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  This is it, the Olympics begin.....

JamesJM58508/05/2016 11:15AM

  Summer Olympics

IowaRam35208/05/2016 07:36PM

  I broke my bed....

JamesJM64108/04/2016 12:21PM

  Re: I broke my bed....

IowaRam46408/04/2016 12:54PM

  Was it..

sstrams42608/04/2016 12:58PM

  Re: I broke my bed.... A Quiet Man

Billy_T39808/05/2016 07:56AM

  Wonder Woman

IowaRam79207/23/2016 10:25AM

  Justice League

IowaRam62707/23/2016 10:51AM

  Kong : Skull Island

IowaRam48307/23/2016 11:20AM

  Re: Kong : Skull Island

Speed_Kills39008/04/2016 06:52PM

  Whoa what a crazy week

LesBaker38208/05/2016 06:46AM

  King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

IowaRam40907/23/2016 11:49AM

  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

IowaRam40607/23/2016 12:37PM

  Star Trek's U.S.S. Discovery

IowaRam48807/23/2016 01:43PM


IowaRam42107/23/2016 02:22PM

  Doctor Strange

IowaRam39307/23/2016 04:32PM

  Re: Wonder Woman

Speed_Kills38008/04/2016 06:51PM

  So I watched Cloverfield 10

Atlantic Ram61107/30/2016 07:23PM

  I pretty much..

sstrams41107/31/2016 04:31AM

  10 Cloverfield Lane

Atlantic Ram42607/31/2016 09:21AM

  There's plenty of movies..

sstrams40707/31/2016 09:26AM

  I liked Goodman in it...

DaJudge43708/03/2016 12:46PM

  I thought the acting was good...

Atlantic Ram36308/04/2016 12:37AM

  Re: I enjoyed it

Speed_Kills39808/04/2016 06:49PM

  OK-I almost died yesterday-really

waterfield93907/30/2016 09:43AM

  I am speechless...

JamesJM56807/30/2016 10:17AM

  Ok I'm lost...

sstrams47707/30/2016 10:27AM

  Sounds like my Jaguar...

JamesJM53307/30/2016 10:39AM

  Another time

waterfield54307/30/2016 10:58AM

  Like I just replied to waterfield..

sstrams53207/30/2016 11:25AM

  My Suzuki had it

Atlantic Ram58107/30/2016 07:15PM

  Well, I'll be...

sstrams52007/31/2016 04:36AM

  Re: Well, I'll be...

waterfield47107/31/2016 07:16AM

  Ok, my next question is..

sstrams48607/31/2016 08:21AM

  Re: Ok, my next question is..

waterfield51607/31/2016 08:59AM

  ..and the attorney becomes the janitor...

sstrams48407/31/2016 09:30AM

  My Mazda has that feature

LesBaker48008/02/2016 02:39PM

  Re: My Suzuki had it

waterfield44007/31/2016 07:12AM

  I was lucky, my wife hated that car

Atlantic Ram44607/31/2016 12:30PM

  Pepper Attachments

waterfield61707/31/2016 02:23PM

  That's one gorgeous..

sstrams50807/31/2016 02:29PM

  What a cutie!

Atlantic Ram43508/04/2016 12:40AM

  Re: What a cutie!

waterfield45508/04/2016 05:05PM

  Re: Ok I'm lost...

waterfield47907/30/2016 10:54AM

  That's just crazy....

sstrams50407/30/2016 11:22AM

  You ask tough questions...

JamesJM43907/30/2016 01:10PM

  They do that too..?

sstrams47307/30/2016 01:23PM

  A long time ago I bought a Chrysler....

JamesJM47207/30/2016 01:44PM

  We had the same car

waterfield50707/30/2016 02:19PM

  I have nobody to talk to...

sstrams54607/30/2016 03:09PM

  Do what I do

waterfield47507/30/2016 03:42PM


sstrams53807/30/2016 04:07PM

  glad everything turned out OK.........

