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  Dodgers-Oh my

waterfield24210/16/2016 01:17PM

  Re: Dodgers-Oh my

21Dog12610/16/2016 01:55PM

  Re: Dodgers-Oh my

waterfield12510/16/2016 02:32PM

  How do you two see tonights game? (nm)

JamesJM14710/16/2016 02:19PM

  Kershaw going on short rest

21Dog11310/16/2016 02:28PM

  What was going on between Gonzales and Puig

waterfield13010/16/2016 02:35PM

  Re: What was going on between Gonzales and Puig

21Dog13210/16/2016 02:44PM

  Re: What was going on between Gonzales and Puig

waterfield12610/16/2016 02:56PM

  Re: What was going on between Gonzales and Puig

21Dog14210/16/2016 03:07PM

  Agon is a rbi machine

ferragamo7911510/16/2016 07:51PM

  Got the split which was huge

ferragamo7912110/16/2016 07:49PM

  hard to pitch much better than......

21Dog11110/16/2016 08:00PM

  For sst...

sanfRAM32010/13/2016 11:07AM

  Thanks sanfRAM...

sstrams13710/13/2016 11:50AM

  Sorry boys for butting in....

73Ram20710/14/2016 09:32AM


sstrams18010/14/2016 11:46AM

  SST and sanfRAM ...answer this question please.

73Ram11210/15/2016 04:26AM

  Well, '73...

sstrams13910/15/2016 05:31AM

  guitarists are like wine to me.......

21Dog10410/15/2016 05:53AM

  Well said, 21..

sstrams12110/15/2016 06:35AM

  Best definition ever, IMHO...

JamesJM11710/15/2016 06:49AM

  Re: Well, '73...

73Ram14810/15/2016 06:23AM

  We're almost out the door..

sstrams12410/15/2016 06:33AM

  Re: We're almost out the door..

73Ram14810/15/2016 06:37AM

  I used to 'pan' a lot...

JamesJM11010/15/2016 06:53AM

  That's a common..

sstrams13410/15/2016 07:14AM

  Re: I used to 'pan' a lot...

73Ram12010/16/2016 03:46AM


waterfield26810/10/2016 04:26PM

  Re: Dodgers

21Dog14310/10/2016 05:21PM

  Re: Dodgers

waterfield15910/10/2016 06:38PM

  Did not like the home plate umpire today

waterfield14910/11/2016 05:05PM

  Ultimately, a great win...

sacram13410/11/2016 09:08PM

  Avilan over Dayton

21Dog15210/11/2016 09:15PM

  Re: Avilan over Dayton

sacram13810/11/2016 09:27PM

  Re: Avilan over Dayton

21Dog11810/12/2016 04:52AM

  well............that was easy

21Dog13710/13/2016 08:27PM

  Re: well............that was easy

waterfield14510/13/2016 09:58PM

  I'm the weirdo....

JamesJM12410/13/2016 10:30PM

  you have issues

21Dog12710/14/2016 05:48AM

  mine went out for a time, too

21Dog13010/14/2016 05:49AM

  Re: mine went out for a time, too

waterfield14110/14/2016 08:47AM

  I have Direct nm

21Dog12810/14/2016 10:14AM

  what a game!!!!!!!! a classic for sure

ferragamo798110/14/2016 08:00AM

  Re: what a game!!!!!!!! a classic for sure

waterfield13210/14/2016 08:49AM

  Reynolds did

ferragamo7911610/14/2016 10:42AM

  A game for the ages....

sacram17110/14/2016 10:41AM

  Re: A game for the ages....

waterfield12410/14/2016 11:11AM

  I don't fault Dusty for that

21Dog12310/14/2016 11:25AM

  Possibly the Indians vs the Cubs... thought about that?

JamesJM12910/14/2016 10:45AM

  1948 Indians-greatest starting rotation ever !

waterfield12910/14/2016 11:16AM

  like that for a lot of teams last 5 -8 years

ferragamo7913010/14/2016 11:22AM

  Solid outing from Robetts...

sacram11810/15/2016 07:03PM

  Re: Solid outing from Robetts...

RFIP12810/16/2016 02:57AM

  RAMS - so my grandson is I Azusa. Attachments

JamesJM25010/15/2016 04:09PM


JamesJM11110/15/2016 04:12PM

  Hey Steve, regarding your surgery

JamesJM28610/08/2016 06:59AM

  Thanks so much, Jimmy...

sstrams15910/08/2016 11:50AM

  I'd like to hear it because I can share an effed up story about a practice too

LesBaker14410/08/2016 02:37PM

  Les I'll try to type it all up later today..

sstrams15910/09/2016 05:40AM

  Re: Thanks so much, Jimmy...

