November 08, 2022 02:21PM
The Rams offense has the worst three-and-out rate in the NFL through nine games, per a
Nov 6
The Rams offense is averaging 16.38 ppg (third-lowest) and when the defense gets a 3/out or turnover on downs, the offense responds with a 3/out of their own on nearly 40% of possessions. It’s hard to imagine that’s real, but it is. Worst 3/out rate under McVay as a head coach.
And. Oh man. And. The defense is No. 10 in the NFL in three-and-out rate forced. Combine that with the stat in the quote tweet, whew.

offense 32nd in 3 and outs
defense 10th in foreign 3 and outs.

she has a good way for words---and gets it
final drive was a fiasco on defense, and it was

but the overall problem in game was clear


  Rams offense vs defense

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  Some Jourdan-- Attachments

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  Re: she added a Ramsey comment.

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  What is sad is that

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  Re: What is sad is that

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  we are not good

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  It was a bad play call by McVay

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  More Jourdan - paraphrasing

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  Can't argue with that 53!

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  Re: Rams offense vs defense

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  Re: Rams offense vs defense

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  That is it

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  Fish's 1991 Rams defense was awful but

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  Re: Rams offense vs defense

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  There is no defense...

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  We can pray

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