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Re: Our evals vs. coach's evals

September 18, 2023 09:18AM
I like your statement: " I don't need the Rams to put Dotson in a game just so I can make my own evals."

I think our new OL cach and OC have a bigger say in who plays,etc. than their predecessors. McVay seems to be, after his post-season reflective sabbatical, more inclined to assign more responsibility to his subordinates - this frees him to do his thing, and have fun doing it.

That said, McVay isn't inclined to put players in until they're good and ready. It will take Dotson longer to get acclimated now than it would have in camp - the snaps aren't there. And until we clear the window of games that are crucial and situations thatballow for him to get the snaps he needs in game time, he won't get them. That is, barring injury and underwhelming performance of the player he would replace.

As to coaches decisions: Noteboom played better than the board's pick at RG, Anchrum. Boom did surprisingly well with run blocking (though I hope for bettter) and was solid in pass pro. It's a good thing they, and not we, made the call.

Coaches will have to juggle the conundrum of Noteboom's injury ups and downs vs.the quality of play of whoever will replace him. For now we have a known but lesser commodity in Anchrum and a potentially better but unproven one in Dotson.

I have to disagree about your assessment that Boom did surprisingly well at run blocking. I saw him making repeated whiffs and at times was pushed off balance and backwards in pass pro at times. So much so that I was fearful that he would get hurt.

Why did Rams struggle more in pass pro after Boom’s departure? Well, partly because 49ers started bringing 5 guys and partly because 49ers knew we had to pass more when we fell behind. It wasn’t strictly because Boom left the game. Although I will say that Anchrum embarrassed himself by ignoring that rusher who blew past him for the only sack. Sigh…

  Time to check out Dotson?

roman18384September 18, 2023 07:37AM

  Yep I feel the same way Brother

BerendsenRam71September 18, 2023 07:40AM

  Has he played at all

Stafford971September 18, 2023 07:43AM

  Re: He's already been checked out

AlbaNY_Ram97September 18, 2023 08:16AM

  LOL...OK so you have no ideas or opinions on the roster....

roman1864September 18, 2023 08:30AM

  Re: Our evals vs. coach's evals

mtramfan48September 18, 2023 09:11AM

  Re: Our evals vs. coach's evals

Rams4343September 18, 2023 09:18AM

  Re: Our evals vs. coach's evals

mtramfan37September 18, 2023 10:54AM

  I gotta disagree.....

roman1849September 18, 2023 10:25AM

  Re: I gotta disagree.....

AlbaNY_Ram35September 18, 2023 01:42PM

  Of course I wouldn't say "I don't care"......

roman1820September 19, 2023 03:37AM

  The thing is.........

Arkansas Ram79September 18, 2023 08:35AM

  Re: The thing is.........

Rams4366September 18, 2023 08:37AM

  Re: Time to check out Dotson?

oldschoolramfan42September 18, 2023 04:50PM