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I loved Spider-man : No Way Home

January 11, 2022 12:52PM
I've put it at the top of my list for all MCU films

when it comes to comic book movies , I've mellowed over the years

as I will never be totally happy with any of them

so I rate them on a MCU scale , and not a comics accurate scale

on a MCU scale I give No Way Home a 9/10

on a comics accurate scale , I give it a 2/10

as this version is much more in common with Miles Morales then Peter Parker

this movie was all about fan service , which shows that Marvel does listen to their fans

fans hated the Green Goblin mask , so , the got rid of the Green Goblin

fans hated the blue Jamie Fox Electro look , so they got rid of the blue Jamie Fox Electro look

fans wanted to see Tobey and Andrew , and we got Tobey and Andrew

kinda felt sorry for Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange was kinda the goat in this movie

my favorite part of the movie , might have actually been the ending , as it looks like their giving the second trilogy a soft reboot

no more of this Iron Man / Iron Lad crap

looks like Peter is on his own , the way it should be , no more Stark Tech nanobots making all his costumes and web shooters for him

looks like it back to do it yourself sewing machine

back to the classic blue and red costume , right out of the comics

but anyways , I loved the movie


  Just saw Spiderman..

sstrams178December 26, 2021 04:37PM

  Its already made over a Billion $$$

SeattleRam146December 26, 2021 10:36PM

  Yeah, I can see that..

sstrams82December 27, 2021 04:44AM

  Yea , in just 11 days , which is crazy

IowaRam64December 27, 2021 01:17PM

  I haven't really loved any of them

Atlantic Ram77December 27, 2021 12:11PM

  Yeah, somewhat agree...

sstrams89December 27, 2021 12:26PM

  here's one

IowaRam61December 27, 2021 01:41PM

  No, I really didn't..

sstrams76December 27, 2021 01:52PM

  Re: No, I really didn't..

IowaRam65December 27, 2021 02:07PM

  Re: I haven't really loved any of them

IowaRam60December 27, 2021 01:34PM

  Ugghhh... I hate that I don't like them

Atlantic Ram68January 10, 2022 10:06PM

  I thought for sure you were going to say...........

IowaRam68December 27, 2021 01:08PM

  Oh my!

sstrams114December 27, 2021 01:33PM

  The Batman trailer

IowaRam64December 27, 2021 01:57PM

  looks like Steven Spielberg's West Side Story is a bomb

IowaRam88December 27, 2021 02:16PM

  Re: looks like Steven Spielberg's West Side Story is a bomb

MamaRAMa68December 27, 2021 03:00PM

  I thought everyone said that was supposed to be killer?

sstrams77December 27, 2021 03:36PM

  It's suppose to be really good

IowaRam66December 27, 2021 03:59PM

  I also think people are getting better..

sstrams63December 27, 2021 04:13PM

  Westerns are dead??? Did I miss the memo ?

RAMbler77December 28, 2021 03:00PM

  True , but,...........

IowaRam82December 28, 2021 03:23PM

  Have there even been any released lately?

sstrams90December 28, 2021 03:30PM

  You have a point....

RAMbler69December 29, 2021 10:06AM

  Re: Westerns are dead??? Did I miss the memo ?

SeattleRam76December 28, 2021 04:34PM

  Re: Just saw Spiderman..

RAMbler81December 29, 2021 10:13AM

  Sounds like things are really gonna start to get confusing

IowaRam91December 29, 2021 12:45PM

  Just saw it....

Atlantic Ram125January 09, 2022 08:05PM

  Re: Just saw it....

21Dog63January 10, 2022 05:24AM

  I loved Spider-man : No Way Home

IowaRam63January 11, 2022 12:52PM

  Matt Murdock

IowaRam73January 11, 2022 12:59PM

  MCU Ranked

IowaRam94January 11, 2022 01:27PM

  Re: MCU Ranked

Atlantic Ram70January 12, 2022 05:07AM

  Re: MCU Ranked

IowaRam56January 14, 2022 10:57AM

  I didn't know who that was so...

Atlantic Ram55January 16, 2022 07:28AM

  A single page from a Spiderman comic.... $3.36M !!!

RAMbler78January 14, 2022 07:08AM

  Was curious to see who actually got the 3.36 million

IowaRam56January 14, 2022 10:31AM

  First look at Batgirl !!!! Attachments

IowaRam62January 14, 2022 05:05PM

  Moon Knights trailer will debut Monday Night during the Rams game

IowaRam83January 15, 2022 10:56AM

  Thats like a werewolf he's beating up in the bathroom

IowaRam55January 15, 2022 11:17AM

  STOP seeing Spiderman..!!!

IowaRam73January 16, 2022 05:51AM

  Not a problem nm

Atlantic Ram50January 16, 2022 07:23AM

  Those movies have run their course.....seems like always same story

ferragamo7962January 16, 2022 04:48PM

  People keep saying that , as Spider-man passes the 1.6 Billion Dollar mark

IowaRam58January 16, 2022 06:11PM

  Money makers for sure and I do enjoy some

ferragamo7956January 17, 2022 11:21AM

  Right with you on that. But then again.....

Ramgator48January 27, 2022 02:25PM