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  It's World Cup Time... got an email from RamUK...

JamesJM26806/14/2018 05:02AM

  Well, well.. look what the cat dragged in....

sstrams10206/14/2018 05:09AM


JamesJM9606/14/2018 05:29AM

  Well, then..

sstrams8906/14/2018 05:50AM

  When I went to Germany...

Ramgator7506/14/2018 10:01AM

  Aw geez....

sstrams7806/14/2018 10:35AM

  Re: Wow...

21Dog11506/14/2018 02:31PM

  Re: Wow...

MamaRAMa12406/14/2018 02:40PM

  welcome Back!

RamUK8306/14/2018 10:57AM

  Being serious...

JamesJM12506/14/2018 11:54AM

  You called it, RamUK.... today, spoilers...

JamesJM7906/16/2018 06:18AM

  Too many people are too surprised

RamUK7206/17/2018 03:51AM

  That's true... and actually....

JamesJM6606/17/2018 04:57AM

  I've seen teams dominate and lose

RamUK12306/18/2018 03:25AM

  just like baseball

ferragamo7910206/18/2018 07:50AM

  I had forgotten...

sstrams8506/14/2018 12:59PM

  Think I mentioned this...

JamesJM10906/14/2018 02:09PM

  Well Mexico were on to something!

RamUK9506/17/2018 12:19PM

  Super glad to see you back posting

Atlantic Ram8406/14/2018 05:56PM

  No, I did not know that.....

JamesJM10706/14/2018 08:16PM

  Re: It's World Cup Time... got an email from RamUK...

zn16506/14/2018 06:34PM

  Then this will utterly shock you....

JamesJM11206/15/2018 09:51AM

  Re: Then this will utterly shock you....

MamaRAMa11406/15/2018 10:52AM

  Ok, my memory ain't what it once was...

JamesJM10306/15/2018 12:32PM

  Re: Then this will utterly shock you....

zn14506/15/2018 02:11PM

  Spain vs Portugal... spoilers...

JamesJM6806/15/2018 12:35PM

  was sad.....I wasn't gonna post World Cup

ferragamo797106/15/2018 12:58PM

  Hey Ferragamo...

JamesJM7606/15/2018 01:04PM

  Welcome back Jimmy

ferragamo797206/15/2018 01:32PM

  a lot of happy Portuguese fans here

21Dog7906/15/2018 02:16PM


RAMbeau14206/16/2018 04:06AM

  I'm into it... no doubt...

JamesJM7106/16/2018 02:55PM

  Re: It's World Cup Time... got an email from RamUK...

IowaRam8406/16/2018 09:01AM

  always wanted to do that

ferragamo798006/16/2018 01:05PM

  Poor Mexico... playing Germany....

JamesJM6906/16/2018 12:30PM

  they just need to get 2nd in their group to move on

ferragamo799606/16/2018 01:38PM

  by the way, RAMbeau I hope you are watching

ferragamo797306/16/2018 04:23PM

  Re: by the way, RAMbeau I hope you are watching

RAMbeau8406/17/2018 03:37PM

  no, they play every team in their group

ferragamo797806/17/2018 06:27PM

  Welcome Back...........

IowaRam10506/17/2018 10:06AM

  Re: It's World Cup Time... got an email from RamUK...

zn7606/17/2018 01:11PM

  Happy Father's Day! Attachments

JamesJM9506/17/2018 08:44AM

  great picture

21Dog5206/17/2018 11:01AM


RamUK5806/17/2018 12:17PM

  Re: Happy Father's Day!

MamaRAMa5906/17/2018 05:58PM

  Re: Happy Father's Day!

21Dog6806/18/2018 04:13AM

  I'm not going to jinx it....

JamesJM7806/17/2018 07:18AM

  huge win

ferragamo796206/17/2018 07:52AM

  Do you believe in Miracles? YES!

JamesJM6306/17/2018 07:53AM


IowaRam5406/17/2018 10:05AM

  A very underrated KISS song

ferragamo7910706/15/2018 03:49PM

  Did you ever get around to reading Paul Stanley's book ?

IowaRam7206/15/2018 07:29PM

  I always thought they were told to leave.

