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The HERD's off-topic message board is where all non Rams related discussion takes place. NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS WILL BE ALLOWED!!!
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Ramgator33108/31/2016 03:04PM

  Pardon my macho...

JamesJM14308/31/2016 04:06PM

  With ya on that one..

sstrams14309/01/2016 06:22AM

  Me too

waterfield12809/01/2016 11:34AM

  That could be the best....

JamesJM14409/01/2016 05:28PM


IowaRam18308/31/2016 05:30PM


MamaRAMa19509/01/2016 06:51AM

  Hurricanes = DAYS to plan. Tornadoes????

Ramgator14009/03/2016 06:09PM

  Some photos from Waterfield... Attachments

JamesJM27809/02/2016 01:49PM


waterfield13309/02/2016 04:08PM

  Here's a photo of my grandson Attachments

waterfield14009/02/2016 08:44PM

  Sorry, Waterfield...

JamesJM14409/02/2016 09:28PM

  Nelson Spruce... not for the Herd Board...

JamesJM36609/01/2016 07:44PM

  Re: Nelson Spruce... not for the Herd Board...

waterfield16909/02/2016 08:58AM

  That was all I could think of...

JamesJM15509/02/2016 10:47AM

  Re: That was all I could think of...

waterfield12309/02/2016 12:16PM

  I forgot to mention....

JamesJM12509/02/2016 01:00PM

  My son played Rugby....

waterfield13809/02/2016 01:09PM

  I emailed them. (nm).

waterfield13209/02/2016 01:11PM

  Niner game food choices? Help!

LaloRam34208/31/2016 05:54PM

  Sorry for off-football topic, wasn't sure where to

LaloRam17708/31/2016 06:05PM

  How about Pea Soup? NM

roman1813909/01/2016 03:02AM

  Whiner weiners?

sstrams14309/01/2016 06:23AM

  Make it simple

waterfield15209/01/2016 11:39AM


Atlantic Ram14809/01/2016 05:00PM

  Re: Appreciate the responses!

LaloRam14409/02/2016 04:00AM

  SETI finds a strong signal...

JamesJM35708/30/2016 08:36PM

  Saw that on the news...

sstrams15908/31/2016 03:02AM

  More amazing than discovering Alien life...(youth football)

JamesJM18108/31/2016 04:01AM

  No way Wilt's record is broken

ferragamo7915008/31/2016 07:53AM

  The Bigfoot gene

Atlantic Ram13908/31/2016 06:30PM

  Getting here...

JamesJM16608/31/2016 06:39PM


Atlantic Ram15808/31/2016 08:48PM

  Haven't you guys ever..

sstrams14409/01/2016 03:05AM

  Sounds painful to me..

JamesJM14309/01/2016 06:27AM

  Oh crap that's an awful ..

sstrams13409/01/2016 07:01AM

  Jeez... do I die in that?

Atlantic Ram12309/01/2016 04:55PM

  There already here

waterfield13009/01/2016 11:25AM

  Re: SETI finds a strong signal...

IowaRam14608/31/2016 07:22PM

  Facebook just blew up

IowaRam13809/01/2016 01:19PM

  Read an article on this today.. NOW..

sstrams14009/01/2016 03:03PM

  Niner-hating themed food...

LaloRam25608/31/2016 06:07PM

  A Dog's Purpose - Official Trailer

IowaRam30808/29/2016 05:52PM

  what a great premise for a movie

ferragamo7914908/30/2016 02:40PM

  My wife read the book...

sstrams14708/31/2016 02:54AM

  Oh man, got a notification that Gene Wilder has died...

JamesJM28508/29/2016 10:45AM

  Yeah, I saw about 20 posts on facebook..

sstrams16008/29/2016 10:57AM

  Agree about the genuinely good guy sentiment

Atlantic Ram17008/30/2016 05:34PM

  oh man

IowaRam15408/29/2016 02:48PM

  every once in a while

ferragamo7917908/30/2016 07:23AM

  Re: Oh man, got a notification that Gene Wilder has died...

21Dog14808/29/2016 03:14PM

  William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

IowaRam24808/30/2016 01:53PM

  My DirecTV Call.. I'm not making this up....

JamesJM52708/05/2016 07:04AM

  so in a nutshell........

