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I have a lot of what-ifs...

June 20, 2022 11:49AM
Most notably what if I never took up music.. i would have definitely gotten a scholarship for tennis, then no telling..

I can tell you this about the military, because I talk to Air Force guys every day.. All those guys also thought they'd travel the world and whatnot and every one of them is stuck in Wichita Falls, Texas.. Not exactly seeing the world.. Some of them were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan - not exactly places I'd wanna go.. so, I wouldn't worry too much about not staying in the military - especially Army.. You probably would have been front lines in places you really didn't wanna be..

Archeologist would be pretty cool.. I almost went down the marine biologist path, until I dug into it REALLY deep.. I was working at a factory making at least twice what a marine biologist made.. plus after getting a degree in it, I would have had to intern somewhere for free for several years.. So, as much as I'd wanna be a marine biologist, its more of a career you get into cuz you wanna do that - its definitely not for the money..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  First Flight in 14 years

MamaRAMa269June 20, 2022 05:18AM

  Really? No direct flights from STL to OKC?

sstrams95June 20, 2022 06:00AM

  Re: Really? No direct flights from STL to OKC?

MamaRAMa196June 20, 2022 06:17AM

  Yeah, its unfortunate..

sstrams93June 20, 2022 07:07AM

  Dallas to Wichita Falls is a 3 hour drive?

JamesJM75June 20, 2022 07:16AM

  Probably 2.5 or so, but with traffic jams and whatnot..

sstrams69June 20, 2022 07:20AM

  Re: Really? No direct flights from STL to OKC?

waterfield54November 18, 2023 06:04AM

  The times I've flown to St Louis have all been

sstrams57November 18, 2023 06:49AM

  I took a motorcycle to St. Louis...

JamesJM71November 18, 2023 09:15AM

  Re: I took a motorcycle to St. Louis...

ScRAM53November 18, 2023 10:35AM

  So sorry about your Brother, Mama...

JamesJM112June 20, 2022 06:10AM

  Yeah, totally agree..

sstrams166June 20, 2022 06:15AM

  Re: Yeah, totally agree..

MamaRAMa212June 20, 2022 06:29AM

  Wow, you and Steve are speaking my mind...

JamesJM75June 20, 2022 06:38AM

  Yeah, I totally agree about the ocean..

sstrams71June 20, 2022 07:11AM

  Good advice....

JamesJM91June 20, 2022 07:25AM

  One thing I absolutely remember was..

sstrams82June 20, 2022 07:33AM

  LOL I have had a window seat just once on my last 4 times on a plane.

Ramgator73June 20, 2022 07:55AM

  We base our window seating chart...

sstrams70June 20, 2022 07:58AM

  Very first time I flew on an airliner, I was PISSED!!!

Ramgator76June 20, 2022 07:59AM

  Yeah, its annoying..

sstrams185June 20, 2022 08:09AM

  Re: So sorry about your Brother, Mama...

MamaRAMa102June 20, 2022 06:18AM

  So sorry about this.

Ramgator101June 20, 2022 07:51AM

  Re: So sorry about this.

MamaRAMa137June 20, 2022 08:30AM

  Dang it, Mama! That is painful.

Ramgator153June 20, 2022 03:21PM

  My first flight....

JamesJM112June 20, 2022 09:05AM

  I don't remember my first 20 flights, or so..

sstrams79June 20, 2022 09:14AM

  You should have done it....

JamesJM108June 20, 2022 09:20AM

  Yeah, I regret it...

sstrams71June 20, 2022 09:43AM

  That would be tough...

JamesJM89June 20, 2022 09:54AM

  Yeah, for sure..

sstrams78June 20, 2022 11:29AM

  The choices we make in life....

JamesJM73June 20, 2022 11:40AM

  I have a lot of what-ifs...

sstrams76June 20, 2022 11:49AM

  My brother passed away yesterday

MamaRAMa91November 17, 2023 02:43PM

  Re: My brother passed away yesterday

SeattleRam54November 17, 2023 02:46PM

  Very sorry to hear that, Mama. My condolences. (nm)

JamesJM56November 17, 2023 05:29PM

  Re: My brother passed away yesterday

ScRAM80November 17, 2023 05:59PM

  very sorry for your loss nm

21Dog50November 17, 2023 08:03PM

  I hope you handle this well....

roman1868November 18, 2023 04:38AM

  You do YOUR thing! Funerals are for the living anyway.

Ramgator68November 18, 2023 11:01AM

  I changed my mind

MamaRAMa83November 19, 2023 05:06PM

  Good For You.....

ScRAM83November 19, 2023 05:40PM

  Glad to hear that.

Ramgator57November 20, 2023 09:51AM

  Sorry for your loss, Mama.

canadaram25November 21, 2023 04:14PM