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  Fox: Fisher calls out Rams for leaking contract extension

sacram85212/18/2016 11:00AM

  Re: He is dead may he rest in peace...NM

laram17112/18/2016 11:02AM

  Re: He is dead may he rest in peace...NM

kw1323812/18/2016 11:26AM

  while the leak reflects poorly on the organization......

21Dog30112/18/2016 11:32AM

  Re: Now I wish he would crawl in it....

laram25412/18/2016 11:35AM

  Plus, he was likely the leak

9er8er21312/18/2016 11:56AM

  who knows and frankly.............

21Dog23012/18/2016 11:58AM

  Yep seal the last 5 years in cement

Hazlet Hacksaw23512/18/2016 12:25PM

  But his legacy lives on

9er8er23412/18/2016 12:46PM

  Sour grapes

Hazlet Hacksaw20012/18/2016 01:24PM

  Re: Sour grapes

Blue and Gold19912/18/2016 01:32PM

  Him or me?

9er8er18112/18/2016 03:05PM

  Him sorry nm

Hazlet Hacksaw15712/18/2016 04:16PM


Hazlet Hacksaw28512/18/2016 12:11PM

  Not completely convinced.....

waterfield24112/18/2016 12:20PM

  Re: Not completely convinced.....

zn20612/18/2016 05:09PM

  Re: Not completely convinced.....

SUretHing21612/18/2016 06:06PM

  Re: Not completely convinced.....

zn17612/18/2016 06:17PM

  Re: Not completely convinced.....

SUretHing11212/18/2016 06:18PM

  Re: Not completely convinced.....

zn16512/18/2016 06:21PM

  Re: Not completely convinced.....

SUretHing11012/18/2016 06:26PM

  Re: Not completely convinced.....

bigjimram2115512/18/2016 07:47PM

  Fisher calls out Rams for leaking contract extension: ?

Florida_Ram25612/18/2016 12:01PM

  Re: Fox: Fisher calls out Rams for leaking contract extension

six2stack20812/18/2016 12:31PM

  How do you not know ?????

IowaRam22212/18/2016 01:20PM

  Leave Fosher alone he's busy designing a defense...

RFIP28412/18/2016 01:35PM

  Dumb comment

SUretHing19412/18/2016 06:09PM

  He should call out the Rams for offering an extension in the 1st Place. nm.

stlramz14912/18/2016 08:20PM

  The real question...

jemach21612/19/2016 01:08AM

  Rams have no room to experiment: NO OCs or DCs for HC

RockRam33412/19/2016 01:06AM

  Jon Gruden Mic'd Up: NFL Films (video)

Florida_Ram44212/18/2016 01:14AM

  I don't hate it.

ArizonaRamFan21912/18/2016 05:15PM

  Not sure why... but Gruden's enthusiasm comes off, to me...

JamesJM19912/18/2016 05:31PM

  he calls Goff "the Natural" (video)

Rampage2K-16512/18/2016 07:24PM

  "this kid will run through a wall to win a game for you"

Rampage2K-18012/18/2016 08:20PM

  Re: he calls Goff "the Natural" (video)

DudeRam15912/18/2016 08:22PM

  Re: he calls Goff "the Natural" (video)

Classicalwit15112/18/2016 09:35PM

  Rams News Recap: Dec.18th

RamBill30812/18/2016 09:33PM

  VIDEO: Glazer - Coaches look at Goff as a HUGE positive...

max74712/18/2016 01:09PM

  Glazer full of crap

Blue and Gold34512/18/2016 01:17PM

  Re: Gurley is a bust?

TonyHunter8737812/18/2016 01:19PM

  So do I

Blue and Gold27512/18/2016 01:22PM

  Re: No you're not...

laram32412/18/2016 01:26PM

  disappointment, yes

21Dog25612/18/2016 01:31PM

  Yep (nm)

9er8er18512/18/2016 02:45PM

  Re: for sure

TonyHunter8717412/18/2016 07:57PM

  I would love to see these quotes as well

Deadpool22612/18/2016 03:35PM

  Re: So do I

TonyHunter8717512/18/2016 08:11PM

  Re: Glazer full of crap

laram23812/18/2016 01:19PM

  lots of players here

Hazlet Hacksaw21312/18/2016 01:24PM

  Glazer is full of crap!

