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  Greyhound Records... opinions? Attachments

Atlantic Ram2605/21/2019 10:57PM

  Can ya mix and match

IowaRam905/22/2019 02:25PM

  Yup... That WAS the idea Attachments

Atlantic Ram1305/22/2019 06:31PM

  can ya allter the album cover any

IowaRam605/23/2019 11:13AM

  Love that idea Attachments

Atlantic Ram905/23/2019 06:25PM

  LOL , yea , that would be kinda cool

IowaRam505/24/2019 04:12PM

  Like that idea too

Atlantic Ram205/25/2019 07:39AM

  Watched the All In The Family / The Jeffersons live program last night

IowaRam2405/23/2019 05:48AM

  These Are The Days

IowaRam705/23/2019 05:55AM

  The Jeffersons were much better

Ramgator905/23/2019 06:07AM

  Marla Gibbs.

Ramgator605/23/2019 06:10AM

  Re: Watched the All In The Family / The Jeffersons live program last night

MamaRAMa505/25/2019 04:43AM

  Does anyone understand rugby?

BlueRidgeHorns1205/23/2019 02:46AM

  I don't understand it, either

21Dog705/23/2019 08:23AM

  Coke , bringing back New Coke

IowaRam1505/23/2019 06:21AM

  I remember that failure well.

Ramgator605/23/2019 07:58AM

  St Louis Blues

MamaRAMa2405/22/2019 04:30AM

  you might get hooked...........

21Dog1005/22/2019 04:56AM

  Thanks Dawg. . .

RAMbeau905/22/2019 02:34PM

  Those last two games....

JamesJM705/22/2019 02:39PM

  What's crazy is. . .

RAMbeau905/22/2019 02:48PM

  My one and only NHL game in person was in St Louis in Dec 1988.

Ramgator805/22/2019 05:13AM

  I'm like you Mama. VERY casual fan. I have seen just ONE complete game on TV

Ramgator705/22/2019 05:15AM

  If I'm going to root for one of the two....

BlueRidgeHorns1005/23/2019 02:44AM

  Could you imagine being a Hockey Announcer?????

Ramgator1905/22/2019 05:19AM

  Re: Could you imagine being a Hockey Announcer?????

MamaRAMa905/22/2019 05:39AM

  I've thought the same about horse racing announcers. . .

RAMbeau905/22/2019 02:41PM

  Auto racing amazes me most of all...

JamesJM505/22/2019 02:50PM

  shhhh getting married next Thursday

ferragamo796205/19/2019 05:44PM

  Re: shhhh getting married next Thursday

MamaRAMa1505/19/2019 05:52PM

  wow, that's BIG news....

JamesJM1505/19/2019 06:03PM

  Re: wow, that's BIG news....

21Dog905/20/2019 04:16AM

  That's awesome!

Atlantic Ram905/19/2019 06:14PM


BlueRidgeHorns705/20/2019 02:44AM

  best of luck

21Dog705/20/2019 04:17AM

  Ho' omaika' i 'ana.....

roman18905/20/2019 06:44AM


RAMbeau1505/20/2019 07:21AM


21Dog805/20/2019 02:55PM


JoeMad605/20/2019 07:50AM


Ramgator305/20/2019 02:49PM

  Congrats !!

IowaRam305/20/2019 07:02PM

  God's speed and best wishes man....nm

Arkansas Ram405/21/2019 11:20AM


RAMbler305/21/2019 01:11PM


zn705/21/2019 01:48PM


sacram505/22/2019 06:40AM

  Are there any movies you could watch over and over?

BlueRidgeHorns3305/19/2019 02:25PM

  So many I can't count them all....

JamesJM1105/19/2019 02:57PM

  Re: So many I can't count them all....

zn1905/19/2019 03:37PM

  Probably Sean's Russian accent....

JamesJM905/19/2019 04:55PM

  I watch Jaws every time its on...

Atlantic Ram705/19/2019 05:43PM

  Not so much a movie. . . rather a genre. . .

RAMbeau1305/19/2019 05:04PM

  that makes sense, to me anyway...

JamesJM805/19/2019 06:01PM

  Re: Are there any movies you could watch over and over?

ferragamo791205/19/2019 06:35PM

  party at the moon tower

JoeMad805/20/2019 08:12AM

  Re: Are there any movies you could watch over and over?

JoeMad1705/20/2019 08:09AM

  That's a dang good list of movies....

JamesJM805/20/2019 08:34AM

  North Shore and Rock Star are silly....

JoeMad605/20/2019 09:02AM

  @#$%& is censored ?

IowaRam705/20/2019 09:38AM


Ramgator305/20/2019 02:46PM

  Re: Are there any movies you could watch over and over?

IowaRam1105/20/2019 07:17PM

  Game of Thrones.. I have a HUGE problem...

JamesJM3505/19/2019 12:27PM

  Re: Game of Thrones.. I have a HUGE problem...

zn1305/19/2019 01:01PM

  People are worried

IowaRam1105/19/2019 01:11PM

  There is no chance I'll watch tonight....