Ramgator5806/16/2018 06:13AM

  yes I did, and I have read all 4

ferragamo795906/16/2018 08:28AM

  Going to see Hairball tonight

IowaRam5506/16/2018 01:30PM

  have fun

ferragamo795406/16/2018 02:01PM

  Hi all long time no see

SeattleRam32205/28/2018 07:47PM

  Trying to be more "search friendly" maybe?

Atlantic Ram13805/28/2018 09:27PM

  WOW Welcome back

ferragamo7911105/29/2018 07:55AM

  Re: Hi all long time no see

IowaRam13805/29/2018 08:00AM

  "I suspect foul play"

RamsFootballFans.com13405/29/2018 08:26AM

  I'm trying to tempt Jimmy back

RamUK9606/14/2018 03:49AM

  Re: I'm trying to tempt Jimmy back

73Ram8306/15/2018 05:06AM

  Re: I'm trying to tempt Jimmy back

21Dog11506/15/2018 05:20AM

  Re: I'm trying to tempt Jimmy back

RamUK7306/15/2018 05:36AM

  Brownson or.........

21Dog7806/15/2018 08:16AM

  Here they are

ferragamo7911505/29/2018 08:54AM

  Re: Here they are

73Ram11005/29/2018 09:53AM


SeattleRam11505/29/2018 04:33PM

  me too. nm

Atlantic Ram9205/29/2018 06:06PM

  Good to hear from you old friend. . .

RAMbeau12106/01/2018 02:08PM

  Re: Good to hear from you old friend. . .

SeattleRam13006/02/2018 08:31PM

  Well. . .

RAMbeau11206/05/2018 02:51AM

  Full time grandson care ?

waterfield11306/05/2018 09:56AM

  Re: Full time grandson care ? Attachments

MamaRAMa12406/05/2018 01:24PM

  Re: Full time grandson care ?

73Ram11806/06/2018 11:41AM

  hasn't said an intelligent word?

21Dog16206/06/2018 03:20PM

  Only because you know he'll spill the beans

RamUK9506/14/2018 03:50AM

  My rookie experience. . . .

RAMbeau10206/05/2018 03:30PM

  Its just a Nurse Shark.. Attachments

sstrams13606/11/2018 05:46AM

  Pretty sweet

IowaRam7306/12/2018 04:22AM

  Yeah it's cool..

sstrams6806/12/2018 06:01AM

  I'm not sure which is more impressive. . . .

RAMbeau11206/13/2018 06:56AM

  Yeah, I agree with ya, RAMbeau..

sstrams7806/13/2018 07:21AM

  Now the REALLY bitter sweet part!

Ramgator10406/11/2018 02:54AM

  Re: Now the REALLY bitter sweet part!

73Ram7606/12/2018 08:33AM

  Oh they do!

Ramgator9106/12/2018 10:58AM

  Congrats to Justify!!!!

Atlantic Ram16406/09/2018 06:09PM

  Re: Congrats to Justify!!!!

MamaRAMa7606/10/2018 04:44AM

  Mike Smith

21Dog7106/10/2018 05:57AM

  Seems like a good guy

Atlantic Ram7506/10/2018 09:23PM

  Most exciting 2 1/2 minutes in all of sports

waterfield7806/10/2018 08:41AM

  Secretariat is to horse racing as...

Atlantic Ram7106/10/2018 09:22PM

  Watch Secretariat come from dead last.

waterfield10006/11/2018 07:15AM

  I wonder if Star Trek rehashed would fly? And I mean STAR TREK!

Ramgator15406/07/2018 03:28AM

  I got it!

sstrams7006/07/2018 03:53AM


Ramgator7706/07/2018 05:14AM

  Maybe Spock..

sstrams9706/07/2018 06:20AM

  Boy! That'd tick off McCoy!

Ramgator6806/07/2018 08:35AM

  I think McCoy..

sstrams8606/07/2018 09:04AM

  only if .........

IowaRam10106/07/2018 02:04PM

  Shoot yeah, Iowa...

sstrams8206/07/2018 04:27PM


IowaRam44104/08/2018 04:15PM

  CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ferragamo7912204/12/2018 12:02PM

  Looks like a good B western

IowaRam15504/14/2018 10:03AM

  Wow! That looks awesome!

