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napoli27909/13/2016 04:20AM

  Re: Tavon

joram12809/13/2016 06:03AM

  Well that was ugly

Speed_Kills42309/13/2016 04:39AM

  Well they better be ready for 8, 9 in the box all year

Hazlet Hacksaw25809/13/2016 04:45AM

  Re: its crazy

Speed_Kills24609/13/2016 04:50AM

  Fisher said if we can't run all else fails

Hazlet Hacksaw14709/13/2016 04:54AM

  Literally this

BigGame8121409/13/2016 04:55AM


CeeZar24009/13/2016 04:51AM

  Re: I don't care about 8, 9 in the box..

laram19909/13/2016 05:10AM

  The bigger problem is they can't throw it over the 8,9 in the box

Hazlet Hacksaw18409/13/2016 05:16AM

  Re: He's only 22, Laram.

Billy_T15509/13/2016 05:27AM

  Re: He's only 22, Laram.

laram14709/13/2016 05:54AM

  Re: They can't do what they most need to do.

Billy_T12509/13/2016 04:58AM

  sure most of you noticed........

21Dog27809/13/2016 04:58AM

  Re: sure most of you noticed........

roman1813309/13/2016 05:32AM

  It would be illuminating (but not fun) to be a fly on the wall...

Saguaro19709/13/2016 05:35AM

  Re: The DBs probably have all kinds of inside jokes.

Billy_T28909/13/2016 05:41AM

  Fisher doesn't talk

Saban2333909/13/2016 05:46AM

  Who's gonna be the top QB in the next draft??

Ramgator32809/13/2016 04:53AM


BigGame8120909/13/2016 04:54AM

  And that is what is really depressing

SUretHing19009/13/2016 04:56AM

  Re: It was a dumb trade, IMO.

Billy_T13709/13/2016 05:45AM

  Think the Titans will bankroll that into even more picks?

NewMexicoRam11009/13/2016 05:05AM

  OK. We have established that we stink. NOW...

Ramgator30709/13/2016 04:57AM

  Harbaugh, David Shaw

BigGame8123909/13/2016 05:00AM

  Re: Harbaugh, David Shaw

Barf3316409/13/2016 05:42AM

  And the big winner is.........

napoli26909/13/2016 05:42AM

  Just think if we had a HC NOT familiar with moving a team!!!

Ramgator22409/13/2016 05:07AM

  It is very important

SUretHing15809/13/2016 05:08AM

  What's the commercial???

Ramgator11209/13/2016 05:33AM

  I owe all the "negative" types an apology:

merlin69509/12/2016 08:53PM

  I know it's going to be a rallying cry now...

JamesJM32509/12/2016 08:56PM

  It's on Fish regardless tbh

merlin22309/12/2016 08:57PM

  No argument from me. (nm)

JamesJM12609/12/2016 08:59PM

  It's impossible to sort it out, Jimmy. Impossible.

ArizonaRamFan30209/12/2016 09:07PM

  That's a very good point. (nm)

JamesJM12409/12/2016 09:08PM

  Re: It's impossible to sort it out, Jimmy. Impossible.

Ram138012409/12/2016 09:14PM

  haha hey, glad to hear it

ArizonaRamFan29109/12/2016 09:21PM

  Re: haha hey, glad to hear it

Ram138021809/12/2016 09:33PM

  Taylor laughing at Landon planting the American flag?

JYB12709/13/2016 03:33AM

  You actually disproved your own thesis

9er8er13009/12/2016 09:29PM

  You have it almost exactly wrong

ArizonaRamFan24809/12/2016 09:42PM

  Okay, on this game alone

9er8er10209/13/2016 02:35AM

  Re: You actually disproved your own thesis

Ram138021809/12/2016 09:54PM

  Re: Ray Ray Armstrong.

Billy_T14409/13/2016 05:33AM

  Re: I owe all the "negative" types an apology:

Rams4327709/12/2016 09:02PM

  Re: I saw a team that could go 0-16

BumRap24009/12/2016 09:14PM

  Nah.. Hekker did not play well.

SUretHing14309/12/2016 09:23PM

  There were others

Blue and Gold11909/12/2016 09:28PM

  Re: I owe all the "negative" types an apology:

reggae14009/12/2016 09:19PM

  Which players, in your estimation, played up to their salary?

ArizonaRamFan15409/12/2016 09:25PM


SUretHing21609/12/2016 09:29PM

  Re: Which players, in your estimation, played up to their salary?

Rampage2K-16509/12/2016 09:31PM

  Re: That would have meant more..

laram18609/13/2016 02:32AM

  Re: That would have meant more..

73Ram15009/13/2016 02:57AM

  Re: Good post..

BlackSheep11509/13/2016 03:25AM


PaulButcher5911409/13/2016 03:59AM

  Fair enough, how about this

merlin12709/13/2016 05:23AM

  Re: I owe all the "negative" types an apology:

tomatosan11309/13/2016 05:31AM

  So thankful....

