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  Socks It To Me

MamaRAMa5404/29/2021 04:35PM

  Yeah during the draft..

sstrams3104/29/2021 05:19PM

  You know me. I

Ramgator2404/30/2021 10:56AM

  Not my style

IowaRam1404/30/2021 01:21PM

  Don't like pants that short

Drew28392004/30/2021 04:27PM

  Re: Don't like pants that short

MamaRAMa2304/30/2021 05:12PM

  Yep, Mama!

Drew28391205/01/2021 12:29AM

  I can't even imagine going without socks...

JamesJM1804/30/2021 05:09PM

  don't mind sandals

21Dog1805/01/2021 05:00AM

  been at home- my heel cracked

ferragamo792605/01/2021 02:55PM


waterfield4104/30/2021 07:44PM

  teams have slumps

ferragamo791205/01/2021 09:59AM

  Go Royals!

Drew28393704/26/2021 12:33PM

  I could get behind the Royals in the AL

21Dog1804/26/2021 03:32PM

  Yep, makes everything more interesting! nm

Drew2839904/27/2021 11:21AM

  Born in KC!

ferragamo791104/26/2021 06:03PM

  I remember you telling me that

Drew2839904/27/2021 11:21AM

  I don't like small market teams

waterfield2004/26/2021 07:23PM

  Interesting take

Drew28392004/27/2021 11:18AM

  Re: Interesting take

waterfield2104/27/2021 01:07PM

  I might be the only one.......

21Dog2104/27/2021 02:44PM

  You are not the only one

waterfield1904/27/2021 06:09PM

  I caught that

ferragamo791804/30/2021 05:53AM

  Re: Interesting take

Drew28391904/27/2021 06:44PM

  Really beautiful picture of the Necklace Nebula...

JamesJM4404/30/2021 05:34AM

  Almost looks like...

sstrams1604/30/2021 05:38AM

  Number two Covid is in the books

BlueRidgeHorns6204/24/2021 11:38AM

  I must be a little fuzzy thinking today...

JamesJM3004/24/2021 01:46PM

  Re: I must be a little fuzzy thinking today...

BlueRidgeHorns3104/24/2021 04:08PM

  Got my second dose of Pfizer on Tuesday

Drew28392604/29/2021 09:10AM

  good for you

21Dog1404/29/2021 09:53AM

  I'm a slow learner....

JamesJM1804/29/2021 10:11AM

  Funny Mask Story

ramBRO2504/29/2021 10:50AM

  LOL, sounds like something I'd do....

JamesJM1304/29/2021 10:57AM

  Just rewatched Alien for the first time in years

SeattleRam6304/25/2021 02:55AM

  Re: Just rewatched Alien for the first time in years

MamaRAMa2504/25/2021 05:17AM

  Re: Just rewatched Alien for the first time in years

MamaRAMa2504/25/2021 06:25AM

  Re: Just rewatched Alien for the first time in years

SeattleRam2004/25/2021 07:08AM

  Re: Just rewatched Alien for the first time in years

MamaRAMa2204/25/2021 08:01AM

  Re: Just rewatched Alien for the first time in years

zn2104/25/2021 09:22AM

  Great flick... I really liked the one with..

sstrams2204/25/2021 05:32AM

  LOL Paxton was GREAT in that roll.

Ramgator1804/25/2021 05:35AM

  Re: Great flick... I really liked the one with..

zn1904/25/2021 06:28AM

  I think that was the point..

sstrams1804/25/2021 07:10AM

  Re: I think that was the point..

zn1304/25/2021 09:03AM

  I now have HBOMax....

JamesJM3104/25/2021 11:33AM

  Re: I now have HBOMax....

zn2204/25/2021 12:45PM

  That's what I hear...

JamesJM1604/25/2021 02:07PM

  Re: That's what I hear...

zn1404/25/2021 02:16PM

  Oh I knew you weren't implying that...

JamesJM1204/25/2021 07:31PM

  I just watched Magnificent 7 original a few weeks ago

ferragamo791404/25/2021 02:17PM

  Magnificent 7.... such a classic....

RAMbler1804/27/2021 10:52AM

  One of the all time greatest theme songs...

JamesJM2204/27/2021 05:35PM

  the ending

ferragamo791704/28/2021 05:57AM

  Re: That's what I hear...

MamaRAMa2304/25/2021 05:40PM

  Dang it! On Cholesterol medicine now.

Ramgator3704/27/2021 10:45AM

  Re: Dang it! On Cholesterol medicine now.

merlin2104/27/2021 10:56AM

  I just stopped taking mine..

sstrams2204/27/2021 11:52AM

  I don't blame you

NewMexicoRam2504/27/2021 06:19PM

  Yeah, I've read a lot of bad..

sstrams2304/28/2021 03:00AM

  well one benefit of having celiac

ferragamo792304/28/2021 05:56AM

  Grandson charging Attachments

waterfield4904/26/2021 08:37PM

  Very good photo....

