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  I sent a love note to my doctors receptionist...

JamesJM29709/14/2016 04:44AM

  Re: I sent a love note to my doctors receptionist...

waterfield16009/14/2016 06:51AM

  Telemarketers are out of control...

JamesJM32409/13/2016 11:05AM

  USED to tick me off. But now? I SCREW WITH THEM!

Ramgator17309/13/2016 11:36AM

  I get those guys occasionally....

JamesJM16109/13/2016 12:06PM

  Here's what I've done more than once

waterfield15709/13/2016 02:08PM

  Re: Telemarketers are out of control...

MamaRAMa16309/13/2016 07:09PM

  we do the same thing

21Dog16209/13/2016 07:27PM

  Rams stuff, but not for the Herd.. it's just my weirdness...

JamesJM35509/13/2016 05:58PM

  GEESH! How easily I can get into a nostalgic mode!

Ramgator41908/09/2016 10:39AM

  Just ordered a Sunbeam Tiger

IowaRam29609/02/2016 07:59PM

  You guys are gonna...

sstrams23309/03/2016 04:39AM

  You were actually the inspiration for ordering that model

IowaRam25109/04/2016 08:51AM

  Monty Python Coconuts

IowaRam24509/04/2016 09:02AM


sstrams21209/04/2016 12:10PM

  Was always going to ask

IowaRam20009/04/2016 01:58PM


sstrams22009/04/2016 02:03PM


IowaRam18409/04/2016 02:03PM

  I know, right?

sstrams22809/04/2016 02:04PM

  I forgot...

sstrams21009/04/2016 01:25PM

  My brother

IowaRam21509/04/2016 02:00PM

  I believe it...

sstrams24409/04/2016 02:07PM

  Here's the Ace boots and signed photo I have.. Attachments

sstrams20909/04/2016 02:10PM

  Now those would have to be displayed

IowaRam19809/04/2016 04:17PM

  Yeah Ace is great..

sstrams25109/05/2016 04:12AM

  Rememeber the TV show Fridays ?

IowaRam21209/08/2016 04:07PM

  Yeah, I was done...

sstrams20609/09/2016 05:45AM

  I have that same book SST

ferragamo7919509/12/2016 07:44AM

  Yeah, that one's definitely the one to have..

sstrams20209/12/2016 07:55AM

  yeah mine is starting to come apart a little

ferragamo7921509/12/2016 08:08AM

  That's what I worried about..

sstrams19209/12/2016 08:12AM

  I don't have the book

IowaRam19109/12/2016 03:07PM

  that was cool

ferragamo7919209/13/2016 08:14AM

  For those who are in Northern Calif

waterfield22209/03/2016 06:49AM

  Hobby Shops

IowaRam25609/04/2016 09:50AM

  Those were the days

IowaRam24909/04/2016 09:52AM

  I still recall my first model plane.

Ramgator23609/03/2016 06:12PM

  I think my first plane..

sstrams23909/04/2016 07:08AM

  My last plane I ever built

IowaRam18709/04/2016 08:14AM

  Love the Dr.1...

sstrams20609/04/2016 12:13PM

  Lemme guess!

Ramgator21009/09/2016 04:16AM

  I have no clue what my first model plane.was

IowaRam24909/04/2016 08:31AM

  WOW!!! The Aurora Monsters collection!!!!

Ramgator19109/09/2016 04:19AM

  I had the Wolfman..

sstrams18409/10/2016 07:09AM

  I have on my desk right now....

Ramgator18209/09/2016 04:22AM

  Re: GEESH! How easily I can get into a nostalgic mode!

73Ram18609/11/2016 06:35AM

  Since Old Hacker left.. is there a single other...

JamesJM52809/01/2016 08:36PM

  Re: Since Old Hacker left.. is there a single other...

MamaRAMa24709/02/2016 03:57AM

  I like country

Drew283924009/02/2016 07:27AM

  WOW, you lucky son of a gun...

JamesJM23509/02/2016 10:50AM

  Do Merle and Willie count?

waterfield29309/02/2016 08:51AM

  Sure it counts...

JamesJM21809/02/2016 10:51AM

  me, too

21Dog29609/02/2016 02:50PM

  Country and Weastern

IowaRam23909/02/2016 02:23PM

  Bob's Country Bunker nm

21Dog27709/02/2016 02:49PM

  I'm a fan of the Marty Stuart Show

IowaRam22409/02/2016 03:10PM

  Probably should also mention

IowaRam20209/02/2016 03:31PM

  But now , if you gentlemen will excuse me

IowaRam22609/02/2016 03:32PM

  I prefer the old story tellers....

73Ram23609/05/2016 05:48AM

  Story tellers.

waterfield23009/05/2016 08:04AM

  Re: Story tellers.

IowaRam23409/06/2016 02:30PM

  Re: Story tellers...yep

Arkansas Ram21809/12/2016 07:09AM

  Not fair to mention story tellers and not mention...

JamesJM18109/12/2016 10:52AM

  I like Country a lot. Just not the last 15 years or so. These days...