The_Bad_Guy23712/18/2016 01:21PM

  What's salient here...

max20812/18/2016 01:51PM

  yep maybe good news for once

Hazlet Hacksaw21712/18/2016 01:52PM

  Whats a long time? A year?

max20812/18/2016 01:54PM

  sounds good

Hazlet Hacksaw20412/18/2016 01:58PM

  Based on the history

9er8er19212/18/2016 02:43PM

  You're interpreting this wantonly

9er8er21112/18/2016 02:38PM

  Re: Glazer has always been money so

Speed_Kills33612/18/2016 01:58PM

  What!!?? You don't listen to me?

max25312/18/2016 02:20PM

  Glazer is money?

LesBaker21512/18/2016 03:36PM

  Sam Farmer and Glazer are very good...

max22712/18/2016 03:41PM

  They are both LA based guys

9er8er20712/18/2016 03:52PM

  When Glazer talks I want to shave

Deadpool21512/18/2016 03:41PM

  We've played this scene before

9er8er23212/18/2016 02:24PM

  We haven't been in LA in a long time, guess you missed that...

max20412/18/2016 03:02PM

  Right, the set is different

9er8er20912/18/2016 03:10PM

  You missed the entire point. Did you actually listen?

max20912/18/2016 03:17PM

  It's a similar script

9er8er19412/18/2016 03:33PM

  You hate the pick or the value

BumRap17712/18/2016 05:01PM

  Of Course the Rams are an attractive job

stlramz18112/18/2016 08:15PM

  My epiphany?!

CROMWELL2134112/18/2016 07:42PM

  Los Angeles Rams are Here to Stay –Video

RamBill22412/18/2016 07:13PM

  Snead sleep at the wheel??...

laram43612/18/2016 06:34PM

  Has been for 5 years. Nm

TonyHunter8711612/18/2016 06:36PM

  Re: Snead sleep at the wheel??... ZZZZ_zzzz

Florida_Ram13112/18/2016 06:47PM

  him and 31 other GM's.....

Rampage2K-12312/18/2016 06:49PM

  How dare he

Blue and Gold11712/18/2016 06:52PM

  Pats break Rams record Attachments

Blue and Gold62512/18/2016 02:27PM

  Re: I would bet big money...

laram21812/18/2016 02:35PM

  75 Rams

Hazlet Hacksaw20012/18/2016 02:47PM

  Was a tough loss

Blue and Gold18712/18/2016 02:55PM

  Squandred their best defense nm

Hazlet Hacksaw16212/18/2016 03:09PM

  very, very good defense

21Dog19212/18/2016 03:15PM

  79 defense banged up

Blue and Gold22412/18/2016 03:17PM

  entire team was banged up that year

21Dog18212/18/2016 03:19PM


Blue and Gold16012/18/2016 03:19PM

  Rod Perry! What a valiant effort on bomb to Stallworth!

Ramgator16112/18/2016 03:56PM

  And had Eddie brown not played wrong defense

Blue and Gold13212/18/2016 03:58PM

  I think you're on to something. (nm)

JamesJM14212/18/2016 02:48PM

  Re: It speaks to their dominant QB and Head Coach

Speed_Kills15512/18/2016 02:51PM

  Re: I would bet big money...

RFIP17012/18/2016 02:51PM

  Re: I would bet big money...

21Dog16712/18/2016 03:08PM

  Assuming those teams could deal with the size and speed of today's players

9er8er18512/18/2016 03:21PM

  Re: Yeah those Patriots are big and fast, eye roll...nm

laram13112/18/2016 03:31PM

  Eye-roll away

9er8er18112/18/2016 03:43PM

  Re: Yeah and Darren Woodson and Deion Sanders...

