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  21Dog... good times for the San Joaquin Valley...

JamesJM1309/20/2019 09:07AM

  sorry I didn't chime sooner

21Dog109/21/2019 05:01AM

  Yup, tough night...

JamesJM109/21/2019 05:53AM

  Why am I so weird, part 2..? Attachments

sstrams3109/14/2019 09:13AM

  All my knowledge of pedal boards in one reply....

JamesJM1109/14/2019 09:32AM

  Sounds about right...

sstrams1009/14/2019 09:50AM

  Production update.. Attachments

sstrams1609/15/2019 11:04AM

  Well, gotta give ya credit...

JamesJM609/15/2019 03:32PM

  Thanks man..

sstrams409/15/2019 03:47PM

  If I'm understanding correctly...

JamesJM409/15/2019 04:09PM

  No, I actually need to add them..

sstrams309/15/2019 05:17PM

  Yeah, think I lost ya...

JamesJM409/15/2019 05:39PM

  No, that's kinda what I want, as well..

sstrams409/16/2019 01:38AM

  Well, you could always..

sstrams409/16/2019 04:07AM

  Production Update #2 Attachments

sstrams609/16/2019 01:15PM

  I'm just gonna give you two thumbs right now

IowaRam309/16/2019 01:20PM

  Well, at least you're honest, Iowa..

sstrams309/16/2019 01:28PM

  Production Update #3.. Attachments

sstrams809/17/2019 01:12PM

  I might have missed it

IowaRam409/17/2019 01:22PM

  Here's a pic of my current board.. Attachments

sstrams609/17/2019 01:36PM

  Can't wait to see it complete, and fully loaded!

RAMbler509/18/2019 10:55AM

  Thanks RAMbler!

sstrams309/18/2019 11:30AM

  Things were going so well...

sstrams1109/19/2019 02:00PM

  but where's the fun in that

IowaRam509/19/2019 02:23PM

  Its just frustrating..

sstrams709/19/2019 03:59PM

  So whats actually breaking the drill bits

IowaRam409/19/2019 04:08PM

  Its really thin metal..

sstrams509/19/2019 05:23PM

  Trudging on...

sstrams509/20/2019 11:22AM

  i am reminded of a favorite movie quote...

JamesJM709/20/2019 11:33AM

  No, that's my problem...

sstrams809/20/2019 01:52PM

  You sound like me....

JamesJM309/20/2019 09:50PM


sstrams209/21/2019 03:49AM

  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad,Mad World...1963....

roman182309/18/2019 12:55PM

  I don't think I can name...

JamesJM1309/18/2019 01:10PM

  and then he just drives off.....nm

roman18209/18/2019 01:12PM

  I saw this about 3 years ago. I really enjoyed it again but then.....

Ramgator609/18/2019 03:58PM

  Phil Silvers

IowaRam709/19/2019 04:25PM

  YEs, Phil was remarkable...

JamesJM809/19/2019 05:17PM

  Hogan's Heroes getting a spinoff TV show

IowaRam1109/19/2019 02:07PM

  Major Matt Mason

IowaRam5309/09/2019 07:57PM

  Loved The Major.. Attachments

sstrams1509/10/2019 03:06AM

  I never received any action figures as a kid...

JamesJM1909/10/2019 05:14AM

  Was it one of those big metal ones ?

IowaRam1209/10/2019 07:49AM

  You bet...

JamesJM1309/10/2019 07:52AM

  We did that, too..

sstrams1109/10/2019 08:54AM

  As the baby...

Atlantic Ram1409/10/2019 08:42AM

  We never had a swing set as a kid

IowaRam909/10/2019 05:50PM

  Well, pardon my critique but...

JamesJM809/10/2019 06:03PM

  Oh , i didn't miss out on those either

IowaRam1309/10/2019 06:20PM

  My Brother had ol Major Matt. That green alien guy......

Ramgator1509/10/2019 09:50AM

  I still have that Green Alien Guy (named Calisto) somewhere.. Attachments

sstrams1009/10/2019 01:15PM

  Re: I still have that Green Alien Guy (named Calisto) somewhere..

IowaRam909/10/2019 06:35PM

  My Brother was born in 1961. I always thought he came up with MUCH cooler toys.