21Dog58508/01/2016 04:43AM

  Re: glad everything turned out OK.........

waterfield51808/01/2016 08:02AM

  at least you were smart enough to get out

ferragamo7942908/01/2016 12:29PM

  The real stupidity

waterfield45108/01/2016 02:19PM

  I'd have...

sstrams47208/01/2016 02:49PM


waterfield48708/01/2016 03:20PM

  Yeah... it gets...

sstrams44108/01/2016 03:37PM

  Re: Yeah... it gets...

waterfield45708/01/2016 06:46PM

  bet you were sporting the Judge Smails look

21Dog55308/01/2016 08:48PM

  Hahaha that was awesome

LesBaker43608/02/2016 02:57PM

  lol... too funny... nm

Atlantic Ram46408/04/2016 12:43AM

  Well, in theory..

sstrams46708/02/2016 03:56AM

  Let me be clear

waterfield43908/02/2016 06:26AM

  Well, I was kinda hoping..

sstrams44608/02/2016 06:40AM

  Ram23 and Crab... a little 'aside'...

JamesJM44208/02/2016 07:16AM

  Yeah, that's a lot of work...

sstrams48808/02/2016 07:40AM

  This is just plain strange to me...

JamesJM42008/02/2016 01:50PM

  Well, it really simple, Jimmy...

sstrams43208/02/2016 02:22PM

  The only sea food I like

IowaRam52808/02/2016 02:31PM

  Re: Well, it really simple, Jimmy...

waterfield50908/02/2016 08:49PM

  I'll get the flour and water...

sstrams45708/03/2016 03:31AM

  Re: I'll get the flour and water...

waterfield45508/03/2016 07:07AM

  Re: Ram23 and Crab... a little 'aside'...

waterfield42708/02/2016 01:44PM

  I'm dieting...

JamesJM45508/02/2016 01:47PM

  Re: I'm dieting...

waterfield43708/02/2016 08:51PM

  Well this is interesting....

Atlantic Ram50008/04/2016 12:52AM

  regional foods are a delight...

JamesJM49408/04/2016 07:11AM

  I am poorly traveled by most accounts

Atlantic Ram49408/04/2016 03:10PM

  Perhaps my favorite seafood is Razor Clams...

JamesJM46808/04/2016 03:46PM

  So, did I ever tell you guys about my neck?

sstrams74507/30/2016 08:56AM

  Did WV's meteorite hit and I missed it?

JamesJM38007/30/2016 10:21AM

  Bizarre, isn't it?

sstrams39307/30/2016 10:32AM

  You're right you have to be your own advocate

LesBaker40507/30/2016 01:21PM

  Yeah, there is no doubt...

sstrams42207/30/2016 01:25PM

  Wow, that's a long time

Atlantic Ram39308/04/2016 01:30AM

  Skin doctors are the worst..

sstrams38608/04/2016 06:52AM

  My 'Finding Dory' review...

JamesJM77907/23/2016 11:40AM

  Secret Life of Pets...

sstrams63707/23/2016 11:52AM

  On the way to see 'Dory'...

JamesJM41507/23/2016 12:15PM

  Re: Secret Life of Pets...

MamaRAMa55407/23/2016 01:50PM

  I couldn't tell..

sstrams41907/23/2016 06:21PM

  I heard BFG was good

Atlantic Ram41807/24/2016 07:23PM

  I think Zootopia is out on Netflix...

JamesJM57707/24/2016 09:02PM

  I saw the Jungle Book

Atlantic Ram43807/24/2016 10:45PM

  OK, I saw SLOP....today..

JamesJM39107/31/2016 08:13PM

  Oh, I am sure I am in for multiple viewings, lol

Atlantic Ram42208/04/2016 12:24AM

  Hey James , what happened to the speel checker option

IowaRam38208/02/2016 09:19AM

  I think we could turn it on...

