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  Ya reminded me, Waterfield... murder....

JamesJM2811/16/2020 07:31PM

  Re: Ya reminded me, Waterfield... murder....

MamaRAMa1911/16/2020 08:24PM

  I didn't know that.. .I'm about half way into it....

JamesJM811/17/2020 02:25PM

  I should have listened to you...

JamesJM911/19/2020 05:08PM

  Murder mysteries

waterfield1611/17/2020 02:02PM

  I should have kept a written record....

JamesJM911/17/2020 02:21PM

  Nearing the end of this first whodunit....

JamesJM611/19/2020 12:38PM

  Christmas wreaths with photos of Ben Franklin????

Ramgator1611/19/2020 04:05PM

  Lewis Hamilton

SeattleRam2611/17/2020 12:51AM

  I saw a special on him....truly amazing

ferragamo79811/17/2020 05:26AM

  Greatest Race Driver Ever?

JamesJM1211/19/2020 11:55AM

  I would have to agree. . . .

RAMbeau1411/19/2020 02:51PM

  Re: I would have to agree. . . .

waterfield611/19/2020 03:01PM

  Yikes, thought I was getting a head start shopping....

JamesJM1511/19/2020 10:10AM

  Nuther' topic... got kids? Grandkids?

JamesJM811/19/2020 10:53AM

  We have a new kid in town! Attachments

Ramgator5611/17/2020 11:25AM

  Congrats, Gator and wife...

sstrams1011/17/2020 12:46PM


Ramgator1211/18/2020 01:46AM

  Typing this was a chore.

Ramgator811/18/2020 01:47AM

  Sweet... Max it is....

sstrams511/18/2020 05:23AM

  HA! Since he has REALLY opened up and AMPED up, he has been

Ramgator511/18/2020 06:20AM

  We made the right call.

Ramgator811/18/2020 01:51AM

  Good for you!

BlueRidgeHorns911/18/2020 02:39AM

  It's so cool how...

sstrams811/18/2020 05:26AM

  Just one issue.

Ramgator611/18/2020 06:18AM

  That happens a LOT..

sstrams711/18/2020 07:09AM

  I told Elizabeth what we went through will take years to get over.

Ramgator1011/18/2020 07:37AM

  Awesome! Attachments

ferragamo791411/18/2020 07:00AM

  Great looking cat!

Ramgator511/18/2020 07:06AM

  Looks just like our outdoors cat... 'Batman'...

JamesJM811/18/2020 03:25PM

  Re: We have a new kid in town! Attachments

JoeMad1611/18/2020 12:03PM

  Looks like my legendary, Maxine!

Ramgator911/18/2020 01:06PM

  Re: We have a new kid in town!

zn811/18/2020 03:31PM

  Our first ever artificial tree is up....

JamesJM3111/16/2020 11:36AM

  Once its decorated and has..

sstrams1611/16/2020 12:30PM

  Won't be until after Thanksgiving...

JamesJM1011/16/2020 04:44PM

  Nice.. ours have evolved over the years..

sstrams911/17/2020 04:54AM

  Re: Our first ever artificial tree is up....

waterfield1011/16/2020 04:51PM

  Not in many years...

JamesJM611/16/2020 06:29PM

  Re: Our first ever artificial tree is up....

MamaRAMa1111/16/2020 06:37PM

  We'll most likely go minimal as well... except...

JamesJM911/16/2020 06:49PM

  We're not too far behind ya

BlueRidgeHorns911/17/2020 02:51AM

  Man, people are decorating earlier and earlier

ferragamo791111/17/2020 05:26AM

  This is the first ever year....

JamesJM2211/17/2020 06:22AM

  Re: This is the first ever year....

MamaRAMa1111/17/2020 06:32AM

  For a time, I was always the earliest. . . .

RAMbeau1211/17/2020 02:19PM

  Re: For a time, I was always the earliest. . . .

21Dog1111/17/2020 02:23PM

  Back when our Son first moved out to go to college...

JamesJM1211/17/2020 02:28PM

  I have a theory

waterfield1211/17/2020 08:52AM

  Cats and Art. Tree not a big problem yet, knock on wood...

JamesJM911/18/2020 07:18AM

  Just loaded the cat carriers in my car. Bitter sweet.

Ramgator1911/17/2020 03:46AM

  Did you was them out pretty well..?

sstrams1011/17/2020 04:48AM

  Yeah, we wiped out both.

