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  We should extend Fisher NOW. Here's why...

dzrams27309/12/2016 09:31PM

  Re: We should extend Fisher NOW. Here's why...

Rams439909/12/2016 09:34PM

  All of the Rams drives today

LARams1729209/12/2016 09:30PM

  To keep it simple and say it mildly...WOW!!!

LibertyRAM26109/12/2016 09:23PM

  Re: up there with the Ken Norton goal post attack game

BumRap12109/12/2016 09:30PM

  James Laurinaitis ...

Classicalwit28609/12/2016 08:05PM

  Oh Please!! Would Have Benn Worse With Him nm

RamFanInPA8409/12/2016 09:00PM


BumRap8609/12/2016 09:22PM

  Good read. (nm)

JamesJM6109/12/2016 09:25PM

  Re: James Laurinaitis ...

DESERT RAM8709/12/2016 09:16PM

  Re: James Laurinaitis ...

reggae7909/12/2016 09:25PM

  Thomas down blocked Attachments

Blue and Gold25409/12/2016 09:24PM

  Boras' day are numbered IMO...The bus is speeding up

BumRap25709/12/2016 09:17PM

  Rams D versus 12 personnel on Hyde's 1st TD Attachments

Blue and Gold23109/12/2016 09:13PM

  Re: Rams D versus 12 personnel on Hyde's 1st TD Attachments

Blue and Gold13209/12/2016 09:16PM

  I guess Kennum had a meltdown

SUretHing47509/12/2016 08:28PM

  Re: I guess Kennum had a meltdown

ramBRO12209/12/2016 08:32PM

  Niether do I

SUretHing9809/12/2016 08:35PM

  Re: Niether do I

ramBRO9009/12/2016 08:45PM

  Me Too.

SUretHing7609/12/2016 08:48PM

  More than questioned

9er8er15809/12/2016 08:36PM

  Oh come on, NOBODY could have predicted that meltdown

ArizonaRamFan15009/12/2016 08:33PM

  Well someone will say..

SUretHing9809/12/2016 08:36PM

  That's what I'm referring to

ArizonaRamFan8709/12/2016 08:38PM

  Yeah I know

SUretHing8409/12/2016 08:40PM

  Re: That's what I'm referring to

zn15909/12/2016 09:02PM

  Nothing obscure

SUretHing7409/12/2016 09:09PM

  Re: I guess Kennum had a meltdown

reggae8909/12/2016 08:38PM

  Re: play Goff

Speed_Kills10209/12/2016 08:39PM

  Yeah, I don't want to see that at this point.

Saguaro11909/12/2016 08:41PM

  Keep him in the cupboard - couldn't agree more

ArizonaRamFan8009/12/2016 08:44PM

  Re: another lost year buddy?

Speed_Kills9109/12/2016 08:44PM

  All I can say is...

Saguaro9809/12/2016 08:47PM

  Re: All I can say is...

JamesJM8009/12/2016 08:50PM

  Re: made me smile too nm

Speed_Kills6609/12/2016 08:51PM

  hehe, thanks Speed. (nm)

JamesJM8109/12/2016 08:52PM

  Re: Well yes of course

Speed_Kills7909/12/2016 08:50PM

  I know you did.

Saguaro7609/12/2016 08:52PM

  Not too soon

SUretHing7609/12/2016 08:54PM

  And on that note

SUretHing9209/12/2016 08:51PM

  Re:I watched like a feaken Zombie

BumRap8909/12/2016 09:02PM

  But remember Snisher said...

SUretHing7009/12/2016 09:15PM

  Correct but..

SUretHing9709/12/2016 08:45PM

  Naw, he should be fine

9er8er12809/12/2016 08:50PM

  That is his only option

SUretHing8909/12/2016 08:43PM

  It's not people being positive on this board...

JamesJM9209/12/2016 08:52PM

  Correctamundo, James.

Saguaro9909/12/2016 08:55PM

  Re: LOL! BTW, Schottenheimer was best OC we've had since...

BumRap8609/12/2016 08:57PM

  My Point exactly

SUretHing7509/12/2016 09:04PM

  28-0 with Goff is acceptable

napoli21709/12/2016 09:12PM

  Offense may have been terrible but I see some problems on D

BumRap21409/12/2016 09:09PM

  Well, are there still any passengers on the "extend Fisher" train?

Rams4321409/12/2016 08:36PM

  I was already done

SUretHing8609/12/2016 08:38PM

  that train

21Dog10309/12/2016 08:50PM

  Snead and Fisher on the extension train.

Saguaro11509/12/2016 09:04PM

  Fisher.."15 other teams also lost this weekend"

Ram138035409/12/2016 08:49PM

  He's got nuthin. That's it. He's got nuthin. nm

Saguaro9609/12/2016 08:50PM

  Re He's so done. Nm

Speed_Kills8009/12/2016 08:52PM

  LA is going to eat this man alive

ArizonaRamFan18709/12/2016 08:54PM

  14 of them actually scored points.............nm

IowaRam9109/12/2016 08:52PM

  only one of them got blown by one.....

21Dog14709/12/2016 08:53PM

  Re: only one of them got blown by one.....

