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  Football.. different cultures... NOT a Herd Board post...

JamesJM30708/20/2017 05:59AM


RamFire52408/18/2017 04:12PM

  Re: UH-OH.......Dodgers

Headslap7524308/18/2017 09:08PM

  Re: UH-OH.......Dodgers

21Dog24808/19/2017 04:00AM

  I could see a platoon

ferragamo7924008/19/2017 06:19AM

  Re: Curtis Granderson........

RamFire24008/19/2017 06:53AM

  see stats below

ferragamo7923208/19/2017 07:39AM

  Joc sent back to the minors today

ferragamo7923108/19/2017 09:31AM

  check out these stats

ferragamo7925208/19/2017 06:16AM

  Grandy batting 5th today

ferragamo7922608/19/2017 09:24AM

  Bellinger's ankle sprain...

sacram22708/19/2017 02:23PM

  your not kidding re Morrow

ferragamo7923208/19/2017 04:16PM

  He'll likely be at first..

sacram21408/19/2017 08:41PM

  The WHOLE Team !! Attachments

MamaRAMa59508/12/2017 02:20PM

  Maurice Alexander - Cody Davis Attachments

MamaRAMa48808/12/2017 02:21PM

  Kevin Davis - Cory Harkey Attachments

MamaRAMa33208/12/2017 02:23PM

  Rob Havenstein - Cassanova McKinzy Attachments

MamaRAMa42308/12/2017 02:25PM

  Jake McQuaide - Brandon Shippen Attachments

MamaRAMa32808/12/2017 02:26PM

  Tanzel Smart - Greg Zuerlein Attachments

MamaRAMa48908/12/2017 02:28PM

  You have GOT to be kidding me....

JamesJM28708/12/2017 08:36PM

  Re: You have GOT to be kidding me.... Attachments

MamaRAMa39108/12/2017 09:53PM

  you should get that somehow to the Rams

ferragamo7926808/13/2017 05:59AM

  Re: you should get that somehow to the Rams

MamaRAMa27008/13/2017 06:17AM

  Re: you should get that somehow to the Rams

MamaRAMa27908/13/2017 07:28AM


IowaRam27408/13/2017 01:02PM

  Re: Crazy

MamaRAMa27508/13/2017 01:08PM


Ramgator23608/13/2017 04:17PM

  Cooper Kupp looks

ferragamo7928408/14/2017 02:41PM


sstrams26108/15/2017 10:43AM

  Thank you Mama....

DaJudge25608/16/2017 08:31AM

  Re: Outstanding!!.....nm

RamFire26608/16/2017 11:36AM

  Love it!

Cornelius28208/16/2017 02:22PM

  Congrats to ScRAM's grandson...

JamesJM32708/14/2017 10:55PM

  Laker fans - you gotta watch

ferragamo7944808/10/2017 07:31AM


sacram18008/11/2017 11:25AM

  yeah ML Carr seems like a real $%#$

ferragamo7920408/11/2017 02:49PM

  Yeah he was....

sacram20808/13/2017 06:43PM

  yeah Sac- what a game

ferragamo7919808/14/2017 09:32AM


sacram18308/14/2017 04:04PM

  I saw it when it first came on

21Dog29908/11/2017 12:41PM

  I try to watch them all

ferragamo7922408/11/2017 02:53PM

  Re: I try to watch them all

21Dog24408/11/2017 03:03PM

  yes, it was great......

JoeMad25008/14/2017 09:51AM


ferragamo7987207/23/2017 05:23PM


sstrams44007/24/2017 02:50AM

  Probably a .38

JamesJM41107/24/2017 03:54AM

  .38 and .45 are what we always used in the Navy

IowaRam42807/24/2017 04:26AM

  Yes, 9mm.

CeeZar56507/25/2017 07:13AM

  Thanks CeeZar

ferragamo7953707/26/2017 05:55PM

  You're welcome

CeeZar39507/27/2017 03:43AM

  if you're looking for home protection......

21Dog37307/27/2017 04:19AM

  That'd be killer...

sstrams38307/27/2017 05:13AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

Aries39607/27/2017 05:09AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

JamesJM34407/27/2017 05:43AM

  lasers are great accessories

CeeZar39307/27/2017 06:05AM


JamesJM35807/27/2017 06:31AM

  Cool. I didn't realize.

CeeZar34407/27/2017 06:53AM

  Yes, and no...

JamesJM43607/27/2017 07:04AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

Aries37207/27/2017 06:06AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

Aries51407/27/2017 06:24AM

  Ca. is the most restrictive of any state...

JamesJM37907/27/2017 06:36AM

  Re: Ca. is the most restrictive of any state...

Aries41907/27/2017 07:06AM

  There's a good APP you can use to keep up to date....

JamesJM38907/27/2017 07:10AM

  Re: There's a good APP you can use to keep up to date....