Ramgator1611/17/2020 11:45AM


waterfield1911/15/2020 06:26PM

  Looking at cats on area Shelter sites. What I REALLY hate....

Ramgator2411/15/2020 03:40PM

  Be interested to know....

JamesJM1611/15/2020 03:51PM

  Yeah, that's the tough part..

sstrams811/15/2020 05:11PM

  LOL Mama said... Old age ain't for Sissies!

Ramgator3011/15/2020 02:08AM

  Step 2...

JamesJM2311/15/2020 05:59AM

  OH GEESH!! I'm only 53....

Ramgator1311/15/2020 03:39PM

  Exploding Whale 50th Anniversary, Remastered!

SeattleRam2011/14/2020 10:06PM

  SST. More n more talk of new Kittens around here. Told my Wife what you said...

Ramgator2411/14/2020 03:14AM

  You might consider this. . . .

RAMbeau1211/14/2020 04:34AM

  I got the impression..

sstrams1111/14/2020 05:41AM

  No, you'll never replace Bella and Colonel, BUT..

sstrams811/14/2020 05:49AM

  Tuesday! We are Shelter bound!!

Ramgator1111/14/2020 11:19AM

  Nice.. Sounds like a..

sstrams811/14/2020 12:06PM

  I have to be honest.

Ramgator1311/14/2020 02:57PM


sstrams611/14/2020 06:39PM

  This might be the most mellow AC/DC song I ever heard

IowaRam1611/14/2020 08:18AM

  Today is Christmas Lights Day!!!! But UUUUUUGHHHH!!!

Ramgator1611/14/2020 03:04AM

  Wow that's a lot of Trash Pandas

SeattleRam2611/13/2020 08:39PM

  The Doobie Bros. are officially in the ROCK HOF.

JamesJM2211/12/2020 03:47PM

  Re: The Doobie Bros. are officially in the ROCK HOF.

ramBRO1011/12/2020 06:05PM

  I'm sure you knew this Jimmy.......

21Dog1011/12/2020 08:06PM

  "It Keeps You Running" is my favorite by them.

Ramgator1111/13/2020 01:22AM

  seen them several times

ferragamo791411/13/2020 04:22PM

  by the way congrats to Depeche Mode

ferragamo79911/13/2020 04:24PM

  Never give Smart Tech Control to a teen, or pre-teen....

JamesJM1511/13/2020 02:24PM

  It's not even Christmas yet... so why am I....

JamesJM2211/12/2020 11:48AM

  At work...

sstrams1411/12/2020 12:13PM

  You have the greatest workplace EVER....

JamesJM911/12/2020 12:20PM

  Yeah, its pretty cool..

sstrams811/12/2020 12:54PM

  My son-in-law and oldest grandson are BIG into paintball...

JamesJM811/12/2020 01:07PM

  That's nuts..

sstrams811/12/2020 03:45PM

  I'm looking at new Ski's....

JamesJM911/12/2020 03:49PM

  "Helm of Sun Valley"

waterfield1011/12/2020 04:11PM

  I've noted that...

JamesJM1011/12/2020 04:34PM

  I wanna do that real bad..

sstrams1811/12/2020 05:23PM

  Skiing, for those who haven't, is hard to explain....and here's why...

JamesJM1111/12/2020 05:37PM

  Yeah, the serenity part would be outstanding..

sstrams911/13/2020 04:52AM


SeattleRam2511/12/2020 12:13AM

  Reminded me a bit of Clutch Cargo...

JamesJM1111/12/2020 06:59AM

  Re: Reminded me a bit of Clutch Cargo...

21Dog911/12/2020 07:35AM

  It was Pulp Fiction, right...

JamesJM1211/12/2020 09:05AM

  I remember Clutch Cargo

BlueRidgeHorns1011/13/2020 02:45AM

  Cleaning up yard tomorrow... CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON SATURDAY!!!!!

Ramgator2111/12/2020 03:12PM

  Wow, you ARE early, aren't you?

JamesJM911/12/2020 03:16PM

  Re: Cleaning up yard tomorrow... CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON SATURDAY!!!!!

ramBRO1311/12/2020 03:25PM

  Nice neighborhood....

JamesJM1011/12/2020 03:31PM

  Re: Nice neighborhood....

ramBRO911/12/2020 04:39PM

  We have a few neighbors who decorate too. But usually later.