Guard31709/13/2016 04:31AM

  Drive safely, Guard!

Saguaro9109/13/2016 05:28AM

  SELL STAN, SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator28309/13/2016 05:05AM

  We will NOT be winners with 90% of this team!

Ramgator24509/13/2016 04:33AM

  Re: We will NOT be winners with 90% of this team!

BoiseRam15809/13/2016 05:04AM

  The one play that told me we are doomed.

Ramgator28509/13/2016 04:48AM

  If Kroenke fires Fisher......

NewMexicoRam38109/13/2016 02:53AM

  Just another season of the walking dead...... Attachments

Arkansas Ram22509/13/2016 03:15AM

  Re: If Kroenke fires Fisher......

EastRam14909/13/2016 04:30AM

  Combined...200 years old?? Lol nm

RFIP9309/13/2016 04:44AM

  Re: If Kroenke fires Fisher......

stlrams1311209/13/2016 04:34AM

  Old School is EXACTLY what this team of Prima Donnas needs!

Ramgator12809/13/2016 04:41AM

  Croakney likes money. That is all.

Ramgator10009/13/2016 04:38AM

  GEE! Glad I wasted a Personal Leave day today!

Ramgator20309/13/2016 04:35AM

  I'm sorry but this team STINKS!

Crazylegs52509/12/2016 10:12PM

  Re: don't be sorry

TonyHunter8722909/12/2016 10:13PM

  Re: I'm sorry but this team STINKS!

oldmanram21609/12/2016 11:15PM

  28 to Nothing

wv ram34709/12/2016 11:44PM

  there is something unsettling about this....

JamesJM24809/13/2016 02:47AM

  scratching and clawing....

wv ram14009/13/2016 02:53AM

  Was it about 10-12 years ago the Pats lost to Buffalo......

NewMexicoRam11109/13/2016 02:56AM


wv ram12209/13/2016 03:01AM

  I'm expecting them too... bounce back that is...

JamesJM12409/13/2016 02:59AM

  time will tell...

wv ram14909/13/2016 03:05AM

  Re: I'm expecting them too... bounce back that is...

21Dog13709/13/2016 04:13AM

  Seems like every year they start off the season...

brgjoe28609/12/2016 11:59PM

  it's really depressing when you think that......

21Dog9909/13/2016 04:27AM

  Bet JLau and CLong are counting their blessings today

NewMexicoRam22109/13/2016 03:10AM

  JLau counting his bruises

Hazlet Hacksaw11909/13/2016 03:12AM

  Re: JLau's team at least has an offense

NewMexicoRam10909/13/2016 03:25AM

  Re: JLau's team at least has an offense

21Dog12109/13/2016 04:10AM

  #94 Quinn is a shell of his former self

PeoriaRa61809/12/2016 08:25PM

  He didn't.

Blue and Gold32309/12/2016 08:29PM

  With all due respect

RamsDynasty33309/12/2016 08:44PM

  He really stood out during the anthem

Ramadune25409/12/2016 09:44PM

  Re: He really stood out during the anthem

Rampage2K-25009/12/2016 09:47PM

  Re: lol

TonyHunter8727509/12/2016 09:48PM

  Re: He really stood out during the anthem

LibertyRAM24609/12/2016 10:24PM

  Re: He really stood out during the anthem

mutigerram25909/12/2016 11:33PM

  Re: #94 Quinn is a shell of his former self

MamaRAMa23509/12/2016 10:31PM

  Still preseason for him

Hazlet Hacksaw20809/13/2016 03:33AM

  He's still jet-lagged...

sstrams11509/13/2016 03:35AM

  good point

21Dog12809/13/2016 04:09AM

  PFF: Rams-49ers grades

LMU9338409/13/2016 04:04AM

  Where will the Rams move next? Lmfao

napoli22809/13/2016 03:45AM

  Rams get a big "A" for awful!

GreatRamNTheSky22809/13/2016 03:19AM

  honestly trying to search for something redeemable...

LMU9312809/13/2016 03:38AM

  Burn the tapes!

GreatRamNTheSky9509/13/2016 03:42AM

  The 49ers missed an opportunity last night

AlbaNY_Ram22609/13/2016 03:41AM

  blah blah blah typical conciliatory fisher

joram34009/13/2016 02:28AM

  "Just be watchable"

Hazlet Hacksaw14009/13/2016 03:17AM

  Isn't that pathetic, tho?

sstrams10709/13/2016 03:35AM

  I hope The LA media grills

napoli24609/13/2016 03:19AM

  1 good thing came out of this joke of a game......

roman1838809/13/2016 03:13AM


Hazlet Hacksaw11409/13/2016 03:19AM

  How I would LOVE one more

RFIP29109/13/2016 03:03AM


Hazlet Hacksaw13109/13/2016 03:11AM

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