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  TruJo unlikely to get deal before deadline?

Rams4364007/13/2016 08:40AM

  Re: TruJo unlikely to get deal before deadline?

Rams4347007/13/2016 08:50AM

  Only amplifies my JJ reservations

RamsDynasty37407/13/2016 10:52AM


roman1834007/13/2016 11:48AM

  Ya think that the Rams....

JamesJM36307/13/2016 11:49AM

  Re: Ya think that the Rams....

Rams4336907/13/2016 12:08PM

  Ya think that the Rams.... Gaines and Roberson snag?

Florida_Ram43807/13/2016 02:42PM

  Re: Ya think that the Rams.... Gaines and Roberson snag?

Rams4344807/13/2016 03:11PM

  Re: Ya think that the Rams.... Gaines and Roberson snag?

Florida_Ram37307/13/2016 03:52PM

  it seems to me that Super Bowl teams have....

jemach32607/13/2016 03:53PM

  Re: Ya think that the Rams....

roman1835507/13/2016 12:13PM

  Report: 49ers-Rams planned for China in 2018

sstrams59607/13/2016 03:29AM

  Yikes! A home game against the Niners?

NewMexicoRam35907/13/2016 04:38AM

  Re: Yikes! A home game against the Niners?

OCRAM8532807/13/2016 05:07AM

  LOL....Good luck catching Squirtle

ferragamo7942407/13/2016 07:55AM

  Please tell me you aren't playing that blasted game........nm

Drew283930107/13/2016 08:51AM

  Re: LOL....Good luck catching Squirtle

OCRAM8531007/13/2016 11:16AM

  Re: Report: 49ers-Rams planned for China in 2018

Rams4334307/13/2016 07:37AM

  Both cities make sense for Chinese fans

promomasterj31807/13/2016 09:00AM

  Probably part of the deal

LesBaker27307/13/2016 09:13AM

  I don't like it...

JamesJM28207/13/2016 09:22AM

  I don't, either...

sstrams28507/13/2016 09:33AM

  Yeah, Les is probably right but...

JamesJM28807/13/2016 09:38AM

  Re: I don't like it...

roman1828007/13/2016 11:27AM

  Keep in mind...

JamesJM30407/13/2016 11:31AM

  Chinese fans = more merchandise sales and branding opportunities

promomasterj30507/13/2016 09:45AM

  Nope not what I'm saying is two things......and a correction

LesBaker30007/13/2016 11:16AM

  Re: Chinese fans = more merchandise sales and branding opportunities

sstrams29807/13/2016 11:21AM

  I HATE this!!

Ramgator30907/13/2016 10:24AM

  SIAP: Why don't they do these in the pre-season??

SSDRam28507/13/2016 10:54AM

  Do I put down a wager on the Rams in Vegas?

JamesJM77907/12/2016 10:19AM

  I'd put $100,000 down on that

ferragamo7938807/12/2016 11:37AM

  Re: Do I put down a wager on the Rams in Vegas?

stlramz52307/12/2016 11:38AM

  Not a bad idea...

JamesJM34207/12/2016 11:59AM

  Can't you put like ten bucks on something like that?

Drew283944607/12/2016 12:34PM

  The Rams are the team that broke the Sports Books

sacram38207/12/2016 01:54PM

  I got a story about that...

LaloRam31007/12/2016 04:24PM


sacram36807/12/2016 05:02PM

  Nice! nm

LaloRam36007/12/2016 06:13PM

  Do us all a favor

AlbaNY_Ram37907/12/2016 06:36PM

  I put a C-Note on the Rams to win...

JamesJM38907/12/2016 07:11PM

  Re: I put a C-Note on the Rams to win...

21Dog33607/12/2016 08:22PM

  Hope James didnt mush the Rams

Hazlet Hacksaw35307/13/2016 04:57AM

  There is no jinx

RamUK31607/13/2016 08:02AM

  Hey....what did you think about the EuroCup

ferragamo7935707/13/2016 08:18AM

  Re: There is no jinx

JamesJM30707/13/2016 08:45AM

  A friend told me parking email went out yesterday...

Ljsrams196259307/12/2016 09:38AM

  Here is what I got

stlramz73907/12/2016 11:35AM

  hey Les, can you email me?

JoeMad30807/12/2016 12:21PM

  Re: hey Les, can you email me?

Ljsrams196230707/13/2016 02:12AM

  Re: hey Les, can you email me?

JoeMad28007/13/2016 06:28AM

  Donation Information?

