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Harry H Crosby

February 04, 2024 03:49AM
Some of this could be considered spoilers , but considering the TV show is narrated by Anthony Boyle: Lt. Harry Crosby.

shouldn't be

Born 1919 in New England , North Dakota , population 663

His family moved to Oskaloosa, Iowa when he was a child , Crosby enrolled in the literature program at the University of Iowa, but following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, joined the Army Air Corps.

After the war , Crosby returned to the United States and re-enrolled at the University of Iowa, where he graduated with an MA in literature in 1947. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford and then came back to assume the position of writing supervisor for the rhetoric program at Iowa until 1958. From there, he moved to Massachusetts and served as a professor of literature at Boston University until 1984.

Never fully retired, Crosby continued authoring short stories and became the director of the Writing Center of Harvard University. In 1993, looking back on his letters and journals from World War II, he released his autobiography, “A Wing and a Prayer: The Bloody 100th Bomb Group,” which was seen as a tribute to the pilots, navigators, gunners, radiomen, and ground crews that made it home, and, more importantly, those that did not

Many of the scenes from Masters Of The Air are based off of Crosbys book , A Wing And A Prayer

By the end of the war, Crosby had flown 32 combat missions.

At least 42 Iowans served in the Bloody 100th

I knew I had an instant connection with Crosby , GO HAWKEYES !!!!!


  The first two episodes of Masters of the Air are now available on Apple TV +

IowaRam128January 25, 2024 04:48PM

  This is a big event for my youngest grandson and I....

JamesJM33January 26, 2024 07:32AM

  Shogun trailer

IowaRam26January 26, 2024 04:14PM

  I enjoyed that Mini Series from the very early 80s. nm

Ramgator35January 27, 2024 03:45AM

  as much as I want to see it........

21Dog32January 27, 2024 05:49AM

  Thats what I tell most people

IowaRam28January 27, 2024 09:20AM

  I get that.... but at the same time....

JamesJM33January 27, 2024 09:29AM

  Re: The first two episodes of Masters of the Air are now available on Apple TV +

MamaRAMa40January 27, 2024 06:17AM

  Same here.....

JamesJM29January 27, 2024 08:38AM

  I agree.....

IowaRam33January 27, 2024 09:12AM

  Good point, about their missions.....

JamesJM27January 27, 2024 09:22AM

  I wasn't really talking about the air crewman them selves

IowaRam21January 27, 2024 09:54AM

  I agree with you....

JamesJM26January 27, 2024 09:59AM

  Re: I agree with you....

IowaRam24January 27, 2024 10:46AM

  I haven't seen the 2nd episode as yet....

JamesJM17January 27, 2024 10:48AM

  Me too. ......

Arkansas Ram17February 03, 2024 05:59PM

  We weatched the first two episodes a second time

IowaRam237January 29, 2024 12:59PM

  Surviving -50 below

IowaRam26January 29, 2024 01:05PM

  Masters of the Air , episode 3

IowaRam30February 02, 2024 04:56PM

  Re: Masters of the Air , episode 3

MamaRAMa23February 02, 2024 05:42PM

  Re: Masters of the Air , episode 3

IowaRam25February 03, 2024 08:48AM

  Just finished watching it....

JamesJM31February 02, 2024 08:59PM

  Re: Just finished watching it....

IowaRam20February 03, 2024 08:06AM

  Pretty much agree with all that....

JamesJM19February 03, 2024 08:42AM

  I think my favorite part so far , and not really a spoiler

IowaRam20February 03, 2024 08:56AM

  On my trips to England....

JamesJM19February 03, 2024 09:24AM

  had to google

IowaRam13February 03, 2024 10:24AM

  Just behind the house my son rented....

JamesJM15February 03, 2024 10:56AM

  Semi-related... the devastation....

JamesJM19February 03, 2024 09:36AM

  I have a friend at work

IowaRam17February 03, 2024 10:21AM

  Not sure this has been covered but

waterfield26February 03, 2024 07:24PM

  Harry H Crosby

IowaRam25February 04, 2024 03:49AM

  Part II , this might be considered spoiler territory

IowaRam30February 04, 2024 04:03AM

  A formation of four B-17 fire power Attachments

IowaRam21February 05, 2024 01:18PM

  Saw # 3 last night.

waterfield32February 06, 2024 01:33PM

  The kid in the ball turret

IowaRam21February 07, 2024 02:57PM

  Harry Crosby - "30 Missions Over Europe in B-17s interview

IowaRam16February 07, 2024 02:59PM

  Met a B-17 Crewman who bailed out over Germany .

Ramgator21February 08, 2024 02:15AM

  What rips my heart out.

Ramgator17February 08, 2024 02:20AM

  My dad never carried his 1911 on missions

txramfan27February 08, 2024 04:07AM

  Re: My dad never carried his 1911 on missions

21Dog25February 08, 2024 05:18AM

  Episode 5 Attachments

IowaRam27February 18, 2024 04:50AM

  Re: Episode 5

MamaRAMa25February 18, 2024 05:19AM

  Re: I agree

waterfield24February 18, 2024 06:48PM

  Re: I agree

Crazylegs25February 19, 2024 10:07AM

  Some Photos From My Dad's Experience

Crazylegs26February 19, 2024 10:19AM

  Those are great pix...very cool. (nm)

DaJudge12February 19, 2024 11:33AM

  Forgive my change in direction here....

JamesJM23February 19, 2024 12:53PM

  Re: Some Photos From My Dad's Experience

waterfield19February 19, 2024 03:08PM

  love the pictures CL nm

21Dog13February 19, 2024 03:19PM

  Amazing what one can find out about today

Crazylegs14February 24, 2024 05:56AM

  I was commissioned by a private party to do this piece......

Crazylegs8February 26, 2024 06:24AM

  Up and down with me. Band Of Brothers was THE best....Pacific was not bad.

Ramgator6February 26, 2024 06:37AM

  All the input from the ACTUAL fellas is why Band Of Brothers will NEVER be topped.

Ramgator6February 26, 2024 06:39AM

  Re: All the input from the ACTUAL fellas is why Band Of Brothers will NEVER be topped. Attachments

MamaRAMa7February 26, 2024 08:45AM

  That is awesome! Something Publishable??

Ramgator8February 26, 2024 09:32AM

  Re: That is awesome! Something Publishable??

MamaRAMa8February 26, 2024 09:46AM