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  Remove shells before eating

ferragamo7940301/27/2017 03:47PM

  excellent food choice nm

21Dog12801/27/2017 08:01PM

  OK hung some shelving in my garage today

ferragamo7913901/28/2017 06:56PM

  Its such a shame

Atlantic Ram14501/28/2017 09:01PM

  Re: Remove shells before eating

waterfield13601/29/2017 01:16PM

  My favorite

LesBaker17001/30/2017 02:51PM

  thanks for letting me know

ferragamo7913201/30/2017 02:58PM

  Re: My favorite

waterfield14401/30/2017 04:39PM

  Is it bad I wanna try that now?? nm

Drew283913602/03/2017 07:30AM

  My favorite all time.. Attachments

sstrams15702/03/2017 08:58AM

  I think I would heed that one pretty well

Atlantic Ram19202/03/2017 07:51PM

  You would think..

sstrams13002/04/2017 09:00AM

  no way

ferragamo7912102/05/2017 07:08AM

  Probably, '79...

sstrams12602/05/2017 08:02AM

  WOOO!! Got tickets to see my Jr High girlfriend sing to ME!

Ramgator31701/31/2017 02:22PM

  Well you better shape up

IowaRam13101/31/2017 02:35PM

  Thats how rumors get spread

IowaRam14901/31/2017 03:17PM

  Lead singer, John Wetton, of the band ASIA passed away

Ramgator29501/31/2017 08:39AM

  Need Admin Help

RAMbler29401/30/2017 10:12AM

  pm me

ferragamo7913901/30/2017 01:29PM

  done (nm)

RAMbler12801/30/2017 02:10PM

  Question for admins..., or anyone really

RAMbler33101/28/2017 09:44AM

  I would PM Ramsrule

ferragamo7916501/28/2017 06:58PM

  Re: I would PM Ramsrule

RAMbler14601/29/2017 11:18AM

  sorry I misread

ferragamo7917601/29/2017 05:53PM

  Mary Tyler Moore has passed away

IowaRam1,26801/25/2017 09:58AM

  Such a pretty lady. I heard some time ago..

Ramgator17001/25/2017 10:08AM

  I was pretty young when "Mary Tyler Moore"

Ramgator15801/25/2017 10:10AM

  Re: I was pretty young when "Mary Tyler Moore"

canadaram21301/25/2017 01:07PM


RAMbler16601/26/2017 02:11PM

  my weekend with Joe

21Dog34901/24/2017 04:30AM

  That guy's good ain't he? :)

JamesJM14501/24/2017 07:28AM

  only talk about the winning weekends

21Dog15001/24/2017 07:53AM

  I saw him 2 years ago in Sac with the Eagles

ferragamo7916301/24/2017 10:54AM

  before Sportscenter...

LMU9330001/24/2017 04:23AM

  One more boast and I'm done.

JamesJM35901/21/2017 09:01PM

  You must be proud..

sstrams15101/22/2017 09:02AM


ferragamo7915701/22/2017 05:18PM

  Re: One more boast and I'm done.

Headslap7513901/22/2017 06:20PM

  He did... but I didn't. VIDEO on one of his receptions.

JamesJM14501/22/2017 06:36PM

  Signed Cleats... Attachments

JamesJM14401/22/2017 06:56PM

  Re: Signed Cleats...

Headslap7512101/22/2017 07:41PM


Rampage2K-13901/22/2017 10:45PM

  what an experience

21Dog14601/23/2017 04:27AM

  My oldest daughter was in Vegas as well...

JamesJM13801/23/2017 05:50AM

  saw a group of young cheerleaders....

21Dog13001/23/2017 06:02AM

  Yeah, I think it's 'National' competition..

JamesJM12601/23/2017 06:45AM

  Watching my DVD classic. "The Fighting Seabees"

Ramgator27101/18/2017 07:00AM

  Have you heard Ruth B sing "Lost Boys"...

JamesJM30001/17/2017 09:48PM

  Three things that do NOT go together

IowaRam32501/17/2017 07:09AM


sstrams16201/17/2017 08:14AM

  Re: Yikes!