JamesJM38408/02/2016 09:23AM

  NOT a Finding Nemo fan at all

ferragamo7946008/03/2016 08:24AM

  Insanely Beautiful

LesBaker79207/30/2016 03:46PM

  For some reason..

sstrams51307/31/2016 08:29AM

  The link works fine for me

LesBaker38507/31/2016 04:08PM

  I did not know beagles were lab dogs

LesBaker39907/31/2016 05:36PM

  Unfortunately, labs prefer to use Beagles..

sstrams37408/01/2016 03:24AM

  I had no idea

LesBaker41008/01/2016 04:35AM

  Yeah, that's the $64K question..

sstrams48308/01/2016 05:39AM

  I was always going to mention

IowaRam40008/02/2016 09:17AM

  Yeah, Beagles are awesome..

sstrams38008/02/2016 09:22AM

  This is Willis Carrier

IowaRam82107/22/2016 05:59PM

  Re: This is Willis Carrier

ferragamo7945307/23/2016 06:28PM

  thank you, Willis

21Dog52907/24/2016 04:03AM

  I have no idea how people live South of Minnesota

IowaRam44607/24/2016 12:45PM

  You may not want to come to Georgia then....

73Ram39907/28/2016 08:01AM

  You guys live in the sub artic....

sstrams39707/28/2016 08:43AM

  Re: You guys live in the sub artic....

73Ram43307/28/2016 10:30AM

  Thats about 120..

sstrams41307/28/2016 11:03AM

  Re: This is Willis Carrier

bigjimram2140708/02/2016 06:06AM

  Dodger fans

waterfield65307/31/2016 02:30PM

  Nobody wants Van syke or A Gon

ferragamo7938807/31/2016 04:49PM

  Re: Nobody wants Van syke or A Gon

waterfield40607/31/2016 06:43PM

  Puig or Pederson possibly

21Dog35608/01/2016 06:49AM

  Re: Nobody wants Van syke or A Gon

waterfield38308/01/2016 08:01AM


ferragamo7941908/01/2016 12:31PM

  like Reddick, too

21Dog38708/01/2016 12:54PM

  What a mess they are in now

waterfield40008/01/2016 03:22PM

  I remember

ferragamo7941208/01/2016 07:12PM

  Baby Everett Attachments

MamaRAMa61507/31/2016 08:40AM

  Re: Baby Everett

waterfield37807/31/2016 09:01AM


Atlantic Ram39307/31/2016 09:24AM


sstrams42507/31/2016 09:28AM

  Oh Wow....

JamesJM40307/31/2016 08:06PM

  very happy for both of you

21Dog41708/01/2016 04:42AM


ferragamo7942008/01/2016 12:30PM


RAMbler38808/01/2016 02:17PM

  AWESOME!! And don't forget, in about two years.....

Ramgator37208/01/2016 02:36PM

  2016 Olympics - Athlete's Village Not Ready

MamaRAMa64307/25/2016 05:59AM

  Re: 2016 Olympics - Athlete's Village Not Ready

waterfield47007/25/2016 06:45AM

  It's a mess.... but I do wonder...

JamesJM45407/25/2016 07:46AM

  Good point

Atlantic Ram42407/26/2016 07:14AM

  They offered to get AU a kangaroo to make them feel at home

LesBaker44807/25/2016 06:27PM

  The Olympics lost me YEARS ago.

Ramgator43507/28/2016 04:47AM

  You're goofy...

JamesJM46507/28/2016 05:45AM

  Re: You're goofy...

waterfield44707/28/2016 08:28AM

  That's my point!!

Ramgator43807/29/2016 01:15PM

  Re: That's my point!!

waterfield42707/29/2016 08:19PM

  Tubing, I put it off for half a summer... but today...

JamesJM61807/28/2016 05:54AM

  Here's your plan.....

sstrams40707/28/2016 06:15AM

  I like it...

JamesJM42207/28/2016 06:20AM

  That's a possibility.. However...

sstrams43007/28/2016 07:12AM

  If I may intrude on this topic....

