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  What bugged me!

Ramkind18612/09/2018 07:03PM

  Re: What bugged me!

RamsfanRobLA6612/09/2018 07:07PM

  Re: What bugged me!

george_allen6012/09/2018 07:08PM

  Re: What bugged me!

Rams433512/10/2018 05:15AM

  Yup, down by two scores..

sstrams2512/10/2018 05:29AM

  Last two games

Hazlet Hacksaw5712/10/2018 05:19AM

  Rams have faced a very tough schedule

LMU939112/10/2018 04:47AM

  agree they know where they stand

Hazlet Hacksaw3112/10/2018 05:17AM

  Playoffs came early

headslapper10112/09/2018 07:06PM

  I don't think we are the team to beat

ferragamo794912/09/2018 07:08PM

  Saints are the team to beat. The Bears???

Ramgator4312/09/2018 07:16PM

  Re: I don't think we are the team to beat

headslapper2412/10/2018 05:05AM

  Rams starters will be playing week 17

LMU932112/10/2018 05:13AM

  The sun will come up............

Arkansas Ram10412/09/2018 07:44PM

  Re: The sun will come up............

MamaRAMa4612/09/2018 08:37PM

  This is funny because.....

Ramgator2812/10/2018 05:04AM

  Am I the only almost TOO relaxed after last night??

Ramgator4212/10/2018 04:21AM

  Eagles game is huge

max17712/09/2018 06:45PM

  Re: Eagles have heart...

Ramsfsninmd5612/09/2018 06:46PM

  Yeah, they have way more heart than we showed tonight...

sstrams4612/09/2018 06:48PM

  no vacation for the O line next week, either

21Dog3712/09/2018 07:15PM

  Re: Yup

Speed_Kills3312/09/2018 07:17PM


LMU932312/10/2018 03:26AM

  Cowboys had almost 600 yds yesterday

Hazlet Hacksaw2912/10/2018 03:48AM

  My fear

RamsDynasty3412/10/2018 03:53AM

  Re: Eagles game is huge

CarolinaRam1812/10/2018 04:09AM

  I'm not that upset

Deadpool31912/09/2018 07:25PM

  great post nm

21Dog2412/09/2018 07:39PM

  I was calming down... heartbeat was back down to 150...

JamesJM6212/09/2018 07:45PM

  Amen nm

Ram491712/09/2018 07:47PM

  worried about Goff

ferragamo7910512/09/2018 07:50PM

  Remember KW at Carolina in 00

sacram8512/09/2018 08:14PM

  Re: worried about Goff

moklerman7512/09/2018 08:26PM

  Neither am I

Atlantic Ram4512/09/2018 09:58PM

  Re: I'm not that upset

rammertime3912/09/2018 10:54PM

  Still have not been able to watch the game

shellback4012/09/2018 11:35PM

  I'm not either

LMU933012/10/2018 03:08AM

  Well, I’m kinda upset...

Rams432712/10/2018 03:44AM

  Someone wrote....and I had thought some was true for 2 years

Steve10512/10/2018 02:49AM

  Re: Someone wrote....and I had thought some was true for 2 years

max2812/10/2018 03:37AM

  Saints and Rams could both face their "demons" in playoffs

LMU937612/10/2018 03:28AM

  Make any excuse you want

reggae32012/09/2018 07:21PM

  Re: Make any excuse you want

illini_ram9812/09/2018 07:43PM

  Re: Make any excuse you want

illini_ram3812/10/2018 03:17AM

  Jim Mora summed it up

stlramz11312/09/2018 09:05PM

  McVay insists on using pass to set up run...

spagsbacker4312/10/2018 03:03AM

  One of these games....

dodgerram6012/10/2018 02:22AM

  11 rushes 28 yards explains a lot

Rams_815612/10/2018 02:16AM

  Rams at Bears Postgame Notes (12-9-18)

RamsFootballFans.com10712/10/2018 12:16AM

  Goff Just Said . . .

Classicalwit39412/09/2018 07:15PM

  That's understood but

Ram_Ruler9712/09/2018 07:25PM

  Re: That's understood but

Classicalwit6512/09/2018 07:33PM

  It's a fair question, but i don't sense that in Goff...