Drew283912704/13/2018 06:30AM

  SOLO TV Spot

IowaRam14104/15/2018 08:59AM

  THE MEG trailer

IowaRam14804/15/2018 03:28PM

  wow...JAWS on steroids

ferragamo7914604/16/2018 03:47PM

  Yeah, it was ready to go last year..

sstrams15404/16/2018 04:03PM

  Jurassic World Trailer #2

IowaRam13804/18/2018 06:31AM

  Deadpool 2 final trailer

IowaRam12004/19/2018 02:10PM

  More Deadpool

IowaRam15604/20/2018 02:03PM

  First look at Michael Myers new .........old mask

IowaRam29404/19/2018 02:12PM

  Ol Mike is so old. How old is he???

Ramgator12904/21/2018 07:38AM

  While I'm stoked to see it. . . .

RAMbeau16504/20/2018 04:18PM

  Don't be rude

IowaRam13904/21/2018 02:12PM

  Venom trailer

IowaRam10804/23/2018 07:03PM

  So whats the new Halloween movie about you ask ???

IowaRam26804/26/2018 10:26AM


IowaRam11904/26/2018 10:57AM

  MOWGLI - Official 1st Trailer

IowaRam12805/21/2018 08:00PM

  Christopher Robin trailer

IowaRam15805/25/2018 08:50PM

  O M G !

Atlantic Ram10505/29/2018 06:15PM

  my son had a winnie the pooh theme

ferragamo799505/30/2018 08:03AM


Atlantic Ram11405/30/2018 12:21PM

  I remember I took my son to his first pre school

ferragamo7911005/30/2018 12:31PM

  Lmao. An hour drive to school for us

Atlantic Ram8905/30/2018 02:58PM

  Re: O M G !

IowaRam12305/30/2018 07:27PM

  I saw SOLO today. . .

RAMbeau10706/01/2018 02:06PM

  Production has started on Top Gun 2

IowaRam11706/01/2018 04:40PM

  Wreck-it-Ralph 2 trailer

IowaRam10106/04/2018 07:42AM

  New look at an old Michael Myers

IowaRam11606/05/2018 04:29PM

  I hear Michael chases Jamie Lee Curtis....

Ramgator10106/05/2018 05:31PM

  Re: I hear Michael chases Jamie Lee Curtis....

IowaRam11806/05/2018 05:37PM

  Speaking of Sharks

waterfield17705/27/2018 08:45PM

  I ran into a few myself. . . .

RAMbeau8805/29/2018 04:55AM

  I did have an interesting moment with a shark..

sstrams7906/03/2018 06:26AM

  SST I caved

ferragamo7913905/27/2018 09:31AM

  Around 1977, did you too have.....

Ramgator7705/27/2018 10:30AM

  are you kidding......YES

ferragamo7911305/27/2018 11:45AM

  I don't remember the Sport Illustrated

IowaRam7805/27/2018 02:07PM

  One picture that I somewhat recall, in that magazine.

Ramgator7005/27/2018 06:04PM

  IMO, KISS was never the same (Jumped shark???)....

Ramgator7305/27/2018 06:06PM

  Paul Stanley, from what I have casually seen...

Ramgator7605/27/2018 10:32AM

  We just got back from Guanaja Honduras..

sstrams7106/03/2018 06:18AM

  More Great White footage, Guadalupe Island 2017..

sstrams24805/21/2018 05:28PM

  Re: More Great White footage, Guadalupe Island 2017..

waterfield11905/22/2018 09:16AM

  Thanks waterfield..

sstrams11105/22/2018 09:58AM

  As I was watching this. . .

RAMbeau9505/22/2018 01:55PM

  A little bit of danger.. but not really..

sstrams8705/22/2018 03:27PM

  Re: As I was watching this. . .

waterfield9305/22/2018 03:35PM

  Yeah, I'ad agree with that..

sstrams9005/22/2018 04:58PM

  Re: As I was watching this. . .

waterfield13005/22/2018 09:58PM

  That's annoying as heck. . .

sstrams9305/23/2018 03:49AM


waterfield9205/23/2018 08:36AM

  Yeah, its no secret..

sstrams8505/23/2018 09:37AM

  I was ABOUT to get some good video when I went Lobster hunting.

