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  Is Rob Havenstein Still On The Team?

ramBRO91408/19/2016 11:43AM

  I was hoping no-one brought that up....

JamesJM61608/19/2016 12:13PM

  Re: Is Rob Havenstein Still On The Team?

GreatRamNTheSky40408/19/2016 09:49PM

  Re: Is Rob Havenstein Still On The Team?

oldmanram43308/19/2016 11:28PM

  Can there by any doubt that Spruce will be on the roster?

RockRam1,07308/19/2016 04:28AM

  Re: Can there by any doubt that Spruce will be on the roster?

Rams4354208/19/2016 05:41AM

  Re: Personally I think people are overreacting to Spruce

Speed_Kills51708/19/2016 06:24AM

  Re: Personally I think people are overreacting to Spruce

SoCalRAMatic39208/19/2016 06:53AM

  Re: Personally I think people are overreacting to Spruce

Speed_Kills47108/19/2016 07:27AM

  Count me as an overreactor, Speed.

Saguaro42608/19/2016 07:00AM

  Re: not you too buddy lol

Speed_Kills43508/19/2016 07:31AM

  Re: not you too buddy lol

Rams4340508/19/2016 07:40AM

  Re: not you too buddy lol

Speed_Kills40308/19/2016 07:44AM

  Re: not you too buddy lol

Rams4349508/19/2016 07:56AM

  Re: not you too buddy lol

Speed_Kills61408/19/2016 08:04AM

  Re: not you too buddy lol

Rams4342008/19/2016 08:13AM

  Re: not you too buddy lol

Speed_Kills43108/19/2016 08:21AM

  The drop by Cooper

RamUK47008/19/2016 09:22AM

  I am not speed...infact I am quite slow....

73Ram55308/19/2016 09:45AM

  Re: No doubt 73, in fact...

laram37908/19/2016 12:04PM

  RE: I recall

Speed_Kills36008/19/2016 02:39PM

  Re: lol...NM

laram46608/19/2016 02:44PM

  Re: RE: I recall

Rams4340108/19/2016 03:04PM

  Re: RE: I recall

Speed_Kills38708/19/2016 03:14PM

  I'm not sure we know he's limited physically...

JamesJM44308/19/2016 08:09AM

  Okay, I'm gonna say it

six2stack47008/19/2016 08:40AM

  IF this guy is Ricky Proehl, then that's high praise.

Saguaro36208/19/2016 08:13AM

  Addendum: Speed did you see the reaction of the other Rams?

Saguaro37508/19/2016 08:20AM

  Re: Addendum: Speed did you see the reaction of the other Rams?

Speed_Kills44208/19/2016 08:23AM

  IMO yes, you're missing something...

JamesJM39808/19/2016 08:30AM

  Re: IMO yes, you're missing something...

Speed_Kills30208/19/2016 08:39AM

  I raved about Mannion...

JamesJM39608/19/2016 08:49AM

  Re: Addendum: Speed did you see the reaction of the other Rams?

dzrams42408/19/2016 08:37AM

  Re: Addendum: Speed did you see the reaction of the other Rams?

Speed_Kills39208/19/2016 08:47AM

  I read more into it than that.

Saguaro38008/19/2016 09:35AM

  I didn't see the locker room...

JamesJM40908/19/2016 08:28AM

  WOULD that we had another Proehl

ArizonaRamFan38608/19/2016 08:22AM

  Ricky Prohel was really fast, though (nm)

9er8er44008/19/2016 08:18PM

  give me some good hands people for a change

21Dog48408/19/2016 07:34AM

  Re: Personally I think people are overreacting to Spruce

LMU9367908/19/2016 07:52AM

  Re: nice post

Speed_Kills39408/19/2016 07:59AM

  Re: nice post

LMU9347108/19/2016 08:04AM

  Rams receivers are SO bad

ferragamo7938208/19/2016 09:06AM

  Unfortunately I agree and think that's a good point...