73Ram15810/09/2016 04:40AM

  No, not strummer's elbow, '73...

sstrams13710/09/2016 05:34AM

  Re: No, not strummer's elbow, '73...

73Ram11910/09/2016 05:42AM

  Sorry to hear about..

sstrams13210/09/2016 08:47AM

  better you found out about the surgeon....

21Dog14310/09/2016 04:47AM

  Yeah, 21..

sstrams15210/09/2016 05:37AM

  Completely at a loss, now..

sstrams20410/10/2016 10:57AM

  Very sorry to hear that, Steve.

JamesJM15010/10/2016 11:27AM

  Re: Very sorry to hear that, Steve.

sstrams15410/10/2016 01:14PM


waterfield15610/10/2016 04:08PM

  Thank you..

sstrams16010/11/2016 07:03AM

  Sorry to hear Steve....

73Ram14010/11/2016 11:18AM

  Thanks '73..

sstrams14810/11/2016 11:46AM

  Re: Completely at a loss, now..

~lyser14310/12/2016 03:46AM

  Thanks so much, ~lyser..

sstrams13910/12/2016 04:55AM

  Re: Completely at a loss, now..

Haile Selassie I16610/12/2016 11:15AM

  Re: Completely at a loss, now..

sstrams14110/12/2016 11:28AM

  Re: Completely at a loss, now..

Haile Selassie I17210/12/2016 01:29PM

  Thats great, man..

sstrams15810/12/2016 01:42PM

  Back in the saddle..

sstrams11010/14/2016 01:22PM

  Re: Back in the saddle..

73Ram12910/15/2016 04:34AM

  Thanks so much, '73..

sstrams14510/15/2016 05:18AM

  hopefully you're on the right track

21Dog14910/15/2016 05:55AM

  Geez I hope so, 21.. and requesting advice from anyone..

sstrams15710/15/2016 06:49AM

  Two trillion galaxies...

JamesJM27510/13/2016 06:14PM

  Perhaps the Rams...

sstrams13410/14/2016 03:41AM

  It's the day before my colonoscopy...

JamesJM31110/10/2016 09:28AM

  the prep

21Dog16410/10/2016 10:06AM

  Re: the prep

waterfield17210/10/2016 10:16AM

  Anyone, and I mean ANYONE...

JamesJM15710/10/2016 10:19AM


ferragamo7914010/12/2016 02:13PM

  Yes, that one... and a first for me...

JamesJM13610/10/2016 10:32AM

  GOOD GOD, Dog... awful?

JamesJM15210/10/2016 11:53AM

  word to the wise

21Dog14810/10/2016 12:56PM

  I think the worst is over....

JamesJM16110/10/2016 04:13PM

  hang in there, old friend

21Dog15110/10/2016 05:20PM

  OK!! Reading these are cracking me up BUT......Making me nervous!

Ramgator16310/12/2016 10:59AM

  Hoping to get both ends done at once.

Ramgator12810/12/2016 11:05AM

  Whoa there Gator... if I'm reading you right...

JamesJM13910/12/2016 11:20AM

  Yeah, my guess is that they use..

sstrams13910/12/2016 11:31AM

  Yea, that sounds like it....

JamesJM15910/12/2016 11:36AM

  that's what they used for me

21Dog14910/12/2016 12:39PM

  Gator I had the 2 for 1

ferragamo7914110/12/2016 02:16PM

  can that be caused........

21Dog15310/12/2016 02:22PM


ferragamo7910610/12/2016 05:39PM

  HAHAHAHAHA this is yer best post title ever.

LesBaker13810/12/2016 02:44PM

  Re: OK!! Reading these are cracking me up BUT......Making me nervous!

73Ram14910/12/2016 12:16PM

  Southern garage?

sstrams14410/12/2016 12:40PM

  Re: Southern garage?

73Ram14110/13/2016 01:00AM

  Re: It's the day before my colonoscopy...

~lyser14110/12/2016 03:19PM

  Re: It's the day before my colonoscopy...

MamaRAMa16410/13/2016 11:56AM

  LOL, Mama

JamesJM12510/13/2016 01:54PM

  I didn't know girls had 'em

21Dog13010/13/2016 02:46PM


JamesJM14010/13/2016 03:11PM

  had one this year

zn13510/13/2016 07:06PM

  With God On Our Side

IowaRam27410/13/2016 05:35PM

  Finished watching Narcos this week

RamUK25110/05/2016 09:26AM

  To this day I still flinch whenever...

JamesJM13010/05/2016 12:29PM

  Re: To this day I still flinch whenever...

