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If ANY car maker, like GM or any of them sink again, I hope there is NO bail out.

August 09, 2022 12:33PM
They ALL are greedy TURDS! Look at pick up trucks. They KNOW they are needed for work and peoples lives. A "CHEAP" one is $40K + Some run 100K plus. Three years ago, we bought my Wife a brand new CRV from Honda and it has already had FIVE issues with the console. Auto Manufactors are fleecing the world. Nothing pisses me off more than a #%$$# Car Dealer TV ad with some giggly / smiling Schmuck saying "We got a REEEALLY great deal!!!!"" B......S... What they are saying is the Dealer used lube! Then there's the life of a car. At BEST, you have 10-12 years before they fall apart. Ex an I had a Caravan that literally fell apart at 44,000 miles (The brakes FELL OFF!!) If you cannot tell, I hate the car buying experience. Not since my first car, back in 87, have I been thrilled at all when I drove off the lot. To me, it's HIGH debt to a HIGHLY disposable product. And I baby our cars with oil changes ON the money, regular washings and waxed twice a year.

  Kia, Hyundai, and Thieves

MamaRAMa234August 08, 2022 07:14AM

  You couldn't be more right...

JamesJM83August 08, 2022 07:19AM

  I just saw a story about that..

sstrams131August 08, 2022 07:42AM

  I hate a thief! I never REALLY understood till my house got cleaned out back in 1993

Ramgator99August 08, 2022 10:04AM

  How to treat a Thief... Remember the movie "Casino"???

Ramgator109August 08, 2022 10:07AM

  Now that's how you stop a thief..

sstrams85August 08, 2022 10:17AM

  Re: Kia, Hyundai, and Thieves

canadaram117August 09, 2022 06:07AM

  Tried buying a vehicle lately?

MamaRAMa119August 09, 2022 09:29AM

  Not sure about Missouri... but here in Calif....

JamesJM112August 09, 2022 09:41AM

  Same in Texas..

sstrams158August 09, 2022 09:49AM

  A few years ago....

JamesJM184August 09, 2022 09:52AM

  Yeah, I get that..

sstrams103August 09, 2022 10:38AM

  If ANY car maker, like GM or any of them sink again, I hope there is NO bail out.

Ramgator61August 09, 2022 12:33PM

  Same story up here.

canadaram197August 09, 2022 07:05PM

  I found a car! Attachments

MamaRAMa94August 10, 2022 10:12AM


sstrams168August 10, 2022 10:43AM

  Wonderful! That is a dream scenario for buying pre-owned

canadaram230August 10, 2022 01:12PM


canadaram90August 10, 2022 02:54PM

  that's great......happy for you guys nm

21Dog127August 10, 2022 03:51PM

  Most used cars have lower mileage than expected

waterfield95August 15, 2022 10:01AM

  Re: Most used cars have lower mileage than expected

MamaRAMa127August 15, 2022 10:13AM

  I'll buy it Tony!!!

ferragamo7950September 03, 2022 02:10PM

  An amazing coincidence...

JamesJM103August 09, 2022 09:17AM

  Re: An amazing coincidence...

MamaRAMa113August 09, 2022 09:34AM

  I think you're right...

JamesJM118August 09, 2022 09:43AM

  Stolen car has been found

MamaRAMa119August 12, 2022 09:27AM

  I saw a story last night..

sstrams80August 12, 2022 10:57AM

  Re: I saw a story last night..

MamaRAMa124August 12, 2022 11:11AM


sstrams172August 12, 2022 12:08PM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

canadaram68August 12, 2022 04:06PM

  my stolen vehicle story

21Dog76August 13, 2022 05:33AM

  Ok, here's mine:

sstrams84August 13, 2022 06:06AM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

MamaRAMa187August 13, 2022 11:38AM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

canadaram145August 13, 2022 01:33PM

  Pics at towing yard Attachments

MamaRAMa125August 15, 2022 07:48AM

  I would sit and stare at that..

sstrams88August 15, 2022 09:29AM

  Re: Pics at towing yard

canadaram109August 16, 2022 04:37AM


MamaRAMa51August 30, 2022 06:08AM

  Glad you're wrapping it up..

sstrams50August 30, 2022 06:45AM

  That’s some good news..

canadaram55September 02, 2022 02:23AM

  It's Always Something

MamaRAMa169August 14, 2022 07:32AM

  someone can correct me, but......

21Dog177August 14, 2022 07:42AM

  Re: someone can correct me, but......

MamaRAMa78August 14, 2022 08:59AM

  Sure sounds like a starter to me (nm)

JamesJM116August 14, 2022 09:57AM

  If she can find the the starter..

sstrams123August 14, 2022 09:58AM

  Re: If she can find the the starter..

21Dog89August 14, 2022 10:24AM

  Yup, good advice... BUT...

JamesJM66August 14, 2022 10:27AM

  Re: Yup, good advice... BUT...

MamaRAMa67August 14, 2022 10:37AM

  Well, just keep in mind..

sstrams61August 14, 2022 11:23AM

  I'm in like Flint

MamaRAMa84August 15, 2022 12:58PM

  Yeah, the red..

sstrams57August 15, 2022 01:34PM

  Re: Yeah, the red..

MamaRAMa58August 15, 2022 01:55PM

  I need to read your posts better haha..

sstrams139August 15, 2022 02:37PM

  Actually it's the solenoid that can get stuck up......

roman18133August 15, 2022 06:48AM

  Can't remember when the changeover occurred...

JamesJM70August 15, 2022 12:27PM

  You need so much more torque now.....

roman18124August 15, 2022 01:55PM

  Re: You need so much more torque now.....

MamaRAMa70August 15, 2022 01:58PM

  Yeah, Jet ski batteries BLOW these days, as well..

sstrams63August 15, 2022 02:39PM

  Never had any watercraft.....

roman1870August 15, 2022 03:14PM

  Not 100% sure..

sstrams67August 15, 2022 03:34PM

  Is it just fast clicking sounds? Like a ratchet spinning?

sstrams68August 14, 2022 07:58AM


canadaram94August 14, 2022 03:18PM

  As I type this, our Morning News show is doing a story on this.

Ramgator60August 17, 2022 02:38AM

  Re: As I type this, our Morning News show is doing a story on this.

MamaRAMa71August 17, 2022 05:48AM

  You left out one big one.

Ramgator64August 17, 2022 08:46AM

  Re: You left out one big one.

MamaRAMa65August 17, 2022 09:00AM

  Doh! Looked right past that! EXACTLY....

Ramgator59August 17, 2022 10:33AM

  I don't feel violated... I get pissed...

JamesJM67August 17, 2022 01:55PM

  Yeah, they always ask that..

sstrams58August 17, 2022 10:13AM

  Clint asked THE question, IMO..

Ramgator118August 17, 2022 10:38AM