JamesJM2004/26/2021 09:07PM

  Hockey is great

waterfield1404/27/2021 07:22AM

  my cousin's daughter.........

21Dog1804/27/2021 04:50AM

  Re: my cousin's daughter.........

waterfield1404/27/2021 07:56AM

  Re: my cousin's daughter.........

21Dog1104/27/2021 02:33PM

  Any of you seeing businesses shut down from people not wanting to work?

Ramgator4004/26/2021 09:02AM

  They're making more collecting unemployment..

sstrams1904/26/2021 10:16AM

  One way to look at this

waterfield2504/26/2021 10:42AM

  I thought they used to..

sstrams1804/26/2021 11:31AM

  Re: I thought they used to..

waterfield2104/26/2021 07:07PM

  No, I haven't seen it, but..

sstrams1304/27/2021 03:38AM

  Looked it up - I may actually be talking about..

sstrams1204/27/2021 03:41AM

  The Soul of an Octopus..

sstrams1104/27/2021 03:47AM

  Re: Any of you seeing businesses shut down from people not wanting to work?

MamaRAMa2104/26/2021 06:07PM

  McDonald's paying $50 to show up for interview

CeeZar1404/27/2021 09:21AM

  Bought me two Gators Football season tickets!! First time I've done that since 1993.

Ramgator3104/23/2021 10:14AM

  Good for you!

ferragamo79804/26/2021 06:08PM

  I love everything about Gator games. Heck, even the drive down to Gainesville.

Ramgator1004/27/2021 04:15AM

  Re: Good for you!

21Dog1904/27/2021 04:44AM

  Know your bees Attachments

IowaRam5504/17/2021 12:14PM

  I'm curious, anyone ever been stung by a Bumblebee?

JamesJM3404/17/2021 12:57PM


IowaRam3604/17/2021 01:27PM

  Wasps love cotton pickers....

JamesJM3304/17/2021 01:31PM

  I don't like them either

Atlantic Ram2004/17/2021 02:54PM

  Despite my aversion to googling - I did...

JamesJM2104/17/2021 01:41PM

  Did you ever see that reality show..

sstrams2104/17/2021 02:04PM

  I thought I would be more interested

Atlantic Ram2304/17/2021 02:56PM

  Yep, I know one

Drew28392204/18/2021 01:06PM

  Scientists asks people to be on the lookout for 'murder hornets' ahead of new season

SeattleRam2504/17/2021 03:14PM

  OK. So these things are terrible.

Atlantic Ram1704/21/2021 07:07PM

  @ Jimmy

ferragamo791404/26/2021 06:12PM

  Believe it or not.... you get immune to it..

JamesJM904/26/2021 06:29PM

  Diabolique... 1955... Black and White... Subtitled... French film...

JamesJM3204/26/2021 02:13PM

  And Yojimbo.... packs a lot into one film....

JamesJM1104/26/2021 06:21PM

  More money or more time?????

ferragamo792004/26/2021 06:06PM

  Les McKeown has passed away Attachments

IowaRam3604/26/2021 02:05PM


SeattleRam4804/26/2021 09:35AM

  Re: Nomadland

MamaRAMa1704/26/2021 09:39AM

  Re: Nomadland

RAMbler1504/26/2021 10:39AM

  I can't see it until

waterfield1704/26/2021 10:50AM

  Indonesian submarine goes missing north of Bali

SeattleRam8104/21/2021 06:49AM

  Missing Indonesian submarine has 72 hours of oxygen left, navy says

SeattleRam1604/22/2021 10:55AM

  I have been on only one Submarine and that was plenty.

Ramgator1604/22/2021 12:00PM

  I just remember always driving through the tunnels in Norfolk VA

IowaRam1404/22/2021 12:09PM

  U.S. Naval Undersea Museum

SeattleRam1704/22/2021 05:27PM

  I toured the Sea Wolf..

sstrams1504/22/2021 12:40PM

  I've toured the old Russian sub next to The Queen Mary

RAMbler1404/22/2021 02:23PM

  I've been on a few....

JamesJM1504/22/2021 02:28PM

  my worst nightmare would be to be on a submarine

ferragamo792204/22/2021 05:04PM

  Your nightmare

waterfield2304/22/2021 06:18PM

  US joins race to find stricken Indonesia submarine

SeattleRam1604/23/2021 03:30AM

  Is transfer from one Sub to another possible at all?

Ramgator1604/23/2021 05:27AM


SeattleRam1204/23/2021 09:26PM

  Indonesia submarine search feared to have failed as oxygen runs out

SeattleRam1804/23/2021 11:24PM

  UGH! They found debris and have ruled it sunk.