Ramgator1409/10/2019 09:54AM

  Iowa here's a great site about Major Matt Mason..

sstrams1109/10/2019 01:18PM

  Would be great if the movie was set in the 1960's

IowaRam1209/10/2019 06:16PM

  The swing set is long gone

IowaRam1209/18/2019 04:41PM

  Re: The swing set is long gone

waterfield809/18/2019 06:52PM

  My worst typo... and it's horrible...

JamesJM3509/13/2019 09:00AM

  I heard that..

sstrams1209/13/2019 09:49AM

  That's a good, mine is worse...

JamesJM909/13/2019 10:45AM

  I honestly..

sstrams709/13/2019 11:14AM

  Now that was hilarious...

JamesJM609/13/2019 11:21AM

  Yeah, but if you think about it...

sstrams709/13/2019 11:38AM

  I do the same typo Attachments

Atlantic Ram1009/15/2019 06:14AM

  Not looking forward to wedensday at all

IowaRam809/15/2019 07:26AM

  EXACTLY the same with me...

JamesJM309/15/2019 07:52AM

  The easy way out of your problem

waterfield509/18/2019 03:25PM

  I think this thread..

sstrams309/18/2019 04:35PM

  Midway trailer

IowaRam3109/13/2019 11:40AM

  Just.... Wow!

RAMbler1109/13/2019 02:30PM

  That does look awesome..

sstrams909/13/2019 03:02PM

  saw it in the movie theater 1976???

ferragamo79509/15/2019 05:37PM

  Yeah back then they showed Midway with..

sstrams909/16/2019 01:45AM

  year remember sitting in theater next door

ferragamo79509/17/2019 09:39AM

  Yeah, you still can here..

sstrams209/17/2019 10:27AM

  Not a fan of the over use of CGI but it looks MILES better than Pearl Harbor!

Ramgator509/17/2019 10:52AM

  "Midway" 1976 trivia that SST will appreciate.

Ramgator1209/17/2019 10:59AM


sstrams609/17/2019 12:11PM

  It IS true. nm

Ramgator309/17/2019 12:16PM

  Dang... but how..

sstrams509/17/2019 12:19PM

  I still think that film holds up well today

IowaRam509/17/2019 12:37PM

  Sad thing with today's movie goers....

Ramgator909/17/2019 12:43PM

  I just worry

IowaRam609/17/2019 12:52PM

  Yeah, that sucks..

sstrams509/17/2019 12:57PM

  The B-25's

IowaRam709/17/2019 01:06PM

  B25s / CGI...The Hornet looks cool BUT....

Ramgator609/18/2019 09:27AM

  Agree.. they should have gotten it right..

sstrams309/18/2019 09:30AM

  Hey gator

IowaRam409/17/2019 01:11PM

  SUPPOSED to be a week ago BUT....

Ramgator309/18/2019 09:28AM

  Average age of today's moviegoer

waterfield809/18/2019 08:26AM

  Today's youth will want....Transformers In The Pacific!!!! nm

Ramgator309/18/2019 09:30AM

  Also mentioned in the DVD...

Ramgator609/17/2019 12:40PM

  I remember seeing Midway 1976 for the first time as if yesterday.

Ramgator409/18/2019 09:45AM

  That was me with..

sstrams509/18/2019 11:33AM

  I first saw Tora Tora Tora a year , maybe 2 before Midway

Ramgator209/18/2019 04:00PM

  It was kinda slow..

sstrams109/18/2019 04:33PM

  Midway 1976. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish......

Ramgator409/18/2019 04:02PM

  Ric Ocasek has passed away

IowaRam3009/15/2019 04:19PM

  shut up....crazy

ferragamo791109/15/2019 05:24PM

  some of my favorites

ferragamo791609/15/2019 05:27PM

  Hey Todd... an 'aside'...

JamesJM1609/15/2019 05:36PM

  Re: Hey Todd... an 'aside'...

ferragamo79609/16/2019 01:58PM

  great tunes

JoeMad609/16/2019 07:23AM

  Candy-O was the first album of theirs I owned

IowaRam1009/16/2019 02:02PM

  Yeah, that's a great tune..

sstrams409/16/2019 03:11PM


roman181209/16/2019 07:38AM

  Ric Ocasek Obituary (legacy)

JoeMad609/18/2019 10:01AM

  Thanks for the music, and the memories....

RAMbler509/18/2019 10:33AM

  Yeah, always like the Cars..

sstrams209/18/2019 11:31AM

  Anyone ever use a weighted blanket?

sstrams3109/12/2019 12:35PM

  H.E. double hockey sticks NO!!!