Ramgator23209/06/2016 08:19AM

  Think I've discovered a new appreciation for classic country

IowaRam21309/06/2016 02:40PM

  Re: Think I've discovered a new appreciation for classic country

IowaRam25209/06/2016 02:51PM

  Well not sure if it's country but I love J. Cash

Atlantic Ram23709/06/2016 04:25PM

  I would definitely call him country...

JamesJM25609/06/2016 04:48PM

  one of the best albums ever

21Dog21309/07/2016 04:08AM

  I bet you have/had one hell of a record collection

Atlantic Ram22409/07/2016 07:55PM

  I've got about 300 LPs

21Dog21009/07/2016 08:39PM

  Funny you should bring that up....

JamesJM26109/08/2016 12:58PM

  vinyl is making a bit of a comeback

21Dog19609/08/2016 03:43PM

  Re: vinyl is making a bit of a comeback

IowaRam21109/08/2016 04:10PM

  country and western...

LMU9322309/07/2016 05:46AM


IowaRam25009/07/2016 02:54PM

  Re: Ruth

IowaRam21009/07/2016 03:09PM

  Tsk tsk...

sanfRAM26609/11/2016 07:12AM

  I don't believe I have ever been as hopeful ...

Arkansas Ram30209/12/2016 06:02AM

  My only question is

waterfield14009/12/2016 06:56AM

  Re: My only question is

Arkansas Ram17209/12/2016 07:03AM

  Re: I don't believe I have ever been as hopeful ...

IowaRam16409/12/2016 07:11AM

  LOL...love it...........nm

Arkansas Ram15009/12/2016 07:17AM

  Gonna be fun, Arkansas...

sstrams18109/12/2016 08:14AM

  Re: Gonna be fun, Arkansas...

Arkansas Ram14909/12/2016 08:22AM

  We've already been past that, Arkansas..

sstrams16509/12/2016 08:25AM

  My Saturday selfie Attachments

JamesJM32009/10/2016 09:20AM

  Re: My Saturday selfie

73Ram19709/11/2016 06:28AM

  by golly they kind of do look like rose colored glasses...

JamesJM17809/11/2016 07:16PM

  A wonderful story arising out of the attack on 9/11

waterfield33209/10/2016 02:07PM

  That was a nice read

LesBaker20009/10/2016 05:50PM

  Re: That was a nice read

21Dog17109/11/2016 04:19AM

  Re: A wonderful story arising out of the attack on 9/11

MamaRAMa16609/11/2016 07:52AM

  And now for the song that will get stuck in your head

IowaRam32709/08/2016 04:13PM

  OK....where to start???

73Ram17109/11/2016 07:11AM

  Youth Football... rough start for the year....

JamesJM31209/10/2016 05:47AM

  Pet Peeve: There's "magic" and then there's magic.

Billy_T35809/08/2016 03:41AM

  Re: Pet Peeve: There's "magic" and then there's magic.

~lyser24209/08/2016 04:43AM

  Re: Pet Peeve: There's "magic" and then there's magic.

Billy_T19809/08/2016 05:38AM

  Re: Pet Peeve: There's "magic" and then there's magic.

~lyser24509/08/2016 06:05AM

  Re: Pet Peeve: There's "magic" and then there's magic.

Billy_T24909/08/2016 07:09AM

  Re: Pet Peeve: There's "magic" and then there's magic.

~lyser23109/08/2016 07:41AM

  I would be impressed..

sstrams21709/08/2016 07:48AM

  Re: I would be impressed..

~lyser17009/08/2016 10:15AM

  Good to see you, too, ~lyser!

sstrams22709/08/2016 11:22AM

  Re: Pet Peeve: There's "magic" and then there's magic.

Billy_T19009/08/2016 08:20AM

  Always good to see you

LesBaker22309/08/2016 09:06AM

  Re: Always good to see you

~lyser19909/08/2016 10:16AM

  Why yes I am

LesBaker22909/08/2016 12:39PM

  Another angle on this: I call it the JJ Abrams effect.

Billy_T25109/08/2016 08:31AM

  Re: Another angle on this: I call it the JJ Abrams effect.

~lyser27309/08/2016 10:13AM

  Re: Thanks, Lyser

Billy_T21009/08/2016 04:40PM

  Hmmm, well....

JamesJM22709/08/2016 10:34AM

  Re: A belated redirection.

Billy_T22909/08/2016 04:35PM

  ABC Comes To Kerman... video and photos Attachments

JamesJM32109/02/2016 10:27AM

  Go Titans

IowaRam22809/03/2016 11:49AM

  Thought this was cool

IowaRam16609/08/2016 04:30PM

  No More TOPPS Football Trading Cards

IowaRam31109/08/2016 08:41AM

  Re: No More TOPPS Football Trading Cards

BigGame8122209/08/2016 08:47AM


IowaRam16809/08/2016 08:56AM

  Expensive and worthless now

LesBaker18409/08/2016 09:09AM

  Remember baseball card shows?