21Dog22008/05/2016 08:38AM

  James... and 21.... a question

RAMbler20608/05/2016 09:10AM


JamesJM19208/05/2016 10:49AM

  I exchanged emails.......

21Dog21208/05/2016 11:06AM

  the North South line

ferragamo7921408/05/2016 11:14AM

  As 21 and I have discussed before...

JamesJM20608/05/2016 11:21AM

  Thanks..., I think I'm going to drop Sunday Ticket

RAMbler19808/05/2016 12:27PM

  Scared me

moklerman21408/18/2016 09:54AM

  What IS it with you and DirecTV?

sstrams22308/05/2016 09:26AM

  To be perfectly honest....

JamesJM20208/05/2016 10:56AM

  Its gonna be awfully sad...

sstrams19608/05/2016 11:08AM

  If it wasn't for my wife I'd drop DirecTV entirely, and today...

JamesJM20108/05/2016 11:41AM

  Same boat... although I have the OK to drop it

Atlantic Ram20108/05/2016 07:10PM

  It is crazy

Atlantic Ram17708/05/2016 07:00PM


waterfield18708/05/2016 09:37AM

  Made my call to DirecTV today....what a waste of time!

RamBum17408/29/2016 05:23PM

  Flash back, this scared me...

JamesJM25108/29/2016 02:53PM

  I have that stupid dream...

sstrams16308/29/2016 05:16PM

  Youtube of youth football...

JamesJM32308/28/2016 04:56PM

  Not working

IowaRam12708/28/2016 05:35PM

  Sorry.. it should now...

JamesJM12108/28/2016 05:46PM

  Now it's working

IowaRam15208/28/2016 05:56PM

  Final score was 41-7

JamesJM13708/29/2016 11:13AM

  HS and Youth Football... this weekend was humbling...

JamesJM27108/27/2016 07:38PM

  high school sports article (transfers)

21Dog15008/28/2016 03:36PM

  Good stuff...

JamesJM12108/28/2016 03:41PM

  Football - across the nation... Attachments

JamesJM25908/26/2016 07:51AM

  Couple more Photos on opening day... Attachments

JamesJM15108/26/2016 10:43AM

  Oops, correction....

JamesJM14008/26/2016 10:49AM

  gonna be strange this year

IowaRam29908/26/2016 02:49PM

  We don't rebuild

IowaRam18108/26/2016 07:28PM

  whew, humbling.

JamesJM16208/26/2016 07:36PM

  Here are my cousins kids

IowaRam16708/27/2016 08:23PM

  Looking GOOD. (nm)

JamesJM15208/27/2016 08:28PM

  Jack Nicholson was born evil

JamesJM34208/26/2016 12:15PM

  The movie..

sstrams17608/27/2016 04:05AM

  I thought of that...

JamesJM14608/27/2016 06:14AM

  Yeah.. he always..

sstrams14908/27/2016 07:06AM

  Re: Jack Nicholson was born evil

Billy_T14708/27/2016 05:22AM

  Margaret Wambui.. WTH?!?!

sstrams18,81908/18/2016 03:28PM

  Caster Semenya

MamaRAMa1,07208/18/2016 03:45PM

  Yeah I saw her(?)..

sstrams67608/18/2016 03:50PM

  Seriously? This post has 2076 views?

sstrams52008/19/2016 06:44AM

  That's not possible...

JamesJM44008/19/2016 07:53AM

  You know what, it's QUITE possible...

JamesJM35108/19/2016 07:55AM

  So now all of Goggle knows what he thinks

IowaRam36708/19/2016 08:36AM

  Oh crap...!

sstrams31608/19/2016 09:12AM

  rotflmao and tearing up

Atlantic Ram24108/23/2016 05:45PM

  Just off the top of my head...

JamesJM24908/23/2016 06:00PM

  Yeah, never in a million years..

sstrams24808/24/2016 05:42AM

  Dafne Schippers, from the Netherlands.

Billy_T68608/19/2016 07:02AM

  I dunno, but...

JamesJM41308/19/2016 07:51AM

  Re: I dunno, but...

Billy_T32708/19/2016 08:10AM

  Something we can all agree on....

JamesJM28208/19/2016 08:14AM

  Re: I admire your courage . . . .

