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Yeah, its unfortunate..

June 20, 2022 07:07AM
that Southwest isn't on the travel sites.. There are couple of others - maybe Spirit - that don't use the travel sites...

But, its not all rainbows and Yahtzee, either.. Southwest has this AMAZINGLY stupid system of seat assignment.. You pay for what area you get to line up at the gate to board the plane.. the more you pay, the closer you get to front of the line.. once the lines starts moving, its first come, first served.. when we flew to pickup Gypsie, we were at the back of the line (didn't know better) and I ended up in the only single seat available around row 12.. My wife got the only other available singe seat on row 23, so we were nowhere near each other.. and that flight was jam packed like sardines.. all Southwest flights are..

So, on the return trip home, we had our little injured Beagle Gypsie with us and we let her poke her head out of the travel crate at the gate.. the lady working asked us about her and we told her Gypsie's story about being paralyzed and we were flying cross country to pick her up to adopt her.. She literally had tears streaming down her cheeks and decided to give us some sort of emergency "cuts" in the lines so we'd be closer to the front of the line so we could at least sit together..

So, plane ended up being hours late.. we start backing up and the kid across the aisle from us EXPLODES in projectile vomit.. vomit went EVERYWHERE.. Little Gypsie was under the seat not making a peep.. The stewardess told the captain, who pulled back up to the gate.. after 15 minutes a crew comes and cleans the vomit., while this is happening, they left the engines running.. after the vomit was cleaned, the captain gets on the horn as says we don't have enough fuel to get to Dallas.. So we need to refuel.. it was getting late and there were no fuel trucks.. they finally find one, fuel it up, we fly to Dallas, get there at 1am (supposed to get to Dallas at 4pm) and we find our car and drive 3 hours back to Wichita Falls..

During that entire ordeal, Gypsie never made a peep.. the guy sitting next to me on the plane: I told him the entire story, but he didn't know Gypsie was under the seat in front of me and probably thought I was making it up. as we were getting up to leave I asked him if he wanted to meet Gypsie.. He laughs and says "yeah".. I pull Gypsie from under the seat, she pokes her head out of the travel crate and that dude nearly craps his pants.. lol It was an interesting trip..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  First Flight in 14 years

MamaRAMa184June 20, 2022 05:18AM

  Really? No direct flights from STL to OKC?

sstrams64June 20, 2022 06:00AM

  Re: Really? No direct flights from STL to OKC?

MamaRAMa158June 20, 2022 06:17AM

  Yeah, its unfortunate..

sstrams61June 20, 2022 07:07AM

  Dallas to Wichita Falls is a 3 hour drive?

JamesJM43June 20, 2022 07:16AM

  Probably 2.5 or so, but with traffic jams and whatnot..

sstrams33June 20, 2022 07:20AM

  Re: Really? No direct flights from STL to OKC?

waterfield18November 18, 2023 06:04AM

  The times I've flown to St Louis have all been

sstrams16November 18, 2023 06:49AM

  I took a motorcycle to St. Louis...

JamesJM20November 18, 2023 09:15AM

  Re: I took a motorcycle to St. Louis...

ScRAM15November 18, 2023 10:35AM

  So sorry about your Brother, Mama...

JamesJM77June 20, 2022 06:10AM

  Yeah, totally agree..

sstrams130June 20, 2022 06:15AM

  Re: Yeah, totally agree..

MamaRAMa181June 20, 2022 06:29AM

  Wow, you and Steve are speaking my mind...

JamesJM40June 20, 2022 06:38AM

  Yeah, I totally agree about the ocean..

sstrams39June 20, 2022 07:11AM

  Good advice....

JamesJM52June 20, 2022 07:25AM

  One thing I absolutely remember was..

sstrams46June 20, 2022 07:33AM

  LOL I have had a window seat just once on my last 4 times on a plane.

Ramgator35June 20, 2022 07:55AM

  We base our window seating chart...

sstrams37June 20, 2022 07:58AM

  Very first time I flew on an airliner, I was PISSED!!!

Ramgator45June 20, 2022 07:59AM

  Yeah, its annoying..

sstrams149June 20, 2022 08:09AM

  Re: So sorry about your Brother, Mama...

MamaRAMa66June 20, 2022 06:18AM

  So sorry about this.

Ramgator64June 20, 2022 07:51AM

  Re: So sorry about this.

MamaRAMa99June 20, 2022 08:30AM

  Dang it, Mama! That is painful.

Ramgator119June 20, 2022 03:21PM

  My first flight....

JamesJM79June 20, 2022 09:05AM

  I don't remember my first 20 flights, or so..

sstrams44June 20, 2022 09:14AM

  You should have done it....

JamesJM71June 20, 2022 09:20AM

  Yeah, I regret it...

sstrams34June 20, 2022 09:43AM

  That would be tough...

JamesJM56June 20, 2022 09:54AM

  Yeah, for sure..

sstrams46June 20, 2022 11:29AM

  The choices we make in life....

JamesJM39June 20, 2022 11:40AM

  I have a lot of what-ifs...

sstrams48June 20, 2022 11:49AM

  My brother passed away yesterday

MamaRAMa37November 17, 2023 02:43PM

  Re: My brother passed away yesterday

SeattleRam16November 17, 2023 02:46PM

  Very sorry to hear that, Mama. My condolences. (nm)

JamesJM14November 17, 2023 05:29PM

  Re: My brother passed away yesterday

ScRAM18November 17, 2023 05:59PM

  very sorry for your loss nm

21Dog12November 17, 2023 08:03PM

  I hope you handle this well....

roman1816November 18, 2023 04:38AM

  You do YOUR thing! Funerals are for the living anyway.

Ramgator17November 18, 2023 11:01AM

  I changed my mind

MamaRAMa21November 19, 2023 05:06PM

  Good For You.....

ScRAM12November 19, 2023 05:40PM

  Glad to hear that.

Ramgator11November 20, 2023 09:51AM

  Sorry for your loss, Mama.

canadaram3November 21, 2023 04:14PM