JamesJM41708/19/2016 09:37AM

  It's his hands...

JamesJM34008/19/2016 08:07AM

  Re: If you played a "starter" in the second half of a preseason game...

merlin44208/19/2016 11:53AM

  Very good way to put it. (nm)

JamesJM35208/19/2016 12:02PM

  speed on spruce

zn39808/19/2016 03:42PM

  No doubt....(NM)

PaulButcher5939908/19/2016 07:05AM

  I have zero doubt.

alyoshamucci50308/19/2016 08:26AM

  Re: Can there by any doubt that Spruce will be on the roster?

oldmanram34608/19/2016 11:25PM

  Rams News Recap: August 19th

RamBill57908/19/2016 08:17PM

  Rams to Take on Chiefs for 2nd Preseason Contest

RamBill61208/19/2016 07:09PM

  Opponent Breakdown: Preseason vs. Chiefs

RamBill37108/19/2016 07:13PM

  Mason’s absence creates opportunity in LA Rams’ backfield

RamBill66008/19/2016 07:01PM

  TC report 8/19 by 49RH8R...

Rams431,16608/19/2016 06:50AM

  Re: Gaines

Speed_Kills48608/19/2016 07:40AM

  Re: Gaines

Rams4344608/19/2016 07:46AM

  Re: Gaines

Speed_Kills39908/19/2016 07:48AM

  Re: Gaines

Rams4335908/19/2016 08:05AM

  Re: I hear you but

Speed_Kills36608/19/2016 08:08AM

  kush has to be a camp arm

joram43408/19/2016 02:32PM


zn38708/19/2016 05:00PM

  Re: Gaines

sacram37308/19/2016 05:31PM

  reps at center

LMU9340108/19/2016 07:49AM

  Good to hear from you Troy

Hazlet Hacksaw51908/19/2016 05:01PM

  Case Keenum is preparing like he’s the long-range starter for the Rams

RamBill57208/19/2016 02:38PM

  Ok, the HK thing.... Haven't seen it and I can't tell...

JamesJM51408/19/2016 01:48PM

  RG III anyone........

oldschoolramfan98308/19/2016 06:37AM

  Re: RG III anyone........

Speed_Kills43108/19/2016 06:42AM

  Browns fans are tepid overall

LesBaker39308/19/2016 08:49AM

  Re: RG III anyone........

Billy_T47408/19/2016 06:47AM

  There is no doubt that coaching and players around QB

Rams_8139408/19/2016 07:56AM

  RG ........

wv ram48608/19/2016 06:48AM

  Re: RG ........

SoCalRAMatic44608/19/2016 07:03AM

  Re: RG ........

oldschoolramfan50508/19/2016 07:06AM

  Re: RG ........

oldschoolramfan44108/19/2016 07:03AM

  The Browns........

Paydirt36408/19/2016 12:04PM


Ramadune43208/19/2016 07:12AM

  Re: My Mom does not look good in highlights....:):)

oldschoolramfan39508/19/2016 11:35AM

  I dunno, there's lots of differing opinions on this board

Ramadune40108/19/2016 12:58PM

  RG III was successful his rookie season

Rams_8138808/19/2016 07:54AM

  Why then do you bang on Fisher/Snead?Demoff for the Foles deal?

LesBaker42008/19/2016 08:47AM

  I do not think Foles was a bad move

Rams_8141108/19/2016 10:35AM

  Griffin has a slim chance IMO

LesBaker50908/19/2016 10:58AM

  Odd Schedule Issue:

Ramsfsninmd72908/19/2016 10:31AM

  Re: Odd Schedule Issue:

MamaRAMa36608/19/2016 10:51AM

  Re: Odd Schedule Issue:

Ramsfsninmd33208/19/2016 12:47PM

  Intriguing WR post by Ram_Rally...

