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  21Dog... our QB....

JamesJM26306/18/2017 11:12PM

  saw that

21Dog10706/19/2017 04:49AM

  Movies that move you to tears

MamaRAMa52006/11/2017 12:43PM

  That's a good un', Mama...

JamesJM13906/11/2017 12:57PM

  agree completely on that scene........

21Dog13806/11/2017 02:43PM


ferragamo7913806/11/2017 04:06PM

  You know

Atlantic Ram13506/11/2017 06:44PM

  Islands in the Stream

MamaRAMa14906/11/2017 07:01PM

  Not going to start this yet...

JamesJM11606/11/2017 07:23PM

  One of the toughest for me is Forrest Gump

Atlantic Ram16106/11/2017 07:27PM

  Forrest Gump

MamaRAMa19106/11/2017 08:01PM

  The Days of Wine and Roses

MamaRAMa17406/12/2017 06:38AM


JoeMad14406/12/2017 08:30AM

  Re: Movies that move you to tears

Headslap7517306/12/2017 09:22AM

  Hachi: A dog's Tale..

sstrams15506/12/2017 10:34AM

  Re: Hachi: A dog's Tale..

MamaRAMa14906/12/2017 10:45AM

  ..and its got the most perfect..

sstrams14506/12/2017 11:00AM

  I'm giving you fair warning.. sst...

JamesJM15506/12/2017 11:22AM

  Well, I'd better get the..

sstrams13006/12/2017 11:25AM

  May not respond today...

JamesJM15606/12/2017 11:28AM

  Thats really not fair..

sstrams15506/12/2017 01:43PM

  Basketball has ended...

JamesJM15506/12/2017 08:00PM

  That does say it all, Jimmy...

sstrams12806/13/2017 02:56AM

  The soundtrack was perfect...

JamesJM13406/13/2017 05:20AM

  Re: The soundtrack was perfect...

sstrams16706/13/2017 05:59AM

  In fact..

sstrams14806/12/2017 11:27AM

  that's based on a true story btw

zn15106/14/2017 08:50AM

  Yeah, had read about that..

sstrams12706/14/2017 09:24AM

  Re: Movies that move you to tears

73Ram21706/13/2017 02:01PM

  I have never seen, nor read, Charlotte's Web...

JamesJM16306/15/2017 06:34AM

  No spoiler here..

sstrams15306/15/2017 06:43AM

  Re: No spoiler here.... Yeah, the third grade for me too.

RAMbler12406/15/2017 07:58AM

  That's a trip, Rambler..

sstrams14206/15/2017 08:07AM

  That was dang good...

JamesJM16006/15/2017 09:29AM

  Danny Bonaduci..

sstrams13906/15/2017 11:06AM

  avery arable

ferragamo7913506/15/2017 06:59PM

  Life is beautiful

stlramz14306/15/2017 08:46PM

  First time I ever saw that movie...

Ramgator11806/16/2017 09:41AM

  A movie that moved me to have a movement and PUKE....

Ramgator13106/16/2017 09:43AM

  "Where The Red Fern Grows"

Ramgator11906/16/2017 09:44AM

  I am Sam

RAMbler13006/16/2017 10:20AM


ferragamo7912806/17/2017 01:34PM

  One of the most..

sstrams14206/17/2017 02:02PM

  Million Dollar Baby; Ordinary People; Good Will Hunting.

Billy_T14106/18/2017 08:43AM

  wow, Montery Pop turns 50.... (and a tangent)

JamesJM22806/16/2017 07:16AM

  Otis Redding

21Dog8206/16/2017 07:48AM

  very underrated IMHO

ferragamo799206/17/2017 01:33PM

  Play Dodgeball with the Pros

IowaRam24106/14/2017 03:08PM

  Well, my first reaction..

sstrams11106/15/2017 02:53AM

  I'm pretty sure I'm better than the guy

ferragamo7911606/15/2017 07:00PM

  The Macintosh nerd?

sstrams9906/16/2017 05:04AM


ferragamo7910306/17/2017 01:25PM

  U2 was a disappointment in Tampa 2 nights ago.