Ramgator2604/24/2021 04:18PM

  Re: UGH! They found debris and have ruled it sunk.

SeattleRam1704/24/2021 06:35PM

  I see there is a movie titled 'Godzilla vs Kong'....

JamesJM3104/24/2021 10:36AM

  Its ok..

sstrams2104/24/2021 10:40AM


JamesJM2404/24/2021 10:47AM

  I won't give anything away...

sstrams1504/24/2021 12:10PM


JamesJM1204/24/2021 01:43PM

  Have no idea..

sstrams1204/24/2021 03:00PM

  YES!!! My A1C is down to 5.4 !!!!

Ramgator4004/21/2021 04:18PM

  Good for you!

sstrams1904/21/2021 04:35PM

  What I am most happy about...

Ramgator2104/21/2021 05:14PM

  That's pretty cool..

sstrams1804/21/2021 05:28PM

  I really miss pizza.

Ramgator2104/21/2021 06:36PM

  Yeah, but you'll miss it less and less..

sstrams2604/22/2021 04:27AM


BlueRidgeHorns2004/23/2021 01:51AM

  I get some good tips from these folks.....

BlueRidgeHorns1704/23/2021 01:54AM

  Congrats! NM

Atlantic Ram1004/21/2021 06:48PM

  Just bought Blu Ray of Clint Eastwood

ferragamo793604/20/2021 04:40PM

  All great movies! Congrats! nm

Atlantic Ram1304/20/2021 07:32PM

  I've got the same set..... they are all great movies!

RAMbler1404/22/2021 02:31PM

  Pale Rider is one of my favorite Eastwood movies

Drew28391404/22/2021 06:45PM

  Can someone (Seattle?) post the new UFO footage

ferragamo794804/20/2021 04:53PM

  Re: Can someone (Seattle?) post the new UFO footage

SeattleRam3604/21/2021 05:45AM

  this was recent

ferragamo792904/21/2021 05:53AM

  '79 is this it?

sstrams3104/21/2021 05:56AM

  yes part of it

ferragamo791804/21/2021 04:30PM


Atlantic Ram1604/21/2021 06:51PM

  Jeremy Korbell is the name of the journalist

Drew28392204/21/2021 07:28PM

  Anybody here watching The Chosen?

ferragamo794004/20/2021 04:38PM

  Re: Anybody here watching The Chosen?

MamaRAMa2304/21/2021 11:05AM

  It's good, I've seen all episodes so far....

JamesJM2804/21/2021 12:16PM

  I thought the actor they picked for Jesus

ferragamo791804/21/2021 04:27PM

  No problem Mama

ferragamo791404/21/2021 04:27PM

  Really liked this football photo... Attachments

JamesJM3304/21/2021 02:41PM

  Hey Gator , saw this video and thought of you

IowaRam7104/18/2021 07:00AM

  Sure hate to see that happen to such a classic.

Ramgator3404/18/2021 09:10AM

  And expensive....

JamesJM2404/18/2021 09:31AM

  The plane that won the war

ferragamo792604/18/2021 01:44PM

  Re: The plane that won the war

zn1604/18/2021 05:52PM

  I didn't see your post and posted the same thing again

zn5904/18/2021 09:16AM


zn2204/18/2021 02:35PM

  Re: Gator Attachments

IowaRam2104/18/2021 04:34PM

  It IS an Avenger.

Ramgator1404/19/2021 09:07AM

  This post is giving me the urge to ride again! Attachments

Ramgator1304/19/2021 09:10AM

  Did not mean the double picture. Meant this one.... Attachments

Ramgator1404/19/2021 09:12AM

  Re: Did not mean the double picture. Meant this one....

zn1304/19/2021 09:53AM

  Naaaaaah! I did release a bomb on I-75 though!!! LOL

Ramgator1204/19/2021 10:21AM

  It was pulled from the water, by crane, in no time.

Ramgator1304/19/2021 10:12AM

  Remember the statistic in the book Unbroken

ferragamo791204/20/2021 04:49PM

  Not much of a reader but reading.. "Never Call Me A Hero".

Ramgator4504/19/2021 10:15AM

  I am reading a lot and I mean alot

ferragamo791404/20/2021 04:47PM

  Miracle on Ice... it is astounding to me...

JamesJM3604/20/2021 06:35AM

  Post lake Placid-not all warm and fuzzy..

waterfield2104/20/2021 07:12AM

  Favorite scenes...

JamesJM2004/20/2021 07:20AM

  Re: Favorite scenes...

waterfield1904/20/2021 07:30AM

  plus one T!

ferragamo791604/20/2021 04:42PM

  Yes! I totally got that scene too. nm

Ramgator1504/20/2021 08:02AM

  Re: Miracle on Ice... it is astounding to me...

SeattleRam5404/20/2021 09:27AM

  good comparsion

21Dog2304/20/2021 09:46AM

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