Rams4392708/19/2016 06:31AM

  Re: a couple of things

Speed_Kills49108/19/2016 06:37AM

  Re: a couple of things

Billy_T52108/19/2016 06:43AM

  Re: I agree with most of that

Speed_Kills36508/19/2016 07:35AM


Hazlet Hacksaw36308/19/2016 09:48AM

  Looking at the slow mo of Cooper's big drop near the goal line...

Saguaro44408/19/2016 06:48AM

  Re: agreed

Speed_Kills40108/19/2016 07:36AM

  Re: Intriguing WR post by Ram_Rally...

SoCalRAMatic42408/19/2016 06:40AM

  Re: Intriguing WR post by Ram_Rally...

Rams4339708/19/2016 07:30AM

  on 7 WRs ...

alyoshamucci41608/19/2016 08:25AM

  yeah I could see that

ferragamo7937708/19/2016 09:04AM

  Do we really have 7 guys worth keeping on active roster?

promomasterj33108/19/2016 10:24AM

  Re: Intriguing WR post by Ram_Rally...

RFL33708/19/2016 10:39AM

  Re: Intriguing WR post by Ram_Rally...

RFL35708/19/2016 10:49AM

  Re: Intriguing WR post by Ram_Rally...

JamesJM31808/19/2016 11:51AM

  Absolutely no way will Fisher keep 7 WRs.

RockRam44208/19/2016 11:27AM

  Realistically the Rams WR's...

Ramsfsninmd69408/19/2016 10:20AM

  Rams National Scout and Former Running Back McCutcheon to Retire

Shaky99208/18/2016 08:57AM

  Re: Rams National Scout and Former Running Back McCutcheon to Retire

joram51808/18/2016 09:59AM

  Re: Rams National Scout and Former Running Back McCutcheon to Retire

oldmanram42308/18/2016 11:30PM

  Re: lot of history right there.......

leafnose42208/19/2016 04:13AM

  Re: lot of history right there.......

21Dog42708/19/2016 04:38AM

  Re:McCutcheon, Cappeletti and Bryant................

oldschoolramfan44108/19/2016 06:10AM

  Re: Re:McCutcheon, Cappeletti and Bryant................

LMU9333508/19/2016 06:14AM

  maybe the most intimidating KO returner ever

21Dog41808/19/2016 07:32AM

  Re: Rams National Scout and Former Running Back McCutcheon to Retire

Youngblood_HOF42908/19/2016 06:34AM

  George Foreman?

21Dog43808/19/2016 07:27AM


ferragamo7967408/19/2016 09:00AM

  Sears NFL stuff.... Attachments

LMU9382708/19/2016 08:02AM

  Re: Sears NFL stuff....

stlramz41408/19/2016 08:28AM

  OOOHHH!! The sweatshirt at lower right!!!

Ramgator33608/19/2016 09:48AM

  My Dad worked for Sears for 40 years.

Ramgator40708/19/2016 09:53AM

  Rams Greg Robinson excelled despite "a little weight problem".

Rams431,24508/17/2016 10:05AM

  "It's hard cause there's so much food'

promomasterj62208/17/2016 11:08AM

  Why is it so hard for some to accept GRob good news?

Rams4359108/17/2016 11:58AM

  Re: Why is it so hard for some to accept GRob good news?

LMU9352008/17/2016 02:50PM

  Re: Why is it so hard for some to accept GRob good news?

Classicalwit45708/17/2016 03:17PM

  Thank goodness!!!

jemach50408/17/2016 06:26PM

  Re: Thank goodness!!!

Rams4342708/17/2016 07:45PM

  43... That may be...

jemach44608/18/2016 09:38AM

  Rams want Greg Robinson to lose weight

RamBill58408/17/2016 03:36PM

  He's a big fat pig and destined for the scrap heap...

JamesJM60308/17/2016 03:54PM

  Shame on you

Suh-weet!47708/18/2016 04:44AM

  Re: Shame on you

JamesJM44908/18/2016 05:07AM

  Bust (nm)

9er8er51708/17/2016 06:22PM

  Re: Bust (nm)

Rams4338908/17/2016 07:59PM

  You forgot Jason Smith

9er8er51608/17/2016 08:22PM

  Re: You forgot Jason Smith

Rams4349808/17/2016 08:27PM

  Credibility, eh?

