need

JimYoungblood535107/15/2024 09:15AM

  Jimmy G trending

JimYoungblood5352407/11/2024 05:44PM

  Re: Jimmy G trending

leafnose11307/12/2024 08:09AM

  We'll see ... hoping for the best

JimYoungblood536107/12/2024 09:07AM

  Re: We'll see ... hoping for the best

kw135007/12/2024 11:20AM

  Re: We'll see ... hoping for the best

Classicalwit1507/14/2024 05:17PM

  Re: Jimmy G trending

sfbayram1607/14/2024 06:23PM

  Re: Jimmy G trending

Shecky6507/12/2024 08:19AM

  JG brought here as a back-up; not a future replacement for Stafford

RockRam4907/12/2024 12:07PM

  We'll see

JimYoungblood534907/12/2024 01:21PM

  I wanted Wentz back

OhioRamsFan4007/12/2024 03:52PM

  To me, he would have been fine

JimYoungblood534407/12/2024 05:52PM

  Re: To me, he would have been fine

21Dog3707/13/2024 04:38AM


JimYoungblood531607/13/2024 07:20AM

  I don't think the Playoff stats are pertinent

RockRam2207/13/2024 12:18PM

  There is no real answer

JimYoungblood532007/13/2024 12:28PM

  Explain to me how this might work (not just for JY)

JamesJM5207/12/2024 04:21PM

  Re: Explain to me how this might work (not just for JY)

AlbaNY_Ram6007/13/2024 03:24AM

  Thanks, Albany.... (nm)

JamesJM1807/13/2024 06:12AM

  Re: Nice. Well explained

leafnose2007/13/2024 07:38AM

  I think Bennett and Wynn should be given every opportunity to show what they can do this summer…

Rams434007/13/2024 07:30AM

  Another thing we shouldn’t forget about this Jimmy G issue…

Rams433807/13/2024 07:46AM

  there is a bit of "beggars can't be choosers" here though

LMU933307/13/2024 08:25AM

  not sure what McVay did with Wentz

ferragamo795207/13/2024 08:42AM

  Re: not sure what McVay did with Wentz

AlbaNY_Ram3707/13/2024 09:50AM

  Re: not sure what McVay did with Wentz

kw132507/15/2024 08:32AM

  Article: Davante Adams says he “signed off” on Raiders benching Jimmy Garoppolo

Ramsdude12207/12/2024 08:09AM

  Athletes given too much power.

RockRam5507/12/2024 03:01PM

  Says a lot about that organization

Ramsdude5407/13/2024 12:49PM

  It sure does !

BerendsenRam2907/13/2024 03:18PM

  they have the right amount of clout IMO

LesBaker4407/13/2024 04:13PM

  Re: Athletes given too much power.

Classicalwit3507/13/2024 05:00PM


Ramsdude2507/14/2024 02:55AM

  JYB53 posted this yesterday

OhioRamsFan6307/12/2024 03:14PM

  lets hope he signs off on a trade to the Rams

Speed_Kills2407/15/2024 08:09AM

  That's a no from me lol

Ramsdude2807/15/2024 08:18AM

  Mon 7/15 Ramblin thread…

Rams437707/15/2024 05:23AM

  Stetson Bennett’s preseason will make everybody forget 2023 struggles…

Rams436707/15/2024 05:25AM

  Re: Stetson Bennett’s preseason will make everybody forget 2023 struggles…

Shecky3607/15/2024 05:42AM

  One of my favorite Seasons - Highlights on YouTube

Crazylegs10907/14/2024 10:11AM

  Yep it was one of my Favorite Seasons as well Brother !

BerendsenRam2507/14/2024 10:17AM

  1973 What A Great Year

den-the-coach1907/14/2024 02:01PM

  That is a good video, with both the Highlight film and TWIPF segments

JimYoungblood532107/14/2024 04:00PM

  Great VID Brother!

Ramsdude1007/15/2024 03:32AM

  Clevanalytics 2024 NFL PREVIEW GUIDE

JimYoungblood537107/14/2024 11:17PM

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