73Ram41807/28/2016 07:57AM

  '73 provides the fool-proof plan..

sstrams40307/28/2016 08:41AM

  Re: '73 provides the fool-proof plan..

73Ram41407/28/2016 10:31AM

  4 on a 3 person tube, lesson learned. Video

JamesJM40807/28/2016 07:50PM

  That was awesome.....

sstrams39807/29/2016 09:11AM

  Exactly, Steve... and a heartwarming story to boot...

JamesJM42107/29/2016 09:30AM

  Best summer ever

LesBaker42907/29/2016 12:14PM

  That's a great story...

sstrams39707/29/2016 12:56PM

  Just saw "Lights Out"..

sstrams84907/23/2016 06:26PM

  I can't stand that

Atlantic Ram43907/24/2016 07:59PM

  i forgot to mention..

sstrams46507/25/2016 05:37AM

  Isn't that pretty much any movie?

JamesJM53907/24/2016 08:20PM

  We've had fairly good luck..

sstrams49707/25/2016 05:26AM

  Re: We've had fairly good luck..

MamaRAMa44007/25/2016 05:46AM

  Oh I agree with ya..

sstrams44007/25/2016 06:37AM

  Re: Oh I agree with ya..

waterfield51907/26/2016 10:42AM

  Same here..

sstrams41807/26/2016 11:05AM

  Women, sheesh...

JamesJM47007/26/2016 02:12PM

  My wife is leaving..

sstrams53807/26/2016 03:39PM

  Turn it down

IowaRam46807/26/2016 08:02PM

  Ah.. Sweet...

sstrams46307/27/2016 03:46AM


JamesJM77907/19/2016 10:48AM

  Yeah, you gotta...

sstrams55507/19/2016 05:27PM

  Actually, Steve...

JamesJM47207/19/2016 06:09PM


sstrams49407/20/2016 04:28AM

  As I mentioned before... our Bass player has a drone...

JamesJM47107/20/2016 07:33AM

  Yeah, the DJI Phantom 4...

sstrams45507/20/2016 08:00AM

  Flying to Dallas...

JamesJM52607/20/2016 08:17AM

  I talked with..

sstrams48007/20/2016 08:26AM

  That's true... few private owners rent...

JamesJM48607/20/2016 08:56AM

  I heard that..

sstrams45007/20/2016 09:39AM

  I just tagged you..

sstrams45707/20/2016 08:11AM

  Yosemite Firefall, never to be seen again...

JamesJM48307/19/2016 10:50PM

  Re: Camping, Tents, Trailers, RV, Drones

JoeMad48007/20/2016 11:04AM

  We kind of agree on the RV thing...

JamesJM46907/20/2016 11:17AM


JoeMad47907/20/2016 12:09PM

  The towing thing is BIG...

JamesJM49107/20/2016 12:36PM

  Re: Camping....

canadaram50107/22/2016 04:48AM

  Which brings up...

JamesJM45907/22/2016 10:45AM

  Re: Which brings up...

canadaram50607/24/2016 05:00PM

  James you are the richest person on this board

LesBaker45807/22/2016 05:40PM

  That, my friend...

JamesJM44607/22/2016 05:46PM

  Agree on the lights

waterfield46407/22/2016 09:17PM

  Something you don't see every day in Iowa

IowaRam76207/22/2016 05:44PM

  Re: Something you don't see every day in Iowa

zn44907/23/2016 08:57AM

  So Cal baseball fans

waterfield81107/20/2016 06:28PM

  Giants have had their share, too

21Dog43807/21/2016 11:26AM

  Long time Giants fan. Major losing streak for them.

Billy_T44607/21/2016 01:17PM

  they have BUT

ferragamo7948207/22/2016 01:26PM

  Re: they have BUT

Billy_T41407/23/2016 04:56AM

  Not sure about

waterfield45707/22/2016 09:41PM

  Re: The Giants have dropped six in a row now.