Aries59107/27/2017 07:20AM

  Nightmare is the correct term

JamesJM34807/27/2017 07:27AM

  Re: Nightmare is the correct term

Aries50207/27/2017 07:39AM

  constitutional carry

CeeZar38207/27/2017 08:32AM

  Re: constitutional carry

Aries42607/27/2017 08:46AM

  Interesting Constitutional issue as to the full faith and credit clause

waterfield44107/28/2017 08:24AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

CeeZar40607/27/2017 05:57AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

ScRAM46007/27/2017 07:54PM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

Aries39607/28/2017 04:44AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

CeeZar58707/28/2017 05:40AM

  Re: Yes, 9mm.

Aries35307/28/2017 06:07AM

  That's SWEET!

ScRAM50108/07/2017 07:34PM

  Re: 9mm???

Arkansas Ram42407/26/2017 09:24AM

  Kimber now offers...

JamesJM39607/26/2017 11:37AM

  I'd like to tear one apart....

ScRAM42507/28/2017 05:21AM

  I always figured

IowaRam47507/27/2017 07:40AM

  Re: I always figured

NorCalRamFan42507/28/2017 01:49PM

  Re: 9mm???

NorCalRamFan42407/28/2017 01:43PM

  Thx NorCal

ferragamo7939108/01/2017 04:43PM

  Re: Thx NorCal

NorCalRamFan33708/11/2017 03:41PM


ferragamo7940608/11/2017 03:53PM

  Re: nice

NorCalRamFan35308/14/2017 10:05AM

  This topic has been moved. Signman bring joy to the JamesJM household.... Attachments

JamesJM208/14/2017 09:38AM

  39th wedding anniversary today!

Saguaro30108/12/2017 07:56AM


JamesJM16508/12/2017 08:33AM

  I wouldn't let my wife read that

21Dog21408/12/2017 09:02AM


ferragamo7919008/12/2017 09:55AM

  Re: 39th wedding anniversary today!

Rampage2K-16308/13/2017 07:46PM

  Congrats man!

sstrams18908/14/2017 03:25AM

  Jackson LL plays at 7 on ESPN

Anonymous User28208/12/2017 01:07PM

  Gotta text from my grandson today, his friend was cut from the team...

JamesJM41508/11/2017 03:30PM

  I'm meeting the team tonight....

JamesJM29308/12/2017 09:16AM

  21Dog.. you have any idea how to look ahead to Rams games on Local TV?

JamesJM35508/11/2017 01:12PM

  I looked around a bit and couldn't find a thing

21Dog26808/11/2017 01:27PM

  yeah, I don't get the Bakersfield channels...

JamesJM24908/11/2017 02:17PM

  Re: yeah, I don't get the Bakersfield channels...

NorCalRamFan26708/11/2017 03:36PM


ferragamo7930208/11/2017 03:38PM

  Herd Member Injury Report....

JamesJM57408/04/2017 08:22AM

  Re: Herd Member Injury Report....

21Dog32208/05/2017 04:42AM

  Give me a break...

JamesJM32308/06/2017 01:30PM

  Re: Herd Member Injury Report....

NorCalRamFan31308/11/2017 03:38PM

  I woke up "questionable" for yard work.

Ramgator30708/05/2017 09:01AM

  Re: Herd Member Injury Report....

IowaRam34808/05/2017 09:21AM

  strained a muscle washing my face in the shower

ferragamo7935308/06/2017 11:58AM

  Cat bit me

Atlantic Ram31108/06/2017 09:01PM

  That's a tough one, Atlantic...

JamesJM30608/06/2017 09:36PM

  Well there's this

ScRAM40608/07/2017 07:25PM

  sad that our world has come to that

21Dog31608/07/2017 08:36PM

  Unfortunate taser injury (sorry, long read)

Aries37108/09/2017 01:14AM


sstrams29308/09/2017 03:19AM

  Read that and kept thinking....

JamesJM30408/09/2017 06:05AM

  Re: Read that and kept thinking....

Aries34408/09/2017 06:25AM


ferragamo7931808/10/2017 07:34AM

  Why do I..

sstrams30008/10/2017 07:56AM

  Once upon a time...

JamesJM30308/10/2017 08:49AM

  21Dog... are we getting Marcus?

JamesJM45108/07/2017 05:59PM


21Dog26708/07/2017 08:29PM

  Good observation....

JamesJM16108/08/2017 10:11AM

  agree and.....

21Dog19308/08/2017 02:53PM

  Marcus is a Bulldog...

JamesJM23308/10/2017 07:56PM

  Crop Dusters

IowaRam50608/05/2017 02:38PM

  I was gonna post on this

ferragamo7933608/05/2017 03:40PM

  Those guys are NUTS...............but a hoot to watch.

Ramgator23908/06/2017 09:13AM

  I've known many, dozens, of crop dusters.

JamesJM24808/09/2017 06:59PM

  I've known about a half a dozen.......

21Dog24708/09/2017 08:13PM

  SR-71 to ground control..................LA Speed Check

IowaRam33408/10/2017 05:25PM

  Re: SR-71 to ground control..................LA Speed Check Attachments

Aries32208/10/2017 06:30PM

  Football is underway....

JamesJM42808/08/2017 11:04AM

  happy for you

21Dog17608/08/2017 02:55PM

  Excellent football/grandson news today....

