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  bye bye Pocic

ferragamo7931704/28/2017 04:13PM

  Bye bye JuJu nm

Ram4910204/28/2017 04:27PM

  goodbye oline nm

Hazlet Hacksaw10204/28/2017 04:28PM

  Hello JUCO TE B Quick 2.0! nm

RFIP8304/28/2017 04:31PM

  Yeah, after catching my breath,

Arkansas Ram9904/28/2017 04:38PM

  Bracing for the 9ers picks

Ram498604/28/2017 04:38PM

  Ticker saying pick 70 and 92 in 3rd

TonyHunter8732204/28/2017 03:49PM

  I got 69 & 91

RFIP10704/28/2017 04:08PM

  Re: I got 69 & 91

TonyHunter8712204/28/2017 04:17PM

  Gerald Everett TE,...

LA_Ram_#2983704/27/2017 07:21PM

  I hope not...He's a project...

PaulButcher5930504/27/2017 07:24PM

  Re: Gerald Everett TE,...

dzrams26404/27/2017 07:30PM

  maybe at #69

LMU9323604/28/2017 03:06AM

  Re: maybe at #69

alyoshamucci26804/28/2017 06:48AM

  Re: maybe at #69

TonyHunter8712804/28/2017 04:13PM

  Re: Gerald Everett TE,...

LA_Ram_#2921004/28/2017 03:17PM

  never saw him play but

joram15704/28/2017 03:30PM

  Re: Gerald Everett TE,...You know I love his skill set

BumRap14204/28/2017 03:33PM

  McVay: Everett is our Jordan Reed. NM

CROMWELL2149304/28/2017 03:19PM

  Saying it don't make it so....

RamBum22704/28/2017 03:22PM

  Somewhere Fisher is laughing his b@llz off...nm

RFIP15104/28/2017 03:40PM

  Not sure he could evaluate the pick..

sstrams19004/28/2017 03:42PM

  That would make me feel more comfortable

stlramz12304/28/2017 03:49PM

  whats fisher got to laugh about?

joram11504/28/2017 03:54PM

  Tavon Austin was going to catch 100 passes

Ram4912904/28/2017 03:49PM

  JUCO transfer..Quick 2.0...very sad...nm

RFIP11404/28/2017 03:54PM

  Interesting statistics

CROMWELL2114804/28/2017 03:50PM

  Re: they're going all out for "explosive"

merlin12104/28/2017 04:09PM

  Anyone Know Where Kiper had Everett ranked? - NM

droopy22304/28/2017 04:08PM

  The one thing that pleases me is

RamUK42704/28/2017 03:51PM

  How long are you going to tell the fans

9er8er17104/28/2017 03:55PM

  Re: How long are you going to tell the fans

RamUK13704/28/2017 04:00PM

  Re: The one thing that pleases me is

IowaRam18004/28/2017 03:59PM


RamUK11604/28/2017 04:01PM

  Re: The one thing that pleases me is

EastBayRam12704/28/2017 04:02PM

  Chris Godwin?

droopy58904/28/2017 02:53PM

  would be a good pick imo

PHDram16404/28/2017 02:55PM

  My bet now is JuJu

9er8er12104/28/2017 02:55PM

  New Orleans could go Wr

droopy12504/28/2017 02:56PM

  They got the good M Thomas. they need D. nm

max9304/28/2017 02:57PM

  Agree. It's Snead, except...

max12504/28/2017 02:56PM

  Re: LOL JuJu is a perfect WCO receiver...

laram16804/28/2017 02:59PM

  I like Zach Cunningham

six2stack14604/28/2017 03:02PM

  Me too

9er8er13404/28/2017 03:05PM

  him or CB wouldn't shock me nm

Ram498004/28/2017 03:07PM

  You're gonna get your boy, don't worry

9er8er10804/28/2017 03:03PM

  Re: You haven't been paying attention 9er...NM

laram12704/28/2017 03:05PM

  Now I wish they'd have picked JuJu. LOL

9er8er10504/28/2017 04:02PM

  Good. Now I know he's the wrong guy. LOL nm

max11904/28/2017 03:04PM

  or feeny nm

PHDram9304/28/2017 02:57PM

  Sure looks like they are going WR...(NM)

PaulButcher599704/28/2017 02:59PM

  I hope it's Wilson. I'd like Godwin in the third.

no name10304/28/2017 03:09PM

  Commerical time, would not surprise me...lol...nm

Arkansas Ram27404/28/2017 03:10PM

  Sure enough..death, taxes, no ram coverage....nm

Arkansas Ram8804/28/2017 03:11PM

  Nice, time to get another guinness nm

six2stack9404/28/2017 03:12PM

  drink up my brotha!

ferragamo7910104/28/2017 03:41PM

  Re: drink up my brotha!

six2stack7504/28/2017 03:49PM

  Yeah, was not going to drink tonite, but

Arkansas Ram8904/28/2017 03:51PM

  Of Course.nm

joram9904/28/2017 03:13PM

  Rams pick TE Everett. Nm

CROMWELL2170904/28/2017 03:11PM

  meh. But Sean knows TEs

stlramz29004/28/2017 03:12PM

  yep Mcvay all the way nm

Hazlet Hacksaw20104/28/2017 03:19PM

  That's the Snead we all know. Brian Quick part 2.

max21704/28/2017 03:13PM

  I wanted a QB

wv ram12804/28/2017 03:20PM

  Re: That's the Snead we all know. Brian Quick part 2.

socalmab15504/28/2017 03:35PM

  How many of you have actually seen him play ?