Ramgator26506/16/2017 09:38AM

  I won't go to a concert in a stadium

ferragamo799106/17/2017 01:20PM

  21Dog, 940 ESPN radio will broadcast the game tonight...

JamesJM23006/16/2017 04:30AM

  Photo of the County Team Attachments

JamesJM8906/16/2017 04:59AM

  wish I could listen

21Dog9406/16/2017 05:06AM

  HEY... GREAT news 21....

JamesJM8406/16/2017 05:18AM

  Re: HEY... GREAT news 21....

21Dog9606/16/2017 05:38AM

  Merlin Olsen....

JamesJM10506/16/2017 10:23AM

  County ends City's 4 game winning streak...

JamesJM10506/16/2017 11:23PM

  My Wife rocks! TOTALLY surprised me for my 50th yesterday!

Ramgator25406/16/2017 09:32AM

  7 on 7, it was humbling 21Dog... :)

JamesJM41106/10/2017 06:00PM

  all part of the process

21Dog12006/10/2017 06:26PM

  Coaches were great...

JamesJM11606/10/2017 06:29PM

  Moving on to baseball.... Attachments

JamesJM10606/11/2017 08:27PM

  District CHAMPS, baby!

JamesJM9906/13/2017 06:56PM

  My weekly sports wrapup...

JamesJM10206/15/2017 09:35AM

  good for you......

21Dog10706/16/2017 05:11AM

  Next week, hopefully...

JamesJM9206/16/2017 05:20AM

  Re: Next week, hopefully...

21Dog10306/16/2017 05:30AM

  Did you know shelves in refrigerators slide out?

JamesJM30006/13/2017 09:10PM

  Re: Did you know shelves in refrigerators slide out?

73Ram11406/14/2017 02:25PM


ferragamo798906/15/2017 06:56PM

  My two cents on Wonder Woman..

JamesJM42906/13/2017 08:19PM

  Re: My two cents on Wonder Woman..

zn11306/14/2017 03:19AM

  Yeah, that seems true...

JamesJM10906/14/2017 04:35AM

  I represent the small minority

Atlantic Ram12506/14/2017 08:16AM

  About your personal info...

JamesJM9906/14/2017 06:31AM

  Re: About your personal info...

zn10606/14/2017 07:40AM

  ADVICE needed... football....

JamesJM45506/06/2017 09:11AM

  Stay JV

ferragamo798706/06/2017 11:21AM

  Re: ADVICE needed... football....

IowaRam11206/06/2017 11:24AM

  Had to google passing league

IowaRam13206/06/2017 11:34AM

  Somewhat like flag football...

JamesJM10606/06/2017 09:40PM

  isn't it called 7 on 7.......

21Dog9606/07/2017 04:30AM


JamesJM10906/07/2017 04:47AM

  never seen one

21Dog10406/07/2017 05:08AM

  They did last year...

JamesJM10806/07/2017 08:40AM

  I would go with......

21Dog12206/06/2017 02:39PM

  Kind of odd, 21

JamesJM15106/06/2017 04:01PM

  A thought occurred to me...

JamesJM10606/07/2017 12:25PM

  consensus is..........

21Dog10606/07/2017 01:23PM

  LOL.. yeah, that's a big part of it...

JamesJM11806/07/2017 01:35PM

  I got it right away

21Dog11006/07/2017 01:48PM

  I fall farther and farther behind..

JamesJM9206/07/2017 05:26PM

  In other football news... Attachments

JamesJM11606/06/2017 07:15PM

  Re: ADVICE needed... football....

JoeMad10906/07/2017 07:21AM

  You hit at the heart of it....

JamesJM12306/07/2017 08:47AM

  Re: You hit at the heart of it....

JoeMad14206/14/2017 07:40AM

  What does his father say?

waterfield9706/07/2017 08:08AM

  He's as confused as me (nm)

JamesJM9006/07/2017 08:27AM

  I know I've spoken harshly of DirecTV in the past...

JamesJM25606/13/2017 08:39AM

  I'm pretty sure I can't beat that..

sstrams11406/13/2017 08:56AM

  i reported DTV and ATT to the BBB shortly after I cancelled.