JamesJM6712/09/2018 07:36PM

  Re: Goff Just Said . . .

reggae7212/09/2018 07:37PM

  His track team is relevant for the point he was making

stlramz5412/09/2018 08:59PM

  Gurley not happy.

max22012/09/2018 08:49PM

  My 'unfairness' rose to the surface tonight...

JamesJM14412/09/2018 07:05PM

  Re: My 'unfairness' rose to the surface tonight...

idaram4112/09/2018 07:31PM

  Ya know... I think that's absolutely right...

JamesJM2912/09/2018 07:33PM

  Winning is a great deodorant however

RamsDynasty2212/09/2018 08:43PM

  Dominique Hatfield

MamaRAMa16412/09/2018 08:09PM

  Re: Dominique Hatfield

LSURAM6112/09/2018 08:43PM

  Goff and Gurley woes starts with McVay

BumRap19212/09/2018 07:08PM

  Ding, ding, ding, ding......

GlacieRam5512/09/2018 07:11PM

  you caught it with you second point.

reggae3612/09/2018 07:35PM


Ram493812/09/2018 07:13PM

  Re: Something is up when actively looking for a coach to assist

BumRap4212/09/2018 07:22PM

  That was an interesting admission

Ram493212/09/2018 07:24PM

  Re: That was an interesting admission...agreed

BumRap2312/09/2018 07:30PM

  Re: That was an interesting admission...agreed

21Dog2112/09/2018 07:42PM

  There is PLENTY of blame to go around after this game...

Rams434912/09/2018 07:17PM

  Yup. (nm)

JamesJM712/09/2018 07:18PM

  Re: Game was lost before it started

BumRap4412/09/2018 07:27PM

  Re: Game was lost before it started

MamaRAMa3412/09/2018 07:30PM

  Needed 2 beta blockers...lol...nm

Arkansas Ram1112/09/2018 07:32PM

  That looked like Jeff Fisher and some OC not named McVay

BumRap2712/09/2018 07:33PM

  Re: That looked like Jeff Fisher and some OC not named McVay

zn2312/09/2018 08:40PM

  Game Recap: Rams Fall to Bears, 15-6

RamBill5012/09/2018 07:18PM

  Goff: "It’s how we respond…and I need to be better”

RamBill3612/09/2018 07:29PM

  McVay: "This is very, very humbling for me."

RamBill4912/09/2018 08:04PM

  WIn or lose...

sacram3812/09/2018 08:11PM


Arkansas Ram812/09/2018 08:14PM

  The John Johnson pic was huge

ferragamo7911612/09/2018 07:07PM

  Re: The John Johnson pic was huge

Classicalwit3512/09/2018 07:44PM

  Re: The John Johnson pic was huge

21Dog2912/09/2018 07:47PM

  Re: The John Johnson pic was huge

Classicalwit2712/09/2018 07:58PM

  I REALLY do not like "Prime Time" games anymore.

Ramgator5712/09/2018 07:11PM

  Me neither, hope we get flexed..nm

Arkansas Ram812/09/2018 07:36PM

  I am usually the one who is pissed and gripes about everything but..

Ramgator12812/09/2018 06:48PM

  Re: I am usually the one who is pissed and gripes about everything but..

george_allen3412/09/2018 07:03PM

  Honestly, I wasn't pissed as much as...

JamesJM3512/09/2018 07:06PM


Ram493112/09/2018 07:11PM

  Re: Yep

george_allen1712/09/2018 07:22PM

  Re: Yep

MamaRAMa1912/09/2018 07:25PM

  Re: Hmm not a word about Goff here

Speed_Kills2512/09/2018 07:27PM

  Another year of one and done.

GlacieRam11812/09/2018 07:16PM

  Lol really?

Speed_Kills4012/09/2018 07:20PM

  I don't think so....

JamesJM4712/09/2018 07:21PM

  Actually, I'm not as afraid of the Superdome as I was 2-3 weeks ago.

Ramgator4112/09/2018 07:25PM

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