Billy_T28608/19/2016 08:33AM


JamesJM27208/19/2016 09:02AM

  Re: related...

Billy_T22708/19/2016 12:36PM

  you should have corrected me... Attachments

JamesJM30408/19/2016 01:30PM

  Re: you should have corrected me...

Billy_T28508/19/2016 04:56PM

  I think with me its a..

sstrams29608/20/2016 05:32AM

  I remember looking over the edge of the flight deck

IowaRam24608/20/2016 10:16AM

  What is that..

sstrams23208/20/2016 11:23AM

  I'm gonna set the all-time "views" record..

sstrams30808/19/2016 02:38PM

  Man I knew if she..

sstrams31608/20/2016 03:56PM

  14K and growing

LesBaker17508/24/2016 03:19PM

  I hope somebody is proud of me..

sstrams16308/24/2016 04:15PM

  It isn't senseless it's kinda true and stuff

LesBaker18308/24/2016 05:32PM

  Stingrays are incredible..

sstrams18708/25/2016 03:50AM

  these were orange and white

LesBaker17808/25/2016 02:11PM


sstrams17908/25/2016 03:01PM

  Ever go deep sea fishing?

JamesJM16708/25/2016 05:59PM


waterfield14808/25/2016 07:09PM

  Re: Uh

JamesJM16008/25/2016 07:17PM

  No, never have...

sstrams17408/26/2016 03:47AM


LesBaker17608/26/2016 03:49PM

  ..and to think my high school guidance counselor..

sstrams16308/26/2016 04:52PM

  Anyone else deal or have dealt with crappy rotator cuffs?

Ramgator27208/26/2016 09:18AM

  If your jokes can't fix it...

sstrams14108/26/2016 09:44AM

  Lots of advice

waterfield13008/26/2016 10:50AM

  Living with it is possible as well...

JamesJM15708/26/2016 10:57AM

  Re: Living with it is possible as well...

waterfield14308/26/2016 01:10PM

  Head trauma

waterfield30408/23/2016 08:18PM


Ramgator14708/24/2016 07:17AM

  Re: REEEELAX!!!!!!!!

waterfield16008/24/2016 09:47AM

  I USED to want my boys to play football.....

Ramgator13908/25/2016 08:57AM

  Re: I USED to want my boys to play football.....

waterfield14108/25/2016 10:48AM

  An aside....

JamesJM14308/25/2016 11:06AM

  What the heck are "Travel Leagues"? (nm)

waterfield14908/25/2016 12:06PM

  Not sure if the term..

JamesJM17608/25/2016 12:28PM

  I applaud your 10 yr old

21Dog13408/25/2016 12:11PM

  Me too, thanks. Friday Night Lights TOMORROW! (nm)

JamesJM13908/25/2016 12:29PM

  go Kerman Lions!! nm

21Dog15108/25/2016 03:08PM

  We're not Texas....

JamesJM13008/26/2016 07:27AM

  Yeah you don't mess with high school football..

sstrams14908/26/2016 07:54AM

  Sea Sickness...

JamesJM14008/26/2016 08:25AM

  Wrong thread, but I'll reply anyway..

sstrams14908/26/2016 09:41AM

  Am I just getting old or...?

waterfield55308/22/2016 09:41PM

  I'll add my 2 cent guess..

sstrams19508/23/2016 06:22AM

  Re: I'll add my 2 cent guess..

waterfield18808/23/2016 06:47AM

  It's one of the reasons...

JamesJM21008/23/2016 07:53AM

  It's an addiction

waterfield19108/23/2016 08:06AM

  I read that as well...

JamesJM16408/23/2016 08:09AM

  That's where I feel lucky..

sstrams17608/23/2016 02:09PM

  many articles on this topic

JoeMad22408/23/2016 09:10AM

  Thanks for the headache...

JamesJM16808/23/2016 09:48AM

  Interesting stuff there

waterfield17408/23/2016 10:15AM

  Re: Interesting stuff there

MamaRAMa23808/23/2016 12:05PM

  Re: Interesting stuff there

21Dog20908/23/2016 02:53PM


waterfield18308/23/2016 08:04PM

  Re: Manners

21Dog19308/23/2016 09:09PM

  Re: Manners

waterfield17708/24/2016 07:15AM

  Re: Manners

JoeMad16308/24/2016 09:10AM

  Re: Manners

21Dog16708/24/2016 10:20AM

  It almost seems to be part of the sport

Atlantic Ram17308/23/2016 05:11PM

  I think it begins and ends with family

waterfield16208/23/2016 07:53PM

  as you well know........