BigGame8119109/08/2016 09:25AM

  Labor Day Weekend just isn't the same

IowaRam37009/04/2016 11:15AM

  Re: Labor Day Weekend just isn't the same

MamaRAMa21109/04/2016 03:22PM

  Re: Labor Day Weekend just isn't the same

IowaRam19809/04/2016 04:24PM

  I think Mama summed it up.

Ramgator20509/06/2016 08:25AM

  I grew up there, agree 100%...

LMU9319409/07/2016 05:56AM

  Re: I grew up there, agree 100%...

MamaRAMa17709/08/2016 03:25AM

  Hugh O'Brian RIP- Ram connection

JamesJM32109/06/2016 01:46AM

  Hacked Credit Card and Youth Football made this weekend...

JamesJM36509/05/2016 09:38AM

  Last time I had a card..

sstrams20309/05/2016 10:12AM


JamesJM19709/05/2016 10:32AM


Ramgator40008/31/2016 03:04PM

  Pardon my macho...

JamesJM19808/31/2016 04:06PM

  With ya on that one..

sstrams20009/01/2016 06:22AM

  Me too

waterfield17809/01/2016 11:34AM

  That could be the best....

JamesJM19509/01/2016 05:28PM


IowaRam23508/31/2016 05:30PM


MamaRAMa26409/01/2016 06:51AM

  Hurricanes = DAYS to plan. Tornadoes????

Ramgator18609/03/2016 06:09PM

  Some photos from Waterfield... Attachments

JamesJM34209/02/2016 01:49PM


waterfield18309/02/2016 04:08PM

  Here's a photo of my grandson Attachments

waterfield18709/02/2016 08:44PM

  Sorry, Waterfield...

JamesJM19109/02/2016 09:28PM

  Nelson Spruce... not for the Herd Board...

JamesJM45709/01/2016 07:44PM

  Re: Nelson Spruce... not for the Herd Board...

waterfield21709/02/2016 08:58AM

  That was all I could think of...

JamesJM21109/02/2016 10:47AM

  Re: That was all I could think of...

waterfield18109/02/2016 12:16PM

  I forgot to mention....

JamesJM17409/02/2016 01:00PM

  My son played Rugby....

waterfield20209/02/2016 01:09PM

  I emailed them. (nm).

waterfield19309/02/2016 01:11PM

  Niner game food choices? Help!

LaloRam41808/31/2016 05:54PM

  Sorry for off-football topic, wasn't sure where to

LaloRam24008/31/2016 06:05PM

  How about Pea Soup? NM

roman1818909/01/2016 03:02AM

  Whiner weiners?

sstrams19209/01/2016 06:23AM

  Make it simple

waterfield19809/01/2016 11:39AM


Atlantic Ram19609/01/2016 05:00PM

  Re: Appreciate the responses!

LaloRam19109/02/2016 04:00AM

  SETI finds a strong signal...

JamesJM42908/30/2016 08:36PM

  Saw that on the news...

sstrams21608/31/2016 03:02AM

  More amazing than discovering Alien life...(youth football)

JamesJM23108/31/2016 04:01AM

  No way Wilt's record is broken

ferragamo7920008/31/2016 07:53AM

  The Bigfoot gene

Atlantic Ram19308/31/2016 06:30PM

  Getting here...

JamesJM21408/31/2016 06:39PM


Atlantic Ram21108/31/2016 08:48PM

  Haven't you guys ever..

sstrams19309/01/2016 03:05AM

  Sounds painful to me..

JamesJM19609/01/2016 06:27AM

  Oh crap that's an awful ..

sstrams18409/01/2016 07:01AM

  Jeez... do I die in that?

Atlantic Ram17509/01/2016 04:55PM

  There already here

waterfield18309/01/2016 11:25AM

  Re: SETI finds a strong signal...

IowaRam20308/31/2016 07:22PM

  Facebook just blew up

IowaRam25809/01/2016 01:19PM

  Read an article on this today.. NOW..

sstrams19109/01/2016 03:03PM

  Niner-hating themed food...

LaloRam31408/31/2016 06:07PM

  A Dog's Purpose - Official Trailer

IowaRam37608/29/2016 05:52PM

  what a great premise for a movie

ferragamo7920108/30/2016 02:40PM

  My wife read the book...

sstrams19908/31/2016 02:54AM

  Oh man, got a notification that Gene Wilder has died...

JamesJM35308/29/2016 10:45AM

  Yeah, I saw about 20 posts on facebook..

sstrams21708/29/2016 10:57AM

  Agree about the genuinely good guy sentiment

Atlantic Ram22208/30/2016 05:34PM

  oh man

IowaRam21408/29/2016 02:48PM

  every once in a while

ferragamo7923708/30/2016 07:23AM

  Re: Oh man, got a notification that Gene Wilder has died...

21Dog20708/29/2016 03:14PM

  William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

IowaRam30908/30/2016 01:53PM

  This topic has been moved. Niner game food choices? Help!

LaloRam10109/01/2016 03:28AM

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