IowaRam15901/17/2017 03:33PM

  Just for you JamesJM.. this is brilliant..

sstrams34701/16/2017 07:47AM

  That was simply fantastic...

JamesJM14001/16/2017 10:51AM

  Yeah, I thought it was well done..

sstrams15901/16/2017 11:07AM

  For those of you who live in the snow country

waterfield33001/11/2017 07:58PM

  LOL, you should have stayed....

JamesJM17001/11/2017 08:46PM

  Re: For those of you who live in the snow country

ferragamo7917601/12/2017 09:21AM

  Re: For those of you who live in the snow country

IowaRam18401/12/2017 09:58AM

  time to break out the winter clothes in Cali

ferragamo7916901/15/2017 10:37AM

  I saw Rogue One... I liked it.

JamesJM35901/03/2017 07:27AM

  Re: I saw Rogue One... I liked it.

Rampage2K-15601/03/2017 11:43AM

  You thought I was saying..

JamesJM15701/03/2017 01:09PM

  Re: You thought I was saying..

Rampage2K-16101/03/2017 01:13PM

  Yup, I thought the new Droid was pretty good...

JamesJM13901/03/2017 01:16PM

  Oh, forgot.. did you see it in IMAX 3D?

JamesJM15601/03/2017 01:54PM

  Re: Oh, forgot.. did you see it in IMAX 3D?

Rampage2K-16301/03/2017 05:33PM

  I have never seen anything in IMAX 3D..

sstrams14101/04/2017 05:11AM

  Saw 'Hero 6' tonight...

JamesJM15501/03/2017 10:10PM

  Thinking about renting the new Magnificent 7...

JamesJM14801/04/2017 12:20AM

  I finally got to see it....

RAMbler14901/12/2017 01:15PM

  Guess who my grandson Mason is going to be playing with...

JamesJM30701/11/2017 08:28PM

  Am I getting ahead of myself?

JamesJM17001/12/2017 09:37AM

  Get it autographed.........nm

IowaRam13201/12/2017 09:53AM

  and video

JamesJM14401/12/2017 11:01AM

  Clemson vs 'Bama...you're welcome...

JamesJM31301/10/2017 08:22PM

  Thanks for not watching!

Drew283914701/11/2017 09:03AM


Ramgator14301/12/2017 04:11AM

  Was reading about Brigitte Bardot.... fascinating...

JamesJM31101/01/2017 09:53AM

  Re: Was reading about Brigitte Bardot.... fascinating...

Aries16301/09/2017 08:35AM

  Got a call from Irv Pankey.... (tease)...

JamesJM32501/05/2017 07:21AM

  Re: Got a call from Irv Pankey.... (tease)...

RAMbler15501/05/2017 09:23AM

  Very up in the air at this time...

JamesJM14101/05/2017 09:37AM

  Re: Very up in the air at this time...

RAMbler13601/05/2017 10:03AM

  Wow, thanks... that makes sense then...

JamesJM16301/05/2017 10:17AM

  Re: Wow, thanks... that makes sense then...

RAMbler13401/05/2017 10:26AM

  COS aka........

21Dog15501/05/2017 12:14PM

  Re: COS aka........

JamesJM17301/05/2017 01:23PM

  I meant crowded

21Dog14701/05/2017 09:09PM


ferragamo7916801/05/2017 04:53PM

  oh wait.....I get it

ferragamo7914801/06/2017 08:30AM

  Just for you, 'Gator.... Attachments

sstrams29501/02/2017 09:22AM

  Thanks for reminding me....

JamesJM14301/02/2017 10:58AM

  For what its worth..

sstrams16101/02/2017 11:56AM

  Re: For what its worth..

Atlantic Ram13401/02/2017 11:35PM

  Torn between two replies!

Ramgator14001/03/2017 04:17AM

  My problem with Reese.

Ramgator14801/03/2017 04:21AM

  Seems like any and all of those calls..

sstrams12201/03/2017 05:29AM

  I have a Reese Witherspoon (sp?), story...

JamesJM14901/03/2017 02:01PM

  She's great in Southernesque roles.

Ramgator10801/03/2017 02:17PM

  I still don't know...

JamesJM12401/03/2017 02:23PM

  I will say, great Actors are hard to find. I blame Hollywood.