Ramgator1709/12/2019 02:59PM

  Well, supposedly...

sstrams1209/12/2019 04:57PM

  Ok first night was a trip..

sstrams1209/13/2019 06:05AM

  Well this is news to me...

JamesJM909/13/2019 08:23AM

  Really wasn't that restricting..

sstrams509/13/2019 08:55AM

  Question about stuff like this

IowaRam609/13/2019 04:32PM

  Good question, Iowa..

sstrams809/13/2019 08:28PM

  a related subject

21Dog809/14/2019 03:59AM

  We got one of those..

sstrams709/14/2019 05:48AM

  I'm probably the most fortunate person in the world...

JamesJM409/14/2019 09:10AM

  Yeah, but you...

sstrams309/14/2019 09:14AM

  LOL, that's true. (nm)

JamesJM109/14/2019 09:22AM

  Been a few days now

IowaRam609/16/2019 01:33PM


sstrams509/16/2019 03:14PM

  Thought you were nuts earlier today

IowaRam409/16/2019 03:25PM

  Yeah we're at different temps, too..

sstrams309/16/2019 03:32PM

  I've had this stuck in my head all day now

IowaRam309/17/2019 12:38PM

  A visit with a friend with Dementia....

JamesJM2109/15/2019 08:10AM

  glad you had such a nice visit

21Dog1009/15/2019 09:48AM

  You may know him, Greg...

JamesJM1009/15/2019 04:13PM

  I played golf with a Carvalho ........

21Dog709/16/2019 09:56AM

  That was Billy, Anthony's son..l.

JamesJM609/16/2019 11:02AM

  dementia is cruel...

JoeMad709/17/2019 05:50AM

  Football games in less that 100º weather?

JamesJM1509/16/2019 08:06PM

  Same here...

sstrams609/17/2019 02:25AM

  Tricky somewhat new Website strategy... for ads...

JamesJM909/16/2019 08:24AM

  I just tried to simulate it, but couldn't..

sstrams409/16/2019 08:57AM

  Yeah, Im not sure... but I do know...

JamesJM409/16/2019 09:29AM

  The ones I hate

IowaRam409/16/2019 01:28PM

  Yeah, that sucks as well as...

sstrams209/16/2019 01:29PM

  Eddie Money passes at 70 years old.

roman182509/13/2019 06:17AM

  Met him twice..

sstrams1109/13/2019 06:42AM

  Yeah, that would be a pretty cool thing....

roman18909/13/2019 06:54AM

  You know, it's strange...

JamesJM1109/13/2019 08:38AM

  Forgot to mention...

JamesJM809/13/2019 08:51AM

  I totally agree with that..

sstrams809/13/2019 08:52AM

  I read like a month or so ago

IowaRam1109/13/2019 04:40PM


sstrams809/13/2019 08:26PM

  Not sure how I would take that news...

roman18709/14/2019 04:56AM

  If I were physically able..

sstrams1009/14/2019 05:45AM

  saw him play at a frat party 1984 or 1985

ferragamo791009/14/2019 01:16PM

  Nice, sure shows what kinda a guy he was...NM

roman18709/15/2019 04:09AM

  I'm the multi-tasking KING OF THE WORLD...

JamesJM1509/14/2019 10:24AM

  You got me beat..

sstrams1009/14/2019 10:53AM

  My Best Shot. . .

RAMbeau1609/14/2019 12:26PM

  Re: My Best Shot, as well. . .

sstrams1109/14/2019 01:11PM

  Sydney, then and now... Attachments

JamesJM3209/10/2019 12:58PM

  Where does the time go?

Atlantic Ram909/14/2019 07:35AM

  Doesn't it, tho?

sstrams509/14/2019 08:30AM

  Ain't that the truth?

JamesJM709/14/2019 09:06AM

  Ok, that's a tough question..

sstrams509/14/2019 09:28AM

  Re: Sydney, then and now...

MamaRAMa709/14/2019 08:53AM

  Lost 45 -0 and I'm ok with that.

JamesJM1209/14/2019 08:55AM

  iPhone is losing the battle, IMHO...

JamesJM3209/10/2019 05:04PM

  I had to get a new phone

IowaRam1809/10/2019 05:41PM

  I've owned 3 iPads...

