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Re: Yeah, I concur..

July 26, 2020 01:25PM
Gilmour is awesome.. Comfortably Numb solos will, imo, go down as two of the greatest solos of all time..

There are a few I like as much, but none better.


  Drive-in entertainment

MamaRAMa47July 23, 2020 08:00AM

  We missed a Pink Floyd Tribute band

Atlantic Ram20July 24, 2020 07:26PM

  I just love Pink Floyd

ferragamo7922July 25, 2020 04:20PM

  Me too. Especially Gilmour

Atlantic Ram22July 26, 2020 09:15AM

  Yeah, I concur..

sstrams15July 26, 2020 09:18AM

  Re: Yeah, I concur..

21Dog18July 26, 2020 01:25PM

  Somehow I missed them, or nearly so...

JamesJM15July 26, 2020 02:39PM

  Third Eye Blind and other bands are playing parking lots to give heartsick fans their fix

MamaRAMa13August 01, 2020 04:33AM