SalsaRama55107/12/2016 10:02PM

  Re: Donation Information?

Shaky30507/13/2016 01:25AM

  Yeah, I need to get the paypal donation page put back in place

Ramsrule32107/13/2016 02:54AM

  Rams News Recap: July 12

RamBill52907/12/2016 09:25PM

  Rams sell out of season tickets in six hours

RamBill58007/12/2016 08:42PM

  we're back....

LMU9365907/12/2016 12:41AM

  ditto nm

joram31507/12/2016 02:12AM

  Thanks Guys!!!! Great Job. nm

Ram Fan Teacher33207/12/2016 02:53AM

  Re: we're back....

roman1833207/12/2016 05:04AM


sean39007/12/2016 06:27AM

  Nice Job!

JoeMad31307/12/2016 08:57AM

  Welcome Back

IowaRam33207/12/2016 01:19PM

  +1 (nm)

mexram27707/12/2016 01:47PM

  Missed this board greatly!!

LaloRam28707/12/2016 04:27PM

  Great Job!

Crazylegs34407/12/2016 04:50PM

  The old sayin- don't know what you have until it's gone

Rampage2K-39707/12/2016 06:50PM

  Very Greatful this Board is Back Up and Running

azramfan30607/12/2016 07:21PM

  Gabriel Interview

Blue and Gold61507/12/2016 01:49PM

  Awesome! Thanks!!....

Crazylegs34107/12/2016 04:47PM

  Re: Awesome! Thanks!!....

Shaky31307/12/2016 05:12PM

  Loved Roman Gabriel!

LaloRam30907/12/2016 06:02PM

  Did someone push the red button?

Billy_T72807/12/2016 01:15PM

  It was probably Arnold...

JamesJM43607/12/2016 02:50PM

  Re: It was probably Arnold...

Billy_T35607/12/2016 03:00PM

  Re: Not the red one!! Don't ever push the red one!

Billy_T60007/12/2016 02:52PM

  for the younger crowd..... classic Ren and Stimpy button skit

Ramsrule43707/12/2016 04:57PM

  Re: for the younger crowd..... classic Ren and Stimpy button skit

Billy_T35707/12/2016 05:33PM

  Welcome back brothers !!!!

mexram52007/12/2016 01:22PM

  hope you make it bro!

Ramsrule28607/12/2016 05:03PM

  NFL camp preview: Rams' offense leans on rookies

leafnose69007/12/2016 03:50AM


Saguaro34307/12/2016 07:52AM

  Re: So...

SoCalRAMatic29607/12/2016 02:59PM

  Rams to open 2018 season in China vs. 49ers, report says

RamBill48307/12/2016 01:28PM

  YES! Now.. where were we on Warner/Bulger...?

sstrams59307/12/2016 01:33AM

  thanks man.....

Ramsrule36207/12/2016 03:32AM

  My pleasure.. and I got a TON of Bradford points I need to make..

sstrams40507/12/2016 03:44AM

  Dude, they've all been made!!

AlbaNY_Ram37107/12/2016 10:10AM


Ramadune31107/12/2016 10:25AM


sstrams33407/12/2016 01:21PM

  GM Les Snead on the State of the Rams

RamBill70107/12/2016 11:16AM

  L A Rams: Goff-Gurley combo could be devastating...

Rams4362307/12/2016 05:25AM

  Ramsrule will be fine... Attachments

JamesJM85607/11/2016 07:51PM

  Inner demons got to me...

JamesJM42407/11/2016 08:01PM

  Man it feels good to see this board back up.

ArizonaRamFan34407/11/2016 08:32PM

  Re: Man it feels good to see this board back up.

deepsouthram34307/12/2016 04:49AM


Ramsrule32307/12/2016 02:04AM

  Re: LOL......

Shaky33207/12/2016 03:22AM

  heh heh..... NM

Ramsrule28407/12/2016 03:32AM


Drew283956007/12/2016 03:43AM

  LOL.... I would have traded places with you....

Ramsrule41807/12/2016 04:20AM

  NFC West Q&A: Who is the rising star in this division?

RamBill62907/12/2016 04:08AM

  Rams News Recap: July 11

RamBill71007/11/2016 10:11PM

  Some birthday gift Troy.

CROMWELL2171207/11/2016 07:16PM

  LOL...... yeah, it was a doozie

Ramsrule42107/11/2016 07:17PM

  Re: Some birthday gift Troy.....lol

RamFire38407/11/2016 07:21PM

  2016 Rams Schedule

Shaky61007/11/2016 05:12PM

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