IowaRam20204/28/2017 03:21PM

  I haven't, but not the point

9er8er14204/28/2017 03:43PM

  Re: I haven't, but not the point

stlramz14304/28/2017 03:47PM

  6'2" 227 @ Senior Bowl

Ram4918304/28/2017 03:28PM

  Re: 6'2" 227 @ Senior Bowl

DESERT RAM14604/28/2017 03:36PM

  Listed at 239 nm

CROMWELL2113104/28/2017 03:39PM

  Dont understand their thinking

droopy36404/28/2017 03:38PM

  Everyone wanted offense

TonyHunter8719504/28/2017 03:40PM

  Re: Dont understand their thinking

IowaRam16804/28/2017 03:44PM

  Lots of safeties

headslapper22304/28/2017 03:42PM

  One coach on Everett pick...

laram63404/28/2017 03:21PM

  McVay knows the position obviously

stlramz19704/28/2017 03:22PM

  gotta trust him I guess nm

Hazlet Hacksaw13204/28/2017 03:23PM

  all isn't lost.....

21Dog14304/28/2017 03:25PM

  Re: One coach on Everett pick...

CraigMatson15204/28/2017 03:26PM

  One coach on Everett pick... I'm okay with the pick

Florida_Ram17204/28/2017 03:29PM

  UUUUUUUUGH House of Pain 2.0

ferragamo7917704/28/2017 03:31PM

  Re: UUUUUUUUGH House of Pain 2.0

six2stack14304/28/2017 03:34PM

  wow jay hilgenberg looks like a WR

Hazlet Hacksaw26004/28/2017 03:19PM

  I hope he doesn't have cancer...

SunTzu_vs_Camus13004/28/2017 03:27PM

  I thought I was a pessimist

promomasterj25804/28/2017 03:27PM

  poceic in the 3rd?nm

Hazlet Hacksaw21404/28/2017 03:24PM

  My wife said they took YoYo instead of JuJu. nm

max28104/28/2017 03:19PM

  Gerald Everett

hubestar57404/28/2017 03:12PM

  Re: Gerald Everett

LA_Ram_#2924104/28/2017 03:13PM

  Me too

hubestar20704/28/2017 03:13PM

  Let's trade down again

headslapper30104/28/2017 03:08PM

  Pick is in nm

CROMWELL219004/28/2017 03:09PM

  Saw that haha nm

headslapper9204/28/2017 03:11PM

  So was Snead bsing us?

RamUK51204/28/2017 02:39PM

  It necessarily..... nm

FrRam14704/28/2017 02:40PM

  Re: So was Snead bsing us?

dzrams15704/28/2017 02:40PM

  Not necessarily..... nm

FrRam15404/28/2017 02:40PM

  Don'lt like thev trade

droopy17904/28/2017 02:41PM

  Of course, they all do it...(NM)

PaulButcher599904/28/2017 02:41PM

  Re: So was Snead bsing us?

Rams4311304/28/2017 03:06PM

  You have a keen sense of the obvious

LesBaker12404/28/2017 03:06PM

  One thing Snead does really well

9er8er11904/28/2017 03:07PM

  Re: So was Snead bsing us?

LA_Ram_#2915904/28/2017 03:08PM

  Fudge. Lamp to Chargers. Nm

CROMWELL2142304/28/2017 02:43PM

  Different year, same idiot running things tho Nm

RFIP10604/28/2017 02:44PM

  Yup, but we got smart guys running things now...

max10204/28/2017 02:49PM

  same posters too

PHDram10404/28/2017 02:49PM

  Re: Different year, same idiot running things tho Nm

six2stack8504/28/2017 02:51PM

  Went to wrong LA team

9er8er10004/28/2017 02:47PM

  Re: Went to wrong LA team

Ram138010004/28/2017 02:47PM

  Re: Sure its ALL Snead's fault...NM

laram8204/28/2017 02:50PM

  Got his fingerprints

9er8er7704/28/2017 02:53PM

  Re: Talent at this point to middle rds very comparable...NM

laram7504/28/2017 02:54PM

  Trie but NOT position talent...NM

RFIP7204/28/2017 03:07PM

  This team needs QUALITY over quantity...nm

RFIP7004/28/2017 02:52PM

  Re: Went to wrong LA team

TonyHunter877804/28/2017 02:52PM

  Re.Yep, height of hubris. Nm

Ram13809804/28/2017 02:47PM

  We Should Have A Good Pick Next Year - NM

droopy10104/28/2017 02:48PM

  Relax, fellas...

