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  Something you don't see every day in Iowa

IowaRam26407/22/2016 05:44PM

  Re: Something you don't see every day in Iowa

zn12807/23/2016 08:57AM

  So Cal baseball fans

waterfield31007/20/2016 06:28PM

  Giants have had their share, too

21Dog12007/21/2016 11:26AM

  Long time Giants fan. Major losing streak for them.

Billy_T12407/21/2016 01:17PM

  they have BUT

ferragamo7912507/22/2016 01:26PM

  Re: they have BUT

Billy_T8707/23/2016 04:56AM

  Not sure about

waterfield12707/22/2016 09:41PM

  Re: The Giants have dropped six in a row now.

Billy_T10507/23/2016 04:39AM

  Re: The Giants have dropped six in a row now.

waterfield11807/23/2016 07:18AM

  RIP Garry Marshall

JamesJM19407/20/2016 09:29AM


Ramgator11907/20/2016 03:12PM

  for those who don't know

ferragamo7910207/22/2016 01:29PM

  ZN, from the Herd Board and hiking...

JamesJM29407/20/2016 12:25PM

  I have a friend... Attachments

sstrams11307/21/2016 04:02AM

  Re: I hiked portions as a Boy Scout.

Billy_T11307/21/2016 06:32AM

  I was there in, I think 2008?

JamesJM13507/21/2016 07:31AM

  Re: I was there in, I think 2008?

Billy_T11607/21/2016 10:48AM

  Kinda sounds like places in Thailand.. Attachments

sstrams11007/21/2016 11:01AM

  Re: Kinda sounds like places in Thailand..

Billy_T11707/21/2016 01:13PM

  I kinda have a mental block..

sstrams12507/21/2016 01:36PM

  Re: ZN, from the Herd Board and hiking...

zn13007/21/2016 08:29PM

  yes, I knew.....

JamesJM11707/21/2016 09:17PM

  No more Spiderman Pole.... Attachments

JamesJM21907/21/2016 08:33AM

  That was sneaky....

sstrams9407/21/2016 08:35AM


JamesJM7707/21/2016 09:49AM

  It runs in the family...!

sstrams10707/21/2016 09:59AM

  Any advice on PUSH mowers that are good at picking up leaves?

Ramgator23707/20/2016 03:16PM

  Pick up leaves? The Rustler 2000..

sstrams9907/21/2016 03:51AM

  welcome to the dark side

21Dog11907/21/2016 04:29AM

  IP 3, the movie... my review...

JamesJM23107/20/2016 11:59AM

  Interesting piece on youth football

waterfield19607/20/2016 09:50AM

  Until then...

JamesJM9407/20/2016 10:02AM

  Those things you lay on and roll under your car to work on it.....

Ramgator27007/18/2016 06:22AM

  I don't suppose...

sstrams11207/18/2016 06:39AM

  Re: Those things you lay on and roll under your car to work on it.....

21Dog14207/18/2016 07:21AM

  Re: Those things you lay on and roll under your car to work on it.....

IowaRam23107/19/2016 04:19PM

  OK so back to NBA.....it's in big trouble

ferragamo7933807/13/2016 04:51PM

  Re: OK so back to NBA.....it's in big trouble

waterfield14407/13/2016 05:11PM

  NBA is down right boring.

Ramgator15207/14/2016 05:50AM

  I sound bitter but I'm really bummed.

Ramgator12807/14/2016 05:51AM

  Gator I keep telling you to come back into the fold

LesBaker12907/14/2016 08:57AM

  I made an honest attempt during last years (2015) Finals

Ramgator10907/17/2016 12:53PM

  Oh come on now

LesBaker11007/17/2016 06:00PM

  Nah it's fine

LesBaker12707/14/2016 08:55AM

  Good stuff Les - thanks

ferragamo7913607/14/2016 10:31AM

  Rumors from back home in CLE

LesBaker12507/17/2016 07:11AM

  NBA is extremely healthy

JoeMad12807/14/2016 08:23PM

  it's not just the East

21Dog12507/14/2016 08:53PM

  Re: it's not just the East

JoeMad10807/15/2016 03:46AM

  Westbrook has to want to get out now

LesBaker10007/16/2016 01:21PM

  Hey Joe, where are you seeing ratings up

ferragamo7911407/17/2016 07:37PM

  They are on an upswing

LesBaker12007/18/2016 04:33AM

  NBA TV Ratings...