Ram138020009/12/2016 08:55PM

  It's certainly something that makes one...

JamesJM14409/12/2016 08:58PM

  Re: Fisher.."15 other teams also lost this weekend"

MamaRAMa18309/12/2016 08:57PM

  comments like that are borderline insulting nm

21Dog8409/12/2016 08:59PM

  So after 5 years the best we get is.....................

IowaRam18409/12/2016 09:00PM


hammer21909/12/2016 09:00PM

  So much for Groh bringing anything to this offense....

Rampage2K-32709/12/2016 08:21PM

  That was the worst part

Hazlet Hacksaw10809/12/2016 08:32PM

  Way too late, now, R2K, to blame anybody but Fish. nm

Saguaro8209/12/2016 08:36PM

  Re: Way too late, now, R2K, to blame anybody but Fish....no doubt

Rampage2K-9209/12/2016 08:39PM

  calls and schemes don't matter much.......

21Dog11809/12/2016 08:53PM

  One of these days

9er8er8909/12/2016 08:40PM

  Re: So much for Groh bringing anything to this offense....

reggae8209/12/2016 08:40PM

  Re: So much for Groh and Boras...

Florida_Ram9509/12/2016 08:45PM

  No worries

SUretHing16109/12/2016 08:57PM

  LA Rams now have a six-quarter scoreless streak dating to X-Mas Eve 1994.

Blue and Gold33809/12/2016 08:27PM

  Re: LA Rams now have a six-quarter scoreless streak dating to X-Mas Eve 1994.

TonyHunter8714409/12/2016 08:57PM

  cbs 610 made the comment

Los Angeles Lenny28109/12/2016 08:53PM

  OUT CLASSED tonight once game started

BumRap20309/12/2016 08:44PM

  Re: OUT CLASSED tonight once game started

Rams438909/12/2016 08:47PM

  Re: It hurt to watch and yet not a tear in my eye

BumRap9809/12/2016 08:52PM

  Fisher Must Go!!!

Ramsfan197121709/12/2016 08:45PM

  Ram players that played well?

Rams4322409/12/2016 08:43PM


reggae24909/12/2016 07:48PM

  Re: $42M

Classicalwit10209/12/2016 07:54PM

  Re: $42M

RamsDynasty8109/12/2016 08:41PM

  best thing to happen all night

Blue and Gold39609/12/2016 08:13PM

  "I expected him to go down sooner"

21Dog12309/12/2016 08:39PM

  What an embarrassment !!!!!!

Rampage2K-34709/12/2016 08:08PM

  My absolute best positive spin

Ramadune18909/12/2016 08:21PM

  I am ...

alyoshamucci20409/12/2016 08:26PM

  Re: I am ...

21Dog10509/12/2016 08:28PM

  Re: I am ...

Rams4317609/12/2016 08:30PM

  I do not like Berman... not fond of Young as an announcer either BUT..

JamesJM15509/12/2016 08:31PM

  Young was spot on

Hazlet Hacksaw11309/12/2016 08:34PM

  I thought so too....

JamesJM16609/12/2016 08:35PM

  Re: Young was spot on

Rampage2K-14709/12/2016 08:35PM

  Well, no tonight.. so just is passing...

JamesJM13509/12/2016 08:36PM

  Re: I do not like Berman... not fond of Young as an announcer either BUT..

21Dog17109/12/2016 08:35PM

  Re: What an embarrassment !!!!!!

RamFanInPA19709/12/2016 08:27PM

  Re: What an embarrassment !!!!!!

IowaRam16709/12/2016 08:33PM

  (LOL!) Did The Vikings Actually Make An Offer For Keenum?

ramBRO17609/12/2016 08:28PM

  Yeah but the question is

SUretHing8509/12/2016 08:31PM

  I'm gonna vote...both. nm

Saguaro6709/12/2016 08:34PM

  Re: Yeah but the question is

ramBRO8909/12/2016 08:36PM

  You just cannot lose it like that Attachments

Blue and Gold24309/12/2016 08:26PM

  Donald can be fixed....

JamesJM8709/12/2016 08:33PM

  The Rams pass play routes the last 5 -10 years

Ramgator31709/12/2016 05:04AM

  You know what's been horrible lately....

Guard13509/12/2016 05:09AM

  Slants always help a O line and QB

Ramgator10109/12/2016 09:53AM

  Re: Slants always help a O line and QB

SoCalRAMatic9209/12/2016 10:36AM

  we need some freakin' sticky hands receivers again... like Danny Amendola

Guard8809/12/2016 11:37AM

  Supposed to be Pharoh and Spruce

Blue and Gold7409/12/2016 12:13PM

  uh, yup...

Guard8009/12/2016 12:28PM

  especially with the vets they have

Hazlet Hacksaw7809/12/2016 03:48PM

  Gotta have time, receivers and a good QB

Hazlet Hacksaw11709/12/2016 05:13AM

  Ya, we got none of that

Old Goat7009/12/2016 08:30PM

  Re: The Rams pass play routes the last 5 -10 years

Classicalwit10209/12/2016 08:02PM

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