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  I just saw video of...

sstrams4105/13/2022 07:24AM

  Like to see the video.....

JamesJM1705/13/2022 08:25AM

  Well, my mom passed away..

sstrams2805/13/2022 10:20AM

  Bosch Legacy

waterfield5705/06/2022 11:23AM

  I'll be watching it...

JamesJM1805/06/2022 12:22PM

  Started it last night.........Didn't miss a beat.....nm

Arkansas Ram1205/09/2022 12:15PM

  haven't started it yet.......

21Dog1605/09/2022 02:09PM

  Re: haven't started it yet.......

Arkansas Ram1905/10/2022 07:51AM

  Re: Bosch Legacy

MamaRAMa1905/10/2022 08:33AM

  Re: Bosch Legacy

waterfield1705/10/2022 11:23AM

  Bosch, just to note....

JamesJM2405/12/2022 06:07PM

  Why? What is wrong with me? Attachments

sstrams5005/12/2022 01:46PM

  You have no self control whatsoever...

JamesJM1005/12/2022 01:57PM

  now we know the real reason

IowaRam1005/12/2022 02:11PM

  Well, wedge-shaped car - Attachments

sstrams1005/12/2022 02:42PM

  Don't get me wrong, Steve...

JamesJM1405/12/2022 02:49PM

  Oh no - I get that, totally..

sstrams805/12/2022 03:06PM

  Sleep walking...

JamesJM4005/11/2022 06:48PM

  I used to do a version of it..

sstrams1305/12/2022 02:14AM

  Did it one time around 8th or 9th grade.

Ramgator1405/12/2022 09:44AM

  it is a fascinating phenomena for sure

ferragamo791905/12/2022 02:13PM

  Thingamajig..... Attachments

JamesJM3805/11/2022 07:47AM


sstrams805/11/2022 08:08AM

  I don't have thingamajigs

SeattleRam2505/11/2022 08:11AM

  Re: Thingamajig.....

canadaram1605/11/2022 06:01PM

  Do that Canada...

JamesJM1105/11/2022 06:49PM

  is it chotskie or Tchotchke

ferragamo791005/12/2022 02:09PM

  HBO ...Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

JoeMad15503/25/2022 07:31AM

  Re: HBO ...Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

ramBRO4603/27/2022 07:38AM

  Jerry West Demands Retraction Of His "Cruel" Portrayal In 'Winning Time'

ramBRO4304/19/2022 06:20PM

  they make him look pretty bad

ferragamo792404/20/2022 04:27AM

  I REALLY miss the old NBA. Used to love the Lakers.

Ramgator3603/27/2022 11:25AM

  Re: I REALLY miss the old NBA. Used to love the Lakers.

canadaram1005/11/2022 06:08PM

  watched all 5: Outstanding!

ferragamo793404/07/2022 07:05AM

  ...the start of Lakers' Showtime seemed to be a very fragile organization.

JoeMad6204/11/2022 09:41AM

  Buss essentially changed the NBA

ferragamo793004/12/2022 04:46PM

  Just finished the first two episodes

waterfield7404/11/2022 10:10AM

  Keep watching T...it gets better

ferragamo793604/12/2022 04:46PM

  Hey Vince, Lakers win in Six!!!

JoeMad2005/11/2022 10:21AM

  West wants retraction as to portrayal of him

waterfield2704/21/2022 07:28AM

  More complaints on series

waterfield4004/24/2022 07:54AM

  HBO Fires Back on Jerry's demands....(2 articles)

JoeMad2604/26/2022 01:50PM


waterfield2004/27/2022 08:06AM

  Norm Nixon.... portrayed in series... by his son....

JoeMad2204/27/2022 02:18PM

  Reverse psychology....

JamesJM3705/11/2022 07:50AM

  Will be interesting to figure out..

sstrams1205/11/2022 08:10AM

  I'm NOT going to jinx myself....

JamesJM2205/11/2022 09:15AM

  You kept it ambiguous..

sstrams805/11/2022 09:23AM

  Re: Will be interesting to figure out.. Attachments

JamesJM805/11/2022 09:24AM

  132 isn't bad..

sstrams2305/11/2022 09:31AM

  Re: 132 isn't bad..

JamesJM805/11/2022 09:36AM

  I doubt I hit 132..

sstrams905/11/2022 09:47AM

  At the risk of jinxing myself....

JamesJM1705/11/2022 01:44PM

  For those of you with Satellite Service...

JamesJM1405/11/2022 02:14PM

  Dinner tonight?? Burgers cooked on good ol CHARCOAL!!! The cool thing is...