JamesJM1809/10/2019 06:00PM

  I think with us

IowaRam1209/10/2019 06:34PM

  I haven’t purchased fro a store

JamesJM1309/10/2019 08:22PM

  I've actually been using my iPad more these days..

sstrams1509/11/2019 04:08AM

  Had both

ferragamo791409/12/2019 08:53AM

  I think once your invested in one or the other...

JamesJM909/13/2019 08:26AM

  Disney +

IowaRam3408/29/2019 12:43PM

  Re: Disney +

MamaRAMa1408/29/2019 01:04PM

  oops , forgot to mention

IowaRam1908/29/2019 01:16PM

  First look at Disney +

IowaRam1209/12/2019 08:51AM

  more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn11406/16/2019 04:18PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn7206/16/2019 04:50PM

  I thought this was an interesting photo... Attachments

Atlantic Ram4806/17/2019 11:23AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn4106/23/2019 07:25PM

  doesn't quite fit the theme but wth

zn4206/26/2019 06:08PM

  Re: this also doesn't quite fit the theme but wth

Atlantic Ram2107/17/2019 09:12PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn3706/29/2019 02:59PM

  Saw that many times....

JamesJM3206/30/2019 06:56AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn3107/07/2019 05:57AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn2507/12/2019 07:07AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn2407/17/2019 10:10PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn2208/31/2019 04:09AM

  THAT is pretty darned cool..

sstrams1508/31/2019 05:11AM

  Re: THAT is pretty darned cool..

zn1709/01/2019 07:43PM

  Unfortunately they took it down (nm)

zn909/04/2019 08:58AM


sstrams1209/04/2019 09:01AM

  Re: Unfortunately they took it down (nm)

MamaRAMa1209/04/2019 01:26PM

  Re: Unfortunately they took it down (nm)

zn1509/04/2019 04:40PM

  FOUND IT ...youtube version

zn2009/06/2019 05:35PM

  and BONUS, a similar one

zn1109/06/2019 05:40PM

  I almost got the sense..

sstrams1209/07/2019 06:14AM

  Re: I almost got the sense..

zn1609/07/2019 07:54AM

  A pretty good dog movie

waterfield1609/07/2019 08:42AM

  We just saw that two weeks ago..

sstrams1409/07/2019 12:52PM

  Re: We just saw that two weeks ago..

waterfield1309/07/2019 01:47PM

  Yeah, we did too..

sstrams1109/07/2019 01:57PM

  My friends at Ferrari

waterfield1409/07/2019 02:47PM

  with a twist

zn1309/07/2019 02:28PM


sstrams1309/07/2019 04:38PM

  I know you've probably seen this, zn, but.. Attachments

sstrams1109/08/2019 04:08PM

  Re: I know you've probably seen this, zn, but..

zn1009/11/2019 08:47PM

  Cool.. thanks..

sstrams509/12/2019 02:59AM

  Jimmy, you ever hear of Zoltan Chaney?

sstrams2009/11/2019 12:59PM

  No, I had not heard of him...

JamesJM809/11/2019 03:11PM

  Crazy, isn't it?

sstrams509/11/2019 03:13PM

  This just came to mind....

JamesJM1009/11/2019 03:21PM

  Maybe, yeah..

sstrams809/11/2019 03:43PM

  ya got a set like this ?

IowaRam609/11/2019 03:17PM

  I always liked this guy

IowaRam609/11/2019 03:24PM

  Yeah, that dude is nuts..

sstrams509/11/2019 03:35PM

  These Dodgers have to get something straightened out

NewMexicoRam4409/08/2019 04:16AM

  Over the last 8 years

ferragamo791809/09/2019 01:56PM

  Re: Over the last 8 years

21Dog1409/09/2019 05:07PM

  Re: These Dodgers have to get something straightened out

JoeMad1609/09/2019 06:04PM

  If Jansen doesn't get straightened out...

BlueRidgeHorns1209/10/2019 02:43AM

  Re: If Jansen doesn't get straightened out...

waterfield909/10/2019 07:48AM

  Kershaw and Jansen

LMU93909/11/2019 03:22AM

  Re: Kershaw and Jansen

waterfield509/11/2019 10:27AM

  Greatest acting performance of all time...

JamesJM12108/27/2019 08:16AM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

Aries3408/27/2019 12:43PM

  I gotta go with.....

sstrams3908/27/2019 01:49PM

  Not a blessed thing wrong with that choice...

JamesJM3008/27/2019 01:56PM

  I dunno, man...

sstrams3108/27/2019 02:25PM

  I didn't see one sequel....