9er8er61608/17/2016 08:39PM

  I don't think GR is a bust . . .yet

stlramz44708/17/2016 09:21PM

  Overweight - yes. Out of shape - no. (nm)

Suh-weet!44408/18/2016 04:50AM

  Re: Overweight - yes. Out of shape - no. (nm)

9er8er45608/18/2016 05:02PM

  Hoo brother x2

Suh-weet!54708/18/2016 06:42PM

  Re: Hoo brother x2

9er8er39108/18/2016 07:50PM

  Ummmm no

DaJudge42408/18/2016 07:13PM

  Re: Ummmm no

9er8er45508/18/2016 07:40PM

  Boylhart on Jason Smith and Greg Robinson....

max61308/18/2016 04:00AM

  Thank you! Night-and-day evaluations..

Suh-weet!51808/18/2016 04:49AM

  He also had Prescott rated higher than Wentz...

max48708/18/2016 05:56AM

  Re: Boylhart on Jason Smith and Greg Robinson....

zn47308/18/2016 07:19AM

  Mixed bag here....

max44708/18/2016 09:53AM

  Re: Mixed bag here....

zn45408/18/2016 10:11AM

  Re: Mixed bag here....

max44708/18/2016 03:36PM

  A couple things here

9er8er41708/18/2016 06:29PM

  He's demonstrably wrong on a couple things at this point

9er8er54408/18/2016 05:00PM

  13 pounds

RustyRay54608/18/2016 06:12AM

  Re: 13 pounds

JamesJM46508/18/2016 06:18AM

  Re: 13 pounds

SoCalRAMatic59008/18/2016 06:37AM


wv ram46708/18/2016 09:29AM

  I edited your post....

JamesJM52208/18/2016 09:52AM


wv ram44508/18/2016 10:25AM

  You might should ask Ramsrule...

JamesJM55808/18/2016 10:49AM

  game one

wv ram89808/18/2016 09:15AM

  Re: 13 pounds

LMU9347108/19/2016 05:36AM

  Re: 13 pounds

21Dog48008/19/2016 05:55AM

  It's the beginning of Robinson's 3rd year...

SunTzu_vs_Camus44108/19/2016 06:02AM

  Re: It's the beginning of Robinson's 3rd year...

AlbaNY_Ram59308/19/2016 06:28AM

  agreed Albany....same for Battle

SunTzu_vs_Camus57008/19/2016 09:53AM

  I have never seen a player get so much love

Rams_8158608/18/2016 03:56PM

  Re: I have never seen a player get so much love

73Ram40008/18/2016 04:20PM

  I was at the end...

jemach41508/18/2016 06:43PM

  Michael Thomas working to put dropped passes behind him

RamBill72708/17/2016 06:31PM

  Re: Michael Thomas

leafnose40608/19/2016 04:24AM

  Re: Michael Thomas

Rams4335308/19/2016 05:49AM

  Re: Michael Thomas

canuckramsfans37308/19/2016 09:09AM

  Re: Great post

RamsFanSinceLA43208/19/2016 09:21AM

  Memo to Rams before you extend Fisher...

Rams4354508/19/2016 07:06AM

  Re: bumping - almost too logical

Speed_Kills23408/19/2016 08:31AM

  Just speculation....

JamesJM23908/19/2016 08:56AM

  I've Got 3 Tickets For The Game!!!!!

Crazylegs53808/19/2016 06:53AM

  Practice Report 8/18: Gurley to Make Preseason Debut

RamBill85208/18/2016 08:42PM

  Re: Practice Report 8/18: Gurley to Make Preseason Debut

Rams4330008/19/2016 06:12AM

  Practice Report 8/17: Goff Working with Starters, Showing Consistent Progress

RamBill1,11408/17/2016 08:04PM

  Re: Practice Report 8/17: Goff Working with Starters, Showing Consistent Progress

bigjimram2146408/17/2016 08:25PM

  Re: thats what I want to read! nm

Speed_Kills37408/18/2016 05:50AM

  Re: thats what I want to read! nm

SoCalRAMatic40208/18/2016 06:53AM

  It's what we want to read AND...