JoeMad12607/18/2016 07:36AM

  Ratings drive sports not attendace

ferragamo7910207/18/2016 09:38AM

  Re: Ratings drive sports not attendace

JoeMad11707/18/2016 10:26AM

  they will televise anything

ferragamo7910707/18/2016 01:35PM

  Re: they will televise anything

JoeMad10007/19/2016 10:33AM

  Circa 1980? Photo... Attachments

JamesJM30107/13/2016 09:10AM

  Another Photo... not the team... Attachments

JamesJM12807/13/2016 09:34AM

  Didn't you post..

sstrams10807/13/2016 09:36AM

  That was my granddaughter...

JamesJM10007/13/2016 09:47AM

  No, never seen Dance Moms...

sstrams9707/16/2016 05:07AM

  you look awesome in that picture

ferragamo7910207/13/2016 04:38PM


JoeMad12107/15/2016 11:39AM

  Bob Ross destroyed my life...

JamesJM29807/15/2016 06:02AM

  Oh man would you dig this guy.. Attachments

sstrams10907/15/2016 06:48AM

  I like gaudy paintings...

JamesJM10907/15/2016 07:09AM

  As gaudy as a black velvet Elvis painting.. Attachments

sstrams14707/15/2016 07:47AM

  Hey Admins...!

sstrams23607/14/2016 04:17AM

  Re: Hey Admins...!

Bud Frosty12607/14/2016 04:58AM

  I have a lot of pull with admins? lol

sstrams12607/14/2016 06:41AM


Ramsrule12307/14/2016 06:57AM

  I know, right?

sstrams14207/14/2016 07:08AM

  I'm drinking more than ever...

JamesJM13207/14/2016 07:20AM

  I can't really drink at all, anymore..

sstrams11307/14/2016 07:28AM

  Re: I can't really drink at all, anymore..

Bud Frosty13807/14/2016 07:38AM


sstrams10607/14/2016 07:48AM

  LOL! nm

Ramsrule12107/14/2016 08:22AM

  Ya Got Trouble My Friend

IowaRam12607/14/2016 09:28AM

  I call dibs on Steve's liver!!!

LesBaker14607/14/2016 08:59AM

  Now I'm not saying...

sstrams12207/14/2016 09:01AM

  Alcohol Is Evil !!!

IowaRam13407/14/2016 09:14AM

  nope... you're exactly right

Ramsrule13307/14/2016 06:56AM

  I can make you one if you can't find it.. NM

sstrams11407/14/2016 07:09AM

  In fact, here's a jpg of the old one.. Attachments

sstrams13207/14/2016 07:24AM

  I noted in another message...

JamesJM12307/14/2016 07:28AM

  Sorry, I missed that..

sstrams13107/14/2016 07:30AM

  I couldn't get it to work, what I suspect is this...

JamesJM10807/14/2016 07:53AM

  Sorry to add more work...

sstrams10607/14/2016 07:56AM

  It's not more work...

JamesJM10207/14/2016 07:59AM

  Ok cool... NM

sstrams10807/14/2016 08:07AM

  Going to do a test, image attachment may be down for a moment or two.. (nm)

JamesJM10407/14/2016 07:29AM

  Cool.... quickly renamed it and dumped it on the server....

Ramsrule11507/14/2016 08:22AM

  No prob! ..and why go back to work?

sstrams9407/14/2016 08:32AM

  I hope nobody was sitting there hitting refresh for 7 hours... LMAO

Ramsrule13907/14/2016 03:17PM

  ok..... fixed..... and showing for me.