JamesJM905/19/2019 02:50PM

  I HEAR that G.O.T. ended with the Dragon Queen gal......

Ramgator705/20/2019 02:48PM

  Avengers Endgame Trailer

IowaRam10703/14/2019 05:46AM

  same with a twist

zn3303/21/2019 05:26AM

  Disney buying Fox became official yesterday

IowaRam3003/21/2019 02:24PM

  good a place as any for a star wars pic

zn3003/23/2019 12:43PM

  good a place as any...............lol

IowaRam2103/23/2019 03:59PM

  The Black Widow solo movie just got a whole lot more interesting

IowaRam3903/23/2019 04:04PM

  I evidently only like Marvel movies now

Atlantic Ram2403/24/2019 06:32PM

  The Marvel machine...........

IowaRam2003/25/2019 06:36AM

  Read quickly, goofed, thought you were talking about...

JamesJM2903/23/2019 05:18PM

  Angelina Jolie set to join the MCU Attachments

IowaRam4203/28/2019 09:01AM

  Re: Angelina Jolie set to join the MCU

MamaRAMa2503/28/2019 09:10AM

  I'm not the biggest Angelina Jolie fan

IowaRam2403/28/2019 12:57PM

  Shang-chi ; Master of Kung Fu Attachments

IowaRam2403/28/2019 09:46AM

  Re: I didnt love Captain Marvel

Speed_Kills4303/30/2019 05:14AM

  I wasn't disappointed

IowaRam2503/30/2019 03:14PM

  Re: Yeah for me

Speed_Kills3003/31/2019 04:01AM

  Re: Yeah for me

zn3003/31/2019 04:57AM

  Fantastic Four...

Atlantic Ram2503/31/2019 09:16AM

  Fantastic Four...Has to work Attachments

IowaRam2403/31/2019 03:23PM

  Thank you for the info!

Atlantic Ram1604/03/2019 05:49PM

  WB has pretty much admitted the the DCEU is dead

IowaRam2203/31/2019 02:38PM

  Re: not dead

Speed_Kills2204/02/2019 07:56AM

  Just watched and LOVED

Atlantic Ram2504/11/2019 02:26PM

  Re: Just watched and LOVED

IowaRam1704/11/2019 02:48PM

  trailer: superhero flick turned upside down

zn2203/30/2019 11:34AM

  early reactions in, reviews start tomorrow

zn1704/22/2019 10:39PM

  and now the reviews are in

zn2204/23/2019 03:52PM

  Greatest movie going experience of a lifetime

IowaRam2204/23/2019 04:17PM

  masterfully done

LMU931704/29/2019 04:54AM

  It was really, really good

Atlantic Ram1305/07/2019 06:13PM

  Yes, I'm an idiot.... I need explanation...

JamesJM2204/29/2019 11:18AM

  I thought about this question for a couple minutes

IowaRam1504/29/2019 02:13PM

  To answer your other question

IowaRam1404/29/2019 02:33PM

  Avengers Endgame , $1.2 Billion opening weekend Attachments

IowaRam1104/29/2019 02:53PM

  Hey, you did great....

JamesJM904/29/2019 04:21PM

  Have you watched Captain America : Winter Soldier yet ?

IowaRam1004/29/2019 04:57PM

  No, but I saw the other two...

JamesJM1104/29/2019 04:59PM

  Re: No, but I saw the other two...

zn1305/01/2019 06:14PM

  I liked the first one the best.

Atlantic Ram705/07/2019 06:47PM

  I saw it Saturday (spoiler)

Speed_Kills2304/29/2019 06:08PM

  Yea , same here

IowaRam1504/30/2019 05:55AM

  Marvels next 5 films.................probably

IowaRam1404/30/2019 08:27AM

  The brilliance of Marvel

IowaRam905/01/2019 04:53PM

  Re: Avengers Endgame Trailer

zn1105/04/2019 07:13PM

  I think we'll all look that way tomorrow

IowaRam1705/05/2019 08:45AM

  Been to see it twice!

Atlantic Ram1005/15/2019 05:56PM

  Seen it twice as well

IowaRam505/18/2019 05:05AM

  Meet your new Batman

IowaRam905/16/2019 06:46PM

  Next 8 MCU movies................probably

IowaRam805/18/2019 04:59AM

  Going to save some money!

Atlantic Ram1505/18/2019 08:32AM

  Radom stuff going forward Attachments

IowaRam605/18/2019 12:27PM

  None of the movies have gotten Peter Parker right

IowaRam905/18/2019 12:55PM

  A Saturday morning western, self evident truth....

Arkansas Ram3105/18/2019 08:06AM

  Yeah, I noticed that....

JamesJM1205/18/2019 11:46AM

  No disrespect intended. . . .