laram15912/18/2016 03:51PM


Atlantic Ram18612/18/2016 03:01PM

  What sucks Attachments

Blue and Gold16412/18/2016 03:27PM

  @#$%& the Patriots

LesBaker13712/18/2016 03:33PM

  Re: @#$%& the Patriots

TonyHunter8712512/18/2016 06:35PM

  Goff likely bust/outlier as a #1 pick

poplarbluffman80512/18/2016 06:41AM

  Re: Goff likely bust/outlier as a #1 pick

bigjimram2134112/18/2016 06:44AM

  Re: Goff likely bust/outlier as a #1 pick

TonyHunter8726512/18/2016 07:22AM

  Re: Goff likely bust/outlier as a #1 pick

poplarbluffman25112/18/2016 07:29AM

  Re: So then why should we trust this analysis?

dzrams22412/18/2016 07:52AM

  Re: So then why should we trust this analysis?

Barf3320512/18/2016 08:47AM

  Maybe now

PHDram24712/18/2016 01:05PM


Blue and Gold26312/18/2016 07:45AM

  enough with the positives on Goff, B&G....can't you see that nuthin's right!

SunTzu_vs_Camus21512/18/2016 07:53AM

  All I know is NO ONE knows what we have in Goff

Blue and Gold21112/18/2016 08:02AM

  I do...

SunTzu_vs_Camus16012/18/2016 08:07AM

  Re: Thanks for that

BumRap17012/18/2016 05:07PM

  Re: Goff likely bust/outlier as a #1 pick

Barf3322312/18/2016 08:37AM


TonyHunter8723012/18/2016 07:21AM

  Re: Nonsense

poplarbluffman20912/18/2016 07:38AM

  Re: Nonsense

Barf3321712/18/2016 08:43AM

  well, it's settled then!!

SunTzu_vs_Camus21512/18/2016 07:23AM

  What's the name of that Who song I like so much?

The_Bad_Guy33912/18/2016 07:25AM

  thought you would go with......

21Dog19312/18/2016 09:04AM


Florida_Ram13612/18/2016 07:42AM

  What some of us won't try to get away with ...

The_Bad_Guy20412/18/2016 09:02AM

  Re: What some of us won't try to get away with ...

Florida_Ram16412/18/2016 09:13AM

  Don't quit your day job....

Rampage2K-23112/18/2016 07:53AM

  that's a popular bluff, man...

SunTzu_vs_Camus22012/18/2016 07:55AM

  Goff will be fine.....

ramjam7921312/18/2016 08:01AM

  Re: Goff likely bust/outlier as a #1 pick

Barf3322812/18/2016 08:41AM


RamUK22012/18/2016 03:29PM

  Here's what's really funny....but not haha funny

9er8er18912/18/2016 05:08PM

  Re: Here's what's really funny....but not haha funny

zn19412/18/2016 05:26PM

  Add one more to the stack

9er8er21712/18/2016 05:38PM

  Re: Add one more to the stack

zn10912/18/2016 05:44PM

  My complaint at this point

9er8er16712/18/2016 06:03PM

  So you're saying

RamUK21212/18/2016 05:55PM

  Re: Hilarious and no HC coming will care about this

BumRap19112/18/2016 05:06PM

  Ideal coach to build around Goff strengths ?

Al4544012/18/2016 03:55PM

  Shanahan and Bevel

Blue and Gold19912/18/2016 03:57PM

  Re: Ideal coach to build around Goff strengths ?

Barf3318712/18/2016 04:02PM

  They shouldn't be hiring a "Head Coach" for that

9er8er15212/18/2016 04:27PM

  Re: If Goff is not the guy? The guy is not on our team

BumRap17312/18/2016 04:53PM

  How do we know?

9er8er16112/18/2016 05:30PM

  Go Bucs

Speed_Kills27612/18/2016 05:24PM

  Re: Nice TD

Speed_Kills11412/18/2016 05:26PM

  Rams not the worst at pass protection ...

BobCarl51512/17/2016 03:25PM

  Re: Rams not the worst at pass protection ...

poplarbluffman13912/18/2016 02:04AM

  Was just going to post that

Hazlet Hacksaw14912/18/2016 05:06AM

  I Would Like To Know A Few Stats

RamFanInPA15912/18/2016 01:39PM

  the eyes dont lie

Hazlet Hacksaw14812/18/2016 01:50PM

  Re: I Would Like To Know A Few Stats

BobCarl14812/18/2016 04:46PM

  Is It Possible...................