Suh-weet!41408/18/2016 02:30PM

  Let us pray...

Guard46208/18/2016 04:28PM

  I would take it a step farther

Atlantic Ram35508/18/2016 07:13PM

  I really agree, Guard!

SunTzu_vs_Camus29908/19/2016 05:54AM

  Blinkscout Ram WR post ...

alyoshamucci1,25808/18/2016 10:19AM

  Alyo... refresh my memory....

JamesJM48008/18/2016 10:23AM

  Re: Alyo... refresh my memory....

alyoshamucci64208/18/2016 10:52AM

  Re: Alyo... refresh my memory....

JamesJM51408/18/2016 10:58AM

  Re: Blinkscout Ram WR post ...

Rams4345708/18/2016 10:45AM

  Projections for 43

alyoshamucci55708/18/2016 10:55AM

  Re: Projections for 43

Rams4345508/18/2016 11:13AM

  Would those 6 be YOUR choice...

Suh-weet!43108/18/2016 01:52PM

  Re: Would those 6 be YOUR choice...

alyoshamucci48208/18/2016 02:25PM

  Re: Projections for 43

dzrams45608/18/2016 02:58PM

  I think the 6th spot is Thomas vs. Duke too

LMU9336808/19/2016 05:26AM

  Re: Blinkscout Ram WR post ...

max50608/18/2016 11:18AM

  Re: Blinkscout Ram WR post ...

TonyHunter8742808/18/2016 11:25AM

  Re: Blinkscout Ram WR post ...

Suh-weet!38408/18/2016 01:56PM

  When will Marquez contribute on offense?

TonyHunter8753508/18/2016 11:23AM

  Re: When will Marquez contribute on offense?

alyoshamucci45308/18/2016 11:50AM

  Thx. nm

TonyHunter8735508/18/2016 08:20PM

  Re: When will Marquez contribute on offense?

LMU9331008/19/2016 05:29AM

  Alex Smith knows emotions of playing against a former team

leafnose54508/19/2016 04:26AM

  Battle was

EastBayRam1,09808/17/2016 04:53PM

  Re: Battle was

oldschoolramfan58408/17/2016 05:21PM

  Re: Battle was

zn53608/17/2016 05:25PM

  1 thing for sure

reggae53008/17/2016 06:25PM

  Re: Battle was

EastBayRam49708/17/2016 06:39PM

  Re: Battle was

oldschoolramfan44608/18/2016 06:45AM

  Re: Battle was

SoCalRAMatic43808/18/2016 06:50AM

  Re: Spruce's injury

leafnose39308/19/2016 04:15AM

  Why is Fisher getting an extension?

DomerRam1,22208/14/2016 10:39PM

  Snead is Fisher

9er8er52608/15/2016 10:06AM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

SoCalRAMatic49008/15/2016 12:42PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

9er8er41108/15/2016 02:32PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

Rams4344708/15/2016 12:50PM

  what does the record say?

TonyHunter8746908/15/2016 01:20PM

  Used the talent well, no.

ArizonaRamFan46708/15/2016 01:39PM

  Fisher admitted it in Hard Knocks..

sstrams69108/15/2016 01:58PM

  Good talent performs

9er8er61508/15/2016 02:16PM

  That's great info 9er8er..

sstrams56508/15/2016 02:30PM

  Re: I could not agree more...NM.

laram51308/15/2016 03:59PM

  Good talent performs...but not if an ACL blows out

wv ram42708/16/2016 05:00AM

  You use that jinx invoking acronym far too often...