JoeMad13006/13/2017 09:41AM

  you know Amazon Prime is coming to Apple TV...

JamesJM11506/13/2017 09:57AM

  Is there a MORE bland cereal than plain Cheerios?

Ramgator35906/03/2017 05:27AM

  Oh to be in my 20s again....

Ramgator13506/03/2017 05:30AM

  Re: Oh to be in my 20s again....

73Ram10406/11/2017 04:12AM

  I like them plain in skim milk..........

LesBaker14106/03/2017 12:25PM

  Re: I like them plain in skim milk..........

73Ram11406/11/2017 04:15AM

  I'm not a big fan of Cheerios...but I like them.

JamesJM14106/03/2017 01:20PM

  I miss the old metal TV trays

IowaRam16806/03/2017 02:58PM

  Re: Is there a MORE bland cereal than plain Cheerios?

21Dog14406/04/2017 04:23AM

  Oh man. Yeah. Plain Shredded wheat

ArizonaRamFan12506/04/2017 06:51AM


JamesJM13106/04/2017 07:48AM

  Re: Oh man. Yeah. Plain Shredded wheat

six2stack11006/11/2017 07:24PM

  Corn Flakes is more bland that Cherrios......

JoeMad11506/07/2017 07:47AM

  Re: Corn Flakes is more bland that Cherrios......

21Dog13006/07/2017 10:00AM

  THE most killer cereal...

sstrams12606/07/2017 08:00AM

  Remember Franken Berry and Count Chocula

IowaRam13406/07/2017 07:57PM

  Remember the 70s/early 80s Honeycomb commercials?

Ramgator10806/10/2017 11:29AM

  Well I didn't

IowaRam10806/10/2017 02:32PM

  Froot Loops

IowaRam12506/07/2017 08:01PM

  Honey nut with bananas or blueberries

ferragamo7912006/07/2017 11:10PM

  As a kid, my favorite was always.. Attachments

sstrams11606/12/2017 10:30AM

  I always knew you were a little strange...

JamesJM11706/12/2017 10:49AM

  I eat them raw, myself...

sstrams11506/12/2017 10:58AM

  Most food I consume...

JamesJM11706/12/2017 11:07AM

  ..and you say I'm strange...

sstrams11006/12/2017 11:16AM

  Very short, nice story...

JamesJM26706/11/2017 09:04PM

  any good book recommendations

ferragamo7945905/28/2017 07:37PM

  as a Dodger fan.......

21Dog12705/29/2017 04:49AM

  My last two books

waterfield12505/29/2017 07:26AM

  You sold me

JamesJM13305/31/2017 05:26PM

  Re: You sold me

waterfield12906/01/2017 07:27AM

  I used to own some land on a river...

JamesJM12906/01/2017 02:19PM

  Son of Bum?

Atlantic Ram14205/31/2017 04:03PM


Ramgator9206/01/2017 06:32PM

  I actually read that book

ferragamo7911306/02/2017 05:24PM

  The movie was...ok

Ramgator10906/03/2017 11:02AM

  Well, much like the movie Jaws..

sstrams12506/02/2017 05:27AM

  The Tale of Beren and Luthien

IowaRam10106/02/2017 07:05AM

  All Things Possible- Kurt Warner Story

Rampage2K-11506/02/2017 10:04AM

  I'm in Kaanapali til the 14th

ferragamo7911406/02/2017 01:48PM


JamesJM12106/02/2017 03:39PM

  Herdfest Maui???

Rampage2K-10306/10/2017 08:37AM

  All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Drew283912106/03/2017 08:14AM

  Green Eggs & Ham

LesBaker10106/03/2017 12:23PM

  Re: Green Eggs & Ham

73Ram11106/11/2017 04:20AM

  How do you ignore / unignore a user ?

IowaRam33806/10/2017 02:48PM

  Never mind

IowaRam12606/10/2017 03:53PM

  I was going to tell you.....

21Dog9506/10/2017 05:30PM

  LMAO (nm)

JamesJM9106/10/2017 05:45PM

  I must have clicked on the thingy

IowaRam9206/10/2017 06:25PM

  Hope it wasn't something I said.....