RamFanInPA13712/18/2016 04:54PM

  So I'm watching a Hallmark Christmas movie w/Mrs RFIP

RFIP45412/18/2016 02:47PM

  Watching Hallmark right now with my Wife!

Ramgator17512/18/2016 04:00PM

  Re: Watching Hallmark right now with my Wife!

RFIP17712/18/2016 04:06PM

  Re: Watching Hallmark right now with my Wife!

IowaRam12912/18/2016 04:11PM

  Has anyone lost twice to a team

Hazlet Hacksaw49412/18/2016 01:40PM

  I think that has happened

Blue and Gold20012/18/2016 01:42PM

  that is brutal

Hazlet Hacksaw17712/18/2016 01:43PM

  That Rams/49ers game could be......

HighPlainsDrifter20312/18/2016 01:46PM

  there will be more than 15 points

Hazlet Hacksaw16712/18/2016 01:48PM

  We've come a long way since week 4, baby!

9er8er18812/18/2016 02:06PM

  Didn't the Oilers beat the Steelers like that

LesBaker15712/18/2016 03:27PM

  Counting the last game of last of eason

IowaRam17812/18/2016 01:48PM

  yes but in a season - do we know ?

Hazlet Hacksaw17512/18/2016 01:51PM

  Re: Has anyone lost twice to a team

stlramman24912/18/2016 01:55PM


Hazlet Hacksaw16512/18/2016 01:56PM

  Has there ever been......

HighPlainsDrifter18112/18/2016 02:06PM

  Sorta the opposite in 1999. The Jags had three loses.

Ramgator14712/18/2016 02:14PM

  The 1981 Bawlmer Colts...

Ramsfsninmd16412/18/2016 02:57PM

  I was right!

Ramsfsninmd15412/18/2016 02:59PM

  I thought it had happened, but couldn't remember specifics

Blue and Gold11612/18/2016 03:12PM

  Re: I thought it had happened, but couldn't remember specifics

21Dog18912/18/2016 03:16PM

  1982 and 2009

Blue and Gold17112/18/2016 03:21PM

  How many think it's one and done for Kelly in San Fran ?

IowaRam15412/18/2016 04:04PM

  I think he's gone

Blue and Gold17012/18/2016 04:07PM

  The Rams Really Goofed Drafting Greg Robinson

Classicalwit35012/18/2016 03:34PM

  have to admire this guy's creativity

21Dog37212/18/2016 03:25PM

  Actually 0-20 if we add pre season

LesBaker14712/18/2016 03:30PM

  Falcons gotta love the NFC West......

HighPlainsDrifter29812/18/2016 02:19PM

  Re: Falcons gotta love the NFC West......should be 4-0

Rampage2K-13712/18/2016 03:18PM

  Saints love it too

9er8er13612/18/2016 03:24PM

  The Cards are a mess

PaulButcher5934112/18/2016 01:58PM

  Re: That defense has totally caved...NM

laram14512/18/2016 02:00PM

  I thought they would show up at home today..

PaulButcher5916612/18/2016 02:11PM

  Re: Well minus the fumbles, the offense has...NM

laram14512/18/2016 02:19PM

  Spoken like a man who...

RFIP17812/18/2016 02:24PM

  Zoot suits Attachments

Blue and Gold30512/18/2016 02:02PM

  Re: Zoot suits

IowaRam19212/18/2016 02:16PM

  Tell the TRUTH Jay Glazer...

laram91112/18/2016 07:29AM

  I doubt it....

SunTzu_vs_Camus21012/18/2016 07:30AM

  Me too...

max27112/18/2016 07:34AM


ferragamo7927912/18/2016 07:33AM

  They're not getting it right so far

9er8er26612/18/2016 07:33AM


max15312/18/2016 07:36AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

laram27712/18/2016 07:41AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

Rampage2K-23612/18/2016 07:47AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

9er8er21612/18/2016 08:14AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

Rampage2K-21712/18/2016 08:41AM

  Once again

9er8er21812/18/2016 08:44AM

  Re: Once again

Rampage2K-18812/18/2016 08:50AM

  No, you didn't forget

9er8er19612/18/2016 09:23AM

  Re: No, you didn't forget

Rampage2K-18512/18/2016 09:31AM

  I know this

9er8er27112/18/2016 09:52AM

  Jay Glazer does?