Rams4311404/28/2017 02:52PM

  Pick traded to Buffalo nm

CROMWELL2165404/28/2017 02:33PM

  What did they get in return? (NM)

PaulButcher5918604/28/2017 02:34PM

  2 and 3 for Rams 2 and 5

CROMWELL2129804/28/2017 02:35PM

  Re: 2 and 3 for Rams 2 and 5

Ram138020604/28/2017 02:38PM

  Correction: It is a 2 and a 5 traded

RamBill23404/28/2017 02:43PM

  Re: 2 and 3 for Rams for a 2 and 4

The Professor12704/28/2017 02:54PM

  Re: 2 and 3 for Rams for a 2 and 4

TonyHunter8712404/28/2017 02:56PM

  Re: 2 and 3 for Rams 2 and 5

dzrams14104/28/2017 02:44PM

  Re: 2 and 3 for Rams 2 and 5

Tony Romas12704/28/2017 02:57PM

  Moved down to 44. Nm

TonyHunter8717904/28/2017 02:35PM

  Re: Moved down to 44. Nm

no name16904/28/2017 02:40PM

  not showing up in tracker

joram17304/28/2017 02:42PM

  Re: not showing up in tracker

TonyHunter8710704/28/2017 02:48PM

  Re: not showing up in tracker

joram12604/28/2017 02:53PM

  NP. Nm

TonyHunter8710604/28/2017 02:54PM

  good trade !!!! Nm

Ram4920704/28/2017 02:37PM

  Re: Pick traded to Buffalo nm

CraigMatson17204/28/2017 02:44PM

  What can I say?

Rams4317604/28/2017 02:58PM

  Shonka's best WRs still on the board...

max1,02704/28/2017 05:18AM

  not all wrs are created the same

PHDram25704/28/2017 05:39AM

  You tell me...

max21104/28/2017 05:42AM


no name15104/28/2017 09:14AM

  less than 50%...

max11704/28/2017 09:20AM

  Re: not all wrs are created the same

Rams4323804/28/2017 05:42AM

  lets noodle it

PHDram16804/28/2017 05:54AM

  Re: lets noodle it

CraigMatson16204/28/2017 06:16AM

  Re: lets noodle it

Rams4315704/28/2017 06:16AM

  Re: lets noodle it

dzrams10004/28/2017 09:09AM

  Re: lets noodle it

dzrams13304/28/2017 08:59AM

  Re: Inside info eh?...

laram18104/28/2017 09:04AM

  Re: Everybody knows...who fell? (nm)

dzrams15604/28/2017 09:06AM


RamJr11204/28/2017 09:08AM

  Re: Not everybody I didn't/don't know...NM

laram12404/28/2017 09:12AM

  im more interested

PHDram10804/28/2017 09:34AM

  Re: Hmmmm...NM

laram10004/28/2017 02:45PM

  Re: Must have liked the extra 3rd better....NM

dzrams10604/28/2017 02:47PM


fullcurl16004/28/2017 12:54PM

  Re: Westbrook

dzrams13904/28/2017 01:20PM

  Re: not all wrs are created the same

reggae9104/28/2017 12:39PM

  Re: Shonka's best WRs still on the board...

oldschoolramfan20704/28/2017 05:59AM

  Re: Shonka's best WRs still on the board...

RFIP13904/28/2017 06:28AM

  Re: Shonka's best WRs still on the board...

ramjam7912304/28/2017 09:00AM

  Godwin reminds me of Garcon...

max17104/28/2017 09:21AM

  Re: Shonka's best WRs still on the board..WHO???.

Rampage2K-11404/28/2017 11:10AM

  Re: Shonka's best WRs still on the board..WHO???.

CraigMatson17804/28/2017 11:19AM

  If you never heard of him you're not a drafnik.

max19304/28/2017 11:23AM

  Re: If you never heard of him you're not a drafnik.

Rampage2K-15304/28/2017 11:26AM

  Yep. 3 months ago...

max15804/28/2017 12:17PM

  Re: Yep. 3 months ago...

Rampage2K-17804/28/2017 01:13PM

  I want Zay, but

droopy39604/28/2017 01:56PM

  Tim Williams anyone?

RamsDynasty11404/28/2017 02:23PM

  too many failed drug tests

Deadpool10004/28/2017 02:25PM

  I can't be a hypocrite

RamsDynasty8904/28/2017 02:44PM

  Re: Carl Lawson

RamJr9104/28/2017 02:44PM

  Re: Carl Lawson

RamsDynasty9904/28/2017 02:46PM

  Take Lamp and run...(NM)

PaulButcher5930004/28/2017 02:29PM

  this ^

Deadpool18304/28/2017 02:31PM

  BPA, safe, need, versatile...

PaulButcher5914204/28/2017 02:33PM

  agreed nm

PHDram9804/28/2017 02:32PM

  This is Snead's chance to show what he's about...

max12904/28/2017 02:33PM

  there you go

Hazlet Hacksaw13804/28/2017 02:36PM

  Yep. Will it be his undoing? nm

max10604/28/2017 02:40PM

  Re: They will (NM)

dzrams12504/28/2017 02:33PM

  Rams reportedly have traded No. 37 to Buffalo, which has No. 44 in this round.

Blue and Gold41904/28/2017 02:35PM

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