Ramgator911/12/2020 04:35PM

  Super Bowl 55 Halftime Entertainment

MamaRAMa3411/12/2020 10:56AM

  Really, you know them?

JamesJM1111/12/2020 11:01AM

  Re: Really, you know them?

MamaRAMa1011/12/2020 11:11AM

  Re: Super Bowl 55 Halftime Entertainment

21Dog1011/12/2020 11:25AM

  Re: Super Bowl 55 Halftime Entertainment

MamaRAMa911/12/2020 11:55AM

  LOL (nm)

JamesJM311/12/2020 12:08PM

  my reading skills have gone by wayside.......

21Dog811/12/2020 01:46PM

  For the last 20+ years, my usual SB Halftime entertainment has been....

Ramgator1511/12/2020 02:11PM

  I don't boycott the halftime show...

JamesJM1111/12/2020 02:15PM

  I'm all about Homecoming stuff at Halftime.

Ramgator711/12/2020 03:02PM

  Trust me, I'm not proud of myself....

JamesJM811/12/2020 03:07PM

  Re: Super Bowl 55 Halftime Entertainment

SeattleRam1111/12/2020 03:18PM

  For those who watch... the Masters in Nov?

JamesJM3111/09/2020 06:42PM

  Man, I cannot handle golf..

sstrams2011/10/2020 01:21PM

  Re: Man, I cannot handle golf..

MamaRAMa1311/10/2020 02:13PM

  One thing I've always been told, Mama and RAMbeau..

sstrams1211/10/2020 05:13PM

  What you said. . . .

RAMbeau1011/10/2020 02:29PM

  If you ever played it somewhat seriously

waterfield811/11/2020 09:02AM

  Curious... have any of you played Golf?

JamesJM1511/10/2020 03:17PM

  Yes! The biggest issue with my game....

Ramgator1411/10/2020 03:23PM

  Re: Curious... have any of you played Golf?

21Dog1211/11/2020 05:18AM

  I can't imagine what I'd shoot today....

JamesJM911/11/2020 07:01AM

  See above (nm)

waterfield811/11/2020 09:03AM

  The replies make me wonder...

JamesJM1711/10/2020 03:47PM

  What I will admit...

sstrams611/11/2020 06:00AM

  Memories, story telling....

JamesJM611/11/2020 08:42AM

  You mooned the guy?

sstrams1011/11/2020 09:29AM

  Yes indeedy I did....

JamesJM711/11/2020 09:57AM

  I have never mooned anyone in my life..

sstrams811/11/2020 11:36AM

  Neither have I but

waterfield611/11/2020 02:51PM

  I plead the 5th nm

21Dog811/11/2020 03:26PM

  I drank a 5th many times... nm

sstrams511/11/2020 04:53PM

  Re: The replies make me wonder...

MamaRAMa911/11/2020 06:52AM

  Wow, looks like Tiger is BACK...

JamesJM911/12/2020 09:19AM

  Sadly the leaderboard is a mystery to me...

JamesJM811/12/2020 09:51AM

  Why do things hurt more when you get old?

JamesJM2211/12/2020 06:57AM

  Are you certain...

sstrams911/12/2020 07:23AM

  Stubbing a toe has to be top 3 on the pain scale?

JamesJM811/12/2020 07:30AM

  a direct shot on the kneecap........

21Dog711/12/2020 07:36AM

  Yeah, I can vouch for that..

sstrams811/12/2020 07:42AM

  Re: a direct shot on the kneecap........

waterfield711/12/2020 08:24AM

  I doubt it went away..

sstrams711/12/2020 07:41AM

  I have hit that nerve under the ear....

JamesJM811/12/2020 08:57AM

  Never heard of that...

sstrams811/12/2020 09:21AM

  Re: Why do things hurt more when you get old?

SeattleRam911/12/2020 08:28AM

  Well I broke down this year

BlueRidgeHorns6111/09/2020 02:49AM

  I've considered it....

JamesJM1611/09/2020 03:34AM

  broke down many moons ago

21Dog1311/09/2020 04:32AM

  Re: broke down many moons ago

waterfield1011/09/2020 09:45AM

  that's funny, I did the same thing last year

ferragamo79911/09/2020 05:16AM

  We had converted to..

sstrams811/09/2020 06:00AM

  Well, I just got a big surprise... (advice)

JamesJM1411/09/2020 06:28AM

  Reading Balsam Hill are the most realistic? PLUS...