LesBaker23512/18/2016 07:59AM

  Re: And with posters like you in mind...

laram21812/18/2016 08:07AM

  Re: Jay Glazer does?

Blue and Gold18812/18/2016 08:12AM

  Glazer doesn't say a word about the Rams' process........

HighPlainsDrifter19712/18/2016 08:26AM

  He's over the top IMO

LesBaker17112/18/2016 08:46AM

  Not sure what you mean

9er8er27412/18/2016 08:01AM

  Re: There were three games left in the season...

laram20912/18/2016 08:25AM

  We obviously have different ideas about the problems.

9er8er29712/18/2016 08:34AM

  Re: We definitely do...

laram28412/18/2016 08:55AM

  Re: We definitely do...

9er8er22612/18/2016 09:45AM

  Re: You go with that!!...NM

laram17212/18/2016 09:48AM

  Do I have any other choice?

9er8er20412/18/2016 01:03PM

  Re: Do I have any other choice? Yes you do...

laram9112/18/2016 01:32PM

  LOL. C'mon man.

9er8er17112/18/2016 01:41PM


The_Bad_Guy11212/18/2016 09:08AM

  Re: Yeah that's a "pain threshold" issue...NM

laram17512/18/2016 09:11AM

  Re: Yeah that's a "pain threshold" issue...LOL

Florida_Ram13112/18/2016 09:35AM

  Good goobily goop!

The_Bad_Guy17412/18/2016 10:17AM

  Maybe I just have higher standards

9er8er20212/18/2016 09:28AM

  Re: Or could it be...

laram18512/18/2016 09:34AM

  That's understandable

The_Bad_Guy18112/18/2016 09:37AM

  There is no gate keeper

9er8er16212/18/2016 09:54AM

  Thanks ...

The_Bad_Guy16912/18/2016 10:11AM

  Harvey is leading the search...

max25212/18/2016 08:37AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

tonyde20012/18/2016 01:04PM

  Re: They're not getting it right so far

Florida_Ram24212/18/2016 08:04AM

  Re: They're not getting it right so far

Rampage2K-19612/18/2016 08:32AM

  I'd feel much better if you....

RFIP23512/18/2016 07:36AM

  Re: Kirwan essentially said the same on air

Speed_Kills22912/18/2016 09:11AM

  why is it so coveted?

Deadpool23012/18/2016 09:58AM

  Re: why is it so coveted?

Rampage2K-21512/18/2016 10:13AM

  I do get out

Deadpool12212/18/2016 10:38AM

  I agree Dead...

PaulButcher5919412/18/2016 10:13AM

  Re: Well bud considering this, I'm not surprised...

laram20412/18/2016 10:13AM

  appreciate the response

Deadpool30312/18/2016 10:32AM

  It's great to see somebody skeptical of that assumption

9er8er20412/18/2016 01:38PM

  Re: Tell the TRUTH Jay Glazer...

bbfulton326012/18/2016 10:03AM


GreatRamNTheSky18912/18/2016 10:43AM

  +1 Love this laram!! nm

Ram Fan Teacher18212/18/2016 11:10AM

  your lips to the football gods ears

Hazlet Hacksaw16312/18/2016 12:48PM

  Janoris Jenkins possible organ damage.....

HighPlainsDrifter45112/18/2016 01:36PM

  Class act

Blue and Gold35512/18/2016 12:32PM

  Shame he's such a putz......

HighPlainsDrifter15712/18/2016 12:35PM

  Falcons have an absolute hammer at FB......

HighPlainsDrifter23112/18/2016 12:16PM

  Patrick DiMarco

Blue and Gold8312/18/2016 12:28PM

  Man is Vic Beasely fast

Hazlet Hacksaw20612/18/2016 12:21PM

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