HighPlainsDrifter11206/11/2017 01:33AM

  Batman Legend Adam West Has Died At 88

IowaRam29906/10/2017 07:17AM

  The ONLY Batman, IMO! In fact......

Ramgator10306/10/2017 09:41AM

  Sigh! About to lose ANOTHER great friend.

Ramgator32805/16/2017 08:35AM

  Sorry dude...

sstrams14205/16/2017 09:04AM

  Re: Sigh! About to lose ANOTHER great friend.

73Ram16805/16/2017 01:30PM

  My buddy, Ben passed this AM just before 3.

Ramgator12806/05/2017 08:35AM

  Very sorry

ferragamo799406/07/2017 11:07PM

  Re: My buddy, Ben passed this AM just before 3.

MamaRAMa10106/09/2017 03:39AM

  sorry Gator

21Dog9006/09/2017 05:13AM

  Hate to hear that Gator...

sstrams9706/09/2017 08:24AM

  Dude I'm sorry to hear that

LesBaker11106/09/2017 02:10PM

  Very nice service today.

Ramgator10806/09/2017 11:36AM

  tough to deal with, Ramsgator...

JamesJM10706/09/2017 12:35PM

  Sorta feel like I'm carrying "the guy torch".

Ramgator8006/09/2017 04:08PM

  Absolutely carry on the torch...

sstrams11606/10/2017 03:01AM

  Glenne Headley, RIP...

JamesJM30106/09/2017 08:47AM

  21Dog... can we borrow some Tulare players?

JamesJM26006/08/2017 06:29AM

  I envy you

21Dog9706/08/2017 02:17PM

  Friendly? You are aware it's an "Italian Club", right?

JamesJM10306/08/2017 10:15PM

  wouldn't matter to me

21Dog9106/09/2017 05:12AM

  I was welcomed back with open arms...

JamesJM8506/09/2017 07:07AM

  love bocci ball

ferragamo7911806/08/2017 08:24PM

  Feeling a bit more relaxed today regarding 7 on 7 tomorrow...

JamesJM9206/09/2017 07:40AM

  ROCK N ROLL!! Got my colon blasting potion PX....

Ramgator27906/06/2017 01:48PM

  More like Tuck and roll..

sstrams9006/06/2017 02:17PM

  Worst part is prep

ferragamo799406/07/2017 11:09PM

  got to do it again recently

21Dog8506/08/2017 05:21AM

  guardians of the galaxy 2 trailers

zn75102/08/2017 05:46PM

  Cant wait

IowaRam33402/08/2017 06:11PM

  Marvel's Iron Fist

IowaRam29002/08/2017 06:17PM

  Anyone watching this?

Atlantic Ram23303/21/2017 11:07AM

  Have you watched any of the other Marvel Netflix series ?

IowaRam26103/21/2017 02:00PM

  I tried to watch Dare Devil

Atlantic Ram22903/21/2017 07:15PM

  Re: Iowa, what do you think so far?

Billy_T22303/22/2017 06:33AM

  Re: Iowa, what do you think so far?

IowaRam20303/23/2017 09:36AM

  Re: Iowa, what do you think so far?

IowaRam21303/23/2017 09:48AM

  Re: Iowa, what do you think so far?