Ramgator8405/22/2018 03:42PM

  That actually..

sstrams8605/23/2018 06:45AM

  Speaking of Sharks Attachments

waterfield8205/24/2018 10:01AM

  Yeah, that would suck, somewhat...

sstrams11605/24/2018 12:21PM

  SST. Have you ever met anyone who was on the "Jaws" cast?

Ramgator8105/24/2018 11:31AM

  No, not in person..

sstrams10105/24/2018 12:27PM

  If you DO meet Lee Fiero, just tell her one of my jokes!

Ramgator7505/24/2018 04:39PM

  While that sounds tempting..

sstrams9405/25/2018 04:29AM

  Yes, I thought the same thing. I will say...

Ramgator7005/26/2018 12:58PM

  I LOVE the TV show "Emergency" from the 70s. If you recall....

Ramgator7105/26/2018 01:00PM

  Nice!!! How'd you get away with the music?

Rampage2K-9705/26/2018 09:38AM


sstrams8106/03/2018 06:15AM

  Anyone care for a "little" surfing

waterfield11405/29/2018 08:40AM

  The Wedding Haka

waterfield12605/28/2018 07:43AM

  I want these guys. . . .

RAMbeau8205/29/2018 04:59AM

  Marshall Faulk

MamaRAMa22305/16/2018 06:02AM

  Re: Marshall Faulk

Rampage2K-7605/26/2018 09:45AM

  Re: Marshall Faulk

MamaRAMa7405/27/2018 12:51PM

  Have a friend who saw him in Atlanta. And yes...

Ramgator9605/27/2018 06:10PM

  One thing I do admire about Marshall.

Ramgator10205/27/2018 06:11PM

  Any of you ever walked out of a movie?

Ramgator32605/10/2018 04:52AM

  Re: Any of you ever walked out of a movie?

MamaRAMa17005/10/2018 05:23AM

  Came really close, once..

sstrams15805/10/2018 06:31AM

  Re: Came really close, once..

ferragamo7917405/10/2018 09:55AM

  Re: Came really close, once..

Rampage2K-9705/26/2018 09:22AM


IowaRam13305/10/2018 07:07AM

  Speaking of ""Schindler's List" and walking out

waterfield15405/10/2018 01:43PM

  Yeah, my mom..

sstrams15205/10/2018 04:48PM

  OMG that's intense

ferragamo7916605/21/2018 08:54AM

  not a good choice for his first movie

ferragamo7912605/11/2018 10:25AM

  Re: Any of you ever walked out of a movie?

zn18305/10/2018 06:59PM

  Speaking of Dunkirk

waterfield12405/11/2018 10:15AM

  I agree. Not loud enough to walk out but............

Ramgator12505/11/2018 02:47PM

  Re: I agree. Not loud enough to walk out but............

waterfield15105/11/2018 03:28PM

  gonna watch tonight surround sound

ferragamo7911905/11/2018 03:44PM

  OMG!!!!!!!!!! it was loud I can't imagine theater

ferragamo799905/21/2018 08:41AM

  They turn the sound up in the theater

waterfield10905/22/2018 09:25AM

  You guys recall "Midway" when released, in Sensurround???

Ramgator9605/24/2018 11:34AM

  Yeah, it was cool..

sstrams14905/24/2018 12:20PM

  I saw it in the theater too....was awesome

ferragamo798305/25/2018 11:25AM

  One summer or 2 I saw a ton of movies

ferragamo7910105/25/2018 11:27AM

  Back when movies had substance.....

Ramgator10305/27/2018 10:36AM

  I was looking for books to take to Hawaii

ferragamo7910705/27/2018 11:43AM

  A few times

Atlantic Ram15605/10/2018 07:55PM

  I have turned 3 off (from TV)

ferragamo7914105/11/2018 10:30AM

  Re: I have turned 3 off (from TV)

waterfield12705/14/2018 03:44PM

  Had to look all three up

IowaRam10705/14/2018 03:54PM

  "Pearl Harbor"!!