JamesJM51708/16/2016 05:16AM

  acl jinx...

wv ram43608/16/2016 07:05AM

  I'll sign the petition....

JamesJM68308/16/2016 07:14AM

  moving on....

wv ram41108/16/2016 07:37AM

  That's not useful context in this situation

9er8er41808/16/2016 05:41PM

  competent or incompetent?

wv ram41608/18/2016 02:03AM

  It pains me to reference the Patriots

moklerman48508/18/2016 02:54AM


wv ram41308/18/2016 03:34AM

  the chin

moklerman45308/18/2016 10:17AM

  the billionaire

wv ram57308/18/2016 10:22AM

  Re: the billionaire

moklerman41908/18/2016 10:47AM

  'game has passed him by'

wv ram41008/18/2016 11:03AM

  is it a passing league now?

zn50608/18/2016 11:25AM

  damn the stats, man

wv ram50608/18/2016 12:05PM

  Re: damn the stats, man

zn42308/18/2016 12:54PM

  Cardinals Patriots Steelers

Rams_8142608/18/2016 03:23PM

  It is irrefutably a passing league now

9er8er43308/18/2016 07:06PM

  that's all just true and obvious and doesn't address the point

zn41908/18/2016 07:24PM

  The point plain and simply

9er8er39708/18/2016 08:05PM

  rays of sunshine

wv ram36808/19/2016 01:34AM

  Re: rays of sunshine

zn35908/19/2016 02:30AM

  year five

wv ram30708/19/2016 02:56AM

  Re: year five

zn45908/19/2016 03:14AM

  Well, yeah...

JamesJM43908/16/2016 05:12AM

  Re: Good talent performs

AlbaNY_Ram55608/16/2016 08:11AM

  These QBs will always play better elsewhere

Rams_8152508/16/2016 05:53PM


9er8er41208/16/2016 06:33PM

  Are you saying...

Suh-weet!41408/16/2016 03:43PM

  Re: Are you saying...

9er8er42208/16/2016 05:45PM

  Not a good argument, but okay

Suh-weet!49708/16/2016 07:16PM

  Nothing can make sense of that

9er8er41008/17/2016 07:52PM

  Hoo brother

Suh-weet!49508/18/2016 11:54AM

  Look at Carson Palmer

Rams_8143908/18/2016 03:26PM

  Individual vs. aggregate talent

9er8er42808/18/2016 06:07PM

  Re: Hoo brother

9er8er38908/18/2016 05:49PM

  No truer statement than...

Guard55608/15/2016 02:20PM

  Re: No truer statement than...

reggae48608/17/2016 09:41PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

9er8er54008/15/2016 02:18PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

Ram Fan Teacher70708/15/2016 02:29PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

9er8er44208/15/2016 03:27PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

Rams4343608/15/2016 02:40PM

  The problem

9er8er53008/15/2016 03:13PM

  Why is it assumed the team is 'stocked with talent'

promomasterj47008/18/2016 12:13PM

  I agree

six2stack45508/18/2016 04:54PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

bigjimram2141308/15/2016 08:09PM

  Re: Snead is Fisher

9er8er40408/16/2016 05:00PM

  I assumed this would happen during Hardknocks

BigGame8152608/16/2016 04:33PM

  So cynical

9er8er47308/16/2016 05:24PM

  Re: So cynical

mikeguman43108/16/2016 05:36PM

  or he could take a hands off approach on offense

Rams_8142408/16/2016 06:00PM

  I agree 81

ferragamo7940408/16/2016 07:21PM

  Re: I agree 81

9er8er44608/18/2016 08:28PM

  Re: Why is Fisher getting an extension?

reggae46708/17/2016 08:37PM

  Too bad we aren't meaning hair extention S! nm

jemach68208/18/2016 09:40AM

  yes a mullet

Atlantic Ram40708/18/2016 07:07PM

  TRANSCRIPT: McCutcheon, HC Jeff Fisher, RB Todd Gurley, 8-18-16

Shaky90408/19/2016 01:55AM

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