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So what did you want to be when you grew up?

May 29, 2024 09:16PM
The first occupation I can remember wanting to be was an archaeologist. Sad thing is... I still wish I had followed that dream. laughing smiley My best 'guess' is that becoming an archaeologist first took hold of my thoughts somewhere around 3rd or 4th grade?

A lot of other occupations followed that first hope but archaeology never fell far from top billing.

I believe I read somewhere that the #1 wish for kids is either a Fireman or a Policeman, (for boys that is, not sure about girls). I forget which. So it seems Ramgator of us here on the Pub did the best at sticking to his guns? Although... I think it possible that sstrams may have begun with 'musician'? Musician also enteried my mind but not until later in life... I think when "the Beach Boys" hit the music scene.

To note: I think my reading of the #1 wish for kids being fireman or policeman was long, long ago... meaning it's most likely out of date. I'm not sure what would be #1 today. - JamesJM

  So what did you want to be when you grew up?

JamesJM114May 29, 2024 09:16PM

  I wanted to operate one of these...... Attachments

Ramgator29May 30, 2024 02:42AM


SeattleRam21May 30, 2024 03:59AM

  That was one of my wishes but...

JamesJM40May 30, 2024 07:57AM

  Re: So what did you want to be when you grew up?

MamaRAMa27May 30, 2024 04:11AM

  If you don't mind my asking...

JamesJM26May 30, 2024 07:33AM

  Re: If you don't mind my asking...

MamaRAMa29May 30, 2024 07:39AM

  Thanks.... and a quick 'operator services' tale...

JamesJM22May 30, 2024 07:46AM

  I have this peculiar learning disability

waterfield34May 30, 2024 11:51AM

  Thanks for the headache...

JamesJM20May 30, 2024 12:15PM

  Re: Thanks for the headache...

waterfield25May 31, 2024 05:51AM

  A musketeer Attachments

IowaRam24May 30, 2024 12:59PM

  Since I was 4 years old..

sstrams66May 31, 2024 05:31PM

  I had people tell me being an Architect was in my future, when I was young.

Ramgator24June 01, 2024 12:39PM

  I wanted to be a Architect as a kid , and then my dreams were crushed ....

IowaRam27June 01, 2024 01:21PM

  Yeah, I use tons of math in..

sstrams22June 01, 2024 02:32PM

  That too!!

Ramgator54June 01, 2024 04:35PM

  Fractions are easy.. they just look scary..

sstrams22June 02, 2024 05:46AM

  Re: That too!!

MamaRAMa37June 02, 2024 06:02AM

  My best friend in grade school.'s father

sstrams23June 01, 2024 02:31PM

  I still don't know...

Atlantic Ram29June 02, 2024 12:24PM

  Re: I still don't know... Attachments

IowaRam30June 02, 2024 12:52PM

  Brilliant, lol nm.

Atlantic Ram48June 03, 2024 06:34PM

  Re: So what did you want to be when you grew up? Attachments

IowaRam52June 02, 2024 12:56PM

  I'll let you know when I grow up

21Dog22June 03, 2024 02:36AM

  +1...........Rams WR.....

Arkansas Ram63June 04, 2024 02:44PM

  RB here.....

JamesJM55June 04, 2024 05:26PM


Atlantic Ram50June 06, 2024 05:33PM

  Funny you ask.

ScRAM51June 07, 2024 10:06AM

  So nobody wanted to live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER???? nm

Ramgator52June 07, 2024 10:27AM

  Re: So nobody wanted to live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER???? nm

IowaRam16June 07, 2024 01:25PM

  Often........ Attachments

IowaRam15June 09, 2024 05:21AM

  the pic reminds me of Sammy Johns "Chevy Van"song NM

Atlantic Ram13June 09, 2024 01:16PM

  Dude I have that van.....just not the ladies in the bikinis

ferragamo7912June 09, 2024 02:11PM