Billy_T43607/23/2016 04:39AM

  Re: The Giants have dropped six in a row now.

waterfield45707/23/2016 07:18AM

  RIP Garry Marshall

JamesJM62507/20/2016 09:29AM


Ramgator45107/20/2016 03:12PM

  for those who don't know

ferragamo7943407/22/2016 01:29PM

  ZN, from the Herd Board and hiking...

JamesJM74207/20/2016 12:25PM

  I have a friend... Attachments

sstrams44507/21/2016 04:02AM

  Re: I hiked portions as a Boy Scout.

Billy_T46707/21/2016 06:32AM

  I was there in, I think 2008?

JamesJM49307/21/2016 07:31AM

  Re: I was there in, I think 2008?

Billy_T43807/21/2016 10:48AM

  Kinda sounds like places in Thailand.. Attachments

sstrams42307/21/2016 11:01AM

  Re: Kinda sounds like places in Thailand..

Billy_T45707/21/2016 01:13PM

  I kinda have a mental block..

sstrams44407/21/2016 01:36PM

  Re: ZN, from the Herd Board and hiking...

zn47407/21/2016 08:29PM

  yes, I knew.....

JamesJM44207/21/2016 09:17PM

  No more Spiderman Pole.... Attachments

JamesJM67707/21/2016 08:33AM

  That was sneaky....

sstrams46707/21/2016 08:35AM


JamesJM39907/21/2016 09:49AM

  It runs in the family...!

sstrams45507/21/2016 09:59AM

  Any advice on PUSH mowers that are good at picking up leaves?

Ramgator73907/20/2016 03:16PM

  Pick up leaves? The Rustler 2000..

sstrams42707/21/2016 03:51AM

  welcome to the dark side

21Dog44207/21/2016 04:29AM

  IP 3, the movie... my review...

JamesJM73207/20/2016 11:59AM

  Interesting piece on youth football

waterfield74007/20/2016 09:50AM

  Until then...

JamesJM41507/20/2016 10:02AM

  Those things you lay on and roll under your car to work on it.....

Ramgator89907/18/2016 06:22AM

  I don't suppose...

sstrams47507/18/2016 06:39AM

  Re: Those things you lay on and roll under your car to work on it.....

21Dog55407/18/2016 07:21AM

  Re: Those things you lay on and roll under your car to work on it.....

IowaRam75407/19/2016 04:19PM

  OK so back to NBA.....it's in big trouble

ferragamo7990807/13/2016 04:51PM

  Re: OK so back to NBA.....it's in big trouble

waterfield56207/13/2016 05:11PM

  NBA is down right boring.

Ramgator55707/14/2016 05:50AM

  I sound bitter but I'm really bummed.

Ramgator52107/14/2016 05:51AM

  Gator I keep telling you to come back into the fold

LesBaker53107/14/2016 08:57AM

  I made an honest attempt during last years (2015) Finals

Ramgator50807/17/2016 12:53PM

  Oh come on now

LesBaker49007/17/2016 06:00PM

  Nah it's fine

LesBaker54207/14/2016 08:55AM

  Good stuff Les - thanks

ferragamo7958607/14/2016 10:31AM

  Rumors from back home in CLE

LesBaker49607/17/2016 07:11AM

  NBA is extremely healthy

JoeMad51407/14/2016 08:23PM

  it's not just the East

21Dog51507/14/2016 08:53PM

  Re: it's not just the East

JoeMad48607/15/2016 03:46AM

  Westbrook has to want to get out now

LesBaker52707/16/2016 01:21PM

  Hey Joe, where are you seeing ratings up

ferragamo7953407/17/2016 07:37PM

  They are on an upswing

LesBaker55107/18/2016 04:33AM

  NBA TV Ratings...

JoeMad49507/18/2016 07:36AM

  Ratings drive sports not attendace

ferragamo7952007/18/2016 09:38AM

  Re: Ratings drive sports not attendace

JoeMad56307/18/2016 10:26AM

  they will televise anything

ferragamo7951407/18/2016 01:35PM

  Re: they will televise anything

JoeMad49007/19/2016 10:33AM

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