Ramgator3605/06/2022 10:46AM

  So, its good and seasoned...

sstrams2405/06/2022 11:46AM

  Which brings up... best Hamburgers...

JamesJM2305/06/2022 12:19PM

  Have only done In and Out once..

sstrams2405/06/2022 12:38PM

  Funny thing about McD's...

JamesJM2405/06/2022 12:47PM

  In and Out was ok..

sstrams1205/06/2022 01:46PM

  In & Out burgers are Great, but kinda falsely advertised....

RAMbler1505/10/2022 01:32PM

  been to many: the one in Chico

ferragamo791305/11/2022 06:30AM

  I'm retired....

JamesJM1105/11/2022 07:21AM

  kids bought us a gas grill for Christmas

21Dog2405/06/2022 02:06PM

  We have a Blackstone...

JamesJM1605/06/2022 02:13PM

  Re: kids bought us a gas grill for Christmas

waterfield2005/06/2022 02:44PM

  Best grill I ever got...

sstrams1505/06/2022 02:46PM

  They were so good!

Ramgator1305/06/2022 02:16PM

  oh the art of charcoal..lost art

ferragamo792005/07/2022 02:59PM

  I actually LOVE having some burn on charcoal cooked food.

Ramgator1305/09/2022 03:54AM

  Hot dogs are the best..

sstrams905/09/2022 05:07AM

  Ha! Did that for lunch today. But on the gas grill.

Ramgator1505/09/2022 08:32AM

  I'm odd that way....

JamesJM2005/09/2022 12:13PM

  I've always thought pork..

sstrams1805/09/2022 12:16PM

  But what I NEVER figured out..... WHY did Mom always tell me.....

Ramgator3005/10/2022 04:17AM

  Re: But what I NEVER figured out..... WHY did Mom always tell me.....

waterfield1905/10/2022 11:44AM


IowaRam4205/10/2022 02:24PM

  I was THIS close to getting one..

sstrams1605/11/2022 02:11AM

  I'm still in the market....

JamesJM905/11/2022 07:16AM

  Well, no season tickets for me this year...

JamesJM4805/10/2022 12:53PM

  NOT a good day for games to be scheduled.

Ramgator2105/10/2022 03:56PM

  TRYING to watch "Stranger Things" on NETFLIX.

Ramgator3005/10/2022 03:54PM

  Anyone else have "Ted's Montana Grill" restaurants??

Ramgator5805/10/2022 04:35AM

  Facebook Nazis got me!!!! 48 hour ban!!!!

Ramgator3405/09/2022 08:29AM

  I've gotten three bans..

sstrams1205/09/2022 09:38AM

  I think it's a roulette of "trigger" words.

Ramgator1305/09/2022 09:51AM

  I had facebook review..

sstrams1405/09/2022 10:45AM

  Kentucky Derby

waterfield4505/07/2022 09:15PM

  I enjoyed it

Atlantic Ram2405/07/2022 11:44PM

  Re: I enjoyed it

MamaRAMa2205/08/2022 06:15AM

  Re: I enjoyed it

waterfield2005/08/2022 10:01AM

  Common horse behavior...

JamesJM2205/08/2022 10:48AM

  Re: Kentucky Derby

waterfield2005/08/2022 11:21AM

  I may like it more than you...

JamesJM1505/08/2022 05:28PM

  Kentucky Derby should be THREE laps.

Ramgator1405/09/2022 04:15AM

  Happy Mothers Day to all yours.......

roman183205/08/2022 07:30AM


sstrams1705/08/2022 09:36AM

  Das Boot (free on Tubi)

SeattleRam3005/07/2022 01:50PM

  Have never seen it..

sstrams1005/07/2022 02:48PM

  my dad loved that movie

ferragamo79905/07/2022 02:51PM

  German version

waterfield1305/07/2022 09:10PM

  I've watched the first episode of Star Trek , Strange New Worlds

IowaRam2705/06/2022 02:01PM

  Is that on Paramount + because I want to watch it

ferragamo791205/07/2022 07:50AM

  Yea , Paramount Plus

IowaRam1605/07/2022 09:23AM

  IGN review

IowaRam1405/07/2022 09:59AM

  Ice Hockey....

JamesJM4005/06/2022 08:03AM

  Gretzky to the Kings

21Dog2305/06/2022 02:04PM

  REALLY cool views when you live close to NASA! Attachments

Ramgator5805/06/2022 04:14AM

  I REEEEALLY wish they'd launch the same satellites they did in the early 70s.