JamesJM1111/09/2020 06:49AM

  I would think..

sstrams1011/09/2020 07:38AM

  We're thinking there is some shenanigans in the works...

JamesJM1111/09/2020 08:40AM

  Yeah the built in lights..

sstrams911/09/2020 04:19PM

  Oh, forgot.... 'storage'... no problem. (nm)

JamesJM611/09/2020 08:41AM

  Re: Reading Balsam Hill are the most realistic? PLUS...

MamaRAMa1411/09/2020 10:15AM

  Re: Reading Balsam Hill are the most realistic? PLUS... Attachments

MamaRAMa1711/09/2020 03:48PM

  Yes, thanks Mama....

JamesJM1011/09/2020 04:06PM

  Online reviews are almost worthless..

sstrams1011/09/2020 04:22PM


ramBRO1311/09/2020 08:54AM

  We're looking at them... not because of the refund however....

JamesJM1311/09/2020 09:05AM

  Re: Costco

waterfield711/09/2020 09:48AM

  GUYS!!! Keep your Wives AWAY from Hallmark Channel!!!

Ramgator1311/09/2020 07:49AM

  Re: GUYS!!! Keep your Wives AWAY from Hallmark Channel!!!

waterfield1311/09/2020 09:50AM

  I watch Hallmark all the time with my Wife.

Ramgator1011/09/2020 10:07AM

  Re: I watch Hallmark all the time with my Wife.

MamaRAMa1311/09/2020 10:26AM

  Sounds like us. My Wife and I laugh......

Ramgator1011/09/2020 10:32AM

  Re: I watch Hallmark all the time with my Wife.

waterfield1311/09/2020 11:26AM

  You guys are confirming my fears. (nm)

JamesJM711/09/2020 11:27AM

  Thing is.....

Ramgator911/09/2020 11:31AM

  My wife is an avid football game watcher... she loves the game...

JamesJM1911/09/2020 11:48AM

  Has she learned yet that

waterfield1011/09/2020 03:46PM

  Speaking of.....

JamesJM811/09/2020 04:17PM

  Re: Speaking of.....

waterfield811/09/2020 04:44PM

  Lucky, lucky man

waterfield1011/09/2020 04:51PM

  Nobody does murder like the British....

JamesJM911/09/2020 05:02PM

  I'm thinking of it...

JamesJM711/09/2020 10:29AM

  Re: I'm thinking of it...

waterfield711/09/2020 11:35AM

  Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

MamaRAMa1711/09/2020 09:50AM

  Didn't feel right adding 'cats' and trees to Ramgators post...

JamesJM1111/09/2020 08:48AM

  Nah!! Was just talking about cats and trees tonight.

Ramgator1011/09/2020 04:32PM

  You cats must be a different species...

JamesJM811/09/2020 04:37PM

  Cats and trees would be hell..

sstrams711/12/2020 06:14AM

  We ordered our artificial tree....

JamesJM711/12/2020 06:25AM

  We have a real tree and 2 artificial ones

NewMexicoRam611/11/2020 10:38AM

  Putting up the tree as a kid

Atlantic Ram1511/11/2020 04:27PM

  Ya know, I never once did that....

JamesJM811/11/2020 04:45PM

  Re: Ya know, I never once did that....

21Dog711/11/2020 05:12PM

  NASA news, habitable planets abound...

JamesJM3911/09/2020 12:52PM

  I'd be there with ya...

sstrams1111/09/2020 01:32PM

  Looking forward to the youtube videos...

Atlantic Ram1011/10/2020 07:14AM

  Re: I'd be there with ya...

IowaRam1011/10/2020 07:33AM

  That was one WEIRD group..

sstrams911/10/2020 08:01AM

  I cringe...

SeattleRam1511/09/2020 02:07PM

  so is the moon, for that matter....

JamesJM1311/09/2020 02:37PM

  Re: I cringe...

Rampage2K-1511/10/2020 10:44AM

  Other universes exist

waterfield1211/09/2020 03:34PM

  I hear NASA discovered insects on the moon just THIS week.

Ramgator1611/10/2020 03:25PM


JamesJM1011/10/2020 03:42PM

  At least it makes for some good science fiction

NewMexicoRam811/11/2020 12:35PM

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