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Re: That is it

November 09, 2022 01:37PM
Though no one is denying that the Rams offense is an unmitigated disaster, it would seem that (for many) the same could be said of the defense.

And it's simply not true.


I prefer, and this will sound odd, Jeff Fisher's type of defense. 4-3
4-2-5 nickel . . . one-gap, multiple coverages, and blitzes. It was
well thought out...though in a couple aspects it was considered unsound
but not on everything. I also like 49ers-style defense--again 4-man line
multiple coverages.

I don't think it sounds odd. I liked the style of Fisher's defense as well...much more than the style of the current defense.

But whether it be the scheme, personnel, or discipline (or lack thereof), I don't recall any of Fisher's defenses being as effective as the McMorris defense. I mean...would I be happier if the secondary crept up a couple more yards; forced a couple more errant throws; got a pic or two; but gave up 22 ppg instead of 17 because our personnel can't cover or effectively transition from coverage to coverage?

Because I'm results-oriented, the answer is "NO."

I remember getting upset with Son of Bum because he chose to let Edelman run amok in the Super Bowl.



We held the Patriots to 13 freakin' points.

What more could I possibly ask for from him or his unit?

Hey, uhhh...Wade? That was cool and all when Cory Littleton picked Brady's pass on that first drive. But dude...why did he let Hogan touch him down by the ankle after he dove to the turf to catch it? While diving, couldn't he have torqued his body just a bit so he couldn't get touched? I mean...if you had coached him better, maybe he could've avoided the other Patriot players and taken it to the house. You know what? Come to think of it, Wade...you suck! And if it weren't for that play, we would've lost 13 - 10 instead of 13 - 3!!!

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