JamesJM1808/27/2019 02:29PM

  Jaws II..

sstrams1808/27/2019 03:42PM

  Jaws II. About June 1978??

Ramgator2008/27/2019 05:12PM

  Yeah that was a good scene.. Attachments

sstrams1908/28/2019 02:37AM

  Did NOT know that! I will say, she was a cutie! nm

Ramgator1508/28/2019 06:15AM

  Very similar thing happened on my favorite episode of Star Trek..

Ramgator2008/28/2019 06:19AM

  That's my favorite episode, as well..

sstrams1608/28/2019 07:21AM

  FUNNY you say!!! Not 5 minutes after talking about it yesterday...

Ramgator1308/30/2019 02:52PM

  The one with the flying Bugle in it? Attachments

sstrams1608/30/2019 04:42PM

  LOL Yes! LOLOL My late Brother.........

Ramgator1308/30/2019 04:56PM


sstrams1308/30/2019 05:32PM

  Yeah she was..

sstrams1808/28/2019 07:24AM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

RAMbler2908/27/2019 02:11PM

  Mine goes without saying. . .

RAMbeau5008/27/2019 02:20PM

  Sorry we've discussed this...

JamesJM3608/27/2019 05:10PM

  Peter O'Toole - "The Lion in Winter"......+1.....

Arkansas Ram1709/05/2019 04:18PM

  Re: Peter O'Toole - "The Lion in Winter"......+1.....

fearsomefoursome1709/06/2019 07:11AM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

IowaRam2108/27/2019 05:35PM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

MamaRAMa4208/27/2019 05:59PM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

waterfield2808/27/2019 06:41PM


Atlantic Ram2808/28/2019 01:39PM

  Loved every choice you made....

JamesJM1808/28/2019 01:44PM

  In no particular order....

roman182708/28/2019 08:46AM

  Some really good choices so far... and...

JamesJM1808/28/2019 09:14AM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

Crazylegs2709/02/2019 07:11AM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

SeattleRam2509/04/2019 09:27PM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

Hazlet Hacksaw2309/05/2019 03:37AM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time...

Arkansas Ram2109/05/2019 05:30AM

  Everyone's lack of respect for the Actors in "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes"..

Ramgator1509/06/2019 04:06PM

  ..and MY favorite..

sstrams1809/07/2019 06:15AM

  LOL "The Horror At Party Beach" !!

Ramgator1109/09/2019 04:09AM

  an MST3K classic...

LMU93709/11/2019 03:27AM

  You have terrible taste in acting performances....

JamesJM1509/07/2019 04:35PM

  I am curious how few people picked comedy performances

IowaRam1809/08/2019 07:27AM

  Well. . . .

RAMbeau1509/08/2019 11:37AM

  Well, I thought I HAD picked one

JamesJM1109/08/2019 11:40AM

  A correction Jimmy. . . .

RAMbeau1709/08/2019 11:43AM

  I get what you're saying, but...

JamesJM1009/08/2019 11:52AM

  Re: Well. . . .

SeattleRam1209/08/2019 04:28PM

  Re: I am curious how few people picked comedy performances

MamaRAMa1509/08/2019 05:12PM

  The thing is

IowaRam1109/09/2019 03:40AM

  I mentioned Peter Sellers

Atlantic Ram2209/09/2019 05:03AM

  This whole question has been bugging me since James posted it

IowaRam1309/09/2019 06:52AM

  Speaking of Joker

IowaRam1109/09/2019 07:05AM

  I still couldn't come up with just one

IowaRam2209/08/2019 02:35PM

  Did anyone have the game "Battle Ball"...in early / mid 70s?

Ramgator2009/10/2019 09:58AM

  Didn't have that one.. Attachments

sstrams909/10/2019 01:13PM

  Hey Iowa! US Navy waiver question.

Ramgator2109/09/2019 04:08AM

  An electrician?

sstrams1509/09/2019 04:20AM

  LOL Sorry????

Ramgator1309/09/2019 04:35AM

  Re: Hey Iowa! US Navy waiver question.

IowaRam1809/09/2019 07:32AM

  St Louis Batllehawks !!!!!

IowaRam2409/07/2019 02:35PM

  Well, if history has taught us anything..

sstrams1409/07/2019 04:39PM

  Re: St Louis Batllehawks !!!!!

MamaRAMa1309/08/2019 06:39AM

  Apparently , I can't spell Battlehawks

IowaRam909/08/2019 07:19AM

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