Ramgator605/06/2022 04:17AM

  Jacksonville gets REALLY good views when NASA does rare N/NE tracks on launches.

Ramgator1805/06/2022 04:21AM

  NL West is on fire

NewMexicoRam4305/05/2022 05:42AM

  AL East and NL West are terrific

ferragamo791205/05/2022 09:47AM

  Obi Wan Kenobi trailer

IowaRam2105/04/2022 05:06AM

  I'll definately tune in.... nm

RAMbler1605/04/2022 11:48AM

  Moon Knight , Best Show Ever !!!!!!

IowaRam905/04/2022 04:30PM

  Naomi Judd has passed away

IowaRam6405/01/2022 04:48AM

  Very sad, those ladies were great....

JamesJM2405/01/2022 06:12AM

  Re: Naomi Judd has passed away

MamaRAMa2305/01/2022 11:15AM

  Is Dementia or Alzheimers considered a Mental Illness?

Ramgator2305/02/2022 10:23AM

  She had written a book on her battle with depression..

sstrams1205/02/2022 10:35AM

  My poor Mom was diagnosed with Depression in her mid teens.

Ramgator1405/02/2022 12:36PM

  I hate to admit it..

sstrams1705/02/2022 12:51PM

  Re: Is Dementia or Alzheimers considered a Mental Illness?

MamaRAMa3005/02/2022 11:18AM

  The leading cause of death

waterfield1805/02/2022 11:12AM

  Naomi Judd did commit suicide

MamaRAMa3205/02/2022 01:51PM

  That just amazes me..

sstrams2005/02/2022 01:59PM

  Re: That just amazes me..

MamaRAMa2405/02/2022 02:12PM

  I can relate with that...

sstrams1705/02/2022 02:38PM

  Totally see what you mean.

Ramgator1605/03/2022 04:20AM

  I think your friend..

sstrams1505/03/2022 04:28AM

  I TOTALLY agree!!!! Lemme tell you the inside joke he and I had.

Ramgator1405/03/2022 11:17AM

  That is awesome..

sstrams2005/03/2022 12:02PM

  OH GEEZ!! I must be sick because I laughed at that!

Ramgator705/03/2022 03:21PM

  I had forgotten the coup de grace..

sstrams2205/04/2022 03:40AM

  UGH!!! Like my Brother.....

Ramgator605/03/2022 03:31PM

  To be quite honest, I fully expected my Mom to take her own life. I USED to think ...

Ramgator1205/03/2022 04:13AM

  General Admission Concerts... Did The Who stampede in Cincy end that or...

Ramgator3904/22/2022 03:41AM

  It DID do away with it for a while..

sstrams2004/22/2022 04:52AM

  Re: General Admission Concerts... Did The Who stampede in Cincy end that or...

SeattleRam2304/22/2022 03:55PM

  We were first in line at a Queen show..

sstrams1904/23/2022 05:11AM

  SAME issue with my Brother at KISS in 1976.

Ramgator705/03/2022 03:40PM

  Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

SeattleRam4404/30/2022 04:02AM

  When I do my early morning walks, they have been REALLY bright!

Ramgator1504/30/2022 04:25AM

  I remember how proud I was of myself when...

JamesJM1205/01/2022 08:03AM

  Don't miss Mercury shine with the crescent moon in tonight's sky!

SeattleRam205/02/2022 11:17AM

  I'm sorry to repeat this...

JamesJM3405/02/2022 03:17PM

  Taking off for Napa at noon.....

JamesJM5904/29/2022 09:49AM

  Re: Taking off for Napa at noon.....

MamaRAMa1504/29/2022 10:29AM

  Pasta Prego. (Nm)

JamesJM504/29/2022 02:09PM

  we're headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow evening.....

21Dog1004/29/2022 02:29PM

  Dessert stop by Bochoun Bakery in Yountville

ferragamo791104/29/2022 04:17PM

  My review....

JamesJM2504/30/2022 09:55AM

  Re: My review....

MamaRAMa2304/30/2022 10:17AM

  Yes, tip included....

JamesJM404/30/2022 10:27AM

  Oh, should have noted....

JamesJM3704/30/2022 10:27AM

  My review of Napa, the town....

JamesJM1104/30/2022 10:17AM

  I went to Napa last year. TOTALLY disappointed!!!

Ramgator2104/30/2022 03:48PM

  Here's how dumb I am.....

JamesJM2705/01/2022 07:56AM

  LOL I actually made a change! At first, I had it...NAPA (All bold letters)

Ramgator1105/02/2022 10:25AM

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