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Back from Sofi….

September 18, 2023 07:49AM
Man, that was a heartbreaker….. ONE mistake was the difference.

I’m sure you can guess which one that was the major turning point, yes, the Williams drop pick banghead

Yes, you never want to blame one play or player, but that is the one that turned the tide….

Bright side, Rams showed they can hang with anyone…Niners suppose to be best team in NFL and Rams had them on the ropes without our best offensive player on the field.

I hate moral victories, but this was one of them…..very easily could have been an actual victory

Largest Niner crowd I have seen yet, it was ugly, but I will say they were pretty well behaved and nervous all game until the end.
It’s up to McVay and the Rams to get it back to normal….Had it been McVay with a 9 game win streak vs Shanny, I highly doubt the Niners would show up in droves like they do now.

Great to see George(stlramz) and Bob(AlbaNY) who stopped by the tailgate beer cheer smiley

Gonna watch the game on TV today to see what I missed from the stands, but I was very very impressed with this young team that didn’t blink yesterday.

We will be a handful for every team we play this year and can not wait to see what it looks like when we get Kupp back!!!


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  Back from Sofi….

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