Ramgator13001/03/2017 05:25PM

  Ehhh, I wouldn't know...

JamesJM12901/03/2017 05:31PM

  Watched a good example last night...."The Others"

Ramgator13001/04/2017 10:09AM

  Received an awesome model kit for Christmas!

Ramgator30301/03/2017 02:22PM

  Never had the talent...

JamesJM13901/03/2017 02:48PM

  Just takes a lot of practice.

Ramgator13501/03/2017 05:21PM

  Gator you need to post..

sstrams15201/03/2017 03:38PM

  Hey sst.. good place to bring this up... I like bragging...

JamesJM14901/03/2017 03:50PM

  NO FRIGGIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator19301/03/2017 05:23PM


JamesJM14201/03/2017 05:31PM

  You flew in all those? I'm reporting your post..

sstrams13801/04/2017 04:25AM

  Re: You flew in all those? I'm reporting your post..

IowaRam21901/04/2017 07:24AM

  I have flown in.....

Ramgator12801/04/2017 07:35AM

  My DREAM flight????

Ramgator15101/04/2017 07:36AM


sstrams15601/04/2017 07:56AM

  For some reason...

Ramgator13901/04/2017 10:03AM

  The scariest ride on Earth..

sstrams17101/04/2017 07:54AM

  Yes I do.

Ramgator13201/03/2017 05:22PM

  Re: Gator you need to post..

IowaRam19501/04/2017 07:32AM

  Ah, the Dr.1..

sstrams13801/04/2017 07:55AM

  Your favorite song....

JamesJM39312/20/2016 09:46PM

  hard to top your choice

21Dog16412/21/2016 06:03AM

  Hallelujah by

waterfield14812/21/2016 06:34AM

  I have been on a huge 70s kick lately

Ramgator13412/23/2016 09:40AM

  Re: Love that song. Favorite version: Jeff Buckley's.

Billy_T17612/23/2016 05:24PM

  Re: Your favorite song....

73Ram18812/21/2016 09:29AM

  Re: Makes me think of Grand Funk

Billy_T19112/23/2016 06:00PM

  Thanks for that....

73Ram15512/27/2016 05:22AM

  Thats a tough one.....

RAMbler21612/21/2016 10:33AM

  impossible for me

ferragamo7920412/21/2016 03:39PM

  Re: impossible for me

IowaRam15912/21/2016 07:04PM

  my favorite from that era

ferragamo7915012/23/2016 09:24AM

  Re: my favorite from that era

Billy_T14912/23/2016 05:55PM


IowaRam16412/23/2016 06:20PM

  Re: That was surprisingly good. Didn't expect that.

Billy_T17412/23/2016 06:32PM

  Whole Lotta Love...

Atlantic Ram18712/21/2016 08:49PM

  Re: Whole Lotta Love... is one of those songs that...

JamesJM17312/21/2016 09:34PM

  live at Kezar in '73

21Dog17312/22/2016 06:07AM

  Re: I envy you.

Billy_T14112/23/2016 06:10PM

  Envy here too

Atlantic Ram16101/02/2017 11:42PM

  Re: Love Zep.

Billy_T19312/23/2016 06:05PM

  Right Place, Wrong Time...Dr. John.....

roman1820712/22/2016 11:45AM

  Re: Too many to count, but the Beatles . . . .

Billy_T16312/23/2016 05:36PM

  This one..............

IowaRam15912/23/2016 05:49PM

  Re: This one..............

Rampage2K-17612/27/2016 08:58AM

  Re: Your favorite song....which one???

Rampage2K-18912/27/2016 08:56AM

  That's an eclectic list there...

JamesJM16412/27/2016 09:13AM

  Re: That's an eclectic list there...

Rampage2K-16012/27/2016 01:43PM

  I didn't see Mariah's bad performance...

JamesJM26201/01/2017 06:15AM

  I just watched youtube vid...

sstrams14301/01/2017 11:54AM

  Good Lord, Father Mulchahy dies...

JamesJM29712/31/2016 07:50PM

  Why didn't any of you tell me how good...

JamesJM34112/29/2016 10:47PM

  We can correct that very easily

IowaRam13712/30/2016 06:31PM

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