IowaRam13810/05/2016 01:19PM

  LMAO! (nm)

RamUK12010/06/2016 04:09AM

  Re: Finished watching Narcos this week

sanfRAM13110/12/2016 03:20PM

  I love baseball soooooo much

waterfield26410/11/2016 08:04PM

  Re: I love baseball soooooo much

21Dog11410/11/2016 09:10PM

  Bigfoot in Michigan , here's your proof

IowaRam25910/08/2016 08:20PM

  Well thank you. Finally the proof needed to put this to bed

Atlantic Ram13010/09/2016 07:49PM

  Well Waterfield, you jinxed me...

JamesJM28910/08/2016 11:34PM

  get well wishes for Mason

21Dog10010/09/2016 04:42AM

  It was natural grass....

JamesJM12710/09/2016 05:11AM

  Tough thoughts....

73Ram11010/09/2016 05:31AM

  Re: Well Waterfield, you jinxed me...

waterfield14410/09/2016 05:06PM

  Re: Well Waterfield, you jinxed me...

JamesJM10010/09/2016 05:42PM

  Re: Well Waterfield, you jinxed me...

waterfield11310/09/2016 07:33PM

  Recent Photo Attachments

JamesJM9010/09/2016 07:47PM

  Dodgers----Uh OOOOH

waterfield29010/05/2016 07:44PM

  Sorry all you Dodger fans

Drew283914310/06/2016 06:49AM

  go for it, Drew

21Dog13010/06/2016 07:55AM

  Indeed they are!

Drew283912310/06/2016 12:37PM

  I'll never understand...

sacram16110/06/2016 11:34AM

  don't open an old wound

21Dog12010/06/2016 01:33PM


sacram12510/06/2016 03:39PM

  Re: Yeah..

waterfield12610/07/2016 07:28AM

  couple of things

ferragamo7913710/07/2016 07:56PM

  Re: couple of things

waterfield12610/08/2016 11:01AM

  Wow that was brutal...

sacram13210/09/2016 03:44PM

  blew so many chances

21Dog12610/09/2016 04:15PM


waterfield12210/09/2016 04:37PM

  not his best day, either

21Dog12210/09/2016 04:39PM

  I just watched a video on the LA Times website..

sacram14610/09/2016 04:45PM

  There was a period of time with no rain.......

21Dog14610/09/2016 04:51PM

  Re: There was a period of time with no rain.......

sacram12410/09/2016 05:03PM


sacram12510/09/2016 04:49PM

  Hill was so inconsistent today

21Dog11010/09/2016 04:54PM


sacram12610/09/2016 05:01PM

  for most part.......

21Dog12810/09/2016 07:10PM

  Re: for most part.......

waterfield12210/09/2016 07:30PM

  Anyone belong to a 'Shave Club'?

JamesJM29910/04/2016 01:04PM

  No, but I do have a tip..

sstrams14310/04/2016 01:44PM

  That's about the same cost as Harry's...

JamesJM13010/04/2016 02:19PM

  Yeah, disposables suck...

sstrams12910/04/2016 02:39PM

  I don't know....

JamesJM15810/04/2016 03:58PM

  I've tried two different electric..

sstrams14310/04/2016 05:46PM

  Re: Yeah, disposables suck...

73Ram14310/09/2016 04:51AM

  You can't totally clean both sides

LesBaker14410/09/2016 05:24AM

  Re: You can't totally clean both sides

73Ram16210/09/2016 05:35AM

  the balm?

21Dog16910/04/2016 08:54PM

  I do

LMU9314810/05/2016 04:48AM

  Been wondering about that...

JamesJM15410/05/2016 05:12AM

  Re: Been wondering about that...

LMU9313310/05/2016 05:35AM

  Which club do you use? (nm)

JamesJM12810/05/2016 05:58AM

  This is THE BEST razor tip you will ever get

LesBaker14310/08/2016 02:35PM

  I've learned that shaving is on the face of the beholder....

JamesJM14110/08/2016 08:12PM

  Did you see the video?

LesBaker14410/09/2016 02:58AM

  Ever get a barber shave?

JamesJM14010/09/2016 06:38AM

  Sure, I'll babysit while you're away...

JamesJM28510/05/2016 06:46PM

  Yer lucky he came back in one piece

LesBaker16310/08/2016 02:39PM

  Re: Yer lucky he came back in one piece

MamaRAMa14410/08/2016 07:31PM

  Kind of funny...

JamesJM14610/08/2016 08:22PM

  Florida, my butt... we're flooding here..

sstrams37810/06/2016 05:51PM

  Re: Florida, my butt... we're flooding here..

73Ram12610/07/2016 01:02AM

  Re: Florida, my butt... we're flooding here..

MamaRAMa15310/07/2016 03:10AM

  Re: Florida, my butt... we're flooding here..