Ramgator13605/11/2018 02:57PM

  Re: "Pearl Harbor"!!

waterfield14205/11/2018 03:35PM

  It was a weird movie: Like 2 movies in 1

ferragamo799605/21/2018 08:51AM

  I'm among the few people who had no trouble with the lovey dovey stuff.

Ramgator9505/27/2018 10:43AM

  I have. . .

RAMbeau18405/11/2018 06:33PM

  Me and my gf almost did once

brgjoe17505/11/2018 11:21PM

  Never walked out, fell asleep during the last Star Wars

Rampage2K-9805/26/2018 09:31AM

  Wisk I could get at least a LITTLE excited about "Solo".

Ramgator17305/14/2018 04:08PM

  I'm a LITTLE excited................

IowaRam11005/14/2018 04:27PM

  me either really

Atlantic Ram11905/15/2018 02:54PM

  Doesn't seem right..

sstrams9105/16/2018 03:33AM

  I thought Chris Pine did an excellent

ferragamo7912405/16/2018 11:13AM

  Yeah, he did a good job...

sstrams12005/16/2018 11:50AM

  Feel the same

Atlantic Ram8205/16/2018 01:52PM

  Liked Pine as Kirk and the guy playing McCoy. BUT.......

Ramgator7005/19/2018 09:50AM

  I love Star Wars and REEEALLY love Star Trek (T.O.S.!!!!). But...

Ramgator9505/19/2018 09:56AM


IowaRam9805/19/2018 01:15PM

  My Wife bought seasons 1 and 2 for me...

Ramgator7305/24/2018 11:29AM

  yea , poor season one rating brought in some changes

IowaRam8705/24/2018 12:03PM

  My favorite episode is...

Ramgator7305/24/2018 04:43PM

  Always liked Red West!

Ramgator10505/24/2018 04:44PM

  Ok, one more cave vid for ya before..

sstrams8005/24/2018 01:25PM

  TVs-look what's coming back on the market Attachments

waterfield13305/23/2018 02:30PM

  what's coming back ?

IowaRam8805/23/2018 03:07PM

  Re: what's coming back ?

waterfield8105/23/2018 08:57PM

  Re: what's coming back ?

MamaRAMa6905/24/2018 08:49AM

  Honestly, waterfield..

sstrams5705/24/2018 02:47AM

  LG did .......................kinda sorta

IowaRam8005/24/2018 04:34AM

  I did make my own though

IowaRam9105/24/2018 04:53AM

  my plan now...........

IowaRam6005/24/2018 05:01AM

  reminiscing waterfield?

max13705/24/2018 05:14AM

  Dodgers -the deal

waterfield16005/16/2018 08:23PM

  Ok, I will take a stab at this

ferragamo799605/17/2018 08:44AM

  your last line said it all

21Dog8605/20/2018 04:39AM

  "Infinity Wars" early reactions in

zn24604/24/2018 04:04AM

  Just go ahead and get your second ticket now

IowaRam11004/24/2018 04:48AM

  I got goosebumps reading that article

six2stack9804/24/2018 08:27AM

  The Marvel Bunch

IowaRam11004/26/2018 05:46AM

  love it

ferragamo799804/26/2018 02:00PM

  Re: love it

zn15104/26/2018 02:06PM

  the hair and especially facial expressions

ferragamo7912704/27/2018 09:21AM

  saw it

zn11604/26/2018 07:41PM


Atlantic Ram11004/27/2018 05:51AM

  Thanks ZN

six2stack12004/27/2018 08:39AM

  its Fantastic

Speed_Kills13804/28/2018 08:24AM

  Re: its Fantastic

zn13404/29/2018 07:19PM

  that's what she said

ferragamo799104/30/2018 10:29AM

  lol nm

Speed_Kills8805/09/2018 10:30AM

  Biggest opening ever

IowaRam11704/30/2018 02:27PM

  New Ant-Man and the Wasp poster

IowaRam6,19904/30/2018 02:29PM

  Where Were Ant-Man and the Wasp?

IowaRam9304/30/2018 02:30PM

  Re: New Ant-Man and the Wasp poster

Speed_Kills9905/09/2018 10:30AM

  The Opposite

IowaRam12805/09/2018 02:20PM

  Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer

IowaRam11305/01/2018 05:21AM

  CĂ©line Dion - Ashes from the Deadpool 2

IowaRam8705/04/2018 02:47PM

  Finally saw it

IowaRam12205/06/2018 05:16AM

  Re: Finally saw it

zn14905/09/2018 03:37PM

  It was the greatest movie...........