Billy_T22403/24/2017 08:40AM

  So I pushed through some of the later episodes

Atlantic Ram23804/02/2017 09:40PM

  Avengers: Infinity War First Look

IowaRam25002/10/2017 07:04PM


zn27602/20/2017 05:54PM

  How is Hugh Jackman so freekin ripped at his age

ferragamo7926202/21/2017 04:23PM

  I found it- dude is strong

ferragamo7925902/28/2017 06:13PM

  teaser for tomorrows new trailer

IowaRam25502/27/2017 03:09PM

  Alien: Covenant trailer

IowaRam27302/28/2017 04:10PM

  NEW ; Guardians of the galaxy 2 trailers

IowaRam29402/28/2017 06:56PM

  baby groot

ferragamo7925802/28/2017 07:07PM

  Deadpool 2 teaser trailer

IowaRam24603/04/2017 11:41AM

  Despicable Me 3

IowaRam17503/14/2017 09:39AM

  looove Minions

ferragamo7914503/14/2017 05:55PM

  Dr Who

IowaRam22903/14/2017 09:40AM

  Wonder Woman origin trailer

Speed_Kills31403/20/2017 04:09PM

  Re: Wonder Woman origin trailer

zn15803/22/2017 03:41PM

  New 'Justice League' poster

IowaRam76403/23/2017 10:20AM

  Hope it's decent

IowaRam22503/24/2017 07:14PM

  Re: yeah me too

Speed_Kills13303/28/2017 06:33AM

  New Justice League teaser

IowaRam22003/23/2017 10:29AM

  Re: Flash, WW, and Cyborg teasers

Speed_Kills23903/24/2017 01:10PM

  Who designs DC's costumes ?

IowaRam15303/24/2017 07:08PM

  Re: I like them

Speed_Kills12503/28/2017 06:35AM

  Justice League

IowaRam21903/25/2017 06:21AM

  New Spider-man posters

IowaRam24503/25/2017 04:09PM

  Was just in the Empire State Building Attachments

Atlantic Ram22503/26/2017 06:09PM

  One of these day's

IowaRam23803/27/2017 04:54AM

  HAA!!! ME last November!

Ramgator29303/27/2017 07:50AM

  Nice Photo...

JamesJM19804/03/2017 09:17AM

  Re: love that trailer

Speed_Kills14303/28/2017 06:36AM

  Spider-man Trailer !!!!!!!

IowaRam13303/28/2017 05:34AM

  Re: Spider-man Trailer !!!!!!!

Speed_Kills16903/28/2017 03:32PM

  Still not sure how I feel about the Justice League trailer

IowaRam22203/28/2017 03:53PM

  Re: Still not sure how I feel about the Justice League trailer

Speed_Kills20503/29/2017 03:23AM

  I hope I like it

Atlantic Ram13603/28/2017 06:54PM

  Have to say

ferragamo7913803/29/2017 06:50PM

  new spiderman, trailer 2

zn21303/30/2017 07:40AM

  Re: new spiderman, trailer 2

zn21903/30/2017 07:41AM

  There is kind of a trick to it

IowaRam22103/30/2017 03:27PM

  Re: There is kind of a trick to it

zn13703/30/2017 04:15PM

  Hey zn are you on a mac?

sstrams25604/03/2017 03:02AM

  Isn't James on a mac ?...........................nm

IowaRam21104/03/2017 05:46AM

  Re: Hey zn are you on a mac?

zn11904/03/2017 06:52AM

  Same here..

sstrams11904/03/2017 07:22AM

  I cannot duplicate your problem or Steve's...

JamesJM19204/03/2017 05:54AM

  I don't think its a board issue...

sstrams21004/03/2017 06:09AM

  Have you tried Chrome?

JamesJM11404/03/2017 06:28AM

  Not yet..

sstrams20104/03/2017 07:20AM

  yeah... and hmmmmmm

JamesJM11504/03/2017 07:30AM

  I'll try waiting..

sstrams17104/03/2017 07:32AM

  surprised no one has seen Wonder Woman

zn16806/04/2017 06:13PM

  We saw..

sstrams14606/05/2017 02:47AM

  I'm pretty tired of Dwayne Johnson

IowaRam24206/05/2017 01:13PM

  I can't argue that..

sstrams15206/06/2017 02:42AM

  Saw it today

Atlantic Ram14006/05/2017 03:40PM

  Re: surprised no one has seen Wonder Woman

waterfield14306/07/2017 08:11AM

  Re: surprised no one has seen Wonder Woman

zn13706/07/2017 09:48AM

  Murder on the Orient Express trailer

IowaRam29106/06/2017 04:59PM

  From the Herd Board... 'movies'...and my special gift...

JamesJM26306/06/2017 07:35AM

  I'm horrible at that

IowaRam10006/06/2017 07:55AM

  Names are another matter...

JamesJM9006/06/2017 08:04AM

  Baseball in the summer...

JamesJM28306/04/2017 08:07AM

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