JamesJM15708/09/2017 01:13PM

  nothing better than getting your number

ferragamo7915408/10/2017 07:32AM

  Close Encounters.. of the Moray Kind..

sstrams33708/10/2017 04:22AM

  You get any closer and...

JamesJM16008/10/2017 05:27AM

  I know it, right?

sstrams17808/10/2017 06:09AM

  How long do you stay down?

JamesJM16608/10/2017 06:15AM

  Re: How long do you stay down?

sstrams18608/10/2017 06:46AM

  Family Photo hilarity... Attachments

JamesJM45208/07/2017 07:33PM

  that's funny

21Dog20308/07/2017 08:33PM

  Holy cow - you're right! Attachments

sstrams22808/08/2017 03:34AM

  lmao Attachments

Atlantic Ram17008/08/2017 12:32PM

  Oh my!

sstrams17808/09/2017 03:21AM


JamesJM17308/09/2017 05:58AM


sstrams17208/09/2017 06:15AM

  Funny thing, AR....

JamesJM16308/09/2017 01:32PM

  It's been a while

Atlantic Ram17908/09/2017 04:00PM

  RIP Glen Campbell....

JamesJM47308/08/2017 01:36PM

  Re: RIP Glen Campbell....

ferragamo7925608/08/2017 04:45PM

  Not sure but...

JamesJM21608/08/2017 04:53PM

  Re: Not sure but...

Aries26808/09/2017 12:56AM

  My Wife and I saw a PBS special on him about a year or two ago.

Ramgator21608/09/2017 02:55AM

  My cousin Gary...

JamesJM24108/09/2017 06:08AM

  "I'll Be Me"....

RAMbler22008/09/2017 10:33AM

  Makes me think of good times in the mid 1970s...

Ramgator24208/09/2017 02:57AM

  Re: RIP Glen Campbell...., and thank you for.....

RAMbler25908/09/2017 10:34AM

  for Dodgers fans, a few numbers

LMU9338108/01/2017 04:20AM

  incredible season for sure.....

21Dog21108/01/2017 04:33AM

  Re: incredible season for sure.....

JoeMad20108/01/2017 08:30AM

  Wow 21...

sacram15608/01/2017 12:11PM

  Re: Wow 21...

21Dog18008/01/2017 03:10PM

  just talking about that today

ferragamo7919708/01/2017 04:44PM


LMU9318508/02/2017 05:23AM

  unbelievable nm

21Dog20508/02/2017 06:50AM

  updated Dodgers projections....

LMU9321308/06/2017 12:36PM

  Re: updated Dodgers projections....

ferragamo7922008/06/2017 02:36PM

  Re: updated Dodgers projections....

LMU9318208/08/2017 06:10AM

  all this.........

21Dog22708/07/2017 05:24AM

  Re: all this.........

LMU9317608/08/2017 06:09AM

  totally agree nm

ferragamo7920708/08/2017 10:02AM

  what a bonus if he can hit.........

21Dog17108/08/2017 02:54PM

  Guardians of the Galaxy , "Guardians' Inferno"

IowaRam37908/06/2017 09:44AM

  It begs the question...

Atlantic Ram13208/08/2017 12:40PM

  When your 7 yr old kid, or grandkid, is better at math than you are...

JamesJM29208/08/2017 09:58AM

  Am I a ghoul? I'd hate to think that, and yet...

JamesJM32808/07/2017 10:16AM

  IT Trailer #2

IowaRam37807/27/2017 09:35AM

  LBJ trailer

IowaRam16707/27/2017 01:15PM

  Re: IT Trailer #2

IowaRam18208/07/2017 07:58AM

  sstram... you off diving? Band Gig.. not looking forward to it.

JamesJM32108/05/2017 09:07AM

  Not yet, Jimmy...

sstrams19408/05/2017 10:24AM

  It went well...

JamesJM18408/06/2017 08:05AM

  Re: It went well...

21Dog23308/06/2017 08:51AM

  Ah.. duct tape..

sstrams17308/07/2017 06:39AM

  Dodgers making a a mockery of MLB

GreatRamNTheSky47208/04/2017 03:29AM

  Re: Dodgers making a a mockery of MLB

21Dog20708/04/2017 05:01AM

  I know. I miss the days

ferragamo7920308/04/2017 08:40AM

  Re: I know. I miss the days

JoeMad18008/04/2017 08:53AM

  Re: I know. I miss the days

sacram21208/04/2017 01:53PM

  hopefully we'll be able to crow in Oct.

21Dog20208/04/2017 05:41PM

  how's your health sac?

ferragamo7920408/05/2017 10:26AM

  Re: how's your health sac?

sacram16308/05/2017 10:04PM

  good to hear

21Dog22208/07/2017 05:20AM

  Re: Any SF Giants fans here? ;>)

Billy_T23008/06/2017 12:51PM

  I look at sports over the long haul

ferragamo7922108/06/2017 02:35PM

  Re: I grew up on the East Coast.

Billy_T19908/06/2017 06:51PM

  two outta three ain't bad

21Dog21008/07/2017 05:22AM

  Re: two outta three ain't bad

Billy_T22308/07/2017 06:18AM

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