IowaRam18205/09/2018 03:53PM

  Black Panther was better

Atlantic Ram8405/16/2018 01:58PM

  Bohemian Rhapsody trailer

IowaRam9505/15/2018 09:07AM

  I Want It All

IowaRam14905/15/2018 09:16AM

  Mission: Impossible - Fallout trailer

IowaRam7805/16/2018 05:47AM

  SST! I'm watching my DVD about a certain movie about a certain large sea creature!

Ramgator21604/26/2018 07:49AM

  Life's simple pleasures...

sstrams12504/26/2018 08:59AM

  If CGI went away TOTALLY, I'd be thrilled.

Ramgator11404/26/2018 09:21AM

  Oh I don't know............

IowaRam13304/26/2018 09:29AM

  LOL !!!

RAMbler10504/26/2018 01:15PM

  Except that...

sstrams11904/26/2018 01:20PM

  Do you know

zn11004/29/2018 07:18PM

  I'd like to field that question...

sstrams17504/30/2018 03:12AM

  Re: I'd like to field that question...

zn11804/30/2018 09:07AM

  Yeah, that's what I've read..

sstrams10904/30/2018 09:34AM

  Wasn't it all classified at the time

IowaRam9504/30/2018 09:48AM

  That I dunno..

sstrams12104/30/2018 10:48AM

  summ facks

zn16105/06/2018 04:23AM

  Re: summ facks

IowaRam10805/06/2018 04:55AM

  Thanks zn..

sstrams12105/06/2018 10:59AM

  Re: Thanks zn..

zn10805/06/2018 06:19PM

  Yeah, Shaw..

sstrams10205/07/2018 07:39AM

  one of the best parts of the movie

ferragamo7911404/30/2018 10:26AM

  SST music part of the movie

ferragamo799804/30/2018 10:28AM

  You're probably thinking..

sstrams13404/30/2018 10:53AM

  PFFFFT!!! SST acts like....

Ramgator10605/03/2018 10:44AM

  I do get cocky..

sstrams9205/03/2018 12:03PM

  Watched it ?

IowaRam10505/03/2018 02:13PM

  I was Hooper...

sstrams11005/03/2018 03:53PM

  You mean.....You went in cage? Gage goes in the water??

Ramgator11105/05/2018 12:02PM

  Yup.. and it was farewell and adieu to..

sstrams11805/05/2018 12:58PM

  "Jaws"..Though about a shark..

Ramgator11005/03/2018 10:45AM

  Yeah, that chemistry..

sstrams11505/03/2018 12:05PM

  EXACTLY why movies are CRAP these days!

Ramgator10805/03/2018 12:29PM

  The scene that always makes me chuckle.

Ramgator11405/03/2018 10:47AM

  my little personal relation to the film

zn11505/06/2018 04:55AM

  Cool! She probably had no idea..

sstrams11705/06/2018 10:59AM

  Hey SST

IowaRam8905/14/2018 04:30PM

  Oh yeah, I sure do, Iowa..

sstrams9505/15/2018 03:01AM

  Strangely enough, "Jaws" did not scare me from the ocean.

Ramgator10305/15/2018 04:39AM

  A "OH S***!!!!" but VERY cool event at the beach for me about 25 years ago.

Ramgator8305/15/2018 04:44AM

  I heard that..

sstrams10505/15/2018 05:44AM

  I was 9 and wanted to see it

ferragamo7911705/15/2018 08:17AM

  I remember everything but.............

IowaRam12805/15/2018 08:48AM

  Ah, the Estuary Victim.............

sstrams8805/15/2018 10:45AM

  Oh yeah.. the cool thing about the Estuary Victim..

sstrams8205/15/2018 10:53AM

  Reading my all time favorite book.... "Sole Survivor"

Ramgator15505/11/2018 03:01PM

  Ya gotta love the part..

sstrams7405/14/2018 08:31AM

  Yes! I wish "Midway"....

Ramgator5105/14/2018 04:05PM

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