RAMbeau6305/09/2019 02:46PM

  know that song all too well

21Dog1805/10/2019 04:52AM

  Re: know that song all too well

Atlantic Ram1105/15/2019 05:03PM

  Gloria stands about 5' 4"

JoeMad1505/17/2019 12:35PM

  Re: Gloria

MamaRAMa1605/17/2019 03:08PM

  So AppleTV made it's debut...

JamesJM2005/17/2019 01:33PM

  I hope the Bruins don't win the Stanley Cup

BlueRidgeHorns1605/17/2019 02:44AM

  Well, me too....but...

JamesJM805/17/2019 06:35AM

  ready to see the Warriors fail?

JoeMad1005/17/2019 07:07AM

  Are you actually....

JamesJM1005/17/2019 08:04AM

  That was certainly a bad call....

JamesJM3405/15/2019 09:05PM

  and just like the non-call.......

21Dog1205/16/2019 05:22AM

  Re: That was certainly a bad call....

JoeMad605/16/2019 05:44PM

  Tim Conway passes

RAMbler3105/14/2019 08:10AM

  Re: Tim Conway passes

MamaRAMa1405/14/2019 08:23AM

  RIP Ensign Parker....

JoeMad1105/14/2019 08:34AM

  UGH! I just saw this. Nothing was better than....

Ramgator1205/14/2019 09:54AM

  One more reason I hate getting older.

Ramgator1005/14/2019 09:56AM

  The Three Bug Strikes Again. . .

RAMbeau1305/14/2019 02:43PM

  Well that's a tough one

Atlantic Ram1305/15/2019 04:45PM

  One of my all , all time favorites

IowaRam1205/15/2019 05:06PM

  I started watching Carol Burnett clips yesterday

Atlantic Ram1105/15/2019 05:22PM

  me too! and GUS!

ferragamo79605/16/2019 05:13PM

  Doris Day has passed Away

IowaRam2305/13/2019 02:00PM

  Just heartbreaking....

JamesJM1705/13/2019 05:43PM

  Sentimental Journey

Atlantic Ram705/15/2019 05:14PM

  Just read about Tom Hanks playing Mr Rogers. That should be interesting.

Ramgator2305/09/2019 03:47PM

  Better suited then Walt Disney

IowaRam1505/10/2019 05:18PM

  Re: Better suited then Walt Disney

MamaRAMa705/12/2019 02:40PM

  I feel the same way

Atlantic Ram605/15/2019 04:55PM

  Woody Harrelson isn't available?. . .

RAMbeau2105/11/2019 10:29AM

  not a fan either nm

ferragamo79405/12/2019 11:52AM

  nor am I

Atlantic Ram605/15/2019 04:59PM

  Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

IowaRam1605/14/2019 05:12PM

  RIP Peggy Lipton of "Mod Squad".

Ramgator2605/11/2019 07:19PM

  I've never even seen one episode of the Mod Squad

IowaRam1005/12/2019 02:35PM

  I watched Mod Squad only because my Brother did.

Ramgator905/12/2019 04:27PM

  I loved the Mod Squad

BlueRidgeHorns905/13/2019 02:52AM

  Mod Squad = good opening theme song

JoeMad805/14/2019 08:39AM

  Even I find this hard to believe..... (Royal Family)...

JamesJM2305/13/2019 10:35AM

  Finally saw Bohemien Rapsody last night.

Ramgator2905/12/2019 04:30PM

  Anybody watch the Champions League yesterday and today

RamUK1905/08/2019 02:17PM

  I missed it, RamUK... but...

JamesJM605/08/2019 08:50PM

  of course

ferragamo79605/12/2019 11:55AM

  Watching a lot of Action Adventure moves, makes me wonder....

Arkansas Ram4305/03/2019 07:07AM

  I love the 80's

IowaRam2905/04/2019 05:30AM

  My favorite 80s Action flick for simple fun? Commando

Ramgator1705/04/2019 12:04PM

  People like to make Chuck Norris jokes. Me included. But....

Ramgator2405/04/2019 12:06PM

  HaHa, that's a good one man.........nm

Arkansas Ram705/07/2019 07:36AM

  Or why

RamUK1105/08/2019 02:27PM

  And I would add. . . .

RAMbeau1805/09/2019 05:33AM

  Thats bcause

IowaRam905/09/2019 06:51AM

  Good point nm

RAMbeau305/09/2019 01:52PM

  huuuuge Die Hard fan

ferragamo79805/12/2019 11:54AM

  For my good friend Rambeau...

JamesJM4705/08/2019 10:31PM

  No it doesn't. . . .

RAMbeau2405/09/2019 05:06AM

  then there is this one

ferragamo791705/09/2019 08:18AM


21Dog1805/09/2019 08:53AM

  A cast of tens. . . .

RAMbeau1705/09/2019 05:51PM

  you're right

21Dog905/10/2019 04:50AM

  Uhhhhhh. . . .

RAMbeau605/10/2019 06:14AM

  Just to mention it....

JamesJM805/10/2019 06:25AM

  And to further mention...

JamesJM1005/10/2019 06:34AM

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