21Dog18108/23/2016 09:11PM

  Re: as you well know........

waterfield17308/24/2016 09:41AM


ferragamo7918208/24/2016 08:55AM

  Pajamas during the day

waterfield27108/24/2016 09:38AM

  Re: Pajamas during the day

MamaRAMa19608/24/2016 01:12PM

  Last Saturday night

waterfield24008/24/2016 01:15PM


Atlantic Ram16808/24/2016 01:38PM


waterfield20208/24/2016 01:48PM

  The unpopular answer

LesBaker18008/24/2016 02:25PM

  Re: The unpopular answer

waterfield13308/24/2016 03:44PM

  Re: The unpopular answer

waterfield16408/24/2016 03:51PM

  Lets not forget...

sstrams17408/24/2016 02:33PM

  Ug that was horrific and I'm glad that "fad" passed

LesBaker17308/24/2016 03:03PM

  Re: Lets not forget...

waterfield16308/24/2016 03:54PM

  The punch out game...

sstrams16208/24/2016 04:13PM

  Re: The punch out game...

waterfield15908/24/2016 04:16PM

  Dunno waterfield..

sstrams17608/25/2016 03:52AM

  I agree

LesBaker19708/24/2016 02:14PM

  Another phenomenon

waterfield21608/24/2016 04:04PM

  violent in play

JamesJM17308/25/2016 04:42AM

  My answer and a question -then I'm done

waterfield18808/25/2016 06:57AM

  America.........is not the greatest country anymore

IowaRam16808/25/2016 07:09AM

  To really give my opinion on this...

Saguaro23008/25/2016 08:00AM

  I say it ALL the time...Working for the Jacksonville Fire Dept....

Ramgator19008/25/2016 08:30AM

  Re: I say it ALL the time...Working for the Jacksonville Fire Dept....

ferragamo7916708/26/2016 08:06AM

  Dodgers and Karma

waterfield31608/25/2016 08:02PM

  Sports yesteryear and today

ferragamo7935808/24/2016 11:38AM

  I blame it on team mascots

IowaRam21508/25/2016 08:37AM


Ramgator14008/25/2016 08:43AM

  my goodness

ferragamo7914008/25/2016 11:39AM

  Re: my goodness

21Dog13208/25/2016 03:09PM

  Hard Knocks.

CROMWELL2124808/25/2016 11:53AM

  Re: Hard Knocks.

MamaRAMa12108/25/2016 12:18PM

  Re: Hard Knocks.

CROMWELL2114808/25/2016 12:37PM

  Anyone ever have a disc replaced?

sstrams31508/25/2016 08:27AM

  Oh boy! My Mom.

Ramgator14908/25/2016 08:40AM

  Yeah, I've heard rehab is key..

sstrams12208/25/2016 09:40AM

  That reminds me

LesBaker13408/25/2016 11:35AM

  get a 2nd and 3rd opinion

ferragamo7912208/25/2016 11:37AM

  Just got home from the second opinion..

sstrams13708/25/2016 12:22PM

  Adam West and Burt Ward are back as Batman and Robin

IowaRam29408/22/2016 07:40PM

  Adam West and Burt Ward ARE Batman and Robin!!

Ramgator13508/25/2016 09:00AM

  Youth Football Photos, kind of funny... Attachments

JamesJM41708/23/2016 05:43PM

  Another photo, better perspective, and this one worries me some.. Attachments

JamesJM20608/24/2016 04:42AM

  Looks like he'd better..

sstrams15608/24/2016 05:47AM

  You'd make a good grandpa....

JamesJM14808/24/2016 09:11AM

  I don't see how weight...

sstrams12108/24/2016 09:50AM

  12 and 270lbs? How does that happen?

JamesJM13708/24/2016 10:15AM

  That's a trip...

sstrams14008/24/2016 10:42AM

  Looks like one of those photos people post on facebook

IowaRam12408/24/2016 01:10PM

  This topic has been moved. Niner game food choices? Help!

LaloRam10109/01/2016 03:28AM

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