21Dog11410/07/2016 03:52AM

  Re: Florida, my butt... we're flooding here..

waterfield12910/07/2016 07:36AM

  It's an awesome place

LesBaker14210/07/2016 01:44PM

  Yeah, having been on tiny islands..

sstrams13610/07/2016 04:24AM

  It's a bit wet here

RamUK20410/07/2016 05:10AM

  Glad you are ok, UK...

sstrams21610/07/2016 05:22AM

  Thanks man, and fortunately....

RamUK16110/07/2016 11:16AM

  I've been in a Cat 4 twice

LesBaker12610/07/2016 01:48PM

  Andrew actually peaked at 175mph

RamUK20710/07/2016 04:47PM

  If you recall the storm that beached the large cargo ship

LesBaker14510/08/2016 04:43AM

  Tornado? Shoot I was born in a tornado.. Attachments

sstrams15410/08/2016 05:49AM

  That has to be the most dangerous Mother Nature has to offer

LesBaker12010/08/2016 02:11PM

  Giants versus Mets: Going to the bullpen too soon.

Billy_T28910/07/2016 04:28AM

  Pitch Count

sacram18710/07/2016 05:46AM

  Re: Pitch Count

Billy_T20310/07/2016 06:43AM

  Re: Pitch Count

waterfield19110/07/2016 07:19AM

  Re: Pitch Count

Billy_T11610/08/2016 04:39AM

  Yep its definitely different...

sacram17210/08/2016 08:31AM

  Any Creepy Clowns showing up in your neighborhood yet ?

IowaRam46410/05/2016 02:20PM

  I don't know....

JamesJM12210/05/2016 02:35PM

  Yeah, there's been reports here plus...

sstrams10810/05/2016 03:53PM

  Thats the thing

IowaRam19210/05/2016 04:44PM

  A video going round social media.. canal skiing...

JamesJM29009/29/2016 07:10AM

  Oh, but landing in a field of cotton...

Saguaro13310/05/2016 10:07AM

  You've got cotton near you...

JamesJM12310/05/2016 12:28PM

  Vin Scully

waterfield25510/02/2016 06:27PM

  family seems special to him

21Dog13810/02/2016 07:53PM

  Echo all of that

waterfield12710/02/2016 08:45PM

  Re: Echo all of that

21Dog12610/03/2016 04:52AM

  I know one of his kids

LMU9312010/05/2016 04:50AM

  Dodger fans

waterfield25910/02/2016 05:05PM

  Re: Dodger fans

21Dog13210/02/2016 07:41PM

  just enjoy the playoffs

ferragamo7914110/03/2016 05:50PM

  Dodger Fans be proud!

ferragamo7927609/25/2016 06:26AM

  nice to win the division........

21Dog12009/26/2016 05:23AM

  Re: nice to win the division........

waterfield13609/26/2016 07:09PM

  think he gets traded in the offseason

ferragamo7911809/28/2016 06:58PM


sacram14410/01/2016 06:08AM

  Re: Yes!!!

waterfield12910/01/2016 09:10PM

  Puig will be traded offseason

ferragamo7913610/03/2016 05:48PM

  Wake angle behind a boat (seriously)

waterfield25910/02/2016 07:41AM

  I don't believe you....

JamesJM13010/02/2016 07:56AM

  I believe you..

sstrams14010/02/2016 08:45AM

  Yeah, well...

JamesJM13210/02/2016 10:58AM

  First person that told me that

waterfield11110/02/2016 04:59PM

  Anyone seen 'Don't Breathe' yet?

sstrams23710/02/2016 04:46AM

  I did that with Storks

Atlantic Ram12910/02/2016 09:43AM

  Yeah, its becoming common..

sstrams12310/02/2016 10:15AM

  Dodgers use of Urias in playoffs

waterfield23209/29/2016 08:11AM

  yeah, I heard that on the news, baseball season is starting...

JamesJM9709/29/2016 08:33AM

  what did it say

ferragamo7910009/29/2016 09:26AM

  Re: what did it say

waterfield9209/29/2016 02:39PM

  I doubt Boras has much say in the decision

21Dog10809/29/2016 02:20PM

  3 IPs tonight

ferragamo799509/29/2016 06:50PM

  did the same thing with Maeda the night before

21Dog11109/30/2016 03:30AM

  Brandon McCarthy...

sacram10509/30/2016 08:17PM

  this is a family board.....

21Dog11509/30/2016 09:12PM

  Donf forget..

sacram15509/30/2016 10:08PM


21Dog10510/01/2016 04:52AM

  I can't blame "boy wonder" too much

waterfield9610/01/2016 09:04PM

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