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What is sad is that

November 08, 2022 07:20PM
Ramsey: it's frustrating when you make a play on defense and have to hear "nice job but you have to go back out there. It happens way too many times"

Paraphrasing but yeah.

Rams are not that far off, IMO. In golf, you get frustrated when ball does not go down the middle
and you scream at yourself and in reality you are not missing by much---just enough to
screw it up.

Leaving all the debates aside-Rams have been so close to picking off passes and forcing fumbles
that bounce against them. All would be game-changers.

On offense, Jefferson and Higbee dropped what could have been huge plays. In a tight
game like that small margins can have the difference in winning and losing.

Higbee does not even have to block that guy--all he had to do was not get pushed back so far
if he got pushed back 1-2 feet less Kupp gets a first down

Good call, good run by Kupp, a missed block by a usually good blocker.

Same with defense---a few missed tackles keeps them from being a top 3 defense---or
any kind of production from edge rushers--Lewis was pretty good first half of last year
was kind of coming on. This year? Not so much

Gaines was pretty good last year-this year he cannot get consistent push.

I can see why Jalen is saying that, though, Wish he wouldn't but, understand ii.
He just needs to explain if he made mistakes on last drive. I suspect he did
on the 28-yarder . . . didn't match. And too deep on the one to Miller.

  Rams offense vs defense

Ram_Ruler329November 08, 2022 02:07PM

  Some Jourdan-- Attachments

JimYoungblood53226November 08, 2022 02:21PM

  Re: she added a Ramsey comment.

Ram_Ruler231November 08, 2022 02:39PM

  What is sad is that

JimYoungblood53142November 08, 2022 07:20PM

  Re: What is sad is that

Ramstien83November 09, 2022 04:33AM

  we are not good

JimYoungblood5355November 09, 2022 07:41AM

  Re: Tardy to class

leafnose109November 10, 2022 04:35AM

  Re: Tardy to class

ramBRO158November 10, 2022 06:07AM

  It was a bad play call by McVay

Ramsdude41November 10, 2022 06:14AM

  More Jourdan - paraphrasing

JimYoungblood53197November 08, 2022 02:25PM

  Re: More Jourdan - paraphrasing

Rams43112November 08, 2022 02:44PM

  Can't argue with that 53!

Ramsdude180November 08, 2022 02:53PM

  Re: More Jourdan - paraphrasing

SoCalRAMatic87November 09, 2022 07:47AM

  Re: More Jourdan - paraphrasing

sfbayram102November 10, 2022 04:57AM

  Re: Rams offense vs defense

Rams43115November 08, 2022 02:47PM

  Re: Rams offense vs defense

ramBRO88November 09, 2022 08:16AM

  Re: Rams offense vs defense

Ramsdude154November 09, 2022 08:40AM

  Re: Rams offense vs defense

ramBRO47November 09, 2022 10:00AM

  Thanks for explaining that BRO

Ramsdude56November 09, 2022 10:15AM

  GTF is like a support group..

sstrams200November 09, 2022 10:21AM


Ramsdude40November 09, 2022 10:36AM

  You should come hang...

sstrams49November 09, 2022 10:38AM

  Maybe I will sst!

Ramsdude44November 09, 2022 10:38AM

  Oh, you'll fit right in.. oh yes you will...

sstrams60November 09, 2022 10:40AM

  That is it

JimYoungblood5382November 09, 2022 12:25PM

  Re: That is it

ramBRO90November 09, 2022 01:37PM

  Fish's 1991 Rams defense was awful but

JimYoungblood5346November 09, 2022 02:07PM

  Re: Rams offense vs defense

sfbayram113November 10, 2022 05:00AM

  There is no defense...

Ramsdude124November 08, 2022 02:56PM

  We can pray

Ram_Ruler120November 08, 2022 03:09PM