Ramsrule14307/14/2016 03:35PM

  Re: ok..... fixed..... and showing for me. Me too Thx (nm)

RamFire10607/14/2016 05:02PM

  Dagnabbit Ramsrule!

sstrams12507/14/2016 05:30PM


Ramgator11507/14/2016 05:28AM

  Well, I considered it..

sstrams10907/14/2016 06:45AM

  Would you....

Atlantic Ram26307/12/2016 10:40AM

  Whew, depends on the person...

JamesJM12807/12/2016 11:19AM

  Re: Whew, depends on the person...

Atlantic Ram9607/12/2016 12:12PM

  not a fan of the Colosseum

ferragamo7912107/12/2016 11:34AM


Atlantic Ram9707/12/2016 12:17PM

  Re: not a fan of the Colosseum

MamaRAMa13607/12/2016 12:33PM

  that was well done IMO.....

Ramsrule12407/13/2016 04:39AM

  No not yet....been crazy busy

ferragamo7911507/13/2016 09:43AM

  Re: not a fan of the Colosseum

sstrams13107/12/2016 01:23PM


ferragamo7910407/13/2016 09:44AM

  I have had to choose also.....

Ramsrule13207/13/2016 04:35AM

  That is awesome!

Atlantic Ram9507/13/2016 08:23PM

  That's what I'm thinking...

JamesJM10407/13/2016 08:30PM

  I had one of those

LesBaker9907/14/2016 09:12AM

  DB Cooper... headline news...

JamesJM28307/13/2016 11:16AM

  I am so mad I could spit..!

sstrams13307/13/2016 11:28AM

  What I want to believe...

JamesJM12007/13/2016 11:46AM

  I think Atlantis..

sstrams10207/14/2016 03:48AM

  Why I think he died

LesBaker11807/13/2016 01:28PM

  Parachuting over a forest was not wise...

JamesJM11707/13/2016 02:05PM

  Re: Parachuting over a forest was not wise...

sstrams11607/14/2016 03:39AM

  I think it was a good idea.

Ramgator9407/14/2016 05:34AM

  That is a compelling argument..

sstrams9107/14/2016 03:37AM

  Had to Google DB Cooper

IowaRam11407/13/2016 03:52PM

  lol... I thought he made it

Atlantic Ram10607/13/2016 08:12PM

  Land animals....

JamesJM9107/13/2016 08:26PM

  Yeah, the ocean..

sstrams12407/14/2016 03:33AM

  Let me be the first..

sstrams26007/12/2016 02:57AM

  Just testing to see if....

RAM2315907/12/2016 04:41AM

  where the heck have you been Phil?

Crazylegs13007/12/2016 04:57AM

  Oh I'm still here, just....

RAM2315607/12/2016 05:05AM

  Re: Oh I'm still here, just....

Crazylegs15107/12/2016 05:23AM

  My friend I.....

RAM2313607/12/2016 05:52AM

  Re: My friend I.....

Crazylegs13607/12/2016 06:23AM

  I have some of Ram23 in me as well...

JamesJM12607/12/2016 07:17AM

  Re: Let me be the first..

MamaRAMa14707/12/2016 07:42AM

  me too Mama!

ferragamo7912307/12/2016 07:46AM

  Did I hear MINDLESS post??? What did the Pirate say on his 80th Birthday??

Ramgator12107/13/2016 10:17AM

  'Gator.... sigh....

sstrams11407/13/2016 11:29AM

  Things I love about 6-8 yr old Flag Football....

JamesJM21107/12/2016 11:06AM

  thought you were talking about the Rams there

Atlantic Ram9907/12/2016 12:07PM

  LOL, didn't think of that...

JamesJM9507/12/2016 03:22PM

  Re: Things I love about 6-8 yr old Flag Football....

21Dog12007/12/2016 05:39PM

  Welcome back..... a quick update on the status of the software

Ramsrule1,43707/11/2016 06:41PM

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